Obama NC college economy in ruins, Tuition up, Healthcare almost doubled, Unemployment up, UNCG and A&T student cancellations, No college & no jobs

Obama NC college economy in ruins, Tuition up, Healthcare almost doubled, Unemployment up, UNCG and A&T student cancellations, No college & no jobs

“The hikes have forced more students to take on extra jobs to pay for school, or drop out altogether.”

“The state mandates that at least 25 percent of the money from the tuition dollars go toward financial aid for needy students. Some board members recently have spoken out about that requirement, saying it essentially calls for students, who themselves may be struggling, to subsidize the education of other students.”…Greensboro News record February 11, 2012

“The cost of health insurance will climb from a range of $61 to $77 monthly to a range of $118 to $133 monthly, according to a memo sent from UNC President Tom Ross to the UNC Board of Governors. On an annual basis, most students will pay about $500 to $700 more in 2012-13, depending on the campus.”

“Mallette said the insurance increases are due to the health care usage of UNC system students during the past couple of years, plus federal regulations on preventive care and pharmacy services issued in March. The process is complicated, he said, by the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”…Charlotte Observer May 1, 2012

“Guilford (Large NC County) appears on it’s way to a third consecutive year with annual jobless rates in double digits. Economists say that likely hasn’t happened since the Great Depression.”…Greensboro News Record December 2, 2011

Michelle Obama spoke at UNCG a few weeks ago.

“It means all of our kids should be able to go to college without a mountain of debt.”

“Because of this reform, our children can stay on our insurance until they’re 26 years old. (Applause.) So they don’t have to lose their health care when they graduate and they’re out there looking for a job, trying to build their lives.”

“I want you to tell them how many jobs he created. Tell them how much money he’s put back in the pockets of American people. You can tell them that more of our kids can afford college;”


Obama lies versus Obama reality.

From the front page of the Greensboro News & Record August 20, 2012.

“Registration cancellations rising at UNCG, A&T”

“UNCG about two weeks ago canceled the registrations of about 1,300 students because they had yet to pay their tuition bills — the highest number of cancellations since fall 2009, university officials said.

N.C. A&T is also seeing an increase in the number of students facing cancellation. The schools’ officials attribute their numbers to a variety of factors, including tuition increases and cuts and other changes in state and federal financial aid programs.

“Every lost soul is unacceptable to me, and it really hurts when we have to cancel that many registrations,” said Steve Roberson, UNCG dean of undergraduate studies.

By Friday, UNCG had managed to whittle that number to just 500, according to preliminary data.

But administrators are concerned about the large number of students who are having trouble paying this year.

UNCG Vice Provost Alan Boyette said recently that some students ran into problems because they did not apply for financial aid on time, or their financial aid had not yet been packaged. So, he expected that initial number would be reduced.

He said enrollment this year is “really unpredictable.” The university is gauging payments and registration on a near daily basis to get a feel for what the final number will be, he said.

“We think the timing is clearly related to the current economy,” Boyette said of the number of students paying late.

Sarah Carrigan, UNCG director of institutional research, said Friday that UNCG canceled 1,300 student registrations between July 31 and Aug. 8.

That’s an increase of about 500 over last year at that same time, she said.

As of Friday, about 800 of those students had paid to register again, Carrigan said.

A&T has also had a slight increase in the number of students who risk having their registrations canceled, said Akua Matherson, the university interim associate vice chancellor for enrollment management.

As of late Friday afternoon, the university was scheduled to cancel the registrations of 541 students, Matherson said.

That’s a 2.5 percent increase from last year, she said.

Those students had until the close of business Friday to make some kind of arrangement to keep their registration.

Staff from both universities spent much of the summer reaching out to students who were eligible to return to school but had not registered to find out what their problems are and to offer solutions.

More than 80 percent of A&T students qualify for need-based aid. Staff members have talked to families whose financial situations have changed, such as one parent losing a job.

“Some of our students are looking at some real challenges,” Matherson said.

Deborah Tollefson, UNCG financial aid director, has heard similar stories of parents’ stretched incomes.

She said that counselors steer students away from private loans.

Instead, they inform them of such options as federal loans, part-time campus employment and tuition payment plans if they are having trouble paying.

