Obama Hillary Clinton revealed, February 3, 2013, Truth in print in NC, Clinton testimony exposed, Obama stupid gun comment, Rhino Times Obama administration truth

Obama Hillary Clinton revealed, February 3, 2013, Truth in print in NC, Clinton testimony exposed, Obama stupid gun comment, Rhino Times Obama administration truth

“But Crowley and Obama had it wrong. the Post’s Glenn Kessler explained:

What did Obama say in the Rose Garden a day after the attack in Libya? ”No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this nation,” he said.
But he did not say “terrorism”—and it took the administration days to concede that that it an “act of terrorism” that appears unrelated to initial reports of anger at a video that defamed the prophet Muhammad.”…Washington Post Oct. 17, 2012

“The question that I had in my mind, was why did we not do something to protect our forces?”…Charles Woods, father of slain Navy Seal

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama



Yesterday it was reported here that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway had just bought the Greensboro News Record. The impact of that transaction may have already resulted in biased wording. This will be watched closely and counteracted to the extent possible.

This makes the role of the Rhinoceros Times, also based in Greensboro, NC, even more important. It too is in print and on the internet.

From the Rhino Times January 31, 2013.

The senators who finally got Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to testify had a lot of fun speechifying instead of asking questions. Sen. Rand Paul made his point that Hillary Clinton should have been fired, but why didn’t any senator ask her the question that should have been at the top of the list — why didn’t she know what happened in Benghazi, if not while it was going on, shortly after?

The ambassador and three other State Department employees were killed, but most of the State Department employees who were there were still alive on Sept. 12 and are alive today. Does Hillary Clinton not know how to use a telephone? Why didn’t she simply call one of the survivors and ask what happened.

If she had she would have known that it was not a spontaneous attack caused by a video or by people out walking around who decided they wanted to kill Americans. Hillary Clinton may not know that few people bring mortars and heavy machine guns to spontaneous rallies or take them on walks, even in the Middle East, but if she had simply talked to some of the survivors she would have known that it was not a spontaneous demonstration.

Rand was right that Hillary Clinton should have been fired for dereliction of duty for not reading the emails from her ambassador in Libya, but what was worse is that, according to what Clinton said, she took no action to find out what did happen at the US compound in Benghazi and at the CIA compund where the ex-Navy Seals were killed.

For what possible reason did it take weeks for the US government to find out what happened? Why wasn’t the compound sealed off? Why did it take weeks for the State Department to send the FBI to the scene to investigate?”

, , ,
“A statement thet rivals Hillary Clintons in outrageousness is Obama’s statement about gun control legislation: “If it saves only one life, it is worth it.” That is so stupid it is hard to believe that Obama’s speech writers allowed him to utter that phrase.

Lowering the national speed limit to 45 mph would save thousands of lives. Putting a trauma center in every little town in this country and in every neighborhood in cities would likewise save thousands of lives. One of the major causes of death in homes is falls, particularly in the bathroom. Ladders and bathtubs have no constitutional protection. So if Obama outlawed ladders and bathtubs thousands of lives could be saved.”

I would provide a link to this article, but I could find none.

51 responses to “Obama Hillary Clinton revealed, February 3, 2013, Truth in print in NC, Clinton testimony exposed, Obama stupid gun comment, Rhino Times Obama administration truth

  1. CW,

    I am waiting for Obama and the liberal left to claim spoons cause Obesity and ban them.

  2. Good morning CW et al.,

    I could not help notice all the media attention confirming Obama’s pic shooting a shotgun. It took me nearly 1 second to choke on my coffee from laughing at the telling photo. I once belonged to a skeet club for many years and competed nearly weekly during that time and know a thing or two about skeet shooting and shotguns.

    Obama does not appear to be shooting at skeet – perhaps a still target. When does anyone shoot level at flying skeet? Either you are extremely fast and shoot the skeet (very risky on a miss) as its first launched from the house, or very very late shot as the skeet is on its way down and very very far out, in which your attempt to dust or break the skeet is very low probability.

    Also to note, is the way this pansy is incorrectly holding the butt of thew shotgun to his shoulder, kinda like Kim Kardishian would hold it. One would think that after his comment of “shoots skeet all the time”, at least someone would have mentioned to him how to properly hold it.

    Additionally, you cannot hold a shotgun like this and shoot many rounds, least not without one hell of a bruised shoulder and a numb arm. Remember, 1 single round of skeet consists of 25 clay targets and allowed up to two shots per clay (in most games). I cannot imagine this skinny idiot shooting 25 rounds with a 12 gage shotgun held in this manner without causing some kind of fracture to his collar bone or shoulder. He certainly wouldn’t have shot it 25 times like this (1 game).

