Hunter Biden laptop timeline incriminates FBI casts doubt on Attorney General Barr integrity, FBI withheld data from impeachment and lied to Senator Johnson committee

Hunter Biden laptop timeline incriminates FBI casts doubt on Attorney General Barr integrity, FBI withheld data from impeachment and lied to Senator Johnson committee

“I have heard Joe Biden say he has never discussed his dealings with Hunter. That is false. I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,”…Tony Bobulinski 

“I’m making this statement to set the record straight about the involvement of the Biden family, Vice President Biden, his brother Jim Biden, and his son Hunter Biden in dealings with the Chinese.”,,,Tony Bobulinski

“It is clear the Chinese want Joe Biden to win. They have plenty of blackmail material to continue influencing (controlling) him.”…Citizen Wells


The attorney for John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repairman who turned in Hunter Biden’s laptop and hard drive to the FBI, has provided a detailed timeline of events.

From Attorney Brian Della Rocca.

“Statement of Attorney Brian Della Rocca:

I represent John Paul Mac Isaac, the Mac repair shop owner in Wilmington, Delaware who unwittingly became the target of a smear campaign by doing what he thought was right. John Paul is not a right-wing fanatic nor is he a Russian hacker.

By way of background, John Paul has owned his shop for over ten years now. Prior to that, John Paul was the “Lead Genius” at the Apple Store in Littleton, Colorado and New Castle, Delaware. Once, while employed by Apple, he found himself in a situation where, while fixing a customer’s iMac, he came across seemingly illegal material. He followed protocol and contacted the authorities. No one questioned John Paul’s ethics then.

Fast-forward to April 12, 2019 when a man claiming to be Hunter Biden walked into his shop. While John Paul was pleased that someone of Hunter Biden’s notoriety was in his shop, he didnot question why Hunter Biden was there. In fact, Hunter Biden had been referred to John Paul’s shop. John Paul is well respected in the community and it would not have been uncommon for his patrons to refer others to his shop. John Paul provided a solution for one of Hunter Biden’s three laptops on the spot. Another laptop was a complete write-off but the third laptop required more significant intervention. That laptop remained in the shop with John Paul. Hunter Biden returned two days later with an external hard drive to which John Paul would transfer the information.

According to John Paul, recovering the data was difficult because of the significant liquid damage to the drive. He would boot the computer and transfer as much as he could before the computer shut down. Then, he would boot up the computer again, verify what was copied, and then transfer more data until the computer shut down again. This process repeated several times. During this process, John Paul saw certain pieces of information but, at the time, he did
not think anything of it. Instead, John Paul completed the work and contacted Hunter Biden to let him know. Hunter Biden never responded. As requested by Hunter Biden, a secure payment request was sent in an email but was never paid. John Paul contacted him at least one more time but Hunter Biden never responded. The policy of the shop is that items not picked up within 90
days of the completion of the services will be treated as abandoned property.

Around mid-July of 2019, news of Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the Ukraine were coming more into focus and John Paul started to get uncomfortable with the information he had seen. He was unsure if the hard drive contained information pertinent to the legal investigation. At that point, he reached out to his father, a retired Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, for advice
about what he should do. They both decided that going to the FBI and handing over the Mac and the drive was their best course of action. Soon thereafter, John Paul’s father took a copy of the hard drive to an FBI field office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The FBI turned John Paul’s father away.

Then, in mid-October of 2019, an FBI Agent reached out to Colonel Mac Isaac and wanted to discuss the Mac and drive. At that point, Colonel Mac Isaac passed along John Paul’s contact information. The FBI then reached out to John Paul and met him at his house to discuss John Paul’s concerns. On December 9, 2019, the FBI served a Subpoena on John Paul for the computer, the hard drive, and all related paperwork. He willingly gave it to the FBI and was happy to see it go.

Out of an abundance of caution, John Paul made a copy of the drive in case he was ever thrown under the bus as a result of what he knew. As John Paul watched the impeachment trial, he wondered why there was no reference to the information he had provided to the FBI. As a result, starting in February of 2020 and until July of 2020, John Paul reached out to several members of Congress to notify them of what he had in his possession. His requests fell on deaf ears.

