Georgia Senate subcommittee election hearing Dec 30, Amazing testimony & evidence, Motion to request mail in ballots for Cheeley Law & Pulitzer review

Georgia Senate subcommittee election hearing Dec 30, Amazing testimony & evidence, Motion to request mail in ballots for Cheeley Law & Pulitzer review

“Russell J. Ramsland, Jr., a cybersecurity expert from Texas, testified that his team had compared data from Dominion voting machines in those places where they were used around the nation…..Ramsland estimated that these anomalies translated to between 123,000 and 136,000 extra votes for Vice President Biden in Georgia.”…GA senate chairman Ligon report on testimony from Dec 3, 2020 hearing

“We are calling upon the elections officials to engage the GBI to investigate any and all fraudulent activities, including those which were brought to light during Senate committee hearings on December 3, 2020.”…Georgia Senate Republicans December 8, 2020

” This must be about stopping Trump”…Gabriel Sterling , GA election official


Anyone who witnessed the Georgia Senate subcommittee election hearing today December 30, 2020 who doesn’t now believe there was widespread flagrant election fraud and irregularities is crazy and/or corrupt.

The testimony and evidence provided was amazing and compelling.

Possibly the most forceful and compelling testimony came from expert witness  Jovan Pulitzer.

He explained the discrepancies in some of the ballots.

His presentation began around 1:18:50.


Among those testifying in the latter part of the hearing were Rudy Giuliani and Bob Cheeley of the Cheeley Law Group.

At the end a motion was voted on to request mail in ballots from Fulton County for review by the Cheeley Law Group and Jovan Pulitzer.

This is some of the most compelling and relevant testimony you will ever hear and you are urged to watch it.



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5 responses to “Georgia Senate subcommittee election hearing Dec 30, Amazing testimony & evidence, Motion to request mail in ballots for Cheeley Law & Pulitzer review

  1. “Any system, financial, voting, or otherwise, that is not repeatable nor dependable should not be used,”..Coffee County Board of Elections

  2. CW……
    ………..I watched about 2 hrs of the Georgia testimony today. The testimony reflected the same allegations we heard regarding the Michigan hearings, and those of Arizona, and Philadelphia. In addition what I found compelling was the statistic curves of each state which were presented by an expert in statistics. All of the BS occurred in the same manner, and effected the curve of each state almost exactly the same. Further, I hasten to add that the misregister of the printing on the red ballot screams PHONY. Have you ever looked at a publication in which there were color photographs and one or more of the superimposed colors were hanging out? That is called misregister. Any press operator who allows this to happen should be fired forthwith. When tabulation machinery is dependent upon the accurate printing of a ballot KEY it’s positioning is CRITICAL to the accurate tabulation of that document downstream as well. During the operation of my printing company I produced millions of KEY PUNCH cards for a local company. These had to be accurate to within .002″ both vertically, and horizontally. Our pressmen had to periodically observe the functioning of the side guide and the gripper functions to be certain that each sheet of paper was being pulled/or pushed to the guide stops and held there until the cylinder grippers closed upon the lead edge of the sheet. In the case of roll fed presses photoelectric cells focused upon a registration bullseye is wired to electrically operated mechanical registering pinions. Sometimes there is some misregistration when the press begins to operate, the press is run at very low speed, while the registering in process is done by the lead pressman. When he has everything as it should be he then begins to bring the press up to production speed. In the case of our multi color ATF 36″ perfector the production speed was usually 19,000 IPH . This machine printed both sides of the paper, then the paper passed through an enclosed gas fired drying oven, then entered the folder and stacking devices. We printed up to four colors on each side of the paper simultaneously. Accurate registration of all colors was MANDATORY for all pressmen before the job was produced.

  3. AND…….
    …………with respect to a “watermark” this is done at the papermaking mill. It is NOT PRINTED on to the paper. You can find watermarks on many stationery type of papers…….particularly on higher grade cotton content bond paper. Paper mills will produce what the customer asks, and pays for. If a customer specifies a certain watermark be infused…. that is when it is done.

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