ABC15 Phoenix AZ fake news bias or more?, History of lies about 2020 election why?, McCain legacy or Democrat ties?, Partnered with Maricopa Board of Supervisors

ABC15 Phoenix AZ fake news bias or more?, History of lies about 2020 election why?, McCain legacy or Democrat ties?, Partnered with Maricopa Board of Supervisors

“If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona reveals their bias in the following video.

Status quo, par for the course.

At the end they stated:

“As for that audit, what actually comes from it – likely not much, but it is important to know that state law actually prevents the county from handing over any actual ballots.”


Are they in the pocket of the Democrat Party or is this part of the legacy of traitor John McCain?

ABC15 has a history of lies and protecting the Arizona elections officials.

ABC15 January 27, 2021.

“In fact, the hand count audit of approximately 47,000 votes yielded a 100% match with the machine-tabulated results.”


All ABC15 had to do was what Citizen Wells did. Examine the Arizona Hand Count Audit.

From Citizen Wells January 30, 2021.

27 percent of counties had discrepancies!

33 percent of counties did not participate!

Maricopa County sampled only .3 percent of the ballots!

ABC15 January 29, 2021.

“And the truth is, in the past, Sharpies were banned at voting centers because they could bleed through the paper. But in 2020, Maricopa County was using updated machines where Sharpies were actually the preferred pen since they dry so fast. But before election officials could even get ahead of the viral video, it was too late. Hobbs was suddenly on the defense.

This controversy is just one example of how fast misinformation can spread online. In this social media age, more and more people get their news from internet sources that aren’t fact-based — not understanding how to tell fact from fiction.”

Lie (Misleading)

Citizen Wells November 16, 2020.

“Texas Dominion Voting Systems testing and evaluations report dated February 15, 2019.”

Based on the foregoing observations and my examination of the Democracy 5.5 System, its accompanying literature and the presentation made by Dominion officials both in its literature and at the examination, I cannot recommend that the Democracy 5.5 System be certified as compliant with the requirements of the TEXAS ELECTION CODE and the TEXAS ADMINISTRATIVE
CODE. My opinion could potentially change of corrections to the identified problems (in my report and other reports) are properly corrected and presented to the Secretary’s office. ”

“In a follow-up, the vendor stated that only black Sharpie markers should be used for marking the ballots; however, when the black sharpie was used during testing, it did, on a few occasions, bleed through to the back side of the two-sided ballot in such a way that it could confuse the ballot scanner or kick the ballot out. “

It is almost like ABC15 is on the payroll of Katie Hobbs.



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8 responses to “ABC15 Phoenix AZ fake news bias or more?, History of lies about 2020 election why?, McCain legacy or Democrat ties?, Partnered with Maricopa Board of Supervisors

  1. “The certification of Arizona’s FALSE results is unethical and knowingly participating in the corruption that has disenfranchised AZ voters,” …Jenna Ellis

  2. CW
    Breaking What’s going on?

    Trump’s impeachment defense team leaves less than two weeks before trial (5 attorneys)
    No other attorneys have announced they are working on Trump’s impeachment defense.A person familiar with the departures said that Trump wanted the attorneys to argue there was mass election fraud and that the election was stolen from him rather than focus on the legality of convicting a president after he’s left office. Trump was not receptive to the discussions about how they should proceed in that regard.

  3. I trust Trump.
    Not average attorney.

  4. Hopefully Trump has consulted with Cruz.

  5. hapnHal
    ………but the criminal acts involving the election were, and still are the underlying power driving the alleged and otherwise moronic impeachment of a now private citizen……..therefore it is RELEVANT!!!!! In truth it is an attempt to take away the 1st Amendment rights of a now PRIVATE CITIZEN. The so called impeachment is clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Yes lawyers might walk away from the truth because they are unable to get their heads around the notion that it is all tied together. Probably Trump is better off without such lamebrains representing him. Probably Sidney Powell could do much better BY HERSELF!!!!

  6. CW…….
    ……….and look closely at what the slimy POS around Cruz are trying to do to him……you will see why if you look at what has happened in the last few months to Cruz. SELF EXPLANATORY. !!!! YES if he was to represent Trump he would probably blow up the entire DEMOCRATIC LOAD OF BULLS-IT.

  7. AND,
    …………what would happen if Powell, and Cruz worked as a team?

  8. Good question.
    Lot of talent & experience.

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