Obama birth certificate, Monday, November 24, 2008, press conference, Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto, Lester, US Constitution, WorldNetDaily, Called on the President-elect to release a birth certificate

The Obama camp continues to thumb their nose at the US Constitution and American people. During a press
conference today, Monday, November 24, 2008, Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto was asked about Obama’s birth certificate. As you will see below, the Obama presidency will be no more transparent and honest than the Obama campaign.
“And Lester, and then we’re done.

Q Thank you, Tony. Two questions. There’s been extensive media coverage of where the two Obama daughters will attend school. And my question: The White House believes that they should be able to attend the school their parents select without criticism because it’s private rather than public, don’t you?

MR. FRATTO: I think we support all parents making that decision.

Q Good. The CEO of WorldNetDaily has called on the President-elect to release a birth certificate listing the hospital and names of parents. The White House believes that this would fully satisfy the constitutional requirement, don’t you?

MR. FRATTO: I don’t think I have anything to say on that, Lester, and I think we’re going to end it right there.

Thank you.

END 11:35 A.M. EST”

Read the transcript here:


Thanks to commenter venice for the heads up.

51 responses to “Obama birth certificate, Monday, November 24, 2008, press conference, Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto, Lester, US Constitution, WorldNetDaily, Called on the President-elect to release a birth certificate

  1. Uhh, CW – you realize that the press conference was held by Bush’s deputy press secretary right? The question is why is Lester Kinsolving asking them about Obama instead of Obama’s press people.

    Of course he’s not going to comment on it. He doesn’t work for Obama.

  2. I should have been more clear about that. The aspect of collusion. My inference is still there.
    No questioning of the “messiah”.

  3. The point being, he could have commented and the Bush Admin, along with the Democrats and Republicans could insist on the Constitution being upheld.

  4. So, who is not involved in this grand conspiracy then? You’re implying that the Bush people are actively covering for him too?

    That’s a pretty major stretch don’t you think?

  5. You should probably correct this statement:
    “The Obama camp continues to thumb their nose at the US Constitution and American people.” because you are implying this was Obama’s staff holding the conference, and it was actually a daily white house briefing.

  6. Yea, and why would he ask the Bush deputy PS about what school the Obama children are attending?

    I don’t get this Lester guy. Who does he work for? The Onion?

  7. There is considerable evidence Bush has supported an Obama presidency, so whether it is
    Bush’s or Obama’s press secretary is not really critical here.

    The question is why are they challenging the Constitution so blatantly?

    If this signals the first unassailable evidence of a coup d’etat how are Americans going to respond? I really don’t know what we’re sitting on here.

  8. Well, we know one thing, Lester Kinsolving didn’t get the memo, and Deputy Secretary Tony Fratto was just letting him know that in polite society we still doesn’t talk about trashy things like “who’s your people” in public.

  9. Pete.
    With all due respect to your position, the statement stands.
    No answer is an answer.
    No action is an answer.

  10. Citizen,

    Respecfully, this was Bush’s people who didn’t answer the question, so it was Bush’s people who were “thumbing their nose at the Constitution” this time.

    I’d have to agree with Pete on this one.

  11. Venice,
    You don’t think Bush has enough on his plate to worry about Obama’s BC? That’s not his responsibility. Some say it’s the responsibility of Congress while others say it’s the responsibility of the courts. The executive branch does not fall into this at all.

    So yes, it does matter whose people Lester asks. And again, why would President Bush make a comment of where in DC Obama’s children are going to school. His twins weren’t schooled in DC so why was his opinion solicited?

    I think Lester brought those questions to the wrong forum.

  12. To answer the previous questions, there is no doubt that the Bush crime family fully supports Obama:


    The Carlyle group welcomes its latest son, B.H. Obama.

  13. What is the right forum?

  14. He brought them up in a public forum.

  15. Citizen,

    This BC issue is not the responsibility of the executive branch. It’s either the courts or the congress that are responsible.

    So the forum would be a congressional PC or a PC that Obama is giving. Not one given by Bush’s people.

  16. So Citizen, is it your opinion that any public forum is the appropriate forum for this question?

    Therefore, if I went to a press conference that Berg was giving regarding his lawsuit, would it be the appropriate forum to question him about the activities of Larry Craig in that men’s room?

    Those are both public events but one has nothing to do with the other. Get my point?

  17. Funny how every comment stays in moderation until you have an answer ready.

    I give up.

  18. Pardon me Susie.
    If I had known you were heir to the British Throne, I would have dropped everything else and thrown my body down in humble service to YRH.

