Cort Wrotnowski V Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State, US Supreme Court, December 8, 2008, Conference of December 12, 2008, Denied by Justice Ginsburg, Referred by Justice Scalia, Application for stay, Leo Donofrio

The Cort Wrotnowski V Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State
lawsuit that is before the US Supreme Court, has been distributed for
conference on December 12, 2008. Leo Donofrio, whose application for
stay was denied today, Monday, December 8, 2008, believes that the
Cort Wrotnowski case has a better chance than his case had.

No. 08A469  
Cort Wrotnowski, Applicant
Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State
Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Connecticut
  Case Nos.: (SC 18264)
~~~Date~~~  ~~~~~~~Proceedings  and  Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nov 25 2008 Application (08A469) for stay and/or injunction, submitted to Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 26 2008 Application (08A469) denied by Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 29 2008 Application (08A469) refiled and submitted to Justice Scalia.
Dec 8 2008 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 12, 2008.
Dec 8 2008 Application (08A469) referred to the Court by Justice Scalia.
~~Name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~Phone~~~
Attorneys for Petitioner:    
Cort Wrotnowski 1057 North Street (202) 862-8554
  Greenwich, CT  06831  
Party name: Cort Wrotnowski
Attorneys for Respondent:    
Richard Blumenthal Attorney General (860) 808-5316
  Office of the Attorney General  
  55 Elm Street  
  P.O. Box 120  
  Hartford, CT  06141-0120  
Party name: Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State

25 responses to “Cort Wrotnowski V Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State, US Supreme Court, December 8, 2008, Conference of December 12, 2008, Denied by Justice Ginsburg, Referred by Justice Scalia, Application for stay, Leo Donofrio

  1. Okay…..that’s my birthday. To have the Constitution upheld would be a hard present to beat!

  2. I have rationalized this so many ways. The SCOTUS couldn’t possibly dismiss all of these cases. It just wouldn’t make sense. It’s just unfathomable what is happening. One person can’t be THAT untouchable.

  3. ‘splain it to this lowly former law clerk…didn’t Scalia already deny a lawsuit from Berg? Isn’t this just kinda like casting pearls before “SCROTUM” swine? Just confused.

  4. As Leo said the main thing is that NOW they are aware of what’s going on. We have to keep on them! Leo’s case may have just been denied on a technicality and one of the next ones may be just what they want to see to go further.

  5. The stonewalling continues while in The Guardian over here today readers were treated to an Obamaniac squwaking about all the things Obama will be able to do when he has appointed liberal judges to the supreme court.

    Now even I know it isn’t that easy – unless the Suipreme Court is going to come under the authority of The Office Of The President Elect.

    I noticed on WordNetDaily a few days ago that somebody is trying to set up a network of lawyers that will challenge through the courts every piece of legislation signed off by Obama.

    Seems somebody is thinking alomg the same lines as I was.

    As Obama plans to pass billions of new laws the courts are going to be busy.

  6. Berg’s case is still alive.
    The emergency stay was denied several weeks ago.

  7. To riddlemethis:

    Want to bet? So far Obama has been untouchable and the elephant in the room for EVERY politician, EVERY judge, EVERY news media, EVERY radio station and finally EVERY damn citizen who didn’t vote for him. Ask yourself WHY?

    The sad fact of reality is EVERY one knows he isn’t qualified to be POTUS.

    There are some mighty powerful men behind that curtain Toto. Men who don’t give a hoot or hollow about you, me or America. Just give the people some more of that sweet tasting Kool-Aid.

    Welcome to the new world order ladies and gentlemen. Your tour guide for the next four years is Mr. Barack Hussain Obama formerly of Kenya, Indonesia, now of Chi town.

    Please refrain from clapping until the tour is over! Then you may throw rotten eggs or tomatoes.

  8. I found something interesting at the State Department..

    U.S. citizens born in the United States or U.S. Territories can find information on how to obtain a copy of a birth certificate by visiting the National Center for Health Statistics’ “Where to Write for Vital Records” website

    U.S. citizens born abroad should contact:

    U.S. Department of State
    Passport Correspondence Office
    1111 Nineteenth Street NW, Suite 510
    Washington, DC 20524
    Tel: 202-955-0307
    Here’s the link to the above page:**&p_li=&p_topview=1

  9. Why is Cort’s case better than Leo’s? And I would think that this is good news that Leo only got dropped because of a technicality! I hope the same happens for Obama…. (just like Obama one his first election – by disqualifying the other candidates!!!)