Out of frustration, in the beginning of September, John Paul reached out to someone he thought would be able to provide the information directly to the President. That person was Rudy Giuliani. A day after John Paul reached out to Giuliani’s office, Robert Costello, Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, contacted John Paul to discuss the information and John Paul’s concerns.

On September 24, 2020, John Paul then submitted information about the drive to Senator Ron Johnson through the whistleblower link on Senator Johnson’s website. After that submission and while Giuliani’s office was still trying to verify the information, Senator Johnson released the senate report on the Biden business dealings. As we all know, prior to the New York Post’s exposé, rumors began to circulate about the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Those rumors
did not start with John Paul. We believe, due to the timing of the rumors, that the information may have been leaked by Senator Johnson’s office. Then, when Rudy Giuliani released the information to the New York Post, that is when John Paul’s life as a respected part of the Wilmington, Delaware community changed.”

Condensed timeline with relevance:

  1. The Albuquerque FBI rejected Hunter Biden’s laptop in July 2019. The son of former VP Biden, with political aspirations who was already associated with shady activities. The offer was made by a retired colonel. Incompetence or more anti Trump bias from the FBI?
  2. ” mid-October of 2019, an FBI Agent reached out to Colonel Mac Isaac” John Paul’s contact information provided.
  3. December 9, 2019 FBI subpoena gave them possession of the computer and hard drive.
  4. February – July 2020 John Paul reached out to several members of Congress and was ignored.
  5. Early September 2020 John Paul reached out to Rudy Giuliani and his attorney Robert Costello.
  6. ” September 24, 2020, John Paul then submitted information about the drive to Senator Ron Johnson through the whistleblower link”
  7. On September 24, 2020 Senators Johnson and Grassley released the following report: “ Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and RelatedConcerns”

It is abundantly clear from the timeline above that the FBI had every opportunity to provide information that likely would have stopped the President Trump Impeachment in its tracks.


The FBI apparently lied to Senate Committees in March 2020.

Senator Ron Johnson of the Homeland Security Committee sent a letter to FBI Director Wray on October 17, 2020.

He requested information about the Hunter Biden laptop.

From the Senate Committees on Homeland Security and Finance:

After taking possession of the Hunter Biden laptop in December 2019, the FBI tells them in a March 2020 meeting:

“made clear to our staff that they did not have any additional information to provide”

So who at the FBI kept this important information from the Senate Committees?

The corrupt FBI is clearly guilty of withholding information from the government and American People.

Attorney General Barr bears some responsibility.

Was he aware of the Hunter Biden laptop?

Consider this March 4, 2020 statement by Senator Johnson:

“And if I were a Democrat primary voter, I’d want these questions satisfactorily answered before I cast my final vote.”

How prophetic!

“Change my vote.”



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26 responses to “Hunter Biden laptop timeline incriminates FBI casts doubt on Attorney General Barr integrity, FBI withheld data from impeachment and lied to Senator Johnson committee

  1. “unwittingly became the target of a smear campaign by doing what he thought was right,” “John Paul is not a right-wing fanatic, nor is he a Russian hacker.”
    Attorney Della Rocca

  2. AND……
    ………obviously anybody who has the sort of stuff in his/her laptop that Hunter Biden had in his would be making a huge mistake by taking it to Mr. Isaac for repairs. Three cheers for Mr. Isaac!!!!! Hunter Biden is now nowhere to be found…….CRINGING, HIDING, and probably still doing crack, and “master-baiting” 24/7.


  4. POOR JOE…….
    …… engineer was testing JOE’s teleprompter, and when Joe saw “TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE” appear on the teleprompter he thought it was a word in the prepared message for him to read, and tried to pronounce it. As a result he got his tongue wrapped around his eye tooth, and couldn’t see what he was saying. har har If his tongue is still wrapped around his eye tooth his name must be Joe “spmrthccasbxtra”.

  5. fhl……..
    ………sadly it seems as though the higher the echelon the greater the political criminality.

  6. POOR JOE……
    ……..if he ever possessed any brain power it is more than clear now that it has TAKEN A WALK.!!!!!

  7. AND NOW……..
    ………..we wait, to see if America elects an intelligent POTUS, or a mentally compromised horse’s behind.

