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Jane Hamsher, writing on the blog, firedoglake.com, has stirred up
a petition and petitioners to attempt to stop Larry Sinclair’s
news conference on Wednesday, June 18, 2008. Visit firedoglake.com,
read Jane Hamsher’s articles. She and the blog are openly pro
Obama. This is indicative of the Obama Campaign. Accuse everyone
else of what you are doing. Jane Hamsher and firedoglake.com
are smearing Larry Sinclair and anyone asking questions about Obama.

Larry Sinclair alleges that he and Obama used drugs and had gay
sex on two occasions in November 1999. I have followed the Sinclair
story for months and Sinclair gains credibility each day as
Obama’s credibility plummets. Sinclair has been telling his story
on the internet since January 2008. Many people have examined
Sinclair’s allegations and they are believable in the context of
Obama’s life and past associations.

If Sinclair’s allegations are false, why have so many, including
the Obama Campaign, spent so much time and money attempting to
discredit him.

Now for common sense reality checks:

Is Larry Sinclair supporting a candidate? No

Is Jane Hamsher supporting a candidate? Yes

Is Larry Sinclair making money off of his blog? No
(He has had well over a million views)

Is firedoglake.com/Jane Hamsher making money off of their blog? Yes

Does Larry Sinclair have a right to tell his story? Yes

Does Jane Hamsher have a right to block Larry Sinclair? No

Here are some exerpts from Jane Hamsher articles on firedoglake.com:

“Larry Sinclair at the Press Club: Save Us From the Freakshow
By: Jane Hamsher Friday June 13, 2008 12:00 pm”
“Please, by all that is holy, save us from the next election being dominated by the freak show.”

“Do Not Feed the Troll: Tell The National Press Club Not To Host Larry Sinclair
By: Jane Hamsher Thursday June 12, 2008 11:58 am”

“Larry Sinclair is one of the most outrageous anti-Obama smear merchants. So why is the National Press Club hosting him this coming Wednesday? Apparently Jeff Gannon wasn’t available.”

The next quote is a lie:

“Larry Sinclair has accused Obama of murdering his pastor.”

Sinclair never said that!

Hypocrisy and lies. The cornerstone of the Obama Campaign.

25 responses to “Obama, Obama Campaign, smear tactics, firedoglake.com, Jane Hamsher, Larry Sinclair, press, news conference, Hamsher attacks freedom of speech, Hamsher petition, Hamsher smears Sinclair

  1. Hay Citizen, thought I might add this to your article. Remarkably as inoffensive and tame as this comment is, it has been blocked from every “Drink the Cool-aide” Blog I have tried to post it to. This is just getting far too Unreal!!!!

    With all due respect,

    The Burden of Proof is upon any individual running for the office of the
    President of the United States, and not the American Citizen who makes
    allegations of them. This is the whole purpose the of the American Public
    vetting its presumptive candidates. It is expected from us and is our
    responsibility; not only as citizens, but voters as well.

    I pray one day, all of you will once again stand up for the principals of
    the First Amendment as set forth by the very Constitution you and your
    families so enjoy. I believe you and so many others have truly forgotten
    those sacred rights and the responsibilities that come with them.

    This is not about what any individual believes to be true or not. This is
    about a fellow citizen being denied his basic Constitutional right to be
    heard, his right to a free press, and his right to speak. I for one will
    always support and give the benefit of the doubt to any citizen standing up
    for and taking their Constitutional responsibilities seriously. It is only
    by doing this that truth will eventually become known.

    Do all of you really believe that the rights and liberties of the
    Constitution are there only if they apply to your own flawed opinions and
    willful ignorance? If this individual’s allegations did not have any truth
    or merit, all of you know Mr. Obama’s legal teams would have not hesitated to file a law
    suite long ago in this matter. It is really that simple.

    If “Hope and Change You Can Believe in” means burning this nation’s
    Constitution whenever something comes along that does not conform with your
    own personal agendas. Then that is not “Hope and Change” I can believe in.

  2. Citizen,
    Excellent analysis yet again. Such obvious hypocrisy; even a child could recognize it. LOL!

  3. citizenwells,

    I just posted this on our blog!

    Would you have a list of e-mail addresses, for Jewish News agencies and blogs? I think Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, would appreciate this information as well!

