Wrotnowski v. Bysiewkz. Application for stay/injunction denied without comment or dissent, December 12, 2008

** Update Below **

This was just posted on this blog by Lawdawg:

Submitted on 2008/12/12 at 11:12am
#08A469 Wrotnowski v. Bysiewkz. Application for stay/injunction denied without comment or dissent.

** Update **

From Leo Donofrio’s site:

“[UPDATE]: 11:26 AM – Dec. 12 2008 :  Rumors of a decision denying Cort’s application are unequivocally false.  A SCOTUS Spokesperson just told Cort Wrotnowski there has been no decision.  She indicated there will be no decision until Monday.  The conference is sealed, no clerks are allowed in.]”


77 responses to “Wrotnowski v. Bysiewkz. Application for stay/injunction denied without comment or dissent, December 12, 2008

  1. Treasonous!

  2. Please sign this petition to demand that all candidates whose names appear on the official election ballot should be invited to every candidate debate and forum.

    In 2008, the majority of candidates were EXCLUDED from the majority of debates and forums.

    If all candidates had been invited to all debates and forums,
    then it is most likely that
    Mr. Obama would NOT have been elected.


  3. Don’t get caught up on rumors. It’s too soon for a decision. so let’s wait for an actual announcement or the Docket itself to change. Not just one comment posted on one Blog by one person, which so far, that’s all that’s happened. The actual announcement won’t be until the end of the day or Monday. Just like last week.

  4. Jerome, I have been watching the docket too and have seen nothing.

  5. I think i’ve seen some other posts from someone using the name “Lawdawg” that were untrue as well.Not sure if it’s the same person, but the Lawdawg i seen on another blog was an Obamanot.Let’s see what the docket actually says!

  6. naturalborncitizen

    please remove this blog. The Supreme Court has just confirmed as of 11:26 AM that there has been no word and the spokesperson said here will be no word until Monday on the case. That’s what they told Cort.

    This entity has a history of this false behavior.

    Please remove the blog and his comment. And please call the Court to verify before making such a blog. I know you are trying to keep people informed but you need to fact check before posting something so inflammatory.

    There has been no decision. as of 11:26 AM

    Leo C. Donofrio

  7. We won’t know until the end of the day or Monday:
    DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 12, 2008.

  8. Frankly, the only explanation (if it were true, which does not appear to be the case) for the Supreme Court doing what Lawdog apparently has posted is that the Supreme Court Justices/their family members are under threat for their lives or safety if the Court does not do otherwise. Honestly, I could come up with no other explanation.

  9. So, you want me to perform like the MSM?
    I stated that it was a comment that was posted.
    Nothing more.
    Nothing less.
    It is information.

  10. naturalborncitizen

    It is NOT information. Go to the source. Without going to the source, you are manipulating the people’s awareness with lies. Just call the Court. Be responsible for truth.

    Leo C. Donofrio

  11. The Obamabots are out today so just wait for confirmation on any rumor. Oh and lets’ not forget our tinfoil hats , it helps scare them away. HA ha…

  12. citizenwells, I’m disappointed in you. Lawdawg is posting this all over on every blog frequented by people supporting these lawsuits. He did the same with Donofrio’s case. Maybe he has inside info but without verification it’s just a rumor. If he is wrong and you have run with it then yes you are just like the MSM.

  13. Citizen Wells, could you please remove the headline then? Just leave it as a blog.

  14. An explanation for the Supreme Court to wait until the last possible moment (Monday morning) before issuing anything is just in case Team Obama were to submit some documentation (on his birth etc. ) between the time the Court makes its issuance and the Electors commence their actions on Monday. In other words, over the weekend Team Obama could release some documentation which might tend to undermine a basis for the issuance of the Court.

    A real chess match!

  15. Ted: surely that’s GOT to be the case man. It’s absolutely unfathomable to think they might have decided Obama being born in the U.S. to a U.S. citizen mom makes him natural born.


  16. Who is “lawdawg” anyway? Maybe a friend of Miss Cleo’s?


    I still have a good feeling about Wrotnowski and guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out!

    Great work citizenwells.

