Keyes V. Lingle, Hawaii, Sandra Ramsey Lines analysis, forensic document examiner, Obama COLB, Ron Polarik, Daily Kos, Obama Campaign, COLB not reliable

The Right Side of Life website has an update on the Keyes V.
Lingle case in Hawaii. However, the bigger story revealed is
the documentation provided by forensic document examiner
Sandra Ramsey Lines. Ms. Lines corroborates the analysis
done by Ron Polarik of the so called Obama COLB.

“2. I have reviewed the attached affidavit posted on the internet
from “Ron Polarik,” [PDF] who has declined to provide his name
because of a number of death threats he has received. After my
review and based on my years of experience, I can state with
certainty that the COLB presented on the internet by the various
groups, which include the “Daily Kos,” the Obama Campaign,
“” and others cannot be relied upon as genuine. Mr.
Polarik raises issues concerning the COLB that I can affirm.
Software such as Adobe Photoshop can produce complete images or
alter images that appear to be genuine; therefore, any image
offered on the internet cannot be relied upon as being a copy of
the authentic document.

3. Upon a cursory inspection of the internet COLB, one aspect  of
the image that is clearly questionable is the obliteration of the
Certificate No. That number is a tracking number that would allow
anyone to ask the question, “Does this number refer to the
Certification of Live Birth for the child Barack Hussein Obama II?”
It would not reveal any further personal information; therefore,
there would be no justifiable reason for oliterating it.

4. In my experience as a forensic document examiner, if an original
of any document exists, that is the document that must be examined
to obtain a definitive finding of genuineness or non-genuineness.
In this case, examination of the vault birth certificate for
President-Elect Obama would lay this issue to rest once and for all.”

Read more here:

45 responses to “Keyes V. Lingle, Hawaii, Sandra Ramsey Lines analysis, forensic document examiner, Obama COLB, Ron Polarik, Daily Kos, Obama Campaign, COLB not reliable

  1. Citizen —

    You have put together something entirely NEW, something never attempted before. It is this!

    This is instant history WRITING, synthesizing the whole country around a single issue, analyzing the issue with professionals and non-professional simultaneously, and interacting with the history that is being made from the highest office in the nation in the most comfortable clothes we can wear, our pajamas.

    I think this is something Cato the Younger would die for!

    1- .GEORGE BUSH rearranged is HE BUGS GORE
    2- AL GORE is LA (Spanish for “THE”) OGRE( a monster who eats people.)
    3- GEORGE SOROS translates to SOS OGRE GORE
    8- THE MORSE CODE rearranged is HERE COME DOTS
    11- ANIMOSITY turns to IS NO AMITY
    12- MOTHER-IN-LAW (This one is good) WOMAN HITLER
    16- SEN. HARRY REID becomes A DINER SHERRY(yuck)
    20- JOHN KERRY becomes HORNY JERK
    22- NANCY PELOSI becomes – LIE’N CYAN(blue) POS
    25- KATIE COURIC – changes to – CIAO CUTE IRK
    27- TIM RUSSERT – changes to MISS TURRET (def-spindle tool )
    29- VALERIE PLAME – becomes – LIVE EEL PARMA(cheese)
    30- TED TURNER – changes to – TREED RUNT
    34 – JOE SCARBORO – changes to – COOR’S BAR JOE
    35 – KEITH OLBERMANN – turns into – A TINKLEN HOMBRE
    36 – KEITH OLBERMANN – changes to – ILK BORN METHANE
    38 – MOVEON-ORG – changes to – MOON GROVE
    39 – SENATOR BARRACK OBAMA – becomes old hillbilly saying – “A RACK-O-EARS TAN BOOB-MA ! ”

    40 -BILL SCHNEIDER – changes to – RED’S LIB LICHEN (a fungus)

    41 – COLIN POWELL – becomes – PEW ! ILL COLON
    42 – BERNIE MADOFF – turns into – OFF – BIRD ENEMA.

    Send this to 1000 friends or 1000 times to one enemy.

  3. All of these letters say the same thing: “We accept the assurances of Senator Obama when he tells us that he was born in Hawaii.”

    They have no clue what the Framers said, what the Constitution requires, or what the Supreme Court will decide.

