Fulton County GA ballots removed by trucks for shredding?, Jovan Pulitzer claim in Monica Matthews Dec 31 interview, If so that is clear evidence of fraud

Fulton County GA ballots removed by trucks for shredding?, Jovan Pulitzer claim in Monica Matthews Dec 31 interview, If so that is clear evidence of fraud

“Russell J. Ramsland, Jr., a cybersecurity expert from Texas, testified that his team had compared data from Dominion voting machines in those places where they were used around the nation…..Ramsland estimated that these anomalies translated to between 123,000 and 136,000 extra votes for Vice President Biden in Georgia.”…GA senate chairman Ligon report on testimony from Dec 3, 2020 hearing

“We are calling upon the elections officials to engage the GBI to investigate any and all fraudulent activities, including those which were brought to light during Senate committee hearings on December 3, 2020.”…Georgia Senate Republicans December 8, 2020

” This must be about stopping Trump”…Gabriel Sterling , GA election official


From Citizen Wells December 30, 2020.

“Anyone who witnessed the Georgia Senate subcommittee election hearing today December 30, 2020 who doesn’t now believe there was widespread flagrant election fraud and irregularities is crazy and/or corrupt.

The testimony and evidence provided was amazing and compelling.

Possibly the most forceful and compelling testimony came from expert witness  Jovan Pulitzer.”

“Among those testifying in the latter part of the hearing were Rudy Giuliani and Bob Cheeley of the Cheeley Law Group.

At the end a motion was voted on to request mail in ballots from Fulton County for review by the Cheeley Law Group and Jovan Pulitzer.”


From GateWay Pundit December 31, 2020.

“Then following the hearing the subcommittee unanimously passed a motion to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots with the process Pulitzer outlined during the hearing.

During Thursday’s discussion with Monica Matthews the two discussed the process of exposing ballot fraud via technology along with very heartfelt personal reasons every American should demand the integrity of this election be upheld. Pulitzer also confirmed that China is in fact, online with a GA polling station TODAY.”

“Then Jovan Pulitzer dropped this bomb!

Pulitzer told Monica Matthews that as soon as he was tasked with auditing the Fulton County ballots trucks pulled up to the facility and the ballots were being loaded into the trucks and were being shredded.

Jovan Pulitzer: I’d like your permission of you and your fine audience that as I answer you that I have your permission to piss you off… The very minute that order went through and that order was followed, and all the legal notices were done, it didn’t even take four hours later where moving trucks with this stuff was backed up to those buildings trying to get rid of the evidence.”


If this is so, we have conclusive evidence of fraud!

Jovan Pulitzer interview

At approx 34.20 and 39.15






More here:











15 responses to “Fulton County GA ballots removed by trucks for shredding?, Jovan Pulitzer claim in Monica Matthews Dec 31 interview, If so that is clear evidence of fraud

  1. “I noticed that almost all of the ballots I reviewed were for Biden.
    Many batches went 100% for Biden. I also observed that the
    watermark on at least 3 ballots were solid gray instead of
    transparent, leading me to believe the ballot was counterfeit.”…Sidney Powell Georgia lawsuit

  2. YES…….
    ………Sidney Powell is probably correct. This was more than likely a screen tint of 10% which was used to make it look like a watermark. To inexperienced people it would have an approximate appearance of a watermark. The primary difference is that the true watermark is infused when the paper is being manufactured at the mill. Watermarks ARE NOT APPLIED BY PRINTERS. On the fake ballots the alleged watermark WAS APPLIED BY THE PRINTER. In a true mill infused watermark the design is ALWAYS more transparent than the surrounding blank paper. The transparent area shows the watermark design as lighter than the surrounding paper.
    To observe a watermark find a sheet of 20# Bond paper having cotton content.(usually cockle finish) which is fairly expensive stationery paper. It comes 8.50×11, and 17″x22″, and 22″x 34″. Printers often purchase any of the three sizes. This has to do with the print size of the machine they are going to use to print stationery for a customer.

  3. AND……
    ……..Congress has within it’s power to NULLIFY an election if it is deemed having been tampered with. If it has been tampered with it no longer accurately reflects the will of the voters. We can no longer look to the SCOTUS for relief in any circumstances. Really SAD. The SCOTUS is NOW the property of the RADICAL LEFT of America.

  4. AND…….
    ……….I seriously doubt that anyone at the SCOTUS other than Alito, or Thomas have any meaningful understanding of the Constitution ITSELF. The “JONNY COME LATELIES” at the SCOTUS know ONLY CASE LAW. Nobody other than Alito, or Thomas has the ability, or will to apply Constitutional law AS WRITTEN. IN SHORT THEY ARE USELESS.

  5. AND…….
    ……….Roberts once publicly replied to “Chucky Baby” that he was not prepared, or willing to delve into a 150 year old ruling by the SCOTUS of yesteryear. This sort of language coming from the Chief Justice tells a really SAD STORY about Roberts himself.

  6. ALSO…….
    ……….it would not surprise me if we one day discover that the DEMOCRATIC party was behind the US spread of COVID 19.

  7. OS88,

    Happy 2021!

    Let’s not forget that Fauci directed millions of American taxpayer dollars to build that lab in Wuhan.

    Tell me that the gub’mint rats aren’t heavily involved in this COVID business!

  8. IF……..
    ………..someone out there has some Bond paper with a watermark on it, it would be great if you could post a picture of a true watermark. This has to first be uploaded into a computer via a scanner. Anyone having 20# stationery paper, might have watermarked paper. For people who are unfamiliar with what a watermark is….. showing one would go a long way towards clearing the air. I would do this myself but unfortunately I do not have a scanner type printer. You will need a scanner type printer to upload the watermark into your computer. Then it can be posted.

    ………much of the so called ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT BS is becoming clearer by the hour. The DEMOCRATIC party is IN BED with China……this is pretty clear, and ultimately China will be the RULING entity of Earth (including the US). How many Americans are going to sit still and allow China to tell us what we should do , and how we should live. Probably only the nosepicking, unbathed, low IQ street punks would let that happen. This way they could burn down all of America. They would go completely crazy looting and burning every business in America. Yeah sure, defund the police and/or dismantle all police departments…….yep this equals total chaos, and allows China to be invited in to quell the 2nd Revolutionary war by Joe Malarkey. US military would be given orders to STAND DOWN, and eventually our military will be replaced by Chinese military who will promptly kill any American who shows even the slightest inclination towards fighting back. The CROOKED ELECTION was the first step in the process by the psychotic DEMOCRATS. Hopefully Congress will vote to UNDO all of the ALLEGED ELECTION.

  10. AND……
    ……..in the face of all that has happened Congress could vote to retain President Trump past his departure date as INTERIM POTUS. Once the CRIMINAL BASTARDS in our government are cleaned out and imprisoned then a regular election can be carried out in 2024. The DEMOCRATS are doing everything they can to seat DEMENTED JOE MALARKEY, who in truth will be NOTHING BUT A FIGUREHEAD. MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. PUNKY HARRIET will be calling all the shots, after she is advised by the China PRESIDENT. PING WILL NEUTRALIZE HARRIET WITH ONE SIMPLE JESTURE…….at which point she will discover how damn stupid she really is.

  11. AND…….

  12. AND…….
    ……….could the Rose Bowl game turn into another Mississippi vs Tulsa melee. Did anybody see what the aforementioned game turned into? In all probability both schools will be heavily penalized by forfeiting 2 years of participating in collegiate football by the appropriate commissions. All because of a hotheaded moron, who will more than likely be permanently out of his school’s football organization. Even one of the field referee officials was severely assaulted.

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