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I am certain there is a  Shakespeare quote that applies and the John Edward’s affair was considered a rumor for quite a while.

I received an email today:


Let me share some info with you that I have gotten from excellent sources within the DNC: 

On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2.”

Now consider the following:

Citizen Wells article September 12, 2008:

Last night I spoke to Larry Sinclair. He was given a heads up from some Washington insiders that he made contact with months ago. I was already aware of the insiders. I have discussed Joe Biden’s comments with bloggers and those around me. Even Rush Limbaugh has been raising questions about Biden. Here is the post I made last night:


I received an email this afternoon and here is a portion of it:

“We have received information from sources high in the Democratic Party that , in a total desperation move, Hillary Rodham Clinton will replace the hapless Joe Biden as V-P candidate on the Obama ticket.   I will send out more information on this in several minutes.   Hillary Clinton has said that Barack Obama is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief.  He hasn’t grown any more qualified presumably in the past few weeks.  As the saying goes, “It took a Republican to have the Obama Dems name a woman to the ticket.”



Can this possibly be true?

Will Hillary replace Biden?

Is Obama qualified to be president?

Is Hillary posturing to replace Obama?

My God, this does sound like a soap opera!

I do not believe many Hillary supporters would back the ticket with her as VP. The damage may have already been done.

Are the Democrats testing the waters?

Citizen Wells article September 11, 2008:

However, there is another story that is connected to the Philip J
Berg lawsuit and other stories.

For several days, commenters on this blog, other bloggers and people
around me have been discussing Joe Biden and especially the comments
he recently made about Hillary Clinton. Is Joe Biden opening the
door to bow out? Was this part of a prearranged plan? Rush Limbaugh
claims to have predicted Biden’s actions for some time.

A few hours ago, I posted the following on twitter.com/citizenwells
and I did so without discussing it with Larry Sinclair. Here is what
I posted:


1. Obama disqualified/indicted before election.

2. Obama disqualified/indicted after election, before oath of office.

3. Obama impeached/indicted after oath of office.

4. Obama loses (preferred). Hillary waits 4 years.

Hillary’s odds are good.

For months I have read hundreds of comments regarding the election
and I have come to the conclusion that there is something resembling
a collective consciousness occuring.

Larry Sinclair called me a few minutes ago about some information
he received and about conversations we had when he was in Washington
DC for the Democrats Meeting. (Clarification for MSM, ongoing
conversations occur when you follow a story). All I can say about
what he told me then is that it involved people connected to
Hillary. Larry told me he justed posted a new article and here it is:

“Thursday, September 11, 2008
Is Joe Biden going to withdraw from the Obama/Biden ticket to make room for Hillary Clinton?

Could some of my meetings and phone conversation while in DC in May and June of 2008 now being used to have Joe Biden withdraw for personal or medical reasons from the Democratic ticket, making way for Hillary Clinton? This is the feeling coming from some people and it would explain some high level contacts and communications in May and June while I was in DC.

Nothing would surprise me in the Obama camp and I can only say I hope that there is no truth to the emails I am receiving.”

Read more here:


Honestly folks, With Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid running the Democrat Party, would anything surprise you?

A scarier thought just occurred to me. Did Nancy Pelosi push Obama through the DNC Convention knowing she had a shot at inheriting the presidency?

If you are tired of this nonsense and chicanery, visit:


31 responses to “Obama, Joe Biden, Rumors, Biden out?, Hillary in?, October 5, 2008, DNC sources, Washington insiders, Larry Sinclair, Philip J Berg, Obama not qualified, Obama indictment, Democrats, Feedback from public?

  1. If Hillary accepts the VP spot, then she knows for certain Obama will be disqualified. Bill Clinton himself suggested that January 2009, pertinent material will be exposed should Obama be elected.


  3. I recieved an e-mail with that information 2 days a go from my Republican sister. It was an e-mail circulating amongst Republicans all over the state.