  19. With all due respect here, I think we’re splitting hairs on a very urgent matter.

    Here’s the equivalent in medicine. If a patient is hemorraghing in the OR, two senior surgeons are attending and one spots the bleed. Does he or she wait for the other to catch it before the bleed is clamped?

    C’mon this is serious.

  20. As long as the issue is brought up time and time again until somebody has the nuts to answer, WHO CARES when or to whom it was asked!? If this arrogant jackass that was illegally voted into the presidency refuses to answer then ask ANYBODY for an answer. There could be a slight chance that someone might overhear it! There’s no way in hell that WE are the only ones who know about this! Bush has been in the United Nations lately and talking “one world” issues. He’s selling us out too. There’s a huge cover up going on. The same Communist movement that’s been brewing in this country for years has finally got their puppet in office. We can beat it. We have to keep fighting.

  21. Ace,

    Thanks for the link. I believe a few months ago the Democratic party threatened the Repubs, with exactly that, impeachment.

    A good way to get somebody to see it your way, don’t you think?

  22. Sorry, Citizen.

    I should have told you that beforehand. Well now that you know, I’ll be expecting the royal treatment. 🙂

  23. Susie, Bob, Pete, etc….

    The point, I think, is that if indeed BO is not a “natural born citizen” as Article II-sectionI states…then our nation IS in grave danger and the fact that BO is not willing to put all of our minds and the Law to rest, then his silence and refusal are screaming he has much to hide. We should be grateful that anyone, anywhere is willing to bring this up until the truth is known! Why are we arguing whether or not good ettiqutte is in place..this needs to be shouted from the roof tops and the very fact that it is not being questioned more in any kind of forum is frightening and I believe diabolical..we have great need to be worried and I say speak up and ask wherever, whoever,however! We need to know!

  24. Venice,
    To continue with your OR analogy, do you think I could get a quick and straight answer from a endocrinologist about they best way to excise, or partially excise a deeply embedded brain tumor? No, I think I’d want to call in the neurosurgeon.

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  26. Susie,

    Again, with all due respect, this is an urgent matter. No time , nor need, for a second opinion to something that is obvious. Your analogy doesn’t hold.

  27. Lori,

    It’s not about etiquette. It’s about asking someone who can give you answers.

    Bush is not following this, I can assure you. He has more important things to do than take on something that is not his responsibility. Two wars and a crumbling economy and Bush is wondering about Obama’s vault BC? I’m sure that he dropped the phone yesterday when he was alerted that the President of Georgia and the Polish Prime Minister (I think he was the PM) were shot at in a motorcade yesterday, to tell these people, “I can’t talk now – I’m busy following up on Obama’s BC case”.

    Heck, sometimes he can’t even take on issues that ARE his responsibility.

    I guess I’m beating a dead horse here. I think the next time Nancy Pelosi or someone in the DNC holds a presser, these things should be brought up them. These people should know the answer to the question and if they don’t answer it, then I’ll be suspicious.

  28. lookingforamerica

    Peeps: There is nothing more than the Bushies want than to land this economic catastrophe in Obama’s lap. Pull out all the trite statements: What goes around comes around…Be careful what you wish for. …this disaster of subprime mortgages grew with the Clintons and was perpetrated by the the Bushies and Repubs who mustered weak objection..Now what do we have? A Clinton-Obama administration…perfect..deal with it , Dems. It will be 4 years of living hell for them and unfortunatley, us. But GW Bush will go down in history as having won the Iraq war and suffered with a Democratic Congress at the end who would not listen. Obama will be Hoovered out of office in 4 years. He is not eligible to be President … That fact and Larry Sinclair’s story will help put Obama back home in Chicago.
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and thank you, CW for your persistence and insight.

  29. Maybe I’m a little slow on the uptake, but it dawned on me only afterward, that if Lester Kinsolving asked this question (and GOT NO ANSWER or NO CLARIFICATION):


    then everyone in Washington, DC, (despite their feigned disinterest) is following this issue in minute detail.

    Why? Because Lester is something of an “institution” in Washington (see the WikiPedia entry), and he knew he if wouldn’t get an answer — and there was no follow-up asking for clarification of the “NO ANSWER” — ALL of his colleagues already knew the answer, and they needed “NO CLARIFICATION.” — That’s simply the way it works among the White House Press Corps.

    How were they satisfied in getting NO ANSWER and NO CLARIFICATION follow-up from Tony Fratto? They’ve all been following these blogs with great care, including Tony Fratto!