Tollefson said that UNCG has received a lot of late financial aid applications this year. Students who didn’t have to take out loans two or three years ago are now having to but are unfamiliar with the process, she said.

A&T had 10,590 students enrolled as of Wednesday, the first day of classes.

UNCG’s latest enrollment figures showed an enrollment of 17,800. Students there start classes today.”


With the Obama economic plan we get higher tuition, much higher health care costs and higher unemployment.

From Citizen Wells February 12, 2012.

“Amid chants of protest from about 100 students, the UNC Board of Governors this morning approved President Tom Ross’ proposal for tuition and
fee hikes over the next two years.

Ross’ plan would raise tuition by an average of 8.8 percent across the system and keeps increases below 10 percent on every campus.”

“Today’s vote caps months of intense debate over tuition, which the system has used in recent years to help make up for legislative cuts to its budget. The
hikes have forced more students to take on extra jobs to pay for school, or drop out altogether.”

“The state mandates that at least 25 percent of the money from the tuition dollars go toward financial aid for needy students. Some board members recently have spoken out about that requirement, saying it essentially calls for students, who themselves may be struggling, to subsidize the education of other students.”


I have met and talked with many college students. Recently a UNCG student, who is struggling to support his family and attend school, confided in me that the recent tuition and health care increases (mandatory health care insurance almost doubled) could force him to leave school.

From Citizen Wells May 2, 2012.

“The UNC system began requiring students to be covered by health insurance in the fall of 2010. Students must either prove that they have their own insurance or buy a plan offered by the UNC system. Before that, 11 campuses required insurance; rates and coverage varied significantly among the schools.

On top of rising tuition and fees, those UNC system students who buy the university-sponsored health insurance plan will face steep premium increases in the next academic year.

The cost of health insurance will climb from a range of $61 to $77 monthly to a range of $118 to $133 monthly, according to a memo sent from UNC President Tom Ross to the UNC Board of Governors. On an annual basis, most students will pay about $500 to $700 more in 2012-13, depending on the campus.”

“Mallette said the insurance increases are due to the health care usage of UNC system students during the past couple of years, plus federal regulations on preventive care and pharmacy services issued in March. The process is complicated, he said, by the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”


From Citizen Wells July 27, 2012.

“Unemployment Rates Increase in 84 Counties in June”

“North Carolina’s statewide unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) was 9.9 percent in June. This was a 0.4 of a percentage-point increase from May’s revised rate of 9.5 percent, and a 1.0 percentage-point decrease over the year.

Over the month, the unemployment rate increased in 84 counties, decreased in 11 and remained the same in five. Thirty-nine counties had unemployment rates at or below the state’s 9.9 percent rate.”

“Guilford County, containing both Greensboro and High Point had an increase from 9.6 to 10.3 percent.”


What evidence do we have that Obama had any student loans?


49 responses to “Obama NC college economy in ruins, Tuition up, Healthcare almost doubled, Unemployment up, UNCG and A&T student cancellations, No college & no jobs

  1. From Twitter”

    RT @RichardGrenell Breaking: Senior GOP official: Akin advisors making preparations for a withdrawal tomorrow.
    Retweeted by James Pethokoukis

  2. If I were representing the democrat party, I would be afraid to show up at the convention in Charlotte NC, and ask to be re-elected, after their record of failure to the Citizens of NC.

  3. citizenwells

    Amen bob.

  4. William | August 20, 2012 at 2:26 pm(brought over from prior post) |
    Yes, William, it was me who posted that comment about a “creepy” feeling. Something is smelling very rotten. I never watch NBC news, but yesterday they posted an article about “Undocubus”…It was about busloads of illegals on their way to D.C. They are wearing t-shirts to the effect of being a proud illegal alien and encouraging all other illegals to come out of the closet. Its as if they now have a mandate to be free to roam and go about whatever activities (legal or illegal) they choose. We have heard the ICE complaints that even if these illegals are committing crimes, they now have to turn their heads and ignore.

    I saw a book review on cspan yesterday also, where they were talking about
    Obama’s second term. They said O plans to give total amnesty and then voting rights to these illegals….well, duh???? If he should win a second term, there WILL be civil unrest, but it will be from patriots all around this country. I believe this ammunition stockpile is to prevent a market where
    we can purchase it for ourselves.

