Florida courts corrupt biased incompetent?, Voeltz v Obama eligibility case, Obama not natural born citizen, AL VT Supreme Courts eligibility hearings, Election officials ignore laws duties

Florida courts corrupt biased incompetent?, Voeltz v Obama eligibility case, Obama not natural born citizen, AL VT Supreme Courts eligibility hearings, Election officials ignore laws duties

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why do state election officials continue to ignore the US Constitution, federal election code and their own state election statutes?”…Citizen Wells

“Why does a judge swear to discharge his duties agreeably to the constitution of the United States, if that constitution forms no rule for his government? if it is closed upon him, and cannot be inspected by him?”… Marbury versus Madison

I have reported on the Obama eligibility hearings in the Alabama and Vermont Supreme Courts. The reason that I have not written about an eligibility hearing in the Florida Supreme Court is because one has not been scheduled there yet.


Good question.

The answer appears to be some combination of corruption bias and incompetence.

Here are some crucial points of law and fact. More details will be forthcoming.

Let’s start at the beginning.

The states are responsible for the primaries, general election and events through the Electoral College vote.

US Constitution
Article II
Section 1

“Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States, shall be appointed an elector.”

All state officials take an oath to uphold or defend the US Constitution.

In Florida they take the following oath.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States and of the State of Florida; that I am duly qualified to hold office under the Constitution of the State, and that I will well and faithfully perform the duties of”

From page 2 of the Florida “2012 Federal Qualifying Handbook”



1. Must be a natural born citizen of the United States.
2. Must be at least 35 years of age.
3. Must be a resident of the United States for 14 years.”

“Must be” is not a suggestion.

Florida Election statutes

“Title IX

102.168 Contest of election.–
“(1) Except as provided in s. 102.171, the certification of election or nomination of any person to office, or of the result on any question submitted by referendum, may be contested in the circuit court by any unsuccessful candidate for such office or nomination thereto or by any elector qualified to vote in the election related to such candidacy, or by any taxpayer, respectively.

(2) Such contestant shall file a complaint, together with the fees prescribed in chapter 28, with the clerk of the circuit court within 10 days after midnight of the date the last board responsible for certifying the results officially certifies the results of the election being contested.

(3) The complaint shall set forth the grounds on which the contestant intends to establish his or her right to such office or set aside the result of the election on a submitted referendum. The grounds for contesting an election under this section are:”

“(b) Ineligibility of the successful candidate for the nomination or office in dispute.”


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Many of the Secretaries of State or other election officials claim to have only a “ministerial” duty in the elections.

In the recent Vermont Supreme Court hearing with appellant H. Brooke Paige, state attorney Todd Doloz stated that the VT Secretary of State has only a ministerial duty in the elections.

Ministerial defined.

Merriam Webster.

a : being or having the characteristics of an act or duty prescribed by law as part of the duties of an administrative office
b : relating to or being an act done after ascertaining the existence of a specified state of facts in obedience to a legal order without exercise of personal judgment or discretion.

Legal dictionary.

“Ministerial describes an act or a function that conforms to an instruction or a prescribed procedure. It connotes obedience. A ministerial act or duty is a function performed without the use of judgment by the person performing the act or duty.”

Obedience is the common denominator. To a legal order or conforming “to an instruction or a prescribed procedure.”

The US Constitution makes this clear.

The Secretary of State swears an oath to the Constitution.

Florida law explicitly states the requirements for the eligibility of the president.

The attorney for Vermont, in his obfuscation efforts, raised the spectre of each Secretary of State or chief election official proactively verifying the eligibility of each candidate.

No reasonable person is requesting that.

However, there is a clear distinction between that and knowingly, after being alerted of a candidate’s eligibility deficiency, taking no action, ignoring a clear mandate from the US Constitution and allowing a candidate to remain on the ballot potentially disenfranchising thousands if not millions of voters.

This is what should have taken place in FL and all of the states:

Once alerted or challenged on a potential deficiency in eligibility of a candidate, the Secretary of State or other election official should investigate.

