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From MommaE blog radio:


I wanted to let you know that Phil Berg will be on Sentinel
Radio tonight at 9 PM Eastern, the last hour with Hanen and
her Co-Hosts. He will be talking about the cases he has, any
updates and the fact that he will continue the fight to
defend our Constitution and to get the truth.

Please post this on your blogs, any blogs you are connected
with and allowed to post on and send to everyone in your
address book. Link to the show, call in number and times are
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Call In No:                646-727-2652        

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66 responses to “Philip Berg update, February 9, 2009, Radio interview, MommaE blog radio, Sentinel Radio, US Constitution, Obama not eligible, Berg Vs Obama, US Supreme Court

  1. OLiar is speaking.

    First question: Do you risk losing credibility by using such dire words?
    His answer: Oh no no no no no no no no.

    How much does he get paid again?

  2. My question: Am I missing Dancing With The Stars to listen to this carp?

    “Most economists agree that the government should intervene in the economy in this situation.”

    But did those economists say we should send millions of dollars to the Phillippines? How does that stimulate the economy?

    You know, I am a lifelong Democrat and only voted Rep to vote against the ineligible one. So the Democrat in me so so so wants to believe all the carp he is throwing out about this “stimulus plan”. But the intelligent, college educated, lived-long-enough-to-know-better part me is scared, really scared. What is happening to our country is truly frightening.

  3. Boy oh boy Janet, I agree with you 100%. As my mom (90 yrs young) says take one day at a time, but it surely is hard for me.bkw

  4. Janet // February 9, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    OLiar is speaking.

    First question: Do you risk losing credibility by using such dire words?
    His answer: Oh no no no no no no no no.

    How much does he get paid again?

    O’Reilly said it took him 10 minutes to answer this first question. He and Dick Morris said they learned nothing new from this press conference. It appears he knew all the questions and who would ask them ahead of time!!! What a joke!!! I would have asked him when he will show America his original birth certificate and college documents!!!


    barry is not only off the teleprompter, he all over the map! Did anyone else notice that he had an advance list on the podium of reporters to be called on and probably the topic of each question?

    Wow. Hope and Change, and this is what we get.

    How Underwhelming………………

  6. These “press conferences” are now staged propaganda tools. The press is dead.

  7. I don’t watch this crap.
    If he said something intelligent or unexpected I will surely find a YouTube clip.
    (and not watch it)

  8. barry just lost all credibility

    questions from the Huffington post
    none from Foxnews???? give me a freaking break

    when does the new boston tea party start??

  9. Once again, it was like we were being talked to like children in elementary school. Typical elitist that thinks the “regular person” is a dunce.

  10. There is more than one way to dis someone.

    The more Ob disses the press, the more the press will gladly return the flavor!

    I didn’t watch. You say, no questions from Fox? Well, Fox will be looking for the hen house then!

    Momentum gathers bit by bit until it picks up a head of steam and suddenly overflows the banks.

    This is going to be interesting.

  11. I zoned out during the second half of this propaganda speech and then just played with the puppy, who by the way, could do better in the Oval Office that dumbo – and has cuter ears too.

    But I did manage to be watching when he MOCKED the big guy from MSNBC. Chuck Todd asked a question and then Obama talked down to him for 5 minutes as if he were a child who had no idea what was going on and big daddy had to explain it to him like he was a 3 year old.

    “No Chuck Todd, this problem didn’t happen because people were spending too much money. It happened because the banks weren’t giving credit. Let me explain it to you as if you were totally ignorant and I know everything.”

    Please send quick letterl to Chuck Todd at MSNBC and ask him how it felt to be talked down to during Obama’s press conference. He needs to feel even more embarrassed and redfaced than he already feels. Then maybe he’ll stop licking Obama’s shoes.

    Here’s his address:
    Mr. Chuck Todd
    NBC News
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, N.Y. 10112

  12. venice wrote:
    It’s not over yet.

    It is extremely imperative that you read that article and then write to every single Democrat in the Senate and the House. All their contact info is on
    Just write one letter Dear Senator, same letter to begin Dear Congressman or Congresswoman and make copies and either fax or mail! Really won’t take you very long.