    Lester has simply demonstrated this fact for all of us to know that.

  30. God bless him.
    What he did was put the issue in the news.
    We need more of that.

  31. Susie,

    You’re not beating a dead horse. Your point is well taken. But Fratto could have responded differently. It’s the preemptive quality of his response that concerns. Style is often more revealing than content.

  32. Sorry Bob. Had not read your post. Your post is spot on.

  33. Citizen…..

    I was just wondering why my comment wasn’t listed here. I was among the first to respond.

  34. Sorry Citizen…..

    I found my response listed in the next article..please excuse my… SENIOR MOMENT!

    Your blog is at the top of my required reading.

  35. The Supreme Court CANNOT DUCK Obama’s Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis (albeit the media blackout on the issue). The messiah will NOT become President! This 90-minute blogradio program explains why:


  36. I cannot believe that Obama talks about the Bush administration being secretive when that “long legged mack daddy” hides everything about everything. I do not know if Obama is impeachable at this point, but he has probably broken every law imaginable and still thinks he is the Messiah. bkw

  37. Very interesting! Lester Kingsolver has a history of busting big stories, such as the AIDS crisis in the 80s, according to wikipedia. He’s not afraid.

  38. It be heating up, eh wot? Somebody, somewhere at the top of media is asking about the king’s new suit of clothes. Next, maybe Immigration will ask Barry O for his green card. If he’s here on a temporary visa can’t he be President?

    The more Body Odor’s situation comes up, the better. And now, as Bob said above, the upper level are starting to mention the thing that will release the snow at the mountain top. Time to evacuate the chalets in the valley… here come the avalanche.

    And too, I don’t follow press corps dealings, but how difficult would it have been for the White House to plant the question for Lester to ask at the press conference? Bush could certainly want the question asked and events to unfold, and this is the way to let the show begin without being implicated.

    And… Odor wants the war in Iraq to end, with Islamic victory somehow. Bush wants it to go on, I’m sure at least until we can get the oil for ourselves and freeze the ChiComs and the Ruskies out (my concession to conspiracy), so why not knock O out before he can damage the Grand Plan? I can see the question being a White House plant.

    Geography Question #1: How far is the heart of Saudi Arabia from the western terminus of China?

    #2: What significance do Batum and Baku play in the corrolaries to the Hitler-Stalin pact, (Molotov-von Ribbentrop Pact)

  39. There’s clearly a “circling of the wagons” going on in Washington: notice that inaugural ceremony preparations are underway, and very little is being revealed about them.

    This is a sure sign of “unease” in the mainstream media. I think they must be really worried about taxpayers with pitchforks. We told them, “No!,” and they spent our money anyway.

    You can’t do that for very long, and think you’ll get away with it — it may take us six months to get our act together, but then we will be a wildfire that you can’t put out! And, now they know it!

    So, they must be digging a moat around Washington D. C. , with all that money they’re spending.

    Then they’ll add a few drawbridges across the Potomac to hide in their fortress — won’t that be a relief for the rest of us! Maybe, this time, we ought to just let them hide in there, as long as they don’t come out, where we can flay them alive with impunity!

    We fired the dead tree media long ago!

    Did you see those pathetic conversations on the Constitution in the NYT? Who wants to read that kind of drivel anymore?

    Now Hannity and Colmes are breaking up! My goodness I thought, “Who cares?” I’ve haven’t watched that pair since Dick Morris took off to Africa to help Odinga (at Obama’s request). And, Carl Cameron? What a joker!

    You see, I get more news that I care to read in only a few minutes on sites like these from people like you, than I would ever hear in 24-hours of cabal (sorry, “cable”) news.

    And, there are a lot of us like me: So, we’ve recently fired cable news, too!

    That brings us to Drudge — I used to like Drudge. Note the words “used to.” I’ve fired Drudge, too!

    Finally, that brings us to talk radio. This election cycle, Rush lost his touch — his “gut” — as he calls it. His “gut” betrayed him. I’m glad he’s back to reading the Bible: it should be a big help — but until he’s up to speed again — I’ve turned him off.

    Why? Well, he’s got the NFL on the brain, and frankly, he’s not that good at it. He’s on a fan’s side of things: he likes to drop names, rubs shoulders, act like an owner — maybe that’s what he should do now.

    Do you really think that he’ll ever be happy until he owns a team like the Miami Dolphins — I (for one) don’t think so.

    I think we need to let him go, too, so he can really be happy!