    Remember, for them to run for office, they generally are unable to raise enough money for re-election, so they rely on the Senate party re-election committee to raise the money for them. This makes them into nothing more than “party hacks.”

  4. Wow, I love this part here: “Upon a cursory inspection of the internet COLB, one aspect of
    the image that is clearly questionable is the obliteration of the Certificate No. That number is a tracking number that would allow anyone to ask the question, “Does this number refer to the
    Certification of Live Birth for the child Barack Hussein Obama II?”

    Really, nothing else needs to be said. That missing number that was blacked out explains a whole lot!

  5. zachjonesishome

    Nice work Mr. Wells. Zach

  6. Thanks Zach.

  7. Every one of these Hall of Shame members is in deep legal doodoo for wilfully sending out lies in response to serious requests from citizens.

    How can we best put them on notice that we will pursue all legal means available to us. Including but not necessarily limited to: Lawsuits, Recall, and Impeachment.

  8. CW,
    I love your blog. You have some good info on here.

    BTW, and this is a subject change, does anyone know about that who that person at the Lame Cherry blog is? I’m just curious because I wonder if Lame Cherry knows BO personally from stuff that they have said.


  9. Here is another Hall of Shamer, Senator Herb Kohl:

    Dear :

    Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate hearing from
    you and welcome this opportunity to respond.

    As you may know, Hawaii became a state on August 21st,
    1959. President-elect Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961,
    making him a United States citizen at birth under the first section
    of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. President-elect
    Obama’s birth certificate has been made public, and is widely
    available online. This document has been authenticated by a
    variety of sources, including the Hawaii Department of Health and
    the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

    Additionally, on December 5, 2008, the United States
    Supreme Court considered Donofrio v. Wells, a case questioning
    President-elect Obama’s citizenship, in conference. The Justices
    voted not to hear this case, making it the second case related to
    President-elect Obama’s citizenship that the Supreme Court
    refused to hear. The first, Berg v. Obama, was rejected at
    conference on November 3, 2008.

    I hope this information proves useful to you. If I can be of
    assistance to you in any other matters, please do not hesitate to
    contact me.


    Herb Kohl
    U.S. Senator

  10. I guess Sandra Ramsey Lines is ready for the reaction.
    Good for her.
    Maybe the Obots find out that her child is not really her child, or her daughter might be pregnant.
    If not, there is still the good old death threat.

    Btw. Oprah Winfrey has endored another fraud.
    Read this:

    This line in the article :
    ” I question why I never questioned it. I believed it; it was an incredible, hope-filled story.”
    is just like the denial the public, media and elected officials show in Obamas case.
    Everybody lives in LaLa land.

  11. How do you get charges filed?
    Counterfeit and Fraudulent Identification – The Secret Service enforces laws involving counterfeit and fraudulent identification which means, where someone knowingly and without lawful authority produces, transfers or possesses a false identification document to defraud the U.S. Government. The use of desktop publishing software/hardware to counterfeit and produce different forms of identification used to obtain funds illegally remains one of the Secret Service’s core violations.

  12. Carlyle:

    Yep, they’re in deep doodoo all right, and I personally think that they should all be fired. Hey, everyone, we can fire them, can’t we?

  13. Thanks Kim.

  14. Look, this is a letter that I got back from my senator in TX. It’s obvious this is a form e-mail that I received. I’m sick of it, guys. This is definitely doo-doo from a man that I had respect for.
    I hope this will fit on here, and quoting below:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding President-elect Barack Obama. I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on this matter.

    As you know, on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the forty-fourth President of the United States of America. As we enter the 111th Congress, our nation faces many challenges. We are in the midst of tough economic times, and the federal government must stand on the side of taxpayers and small businesses. Now more than ever, we need fiscal discipline in Washington. I welcome President-elect Obama’s commitment to reform the federal budget process and rein in wasteful government spending, and I will hold the President-elect accountable as Congress works to quickly identify and eliminate inefficient, ineffective, and outdated federal programs.

    Families across Texas and the nation are forced to make tough financial decisions each day—the federal government should be no different. But year after year too many government programs are funded because there are small—but vocal—special interest groups backing them with little Congressional oversight to determine when ideas have run their course. The American people have a right to know how their hard earned dollars are being spent, and I will continue to support making our government more transparent, accountable, and efficient.