    Simply tell them that this stimulus bill will bankrupt America and push our country into soicalism. Tell them that they were hired to be the voice of the people and the people say NO STIMULUS PLAN.

    Tell them that the economy and housing market are beginning to show signs of improvement anyway and all this money we must borrow from Communist China will be the end of America as we know it.

    Tell them that we will remember who voted for this outrageous plan when the next election comes.
    Please —- we have to get more Democrats to vote against the bill. There are many already on the fence because of all the faxes, emails and calls.

  13. Teedee // February 9, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Once again, it was like we were being talked to like children in elementary school. Typical elitist that thinks the “regular person” is a dunce.

    Well, we are, after all, according to Obama: “ordinary people”.

    By the way, there’s a method to his madness.
    He speaks to us like children so that after awhile we will feel like children and OBEY.

  14. He did ask Major Garret (I think that’s how you spell his name) of FOX News a question. Robert Gibbs said that they try to give all news organizations a chance to ask questions, thus the list of reporters names–no prescreened questions.

  15. Janet… I guess I’m finding a new appreciation for “the rebellious child”.

  16. Yes, Teedee, I am definitely feeling rebellious myself, how about you?

    In fact I feel even younger than that! I feel like falling to the ground in the middle of the Capitol Building and screaming while pounding my arms and legs against the shiny floor. How about you? In the mood for a little tantrum?

    Well, the adult way I tantrum is by faxing daily my Senators and Representatives. They are all over the TV talking about all the calls/emails/faxes they are getting, up to 90% against the “stimulus” package.

    So I say …………. yell, scream, stomp your feet.
    But do it with your hands on the keyboard.

  17. Where is General von Blucher?

  18. Speaking as a “typical white person”, I didn’t watch or listen. Judging from the lack of any new details posted on the blogs, we can all safely say, “nothing to see here folks. Move along…”

    Same old same old.

  19. Janet…You got my dittos. Come on everyone. It only takes a few minutes. Get busy! It WILL make a difference!

  20. From Venice’s link at February 9, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    It’s not over yet.

    “The public hates this bill. Intensely. The more they learn about it, the more they hate it. The anti-stimulus website was so flooded with traffic that it crashed this morning, then it was brought back up with three servers and promptly crashed again.”

    I was finally able to get on the site and sign the petition. Please go to and add your name to the exploding list.

  21. The most telling reply regarded A-Rod. Comrade Obama suggested that it was unfortunate since many “played it straight”. He mentioned the words of integrity and reputation. Here is a guy who has lied his way into every position he ever stole.

    My sense he is pathological to be able to see the spec in others eyes but miss the log in his own.

  22. ….or how about “nobody is above the law” in reply to the question about suing Bush.

  23. Absolutely, Teedee. The problem is we feel helpless, but we can DO something to feel more in control … call/write/fax/email.

    We feel as though our one meek little voice can’t be heard and won’t make a difference … wrong! Because if we all speak up, then the noise becomes deafening. OLiar’s press conference tonight wasn’t planned, he HAD to do it. His ears were filled with politicians complaining about all their “fan” mail.

    On another note, I have to tell you that I just watched a rerun of the final episode of Will & Grace. Remember that one … at the end the four friends all took a drink and became the people they were back in the young innocent years. I almost started crying. What happened to the days when I felt the people in Washington were taking care of things while I worried about my own life – job, family, friends. Now I feel I have to scream as loudly as I can (call/fax/email/mail) as often as possible to keep the water from rushing in and drowning us all!

    Will we ever return to the days of innocence?

  24. *sigh*
    I just watched the end of “fried green tomatoes”

    I’m not an American, but I think people all over the world feel that way, Janet.

    I said to my husband the other day: “If those muslims hadn’t flooded my country we would have a place to go back to, when everything falls apart here.

  25. started every sentence with an “I”, bad style, so sorry.

  26. How about Australia? Is that a good country? I hear it’s beautiful, just stay away from those stingrays. They speak English, I would just have to learn to say “crikey” and eat “prawns”. I am serious. What is Australia like? I think that might be a good country to live in.