  17. Good point.

  18. /\
    Meaning CW’s comment December 12, 2008 at 12:46 pm

  19. This “lawdawg” was right on the money on the last dismissal…..on Friday before they announced it on Monday. I hope that was just a good guess and this person is wrong this time

  20. CW
    Take the post down OK? It isn’t true, so why look like you’re creating DRAMA? Taking it down doesn’t signify a sign of weakness, it shows you care about reporting truth.
    Thank You

  21. Ok.
    Start using a dictionary.

  22. You are incorrect.
    Read the post.
    I reported that the comment was placed on this blog.

  23. Thank you Sandy.
    I noticed the same thing.
    Thanks for paying attention.

  24. It was the truth.
    It was commented on this blog.
    That is what I stated.

  25. decentAmerican

    hi CW…I know you are dedicated to the truth, but Leo has been working his butt off to get justice here, and comments from a nobody troll like lawdawg do not help. in fairness, if you are going to post something like that, please also post Leo’s comment under Lawdawg’s, so we all get fair balance, unlike the MSM.

    Leo’s comment has more weight, given that he has identified himself, whereas lawdawg has not.

    Please CW, we don’t need to get all heated here, we are on the same side in this fight for justice.

    thank you for all your hard work.

  26. It is still news no matter how it plays out.
    If this an Obama bot, we will find out. News.

  27. We must pray for our freedom and ask God to heal our Land !

  28. Sue’em Leo. Go after LieDawg. Intent to cause emotional distress. Class action – maybe even RICO if there’s more than one of them together in this. Any one else out here caused to suffer emotionally? I don’t feel so good.

  29. UPDATE]: 11:26 AM – Dec. 12 2008 : Rumors of a decision denying Cort’s application are unequivocally false. A SCOTUS Spokesperson just told Cort Wrotnowski there has been no decision. She indicated there will be no decision until Monday. The conference is sealed, no clerks are allowed in.]

  30. Phil,
    I’m with you, this is a blog and all you are doing is posting something that someone else said. If you start to censor what is posted where does it stop. Don’t get down to the level of the MSM.

    I am smart enough to filter everything that I read, including everything on these blogs.

    As I said earlier, I don’t think SCOTUS is going to stop the electors on 12/15. My reading of the constitution is Congress is granted the authority to decide when the electors meet. I don’t see where the constitution grants the other two branches of government the right to overrule congress on this. The meeting and subsuqent election by itself does not violate the constitution.

    If the electors elect someone who is constitutionally inelligable to become president then I feel that SCOTUS would have to the constitutional authority to interviene.

    One man’s opinion and sorry for the spelling mistakes.


  31. As to Sandy’s above comment wondering how lawdawg could have been right with (his/her) guess about Leo’s case…well, there are only 2 options the USSC could choose, grant or deny, so you’ve got a 50% chance of being right whichever one you choose.

    I’ll go ahead and say the application will be granted and there’s a 50% chance some will be amazed and wonder what great inside source I have at the highest levels.

    I have a feeling this will all shake out and the truth will eventually surface.

  32. New information: Cort’s case not yet been denied as reported earlier.


  33. The Misc orders are out for today and Wrotnowski’s case is not on it.

    Click to access 121208zr.pdf

  34. I posted this on the other topic but this information is pretty relevant: You keep talking like the court is going to be your savior: Well you’re about to be denied yet again. Now you say the Justice department and Patrick Fitzy is gonna save you… Heads up! I wouldn’t doubt it if he voted for Obama! How many republicans vs. democrats has he indicted in his career? Do some research!

    (hint it’s upper double digits on GOP ) vs only 3 democrats..

  35. Buy the Globe..they are doing what the MSM refuses.

  36. Ok Johnny… then YOU save us.

  37. Johnny….it’s the libs messiah that needs a savior of his own right now…..he’s built a house on sand and it will collapse. The only thing that isn’t a given is the timing and venue

  38. Folks, it’s over.

    See here: http://origin.www.supremecourtus.gov/orders/courtorders/121208zr.pdf

    Time to move on to helping our next President dig our economy out of this ditch.

  39. Shannon.
    That is incorrect.
    That is an inclusion list, not an exclusion list.
    The current president is Bush.

  40. This is not over yet, Shannon. Even if Obama does manage to faudently assume the presidency, the legal mess will continue for the next four years or until he is eventually thrown out. As for Obama’s chance of digging out our economy, since he will be blessed with the same congress, including himself, which created this economy, I don’t have too much faith in him cleaning up or fixing anything. He’s a Chicago politician, remember?

