NC hippies, Earth worshippers, NC went for Obama, Tennessee and Oklahoma are looking good, Youtube video, Time to leave North Carolina

I was born and raised in North Carolina. The characters we watched on the Andy Griffith Show were not
unlike the good people that have surrounded me most of my life. In recent years I have come to respect
the people of Tennessee for maintaining their values and common sense and rejecting such outlandish
characters as native son Al Gore and recently Barack Obama. Oklahoma gets the top award for common sense and good judgement for their sound defeat of Obama in that state.

I may start my search for property in Tennessee and Oklahoma.

First NC narrowly went for Obama.

And now this …..

21 responses to “NC hippies, Earth worshippers, NC went for Obama, Tennessee and Oklahoma are looking good, Youtube video, Time to leave North Carolina

  1. zachjonesishome

    Oh my Mr. Wells. Sorry for your loss and American’s.

  2. zachjonesishome

    Sunday, November 23, 2008
    I just saw this. Interesting.

    This past week, Leo C. Donofrio forwarded to the Honorable Chief Justice John G. Roberts an official allegation of misconduct against SCOTUS stay clerk, Danny Bickell.

  3. Of course, its alright to let an infant die from a botched abortion, but trees never.

  4. I moved to NC from Mississippi several years ago and sensed from the beginning that it was being hijacked by scalawags eager to impress the carpetbaggers.

    I think Obama’s smoking habit ensured his support from big tobacco, in addition to the plethora of academic and cultural institutions permeated by Soros and other partisan philanthropists; the Pharmaceutical Empire and its minions also have a strong presence.

  5. Sorry to hear it, Citizen Wells. My thoughts are with you.

  6. I’m at a loss for words. I laughed….but words escape me

  7. lookingforamerica

    These nutroots are everywhere, CW..there’s no escaping them. NC needs your sanity…stay put and say No to Tree Talk. Besides I think these women need a shower and a shave…and you know what else to take their mind off the trees and get back to the birds and the bees…it’s way more fun.

  8. lol — Citizen Wells —

    I appreciate you very much —

  9. Oh dear! This is quite frightening.

  10. Ah….Pre Obama …Obots . I remember this from the Robert Hughes art series. I was embarrassed then and now ….and pissed off at Hughes who at the time, went on about how he could only get the money for a much shortened series….but then he wasted so muchof that time on this crew , just cause he thought they were funny. 2 mins would have been more than enough…or, even better, not at all

  11. I’m speechless!! Wells, I have a sister in TN and she LOVES it. Income tax free state too and bright RED.

  12. I know a great realtor in TN.

  13. I live in eastern NC not far from a large state university. Every southern born NCarolinian blames the frackin Yankees for our demise. We have great universities however it is at a cost. I am all for progression but NOT at the cost of our heritage and principles. My husband and I are looking to go to Tennessee as well sometime in the future. NC has sold its soul.

  14. Arkansas rejected Obama by 20%, more than any other state, so we claim the best record in rejecting Obama.
    You are welcome to come here to Arkansas even if you did slam me over a comment that I did not make about the notorious Larry Sinclair who I still think is disgusting.
    I am a Realtor here in Arkansas for over 30 years and I have a great business. Lots of wonderful opportunities for honest, good people in Arkansas.
    I do respect you for continuing to fight against Obama, I too am still fighting to have him produce proof that he is a “Natural Born” citizen.
    I am praying for the truth to be revealed before he is inaugurated.

  15. American4America

    I am from a red state (Texas); live in a red state (Georgia); do business in two other red states (Alabama, South Carolina); and, soon will expand and move to, yet, another red state in 2010: Tennessee. Chatanooga, more specifically. Mountains, rivers and NO state income tax. ABSOULTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  16. So now comes a new neighbor, and writes me a 2 page letter, on how farm life is “psychologically bad” For my dog! Suggested he be put down.

    Then proceeds to report me to everyone ( who btw all know me).
    Then proceeds to stalk me and introduces herself as someone else, while asking for a tour.
    Upon googling her, I found a history of very odd posts, about deer and trees.

    I AM thankful she has not found many others who want to kill my dog.

    So it seems the kool-aid is everywhere.
    It’s almost impossible to live without being affected by them.

  17. Time to tie a democrat to the front of the car and drive till someone “what is that”

  18. Citizen Wells, you’re welcome in Kentucky–lived in Tennessee for 57 years; and must say, Kentucky is the most beautiful state other than Tennessee.
    This state is Red, and voted Mccain.
    A big welcome any time.

  19. CW, omg, that was wild, maybe they should plant trees or help the people in CA after the wildfires.

  20. I grew up in rural VA, on the NC border, and when I was young and stupid I moved to L.A. Lived there for 26 years till I couldn’t take it any more. My husband and I bought land and built a cabin on the outskirts of Boone. There is one hippie couple on our road who built a miniature Stonehenge in their front yard, but other than that, these are the people I knew growing up. You just have to get away from the cities and go to the outskirts, where people cling to their guns and their Bibles. We can go down to the general store and eat a BBQ sandwich and make a politically correct joke without someone losing a job or being arrested. It’s great.

  21. I meant a politically INCORRECT joke. We can also drive our Suburban without anyone scowling at us.

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