Judge Surrick ruling, Philip J Berg lawsuit, October 24, 2008, US Constitution, Obama ineligible to be president, Middle East, Libya, Kenya, Obama threat to US, Uphold Constitution

Judge Surrick will provide a ruling any minute on the Philip J Berg lawsuit that states that Barack Obama is Indonesian and ineligible to be president. Lawsuit outcomes are hinged on very tight legal wordings and the burden of
proof placed on the plaintiff. Regardless of legal wrangling in court,
regardless of the ruling by Judge Surrick, the US Constitution must be upheld and those charged with upholding the US Constitution must do so and be held accountable. This includes Barack Obama.

Here is what we know:

  • The DNC did not vet Obama.
  • The MSM has supported Obama and not vetted him.
  • Obama has documented long time close ties to corruption in Chicago, Illinois and the Middle East.
  • Obama has close ties to Dubious connections in the Middle East and
    Africa. Three people close to Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Raila Odinga, have visited Libya.
  • Obama traveled to Pakistan when he was young when travel to Pakistan by US citizens was restricted.
  • Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Obama was adopted by his stepfather, Soetoro, became an Indonesian
    citizen and studied the Koran.
  • Obama and the Obama camp stole the Democratic nomination from Hillary Clinton using voter fraud and illegal campaign donations.
  • Obama has lied about most aspects of his life and past associations,
    including, but not limited to, his socialist party connections and Acorn involvement.

With the exception of the Kennedy assasination, Citizen Wells has never
been much of a conspiracy theorist. However, given the body of evidence,
I am inclined to believe that there is a Middle Eastern, radical Muslim,
connection to Obama, perhaps Libyan, that intends to destroy the US
from within. Too many events and associations have come into focus
to ignore this possibility.

Barack Obama, regardless of his many dubious connections, is not eligible
to be POTUS. Irrespective of any lawsuits in court, the US Constitution
must be upheld. Citizen Wells and the American public will hold all
accountable. Citizen Wells will provide an article soon that will
provide insight into upholding the US Constitution.

Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:


36 responses to “Judge Surrick ruling, Philip J Berg lawsuit, October 24, 2008, US Constitution, Obama ineligible to be president, Middle East, Libya, Kenya, Obama threat to US, Uphold Constitution

  1. …so I wait impatiently!

  2. Wow. People are really flocking to this website.

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  4. Thank you for the update CW. You really have a good blog site and I appreciate your blogs.

  5. Jeff McDonald

    Why hasn’t ANYONE reported on this? I have sent the pleadings to Drudge, FoxNews and Michelle Malkin and NOT a word from any of those sources. Does anyone have a clue as to why this suit has not been mentioned? NObama is a dangerous man and, even IF he is a citizen, not in any way qualified to be CIC.

  6. He’s got to Sign it for it to be a rulling

  7. From

    UPDATE. 3:17pm Friday

    I’m on the road, confined to Blackberry, and just got word that the decision will likely NOT be today after all. First, I was told it would be on Thursday or Friday. Then, I was told yesterday that it would be at the end of yesterday or this morning. Now, I’m being told not to hold my breath.

    Listen, it’s understandable. No judge wants to be overturned, especially with something like this. Take heart in knowing that, personally, I think it would take longer to side with Berg than to dismiss him, but that’s just a amateurish thought. Still, I AM dissapointed, but also am glad that I will be able to bring details to you in full, details I couldn’t provide on Blackberry.


  8. Thanks, Great sight!

  9. Jeff McDonald

    This NON-reporting has been going on for at least one year… EVERYBODY knows about it…

    We are in “internet jail”…

    Get used to it if BO becomes President.

  10. Enter Imon !

    This would be truly comical, if it were not reality.

    RBO reports on how Imon Deathrow, who lives on 13 Alkatraz Island, was able to test the robustness of the donation system.

    Raises ‘answers’ to those claims re possible illegal donations.

    I hope Imon’s safe.


  11. any news????

  12. I shall be looking forward to your article concerning upholding the constituion. I would also like permission to copy the bullets of what we know in a post on the Gather site with a link to this blog, and crediting you with the information, of course, Citizen Wells. People need to be informed.


    Sue B.

  13. Sue B. you are welcome to use anything from this blog.
    I am honored that you asked.
    God bless.

  14. Thank you so much, Citizen Wells. My friend just pointed out to me your ABOUT page yesterday. I was so happy to see that you are a doing this because you are a genuine truth seeker, though I already knew that, but the confirmation was so nice. I’ll post a link when I have it published.

    Thank you, and God bless you too.

    Sue B.

  15. Up and running… thanks once again.

  16. Great Site. I will link it to my own and hope that the winds of conserative beliefs sees this effort forward to a positive conclusion.

