Larry Sinclair news conference, arrest, NPC, Sylvia Smith, Jane Hamsher, petition, MSM, Sinclair political prisoner, Freedom of Speech, DC Warrant, The Press is failing us

When they tried to silence Larry Sinclair, they tried to silence all
of us.

First came the personal attacks, attempts at discrediting Larry Sinclair and those following his story.

Next came attacks on Sinclair’s family.

Next came multiple death threats made on Sinclair.

Next came a petition encouraged by Jane Hamsher, an Obama supporter,
with ties to David Axelrod and the Obama Campaign, to block
Larry Sinclair’s news conference.

Next came Larry Sinclair’s arrest after his news conference at
the National Press Club. A DC warrant was fabricated for the arrest.

Next came more lies, smears and discreditation attempts by Jane
Hamsher and others aligned with the Obama Campaign.

From the beginning, the press, the MSM, has failed to do their job.
There is enough information, facts, about Obama, to cause any
intelligent, inquisitive news organization to dig beneath the
surface and discern the truth about the Larry Sinclair Story.

Why has the MSM not researched and covered the Larry Sinclair story:

Obama is untouchable. He is the candidate of change.

Fear of being tagged as racist.

Too much emphasis on producing entertainment shows, not news.

Agenda. Many so called news organizations have a far left agenda.
CNN and MSNBC are prime examples of this.

The National Press Club, obviously has many members that are in the
news media. The NPC agreed to allow Larry Sinclair to rent a room
for a news conference. Once the news conference was announced,
a furor (notice the resemblance to fuhrer) developed. Many Obama
supporters on the far left were enraged and questioned the NPC
decision to allow Sinclair to speak. Aren’t these some of the same
people outraged by the detention of prisoners at Guantanimo?

The National Press Club, and Sylvia Smith stood their ground
and supported free speech. However, there are several aspects
of the NPC experience that are troubling:

According to Larry Sinclair, the steps and routes that were set
up to supposedly maximize security, seemed to facilitate his arrest.

I have it on authority that a member of a major news organization
was not allowed in.

I am told from a reliable source that the arrest was supposed
to occur before the news conference and that Mr. Sibley thwarted
that attempt.

My best sources tell me that Sylvia Smith was seen talking on the
phone as Larry Sinclair was being escorted by law enforcement.
This is what I believe she said:
“they are bringing  him down now”.

The petition to stop the Sinclair news conference was accepted by
the General Manager, Bill McCarren. Why did the NPC accept the

Why did the General Manager of the NPC make this statement?

“Hopefully this man will be exposed for what he really is,”

View the video of the petitions being delivered here:

The above video is from Jane Hamsher’s website,

Here are some quotes from Sylvia Smith:
“After a week of relentless e-mails and phone calls from people who were outraged at the prospect of a guy scheduling a press conference to make allegations about Barack Obama, I’m not sure extreme CPR could resuscitate the idea of free speech in some Americans’ minds.”
“My point is that the very thing the people who advocated blocking Sinclair’s press conference said they feared – widespread media coverage – simply didn’t happen because no credible news outlet would publish those kinds of allegations without first verifying them.”

Read more here:

Here are some remarks from Larry Sinclair:


Read more about Larry Sinclair here:

The MSM is not doing their job

The MSM is protecting Obama

David Axelrod and the Obama Campaign are part of a reign of terror.

National Press Club, Sylvia Smith. What is your response to this
mutilation of justice?



14 responses to “Larry Sinclair news conference, arrest, NPC, Sylvia Smith, Jane Hamsher, petition, MSM, Sinclair political prisoner, Freedom of Speech, DC Warrant, The Press is failing us

  1. Stepping it up a notch are we? 🙂

    How nice would it be if the MSM decided to cover this story? Either the allegations or the candidate would be well behind us if someone would just try to figure out the truth. Why doesn’t anyone want to figure out the truth?

  2. citizenwells

    Damn the torpedoes.

  3. sisterrosetta

    (June 24, 2008) Another Gay Hillary Supporter Against Obama
    Posted by GayPatriotWest at 7:05 pm – June 24, 2008.

    It seems now that not a day goes past without my learning of yet another gay Hillary Supporter ill at ease with his party’s presumptive presidential nominee. This trend of gay Democrats opposed to Obama seems has become a national phenomenon.

    A reader just alerted me to a Washington Blade article reporting that one of the organizers of the grassroots anti-Obama group Party Unity, My Ass is a gay man.

    Will Bower, a D.C.-based a Huffington Post columnist “who strongly supported Sen. Hillary Clinton during the primary and remains a registered Democrat” believes “Barack Obama is an anti-democratically chosen candidate.” Like many disgruntled Democrats, he is currently “planning to vote for McCain.”

    May this trend continue. And given Obama’s recent arrogant antics, it looks like it will.

    Will Bower called Sinclair’s story “worth exploring.”

    June 18, 2008
    Sinclair arrested, and other notes from the Press Club

    A footnote to the story of Larry Sinclair, the gadfly whose long criminal record I wrote about this morning: He was arrested by Washington, D.C., police after his press conference there today, two officials at D.C.’s First District station confirmed to Politico.

    Sinclair is wanted in Colorado on theft and forgery charges, but police officials I spoke to wouldn’t discuss the charges. Reason’s David Weigel first reported the arrest.

    Avi swung by Sinclair’s press conference at the National Press Club today, an utterly strange scene in which the highlight came from Sinclair’s spokesman. Montgomery Blair Sibley, whose law license has been suspended, explained why he was wearing a kilt by saying that it was more comfortable for “those of us on the other side of the genital spectrum.”