    That leaves us just what we got right here — places like this, or like the open threads at TD Blog, Rossettasisters (and elsewhere) — where there are real people with real insight talking about real issues and real solutions to them!

    Notice, we even get to enjoy cracking a few nuts, and eating them along the way!

  40. I just emailed my electoral college elector for my county. Just Google your state name and electoral college and it should come up. I suggest everyone who cares about the truth to do this as well.

  41. I can think of nothing simpler than Obama requesting his birth Certificate, then submitting it for public scrutiny.

    Doesn’t he want to kill off this growing controversy?

  42. Kevin — I think he would cut it off (if he could)!

    So, that leaves the very real possibility that the reason he does not cut it off, is because he can’t!

    He may know that he’s not eligible to enter on the office of President of the United States, and that’s why he’s picked the list of Cabinet Officers that he has — straight down the line, and experienced, — but all Clintonistas to a man (or woman)!

    The question is now, who will the House of Representatives vote to replace him, if he were to be removed, or resign?

    It would not automatically be Joe Biden until after January 20, because, until then, Joe Biden is just another Obama “appointment,” nominated by the Democrat Party to be VP.

    Biden’s Electoral College votes go to the Senate.

  43. Hey,
    Go easy on Rush. He mentioned the BC issue twice,while I listened:
    Once laying out the Berg case and insinuations about Obambi’s sudden trip to Hawaii.
    Then right before voting he urged people to go vote listing whatever things may piss them off,including the Birth certificate as a prod to “just go vote”
    I think Lester was BRILLIANT.He used the language insiders can understand..its coming.The framing also put the Constitution at the top and also the people and will “he” be able to “meet” these requirements?I wish a reporter a day could ask these uncomfortable questions.

  44. American4America

    I have been wondering this for a while, with all of the discussion about he possible succession scenarios: CAN Biden advance if there was an intentional fraud perpetrated by the head of the ticket? Remember, stated in his book, he has a ‘keepsake’ of his original birthcertificate. Can any one benefit from a criminal enterprise or fraud?

    The Pretender KNOWS what the details are; and that is why his website says he qualifies under the 14th Amendment.

  45. he was more than ready to say I have nothing to say on that matter and I’m ending it RIGHT THERE.. what’s he so scared of?

  46. Citizen,

    I have just arrived from listening to Bill Clinton speak for over a hour. Many interesting topics, one of which was prompted by a question regarding the qualifications of citizenship regarding the presidency.

    In short he said this:

    Two hundred years ago when the Republic was formed different conditions prevailed. With the high immigration rate to the U.S., there may have to be changes that would allow “someone who was not born in the U.S., but resided for say 35 to 40 years in the country” to run for presidency. He specifically alluded to an “amendment to the Constitution”. Didn’t say when, where, to whom it would apply. But unfortunately there it is. We’ll have to watch what happens.

  47. Instead of all the lawyers trying to go thru the stonewall, can’t we find a Dunham or Payne (Obama’s maternal grandparents) in Kansas that is willing to request a copy of the BCert? Hawaiian law states that a family member can request a copy. How hard can this be?


  48. No free Lunch ,they are both, maternal grandmother and grandfather, 10 ft. under.

  49. I’m not trying to change the subject but I have something which I would like to share with everyone,or at least with those who don’t already know. This is the fact that Obama has very recently appointed IRANIAN born Valerie Jarrett to the top whitehiuse aid spot.I would think that this will give our mutual friend Mr.Ahmadinajad a direct connection with our classified archives,which by the way includes our nuclear secrets. I am sure that very soon after Obama is sworn in, Mr.Ahmadinajad will detonate Iran’s first nuclear bomb. It is probable that he will then build a few more and test them on Isreal.
    After a great deal of thought on this, I believe that Obama is cut from the same bolt of cloth that the 9-11 hijackers was cut from.Watch out America, Very serious trouble on the horizon. Some of it already here. Keep your eyes,and ears open!

  50. I wish to apologise for my mispelling of Whitehouse, and my errant punctuation. This is what I get for being in a Maritime occupation for so many years. Fat fingers, that push more than one key at a time.

  51. Should Obama make it to being sworn in ,it is at that point where our country’s nightmare begins. If Obama is found to have been illegally elected he will not be able to legally execute ANY of the functions of the President. Nor will he legally be able to Command the US Military Forces. Conversley the Military Forces will not be able to legally respond to any commands which it would recieve from Obama. He would be a “usurper”. This situation has the potential to bring our entire government down.

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