    I’ll check back, if anyone has the e-mail, information. Thanks






    “The Candidate”

    How the son of a Kenyan economist became an Illinois Everyman.
    by William Finnegan
    May 31, 2004

    Excerpt from “The Candidate:”

    He was a black child, by American lights, but his mother and his grandparents—the only family he knew—were “white folks,” and his confusion was acute. In “Dreams from My Father,” Obama describes how, as a teen-ager, he tried marijuana and cocaine. (“I guess you’d have to say I wasn’t a politician when I wrote the book,” he told me. “I wanted to show how and why some kids, maybe especially young black men, flirt with danger and self-destruction.”) He went to Columbia University, and liked New York, but he found the city’s racial tension inescapable. It “flowed freely,” he wrote in his memoir—“not just out on the streets but in the stalls of Columbia’s bathrooms as well, where, no matter how many times the administration tried to paint them over, the walls remained scratched with blunt correspondence between niggers and kikes. It was as if all middle ground had collapsed.”

    (Source: Dreams from My Father, by Barack Obama, p.254 Aug 1, 1996:)

    “Whether because of New York’s density or because of its scale, it was only [there] that I began to grasp the almost mathematical precision with which America’s race and class problems joined; the bile that flowed freely not just out on the streets but in the stalls of Columbia’s bathrooms as well, where, no matter how many times the administration tried to paint them over, the walls remained scratched with blunt correspondence between niggers and kikes. ”

    This is being reported by ObamaWTF (What’s The Facts) with “Just Say No Deal!”

    Apparently, On page 254 of the first edition of Barack H. Obama’s, Dreams from my Father, Barack H. Obama, refers to Black and Jewish people as “niggers” and “kikes.”

    Needless to say, the phrase has been edited out of the 2004 edition of the book which is now widely available in book stores.

  4. CitizenWells, I worry about Larry. Is he okay? The Obambi’s followers can be so nasty. I can’t beleive they are Democrats.

    Profiler, excellent points above. These people have no interest in the Constitution.

  5. Whether you support Larry Sinclair or not, it’s a fact that he has yet to offer any CONCRETE proof backing up his allegations against Senator Obama. If the proof is there, the MSM will cover it. There’s a lot of MSM bashing on sites and blogs like these, but if the proof is there, the MSM will have to cover it. The story would be huge, and none of the major networks would want to be left behind.

    In a way, I’m glad Sinclair is doing this press conference, because if he’s shitting everyone, they’re all about to find out. If his claims turn out to be bogus, sensible people who might be on his side will bolt in droves. Although, after reading some of the comments on his blog (and yes, some of them are crazy), Scooby-Doo and Shaggy could pull a rubber mask off his head revealing him to be Old Man Wickers who owns the run-down amusement park and some of them would still stick by his side.

    On Wednesday, Sinclair better bring his A game, because if he doesn’t offer anything besides absolute proof, the MSM is going to rip him to shreds.

  6. And Profiler, you’re wrong. Whether we’re talking about a candidate for president or Joe the garbage man, if you’re accusing someone of something, it’s YOU who has to pony evidence. It’s not up to the accused to clear their own name. If it were any other way, what would stop every crazy from coming out of the woodwork to blame – insert whoever – for whatever it is they’re offended about. Innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty until you show us otherwise.

  7. Citizen, where is your evidence that the Obama campaign has spent a dime or lifted a finger to discredit Larry? You have none. You’re making a completely irresponsible assumption.

    Also, I agree with Chase. Profiler’s post is nothing short of chilling. Is this indicative of how Larry’s supporters think? How can the burden of proof be on anyone to prove a negative? If that’s true, I accuse John McCain of being a witch. Now it’s up to him to prove he’s not.

  8. zachjonesishome

    Drip, drip, drip
    Larry Sinclair to Reveal Corroborating Information on His Illegal …
    Biloxi Sun Herald, USA – 4 hours ago
    By Center for Forfeiture Law Despite death threats and an organized campaign to prevent him from speaking publicly, Larry Sinclair – on June 18, 2008, …

    I have a new post up. Have a Great Day. Zach


    Obama has collected record amounts of money during this primary cycle. Many in the news media have proclaimed this an amazing accomplishment. The support indicates just how many backers he has. He himself says he has collected lots of small donations from people. How has he done it? Where is he getting this support? I am amazed at his verbal skills. Please watch this video and share with us what you think. I will post your comments on this page just email them to me on our comments page. Remember this is for YOUR ENJOYMENT….. Ask yourself what and how will other Country’s leaders feel when he negotiates with them……………….

    watch at http://www.hillaryloyalistnowformccain.com

  10. So are dissenting opinions calling for factual evidence of scurrilous rumor considered trolling on this site? Is this an echo chamber?

  11. Citizen Wells,

    You state the following:

    The more research that I did, the more Sinclair’s story gained in credibility and Obama’s credibility plummeted.

    However, you site no evidence to support such a claim. Where are the findings of your research. The Russert interview, besides invoking the wonderful legacy of Tim, provides little along the lines of evidentiary fact. And what makes Sinclair credible? As a journalist, it appears this is the role you are declaring in your post, do you not owe it to your readers to back your assertions with fact?