In the case of Obama and his natural born citizen status, if there is confusion about the definition, the state attorney general should be queried and if there is still confusion, a court ruling requested.

Passing the buck is dereliction of duty.

In Florida, the situation is much worse.

Not only did the FL Secretary of State fail in their constitutional duty, subsequent court hearings have been delayed and failed in their judicial duties.

Why has the judicial system failed the citizens in Florida?

More details to come.


35 responses to “Florida courts corrupt biased incompetent?, Voeltz v Obama eligibility case, Obama not natural born citizen, AL VT Supreme Courts eligibility hearings, Election officials ignore laws duties

  1. Whistleblower

    Hey, Chicago Tribune: Why are you helping Rod Blagojevich blackmail the Feds?


  2. citizenwells

    Whistleblower, thanks, I was just reading that.

  3. citizenwells

    “A proven reliable source reports that Rod Blagojevich is attempting to blackmail his way out of prison.

    And, there are indications that the feds are in the process of capitulating to Blago’s demands, aided by the collaborative assistance of the ChicagoTribune, in what amounts to a cover-up of a crime.

    (Read this email thread from bottom to top)


    —–Original Message—–


    To: Len Goodman

    Sent: 2013-05-24 17:24:37 +0000

    Subject: Is it a real appeal?

    Mr. Len Goodman

    It has come to my attention, that there is a strong possibility your client Rod Blagojevich is blackmailing former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the federal government.

    Are you familiar with the interview Rod Blagojevich did with Brian Ross?

    (Sender redacted here and below when not otherwise indicated)

    —– Forwarded Message —–


    To: “Kimberly Nerheim”

    Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 1:08:10 PM

    Subject: Fwd: Brian Ross 8-26-2010 Blago threatens


    Please contact me about these very important matters.


    —– Forwarded Message —–


    To: “Randall Samborn”

    Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 1:00:28 PM

    Subject: Fwd: Brian Ross 8-26-2010 Blago threatens

    Randall Samborn

    Looks like Rod Blagojevich’s decision to go the route of extortion might be working for him? . In plain site on ABC.

    Do you think if he does not get the deal he wants Rod Blagojevich will tell the public the information Patrick Fitzgerald supposedly wanted the morning he arrested Blago.

    More important does Patrick Fitzgerald want information about corruption at the level that Blago speaks of in this interview.

    Blago say’s some very telling things in this interview with Brian Ross that will help expose the truth. Simple questions, who told John Chase that the feds had a wire on Blagojevich and that John Wyma was cooperating with U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.”


  4. citizenwells

  5. HonorFirst

    I cannot bring up the embedded article from the above story.
    Anyone else having trouble?

  6. citizenwells

    “President Barack Obama’s approval rating has slipped amid controversies including the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, a poll out Thursday found.

    Approval of Obama’s job performance fell to 45% in the Quinnipiac University poll, from 48% in the same survey on May 1. Disapproval rose four points, to 49% from 45%.

    The same poll also found overwhelming support for appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS case – something that Obama has rejected. A total of 76% of respondents said there should be an independent special prosecutor, versus 17% who said there shouldn’t be. Democrats favor a special prosecutor by about two to one.”


  7. citizenwells

    I will present later.

  8. Yesterday, Jay Carney said that Eric Holder’s activities regarding Rosen never had anything to do with prosecution..
    So did the DOJ get warrants and spy on Rosen with the intent to prosecute him or not?

    If yes, then Holder lied under oath..

    If not, they were collecting this evidence/information for what purpose..?

    So is our government getting warrants to collect info on private citizens for the purpose of blackmail as suggested by Sheila Jackson’s comments about Obie’s database on people..

  9. HonorFirst

    Thanks, CW

  10. REPUBLISHED FROM NEW ZEAL by Trevor Lundon:

    Call us crazy anti-communists. Tell us we’re conspiracy-minded. Insist that maybe we’ve spent too much time living and studying the Cold War. Either way, this is our business, and we can’t help but notice such things.

