Meet the Press, Obama, Tim Russert, May 4, 2008, Obama lovefest, soliloquys

Barack Obama was the guest of Tim Russert on Meet the Press, Sunday, May 4, 2008. Did Russert ask Obama tough questions? Did Obama answer tough questions or did he launch into another diversion of a soliloquy?

Did Russert ask Obama about William Ayers?

Did Russert ask Obama about Robert Blackwell?

Did Russert ask Obama about Tony rezko?

Did Russert ask Obama about Larry Sinclair?

Did Russert ask Obama about Donald Young’s murder?

Here are questions Tim Russert asked Obama:

1. Jeremiah Wright.  Russert asked a few tough questions about Wright and the fact that Obama knew about Wright’s hate sermons in 2007.

Obama used the opportunity to distance himself from Wright and used most of the first 20 minutes as a soliloquy to talk about race, etc.

2. Russert asked if Obama thought it was fair to question his judgement.

So far, after about 20 minutes, it has been an opportunity for Obama to present his platform and ignore questions with diversions, and soliloquys.

I will keep you updated.

3. Oooh, here’s a tough question. What do you think about Clinton’s temporary gas tax removal?

Obama agreed it wa pandering. Why didn’t Russert ask Obama if he had done anything meaningful in the senate regarding our energy policy.

4. Oooh, another tough question. What about ethanol a subject important in your state?

5. Iraq and Iran. Would you support limited strikes in Iran?

Obama responded:

Iran is the beneficiary of our being in Iraq. We should have regional discussions and direct talks. When asked about the comments that a quick withdrawal from Iraq would cause genocide, Obama spoke of a phased withdrawal. He mentioned 1 to 2 brigades per month and taking 2 years. (This sounds like the current plan).

6. Should the US protect other nations from Iran.

Obama gave an evasive answer unlike Hillary’s earlier response.

7. Afghanistan. Would you as president, be in favor of a surge?

Obama, yes.

8. If the super delegates get together and pick Clinton, what would you do.

Obama rambled and spoke of supporting the Democratic party against John McCain.

This was one of the worst interviews I have ever witnessed. It came as no surprise. NBC is in bed with their “golden boy”, Obama. I am disappointed in Russert. He is capable of so much more. We get no surprises from the MSM. 


5 responses to “Meet the Press, Obama, Tim Russert, May 4, 2008, Obama lovefest, soliloquys

  1. goodtimepolitics

    There is no way the media will get tough on Obama as long as they have Al Sharpen and Jessie Jackson plus the moveon.ore people looking over their shoulders. Fox news is about the only ones that will ask the tough questions, but they could be tougher.

  2. Mainstream media is a joke and they are ignorant to the fact that America knows they are a joke.
    That is why the media watches the bloggers and the politicians are afraid of the bloggers.

  3. (I Left this comment on Larry’s blog too.)

    Ok, ok, I’m confused. Read this transcript from the Russert interview today, and tell me if you see anything odd? What side is Barack on?? He says here that he would “act forcefully on any attack AGAINST Iran,” HUH?? Did anyone else catch this?

    “MR. RUSSERT: Would you respond against Iran?

    SEN. OBAMA: It–Israel is a ally of ours. It is the most important ally we have in the region, and there’s no doubt that we would act forcefully and appropriately on any attack against Iran, nuclear or otherwise.”

  4. Carly Concerned Canadian

    Citizen, thank you for keeping us informed.
    We have learned alot from each other and working together in search of the truth.
    The MSM has let us all down.

  5. Spike, I heard the same thing. I think it was a Freudian Slip. He rambles on so that I do not think he knows what he says half the time. They never ask him any questions that he deems “trivial” but those are the questions I want to see him try and wiggle out of which of course they would let him pass. Maybe someday it will all come to light, but at this point, I am very discouraged.

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