    BTW, Obama has given China the monopoly on all the rare earth minerals. They control 90% of the current supply. Aren’t those metals used in making bullets????Why is Obama Giving China a Monopoly on Rare Earth Minerals?\http://lonelyconservative.com/2012/04/why-is-obama-giving-china-monopoly-on-rare-earth-minerals/

  5. Christine Wyrtzen – What If Someone Had Not Shared

    Exclusive: Joseph Farah reveals why Jewish state won’t ‘bet its life’ on Obama election loss

    It seems that Israel is not sure Obama will lose in Nov. If he doesn’t, then October would be the best time to strike Iran. To wait until after he gets the second term would make it much harder for Israel, because Obama would have no incentive to play nice.

    From our standpoint, an Israeli attack in October could tilt the scales in favor of Obama in Nov., because so often a sitting president remains in office if there is world turmoil. That would be bad for us AND Israel.

    Read more:

  7. >>>bob strauss | August 20, 2012 at 2:54 pm |
    If I were representing the democrat party, I would be afraid to show up at the convention in Charlotte NC, and ask to be re-elected, after their record of failure to the Citizens of NC<<<

    Actually you wouldn't Bob, and I have to disagree with CW backing here. Why? Because if you were a democrat, you would have swallowed Keynesian economic theory, Communism, Fascism, and Elitism and believe something else entirely . You would believe that the economy hasn't recovered because of Bush and the evil rich people. Moreover, you would believe that small business, the backbone of employment throughout America, wasn't hiring people because they were upset with a black man in office. Simply put, if you were STILL a registered democrat, you would have to put all common sense and logic aside and believe that: 1. Racism is blocking economic recovery 2. The stimulus was to small and didn't work 3. Unions were smart and could make the world better, like GM. 4. Health care should be decided by the Federal Government 5. Gay and Lesbian rights, pedophilia, and sexual deviants were more important than jobs, the economy, and a future. 6. That if you didn't have what you wanted it wasn't because of you, but some evil person taking advantage of you. 7. That the Constitution was pointless. 8. That Communism/fascism was better. 8. Printing more money, not making things, was the answer to the wealth crisis.

    Frankly Bob, if you could believe all of that bovine excrement listed above, you would have no shame and not give a rodents behind about what the 'little people' thought about anyway. For some their truly is no shame and no understanding of the damage they bring. Don't believe me, just watch and listen to Debbie Wasserman some time.


  8. An Spiritually Eye Opening Message From Carl Gallups

    Defeating DEMONIC Strongholds – Ask The Preacher for Youtube – Pastor Carl Gallups

    Published on Aug 18, 2012 by ppsimmons

    “GET MIKE SHOESMITH’S BOOK! Fast Track To Freedom (Defeating Demonic Strongholds using the Biblical Fast)”


    – A great message from Carl Gallups to us. –

  9. Should be: A Spiritually Eye Opening Message From Carl Gallups … I didn’t see the n, sorry.

  10. Amen Pete.

  11. Folks,

    There are many in the world that embolden Christianity as a core belief. There are many more that manipulate with divisive and obvious deviations of intentions to appears otherwise good. This manipulation is nothing new, biblical speaking, nor should it be without attention. Matthew chapter covers quite significantly of such false portrayal.

    For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers. Many will use the Lords name in their own benefit and self promotion; selfishly, without reservation. Yet they cannot escape the obvious, nor the judgement thereafter.

  12. I Have a Dream That We Have a President Who Enforces the Law (Open Thread)


  13. Pete,

    You are correct and I agree with your analogy of the lack of public awareness.

  14. August 20

    “Navy SEAL’s Birther Admission Leads To Spike In Fundraising: 800 New Contributors”

    “Navy SEAL’s Birther Admission Leads To Spike In Fundraising”
    By Elizabeth Flock @ U.S.News & World

    “The downside of being a birther: Your colleagues may think you’re a nut. The upside: It brings in the dough.

    In the three days since former Navy SEAL Larry Bailey told Foreign Policy Magazine he was a birther, his anti-Obama group Special Operations Speaks has seen a “big” spike in fundraising, according to the former Navy captain.