    What about Switzerland? I am really serious, folks. If you know anything about these two countries, please let me know.

  27. Berg said on the radio tonight that he might or Is (cant remeber) he can release his sealed evidence! I read it on his blog.

    Also, read Momae said she is beeing sents BS’s SS card. Som PI is sending it to her.
    This next week should be good.

    Also see this Video Star Parker on Glenn Beck says “…but we haven’t seen his (Obama’s) BIRTH CERTIFICATE either…!”

  28. Note above: Berg Next week release

  29. Now, here’s an example of chutzpah: The Republicans didn’t get their act together enough to challenge Obama for not being constitutionally qualified to be President as an Article 2 “natural born citizen” so Obama’s White House steals the census from the Commerce Department against the specific instructions of the constitution itself — “actual enumeration” under Article 1.

  30. Does anyone know how to write to Michael Steele directly? It is time to inundate the RNC with letters re: citizenship, illegal tax complaints, census takeover, et al.

    I cannot find an email for Steele.

  31. Republican National Committee

    CONTACT chairman

  32. Republican National Committee | 310 First Street | Washington, D. C. 20003
    p/202.863.8500 | f/202.863.8820 | e/

  33. slight correction:
    Republic National Committee
    310 First Street, S.E.
    Washington, DC 20003
    All the rest above is correct.

  34. This is a funny video that shows what a hypocrite Zero is:

  35. Janet-
    Australia is about the only remaining frontier left on Earth. I hear it is filling up fast.Should you decide to visit Victoria I suggest that you take along a fire truck. The recent,and still ongoing fires have killed over 170 people as of the 9th. Australia sets in about the same latitude in the Siuthern hemisphere as the United States does in the Northern Hemisphere.
    Recently atmospheric temperatures have reached upwards to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. I would suspect that the people there might start moving into caves. In 1954 I was in the Marshall Islands to participate in the Nuclear test series Operation Castle. I was there a little over three months,and was about the color of a molasses cookie when I returned. That was about as close to Australia as I have ever been. I have been in 8 of Earths major seas, including the Arstic Ocean,but never crossed the Equator.


    This president has no idea how ineffective his skills in persuasion are.

  37. Governor Deval Patrick is suggesting that they put a chip on your car registration and can track you and your mileage where you go! Seriously. This guy is the silent friend of obama, really obama is in the tank with his old harvard buddy. Deval is going crazy here in mass, he is worried that people will but goods from new hampshire, the live free or die state, no tax, hes out of control,

  38. Before I start let me say that the people at this blog and the thoughts and ideas that are kept alive, are one are one of the threads I am clinging to.

    Another is God’s word and His promises.

    I have had enough of this BOloney and it has only been 3 weeks.

    Right now too many people are still hoping that big brother will fix this mess.But it ain’t gonna work.

    It really seems clear that the more attention this gross spending gets the less popular it is.

    Here is a idea to draw attention to this mess in Washington.

    RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones. (Radical activists, in this sense, are no different that any other human being. We all avoid “un-fun” activities, and but we revel at and enjoy the ones that work and bring results. Alinsky

    In my thinking so much of the order that we enjoy every day exists because good people like order and don’t like to disrupt things. That’s the way it should be. But there comes a time when we need to move from that place of comfort and say enough!

    The idea of a sit-in or a hunger strike, or whatever is to force attention to something.But who wants to give up food?

    Here’s the idea:

    I live about 1 hour from the DC beltway. I like driving in my comfortable car. I think I would be doing the nation a huge service if I put a STOP THE STIMULUS sign in my rear window and take a couple laps around the beltway or the capital building. Very legal, at or below the speed limit. Whatever city you live in you could do the sign and start driving 5 miles below the speed limit ( in the passing lane if you choose).

    Now here is where it could get good. If 10 or 20 or 100 others were to do this, at or below the speed limit, I believe it would get some attention. Gridlock Baby! If this worked in DC, these clowns (congress) could not get to work, how could they vote?

    Any takers out there?

    CW, care to offer some counsel on the idea?