  8. Mueller report previously kept secret shows they tried like heck to indict assange, wikileaks and stone for hacking the dnc, but were thwarted by lack of evidence.

    Buzzfeed writes the article as if it’s a given that the russians hacked the dnc and assange et al were involved, but they just couldn’t prove it, so the criminals got off scot free.

    Never mentions that crowdstrike had no evidence and vips did have evidence to the contrary.

  9. fhl……
    ……….so if they don’t have any evidence they try to MANUFACTURE evidence. They went so far as to attempt to IMPEACH the POTUS using CONTRIVED EVIDENCE…….LOOK WHAT HAPPENED.!!!!!!

  10. Live map of election results from C-Span:

  11. GET READY…….
    ……….FOR HELL ON EARTH. Thanks to the SCOTUS we might not know who is POTUS for WEEKS. The US could be temporarily without a POTUS for WEEKS.

  12. AND,
    ………now both Trump and Biden are within reach of 270. Five states remain to finish counting votes. When a state has MORE VOTES than total registered voters THERE IS VOTER FRAUD GOING ON. Sadly the DEMOCRATS have been giving drivers licenses, and voter registrations to ILLEGALS. This needs to be taken up in a national RE-CENSUS EFFORT. The illegals can be easily found. If they are holding a voter status to which they ARE NOT ENTITLED, they should be immediately deported back to their own SANDPILE.

  13. AND NOW…….
    ……… is it that a state can elect a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR, and the state still be in DEMOCRATIC HANDS. POSSIBLE ELECTION FRAUD.

  14. WI had more votes cast than the number of registered voters in the state and they’re now showing Biden as the winner.

    Mr. Trump is well within his rights to demand a recount.

    Philly stopped counting votes last night because the poll workers were ‘tired.’ Couldn’t they put on a second shift to count the votes? What happened to all those uncounted ballots overnight?

    AZ was just taken out of Biden’s ‘win’ column.

    The fix is in, but we knew it would be. It’s time to get serious and get Mr. Trump over the finish line. AK, PA, MI, NC and GA, are you listening??

  15. SueK………
    ……….Michigan has allegedly gone to Biden. He is now at 264.

  16. AND,
    ………Rudy Guiliani has promised there will be legal action forthcoming which might be at a NATIONAL LEVEL. Many REPUBLICAN observers were not allowed by DEMOCRATS to get close enough to any of the mail in ballots to see whether they were legally valid or not. Get ready for a Biden presidency, which will be Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Harris CALLING THE SHOTS. If Biden is certified I see a living HELL on every American street.

  17. Listened to Giuliani. Loaded for bear.

  18. CW….

  19. AND,
    ………..when I look at the overall vote for both Biden, and Trump I immediately realize that there are more gullible people in America than I had ever suspected. The vote for Biden solidifies my belief. Here is a nincompoop who can’t seem to even successfully complete a sentence……yet here he is sitting at 264 electoral votes. What is the IQ of the voters………MUST BE AT IMBECILE LEVELS.

  20. AND,
    …….how many mail in ballots were from NON AMERICAN CITIZENS who were GIVEN drivers licenses to use as voter ID. Having drivers licenses DOESN’T MAKE THEM ELIGIBLE VOTERS………ONLY CITIZENSHIP gives them the right to vote !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are all over this. Mail and election fraud *BY* the USPS. Please watch:

  22. I BELIEVE,
    ………..that thousands of ILLEGALS IN AMERICA think that just being here gives them the right to vote. BEING IN AMERICA ILLEGALLY DOES NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO VOTE IN OUR ELECTIONS!!!!! Yet THOUSANDS OF THEM were given drivers licenses in several states as LEGALLY VALID IDENTIFICATION. Virginia was one of the states. I believe that Michigan was another. Time to start invalidating their votes.

  23. AND,
    ……….possessing a drivers license DOES NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF US CITIZENSHIP. WITHOUT A DOUBT THERE WAS THOUSANDS OF VOTES FROM illegals IN BOTH Virginia, and Michigan. Illegals have permeated both states.

  24. AND,
    ……..illegals were registered to vote when they were given their drivers licenses. The states acted ILLEGALLY in registering NON CITIZENS to vote. NOW WE SEE THE RESULTS.

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