Barr USDOJ media Senator Peters et al guilty of deceiving American public on Hunter Biden, Investigation began way before election, 17% would have changed vote 

Barr USDOJ media Senator Peters et al guilty of deceiving American public on Hunter Biden, Investigation began way before election, 17% would have changed vote

“And if I were a Democrat primary voter, I’d want these questions satisfactorily answered before I cast my final vote.”…Senator Johnson Mar 4, 2020 on Hunter Biden investigation

“I’m making this statement to set the record straight about the involvement of the Biden family, Vice President Biden, his brother Jim Biden, and his son Hunter Biden in dealings with the Chinese.”,,,Tony Bobulinski

“The same voter fraud in Michigan that gave Biden the lead likely did so for Senator Gary Peters. The reason he protest so much.”…Citizen Wells


Attorney General Barr let the American people down.

Falsely hiding behind erroneous lofty ideals will not change that.

From The Epoch Times December 19, 2020.

“Barr Defends Not Making Hunter Biden Probe Public Before Election

Attorney General William Barr said in an interview published Friday that he has no regrets over not letting the public know before the election that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son was under investigation.

Barr told The Wall Street Journal that a Department of Justice (DOJ) rule against publicly confirming probes that involve candidates for office is “not absolute” and that he could think of scenarios in which the government has “decisive evidence of a serious crime against a candidate.”

Absent such decisive evidence, though, Barr said, there’s “damn good reason for the rule,” which protects candidates and people in their orbits from the government.

“Think about the power it would give the federal bureaucracy,” Barr said. “The standard for investigating someone is low. So just gin up an investigation, make it public, affect every election.”

Barr, in expressing no regrets, tacitly expressed for the first time that he knew Hunter Biden was under investigation by federal authorities before Nov. 3 but didn’t let the public know.”

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There are 4 huge problems with Barr’s position:

  1. The Hunter Biden investigation has been ongoing since at least 2018.
  2. The FBI has had possession of Hunter’s laptop for well over a year.
  3. Barr’s job was to protect the American people.
  4. 17% of Democrat voters polled indicated they would have changed their vote.

The Fake News Media as expected, did their best to hide and obfuscate the Hunter Biden crime spree.

Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, in conjunction with the FBI, tried to downplay the story and slowed the investigation.

From Citizen Wells.

“Condensed timeline with relevance:

  1. The Albuquerque FBI rejected Hunter Biden’s laptop in July 2019. The son of former VP Biden, with political aspirations who was already associated with shady activities. The offer was made by a retired colonel. Incompetence or more anti Trump bias from the FBI?
  2. ” mid-October of 2019, an FBI Agent reached out to Colonel Mac Isaac” John Paul’s contact information provided.
  3. December 9, 2019 FBI subpoena gave them possession of the computer and hard drive.
  4. February – July 2020 John Paul reached out to several members of Congress and was ignored.
  5. Early September 2020 John Paul reached out to Rudy Giuliani and his attorney Robert Costello.
  6. ” September 24, 2020, John Paul then submitted information about the drive to Senator Ron Johnson through the whistleblower link”
  7. On September 24, 2020 Senators Johnson and Grassley released the following report: “ Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and RelatedConcerns”

It is abundantly clear from the timeline above that the FBI had every opportunity to provide information that likely would have stopped the President Trump Impeachment in its tracks.


The FBI apparently lied to Senate Committees in March 2020.

Senator Ron Johnson of the Homeland Security Committee sent a letter to FBI Director Wray on October 17, 2020.

He requested information about the Hunter Biden laptop.

From the Senate Committees on Homeland Security and Finance:

After taking possession of the Hunter Biden laptop in December 2019, the FBI tells them in a March 2020 meeting:

“made clear to our staff that they did not have any additional information to provide”

So who at the FBI kept this important information from the Senate Committees?”

From Senator Gary Peters of Michigan.

“Unfortunately, Chairman Johnson and Chairman Grassley have pursued widely debunked allegations against Vice President Biden and the Obama Administration as their highest investigative priority. Over the past year, the Chairmen have sent 17 letters, conducted more than 50 hours of transcribed interviews, held three in person business meetings to authorize 46 subpoenas, and issued 17 press releases to publicize their allegations. “
“Although the Chairmen’s partisan investigation has broken Committee practices and longstanding traditions of bipartisan oversight, Ranking Member Peters and Ranking Member Wyden hope the facts laid out in this report will correct the record and return the Committees to their core missions of safeguarding our national security and vital institutions, and working on behalf of the American people.”

