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Tim Russert will be buried this week and memorial services will
be held to honor this man, the son, father, husband, decent human
being and revered journalist.

I was watching one of the many tributes over the weekend. I believe
it was Jack Welch, Russert’s friend and former boss. Russert was
asked to speak at a charity event and responded “just say when and
where.” Russert was to speak near his son’s college, Boston College.
Russert drove a truck up to leave with his son, spoke and then had a
late flight to take back. He was urged to spend the night. Russert
said no, I have a meeting early in the morning. Russert returned
for his meeting. The point was, Russert took care of all the important
aspects, giving back, taking care of family and his job.

How can journalists, media people honor the memory of Tim Russert?
Giving praise and attending memorials are a fine thing. However,
Russert was a man of action, devoted to covering politics and the
news. Russert would want people to do the job he can no longer do,
cover this election.

We are at a turning point in news coverage and information disemination.
The internet is rapidly becoming a primary news source for the public.
Blogs and websites have played a huge role in the 2008 election.
There is a story that is playing out that has barely been touched
by the MSM. A citizen has been trying to get a story before the
American people about Barack Obama. This citizen has had to resort
to utilizing the internet in the form of youtube videos, his own
blog and internet interviews. With little help from the MSM, the
word has gotten out.

Larry Sinclair will host a news conference at the National Press
Club on Wednesday, June 18, 2008. During the news conference, Mr.
Sinclair will answer questions and provide corroboration to his
story. Mr. Sinclair alleges that he and Obama used drugs and
engaged in gay sex on two occasions in November 1999. On the
surface the allegations look preposterous, but after doing the
job a reporter should do, and examining the allegations in the
context of Obama’s life and associations, they become believable.

What is my point? The MSM has not done their job. Obama has been
given a free ride for multiple reasons, one of which I believe
is the fear of being called racist.

Tim Russert was one of the first sources I referred to. In 2007
Mr. Russert questioned Obama about his records. Russert pushed
Obama for an answer and gave us one of our first glimpses of
the real Obama, an elusive character, a master of diversions.

So, you want to honor Tim Russert? Follow this story. Do the job
you are supposed to do.

Cover this election!

11 responses to “Tim Russert, journalism, truth, Meet the Press, blogs, internet, challenge to MSM, press, Honor Tim Russert

  1. My point exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Third Eye Open

    Indeed, MSM is NOT, has not and will not report the REAL news. They’ve been bought and paid for long ago. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can get more truth from Al Jazeera than CNN. I’ve been getting my new from overseas for years now. They’ll report thing MSM will not. Thankfully we still have the internet! How long before that is legislated? The OB campain would love to silence the blogs! Thanks for your work Citizen….and yes, great way to honor a man like Tim Russert.

  3. Citizen,

    Where are you on initiating congressional hearings? Have you been able to reach anyone who will listen?

  4. citizenwells

    The answer is yes.
    I will provide updates over time.

  5. I agree with every word you spoke! Thank you for making sense to everything.

  6. zachjonesishome

    Great article.

    It may be starting. See:

    Larry Sinclair to Reveal Corroborating Information on His Illegal …
    PR Newswire (press release), NY – 59 minutes ago
    At the press conference, Larry will (i) reveal the corroborating evidence for his allegations regarding Obama, (ii) address the time-line of the response of …
    Larry Sinclair to Reveal Corroborating Information on His Illegal …
    SunHerald.com, MS – 2 hours ago
    At the press conference, Larry will (i) reveal the corroborating evidence for his allegations regarding Obama, (ii) address the time-line of the response of …
    Larry Sinclair to Reveal Corroborating Information on His Illegal …
    StreetInsider.com (subscription), MI – 2 hours ago
    At the press conference, Larry will (i) reveal the corroborating evidence for his allegations regarding Obama, (ii) address the time-line of the response of …

  7. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “I wonder how Obama would react to a paycheck and an endorsement from ex-con buddy of Rezko’s who is now braying for more American soldiers to be killed.”



    Monday, June 16, 2008
    Alsammarae, ready to rejoin Allawi’s political coalition, calls for more insurgent attacks
    Aiham Alsammarae in Baghdad, 2002 or 2003

    Nibras Kazimi, a visiting scholar at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., and a contributing editor for the New York Sun, provides an update on the whereabouts of convicted Iraqi-American Aiham Alsammarae, the former classmate of convicted Syrian-American political fixer, Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who is the patron and personal real estate fairy to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

    Writing in his Talisman Gate blog, Kazimi commented June 15, 2008, “There’s so much vileness here that I really don’t know what to mop up first”:

    Ayham Alsammarae, Iraq’s slimy ex-Minister of Electricity under the Bremer and Allawi administrations, who had escaped from an Iraqi prison by hiring an American security company to break him out back in December 2006, has resurfaced in the Jordanian capital Amman where he gave a press conference today saying, among other things, that he hoped that the insurgency in Iraq “would continue [against U.S. occupation] and avenges the Iraqi people.”