    Absent substance, it appears that you and others are only seeking to poison the water with innuendo and suggestion without having to substantiate the claims you make. This simply further legitimizes the positions of the folks at Firedoglake and elsewhere.

    While we’re at it, why don’t I start the meme “McCain is the father of my black child!” Oh, that’s right. That one has been asserted already, albeit it wasn’t true. But hey, who needs those pesky facts, right?

  12. zachjonesishome

    Will someone from Mr. Sinclair’s camp be at the Whitehouse presentation to refute what they say or will Mr. Sinclair address in his presentation, or both?

  13. citizenwells

    I seriously doubt that you want to know the truth about Obama.
    Have you read the transcripts from the Tony Rezko trial?
    Do you know who Dan Shomon really is and was?

  14. Sally Holmes

    I would say that evidence of Donald Young’s contacting Larry by phone multiple times would be corroborating evidence of that aspect of his story. But the subpoena of phone records is tied up in a police investigation. I’d put the word “investigation,” in quotation marks because I have no idea if that’s what the Chicago Police Department is actually doing, although that’s what they maintain is happening.

  15. Citizen Wells,

    You made some strong assertions and I am looking for your supporting facts.

    If there is some other “truth” to be revealed about Obama, I, for one, REALLY wanna know. I’m neither a Kool-Aid drinker or one who suffers foolishness for too long.

    I just want to know what facts support YOUR assertions. I have not made any assertions here that require support from the Rezko trial or who Dan is.

    However, will you please share the facts that you have to support your assertion that Sinclair is credible? If not, that’s fine. I’m not trying to be difficult or troll your site. I will just move on and find a more credible community in which to exchange ideas.


  16. citizenwells

    Here are documented facts:
    Obama used cocaine.
    Obama is a liar.
    Obama is a hypocrite.
    Obama has long time close associations to the criminal Rezko.
    Obama and Dan Shomon got over $ 320k in grants for Blackwell companies. Blackwell companies gave over $30k to Obama campaign in 2007.
    Obama was not in the senate on Nov 4, 1999.
    Obama was in Chicago when Sinclair was.

    This is an allegation:
    Sinclair alleges drug use and gay sex with Obama Nov 3-8 1999.
    I have always stated it is an allegation

  17. Thank you for your reply. Unlike your claim on the NPC site, I have not leveled an ad hominem attack against you and I would like to clarify that for the record. I believe individuals can disagree without insulting one another. I have never stooped to such a level in my years of commenting online and do not find a reason to modify this core value for such a matter.

    Regarding your feedback, you listed several statements that you call facts – I happen to believe that such terms as hypocrite and liar, unless under oath, are quite subjective. However, these asserted facts do not support the following position taken by you.

    “I have followed the Sinclair story for months and Sinclair gains credibility each day as Obama’s credibility plummets. Many people have examined Sinclair’s allegations and they are believable in the context of Obama’s life and past associations.”

    Are there facts to support Sinclair’s allegations re: Obama Nov 3-8, 1999? What makes him credible? Are you saying that Obama’s prior drug use and befriending/worshipping or associating with gay men makes Sinclair’s allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama more credible? Individuals assert that Obama’s gay church mate was ‘suspiciously’ murdered, but if Obama is to be implicated, why not take out Sinclair and be done with it?

    Again, I’ve been scrubbing the nets for something non-circumstantial and have not found it. Many make the claims that you do but do not seem to be able to or want to supply evidence beyond a challenged/discredited lie detector test that has not been retaken.

    I’m not surprised that Obama’s campaign or anyone would seek to squelch such scurrilous lies or controversial truths – whichever these allegations happen to be. If I were applying for a job and someone was seeking to blemish my name, I wouldn’t want such things spread about – true or false. The fact that Sinclair is facing opposition does not make him credible in my mind.

    However, I would truly like to hear from those either in support of Sinclair or optimistic of his claims if they know something that is not readily available to the rest of us. Like I said, I’m not the Kool-Aid drinking type – just a fact lover, that’s all.

    Thanks again.

  18. citizenwells

    Read my blog from start to finish.
    I did not start out calling Obama a liar.
    I have the facts to say that now.
    Look at the body of evidence. It is not that big of
    a stretch to consider Sinclair’s allegations.

  19. “It is not that big of a stretch to consider Sinclair’s allegations.”

    But a stretch, nonetheless, Citizen Wells. How big, I suppose, depends on ones delusions to begin with.

    Well, given that Mr. Sinclair himself provided no evidence of his claims, one is left to conclude that both the Obama and Sinclair supporters are drinking some form of “Kool-Aid”, albeit different flavors. This, of course, being the accusation leveled by Sinclair supporters at Sinclair detractors.