The same voter fraud that gave Biden a lead likely did so for Senator Peters.

Probably why he was outspoken and forceful during the hearing.



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12 responses to “Barr USDOJ media Senator Peters et al guilty of deceiving American public on Hunter Biden, Investigation began way before election, 17% would have changed vote 

  1. “It is clear the Chinese want Joe Biden to win. They have plenty of blackmail material to continue influencing (controlling) him.”…Citizen Wells

  2. BUT,
    ………..when his back is toward them they laugh at him, and make lewd jokes about him. In truth the Chinese despise him. They will continue to smile nicely to his face, and in his twisted, demented mind he thinks they LIKE HIM. In truth they are USING HIM, and he is to demented to realize that fact. The COMMIE Chinese aren’t in the position they are in by having played games with knuckle heads like Joe Malarkey. They have stolen massive amounts of US technology, thanks to prior American knuckle heads. Slick Willy gave the Chinese our missile guidance technology. He rationalized his treasonous act by saying that the chips were available from American TOY MAKERS. Ultimately Slick Willy will pay the supreme price. Perhaps one day a lot of angry Americans might choose to dump a truckload of human excrement upon his final resting place.

  3. Endless investigations and media stories on the russia crap, which was all a hoax.

    No investigations into Biden and his Chinese corruption, which we know for a fact happened via Biden laptops and business partners. The doj has not been investigating, they have been hiding Biden’s guilt.
    And of course the republican senate has not done a thing, either. After countless hours harassing Trump.

    It’s time for a new country. This one is shot.

  4. Since Flynn or somebody said it has been discussed using the military to get the Dominion voting systems servers in order to analyze them, the top Generals have come out and said they won’t do it. (the implication is they won’t do it if ordered to do it by Trump)

    And there was Sec Def Esper saying he would not involve the military if ordered to do so by Trump back when Seattle was blowing up and mobs were descending on Wash DC. Black lives matter mobs.

    It’s the same old crap. If Biden is installed, the Generals will jump to attention and do anything Biden tells them to do. This country is a powder keg and i think we will all be shocked at what the Generals will do for their liberal masters that they worship. Suddenly, it’s unconstitutional to involve the military will be all forgotten by the Obamagenerals.

  5. And,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Patriots are praying tonight that Donald Trump will impose martial law in disputed states, seize voting machines for forensic examination, and appoint Sidney Powell as special counsel to investigate election fraud.
    Our country must learn the TRUTH of 20/20 election.

    President Trump must act.
    And President Trump must act soon.

  6. hapnHal……
    ………..just don’t hold your breath while you wait for something to happen. We have passed the point of NO RETURN. We either lift off, or we crash and burn at the end of the runway. One, or all of our engines are NOT delivering full takeoff power…….END OF RUNWAY IN SIGHT!!!!!!

  7. oldsailor85++

    Think there are any planes going to Guam?

  8. hapnHal……
    ………..ahhhhhhh yes, good ole Guam (land of the GOONEY BIRD).

  9. Our old friend Leo Donofrio is back. This time with more legal analysis that certainly seems like it has his i’s dotted and it’s t’s crossed. Analysis on how to win this election.

  10. fhl…….
    ……….in normal times the reasoning at American thinker is accurate. Unfortunately we now have a corrupted government so we cannot rely upon Congress for ANYTHING. WHAT IS LEFT? THE FOURTH BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT……..WE THE PEOPLE.BUT ONCE AGAIN WE SEE A VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE OF AMERICANS WHO HAVEN’T THE SLIGHTEST IDEA, OR EVEN SEEM TO CARE ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THEM. THEY SHOW NO WILLINGNESS WHATSOEVER TO FIGHT THE BASTARDS WHO ARE DESTROYING AMERICA, OR THOSE WHO ARE LEADING THEM. ALL MANY AMERICANS SEEM TO CARE ABOUT IS STUFFING THEIR FACES WITH AS MUCH PIZZA AS POSSIBLE, GUZZLING BOOZE BY THE BARREL, and SMOKING DOPE. America’s intellectual level has seriously deteriorated over the last 3 decades. When a fresh college grad cannot pass a grade 8 SAT there is a serious problem.

  11. AND,
    …….it is beginning to appear that even our military veterans have somehow become subdued. Many will no longer speak out about what they believe. Some just sit in the park all day and stare into space. They just shake their head and turn away from you when you try to talk about current events. YES, and I understand why. THE VETS ARE SICK OF HEARING BULLSH-T. I’M ONE OF THEM!!!!!

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