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Larry Sinclair was arrested on June 18, 2008, just after his news
conference at the National Press Club. Apparently a DC warrant
was fabricated to allow Sinclair’s arrest. Almost a week later,
Sinclair was transported to Delaware and appeared before a judge.
Sinclair was released on his own recognizance.

Larry Sinclair has received 2 letters from the Social Security
Administration referring to an alleged Delaware warrant dated
February 5, 2008. That is just a few weeks after his first YouTube
video came out. The letters were dated June 16 and 17, 2008.

The Attorney General of Delaware is the son of Senator Joe Biden.

On June 16, Senator Joe Biden introduced a new Bill, The Fugitive Information Networked Database (FIND) Act of 2008 (S.3136).

The bill
“will encourage States to enter new and outstanding felony warrants into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database by authorizing grants to State and local agencies to upgrade their warrant databases. This upgrade will make their systems compatible and interoperable with the national database – allowing for seamless entry of state and local warrants into the federal database. The FIND Act will also authorize additional funds for the extradition of fugitives.”

Obviously Senator Biden and his staff have been working on this bill
for a while and someone associated with the bill must have expertise
in the area of warrants.

Read more about the bill here:

Here is the latest update from Larry Sinclair:
“The following shows that the Delaware matter is nothing more than a vindictive attack by the Obama Camp those in powerful places who support Barack Obama’s dirty Chicago Style Politics.


On June 16 and 17, 2008 two letters from the Social Security Administration were mailed to my Duluth home stating that my disability and medical benefits had been terminated for the following reasons:


“Our records show that the following warrant for your arrest was issued for a parole or probation violation:”


Issued by:  New Castle County Superior Court

                   N King Street, Ste 500

                  Wilmington, DE 19801


Date of Warrant:  February 5, 2008


Type of crime:  probation or parole violation


Warrant Number:  U708000607


Originating case number:  U708000607


NCIC Number:  W283822252


What is so telling about this is the following:


1.                  I am not now nor have I ever been on probation or parole from the State of Delaware.


2.                  I have not ever been charged with, tried nor convicted of any crime in the state of Delaware


3.                  The information contained in this letter does not match the case number indicated on the court documents dated June 23, 2008 from the “alleged” warrant used to arrest me by DC Metro Police on June 18, 2008.


I am not on any probation or any parole from any State or Jurisdiction of any kind nor have I been since my Colorado Parole was discharged on May 5, 2000.


It is just amazing how I am being targeted with non-stop manufactured warrants and charges which only surfaced after I began making public my claims against Barack Obama.


Even more interesting is Social Securities letter being dated the exact same dates that the DC Metro Police and the National Press Club security director begin organizing their plan to take me into custody on a non-existant “Fugitive from Justice” warrant.




Read more about Larry Sinclair here:


Senator Biden, are you, your son, the Attorney General Of Delaware, or any member of your staff, responsible for any of these attacks and smears on Larry Sinclair?

Senator Biden Or Attorney General Biden,  I suggest that you
investigate what has happened to Larry Sinclair and respond on
this blog or with a public statement. No response will be
considered an admission of guilt.


27 responses to “Senator Joseph Biden, Attorney General Biden, Larry Sinclair arrest, Larry Sinclair persecuton, Senator Biden Bill, June 16, 2008, The Fugitive Information Networked Database (FIND) Act of 2008, (S.3136), Senator Biden involved?, Obama Vice President?, Senator Biden or Attorney General Biden, please respond

  1. UNREAL !!!! How can they get away with this!!!….So sad…Democrats doing this!!!

  2. I believe this could be an executive order by GWB here is a website of orders starting in
    2008 on back to other modern day Presidents

  3. We thought Bush was corrupt…we haven’t seen nothing yet…This gang of RULERS…are worse!!

    ((Citizen & Zach)))

  4. Third Eye Open

    In-fricking-credible…. do they know no boundaries? Stupid question, obviously NOT. Good research Citizen.
    SS Administration is notoriously slow moving, they had to have had a “push”.

  5. All bills passed in the Senate must be then sent to the POTUS in order to become law.
    That is why Isent you the link of orders Biden might be trying to gain brownie points and the pun was intended.

  6. Are you sure you’re not just trying to ruin my productivity at work? How am I supposed to get anything done if you keep posting new stuff. 🙂

    The Social Security coincidence is interesting, as well as the charges. If all this turns out to be true, I hope it turns out to be true before the Primaries and not after. Impeachment is much more difficult then not electing.

  7. citizenwells

    Are you kidding.
    I have more material about Obama than I can ever write about. Each new revelation opens many new doors to Obama baggage.

  8. Citizen Wells, I do know that Homeland Security has been working on tying all networks together to find fugitives. And I have seen it work in recent years. In the case of Delaware, perhaps they were one of the last to get on board (?)

    From what I read (Biden link above), I did not find where this has an affect on SSD. (unless I missed it – the type is very fine)

    I do know that jails and prisons, notify SS Administration when they have incarcerated someone since it is SS policy not to pay if a person is incarcerated for 30 days. I checked SS website yesterday, and their policy has not changed.

    Personally, I think Larry’s letters are fake.

  9. IF they are fake, a crime has been committed.

    IF they are real, a crime has been committed since the information within these letters is false.

