Philip J Berg lawsuit, US Supreme Court, Update December 2, 2008, Emergency Injunction, Writ of Certiorari deadline, Obama and DNC have not responded

Jeff Schreiber has provided an update from Philip J Berg on his US Supreme Court Writ of Certiori.

“One day after the deadline set by Supreme Court Justice David Souter for Barack Obama and the DNC to respond to attorney Philip Berg’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari has passed without an answer, Berg is filing a motion in the Court in an attempt to further prevent Obama from taking office in January as the 44th president of the United States.

From what I could gather, the emergency motion for immediate injunction contains two main parts — in filing the motion, Berg is looking for the Court (1) to prohibit the certification of electors by the governors of each individual state in order to stay the Electoral College from casting votes for Obama on December 15, and (2) to stay the official counting of any votes for Obama by Vice President Dick Cheney, the House of Representatives and United States Senate on January 6, 2009, pending any decision on his appeal.

“As I’ve said over and over and over again, we’re headed toward a constitutional crisis, and it is absolutely imperative that we find out now, before he is sworn in, whether Obama is qualified under the United States Constitution to be president,” Berg said.

“It is my firm belief, my one thousand percent firm belief,” he said, “that he does not meet the natural born qualifications, that he should not be voted for by the electors, and that he should not be sworn in this January unless he shows his credentials … which he of course cannot, simply because he does not have them.”

The motion comes one day after Obama and the DNC were directed to respond to Berg’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari (the parties, however, are allowed two more days for mail service). On Wed., Nov. 19, the Federal Election Commission formally waived its right to respond to Berg’s petition and, while such waiver is not necessary, neither is any such response to a petition. Like the FEC, Obama and the DNC could essentially bank on the low odds that any one matter will be heard by the Court (only somewhere between 70 and 120 of the approximately 8,000 petitions are granted each year), or rely on arguments already made that Berg lacks standing to sue at all.”

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7 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit, US Supreme Court, Update December 2, 2008, Emergency Injunction, Writ of Certiorari deadline, Obama and DNC have not responded

  1. We ALL (bloggers) know that the MEDIA is aware of these lawsuits.

    We NEED the CITIZENS OF USA to know. Public OUTRAGE is needed.

    Our politicians will not help UPHOLD our Constitution. They have more fear of upheaval amongst the citizens, than they do of losing our Constitution. Cowards.

    The media is in complete control of forming public opinion. The People cannot react unless they are informed.

    Obama is a fraud and does not care about America and our Constitution, if it stands in his way.

    They (media) really have us over a barrel. A complete abuse of power.

  2. Edwin Vieira, JD, spoke before the National Press Club at the end of the Clinton Administration, highlighting how the 16th Amendment (authorizing an income tax) never really was ratified — but the ratification notice to Congress by Philander Knox was a fraud, a fraud they were thrilled to accept without looking into, because, they could plunder the American people with glee, and they’ve never slowed down!

    This is what Vieira called for in the year 2000 — A “Citizen’s Constitutional Investigatory Commission.”

    From the speech (near the end):

    “So, in what I call ‘the program of the four I’s,’ Investigate, Inculpate, Indict, Incarcerate, [audience laughter] the first and most important step must be investigation. The machinery of investigation should center around a “Citizen’s Constitutional Investigatory Commission,” composed of legal scholars, historians, other qualified individuals who are capable of assessing and arriving at correct conclusions from pertinent evidence. This Commission, however, must not seek any governmental direction, assistance, or other involvement. Public officials may appear before it as witnesses, and indeed many should be summoned to testify and to submit documentary evidence. But otherwise, no public official should be allowed to participate in such a Commission’s work, as any such connection would raise insoluble conflicts of interest.”

    So, what’s the point?!

    What Philip Berg and Citizen Wells and Leo Donofrio and Joseph Farah and Andy Martin and Jeff Schreiber and Rosettasisters and Texas Darlin (and numerous others) have done is exactly what Edwin Vieira, JD, called for in 2000, but they are doing it on-line!

    They are creating the Citizen’s Constitutional Investigatory Commission, “composed of legal scholars, historians, other qualified individuals who are capable of assessing and arriving at correct conclusions from pertinent evidence.”

    These weblogs and websites have grabbed the initiative out of the hands of the dead tree media and the cable news networks, and they are “mining Bangalore torpedoes” (figuratively speaking) beneath the walls of silence being erected surrounding the Boston to Richmond Megalopolis (The Wall Street to Washington center of influence).

    In the meantime, they need to get up to speed concerning 16th Amendment fraud that took place nearly a century ago, because it will give them a heads-up concerning exactly how very, very little their elected representatives (with their special interest co-conspirators) will do about anything until they are absolutely FORCED TO!

    I believe that Barack Obama will be counting on that.