    While strengthening the economy must remain a priority, we must also find bipartisan solutions to address other critical issues facing our nation while continuing to advance conservative principles such as limited government, lower taxes, family values, and fighting against those who seek to destroy the American way of life. The consequences of continued inaction are too great. It is imperative that Congress act quickly to secure our borders, reform our country’s immigration laws, modernize healthcare, and promote energy independence. You may be certain that I will continue to pursue conservative initiatives that reinforce the principles upon which our country was founded while holding the new Administration accountable to the American people.

    I appreciate having the opportunity to represent the interests of Texans in the United States Senate. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.


    United States Senator

  15. Carlyle.
    Call each congressman’s office and let them know they have
    been selected for the Hall of Shame and why. Let us know
    what the response is. We will hold them accountable now
    and later.
    However, a big part of this effort was designed to educate
    congressmen who want to do the right thing but have been
    fooled like so many other Americans.
    I have been working with the folks at Restore the Constitutional Republic,
    formerly Democratic Disaster. They are the ones that requested the
    article I wrote on Natural Born Citizen.
    Hopefully the articles on those admitted to the Hall of Shame
    will serve to educate and as a warning to those who believe
    they can get away with ignoring this crucial decision.

  16. Thanks kittycat77.

  17. What are we going to do??? He never should have been on the ballot !!! Why is this happening??? Who is to protect us?? Call Me I am a fighter for truth!!

  18. We, as the Founding Fathers were forced to, must protect ourselves.
    We only need one senator and one representative to stand up in
    Congress and demand proof of eligibility.
    Regardless of the outcome, we must continue to hold Congress

  19. CW:

    Don’t thank me yet. I have started writing to him, but I may just start all over again and make it extremely plain and VERY simple. If we can find out what’s happening and going down, so can they. And honestly, I think that they know and don’t want to come clean on this issue.

  20. You are most welcome! Here is another reply from Tammy Baldwin

    Dear :

    Thank you for contacting me regarding President-elect Obama’s citizenship. It is always good to hear from you.

    As you know, some have suggested that President-elect Barack Obama may have been born outside the U.S. and is not a “natural born citizen” eligible for the presidency. During the presidential campaign, President-elect Obama voluntarily posted his birth certificate on his campaign website indicating he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961. Media accounts report that Hawaiian officials verified health department records and determined there is no doubt that Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii.

    You may be interested to know that concerns surrounding President-elect Obama’s citizenship are the subject of at least one legal challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court. However, on December 8, 2008, the Supreme Court denied consideration of the claim that Mr. Obama lacks the citizenship requirement to become president.

    Again, thank you for sharing your views. Your opinion matters to me. If I can be of service to you in any other way, please do not hesitate to let me know. As a security precaution, all mail sent to Congress is first irradiated. This process causes significant delays. To ensure the fastest response, I encourage all constituents who have access to the internet to contact me through my website at


    Tammy Baldwin
    Member of Congress

  21. Look what this blogger says:

    OK, then, so just how would someone actually get ahold of the ORIGINAL document when Obama won’t release it??? Jeez.

  22. Excellent Citizen Wells! Very well done!

    Just as has been suspected all along by many, many bloggers – that fraud of a BC is just that – a FAKE!

    I had often wondered what that number that was blacked out on the fake BC was for. You have answered that question in this post. There was NO GOOD REASON for it to have been blacked out – except for the fact that doing so tries to hide the fact that it is a BLATANT FORGERY!!

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Berg is monitoring and reading this blog. Any additional information that he can get to help his case at SCOTUS is essential!.

  23. If the certificate number allows tracking, what about the photos of a COLB–purportedly the same one–put up by FactCheck, which DOES show a number?

  24. The COLB analysis reminds me of a suggestion I sent to Dr. Taitz. It may be lost in her EM box.
    The FOIM request is a great tool. Has anyone tried to FOIM records at Hawaii Health that record requests for certs. The idea is that if in the time frame the Obama cert. was generated, there may be no record of one being issued. Or maybe the only one issued would be for sister Maya. These records should not be private. And even if there is a ligitemate request it would be cool to see who made the request. Anyone know a foot soldier in Hawaii? Hang in there, the conman will fall.

