Obama, Jeremiah Wright, O PASTOR IN SEX SCANDAL, NY Post, September 9, 2008, Wright controversy continues

The NY Post has uncovered more controversy surrounding Obama and his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. In an article dated Tuesday, September 9, 2008, the NY Post reveals that Wright had an affair with Elizabeth Payne, a Dallas church worker. here are some exerpts from the breaking news:



“Posted: 4:13 am
September 9, 2008”

“He almost wrecked Barack Obama’s presidential dreams, and now firebrand pastor Jeremiah Wright has helped destroy a Dallas church worker’s marriage – and her job, The Post has learned.

Elizabeth Payne, 37, said she had a steamy sexual affair with the controversial, racially divisive man of the cloth while she was an executive assistant at a church headed by a popular Wright protégé.”

” “I was involved with Rev. Wright, and that’s why I lost my job and why my husband divorced me,” Payne said. ”

“Payne’s husband, Fred Payne, 64, said he learned of the affair in late February, when he discovered e-mails between his wife and Wright.

“There must have been about 80 of them, back and forth,” he said. “Wright said things like he was going to leave his wife for Elizabeth.”

Wright has been married to his second wife, Ramah, for more than 20 years.

The preacher reportedly wooed Ramah away from her first husband in the 1980s, when the couple came to marriage counseling at Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.”

Read more of the article here:


18 responses to “Obama, Jeremiah Wright, O PASTOR IN SEX SCANDAL, NY Post, September 9, 2008, Wright controversy continues

  1. LOL, that’s too funny.

  2. Uh oh. And it’s from the NY Post so everybody’s gonna read this.

    But this is funny…Rev. Wright makes a cameo in the new Nuttcups episode: http://www.digitalfuntown.com/videos/111

  3. It is a horse race to a degree.

    I’m still laughing at Wright though. I’m not sure what I would do if I went in for relationship counseling and the Reverend ended up with my wife. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be “healthy” thoughts.

  4. Talk about a great marrage counsler GDM player and it was a white b this time

  5. wow anyone need counseling

  6. what a pile of crap hell I would,ve thrown the trash to the curb tooo

  7. Good afternoon, Citizen Wells,

    I had no difficulty in staying on topic with this one 😉

  8. Obama and Wright have no respect for women and this country.

  9. Unbelievable! Rev. Wright&Obama=change we can believe in?! Keep the change “gentleman”.


  10. Only surprised that this got out. Not a good thing to want anyone know you slept with a slime ball like wright. Barry meant it when he said wright was his mentor. He;s doing the same thing as wright does. damns America and cheats on his wife. plus being racist.

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