  3. Bob –

    Great stuff from you. So why not codify and expand the group mentioned? I’m not sure that I would want the U.S. to tackle the concept of income tax, unless it is to modify it to a flat tax or sales tax, or a combination. But the organizational aspect of your comment is very interesting. United we stand.

    The legal neurons are here in the Martin – Donofrio – Berg – Vieira – Farah subgroup, and all other attorneys who have and would join in good faith.

    The investigation/communications arm is here in the citizenwells – texasdarlin – schreiber (soon to be a full member of the neuronic subgroup) – rosettasisters subgroup. And I would add atlasshrugs2000, therightsideoflife, hillbuzz, americanthinker, freerepublic, americamustknow, debbieschlussel… AND all the other myriad investigators and commentors out here whom I’m just not aware of, to my disadvantage.

    The troopies are here in the peanut gallery and in the street. We are the avid consumers of Truth, the spreaders in face-to-face mode of that which upholds the Republic. We are millions and sure to increase.

    Separate and apart we are disparate cells, not able to accomplish what we could as a cohesive whole. If we unify as an organization extending into the future we can help eradicate not only the schlep and schlok of Obama’s counterfeit, but… as a futuristic example of thinking big… corruption in government.

    If we stay politician free we could be more grass roots and down to Earth in our approach… more practical. Not that we should form a government in exile, rather a bright light to follow. Think we’ll have any enemies?

  4. It’s amazing that most Americans don’t even know that we are about to swear in as president a man who is not a US citizen. I had to look through a few Google pages, just to find this article. This should be HUGE news. I understand why the media is hoping that this will just go away, so they haven’t bothered reporting it. But what about FOX news? Why are they afraid to bring attention to this? And as far as the Supreme Court goes, if ever there were a case worthy to be heard, it is this one.

  5. I was interrogatively threatened by Dee Arpino, linked to the Bruno, Meyers (also married into Bruno) crime family, in 2001, nonstop federal felonies daily as threatened to get racketeering in every hate crime, threatened to get daily crimes and with Eleana Meyers, acting with immigration, all courts, state agencies, as CIA, NSA, through UD, energy weapons, nanotechnology, bioethics fraud, over 2900 more days, of federal assaults, felonies, all documented, every kind of gross attack and defamation of ‘every’ type as threatened by Arpino, operating with them. 15 more judges indicted this year, attorneys, indicted, CIA, FBI, justice department, energy department, and every single government agency while they take the money. Attorneys getting up to 150 years for racketeering and bribery, while Eleana Meyers, with Gill, continued attempted murder, attacks, assaults, fabrications, all documented for reporting he crimes. Threats of disappearance and weapons assaults, RF weapons assaults, attempted kidnapping, continued these threats each day over 2900 days and taking all by illegal spying for the crimes, threats while near death to sign loans. The affidivits are going, and crimes on my son daily.

    Biden, FBI, the crimes reported to, letters to them from NSA, CIA, other victims

    Total war crimes and obstructions while it will be continued under Obama:

    All in this case, indicted, while this states attorney allows Eleana meyers to continue in her cirmes daily by fabications, lies, defmation, attemtped murder to do so;

    Total obstructions, not following due process is war crimes together as all in racketeering as threatened on myself, daily used in the crimes were indicted.

    Newark DE Mayor and employees by 2003 indicts
    Drug gangs, CIA, FBI, DEA ATF
    Homeland Security indicts
    Chemical indictments
    Pharma indicts
    Governors nationwide indicted natinwide
    Attorney Generals indicted nationwide
    Mayors indicted nationwide
    Attorneys protecting only criminal law indicted with over 75 years given while….

    the same continue daily in crimes on me, and taking all from me at the same time, threats, defamation, fabrications, federal felonies still exist

    Under UN Codes, these are war crimes

    When persons are indicted, arrested in crime on a person, the states attorney is supposed to allow victims rights, 2900 days of assaults and threats, crimes, racketeering with more in crime while obstructions continue.

    The same running FOX news, all news, making all the money in rackteeering, Energy, chemicals, running through all colleges, neurosurgery, state agencies;

    I am filing in more than one place, and in more than these courts.

    Threatened to present, terrorist level threats by Eleana Meyers, Meyers family, Bruno, Arpino though all agencies and drug stores also owned by Genovese

    Any attorneys for civil rights… since there is 100% indictments and over 75 years given while the gangs are getting 5 years for ‘good behavior’ ,…

  6. Under the Nuremberg Laws, all excuses remain excuses for war crimes; all the indictments of every person in state and non-state agencies is shown, nationwide from 2001.

    Under United Nations, coutnries must follow law and this is why there are arrests for total obsructions, racketeering and bribery.

    While most governors, many senators, Mayors, including reently were indicted for these obsructions for crime families, to racketeer with all state and nonstate business, they too are subject to law, nonetheless.

    S Cameron

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