  25. Thanks Christinewjc.
    The owner of The Right Side of Life gave me the heads up.
    This has been a group effort.

  26. A commenter, Eric, several threads ago suggested that we get Process Servers to hand deliver something appropriate to each Senator and Representative. I like the idea and could contribute. But does anyone know how to go about doing this and what legal document we might use to get their attention?

    This is getting really bad. Not only are they passively not doing their job, but they are all putting out lies and poorly researched rubish. This is unacceptable.

  27. “This is getting really bad. Not only are they passively not doing their job, but they are all putting out lies and poorly researched rubish. This is unacceptable.”

    And worthless form letters. How much value is a “form” letter?

  28. Why is it so easy for these Reps. and Sens. to dismiss this citizenship issue? They all come up with the same line. “Obama’s” certificate has been verified to be genuine”. Maybe these know it all’s should better educate themselves and watch Dr. Ron’s interpretation of the forged certificate they claim to be genuine. How can we better educate these politicians? I took one look at the image that was presented by the “Obama” camp and I could tell it was a forgery. And I’am no expert. Where it states “race” on the document it says” AFRICAN”. Come on! how accurate is that? I’ll bet if you look at every other COLB, or vault long form birth certificate from Hawaii in 1961 , where it asks for race , you would see the word” negro”. Political correctness hadn’t yet been invented. Africa is the name of a Continent,not the name for a race of people. Also, it doesn’t matter what it says on any birth document. His father was a British citizen from Kenya, and that means he can never be considered a Natural Born Citizen. Why is it so hard for them to grasp this issue? One British father, plus one 18 year old American mother, does not make a Natural Born American citizen. Apparently these people will only be convinced of “Obama’s” ineligibility when the Supreme Court acts on the cases before the court. What do you think they will have to say when that happens? Keep the letters, they will be needed for comparison after they all start changing their tune.

  29. Joyce Stangland

    It is plain to see that Congress has sold it’s soul to the devil,…… (money is their only interest in being in the public service industry) Obama has been able to buy our country….. law maker by law maker. Congress has no backbone,….They won’t stand up for Our Constitution, . . . NOT A ONE WILL STEP UP AND TAKE A STAND FOR OUR COUNTRY. SAD DAY FOR AMERICA.
    CW: What about Tom Tancrado from Colorado? He has tried to block the border,….. He did take a stand on that, against the others.

  30. Joyce Stangland
    Michele Bauchmann is from MN. 9

  31. umpf!
    I totally missed that Keyes was
    1. Dismissed on December 5
    2.Motion to Reconsider dismissed
    on December 12

  32. Joyce Stangland

    Dear CW: WILL THIS LETTER WORK TO Tom Tancredo and Michele Bauchmann?

    Open letter to Member of Congress

    Dear Member of the U.S. Congress;

    On January 8th, 2009, you will be meeting in a joint session of Congress in order to perform the final step of COUNTING and CONFIRMING the electoral votes for the President of the United States (POTUS).

    This urgent letter is a request by your (and Mr. Obama’s) employers, We The People, for you to submit an OBJECTION to those votes being counted due to the Constitutional INELIGIBILITY of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. to serve as POTUS:

    1. No proof that he was born on U.S. sovereign territory, as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution (the posting of his forged & fraudulent Certification of Live Birth (C.O.L.B.) only proves fraud – and that he’s INELIGIBLE;

    2. No proof that he ever applied for U.S. citizenship, when reaching the age of majority, following his years as a citizen of Indonesia (this would make him ‘naturalized’, and therefore INELIGIBLE);

    3. No proof that he was born of two parents of U.S. citizenship, with both owing allegiance to and being under the jurisdiction of the U.S., as required by law and/or the Constitution, in order to be a ‘natural-born citizen’. (actually he has freely admitted the opposite to be true, and therefore INELIGIBLE);

    4. No proof that he was authorized, as a ‘natural-born U.S. citizen’ with a U.S. Passport, to travel to Pakistan in 1981 (he could not by law), or that he re-applied for ‘naturalized’ U.S. citizenship on his return, which would also make him INELIGIBLE;