    Also, his face – particularly his cheekbone – is rested on the top of the stock. Folks, you won’t make that mistake too many times either, as you are asking for a skin burn, black-eye or fractured checkbone. Lastly, this looks more like a 20 gage not a 12 gage, but either which, the wimp has a ported muzzle to reduce the recoil. I am also curious to the type of powder used, as in his photo produces an extremely large amount of exhausted smoke, whereby smokeless powder is the preferred skeet reload.

    Its just plain funny…

  3. Has anyone heard anything more about that little 5 year old boy Ethan in Alabama? It’s been 6 days now, if I’m correct. I pray for his safety and his release SOON! I can’t imagine what his family is going through.

  4. Posted by Quantum Leap at Dr.R Kate’s

  5. Brought over from last thread:
    The left is going after Sheriff Joe again in a recall and, if I remember correctly, has raised over a million in their effort so far. Just thought I would mention this here in case anyone wants to donate to the Sheriff for his fight against these creeps.

  6. Good morning William, et al.

  7. I don’t know what to make of Anonymous. It would appear we have some common goals (judging by the video), but they are very pro LGBT. Even going so far as to hack the Uganda Govt. for it’s stand against homosexuality. Uganda’s president Museveni recently publicly repented for their sins against God, proclaiming ” Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. A people you have chosen as your own.” BTW, I also heard that Russia has outlawed all pro homosexual propaganda. Strange times we live in. Seems like every other country but ours sees the writing on the wall.

    Anyway, I think it’s a good thing that Anonymous is thrown into the mix.


    “Sen. John McCain is a “bozo” for supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, and rising GOP star Sen. Marco Rubio is doing it because he’s maneuvering for a possible presidential candidacy, charges a former Republican Colorado congressman who for years was the chief advocate in Congress for border security.”


  9. SueQ
    The enemy of my enemy …is my friend…
    In military terms, there is a thing called a 5 paragraph field order…the 1st paragraph is…”accomplishment of the mission”, which indicates everything else is secondary…including, “welfare of the men…

  10. “For what possible reason did it take weeks for the US government to find out what happened? Why wasn’t the compound sealed off? Why did it take weeks for the State Department to send the FBI to the scene to investigate?”
    They knew exactly what happened in real time, via phone calls, emails, and drones overhead, they all told the “Regime” what was going on in Benghazi minute by minute. The Regime, knew enough about what was going on in Benghazi, to issue an order for the men attempting the rescue, to “stand down”. For anyone to issue an order like that, they would have had to be involved in the operation, and have an understanding of the situation on the ground.

    The regime knew exactly what was going on, but they were more concerned with winning the election than they were about saving personnel under attack in Benghazi. The regime was in cover up mode from the beginning, and were in a panic, thinking that whatever was happening in Benghazi, if the truth were known, would cost them the election.

  11. William………….
    Do you remember the old Lyman Cutts Compensator? While I’ve not shot much skeet in my life, I do remember the ported choke tubes. Frankly I do not see any substantial difference between the old Compensators, Vari Chokes,and the ported choke tubes of today. I tend to think that the ONLY mechanical difference might lie in the overall length. I can remember the Vari Chokes that were used on the Model 12 Winchesters,and later on the 1200. None of this hardware is very new on the market. But in looking at him shoot, I would like to add to your observations,a PISS POOR STANCE. I think that this whole thing was really a PHOTO OP,in which he hopes to fool the skeet shooting crowd. But people who possess a little firearms smarts who have been on earth long enough can recognise a NINCOMPOOP trying to shoot skeet. The only way you get good at skeet shooting is LOTS of PRACTICE,lots of powder,lots of shot, lots of wadding,and doing your own reloading. I had a few acquaintances during my life who burned up nearly 2000 rounds a month. One of them burned up nearly 1500 rounds every week. He was several times the grand champ. He used to compete on a national level also.

  12. ………….until his wife realised that he was married to his SHOTGUN which saw a lot of action,but unfortunately he failed miserably at firing the correct gun.

  13. We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant


  14. Coldwarvet2
    I think that you will find ALL of the reasons for the Benghazzi affair at a point somewhere between the words ….Stupidity, ignorance, lack of understanding,cowardice,lies, aiding the enemy,etc………..you may wish to add a few of your own….feel free!

  15. Oldsailor80,

    Yes, I remember them and fully aware of their usage. In skeet, it is a matter of preference and skill. I do not see any choke on Obama’s shotgun. However, I personally had a modified medium choke on mine. The reason is that a full choke (as Im sure you know) doesn’t allow for a spread in shorter distances, which you need in skeet. No choke at all, as in Obama’s pic., is worthless.