  41. Call me wishful, but here is how I see it: Look at the actual SCOTUS order of last Monday:

    Click to access 120808zor.pdf

    You will find the Donofrio case listed under “Orders in Pending Cases.” All the SCOTUS did is deny the request for the Stay. The case is still alive.

    At about the same time, they seemed to fast track (for them) the Wrotnowski case for conference earlier today. Why?

    According to the Constitution, nothing untoward has actually happened yet. That changes Monday after the Electoral College votes. Should the EC vote for someone ineligible, SCOTUS may combine and grant cert to both cases.

  42. CW,

    Sorry, but that is correct. The same thing happened last Friday to Donofrio. You’ll find out on Monday.


    Yes, that is unrealistically wishful thinking.

  43. #

    TJ wrote:

    The Misc orders are out for today and Wrotnowski’s case is not on it.

    Click to access 121208zr.pdf


    OK, what exactly does that mean? That they haven’t yet ruled? That they will decide Monday morning?

  44. Ladyhawke wrote:
    “According to the Constitution, nothing untoward has actually happened yet. That changes Monday after the Electoral College votes. Should the EC vote for someone ineligible, SCOTUS may combine and grant cert to both cases.”

    In all my readings regarding the Constitution (and thank God for so many people doing so much research lately), I discovered that what Ladyhawke wrote is absolutely true.
    The Constitution says that the PRESIDENT must be a natural born citizen, which Obama is not. It does not say that a candidate for president must be a natural born citizen.
    It does not say that the man the people elect must be a natural born citizen.

    When the electors vote Monday (as uneducated as most of them seem to be and one in CA was actually dead) AND when those votes are certified on January 8th (I pray not), THEN Obama will be the president-elect and THEN is when he would need to show proof that he is a natural born citizen prior to being sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts.

  45. CitizenWells, if I were you I would not have posted that stupid, incorrect rumor which jolted and saddened me by the way, only to then say that it was wrong at the end. Didn’t need to be jolted and saddened to begin with, my emotions are already on a roller coaster with this whole situation.

    But on the other hand, I was so impressed by the Legal Notice post you wrote, that I am willing to forgive you. In fact the Legal Notice will give you a pass for one or two more unnecessary jolts. (grin)

  46. I moderate this blog.
    This means that I have to make decisions.
    If we lived in a perfect, rational world, moderation would be unnecessary.
    I reported a fact.
    Sometimes those apparently irrelevant facts end up meaning something.
    It was my call.
    When we finally received an update, I posted it.
    Case closed.

  47. I would like to add that part of the decision is to allow
    the readers to evaluate comments and decide for themselves.
    Sometimes this results in a thought or opinion that might not
    have occured to me.

  48. The case denied. The EC will vote on Monday confirming Obama. The docket will show the case was denied on Monday after the EC has done it’s job. If the SCOTUS were taking this seriously certiorori would have been granted today well before the EC confirmation on Monday. Get your heads out of the clouds.

  49. The justices can be impeached.

  50. Let me try this again.

    The Supreme Court can only intervene when there is a Constitutional issue at stake.

    As yet, there is nothing Unconstitutional that has happened.

    Donofrio asked for a stay of the Electoral College vote and to be granted certiorari. They are not going to grant the stay of the EC because of something that might happen. I never expected that they would. Technically, but unlikely, the EC could still vote for an eligible candidate.

    The SCOTUS said nothing about denying cert. They left that open. There was another case listed on their Orders of Monday, where they denied a stay and cert., so clearly that is their procedure. Why they did not do that in Donofrio is a great interest to me.

  51. I’m new to this blog and I see a lot of very wishful thinking here. Let’s try to be practical and logical. The Electors will certify and submit their votes for Obama on the Monday the 15th. Everything will be already said and done by the time the Supreme Court docket is updated. The SCOTUS has already listed the cases it has grated certiorari. If in fact they were taking the Cort case seriously, do you not think it is a logical assumption that they would have granted certiorari today, well in advance of the EC voting? Indeed that would be the logical thing to do. Given the circumstances, there is probably a 99.9% chance that the case was denied. Yes, no “official” ruling has been made public, and yes the docket still remains unchanged, but rational thinking and logic would lend the case is in the same circumstances as the December 5th case. The SCOTUS filed its list last Friday confirming the cases it had granted certiorari, Donorios case was not there implying denial. The same is probably true with the Cort case. I would bet my 401(k) the case is DENIED.