    “I’m taking some hits from our people for identifying myself as a birther,” says Bailey, who reiterated his belief to Whispers that President Obama was not born in the United States. “But it seems to have struck a chord for people who want to help.””

    August 18

    “Anti-Obama Navy SEAL leader: I’m A Birther; Barack Obama’s A Born Red-Diaper Baby”

    “Anti-Obama Navy SEAL leader: I’m a Birther”
    By Josh Rogin @ Foreign Policy

    “”I have to admit that I’m a Birther,” said SOS founder Larry Bailey, a retired 27-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, in an interview. “If there were a jury of 12 good men and women and the evidence were placed before them, there would be absolutely no question Barack Obama was not born where he said he was and is not who he says he is.”

    Bailey, who is part of the leadership of SOS’s effort to mobilize thousands to take to the streets to denounce Obama’s treatment of the military through an SOS project called Operation Street Corner, doesn’t only believe that the president is a foreigner. He also believes that he is not actually the son of Barack Obama, Sr. Bailey trumpeted the conspiracy theory that the president is actually the love child of Ann Dunham and writer Frank Marshall Davis.”


  15. August 20

    “Obama Responds To Navy Seal That Doesn’t Believe He Was Born In The United States”

    “Obama calls for compromise to avoid military cuts”
    By Kate Wiltrout @ The Virginian-Pilot

    “He said he isn’t bothered by charges from a political action committee called the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, founded by Scott Taylor, a former SEAL from Virginia Beach, that accuse Obama of taking too much credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden last year.

    “I don’t take these folks too seriously,” Obama said. “One of their members is a birther who denies I was born here, despite evidence to the contrary. You’ve got another who was a tea party candidate in a recent election. This kind of stuff springs up before election time.””


  16. citizenwells

    oldsalt79 aka oldsailor80.
    Take care.
    God bless.

  17. Obama Adds Military Heroes to ‘Enemies List’

    President Barack Obama has added military heroes to his “enemies list,” singling out veterans’ groups such as Special Operations for America and Veterans for a Strong America on his campaign website, much as he singled out donors to Republican rival Mitt Romney for attack. Several veterans’ groups have spoken out against the Obama administration’s habit of taking credit for the Osama bin Laden raid and leaking military secrets for political gain–so the Obama campaign is trying to shoot the messenger.
    The charge made by the Obama campaign is that the veterans’ groups are “Swift Boat 2.0”–referring to the group that launched a series of ads (never refuted) in 2008 contesting claims by then-Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry about his war record. Left-wing groups aligned with the Obama administration have even gone so far as to call the U.S. Navy Seals “gutless” for their participation in criticism of Obama.

    Ryan Zinke (above, in 2006), a member of the Montana state Senate and a U.S. Navy SEAL from 1985 to 2008, told Breitbart News: “It’s a sad time for America when a President has to resort to bully tactics, intimidation, and misleading personal attacks against anyone who dares to speak out and be heard. The good thing is Americans have a long history of defeating tyrants.”

    Joel Arends, recipient of the Bronze Star and chair of Veterans for a Strong America, said:

    The president’s team is more serious about labeling a group of veterans as “swift boaters” than they are about going after the leakers in his administration. The reality is as simple as it is disturbing – American lives are now in danger because this White House under the leadership of President Obama have leaked vital national security secrets.

    more….. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2012/08/21/Obama-Adds-Military-Heroes-to-Enemies-List

  18. Looks like hurricane Isaac might be making an appearance at the RNC. Insure hope not. I want this campaign to get rolling full speed ASAP. Wonder what the repubs will do, change dates? That would be expensive. Oh well, whatever needs to happen, will I’m sure.

