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I was allerted to this controversy by a fellow blogger from the creeping sharia blog. Many people have been questioning poll results lately with one poll showing a lead for Clinton and another for Obama, with a wide variance. There may be a reason the Zogby poll numbers are skewed. Obama is friends with the Zogby’s. Here are some interesting exerpts from the blog, but I strongly urge you to read the blog and decide for yourself.

“Introducing the Zogby family – James, John, and Joseph.”

“James (Jim) Zogby is founder of the Arab American Institute and also writes for Huffington Post.”

“Before founding the Arab American Institute, Zogby created the Palestine Human Rights Commission as the propaganda arm of the Palestine Liberation Organization, a terrorist group responsible for murdering thousands, including 11 Israeli athletes, at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

The PLO was created in 1964 with the goal of “destroying the Jewish presence in Palestine.”

Like CAIR, Zogby’s Arab American Institute bills itself as an Arab American civil rights organization that spends a great deal of its time squelching criticism of Arab and Islamic terrorism, and inhibiting our government’s efforts to prevent another attack like Sept. 11, 2001.”

“Zogby’s rationalization of Hamas and Hizbollah should also raise eyebrows.”

“…In the mid-1990s, Zogby stated that it was important to view Hamas terrorism against Israelis as an understandable part of “a cycle” of violence. He stressed the importance of trying “to understand why the [Hamas] perpetrators acted as they did or why there are people whose anger and despair bring them to support this or that crime.” Also in that decade, Zogby extolled the Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon, referring to them as “the Lebanese armed resistance”…source

“Zogby’s Arab American Institute election web page (screen shot included in case it disappears) includes the transcript of a 2007 address to AAI by Barack Obama, who begins by stating:

“Hello, everyone. Let me begin by congratulating your president and my good friend, Jim Zogby, for his work in putting together this conference. It’s an honor to have his support.””

“James Zogby is the brother of John Zogby, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zogby International. Brother Jim is also a senior analyst for the company widely recognized for its Zogby Polls. Did you catch that? The founder of pro-Palestinian organizations is a senior analyst at a leading polling organization in the U.S. Could any of James anti-American, pro-Arab bias be reflected in his poll results?”

“The My DD blog asks: Is there a Zogby-Obama connection?

I wouldn’t be so shocked about the newly released Zogby poll finding Hillary Clinton behind John McCain by 10 points, if James Zogby (brother of Zogby’s CEO John Zogby, and senior analyst of said company) had not become a pro-Obama op-ed columnist for a day in the pro-Obama Huffington Post, and called for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race.

Do you see a connection here?

Similarly weird is the fact that an AP-Ipsos had been dominating the headlines today with poll with a totally opposite outcome: Hillary up by 9%.

Am I the only one who thinks the timing of this poll is very strange, as if it had come as a damage-control response to the AP poll, carrying the message, “not so fast, Clinton is not the most electable candidate after all!

How ethical is it for a senior analyst in a poll to ask for a race to be over?”

To read more about this latest Obama controversy, click here:



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