  52. Today, American Thinker posted a very solid aricle on the “natural born” citizen issue. It’s titled “Natural Born Pickle.” Take a gander. Below are the opening paragraphs and a link to the entire article:

    “I am at peace about Barack Obama and his natural born US citizenship. Still not cheerful about being called deranged and told to shut up, but on the issue itself — peace. If you care to follow this journey of enlightenment, read on.”

    “My journey is based on straightforward readings of the Constitution and the law through a reasonable layman’s eyes. It is not based on what I’d like the outcome of the case to be or on blind trust in anyone else. And I do not have to buy that Obama was born in Hawaii. I will also say that I’ve never seen what I am about to explain, explained before. There has been much heat on this issue, but little light.”


    Hope this give some perspective…

  53. CW……Thank you and I just want to say that no matter what happens, you have done a most outstanding job in timely transmitting a vast amount of reporting from the many blogs and websites out there. I understand that emotions are running high on this subject, but we all just need to relax and trust that truth will prevail. If that doesn’t happen to be in the manner that we think it should, we should still remember that truth will indeed prevail. It always does. Always!

  54. My perspective.
    Obama is thumbing his nose at the US Constitution and American people.
    Unacceptable where I come from.

  55. Thanks Sandy.

  56. CW….. in your humble opinion Obama is “thumbing his nose at the US Constitution.” But so far the vast majority of the American public, as well as every U.S. court where one of these citizenship cases has been submitted does not agree. Including the SCOTUS.

  57. decentAmerican

    TTJ — your obsessive manlove for Obama is your business, and if you want to live in your delusional world where Obama is not capable of doing any wrong, and you will defend him to the end of days, that is your option.

    but at least get your facts straight.

    “the vast majority of the American public”, did NOT vote for Obama. Got that? there are 245 million voting -age Americans in this country, and only 27% of them voted for Obama. The other 73% voted for either McCain, or neither. It is very safe to say that a good chunk of those 73% would like to know if there potential president is qualified.

    for you to sit here and think that your messiah is above the law, is both dangerous and absurd.

    As has been said a million times, if he has nothing to hide (much like everything else in his life and career), why is he spending a tremendous amount of money and resources fighting these suits, when it would take 5 minutes and a postage stamp to send the original BC to the court?

    that alone should raise suspicions in everyone.

    but go ahead and live in your delusional world.

    secrets……somewhere, someone will reveal them. This is a man with a ridiculous amount of secrets. do you think they will stay hidden forever?

    LOL! what will you do when he comes crashing down? Will your world fall apart, since you have put all your passions and confidence in him?

  58. decentAmerican.
    Great response.
    I would like to add that Obama only won just over 25% of US counties.
    McCain won more states.
    This is a nightmare scenario for the founding fathers and their intent
    of preventing high population centers from controlling the country.

  59. CW – The founding father’s are all most likely spinning in their graves.

    They created the Electoral College to protect us from an unqualified charismatic character hoodwinking the voters. I do not think that the idea someone ineligible might actually be elected crossed their radar.

    Today is my first visit to CW – thanks for providing a place of sanity!

  60. This is a pathetic article! Sounds like to me that someone has “tired out” and decided to just accept the fact instead of continuing the fight.That’s okay, the rest of us will continue the fight for you and we will prevail in the end!


    Let me just bring everyone back to ground zero here.Obama is NOT a natural born citizen, and was more than likely born in Kenya.Anyone who spends that kind of money with “three” law firms to keep something as simple as a birth certificate from ever making it’s way to the public eye “IS HIDING SOMETHING” !!

    The courts may very well push this issue aside and he may very well be inaugurated, but rest assured America….the TRUTH will come out one way or the other 🙂

    That Son-of-a-B**ch isn’t eligible and he knows it!

  61. TTJ –

    Smoking causes cancer, right? You know it and so does most everybody. How many court cases did it take to finally have that fact accepted in legal form? Did failures indicate the ultimate truth, or were they the result of obfuscation and protective action by defendants, so that ultimate truth and culpability were made to wait a while?