  19. August 21, 2012
    How stupid does the Obama campaign think Americans are?
    Russ Vaughn

    Transparency? Here’s some Real Transparency

    Good grief! How stupid does the Obama campaign think Americans are? How much contempt do those Chicago elitists have for those of us out here clinging to our guns, our religion and because of them and their incompetent leader, our livelihoods? I’m referring, of course, to this latest bit of preposterousness emanating from the White House spinmeisters: the turnout crowds at Obama campaign events are intentionally small because we’re deliberately controlling access to maintain an atmosphere of intimacy between the great one and our true Kool-Aid drinkers.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/08/how_stupid_does_the_obama_campaign_think_americans_are.html#ixzz24BhvOIMF

  20. I watched the video to the end, even the usurper is laughing at his own lies. What a sickening jerk!

    Dear Orly! you must see this article – & video
    And especially see the comments of the blogers, listing all of Obama crimes…
    see in link:


  21. Great video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsXmNX2VjYs

    Trevor Loudon at Illinois Tea Party

    suspicion of espionage of Frank Marshall Davis…..Alice Palmer influence; her connections to everything Communist international….introduced Obama to Ayers…..Russia’s “World Peace Council” propaganda front…..other half of O’s brain:Valerie Jarrett/mother early childhood education connections to Erick Erikson…..”dirty” David Axelrod/mentored by Chicago Communist journalists/voice for Communist party in South Chicago…..All Communism All The Time!

    Ties it all together.

  22. Philo-Publius

    Obama: When You Run For President ‘Your Life Is An Open Book’


  23. Great historical background given by Trevor Loudon for the whole Obama complex linking Soros and all the characters, media “fairness doctrine” taken from the Sovets, et al….the whole Marxist/Communist world operation involving O and friends:

    4 parts

  24. has there been any more info from the Breitbart reporter that said he was looking at the evidence of barry’s indonessian citizenship?

  25. Last evening on the news I heard that some in CA are having their mortgage payments made for them. The amounts sound huge – like $100,000 on one mortgage. The lady interviewed was overjoyed. It is people like that who will vote for Obama, and the number of that type is increasing daily.

    That is all part of the diabolical plan of the progressives – Continue to create an increasingly dependent society so as to enlarge the number who will vote the Democrat ticket. What is one way to increase the number of dependents? Tank the economy. It’s all according to plan.

  26. Last night Oldsalt posted these…

    oldsalt79 | August 20, 2012 at 8:03 pm |

    This will be the last post that I will make at CW blog using the handle of oldsalt79. Maybe I will be back, maybe NOT. For the present I shall remain away. BYE BYE ALL.

    oldsailor80 | August 21, 2012 at 12:43 am |

    I have decided that it is time for me to move on. I am doing so in the hope that I have provided a little meaningful imput to the issues at hand, and at the same time I am leaving with gratitude for everyone’s patience with me. Time is growing short for me and I have a great deal to do before God subpeonas me. I leave feeling that I have made a few new friends. This is really important to me, and I will always remember everyone. You have all been sort of like private tutors,and I leave with a renewed education. Anyone who wishes has my email available to them via Mr.Wells. Feel free to shoot a few lines from time to time. I leave feeling that everybody has the usual subjects well in hand, read,and understood. I will read from time to time but I will no longer have the presence that I did in the past. I am very tired and I only want some PEACE. I arrived at CW by accident, and I leave without anger against anyone. Rather my presence has taught me a whole new level of understanding and tolerance which I did not have before. I thank all of you for teaching me this. I pray that peace among everyone at CW will prevail. BYE BYE, to all………………oldsailor80

    This makes me so sad. We will miss you.

  27. SueQ
    Thanks for the update on Oldsalt. I believe it is a good thing to have the input of veterans of all eras here at CW. Because we have had an intimate association with the results of the breakdown of global political interaction, we share a bond, with both each other and with the country for which we were entrusted the duty and opportunity to protect.
    The winds of change are softly blowing, Oldsalt…..smooth sailing…

  28. observer
    Excellent video on Trevor Louden presentation. This background serves to reinforce the doctrine currently presenting itself publicly here in the US. The thrust of my posts here at CW have been more the “actions” of these individuals and how they tie into communist theory and education. Hopefully, people seeing this set of videos will realize to what extent communism has permeated and subverted our world society, and how it has been positioned to grow. Hopefully also, people will begin to see that, as economic theory, it is a failed concept and, in actuality, a progressively perfected tool of political exploitation, which will continue to oppress the poor and middle class while benefiting the avaricious. Most of all, these videos expose just how subtle these communist programs are with their euphemistic titles which dupe people into thinking they are supporting some grand cause.

