Reverend James Manning, Larry Sinclair news conference, Obama drug user, Crack cocaine, Obama homosexual, down low, Manning praises Sinclair

The Reverend James Manning has a new video out. Reverend Manning was at Larry Sinclair’s news conference and speaks of the sincerity of Sinclair’s presentation. Manning  goes on to speak of Obama’s drug addiction and homosexual behaviour. Here is the Reverend Manning video:

4 responses to “Reverend James Manning, Larry Sinclair news conference, Obama drug user, Crack cocaine, Obama homosexual, down low, Manning praises Sinclair

  1. Chatty Kathy

    As I have stated many times, Larry Sinclair is Obama’s “inconvenient truth.

    People are going to great lengths to shut Larry up, even a web-site that spins 24-7 against Mr. Larry.

    This could all go away if Obama would release his records, right?

  2. The Rev. can’t get enough of this story either. Every chance he has he brings it up. Oprah’s got room to breathe now, Manning is laying off her for a bit.

    I have to say though, I don’t subscribe to the unchangeable mind scenario that he lays out. Addictions to chemicals and the strength of that bond have to do with the chemical and philosophical makeup of the addict. Never say never.

    Manning draws the same comparison to Homosexuality. I can’t speak from experience on that one because I am straight, but Mannings saying someone can never change doesn’t hold with my personal philosophy. However, I don’t think the Homosexuality of the incident has any bearing on the facts really. If the allegations are indeed true, it’s really more a matter of a married man having a risking sexual liaison with someone who is not his wife. The first part is bad enough if proven true, but then you have to question the second deceit, the sham of a marriage on two fronts. The sham would then show deceit to look monogamous, and the deceit to look straight.

    We have nothing to fear of Homosexuals running things, but we do have to fear those pretending not to be. Because what else are they pretending not to be?

  3. Obama/Soetoro/Obama was “adopted” early on by at least two homosexuals mentors, so it wouldn’t surprise me the least if he’s just another closet homosexual – or perhaps he would prefer to be called a bisexual…

    Regardless, he should read “God and the Gays” and glean from it what he may.

  4. Just driving by to relay that secret service has invaded Rev. Manning’s place (according to Manning)

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