  16. oldsailor80 | February 3, 2013 at 2:05 pm |

    …………until his wife realized that he was married to his SHOTGUN which saw a lot of action,but unfortunately he failed miserably at firing the correct gun..



    Couldn’t have said it better my friend.

  17. Bob Strauss………….
    The DHS informant had better plan an escape of his own, because when it starts the “dirigible lesbian”,and all of the DHS will find themselves getting a very painful lesson on REALITY………..that is if they survives the initial attack. As I said before,once the stockpiles of ammo are found a little C-4 administered by EXPERIENCED people will shut the DHS MORONS down quickly,and dispose of the stockpiles just as quickly.

  18. ………anybody with a little experience with chemical compounding can make C-4 easily. The instructions are all over the internet.

  19. The tyrannical government can attempt to declare martial law upon WE THE PEOPLE, but all that will happen is that OPEN SEASON will be declared upon ALL the members of the ALLEGED Government. If WE THE PEOPLE are forced to unite we can become a 150,000,000 person army literally overnight, and it will most likely be led by EXPERIENCED BATTLE HARDENED EX MILITARY. If this should become a reality I feel very sorry for the PATHETIC LIBERAL LEFT WHO OCCUPY POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY. They will become a PITIFULLY SMALL MINORITY,and will quickly be interned,and subsequently TRIED on CHARGES of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY,as well as TREASON, and SUPPORTING and aiding treason. In all probability all will wexperience the same penalty as did the NAZI perpetrators at Nuerenburg.

  20. ……BTW I forgot to mention that the instructions are also in EVERY BOOKSTORE,and EVERY LIBRARY in the US.

  21. OldSailor,

    Just to add to you comment, yes, is a piss poor stance. You “Always” lean into your shot, never away from it. Although this varies, mine was always a half tip toe on my back foot leaning frontwards. Its an art that requires a lot of practice and balance. We met every Wednesday and I would shoot between 250 and 350 rounds on a single day. Depending on the game was dependent on the shotgun I used.

    You may also notice in this photo, that not one single person is around Obama? Hell, I don’t blame them. In other words, if this was a “all my friends shoot skeet”, you would see others next to him on both sides. Put another way; there are 8 positions in a skeet range and one straight line connecting the further distances. In case, no one is near him, and don’t blame them. LOL…

    The straight line is normally used for a game called “elimination”. This is where we do not allow semi-automatics such as the 1100 model Remington and must use either an over and under or pump. The reason is that everyone is lined up side by side and auto ejection would hit the person next to you in the face with a hot shell.

  22. If the situation gets much dicier,I look for OPEN ADVERTISEMENTS in NEWSPAPERS EVERYWHERE for EXPERIENCED …GRUNTS with LOTS of deployment capability. They will be the leaders of the pack ,the rest will be carrying an ARSENAL OF WEAPONRY, and will have at least rudimentary knowledge of the most effective use of the weapons they will be carrying. But as is the case in any engagement there will be mistakes made by a few and they will become casualties early on. But they will NEVER be forgotten. This is in part how one becomes battle hardened,and is part of the process of becoming a BAND OF BROTHERS.

  23. …….unfortunately the pay will not be great. The only pay will be in the SALVATION OF AMERICA. That in my own personal opinion takes precedence over everything,and is the best possible payoff.

  24. Fischer: Obama’s Christian Faith Is A “Total Sham”

    Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is not convinced by President Obama’s claims to be a Christian. He most certainly is not alone!!! Share with your friends!


  25. Oldsailor80
    My sole post today was in response to SueQ, who was conveying her thought to us, that she has some reservations concerning the political and, in particular, the moral views held by Anonymous.
    My post was to reassure her that we still hold the moral high ground in this issue of the 2nd Amendment, even while supporting Anonymous . We do not NEED to support any immoral views they may espouse however, it would be well to consider the fact that they do seem to be able to get the attention of the government, and in particular the White house. i.e. this is political power of sorts, and we need all we can get.
    …that is all…

  26. Can anyone verify this?

    I personally don’t believe that G.B. Jr. spent nearly half a year in is first term at camp david. Just saying.

    Also notice “All” the activity that the liberal media claims Obama participates in during his visits, fails to mention his skeet shooting activity, but everything else? The media guy forgot to mention this that follows him?