  39. Janet-
    I would think that Switzerland might be the best choice. If you are adept at skiing that would be a real mecca. You could even learn to yodel. Or toot the Ricola horn.

  40. David A.
    Go for it.
    Also, stay tuned.
    Our announcement of more details for our initiative with be published soon.
    Congress will be held accountable.
    The hand of God has been evident in this nation’s history.
    I believe the same is true now.

  41. The EU multicultural dictatorship is destroying Europe at a faster rate than immigration policy here.Fjordman writes about Eurabia in his latest: The Decline of the English-Speaking World. He is warning us here.The war is on against WHITES everywhere.Get it?

  42. Thanks for the encouragement CW

    This popped up on YAHOO search page.
    Guess what, Chicago is right up there on the list of worst cities.
    Now maybe I’m reading too much into this but it looks like Obama’s kind of corrupt leadership hasn’t been working out to well at the local and state level. Maybe they aren’t spending enough money.

    Great timing toy Kurt Badenhausen,

    America’s Most Miserable Cities

    A Little Corruption Problem

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, which includes Chicago, has been very busy in recent years. They convicted 385 public officials of crimes over the past decade, a per capita rate that puts it in the bottom third of big U.S. metros.
    The Northern District office boasts of recent successful prosecutions, including “a corrupt former governor of Illinois, Chicago officials who rigged city hiring, individuals who lied about their support of foreign terrorism, corporate executives who cheated public shareholders and traditional organized-crime bosses who were responsible for notorious murders.”
    Illinois’ record of public corruption, particularly in the governor’s office, is staggering. Five of the past nine governors have been charged with crimes, and three, as of now, have served time in prison. Whether former Gov. Blagojevich will do any jail time is still to be determined.

  43. Cover of Newsweek says we’re all socialists now. Here is the article:

  44. CW….thank you for your efforts. You are a true American.

    I believe that the hard left turn our usurper has taken since the coronation is the best thing that could happen to our country short of his real birth certificate being produced. Obama, along with the libtards in congress are molesting the core values of this country……raping her right in front of her own citizens. This country will soon be moved, slapped in the face of apathy. She is waking up. More and more patriots are emerging and will join us in our outrage. It is already happening as evidenced by Osurpers plummeting approval ratings and the people’s distaste for the stinkulous package.
    Let us take heart! Let us have hope in our fellow countrymen and faith in our Creator! Obama himself is throwing water on his kool aid drinkers!

    This will not stand and I thank God for all of you and this uplifting and informative website/support group!

    Let us stay positive and focused!

  45. Janet,
    You should read Peter Schiff’s , “The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets.” He has a chapter called favorite nations. He tells you how to invest in foreign markets and Australia is top on his list. Perhaps you just need to diversify to secure your future and not actually move just yet. Switzerland hits the list as well as Canada. These countries economies are doing well, and they are rich in natural resources. Youtube has many videos of his recent comments you can view. I think he may be spot on what is to come. He may be “doom and gloom” for the US economy, but knowing all that we who follow this blog know I think it is prudent to hedge my bets. His book is about ways to prepare you for the coming storm. Diversify, stock pile, and protect. Happy reading.

  46. State Rep. Joins Dr.Orlys Lawsuit !

  47. CW Some of us lost all of our patience. I hope what is being planned is fast action. There is no doubt, many politicans should be behind bars, so they can no longer destroy the minds of good people like myself. Yes it blows my mind what they have done to America.

  48. Margie.
    The immediate steps will be fast action.
    As I have often stated, this did not happen overnight
    and the fix will not happen overnight.
    However, the resolve can and should be instantaneous.

  49. From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that nights Show is on! I am sending this early due to the bad storms we are expecting here and I will have to shut my computer down and possibly do the show without being able to be in the Chat.

    Our guests tonight are Attorney Mario Apuzzo and his client Charles Kerchner. There is a new filing, new news and updates so it should be a great and informative show!

    Please read the last paragraph as it is about our BRAND NEW UNLIMITED CHAT AND HOW TO GET TO IT!!

    Please post this on your Blogs, any Blogs you are associated with and send to everyone in your address book. Link, call in number and times for the Show is below!