  17. Citizen Wells, thanks fo standing up for the truth..

    If indeed Berg is right, the liberal news media, FEC, and DNC should be held accountable for committing CONSPIRACY OF FRAUD!!!!

    What happens to morality????? What happens to America???

    Saaaaaaaad …………………

  18. Thanks.
    It will take all of us working together to defeat this anti American agenda led by a non American.

  19. Mr. Berg knew weeks ago the FEC complaint would not be viable and chose to amend his complaint to include the PA Secretary of State.
    However, the FEC is a government agency and we will hold them accountable.

  20. Courts like to hold back important decisions until Mondays. Less rioting will take place. Friday decisions allow for weekend all night riots, Monday decisions many will go to work on Tuesday.

  21. Here’s the website with all of the court docs for the case. When the judge rules you’ll see it here.

    You can see his only ruling so far was item #4 to Deny Berg’s request for a Temporary restraining order.


  22. this whole thing makes me a bit nervous. mainly because, i really don’t like mccain/palin. i’m not the biggest fan of obama, and i hate that this is down to the lesser of two evils as it usually is.

    what will happen if obama is deemed unable to be president? i don’t think it’s fair to have mccain win by default. i know most of the people on here probably love him, but at the same time this is a democracy. the people’s vote is meant to count, supposedly.. at least this is what is told to the masses. it’s especially unfair when mccain is behind in the polls. not that the polls are an end all be all by any means, but it does show, that for now at least, obama is ahead.

    i’m not saying obama should be allowed to be president either way. i’m saying they should allow hillary back or something, especially if the fraud committed against her is true.

  23. Damn. Berg just lost. It’s on the Philly Daily News website.

    Still, the msm in not covering it in big cities.

    Now it looks like a smear against Obama.



  25. 20th amendment

    The Philly Daily article appears to be the fraud at his point in time. There is no court record on Pacer (fee based) or Justia (free) of Surrick handing down any decision in the Berg v. Obama case. Any rulings will show up there.

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  27. Perplexed to Dumfounded

    EVERY AMERICAN should be aware of this issue. How can we get this information to the most people in the shortest amount of time? Many people don’t read, watch, or concern themselves with the ‘news’ anymore because they don’t know who to believe in or trust – thus they become uninformed voters who cast votes out of ignorance and possibly sway elections in the wrong direction. Even more alarming is to learn that many well read, educated Americans are STILL not aware of this truly grave issue due to lack of mainstream media coverage. I’ve been blown away to discover how many ’50 somethings’ that are people I grew up with, have worked with, and reared children with ARE JUST NOW HEARING ABOUT IT. By the time we even think about having hindsight on how we did or didn’t react to this concern, the damage will already have been done. We have to be our own best advocates. Spread the ‘concerns’ you have with everyone you know. I’m so grateful that someone shared it with me. Too much ‘smoke’ keeps surrounding this candidate for there not to have been or to be a little fire somewhere along the way to becoming a Presidential candidate. What about cancelling the election until this is sorted out? Maybe we should boycott it altogether, just don’t vote until we have definitive evidence and rulings by the court. Who knows what the best course of action is at this juncture. But, we have to do something to make our concerns known and to protect all that is sacred in the privilege of being an American citizen.

  28. I have a new post up that addresses upholding the Constitution at the grass roots level.
    Please spread the word.

  29. The question of Obama’s eligibility to be President must be based on facts, not politics. This is a very serious subject. I hope politics doesn’t get in the way of truth If Obama was indeed born in Kenya, he is not eligible to be President of the USA. Period. Let the Truth prevail!

  30. Suggestion: Email all on your mailing list. Request they do the same with theirs. It will pyramid in fast order

  31. I researched the filings, and no ruling handed down by the judge as yet. 27 motions filed, and Berg’s of 10/22/08 was the last. Am also aware law professors are saying state courts would have been likely the best course. We shall see.

  32. Folks:

    John McCain was born in on a military base in the Panama Canal zone.

    Let the lawsuits begin.

    PS: I particularly like “Perplexed and Dumfounded’s” idea when he stated:

    ” Maybe we should boycott it (the election) altogether, just don’t vote until we have definitive evidence and rulings by the court.”

    I suggest you do that.

  33. Obama should be stopped if judge Surrick knows any part of the Constitution .

  34. So – where did the website go? Why do all links seem to end on the day of the ruling? Things that make you say hmmmm……..

  35. It just amazes me at the biased in the media and the lies in the USA. It sickens me to think that probably so many voters are first time voters being swayed by a racial vote or molded by the hands of the media. Too many people are unaware or unwilling to put the time and effort into learning about the person they are picking to be in this position. Since when did the media start choosing the winner? can we say fraud and brainwashing?

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