    If we purge our ranks of naysayers and provocateurs and keep the British ‘stiff upper lip’ we’ll win. We know we have the goods on Opostor.

    From our perspective in 1964, what were the chances the North Vietnamese would win the war? What were the chances England would hold out against Germany during 1940-41? What were the chances Israel wpould come out of the 1948 war whole… or 1967… or 1973?

    Obama can’t win in the long run, and perhaps in the very short. We know too much and are too many for him.

  62. For a wonderful read click over to ‘drorly.blogspot.com’ and scroll down to today’s post:

    ‘Law of Nations; or Principles of the Law of Nature: Applies to the Conduct & Affairs of Nations & Sovereigns 1759’.

    It is the work that evidently defined ‘Natural Born Citizen’ for the Constitutional Framers. A core section is posted. You may come away changed if you now think Obie is legal. If your heart is open to truth you will.

  63. TTJ posts show that he/she is obviously grossly uneducated as far as what is going on. It would take hours to go over all the facts that he/she is apparently unaware of. I won’t bother here.

    Bottom line: Obama has so far spent over $700,000 with three law firms trying to get his eighteen (so far) lawsuits dismissed on technicalities …. rather than just simply SHOW A COPY OF HIS LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE SHOWING THE NAME OF THE HOSPITAL WHERE HE WAS BORN!!!!!!!!

    Hey guess what, Obama. Simply showing it would automatically get the lawsuits dismissed and it would cost you about $15. Heck, the hospital might even give it to you free!

    I’m sorry for yelling. Forgive me. I am very frustrated that this very very simple fact is beyond so many people’s abilities to absorb.

  64. The point I was trying to make above is that he is obviously hiding something. He does not want anyone to know what the original birth certificate says. Why not, TTJ? What’s your theory? That he’s embarrassed about the footprint because he has a toe missing and he doesn’t want the world to know?

  65. For “TTJ”

    The VAST majority of the American public did NOT vote for Obama (69 out of 300 million?), Most of the court cases have been rejected on technicalities and not Merit and we’re not done with the SCOTUS. Give it time.

  66. Ladyhawke.
    wow ,,,,,,how are you 🙂


    White House says “No Blair House for Obama until after Electoral College vote count”.


  68. Many states have adopted the NATIONAL ID CARD agenda, and therefore, REQUIRE a valid birth certificate to simply be renewed a state driver’s license.

    BUT, OBAMA appears to be above the highest law of our land: US Constitution.

    Hmmmm, wonder what money and power is driving this agenda.

    Study Russia and what happened there during the 1990s. The celebration of 15 years since the new Constitution was penned, in Russia, just occurred. The math: 1993, a Russian Constitution to become more democratic and whoa, behold, the puppet set-up there by the CLASSLESS PREDATORS (who like to fool all the people all the time by calling themselves “The Global Elite” and the human species appears to just love the pain of opposites), militarily took over and Russia was destroyed from within.

    It is happening here, as well, and it has been an ongoing slow grinding down of the freedom stone – to bring America into a complacent state of allowing a complete unknown, just because Oprah Winfrey sold him on her show to the US, to become a “leader,” and in fact to become the President of the United States of America without proving he is qualified according to the US Constitution which is the only true law we have.

    Without obeying this most important law, we as a nation have surrendered our sovereignty into an unknown.

    However, history can be our best teacher and Russia is at this time is FINALLY beginning to hobble on crutches back into the march for freedom to the Russian PEOPLE.

    The CLASSLESS PREDATORS were kicked out of Russia and came to America to join their brothers and sisters who were and are already here.

    Just ask Obama the Hope Hoaxer who has sold us the BRAND: “down the river?”

    American people, demand accountability from the President of the United States for crying out loud. Did we not learn our lesson? We have allowed an unelected president to commit utter and complete genocide, simply because consumerism has eaten our common sense.

    Stop spending money. The predators need a host/victim. No money to them that do not work is the only true power we have and this is consuming without conscience.

    Do not consume a President without reading the small print!

  69. I am a resident of PA and will be going to Harrisburg on Monday for the Election. I will attempt to hand out literature to the electors and news media. I don’t know if I will be able to get any face time with these people but want to be totally prepared if I get the opportunity.