    Call In # 317-565-1392

    5:00 PM Pacific Time

    6:00 PM Mountain Time

    7:00 PM Central Time

    8:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. Please join the new Chat room! It is on the top right hand side and it is GREAT!! It is free to join and there is NO limit as to the number that can be in there. You will no longer be kicked off when someone new is trying to come in, like in the old Chat because it only held 25 people. Also it has a nice cream background like the one at Blog Talk and people can choose the color or their font and add Smiley’s etc!!! The old Chat room is going away and so it the Live Chat button in the middle of the page. So please remember to Login in if you have already joined the new Chat and if not and Login and Chat away with us!! Here is the link to the new Chat room


  50. Janet,
    You should speak German, French or Italian. Depends where You are going.
    I think it is hard to get into legally.
    Unless You get married to a Swiss person.
    Too many immigrants.
    (Also it sounds better than it really is, I think)

    As an American You might find Australia more fitting to You.
    I spent a half year in Queensland once. Travelled all over.
    Great place!

  51. CW ok I await my duty. God Bless you and my fellow Patriots.

  52. #

    speedyroadie // February 10, 2009 at 10:36 am

    This is a funny video that shows what a hypocrite Zero is:


    People, please email that link to the following and say “Please do your job as a reporter and hold Obama accountable for what he just said the day after he was inaugurated.”

    Glenn Beck
    Sean Hannity:
    anyone else you care to send it to

  53. old salt, you are too funny!

    unfortunately, I have to wear SPF under my makeup when I go out because of my beach bunny days …

    so being in a very warm climate may not be such a good idea for me.

    Thinking of visiting Australia & Switzerland via internet, I’m sure there are lots of videos available … then making a decision about my summer vacation this year. You know what they say about summer vacations … sometimes they last a lot longer!

  54. twe wrote:

    An op-ed piece from a Boston NBC affiliate:

    Here’s an excerpt from that short article:

    Holding campaign-style events and prime time news conferences is a sign of weakness, not strength, because citizens don’t vote on the stimulus, Congress does. And the President’s words won’t frighten Republicans, because they have some strong arguments against the bill, including a prediction from the Congressional Budget Office that-over the next ten years-the proposed stimulus will actually hurt the economy.

    Put it all together and President Obama doesn’t have to worry ever again about how long his honeymoon will last. It’s over.

    Now please everyone if you will, copy that and go to some pro-Obama websites. Then paste it as your comment. Start with the stimulus articles at

    We here mostly think alike – we need to put a bug into people’s ears who are still drinking the Kool-Aid. Many of them are on the fence and can be influenced.

    It would also be helpful to send that (between the lines) to democratic senators and representatives. Maybe some will stop kissing his hand.
    Contact info is at:

  55. jc – thank you!!!

  56. Janet,
    if You don’t like warm climate,
    check out Tasmania.
    It is an island and a state in Australia.
    Very pretty.

  57. Janet—
    If you like the South Pacific there is Tahiti, and Papeete. You can get royal treatment for common bucks. Or a little closer to home is American Samoa. I have heard that you can enjoy a really relaxing,and peaceful vacation there. A Chief Petty Oficer friend of mine retired from the Navy and promptly moved to American Samoa. He says that he loves it there. Also if you want a laid back vacation you might consider New Zealand.

  58. TO ALL–
    I think that everyone on CW knows the truth about our alleged fearless leader. He committed a treasonous act by providing aid and comfort to a sworn enemy, in a time of war. He has spit upon the memory of our 17 dead heros. He has dropped the charges against the slimey bastard who perpetrated the bombing of the USS Cole. In so doing he has comitted a treasonous act against the United States of America. He needs to be brought to justice.We need to keep the tons of paper flowing in to his offices and the offices of our respective states. They need to think that they are going to drown in our paper These papers must reiterate this charge against him. Millions of copies need to be printed and circulated everywhere,and anywhere in the United States. They should be dropped by the thousands from aircraft over cities, and urban areas. They need to coat the ground from California to New York. People will read them, and see the truth first hand. Look up the word TREASON. Learn what sort of acts are considered to be treasonous acts. In knowledge there is truth.

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