    5. No certified proof that he registered for the draft/Selective Service between the ages of 18 and 26, as required by law, thereby rendering him ineligible, by law, for employment in the Executive Branch of our government, and therefore INELIGIBLE for POTUS. (NOTE: over a year of multiple FOIA requests produced a forged and blatantly fraudulent Selective Service Registration form that should be cause for indictments and arrests);

    6. No proof that he is, in fact, not an illegal alien, and therefore subject to the same penalties that would befall all illegal aliens in his situation. Therefore, INELIGIBLE;

    Constructive Knowledge would inform and confirm to all who have examined the facts of this collossal fraud being perpetrated upon We The People of America (see – ‘Open Letter to C.J. Roberts’) that confirming the electoral votes and thereby furthering the act of installing Mr. Obama as POTUS could possibly be construed as failure to honor one’s oath of office.

    Therefore, we are calling on you, as a member of Congress, sworn to uphold, protect, and defend that Constitution, to OBJECT to the counting and confirmation of those electoral votes until proof of his eligibility or ineligibility can be determined, and to call for indictments in regard to any and all alleged violations of U.S. laws and one’s sworn oath.

    Please let us know if you intend to stand with We The People in this epic battle to defend and preserve our Constitution. Our Nation can survive four years of any President. It cannot survive without a Constitution.


    We The People of the United States of America

  33. Joyce Stangland

    CW: I have contacted my congressman Trent Franks of AZ. On his website; He had asked to me notified if the constitution was being abused. SO,…. I sent him the letter in the comment box above.

    I also have congressmen from Utah (R)
    congresswoman from Wyoming (R) (Barbara Cubin)
    Let me know what else I can do! I CAN FIND NAMES AND WEBSITES/ADDRESSES.

  34. If there is a question about the authenticity of a document, and the original is not available or any process is completed that dealt with the absence of the original document, the best evidence rule must prevail. Therefore, if the original Birth Certificate is absent, the forensic technical evidence to now, indicates that the Birth Certificate is forged. In my opinion this evidence must prevail, in spite of the legal song and dance made about it. You can speculate, but you, in the end must bring the forensic technical evidence to the contrary.

  35. You make some excellent observations to which there seems to be no logic. Why won’t the MSM comment on the Obama eligiblity issue? Why won’t the Senators and Reps stand up? In a recent post, I think I provide a plausible answer. Please read Is Ralph Nader Our President?

    The following two articles also question the eligiblility of Sen. John McCain’s eligiblity to be POTUS, they were published in the Michigan Law Review. They are long, but well worth the read.
    Why Senator John McCain Can’t Be President?


    Originalism and The Natural Born Citizen Clause

    If my theory is right in the “Is Ralph Nader Our President?” article, then both the DNC and the RNC, through their negligence in vetting both Obama and McCain made the biggest “goof” in history. It appears that both parties, placed an “ineligible” candidate, on the Presidential ballot. Furthermore, unless both Obama and McCain went through a “Naturalization” process, it is highly probable that both men are actually illegal aliens.

    How do you think America, a global superpower, would be perceived by other Countries if this was actually the case? Maybe this is why the MSM and no one from the Democratic or Republican side is talking about any of these issues. Something to think about.

    I would be interested in hearing your comments.

  36. Great letter, Joyce!

  37. So let me get this straight. The forensics examiner that examined Obama COLB on the internet used a fake name… And this new expert is only regurgitating what he said… Didn’t they examine McCain’s too. It basically looks the same, plus it has the the top right number covered up as well. I think it was done for security reasons. And didn’t the Hawaii Health department verify Obama’s COLB as authentic. I believe they did. This just sounds like the last desperate attempt for people to try and stop the inevitable, that Obama well be the next president.

  38. Edy.
    The COLB is irrelevant unless fraud was perpetrated.
    A vault copy (long form) birth certificate provides the proper documentation.
    McCain provided one.
    Obama has avoided providing one.

  39. I believe that the health Director and vital statistics personnel have already verified that the information on the original certificate is the same on the certification of Live birth.

    McCain, to my knowledge, never produced his original certificate, just the short form certification – the same as the one Obama produced on his Website.