  4. Obama waiting to steal McCain Ideals like he stole hillary’s

    Who cares if McCain has 1 car or 1000 cars no one cares, like they don’t care,if he has 40 house of 8 houses..
    Rich is rich that all there is, Just like, only the Obamanation Group, only they care if McCain has 100 million Dollars,

    But to the rest of the world, No care if Obama has $4 million or McCain has $100million, because rich is rich, bottom line,
    The only the Obama nation, care about it,, Obama need and wants the bubba Voters,
    What is funny to watch is how Obama does not have an agenda, and when he was running against Hillary,
    He put down her whole agenda, after that, He adopted her whole agenda, even the media reported this.

    Now everyone is waiting for Obama to do 2 more things, he waiting for McCain to put his agenda he has into details.
    so he can steal it like he did with Hillary, then he going to force Joe Biden out, and get Hillary clinton in,
    Obama Is so desperate to win, He already doing things he claim he would not do, just like all the other shady republican candidate,Obama getting so much crap, from Michelle Obama she wants the white house,
    She is dangerous, and she is the one behind Barack pushing Joe biden out of the way to make room for Hillary,, that is how bad, and desperate they want the white house,

  5. God help us all if it’s true.

    She is just as evil as the rest

    down with all of them

  6. Nine months ago, I thought Hillary Clinton as President of this United States, would be my worst nightmare.

    I was wrong.

    This is like the Halloween thriller, I watch with BOTH eyes closed.

    Oh Lord, NOT PELOSI !!??

  7. I will not vote for Hillary if she is on vp ticket with Obama!!Is this an October susprise? I would vote for Hillary if she was on the ticket running for president! Obama should have chosen Hillary from the start!! Little too late for me!!

  8. calli I feel that way too but what if hillary were vp candidate and then BO was found unqualified and hillary made nominee? Maybe I’m dreaming but it is a thought.


  9. Anything is possible when the Clinton’s show up.

  10. OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Id prefer Hillary as president than Barack, then again id prefer mc cain on the overall

  12. Robert Phoenix’s astrology blog predicted this ten days ago. Check out Hilary, Biden October Surprise: http://www.robertphoenix.com

  13. What? that would mean the Republicans don’t even need election fraud to win.

    The Republican wet dream has been Hillary on the ticket all along, and the reason of election fraud to keep her in the primary.

    It is also the reason the Republicans sponsored the Puma scam.

    Hillary is sure fire election of another Republican WH,

    and the Republicans know it.

    Controlled media cannot change reality, only lie about it.

  14. This site is simply incomprehensibly written… but, in that sense, the writing style mimics the ideas. I would expect nothing less from a Berg/Sinclair devotee.

  15. I hope the rumor is true. The only bad part about this plan is having picked Biden in the first place and now waiting extra days to replace him. I couldn’t give a fuck about what the Republicans hate about Hillary or as someone puts it ignorantly: she is their wet dream. She’s far more qualified than Barack, Biden, McCain and that devil Sarah Palin put together. Don’t underestimate the loyalty Hillary supporters have for her. The damage is done? What a stupid thing to say. There is no damage done. We will support her indefinitely. WTF are you talking about? Stop living in a vacuum. Personally, I can’t wait for Biden to step out and Hillary to step in. Let’s get this thing wrapped up in November and get some real change underway.

  16. Pingback: Obama out, Hillary in? « Ply the Silent Planet

  17. She’s far more qualified than Barack, Biden, McCain and that devil Sarah Palin put together. Don’t underestimate the loyalty Hillary supporters have for her. We will support her indefinitely. Personally, I can’t wait for Biden to step out and Hillary to step in. Let’s get this thing wrapped up in November and get some real change underway.—I could not have said it better myself, so I wont even try. I would love to see Clinton against Palin in a debate. Palin would go home and never leave Alaska again.

