Philip J Berg lawsuit, Supreme Court petition, Update, November 3, 2008, Jeff Schreiber, Eve of Election ,Berg Cautiously Optimistic

Philip J Berg is cautiously optimistic regarding his petition to the US Supreme Court to delay the election until a ruling can be made. Jeff Schreiber has Mr. Berg’s latest remarks:

“Monday, November 3, 2008
Berg Cautiously Optimistic on Eve of Election
On a day which saw another eligibility-related lawsuit, this one in Connecticut, bite the dust, Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg remains cautiously optimistic after taking his own dismissed case to the highest court in all the land.

“At this point, we’re waiting and hoping and praying that Justice Souter rules in our favor and delays tomorrow’s election,” said Berg, mentioning as well that he filed a supplemental argument with the Court today. “They have the power. The United States Supreme Court has the power. They stopped the count in Florida in 2000, I was there in the panhandle when they stopped the count.”

As has been written in these pages before, the odds are extremely long that Berg’s case is given an audience with the Supreme Court, as only 70 to 120 of the 8,000 or so petitions are granted, and the odds are infinitely longer that Berg’s emergency motion is granted.

“The odds are slim,” Berg said. “If the election goes on tomorrow as planned, we start going after the Electoral College on Wednesday. December 15 becomes our deadline. There’s still time. The Electoral College requires that a candidate be eligible, so we’re not stopping, that’s for sure.”

Unless, of course, Obama does not prevail tomorrow, in which case Berg says that he will continue his efforts “to bring out the truth about the fraud perpetrated against this nation.””

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17 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit, Supreme Court petition, Update, November 3, 2008, Jeff Schreiber, Eve of Election ,Berg Cautiously Optimistic

  1. zachjonesishome

    I’m hoping for his defeat. The Electoral College will be a firewall. Thank you for all your work. Zach

  2. I just saw on the news that Grandma Obama has died aged 86. It seems like too much of a coincidence that Mrs. Obama died one day before the voting finishes – was this a natural death or an ice-cold killing. No doubt the mainstream media will be too shy to ask “the one” if he was involved in this murder.

  3. I predicted when Obama went to Hawaii that Grandma would die before election day. The reason being Grandma wasn’t supposed to talk to reporters before the election but could after the election. Well, needless to say, Grandma, bless her heart, will not be talking. I would say, being a grandma myself, he has broken her heart knowing what kind of man he was. I think it odd that osteoporosis and a broken hip turned out to be cancer. Also, Michelle O. said Grandma was doing fine, and Obama said she was in grave condition. Alot of questions that will, of course, will not be answered.

  4. Thanks CW for your posts. So informative and appreciated.

  5. It was not Grandma Obama in Kenya that died..

    It was his Grandmother in Hawaii, his mother’s mother- Durham that died..

  6. Obama said his Grandmother went home. I am not judging the lady, but I was not aware that atheists and communists went to Heaven. I sincerely hope she made a change before dying.

  7. Always verifying the biased media, I was flipping around this morning and saw a NBC reporter in Indonesia at BO’s school, and he said something about BO’s adoptive father (?) Sorry, did not get the whole sound-bite… I’ll look for it.

    Our best bet is polls are wrong.

  8. It was CBS… but can’t find the interview with Curry.

  9. Walter H. Pogue, Jr.

    Where is National Enquirer when we need it?

  10. Walter — Fortunately, using the Internet, the whole nation has turned into the Enquirer. And, basically, the mainstream media have been fired by the American voter, and they have conducted their own research, good or bad. Mark Steyn reported on a visit to a London pub — where 20 years ago everyone sat around reading the Evening Standard — now no longer. On this visit, everyone was sitting aroung texting each other on their Blackberrys.

  11. I’ve really messed that up – it was definitely a clip of Ann Curry speaking to someone named Ian, in Jarkata at BO’s school… the clips of her speaking to someone in Iraq & Kenya are still there, but not the one in Indonesia.

  12. Prediction: Berg’s latest lawsuit will not even be considered by the Supreme Court, it will never even have a chance to be dismissed.

  13. Who is responsible for making sure that a presidential candidate is eligible? Since we don’t have standing to uphold the constitution, who is responsible for insuring the requirements for a presidential candidate be me? Maybe the suit begin with them.

  14. Brenda, I’m with you, I find it very shocking that poor Grandma died from cancer. It had been reported earlier that she had a hip problem and never any mention of cancer. I believe his main purpose for the Hawaii trip was to have his birth certificate records sealed. News that the BC records were sealed by the Governor hit the web either the day he left or the day after. The BC sealing just like all the College records being sealed is just more than Americans should have to deal with and such a critical time. Just what else don’t we know about

  15. Good Evening, Citizen Wells —

    11/10 USATODAY full page ad re:BO’s citizenship – We the People

    An Open Letter to Barack Obama:

    Are You a Natural Born Citizen of the United States?

    Are you Legally Qualified to Hold the Office of the United States?

    Dear Mr. Obama:

    On October 24, 2008, a federal judge granted your request to dismiss a lawsuit by Citizen Philip Berg, who challenged your qualifications under the “Natural Born Citizen” clause of the U.S. Constitution to legally hold the office of President of the United States of America.

    Mr. Berg presented factual evidence to the Court in support of his claim that you are either a citizen of your father’s native Kenya by birth, or that you became a citizen of Indonesia, relinquishing your prior citizenship when you moved there with your mother in 1967.

    In your response to the lawsuit, you neither denied Mr. Berg’s claims nor submitted any evidence which would refute his assertions. Instead, you argued that the Court lacked the jurisdiction to determine the question of your legal eligibility because Mr. Berg lacked “standing.”

