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Finally we have coverage of the Philip J Berg lawsuit by major media players. Rush Limbaugh has mentioned the lawsuit and now Greta Van Sustern has a proposal to address the birth certificate issue. The Zach Jones blog has an article about Greta’s proposal:

“Friday, October 24, 2008
Greta Van Susteren is Breaking Media Silence about Berg v Obama
This morning Greta Van Susteren opened a small crack in the media silence concerning the Berg v Obama lawsuit. Greta made the suggestion that all four candidates submit valid birth certificates to help prove they meet the Constitutional requirements to hold the office of President of The United States. I agree that this would be a great first step. However, Sen. Obama also needs to address the other allegations raised in Berg v Obama.

Here is Greta’s Post:

OK … the internet rumors about the birth certificate: let’s end the rumors and the viral nature of them!
by Greta Van Susteren
Of course I know about all the internet gossip about Senator Obama’s birth. Many of you (thousands?) have written me saying he was not born in the USA ( a Constitutional requirement for President) …. the rumors are flying around the internet and overloading my inbox and is viral. It doesn’t stop! I have thought the emails a waste of keyboard time and have ignored them.

However, since the emails just won’t stop…and since it really is a topic that should be put to rest and can be done with such ease, I now think Senator Obama should release his birth certificate but I also think, to be fair, so should the other 3….yes, all 4.

So, let’s have it! All 4 need to release their birth certificates to prove each was born in the USA and thus constitutionally able to serve as President. Let’s insist that all 4 release birth certificates and put the matter to rest! (and yes, stop the emails to me!)

Until this is done, the rumors simply will not stop and rumors are not fair…it is not fair to Senator Obama and he also should not be blackmailed into producing the records…so, if all 4 must produce, that seems fair.

Let’s see them….and then let’s move on.

END of Greta’s Post

I want to suggest that everyone post Greta’s suggestion everywhere to get people to flood Greta’s site and let her know just how many Berg supporter’s are out there.”

Read more here:

14 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit, Greta Van Sustern, Birth Certificate, Berg lawsuit, Media coverage, Rush Limbaugh, Greta

  1. Don’t for get Michael Savage. He did more than just mention the law suit he had Berg on his show yesterday.

  2. According to America’s Right blog, there will be NO news today.

  3. Question we have is … how does Andy Martins information regarding Frank Marshall Davis being Obama’s bio-father effect Mr. Bergs case, if at all?

    WOW this election is one big hairy, confusing mess! Then the Michelle API tape and it’s status. UGH!
    Keep up the good work… patiently waiting, but the fuse is beginning to run short! 😦 lol

  4. Andy Martin seems to be speaking today…

  5. I made a post at Gretawire… but also asked she does NOT use to verify anyone’s birth certificate… stating that they are funded by Annenberg and I’m tired of others using them as some kind of valid resource.

  6. I don’t know how any one else is thinking, but as for myself, I think this judge is and has always stalled for time. Has he drank Obama’s Kool aide too?

    If he waits until AFTER the election, then he won’t have to exercise his DUTY and render a decision.

    Typical judge.

    I have just one question. Where in the hell is all of our elected politicians who have taken an OATH to UPHOLD and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    Both Democrats and Republicans have refused to publicly call Obama on his citizenship? WHY?

    If this is not an assault on the US Constitution, would someone please tell me what would be!

    I’m beginning to think our country is destined to fall and putting the foreigner obama in office is only the first step.

    A Constitution will not be required for all steps to follow.

  7. Seems like Greta is playing this down the middle by saying let’s get the information on everyone, while fully aware that all of the other candidates are beyond reproach on this subject. Good for you Greta, let’s get the informationand still look above the fray. On another note, I believe you will find that the RNC (BTW, I am not a Republican. I am an Independent) has already fully vetted their candidates. You know the law and all!

    Drive on Phillip Berg and Andy Martin to the Ranger objective, though you be the lone survivors!!

  8. I’m a regular reader and commenter at Greta’s blog. People have been bombarding her for many, many weeks now about Obama and the lawsuits, both on her blogs and through email.

    I think the reason she suggested that we see all 4 candidates BC’s is because she has been on a rant the last couple days about bias, media misconduct and medical records – Obama’s one page note vs. demand for Palin’s full record.

    She’s fed up with the unequal treatment of the candidates.

  9. Go to and listen to live phone (on San Diego radio) interview with Judge Berg who is asking for Obama’s REAL birth certificate. It’s headed for Supreme Court. Click on 3rd Hour Friday Oct. 24. (Berg was late coming on but he got there)

  10. John McCain has alread released his Birth Cerification as well as his tax and medical records. The only set of records not authorized for release is his academic records from the Academy. I don’t know why not.

    Obama hasn’t released much of anything and the COLB still is a question when coupled with his own story of going to Pakistan on his Indonesian passport.

  11. I suggest a flood of emails, etc to the Governor of Hawaii to ask her to investigate the birth records — what records exist and have any records been tampered with inside the Hawaii Dept. of Health. As Governor she is the boss of the head of that dept. Lingle is a Republican. We need to try all angles to get answers. Let’s bombard her with requests for action!
    Phone: 808 586-0034
    Fax: 808 586-0006

    By the way, I just read that a small team of lawyers traveled with Obama to Hawaii. Why did he need a team of lawyers for this short trip to visit his grandmother?
    Phone: 808 586-0034
    Fax: 808 586-0006


  13. Peter Tremulis

    The grandma visit sounded like a cover from the start. Someone should depose her, soon!

  14. Seems odd to me that if the grandma is so ill and may not live much longer that Michelle and the kids did not go see her also!?

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