    LMAO even more


  27. William…………
    I would strongly suspect that since Camp David is a military base if you will and in all probability is not fitted out to be a full fledged skeet,or trap shooting range. Somehow I have the feeling that Soetoro is NOT a regular TRAP or SKEET shooter, my guess is he prefers shooting at the REAR. That is why he attracts flies.Interestingly Hitler had his own shooting range too. It was at his mountaintop retreat. Frankly I never understood mountain top retreats. If ytou are a controversial person then it would seem to me to be tatamount to being TREED. All your enemy needs to do is cut off your egress to or from,and then simply wait. Water and food could get mighty scarce.

  28. Coldwarvet2………..
    I listened to the video,but unfortunately I lost interest in it because it didn’t seem to have any real continuity to follow. Besides I already knew about most of it and have my own opinions.

  29. American ancestry is drawn from the various nations of the Earth. As such, there’s no language or custom that conceivably couldn’t be found within our ranks. E Pluribus Unum, or “out of many one”, is a saying lost in the modern tower of Babel that’s become our contemporary culture.


  30. Obama is a Known Felon and Criminal!





  32. http://wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com
    come on folks , purchase those stamps and stamp if you really want to by – pass the media and get rid of the usurper and fraud criminal . this is the fastest and best way to spread the word to reach critical mass . thank you very much .

  33. As I was perusing all the photo op shots of Obama with the shotgun, obviously trying to link the 2nd Amendment to target shooting, a thought struck me. I was thinking how much higher the body count would have been, at any of the various ambush shooting sites, had the perpetrators merely used just a shortened version of the very gun that Obama is shown using.
    Not much training, experience, or talent necessary…just a hacksaw and a pocket full of buckshot. As the Sandy Hook shooter’s targets appeared to be random, think with 00 buck that’s nine .32 caliber balls with each shot. That’s 18 rounds per reload, as the gun he is using only holds 2 shots at a time…but it reloads in just a few seconds. So, assuming this shooter reloads every 10 seconds (which is kind of slow), that’s 108 shots (balls) every minute. All one has to do is extrapolate numbers to realize that the equivalent number of rounds, let’s say, for just the handguns he allegedly used (which fire only one bullet at a time), would be quite heavy (if nothing else), while considering also that,with the shotgun, he could conceivably be pumping out over 500 rounds (balls) in just a 5 minute period. So….based upon the picture that Obama would have us consider, he could do a lot of damage with that particular gun, if he were so inclined.

  34. ‘The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Our Government; It’s Called Barack Obama’

    Mark Levin also names the few Republicans who tried to stop sending F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood. Share with your friends!


  35. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Vows Not to Enforce New Federal Gun Control Laws
    Washington D.C. politicians and their allies in the mainstream media have frantically been pushing tough new …


    Exclusive: Joseph Farah examines Obama’s plan for ‘civilian national security force’

    Quoting Farah:
    He (Obama) made the campaign promise to build this $439 billion domestic army, but all references to the initiative were inexplicably deleted from the copy of his speech posted on his website while others mysteriously disappeared from transcripts of the speech distributed by the campaign. That was strange – and ominous.

    At the time, I had never heard anyone use the phrase “civilian national security force” before. But I did a little homework and found out where it originated. It was first proposed by then Bush administration Defense Secretary Robert Gates. On that basis alone, I accurately predicted that, if elected, Obama would name Gates as his own defense secretary. Needless to say, when that appointment came to pass, no media outlet bothered to interview me about my foresight.
    (snip) More from Farah:
    Think about it.
    Why does the civilian Department of Homeland Security need billions of rounds of ammunition?

    This is the agency that is responsible for policing the border. But it doesn’t.

    This is the agency that is responsible for catching terrorists. But it doesn’t.

    So why does Homeland Security need so many weapons and enough hollow-point rounds to plug every American six times?

    Maybe this is the “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the Defense Department.

    These words – “civilian national security force” – have haunted me ever since I first read them.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/why-is-government-stockpiling-guns-ammo/#7wuP5CaC1FGuJUjI.99

  37. Air Force Brat!

    I’d think twice about clicking on that video. I did, and about two minutes from the end, my monitor turned ITSELF off, then back on with a blue screen and a “crash dump” message, along with a screen full of scrolling gobbledygook. IMMEDIATELY manually unplugged the computer for a while. So far, no additional problems.

    Hopefully I haven’t been hacked — although why anyone would want to do such a thing to someone of no national importance whatsoever is a mystery to me.

