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John and Cindy McCain were recently on “The View” and treated poorly. Most of those on “The View” are obviously in bed with Obama. Joy Behar spoke of lies coming from the McCain campaign. That is in line with the standard Obama camp approach of personal attacks on anyone asking questions of their messiah Obama. Larry Sinclair has put up a post in the form of a letter asking Whoopi Goldberg, “what happened to the independent, fair minded, and no BS woman I got to know and admire?” Here is the post from Larry Sinclair:

“Saturday, September 13, 2008


UPDATED 9-13-08 @ 4:42 PM CDT
In response to a comment submitted to this article I wanted to make something clear. This letter is not in any way attacking or degrading Whoopi (whom I personally owe a debt of gratitude), but is asking the simple question, “What happened to the Whoopi I knew and loved?”

Dear Whoopi,

I am writing you this open letter to ask, what happened to the independent, fair minded, and no BS woman I got to know and admire?

After watching portions of the “VIEW” with John and Cindy McCain, I noticed the woman who I had gotten to know has changed into yet another “mouth piece” for the Obama media circus.

What happened to the Whoopi who used to be scared of nothing and who kissed no ones ass? We got to know each other well over the ten (10) years you helped pay my school tuition, you sent all the post cards and letters from all the film festivals, the monthly packages of the Hollywood Reporter and Variety, all the Reebok shoes when you were there spokeswoman. What happen to the lady who didn’t give a shit when people trashed you for always having white men instead of a black boyfriend? What happened to the woman that used to say the truth mattered more than the hype?

What happened to Whoopi? Where was Whoopi when Michelle Obama appeared on the VIEW? Why didn’t you ask Michelle about Barack being on the dow low? Why didn’t you ask what Michelle thought of Barack’s lover Donald Young (whom Michelle knew) being murdered in cold blood? Why didn’t you ask Michelle or Barack about Barack Smoking crack Cocaine in 1999?

Whoopi, I know you knew about all of this because I emailed it to you, and even faxed it to your Whoop, Inc/One Ho Productions offices.

What happened to the Whoopi I knew and admired and shared so much with? I guess Ron Holder would ask the same question, Where is the Whoopi I knew and loved?”

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