    In watching President Obama speak on terrorism last week, we were taken aback to hear him say that America needs an anti-terrorism program that is both our SWORD and SHIELD. This was a striking choice of words by an American president. Remember the emblem of the KGB? Maybe you don’t, but we do. One of us (Pacepa) spent over two decades working for the KGB community as one of the highest ranking intelligence/military/political officials in the entire Soviet Bloc, and paid with two death sentences for his freedom. The emblem of the KGB was a sword and a shield symbolizing its duties: to put the country’s enemies to the sword and shield and protect the communist revolution.

    When we initially heard President Obama’s remarks, we thought we might have heard wrong, and so we waited for the written text of his speech. Here is the prepared text, as published in the Wall Street Journal after the speech:

    “Our victory against terrorism won’t be measured in a surrender ceremony on a battleship, or a statue being pulled to the ground. Victory will be measured in parents taking their kids to school; immigrants coming to our shores; fans taking in a ballgame; a veteran starting a business; a bustling city street. The quiet determination; that strength of character and bond of fellowship; that refutation of fear – that is both our SWORD and SHIELD.”

    To repeat: the sword and the shield is well known as the KGB’s emblem. To give just one example, many readers of this site are familiar with the classic work on the KGB archives, The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB.

    To be sure, this could be simply an eye-opening coincidence by our president. If so, forgive us for drawing a connection or even countenancing the mere thought. For the record, we can claim that it’s no more than a coincidence. It is a general statement. But it is also the KGB’s emblem. A Google search on “sword and shield” quickly yields a Wikipedia entry, which correctly lists the KGB emblem among its main references.

    Unfortunately, we’ve become sadly conditioned — by President Obama himself — to notice these often-bizarre coincidences. This was a man who spent his first term engaging in the most strident class-warfare rhetoric we’ve ever heard from an American president. He demonized profits, corporations, Wall Street, corporate executives and fat-cats, the wealthy, millionaires and billionaires, big oil, big banks, bitter-clingers, while touting wealth redistribution, government stimulus, government management, government centralization, and on and on. Much of this was standard Socialist rhetoric. And then, for his 2012 reelection slogan, the president and his handlers chose the communist world’s old famous socialist battle cry: “FORWARD”
    Not only are we dealing with a died-in-the-wool illegal MUSLIM ba*tard, but Obama is also a born-again COMMUNIST by the above noted public actions he has thus taken to destroy our well established society of you “get what you have earn” … now he is quickly installing a socialist/marxist government of the “your government will take care of you”…………

    To really understand what is going on in America today, buy and read Trevor’s new book, “The Enemy Within”….about the Communist/ Muslim takeover of the USA….

    It’s a DAMN CRYING SHAME, as Americans, we have to have someone from the other side of the world, New Zealand, tell us what’s wrong with our government….. but Trevor pulls no punches…he tells it like it is !!!

  11. Sometimes my mind drifts back to what TOM FIFE said in 1994……after he came back from Russia….


  12. TJ,
    Glad you brought that up! Only I think you mean Maxine Waters…….not Sheila Jackson. But maybe she stated the same thing also.

  13. Here is a shining example of “your government taking care of you” as I noted in my above post.

  14. We must not forget this. “Obama’s ideology may come from Saul Alinsky’s acolytes, but his political tactics come straight from the Daley playbook.”
    (Chris Robling, former journalist)

    Obama’s ‘Chicago Way’
    The administration’s political tactics are straight out of the Daley playbook.

    By John Fund


  15. LAUGH and the whole world laughs with you….cry, well you know the story…

  16. Well,

    Looks like I said before, good o’l Rod is getting NERVOUS that Obama just may not be in office in 2016 to Pardon him and set him free.

    Now he is looking for alternative options…. And he better.

  17. I also believe that Rod thought like the RINO’s did, and he’ll be beat in the 2012 elections and would have already been set free with the pardon. That didn’t happen… Prison is getting long……er……

  18. 2014 news break,

    Rod, while talking with Feds and Investigative reporters on the Real Truth of what actually happened, unfortunately was found dead in his prison cell , where he hung himself with a pair of shoe-strings in an apparent suicide due to the stress of prison life.