  38. Coldwarvet2…………..
    One of my neighbors is a Viet Nam vet. We talk across the fence from time to time. He told be that in Viet nam he carried a 12 guage slide action, in which he had a choice from his ammo vest….00,slug,and slightly smaller shot. He had a name for it but it escapes me at the moment. He said that he carried both his M16A, and the 12 gauge,when he wasn’t setting up mines. He also stated that he found himself using the shotgun more than the M16. He along with his platoon were very often within 10 yards of the enemy. Hence the reason for calling on the shotgun. With reduced choke you could just about wipe out a whole enemy patrol,or at least render them no longer combat able. Another aspect of his work was setting up M18 mines,(Claymore). He showed me how this was done (MOST OF THE TIME). Not my cup of tea!…..at all. One mistake, or a hiccup, and disaster could follow.

  39. CabbyAZ…………..
    Why was Hitlers munitions factories working around the clock through the late thirties? The answer is easy. It is loosely called WAR. We ask what war? Anybody in his/her right mind would answer “The coming 2nd Civil war.” I personally believe that the DIE is already cast. It remains only a question of when. I would have to say that in all probability the war will be precipitated by a open and blatant attempt to confiscate as many firearms as possible. Yes there are CRAZIES who will surrender their firearms with a smile. They are the nitwits who will at the very moment they hand over their firearms also draw their last breath…..they will be shot to death where they stand. Talk about MORONS.

  40. ……as was the case with Hitler’s brown shirts. They eliminated the people and thereby eliminated, the possibility of having to deal with them a second time,only then with the potential for a horribly different outcome to the brown shirts. In any such action in the US you can be sure that any persons used in confiscation of firearms will have no compunction whatsoever about firing upon Americans. That is why when you first see the armored van coming up your driveway you had better be ready with plenty of ammo, and know exactly where to aim. They will be wearing kevlar body armor but there are places that are exposed, and are vulnerable. Have weapons at the ready that are magnum rated, and use magnum ammo, with at least 180 grain full metal jacket. You will want a MV of at least 3000 fps,and preferrably HIGHER. This way when you hit the exposed place he will be out of the fight, for a long time to come. Remember ,always “ONE SHOT ONE KILL” as often as situation will permit. The attrition must be extremely high, to make your point. Try to learn as much about tactics as possible. The book stores are filled with books on the subject. But take somebody along who knows BULLSHI# from shineola, otherwise you might buy a lot of nothing.

  41. ………..IF push does come to shove all veterans need to stand up and be counted. It is doubtful that very many non vets will. At least you should NOT EXPECT it then you won’t be demoralised when you see that you are ALONE. But at the same time I believe that if the vets unite and make some headway,you will then see armed masses joining up. There will have to be a very small something occur that will spell a potential for a very big win,when the laggards see this they will become MINUTEMEN in less than a MINUTE!

  42. ……..another thought is IF or when such action would occur on US soil those who have lost loved ones because of stuff like Benghazzi will more than likely be on board from the outset, as the senless death of their sons will have turned the survivors into vengeance seeking soldiers with the strongest motivation of all………….VENGEANCE!

  43. cabbyaz, and Air Force Brat,
    Isn’t the domestic security force funding, and implementation, part of the Obamacare law?

  44. If there was just some way to get the message out to the low-information or the public school indoctrinated people out there that if they surrender their 2nd Amendment rights, they will have Nothing to insure that they can protect any of their other freedoms and rights from being taken from them as well. The 2nd Amendment wasn’t written for hunters, sportsmen, etc., but rather for self defense and to protect citizens from a tyrannical government only too adept at spinning tales (lies) on why we don’t need these rights and how it will be better for everyone involved if we give them up. This should be common sense but it appears that there’s been a slow death of common sense in this country over the last few (or more) decades.

  45. bob strauss | February 3, 2013 at 11:49 pm |
    cabbyaz, and Air Force Brat,
    Isn’t the domestic security force funding, and implementation, part of the Obamacare law?
    Yes, Bob, I believe it is, based on what can be found from a Google search, although I don’t have the time to get a definitive answer. Maybe that is why Bummer doesn’t talk about it now. (It’s a done deal, as far as he is concerned.)

    Sometimes this burden gets almost too heavy to bear.

  46. Thistle……………
    You are absolutely correct regarding the slow death of common sense. What sense at all would a 25 year old people have, who possesses only a TWO WORD VOCABULARY? A huge cross section of our so called society are really illiterate,and do not seem to even know UP FROM DOWN. There lies in part the answer. The rest of the answer is the result of our OVEREDUCATED SNOT NOSED WORDSMITHS who try very hard to make everyone believe that UP IS DOWN. A very large percentage of the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS are of NARCISSIST personalities, whose IMAGINED self importance makes them believe that they know everything about EVERYTHING. They are the type who composesd the so called Obamacare. When the true implementation of the alleged healthcare act is felt there will without a doubt be a real war in this country,if a civil war doesn’t occur first.


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