  10. The Supreme Court filing (application, brief etc.) in the Connecticut Wrotnowski case is soooooo much better than that in the New Jersey Donofrio case (apparently hurredly written before the Nov 4 election) that I don’t think Team Obama should get too comfortable with the Court’s denial of the first case since the second case IS distributed for Dec 12 conference . How the heck can anyone effectively counter this (great work Leo) :

  11. @Brett j. Gillian

    The surpeme court DID NOT say why they denied the case.

    Usually one of the justices would make a comment about why it was denied, if the the case was denied for one minor thing.

    But they didn’t.

    So it seems to me that they see no case in this.

    And if they denied this case.

    Why is their any hope for other future cases?

    its time to let this go!

  12. Wrong!

  13. A letter writing campaign was started at WND and at least 20 letters got to the court with this kind of content. They don’t have your resources so you need write to the court that a massive conspiracy is out there with Hawaii, Gen Jones, Sec Gates, Powell, Rich, Bush, McCain all supporting Obama. Be a patriot and write the court:

    They need a nice laugh I guess. Also a massive prayer and protest was called for, it was to be in front of court during Donofrio’s conference on 12-5-2008. 16 people showed up heads bowed in prayer, really massive(actual 5 did not know why they were there).

    Face it, this is over:
    Better idea: practice saying “president Obama” so you can get used to it

  14. It’s time to understand that our White House is going to be vacant for the next 4 years.

    I think these distributions are just formalities, sort of like swatting flies away.

    Until Mr. Obama’s qualification is made public, he is not a legitimate president, and is owed no allegiance.

  15. Another Reader

    One reason to not let it go is that the Federal Courts are steeped in rules and procedures. Failure to meet all the proper criteria will make for a bad result. Leo himself acknowledged this even before his case went to conference.

    It has been speculated that Scalia and Thomas accepted the resubmitted cases only to deny them later. Does this really make sense? The judges could deny the claims without needing to present it at conference and then post a denied result as they did today. I can’t image that any of the judges would bother the rest of the court without reason. Besides, as stated previously, they are aware of it now, (assuming they weren’t before) so why pass another on?

  16. George Wright

    It sounds like we are getting comments from more and more people who don’t even care about the Constitution, or what it means to each and every citizen of this country. Without it we have nothing, and the United States has no meaning either. If Mr.Obama gets away with his grand scherade everyone stands to lose everything that they have worked very hard for. You will have NO rights, and you can be thrown in jail without charges, and kept there for as long as they want without trial. If we lose the Constirution we lose everything else with it. The Bill of Rights will also cease to exist. A murderer cannot be prosecuted without the Constitution, in fact it is possible that all prisoners would have to be released because our law enforcement also requires the backing of the Constitution. It appears that our US Supreme Court is about to nullify our Constitution. If the US Supreme Court rejects all of the lawsuits against Obama they will have acted against the Constitution, which is their primary mission to uphold. I would think that acting against the United States interests would be an act of treason. I think that the coming weeks, and months could get pretty hairy.

  17. Rich,

    There are too many of us for you guys. We’re all over the place. And we know the score. We’ll tie up the Obamanation like in the tobacco lawsuits. Even if we just leave him alone he’ll self destruct.

    What’s it gonna be when the Miracle Worker loses his sheen from the economy not swaying to his piping, or the world taking advantage of his ‘innocence’, or the Islamics terrorizing this country when he could have prevented it?

    Do you remember the lesson suffered by Clinton in Mogadishu… where Les Aspen hadn’t sent enough armor and arty suppport for the crunchies on the ground… how the troops got hurt badly and we suffered the stigma of impotence? That’s what Obama is: impotent on the world stage.

    If he acts strongly, as did Johnson to counter the known effect of a strong Barry Goldwater in 1964, Obama will alienate his base… the non thinking ‘gimmes’ who populate the something-for-nothing, a communist is only a liberal-in-a-hurry crowd. Yet if he acts as his instincts have demonstrated… killing more babies in the womb, giving away the store and redistributing the wealth, brokering friendships with those who hate us and our system of freedom in this country, and if he lets the Dems run roughshod in Washington, his one term presidency is more than guaranteed… that is, if he lasts much past or even to the Oath. And who is to pardon him? Biden? Hillary? They insure their own defeat at the polls for pardoning a scoundrel who knowingly and coldly hoodwinked all his groupie followers, because his followers are their followers.

    I think he’ll be the only president in our history to suffer a partial term abortion. Were I he, I’d have a country in mind that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States. Dude is gonna be outa here.

  18. Gern Blanston

    Donfrio admits Obama was born in Hawaii and his mother was a US citizen. Wouldn’t the 14th ammendment apply? Where’s the beef?