    The world will never know the truth, now….

  19. Good morning WILLIAM…sound about right to me..

  20. WILLIAM…could this possibly happen?

    2014 amended news break…

    Government changes story..Rod’s death caused by chocking on his own MULLIGAN stew… or was that Hungarian goulish soup?

  21. RMinNC,

    I think we only have to rely on History to know the outcome of truth with those willing to squeal of corruption….

    Clintons are a recent history, Rome is a proven historical trend….

    As we say in Statistics; Once is an anomaly, Twice is a recognized outlier, Thrice is a Trend!

  22. RMinNC,


    But as we know, a Mulligan is only as good as the people you play with, and those rules are subject to change as the game moves and the players change minds or the stakes become higher that benefit someone else…..

  23. We already know that Schumer, Franken and others pressured the IRS to investigate Tea party groups. What do you bet, before all is said and done, we find out Rinos did also?

    I know, I know. They investigated Carl Rove. But I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain instigated some inquieries of his own.That is why I don’t think this will go far.

  24. A great message from Pat Condell…

    WAKE UP ENGLAND…before it’s too late.

    Good points in your last post WILLIAM……

  25. As we know, again from history, what happens to “canaries” that sing….

    It began with ancient miners in search of oxygen, allow the bird to die to save others. A practice carried over into political history as well as private corruptive history.

    The singing bird always dies as the sacrifice….

  26. May 30, 2013


    “Zullo said, “This public presentation will contain no new information concerning the case. …”

    However, Mike Zullo informed us that he also will be the featured speaker at two different 2-hour breakout sessions designed for law enforcement and congressmen only. Concerning these breakout sessions Mike Zullo said, “We will have official credential checks at the door. No one will be admitted except duly credentialed law enforcement officials and U.S. Congressmen. At this session, I will, upon the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, be presenting the entire criminal case that we have in this matter. Never-before-seen evidence and information will be presented to those in attendance. We will be asking these attendees to support our efforts to move this entire matter forward to a full congressional investigation. We believe that once they see what we have – a united push for a full congressional investigation will be a foregone conclusion.”

    Mike Zullo stressed, “I want to be clear. This conference is monumentally important to the CCP Obama Fraud Case. However, this particular conference and the potentially powerful outcomes of its presentation is not the only line of approach in which we are currently engaged. We have other people looking at this – very important people – very powerful people. We have other plans of action, currently in the works, in moving the case forward to a full federal investigation. …

    Zullo went on to explain, “This Sheriffs and Peace Officers conference could prove to be hugely important – but it only came about relatively recently. We were in the process of moving forward in very constructive ways before we had this particular conference opportunity. … I have several other very important meetings with VIPs scheduled when I return from this conference.””



    SEAL’s parents told to keep their mouths shut

    Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Cover-up Demands Investigation

    “The loss of ‘Extortion 17’ was the worst loss of life in a single day since the war in Afghanistan began…

    The parents of Navy SEAL Aaron C. Vaughn started poking around at the ‘official’ story and found not a rat, but a stinking swamp, a cover-up that went all the way to the top…

    America must demand that a Congressional investigation drain the swamp of the Obama administration in order to reveal exactly what sickening secret Barack Hussein Obama is covering up.”

    May 30, 2013
    by Kris Zane

    On August 6, 2011, a military helicopter— Extortion 17— carrying thirty-eight men (including twenty-five of the elite SEAL Team 6, five National Guard and Army Reserve, and eight Afghan commandos) was shot down over Taliban-controlled territory in eastern Afghanistan. They had been on a top secret mission to take out a high-value target.

    It was the worst loss of life in a single day since the war in Afghanistan began. Per a 1250-page military report, it was simply the result of a “lucky shot” by Taliban soldiers perched on top of a building.

    Per families of those killed and military experts at a press conference held on May 9, 2013, this is a lie among a host of other lies.