    At the Press Club, Avi also ran into Will Bower, a sometimes-Huffington Post blogger who founded “Party Unity, My Ass” — a group for die-hard Clinton supporters that are now backing McCain — and was invited by the McCain campaign last weekend to meet with the presumptive Republican nominee, and called Sinclair’s story “worth exploring.”

    “I don’t think he should be written off without consideration,” he said when asked about Sinclair. “I think it’s worth exploring.”

  4. Citizen,

    Excellent reporting!!! I couldn’t have said it better. Thanka again for all of your help, inspiration, and fortitude.


  5. What are the beliefs of Obama’s career launching friends? How do they relate to society and how much of an impact have they had on the Chicago Senator? It is my goal to encourage a conversation about these friends that are known terrorists. There is a NEW MUST SEE VIDEO!

  6. StopBigEars2

    Senator Biden and his son are the weak links in the chain link fence surrounding obambi. Biden Jr. is the attorney Gen for Delaware …the state that issued the bogus warrent against LS.

    Get reporters to go after the Bidens

  7. If Sibley “thwarted” an attempt to arrest Larry before the conference began, why wasn’t this reported on your blog immediately after his arrest? This doesn’t fit in with your earlier article saying that Sibley examined the warrant and felt that it was “for real”. Why are you changing your story?

    Yet another hole in the Sinclair circus that never ends. Larry’s hotel “records”…

    Click to access hotel-records-direct-from-chi.pdf

    Anyone can zoom in and see that the “partial line that was personal and did not need to be posted from this letter” actually reads, “While I cannot authenticate any information you currently have in your possession.” Don’t get me wrong Citizen, you’re the worst “reporter” in the history of the profession, but you’re certainly not blind. Check out the link. It’s posted on Larry’s own blog. When everyone wises up and realizes they’ve been taken for a ride, will you guys post exactly how much money this convicted criminal conned you all out of? If you want to question Obama’s past, you have every right to do so, but this guy is taking you for a ride.

    I give you permission not to post this comment. Just as long as you read it yourself. ; )

  8. After some research I found that officers do not always have paperwork on them that actually has the word “Warrant” on it, if ever. The warrants are usually on the computer system/network/intranet and the person being arrested often never sees it. Not a big point, but one worth noting. Just so we know that the officers here were not acting out of the ordinary.

    Now that being said, I still haven’t seen any real reporting on this story worldwide. The last piece I could find online was in Variety on June 20th. Right now there’s 636 stories on Google News explaining every detail of the charges brought up against Anne Hathaway’s Ex-boyfriend, and 151 stories about Larry Sinclair. Those 151 stories have very little detail about the charges, and don’t mention any of the accusations about the candidate’s possible involvement in a murder. Now of course I will read any article with a picture of Anne in it (preferably in a bikini), but I digress. Why wouldn’t the MSM report these kinds of accusations being made about a presidential candidate, especially when the speaker was arrested?

    Surely it’s news worthy. Nobody wants to be the one to prove Larry Sinclair wrong? Nobody wants to be the one who proves him right? Nobody wants to be the one to do anything with this story? If these accusations were made regarding McCain, Bush, either of the Clintons, or the Pope, my guess is it would be in the MSM. What about the Biden connection? I’m not saying there’s any conspiracy going on here at a higher level, but why isn’t anyone responding one way or another? Instead, we just get the chirping of the crickets.

    Many candidates have been lost with a single defining moment. Ask Howard Dean and his Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Ask Ross Perot about claiming Republicans were out to get him and his family. Ask Gary Heart about one little photograph. It all has to do with how it’s handled by the candidate. I think there’s a reason why Obama’s team has chosen to not handle it at all.

    This story must be proven true or false.

  9. citizenwells

    First of all, how I go about posting something is none of your business. I know what you are about.
    But, duh, I am not about throwing out crap like the other blogs that lied about the arrest. You know, taking credit for the arrest for the “Colorado warrant”.
    This blog is about facts and the truth.
    Obama supporters are so accustomed to lies and hypocrisy, they don’t know the truth when they see it.

  10. zachjonesishome

    Nice response CitizenWells. Make a Great Day!

  11. While I agree with Gordon that the statement that the line was blacked out because of personal information really doesn’t fit, I still think the “grey area” is sort of a red herring. The statement in the letter only refers to receipts that Larry Sinclair may have in his possession. The fact of the matter is that it is a signed letter from Choice Hotels, with Choice Hotels letterhead, stating that the attached information regarding his stay is what their system churned out. Choice Hotels simply can’t validate paperwork someone else has in their possession.

    Having worked for Choice Hotels for a majority of my college summer vacations and also working full time after college in a department there responsible for loading properties onto the 4 main global reservation systems, I can tell you that the information provided looks pretty accurate. The property code IL142 is the same format as their property codes from what I remember; so it looks even more authentic in my eyes.

    But the MSM could easily figure this kind of stuff out if they wanted to report it. Remember the stuff that came up regarding GWB’s Guard paperwork when he was running for his second term? Font error. Of course the MSM ran with that story anyway, they didn’t stop to check the facts first. I know, it ended one mans reporting career, but that’s probably because he was to close to retirement to recover from it. But is that any reason to not try to get to the facts and report this? Someone has to have the guts to report it. If it turns out Larry is telling the truth, then the reporter’s career will skyrocket. If it turns out he is lying, then the reporter gets the notoriety of proving the story false. What is there to loose?

  12. Citizen…
    I am new to posting on blogs, what does this mean?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  13. citizenwells

    I approve all comments manually.

  14. Citizen…
    Thank you.

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