    Alsammarae, an Iraqi-American Chicagoan, added during remarks carried by Radio Sawa (Arabic link) that he had contributed the maximum allowable of $2,300 to Barack Obama’s campaign. But there’s another Obama link to Alsammarae: while serving as electricity minister Alsammarae had been involved in brokering deals in the Iraqi electricity sector for Antoin Rezko, Obama’s long-term friend and patron. Rezko is the Syrian-American hustler who was convicted of fraud in an Illinois court on the day that Obama secured the Democratic nomination. […]

    In an astounding and blatantly treasonous assertion for a U.S. citizenship holder, he stated that “the [insurgency] in Iraq is a legitimate resistance [movement] and it is against occupation and any resistance in the world against occupation is considered legitimate, and I hope that the [insurgency] continues and avenges the Iraqi people and I look forward to expanding its political agenda.”

    Kazimi reported that Alsammarae, who “allegedly fled Chicago because the authorities were going to get him on tax evasion,” “claimed that he was on his way back to Iraq after being let off the legal hook under the amnesty law and that he is set to re-join Ayad Allawi’s political coalition.”

    Now, he wants more insurgent attacks on U.S. troops. What a slime-bucket, but he’s the same slime-bucket that I’ve always thought he was, from the days before the war when he opportunistically hopped onto the anti-Saddam bandwagon when it began revving up for real.

    I had seen part of Alsammarrae’s General Intelligence Directorate file back in Baghdad, and he’s identified as a snitch that had worked for the Saddam regime while he was a student in the 1970s, reporting on the political activities and utterances of fellow Iraqi students then pursuing their degrees in the UK.

    On the matter of Alsammarrae’s campaign contributions to Sen. Obama, Kazimi wrote “I wonder how Obama would react to a paycheck and an endorsement from ex-con buddy of Rezko’s who is now braying for more American soldiers to be killed.”

  8. diogenes2008

    Yes, you’re right on the money here. Hopefully Russert will inspire change in the way mainstream MSM have been doing things.

    BUT. . . Russert didn’t follow through with Obama. He had the best research team in the business, yet didn’t grill Obama on things internet newshounds know are documented.

    Would you or anyone have any idea why Obama was the only person exempt?


    THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Breaking: It’s not a rumor any more
    By PaganPowercloseAuthor: PaganPower Name: Pagan Power
    Email: susanunpc@gmail.com
    Site: http://paganpower.wordpress.com/
    About: See Authors Posts (37) on June 16, 2008 at 12:30 PM in Barack Obama, DNC, Democratic National Convention, Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, JustSayNoDeal.Com, New York Times, Sexism, Womenforfairpolitics.com

    There has been much speculation of late as to what will happen to Hillary’s delegates at the Democratic National Convention. As everyone by now knows, Hillary suspended (did not quit) her campaign and threw her support behind Barack Obama. And because technically, she did not quit her campaign, equally as technically she did not release her delegates. This has been the root source of much confusion and rumor.

    On June 7th, 2008 the New York Times published a piece about disaffected Hillary Voters. A Hillary supporter, Cynthia Ruccia of Women for Fair Politics, was interviewed.

    Clinton Bloc Becomes the Prize for Election Day

    When Mr. Dean reached out to Cynthia Ruccia, who started an organization of female Clinton swing-state voters threatening to vote for Mr. McCain, Ms. Ruccia asked that the Democratic convention include a symbolic first ballot for Mrs. Clinton’s delegates. Mr. Dean discouraged the idea on the grounds of unity.

    Party Unity? When Dr. Dean lost his bid for the nomination his name was placed onto the first ballot. And he had a total of 167.5 delegates. Ted Kennedy had the right to contest the nomination when he was 1000 delegates behind Carter. So since when is recognizing and rewarding someone with 1640 pledged delegates discouraging party unity?

    Being unable to find a definitive answer to this question I called the DNC this morning and spoke with a woman in the Chairman’s office. HERE is what I learned in that phone call today:

    I explained to DNC employee in the Chairman’s office that I was confused by what I had read and asked her if what the New York Times article said was true. Was Dr. Dean discouraging placing Hillary’s name onto the first ballot because of party unity?

    Her answer shocked me. She told me it was true. She said that Hillary Clinton had decided to support Barack Obama, therefore her name would not be placed on the ballot.

    So I then asked her if Hillary Clinton had decided that she did not want her name placed into nomination on the first ballot. Her answer was that she couldn’t speak for Hillary Clinton. At least she got that much right. And she and the DNC do not speak for Hillary supporters either.

    I do not know where this will go from here but I do know that history and precedent favor placing Hillary’s name on the first ballot. If Dean and his puny 167.5 delegates got onto the ballot (in 2004), then the person with the most votes in Democratic primary history certainly deserves equal treatment. Anything less isn’t fair or right. And it sure isn’t party unity.

    Stay Tuned!

    I also predict that the obama/DNC/Dean/Pelosi/DonnaB camp will do whatever it takes to squash ANY glimmer of protest aroused by this heinous action.

  10. Susheela Muralidhar

    Hillary’s name should be in the ballot and her delegates should have vote in the first ballot.
    Tim Russert was bad to her and karma talked its way…..

  11. The MSM needs to wake up and do their jobs. Obama is now controlling access of the reports to he camp…Not good…

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