    After the families attended a several hour military briefing about this “lucky shot,” describing what happened and why their sons died, they smelled a rat and started digging around.

    Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of Navy SEAL Aaron C. Vaughn, started poking around at the “official” story and found not a rat, but a stinking swamp, a cover-up that went all the way to the top.

    When the Vaughns began trying to drain the swamp, they received what the Obama administration is famous for: the shakedown. None other than one of the highest ranking officers in the nation—Admiral William McRaven, commander at U.S. Special Operations Command—paid the Vaughns a little visit, in essence telling them to keep their mouths shut.

    What exactly happened on August 6, 2011? What went wrong—or in this case went right that has the Obama administration dispatching high-ranking officers as thugs?

    There are two possibilities, according to information revealed at the press conference:

    1. The Obama administration sent American soldiers on a suicide mission, or

    2. Someone set up our American heroes—that is, had them murdered—that may include the Afghan government—or shockingly may include Barack Hussein Obama himself.

    We learned seven major facts at the press conference:

    1. Thirty SEAL Team 6, National Guard, and Army Reserve were packed into a decrepit 1960s era CH-47 helicopter (something, according to military experts, that was unheard of.)

    Per military experts, special operations were always conducted with the state-of-the-art MH-47 helicopter—the helicopter SEAL Team 6 exclusively trained in.

    Further, never—ever—were that many special operations personnel packed into a single helicopter. They were always split up into small groups with multiple MH-47s.

    2. Although the military could have easily taken out the Taliban positions with a drone strike prior to the operation, as the families were later told, this was not done because there were possible “friendlies” among the Taliban; the United States wanted to “win the minds and hearts of the enemy.” ( I heard that crap before in Vietnam)

    Billy Vaughn, father of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, speaking at the press conference with rage in his voice, blasted this ludicrousness:

    Aaron did not become a Navy SEAL Team 6 Gold Squad to win the hearts and minds of the Islamic jihadists. He became a Navy SEAL to fight for this republic and defeat the enemy!

    3. Although the military had intel that the Taliban were planning on firing on a helicopter, although an intense battle had been raging for several hours, and although normal protocol mandated that the CH-47 required at least one gunship escort, all normal rules of war were suspended.

    But now for the REAL COVER-UP by the Obama administration:

    4. There were eight nameless Afghan commandos onboard the CH-47. Eight Afghan commandos were loaded onto the CH-47 along with their American counterparts; but at the last minute, they were replaced without changing the manifest. It was as if someone knew they were going on a suicide mission and pulled them out.

    The official in charge of the investigation (General Jeffrey Colt), in his 1250-page report, did not address this fact and did not even mention it. In fact, it is likely these original Afghan commandos contacted the Taliban, telling them the CH-47 was on its way. It appears the Taliban knew the exact time and route the CH-47 would be using; that the only way the “lucky shot” would have been possible with the helicopter thousands of feet in the air in cover of darkness would have been if the Taliban had been tipped off.

    5. Everyone on Extortion 17 was IMMEDIATELY cremated WITHOUT permission from the families, supposedly because the bodies were so badly burned in the crash. According to Charles Strange, father of Navy SEAL Michael Strange, this need to immediately cremate everyone aboard is a complete lie. Taliban on the ground in fact found the bodies of the crew. The Obama administration cremated everyone in order to cover up something.

    6. The CH-47 black box was “LOST” according to the military investigation—“washed away by an Afghan flood.” As most know, aircraft black boxes don’t get “lost”; they are virtually indestructible and carry a tracking device that makes them easy to locate. It was “lost” in order to cover up something the Obama administration wants to keep hidden.

    7. Probably one of the most shocking revelations in the SEAL Team 6 cover-up, something that was first brought out during the press conference that shows Obama is no Christian but is in fact a closet Muslim, is that Barack Hussein Obama DISALLOWED the name of Jesus to be spoken during the initial military memorial service in Kabul and permitted a radical Islamic Imám to curse our dead heroes.