    I think the court is going to have a problem with nullifying the will of 65 million voters on such a flimsy argument.

    I guess we’ll have to let the wheels turn.

  19. it is not over —-get use to saying
    Obama is in prison for selective service violations/ (a federal crime) and trying to swear in as a president when he knows he is ineligible ( a high crime and misdemeanor)
    dont you have any brains? dont you even find it a bit strange that a man has lived 48 years and he has no paper trail at all…nothing! he has put everything that anyone else would let anyone see for lesser reasons—on lockdown.
    he has made sure NO ONE can see his birth certificate, his college admissions, his college transcripts, his selective service documents, his medical records, his passport…you name it. how come no one at Columbia from his class…KNOWS him or remembers him? NO ONE-not one person? Come on use your brains. In toays world, someone who knew this man, who is now pres elect- would want to come forward and give an interview –either for their 15 minutes of fame or for some money. no one was his room mate at college? OH, and Obama never dated any woman before he married Michelle Robinson??? No journalist has found one person from his past to say anything about him/ good or bad?
    why did his own grandma never give a comment, a quote about her grandson…wasnt she proud to be the grandma of the first biracial president?
    this man is a huge questionamakr and the american public will NOT let it rest until we see some logical answers to some basic questions. obama will never be sworn in as 44th POTUS

  20. Why did Obama travel to Pakistan in 1981 when travel there was banned?
    Why did Obama and his roommate visit Pakistan for about three weeks in 1981, at a time when travel to the country was banned and Americans were clearly unwelcome? Why and how did Obama and his roommate travel to a predominantly Muslim city in neighboring India–when travel between the two nations was extremely restricted?

    Did Obama enter and leave Pakistan using his US passport or a foreign passport? He was apparently still entitled to a Kenyan passport; and he may have also been entitled to an Indonesian passport.

    In that regard, isn’t it time a reporter asked Obama if he is now or has ever been a citizen of Indonesia? His Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, registered him for school there under the name Barry Soetoro, listing his religion as “Islam” and his citizenship as “Indonesian.”

    An inconvenient question as Obamamania spreads across the land: Is the US ready for a dual-citizen Commander-in-Chief? Dual citizenship wouldn’t be appropriate for a dual US-UK citizen, much less a dual US-Indonesian citizen. The world’s most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia is a hothouse of Muslim separatism and extremism and Islamist terrorism

  21. lisa —

    Don’t overlook the obvious is the New Jersey case. The newest Justice Alito is from New Jersey and be a personal friend of any of the parties, so SCOTUS denied on those grounds — you’ll never know.

    Secondly, Scalia may have told them that the Connecticut case was based on a better set of facts and circumstances, so they would prefer to consider that one — you’ll never know.

    Thirdly, the Berg case is at bottom a “member-derivative” suit against the Democratic Party and its Standard Bearer for Fraud and Misrepresentation.

    It probably SHOULD have been filed exclusively in the State of Pennsylvania, and, if it is dismissed by the Supreme Court, it probably will be revived in State court, because Berg has left that option open.

    However, by filing it in Federal court, he has gotten worldwide media attention focused on this, and Obama and the DNC know that this will NEVER go away (unless they settle), because fraud law is crystal clear.

    My preference is something done in Congress, but knowing the caliber of Congress these days (an ‘approval rating’ in the teens), that direct strategy is really the hopeless strategy!

    RICHcARES – Sorry, only the Media will have to stomach addressing him as “president Obama.” I get to call him “Obama this, Obama that.” I’ve been watching him prance and preen up-close for more than 5 years! The man is a cipher!

  22. Donofrio admits that but has no way of knowing it.
    Obama is clearly ineligible.
    His actions are evidence of that.

  23. That’s my birthday too Sandy. I was thinking the same: what a wonderful gift it would be.

  24. 65 million votes all led by deception….never vetted properly lied thru the teeth and still lies to AMERICA with that bogus 9 pieced together certificate of live birth written on a 2007 form with a 2008 seal as a header….where’s the beef……obama’s mom did not live in AMERICA 5 years pass the age of 14….. WHERE’S THE CITIZENSHIP… married an indonesian man age 18 and took up indonesian citizenship……so on and on BARRY SOETORO is his name and HE DENIES THAT TOO/////

  25. We should be focused on the president-elect verifying that he is in fact constitutionally qualified to hold the role of President of the United States.

    I voted for the president -elect, but want to be sure my vote was not wasted. I am disappointed that he has not come forward with an actual birth certificate in order to dispell all of these stories.

    I am afraid of what this could do to our country and our constitution if we find out AFTER he is in office that there is really something to these claims.

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