    Astonishingly, the judge agreed, simply saying, “[Mr. Berg] would have us derail the democratic process by invalidating a candidate for whom millions of people voted and underwent excessive vetting during what was one of the most hotly contested presidential primary [sic] in living memory.”

    Unfortunately, your response to the legal claim was clearly evasive and strikingly out of character, suggesting you may, in fact, lack a critical Constitutional qualification necessary to assume the Office of President: i.e., that you are not a “natural born” citizen of the United States or one who has relinquished his American citizenship.

    Before you can exercise any of the powers of the United States, you must prove that you have fully satisfied each and every eligibility requirement that the Constitution mandates for any individual’s exercise of those powers.

    Regardless of the tactics chosen in defending yourself against the Berg lawsuit, significant questions regarding your legal capacity to hold this nation’s highest office have been put forth publicly, and you have failed to directly refute them with documentary evidence that is routinely available to any bona fide, natural born U.S. Citizen.

    As one who has ventured into the fray of public service of his own volition, seeking to possess the vast powers of the Office of President, it is not unreasonable to demand that you produce evidence of your citizenship to answer the questions and allay the concerns of the People. Indeed, as the one seeking the office, you are under a moral, legal, and fiduciary duty to proffer such evidence to establish your qualifications as explicitly mandated by Article II of the Constitution.

    Should you proceed to assume the office of the President of the United States as anything but a bona fide natural born citizen of the United States that has not relinquished that citizenship, you would be inviting a national disaster, placing our Republic at great risk from untold consequences. For example:

    ·Neither the Electoral College on December 15, nor the House of Representatives on January 6 would be able to elect you, except as a poseur – a usurper;

    ·As a usurper, you would be unable to take the required “Oath or Affirmation” of office on January 20 without committing the crime of perjury or false swearing, for being ineligible for the Office of the President you cannot faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States;

    ·Your every act in the usurped Office of the President would be a criminal offense as an act under color of law that would subject the People to the deprivation of their constitutional rights, and entitling you to no obedience whatsoever from the People;

    ·as a usurper acting in the guise of the President you could not function as the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy and of the militia of the several states, as such forces would be under no legal obligation to remain obedient to you;

    ·No one in any civilian agency in the Executive Branch would be required to obey any of your proclamations, executive orders or directives, as such orders would be legally VOID;

    ·Your appointment of Ambassadors and Judges to the Supreme Court would be VOID ab initio (i.e., from the beginning), no matter what subsequent actions the Senate might take as well as rendering any such acts by such appointed officials void as well;

    ·Congress would not be able to pass any new laws because they would not be able to acquire the signature of a bona fide President, rendering all such legislation legally VOID;

    ·As a usurper, Congress would be unable to remove you from the Office of the President on Impeachment, inviting certain political chaos including a potential for armed conflicts within the General Government or among the States and the People to effect the removal of such a usurper.

    As an attorney and sitting U.S. Senator, I’m sure you agree that our Constitution is the cornerstone of our system of governance. It is the very foundation of our system of Law and Order – indeed, it is the supreme law of the land. I’m sure you also agree that its precise language was no accident and cannot be ignored if Individual, unalienable, natural Rights, Freedoms and Liberties are to be protected and preserved.

    As our next potential President, you have a high-order obligation to the Constitution (and to those who have fought and died for our Freedom) that extends far beyond that of securing a majority of the votes of the Electoral College. No matter your promises of change and prosperity, your heartfelt intent or the widespread support you have garnered in seeking the highest Office of the Land, the integrity of the Republic and Rule of Law cannot, — must not — be put at risk, by allowing a constitutionally unqualified person to sit, as a usurper, in the Office of the President.

    No matter the level of practical difficulty, embarrassment or disruption of the nation’s business, we must — above all — honor and protect the Constitution and the divine, unalienable, Individual Rights it guarantees, including the Right to a President who is a natural born citizen of the United States of America that has not relinquished his American citizenship. Our nation has endured similar disruptions in the past, and will weather this crisis as well. Indeed, it is both yours and the People’s mutual respect for, and commitment to, the Constitution and Rule of Law that insures the perpetuation of Liberty.

    As a long time defender of my state and federal Constitutions, and in consideration of the lack of sufficient evidence needed to establish your credentials as President, I am compelled to lodge this Petition for Redress of Grievances and public challenge to you.

    Make no mistake: This issue IS a Constitutional crisis. Although it will not be easy for you, your family or our Republic, you have it within your ability to halt this escalating crisis by either producing the certified documents establishing beyond question your qualifications to hold the Office of President, or by immediately withdrawing yourself from the Electoral College process.

    With due respect, I hereby request that you deliver the following documents to Mr. Berg and myself at the National Press Club in Washington, DC at noon on Monday, November 17, 2008:

    (a) a certified copy of your “vault” (original long version) birth certificate;
    (b) certified copies of all reissued and sealed birth certificates in the names
    Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham
    and Barry Dunham;
    (c) a certified copy of your Certification of Citizenship;
    (d) a certified copy of your Oath of Allegiance taken upon age of maturity;
    (e) certified copies of your admission forms for Occidental College, Columbia
    University and Harvard Law School; and
    (f) certified copies of any court orders or legal documents changing your name
    from Barry Soetoro.

    In the alternative, in defense of the Constitution, and in honor of the Republic and that for which it stands, please announce before such time your withdrawal from the 2008 Presidential election process.

    “In a government of laws, the existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
    Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438, 469-471.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


    Robert L. Schulz,
    Founder and Chairman, We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc

  16. Wow, great job from

  17. Did he submit all the documents that were requested of him on the deadline of November 17, 2008? Let’s have an update of the case. Today is November 19th.

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