    I will be referencing the postings on http://www.fightthesmears.com. If anyone has any information as to who the individuals running this site are, address, phone number, etc., that would be very helpful. Also if anyone has any infomation about any news outlets that have quoted this site and most importantly any infomation about any member of BHO’s team who has referenced this site.

    I want to be as prepared as I can possibly be incase I get any face time.

    Sorry for all the I’s and misspellings. Thanks all.


  70. Eric.
    I just put up an article on the Elector College and quote PA law.
    I will also have a letter to Electors up probably today.
    I will try to get abck to you with data.

  71. CW
    Thanks much for all that you have posted. Just found and article by the Washington Post that said the Obama Campagain created the fight the smears web site.

    Keep in comin’ and keep up the good work.


  72. The consequences of the Supreme Court declining to address the US Constitution’s “natural born citizen” clause on the morning of Monday 12/15/08 — thereafter enabling the College of Electors to transform the crisis from “law” to “political and Congressional”, leading to the ‘inauguration’ of Mr. Obama, are nothing less than catastrophic. Lawsuits by members of the military challenging his ‘commander in chief’ status are INEVITABLE. And a military takeover to oust the “usurper” may be inevitable as well. Where is the media? This is no “tin foil hat” joke.

  73. Ted,
    We the American people did not vote for a President on 11/4, we only voted for a slate of electors. BHO was not elected to anything therefore any lawsuit challenging his constitutional qualifications is going nowhere, as has happened.

    The election for President is vested in the electoral college as per the Constitution. The constitution gives the Congress and only the Congress the right to determine the time of the electoral election. Tbis election by itself does not violate the constitution and therefore any lawsuit challenging it is going nowhere, as has happened. SCOTUS has no constitutional authority to interviene.

    If the electors choose someone who is constitutionally unqualified, then the constitution has been violated and SCOTUS has the constitutional authority to hear an appeal and render a decision.

    I think this is what they did with Leo and probably are going to do with Cort.

    As I had posted earlier, 7 of the 9 sitting SCOTUS justices voted on Bush v Gore and have severe whip marks to prove it. Based on this experience I think they are going to make sure they are on good solid constitutional ground before they even consider this issue.

    One man’s opinion


  74. Ladyhawke,

    Thought about your hypothesis and it made complete sense.

    If one looks at the “natural born citizen” issue from the perspective that the Supreme Court can NOT act until the Constitution is imperilled, then it would make sense that they would have to wait until AFTER the Electoral College voted on 15 Dec. At that point, Obama would be “technically” President-elect. He would not be “officially” President-elect until 8 Jan when they counted the votes.

    From this perspective, the Supreme Court cannot act on any “natural born citizen” case even if it did have merit because all the cases up to that point would have been only hypothetical. In effect, even if Obama was born in Tanzania, he had NOT violated the Constitution up to this point. Despite the fact that Obama is using the title “President-elect”, he still had not been elected President-elect. He did he NOT have to show any proof of his qualifications as a “natural born citizen” up to that point because the election was still not controlled by the Constitutional requirements.

    The REAL election — the Electoral College vote — is the election that counts and the Constitution applies. It had not been concluded when all the suits started flying to the Supreme Court. Only after the Electoral College vote would there be a Constitutional issue that needed to be resolved.

    The popular vote is NOT what elects the President. It is the Electoral College — and until they had voted the Supreme Court couldn’t act.
    Only after their vote and Obama was “technically” the President-elect could they act as only then could it be considered a Constitutional issue.

    I know this is all wishful thinking, but I just wanted to say that your thinking sure made sense to me. You are pretty darn smart. I hope you’re right…

  75. Wrotnowski denied as of this morning. Perfectly predictable. None of these suits has the slightest basis in law. That lawyers are involved in some is an embarrassment to the profession.

    Guess the Supremes weren’t swayed by the off-the-wall Chester A. Arthur argument. Might have had a good chuckle though.

  76. Just because we have justices that are derelict in their duty does not mean
    that the lawsuits are meritless.
    The constitutional issues embedded in these suits beg rulings and/or clarification.
    Everyone is passing the buck.
    We will hold the US Supreme accountable.

  77. So, after the Electoral College votes,
    will the lawsuits against Obama
    start flying then?

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