    You have to admit it a bit odd that given Sinclair’s access to the nation’s attention via such a formal journalistic outlet for which he had solicited and/or secured funds from his supporters that he did use the venue not offer more substance for his claims. No driver. No medical records (without paying). No phone records of his own. Many are legitimately underwhelmed, and even disappointed in some cases, that he did not prove himself credible. Even despite his criminal challenges he could have proven himself credible in this instance by providing something tangible. Just one small verifiable shred of evidence would have given his story enough legs to carry itself. It would have surely been enough to have Fox pick it up. As it stands, I’m not sure any legitimate journalist worth the ink in his pen would take up his cause beyond citing metaphor for political scandal lunacy or a byword for news that never was.

    Either way, you seem to commit quite a bit of time and energy to your online causes and activities. Such a commitment deserves a worthy cause and I sincerely hope you find something more worthy of your time than this topic. You deserve it, and I do not mean that sarcastically.

    Genuine best wishes to you!

  20. citizenwells

    I want what I have always wanted.
    The truth about Obama.

  21. You want the truth about Obama. And you’re no closer to it today than you were a week ago. Sinclair did do one smart thing in his press conference (at least, smart from where he’s standing), he told everyone that by telling his story, he had taken the burden of proof of himself and placed it on everyone else, effectively telling them that they needed to prove his story for him. Was that the point of the conference? In the NPC event description they said Larry would corroborating evidence of his claims. Where is it?

    The fact is, no new evidence was presented at the conference, even though Sinclair promised new evidence is what he would deliver. The press conference, the DC trip, all seem to be huge disappointments (especially considering the money – donated by his followers – that was spent).

    How many times will Larry fail to deliver before you hold him accountable? He says he has evidence, and if he revealed it, he could end all this now. Yet he refuses. And the Obama supporters are the crazy ones?

  22. If it’s the truth about Obama you want, I would suggest you refrain from backing a lamed horse so that once you find it, readers will want to listen to you.

    There are plenty of other issues with which you can dig through, and you don’t have to dig deep either, to expose unflattering truths about Sen. Obama. He has made some pretty significant policy contradictions/flip-flops that would go much farther in the effort to ‘expose’ him and hold him accountable than this very flimsy and fringe accusation. Why does the truth you seek need to be found in the gutter? It only dirties you as you have to dig so deep to find it, and for what? The possibility that a gentleman with a criminal past rooted in deceit and delusion for financial gain might be telling the truth this time?

    As a country, we are so used to ‘scandal’ ruining politicians that we bypass the simple process of vetting the politician’s own claims based on simple merit. I don’t get this either because by the time so many ‘scandals’ are debunked or brought down to size, the public becomes so desensitized to it that they began to sort of “empathize” with the accuser. Such is the case with Obama as there has been so much media attention has been given to the flimsy claims of his “muslim” connection, “radical” connection, “scary” connection, and now “sex scandal” connection that the public has become disenchanted with it all. Let the smoking guns rise to the top based on credibility and get to the process of vetting Obama’s policies. In his policies lie the truth of Obama.

    Championing causes like this will only eat at your credibility, as it has done with the NPC for providing venue for this gentleman. I know they did not ‘host’ him and even went so far as to remove their insignia from behind the podium. However, people come to that venue to participate in the credible journalistic process. If that were not the case, Sinclair would not have paid so much money for it. Now, the NPC’s claim that he just “rented” space makes them no different than the Bingo hall up the street.

    Likewise, a blogger providing an outlet to such an unsupported and poorly sourced story makes them no different than any other unsubstantiated rumor mill where the site is sought more for entertainment than fact. If one has to work this hard to find credible evidence for a story, it’s likely not there.

    I suppose as a blogger you can just change your handle when you want to move on, but you have spent so much time building an online reputation with this one that it would be a shame to have to abandon it to become credible again.

    I dunno. It’s your world and I have no stake in it. I just hate to see such commitment and energy go to waste. I suppose it’s the parent and executive in me. It is not my intent to lecture so I will stop here.

    Again, be well.

  23. citizenwells

    I realize what you are saying.
    However, it is impossible to determine the policy of a candidate that consistently lies and tells his support base exactly what they want to hear.
    His policies: Pandering, lies, hypocrisy.
    The picture I see of Obama is a puzzle picture of many pieces from his past. He can say anything, but his actions scream his direction.

  24. citizenwells

    You and many others are missing the point. Larry Sinclair is exactly the person that would have had an encounter with Obama. Sinclair is vastly more honest that Obama. Just because Sinclair has made mistakes does not mean that he does not care about this country.
    DA’s and prosecutors routinely use hardened criminals to convict others. And guess what, Obama was closely associated with more than one.


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