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***  Update September 29, 2009,  5:25 PM ET – see below ***

I do not know much about the arrest of TN attorney Leo Haffey, but by God I am going to find out. I am now following this story closely and I should know more later today.

I do want to make the following crystal clear:

To Nashville and Tennessee courts and politicians and the Obama camp. We are watching you. If there is the hint of inpropriety in regard to justice and the treatment of attorney Leo Haffey, we will find out, report this to the entire world and descend upon you with righteous indignation and legal recourse such as you could not imagine in your wildest dreams. Clear?

Here are a few facts:
I received this in an email on Thursday, August 27, 2009, 12:38 PM
“obama co-conspirators. Charges should be brought against bo & his co-conspirators in every State in the USA. Then bo etc. can be prosecuted criminally and civilly. I have the Brief to get it before SCOTUS upon Original Jurisdiction.
Leo Haffey”

I received this in an email on September 19, 2009

“Free Leo The Lawyer From Jail
Why is Leo the Lawyer in Jail in Nashville?
Leo the Lawyer (Leo Haffey) is an attorney from Nashville, TN who is a tireless patriot familiar to many of us on the Internet and various blogs.

The official charges are assault. His bond was revoked. No one has been injured and there are serious questions about the political motives of his accusers who are politically powerful liberal Democrats.

Attempts are being made to administer anti-psychotic drugs to Leo even though Leo says there has been no diagnosis established.

He was not allowed to call his wife or daughter in his defense, however the prosecution has called them as witnesses for the prosecution.

I don’t know enough about this case to speak authoritatively but I do smell a rat.

I established this blog as a showcase for some of Leo’s writings and to provide an information hub for his family, friends, and supporters.

If you would like to post articles, comments, or good wishes to Leo please contact Aristotle the Hun at writerpromo@comcast.net


I found this somewhere

“Think UR safe N US?
I was arrested 4 times without probable cause & imprisoned at Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute. I’m a Lawyer who knows his rights so I forced the “doctors” to release me, but if they can arrest a lawyer without probable cause and falsely imprison him in Nashville, merely because the lawyer was speaking out against Obama, imagine what Obama’s goons will do to the average American who speaks out.

How is what they did to me any different from what the islamo-Fascists in Iran are doing to Freedom Fighters, other than they did not just murder me on the Streets of Nashville?
Mayor Dean, DA Torry Johnson & PC Serpas tried to get me imprisoned in Middle Tennessee Middle Health Institute to try and silence me, to prevent me from exposing their crimes and the coverup of Obama’s crimes in Tennessee.
Leo P. Haffey Tennessee Bar #015106″
Read more:


I hope to provide more details later today.

*** Update ***

I just got off the phone with someone close to the case. The court case was continued this afternoon.

There is much more to this that I am not at liberty to discuss due to the sensitive nature of the case. All I can say is that this story is much deeper than it appears.

More info – September 29, 2009, 8:05 PM ET

I just got off the phone with Leo. His wife was able to patch through a three way call.

He is very encouraged by CW’s post and gives warm thanks for all your prayers.

He needs a lawyer! Urgently!

I have established a Leo Haffey Defense Fund at:

Aristotle the Hun