  18. vexedinthecity

    I am so sorry that I stumbled upon this cesspool of disinformation and high powered idiocy.

    Wow, you people are obsessed.

  19. I approved the comment of vexedinthecity to reveal another example of Obama attacks.
    Name 1 piece of disinformation.

  20. This needs to be nominated for the bogus post of the week. Nothing written in this post will happen…

    Why would Obama need to make a desperation move to replace Biden? He is leading in the polls.

    I was even more confused in why Obama would be disqualified/indicted? How would Nancy Pelosi become President?

    I looked at the rest of the site and it became apparent the the whole site is nonsense and worse some people are buying into the nonsense.

    Ideas and Revolution – If you’re not outraged you’re not reading this blog

  21. Which part of reporting the news do you not understand? Especially the part about the MSM being in the tank for Obama and the American public craving the truth about Obama.
    1. Read the Constitution (Pelosi)
    2. Do some real research. You know, ask questions and don’t assume.
    3. Also, you might consider being deprogrammed.
    4. Have you listened to or spoken to Mr. Berg?

  22. @citizenwells

    Sorry, I know it’s hard for you to believe but the corporate mainstream media is not in the tank for Obama.

    1. The constitution says the VP takes over if the President is removed.

    2. I have done a lot of research and voting for Obama but thanks for your concern.

    3. You live in a fantasy world but I need to be deprogrammed?

    4. I can care less about Mr. Berg.

    Please don’t waste to much time on any reply to this comment since I won’t be wasting mine checking back.

    Ideas and Revolution – If you’re not outraged you’re not reading this blog

  23. And who is in line after the VP.
    Also, are you aware of the process of replacing a nominee before the election?

  24. I hope that people open their eyes and see that
    the best person for President is Hillary R Clinton
    and that people can WRITE her in at the polls
    (Obama is anti American,and not a born citizen of this Great Nation ) and he has ideas of changing out symbol our nation had for decades. I say bump this fraud out of this country.

  25. Hillary for President is the only way I would vote Democratic again.

  26. Any Clinton supporter who is voting for McCain simply because he has a female VP pick is an uneducated moron who shouldn’t be allowed to vote (not saying that literally of course). You should vote for a candidate based on principles not genitals. That defeats the whole purpose of feminism. And nothing about Clinton’s policies are anywhere near similar to McCain’s, so obviously you’re not switching because of that. Now if someone came up to the average person and said that they were voting for McCain because he is a straight, white, male most people would be appalled. The same should hold true with people voting for Obama just because he is African American or voting for McCain/Palin just because Palin is female. I was a Clinton supporter who moved on to Obama, but if someone came up to me and said they were voting for McCain based on their personal principles and beliefs I’d respect that a hell of a lot more than someone who told me they voted for Clinton just because she was female.
    The ignorance of people sickens me.

  27. Anyone that votes for Obama is one of the following:
    1. Left wing radical.
    2. Uneducated.
    3. Young and easily fooled.
    4. Racist.
    5. Elitist (college brainwashed, govt grants, etc).
    6. Party line, head in the sand.
    7. Govt entitlement crowd.
    8. AntiAmericans.
    9. Attornies, lobbyists, MSM and other bottom feeders.

  28. Amen citizenwells. Well said.

  29. Don McLeod PEng

    Biden and Obama – the Great and the Greatest – the world needs you NOW … hurry up November with the tougher road that lies ahead .. together, you can do it.
    Finally McCain mimics Obama as he now admits that change is needed but he wouldn’t know how to make it happen … Grandstand plays or another Committee will not provide the solution to what McCain does not even understand … more Republican Arrogance of the Bush Years will continue today’s tragedies from the past 8 years into an even more severe present, future..and ‘retirement’ years for the entire world. Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren are also the losers if aan administratioon not unlike the Bush administration were to continue into the next crucial term. American prestige around the globe would be unsalvageable.
    Go Obama / Biden!


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