  29. A PS to my previous post…
    Communism, and it’s network of material and economic support, has been the preferred tool of nearly every tin-pot dictator on the African continent. make no mistake…whether disguised as religion (Muslim) or any other political cause, communism (and by any of it’s other names) is still communism, wherever it may be, and has it’s tentacles firmly entrenched in those doctrines and philosophies. We see this everywhere, but especially within populations of scale where the prize becomes those resources necessary to suppoort the collective base. When pulling back the veil of secrecy surrounding bo, I am convinced we will see a prospective dictator every bit the image of his African cousins.

  30. Just an aside to anyone still out there…don’t forget the Senate and House races….if Romney does by chance get in, and because of the sharp partisan political division now in DC, he is going to need everything he can muster to effect any kind of meaningful change. The political arena is not the only place he will be fighting an uphill battle either. Don’t forget the unions, the various agendas (gays), and, of course, the courts….

  31. Philo-Publius

    The Repubs need MO to take back the Senate and Todd Adkin will not step down. That means Claire McCaskill.will keep the seat and the media will paint all conservatives as being just like Adkin.

  32. SueQ, and to OldSailor, if you are reading here at all,
    My heart is so sad, too, because OldSalt was here when I first began posting. I hate changes like that but understand the personal feelings of another. Just know I miss you! The only change I welcome is when O is out of office and hopefully charged with the crimes he has committed against our country.

  33. Take care, Old Salt. Love you man!

  34. Oldsalt,
    Truly going to miss your blogs. I feel honored that you have expressed and help educate us. Thanks for the insight, support, and education. Finally, as an American thank you for your service. May the wind be at your back, and the sea calm.


  35. NBC_Vic_Hern

    GAME PLAN………

    We all need to realize that we need to be in this for the long haul,
    and take on our projects incrementally, and most importantly keep
    score of all the DC players and their actions and words, replacing
    those that fly in the face of freedom.
    Congress and The White House first. Bloated bureaucracies and their
    leftist crazies to follow.
    Those of our people who wish careers in DC should stay on after
    elected office, shun the lobby groups, but join the bureaucracy to sift
    and winnow the leftists from participation in future administrations.
    All the while working on a remake of our Justice Department and Federal

    GAME ON !!!!!!!

  36. citizenwells


  37. Shalom Oldsalt. May the Lord bless and keep you. Still hope to hear from you from time to time.

  38. Interested Bystander


    My heart is heavy but I understand you must do what you must do.

    You have taught us all so many things, and we have much to learn still.

    Thank you for your comments.

    Take care good friend.

    From a fellow Hoosier.

  39. I saw the movie 2016 yesterday. I highly recommend it. Though it accepts at face value Obama Sr. as the biological father and Hawaii as the birth place, it is otherwise very informative. The narrator shows how Obama’s views are informed by post colonial Marxist ideas, which include support of third world movements like Islamist jihad. One frightening portrayal is a map showing in the Middle East and a “A United States of Islam.”

    Another interesting point is an interview with an assumed half-brother, who does resemble Obama, but who totally opposes Obama’s post-colonial views. Anyway, very informative and worth watching.

    How any American could vote for him second time around is beyond me. Speaking of which, at American Thinker a disturbing article today that requires serious consideration:


  40. For some reason the browser I’m linked to is not allowing access to the above article at American Thinker from here.

  41. Dear Oldsalt,
    Thank you for all of your posts thru the last few years. Your knowledge and patriotism have filled these pages on many a day. May our Lord bless you and comfort you and surround you with His peace. You will be sorely missed. Harriette

  42. Old salt…I have so enjoyed reading your comments over the past few years. I am sorry to see you go. God Bless You

  43. The U.S. definitely cannot afford four more years of similar policies. As a Canadian following the U.S. presidential campaign I have to say the Romney/Ryan ticket seems to be a better choice not only for the U.S. but for my country as well. Most Canadians were disappointed when President Obama didn’t approve the Keystone pipeline project and thus destroyed a promising prospect on the way to the economic recovery in both countries. More importantly, the interconnection between Canada and the U.S. is benefical not only for our national economy as a whole but also for the economic development in Canada’s regions which could best be seen when the recovery in the U.S. motor vehicle market positively influenced Toronto’s leading automotive industry. However, I’m afraid that Obama’s decisions could threaten such positive economic development and worsen the relationship between Canada and the U.S.

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