    Let every American DEMAND that whatever Barack Obama is hiding, whatever the military brass is hiding, MUST be revealed. America must demand a Congressional investigation to drain the swamp of the Obama administration in order to reveal exactly what sickening secret Barack Hussein Obama is covering up.

    Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. But today..right now..

    Demand an investigation, America.
    This is the first time I have heard ALL the details of the loss of Seal Team 6, and I am sickened by what has been revealed in this report.

    This mess is SCREAMING out for investigation and action. Never in the history of military operations have I heard of such blatant disregard for the lives of our special ops men.

    This was most certainly a “set-up’…. What did the members of Seal Team 6 know that cost them their lives?

    Don’t let this die America…call your Congressman/woman demand an investigation !!!

    I make no apologies for the length of this post.

  28. Thanks RMinNC,

    I had heard many, but not all of these details. It is heartbreaking. I’m glad you posted it in full.

  29. And the Cowards such as McCain and many, many other RINO’s also know, and do nothing….

    Appeasement is a disease


    ♛ ♥ BettinaVLA ♥ ♛‏@BettinaVLA

    Tweet URGENT MUST-READ FOR ALL AMERICANS: The 4 Stages Of Islamic Conquest http://patdollard.com/2013/05/americans-must-read-4-stages-of-islamic-conquest/ … via @patdollard

    * * *

    Trevor Loudon ‏@newzealblog

    Tweet “OBAMA’S SWORD AND SHIELD”: From The American Spectator By Paul Kengor & Ion Mihai Pacepa Our… http://goo.gl/fb/u6HFP

    * * *

    Dax Dushkewich‏ @CaptDax

    Tweet OBAMA TO SPEND $700 MILLION IN USA TAX DOLLARS For Russian Helicopters For Afghan Air Force – http://po.st/I70oAJ


    Conservative Chick‏@NaughtyBeyotch

    Tweet OBAMA UNVEILS NEW SECURITY STRATEGY ~> DOJ ~> NOT The Military, Will Now Defend America!! http://nblo.gs/LJ1tY

    * * *

    Inspiration Plus ‏@4inspiration

    Tweet DOJ: SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights — What About Trashing Christians?! http://po.st/003W43

    * * *

    Dax Dushkewich ‏@CaptDax



    Inform&ShareFar&Wide ‏@ILLEGALObamaIDS

    Tweet ObamaREFUSES TO OBEY USALaws, REFUSES TO OBEYLegallySignedSubpoenasByJudges&LegalCourtOrders&he REFUSES TO OBEY&UPHOLDtheUSAConstitution!

    * * *

    Inform&ShareFar&Wide ‏@ILLEGALObamaIDS

    SENATOR TED CRUZ: “OBAMA” DOES NOT OBEY OR RESPECT First, Second, Fourth or Fifth Amendments http://bit.ly/11eadu0#.Uafb_QRWl8s.twitter @DarrellIssa @TGowdySC

    * * *

    Tweet LT. COL. TONY SHAFFER: My Sources Tell Me “Obama” Was In The Room WATCHING BENGHAZI All Night For Hours! VIDEO: http://bit.ly/TN1soI


    Inform&ShareFar&Wide‏ @ILLEGALObamaIDS

    Tweets IMMEDIATELY ARREST ALL Serial Criminal’s Destroying & Overthrowing Our USA: Obama & Holder & Clinton & Pelosi Etc @DarrellIssa pic.twitter.com/e6IXlZWkF2

    * * *

    Valentine Cotton ‏@‏vmpcott

    Tweet CRUZ ON DOJ Investigations: “Pattern From This Administration Of Not Respecting The Bill Of Rights” http://po.st/1Fiwaw

    * * *

    Jim W ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ‏@JimW_JimW37

    Tweet DID NOSTRADAMUS AND ST. MALACHY Foresee the Pope’s Resignation … and the End of the World? http://shar.es/wWgJK via @sharethis

  34. Thank you CW. Here is the Petition that was filed in the Fla. Supreme Court on 4/29:

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