  10. zachjonesishome

    Great Work Citizen. I’ll follow up to get word out. Zach

  11. Also, IF this crime link (Biden’s bill) did go into effect on the 16th, SS could in NO WAY be prepared to send letters out BEFORE disabled people have actually been incarcerated. Come on, think about it, we’re talking about Social Security Administration! Millions of felons and those with open warrants are on SSD… it would be a legal nightmare if SS decided not to pay for those who have warrants… Folks receive payment unless SSD finds out they are being taken care of, by other family members, if they have been medically released AND if they are incarcerated.

  12. citizenwells

    The warrant was dated Feb 5, 2008.
    One of my points is that someone with knowledge of warrants, SS regulations and Larry Sinclair was involved. This has been in the works for a while.

  13. Yes, the date of everything does look a little suspect.

  14. I understand. You’re saying someone is connecting the dots to get LS.

    Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but…

    SS regulation has not changed (as of yesterday).

    My point is that Social Security Administration will not stop your disability checks until you actually go to jail.

    Larry went to jail on the 18th.

    His letters were either received or dated, the 16th.

    SS would go BROKE if they had to notify every felon that they knew about a warrant – and it is NOT THEIR JOB.

    There is something wrong with the letters he received. He should verify that SS sent them to him. There is something seriously sinister going on here.

    I think the letters are fake. THAT is a federal crime (impostering a government entity)

    okay, I’m done.

  15. Larry Sinclair

    Mr. Wells, I would like to tell you I am receiving comments and emails that attempt to claim I have not maintained records or reported income which I have received, and these people have even gone out of their way to claim that a raffle was done without completion.

    First, I have infact followed all laws and I have been instructed by SSA and MN what funds constitute income. None of what they claim is income is income as it was contributed to an account for the payment of specific expenses. Also, people claiming I am flying around first class is false, all of my flights have been coach and I did upgrade at my personal expense one leg of one flight to business class.

    The alleged raffle was changed to donations for bread, which by the way the two items baked into the bread were in fact claimed and the person receiving the bread with those items decided whatwas done with them.

    I find it interesting how these people are saying what I have to release or report and they make false reports and claims from behind screen names on the internet.

  16. sickofObamadiots

    My understanding is the SSA is claiming that Sinclair violated his parole/probation and that’s why they are terminating his benefits.

    Whatever the reason, it is sinister indeed!

    And, I agree, the letters seem more like a scare tactic than a real termination. The caseworker should know.

  17. Pingback: The Conspiracy Has Been Destroyed!! « Free Larry Sinclair!!!

  18. StopBigEars2

    Feb 5 to June 18, wow that is a long time.

    Could’ve done it before the 18th but …..

    The Bidens and SSA follow that trail.

  19. Here’s an article from the St. Louis Dispatch about the bill.

    It includes the following…

    “— Provide significant resources for the U.S. Marshals Service to fund regional and local fugitive task forces, starting with $20 million next year and $10 million annually over the next five years. All told, the Marshals Service would receive $88 million through 2014 to bolster its role in capturing fugitives.”

    So Sen. Biden is sponsoring a bill that will provide the US Marshals Service with $88 million and significantly increased powers. Do you think Sen. Biden might have a little pull within the Marshals Service?

  20. CITIZEN (OBAMA) OR NOT ?????

    Obama’s right to run for President is in question. The question of citizenship must be addressed once and for all. We the American Public deserve to see proof that he is eligible under the law of Our Constitution

  21. glennmcgahee

    This is all too bizarre. It really makes me think that Sinclair is on to something that they would go to such lengths to silence him. I sincerely hope that he has good lawyers. This whole thing only brings more atention to Sinclair. I believe that it may backfire on those trying to silence him. Doesn’t the SSA stop disablitity if a person is convicted and incarcerated? Sinclair is NOT currently in custody. I wonder what really is going on behind the scenes here. Just the circumstances of the arrest is a warning of gov’t intrusion into the political process. Could it possibly be an African American administrator in the Social Security offices overstepping their bounds? Hate to think it, but its suspect. We need an advocate for people with disabilities to read the letter and tell us all what is going on.

  22. citizenwells

    I spoke with the attorney in question. He advised me to let you know I am not he. I will forward to him any further insinuations or threats for further action.

  23. JoAnn Bjorkman

    CW, has Larry been able, or had time, to verify if the letters are real. As posted on his blog, I sent an e-mail to VP Dick Cheney, requesting that he investigate Larry’s civil rights being violated. I stated that he did not have to believe Larry’s story about Obama but at least he could investigate what has happened to this Citizen of the United States! Probably will never reach his desk, but we have to try.

  24. citizenwells

    I do not have that answer yet. Larry and I both
    have been busy.
    You must listen to the Rense interview from last night. I have it on my last post and it is on the LS blog.

  25. JoAnn Bjorkman

    CW, I did listen to the Rense interview and it gave me goosebumps. Even got my husband to sit down and listen. He was disgusted.

    Now I see that Larry is gonna make a post that may not make us happy! He cannot give up now, as far as he has come.

  26. Liberal democrats are shameless to say nothing of their being dangerous.

  27. This is how Totalitarian regimes operate. They arrest people on false charges. The Nashville DA did it to me.

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