    It’s Hawaii law that they can only give out the short form of the certification of life birth, and that for all legalities, it is as legal as any document for the purpose of verifying your U.S. citizenship to any government branch in the U.S.. The health Director who oversees the them one said that because of the law, she’s unsure if any 3rd party, even with permission from Obama himself, could even examine his original Birth Certificate.

    With all due respect, I don’t think Sandra Ramsey Lines has the qualifications to give an opinion on Obama’s COLB. It has already been verified by other organizations, who obtained permission to see the actual certification, and not the computer image from Obama’s website, that they have a much more legitimate case than Dr Polaric and Sandra Ramsey Lines, who have only seen the computer image of Obama’s COLB.

  40. Edy.
    Anyone paying attention here already knows what you have said is false.
    The Health Dept. Officials do not authenticate data on birth certificates.
    You are also wrong about McCain.
    If you are just going to echo the party BS, don’t bother to comment.

  41. Joyce Stangland,

    You wrote,
    “4. No proof that he was authorized, as a ‘natural-born U.S. citizen’ with a U.S. Passport, to travel to Pakistan in 1981 (he could not by law)…”

    Please verify the accuracy of this statement as of the summer of 1981. An American reporter wrote about his visit to Lahore, Pakistan, at that time. Whether he was using a U.S. passport or not, I do not know.

  42. Joyce Stangland,

    You wrote:
    “It is plain to see that Congress has sold it’s soul to the devil,…… (money is their only interest in being in the public service industry) Obama has been able to buy our country….. law maker by law maker. Congress has no backbone,….They won’t stand up for Our Constitution, . . . NOT A ONE WILL STEP UP AND TAKE A STAND FOR OUR COUNTRY. SAD DAY FOR AMERICA.”

    Joyce, please give some of our national leaders a little credit for integrity. Many of them cannot be bought, bullied, or blackmailed, even with threats against their grandchildren.

    However, Is|am heavily favors ex-Sen. Obama as a negotiating partner. There is a reason why Is|am is giving him a pass on his supposed “apostasy” before he married his wife. Some have suggested taqiya: that he is deceiving the “infidels” for the purpose of advancing Is|am. Or it could be that fatwas against him are difficult to carry out. Others say that he is an Is|amist plant. Or the clerics may simply consider him a useful tool for a time. In any case, they want him where he is, or he wouldn’t be where he is.

    I know there are Arabic-speaking illegal aliens entering the U.S. covertly from both Canada and Mexico. There is a reason such uninvited guests would pay $50,000 apiece to be reinvented as a citizen of a Latin American country. DHS checks suspicious entrants against international databases of known and suspected terrorists. But for every one that is stopped, two or three get through, and that’s for the ones who only pay $1500 or $2000 to be herded through the desert.

    If only 1% of M’slims are dangerous as potential deadly “weapons”, and there are 8,000,000 M’slims in the United States, then there are 80,000 possible Is|amist terrorists already in place, waiting for orders or opportunities. Hezbollah has dozens of cells in major cities, along with Is|amic J’had, H’mas, and others. We know they are sworn to destroy infidel America, and we know we have not kept them out.

    Given the House of Is|am’s support for ex-Sen. Obama, it is obvious to anyone old enough to remember 9/11, anthrax, and Dubai Ports that we are vulnerable to attack if Mr. Obama should be disqualified for the Presidency. A Senator who would not flinch to defend the Constitution, even at the risk of his granddaughter being kidnapped, might behave differently if he were certain half the U.S. population would die slow and gruesome deaths. Are there even five U.S. Supreme Court Justices with the courage to pilot the ship of state through such a battle? Or will the U.S. military stand up if everyone else falls on their faces?

    Blackmail of the nation, by tens of thousands of embedded enemies armed with biological and chemical warfare, may be why every leader is so quiet and still. Like possums playing dead in hopes of being passed by.


  43. Citizen Just a reminder: I posted Representative Tammy Baldwin’s (WI) letter on December 29 on this thread: (Keyes V. Lingle, Hawaii, Sandra Ramsey Lines analysis, forensic document examiner, Obama COLB, Ron Polarik, Daily Kos, Obama Campaign, COLB not reliable)…it is similar to the others so may be redundant to add to your list…

  44. Thanks Kim.
    I found it.

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