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Lakin court martial judge Pentagon Prostitute?, Colonel Denise R. Lind, Citizen Wells open thread, September 29, 2010

Lakin court martial judge Pentagon Prostitute?, Colonel Denise R. Lind

There are plenty of pimps and prostitutes in our government, from Obama to his White House staff, to our courts and even our military. Pimps and prostitutes doing the bidding of the mack daddy in chief, Obama. When I read this article this morning, it had to go up.

From TheBirthers.org.

“This is a question that cost me more than a few stripes in my short but colorful military career, but I find that I need to ask Army Col. Denise R. Lind, (the Judge, Jury and Executioner in the trial of the United States vs. Lt. Col. Lakin,) this same question.

You did take an oath when they pinned those “butter bars”on your shoulders. As an officer you do not swear to obey a person, but to be faithful to the Constitution of the United States. Something about protecting and defending it against all enemies, foreign and domestic is missing from your perspective which is why I need to ask you this question.

It was more than one time coming back from the field I would run into some WM, looking for a salute, usually I was simply too damn tired to play their game. And I would usually found myself standing in front of the “Gunner” who would ask me why I didn’t salute the young lieutenant, and I would stand there at attention and with a straight face look the Gunner in the eye and say, “Sir, I could not distinguish between rank or jewelry, sir.” Normally it was a reduction in rank, and a nominal fine, and the WM would walk out of the Gunner’s office thinking she won. Then the Gunner would pull the bottle of Jack out of his drawer and give me words of his wisdom. He said if you cannot respect the person, you respect the rank. You do not salute the person who did not earn respect, but the rank on their shoulders.

Well Denise let me put it this way, I can never respect a Pentagon Prostitute, so I am looking at your shoulders to see your rank. What I see are not eagles, they are vultures. It is not rank I see, just cheap costume jewelry.”

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