Russia warns West on Syria after Obama threats, Top Chinese diplomat holds strategic talks in Russia, Obama threatens to intervene if chemical weapons used

Russia warns West on Syria after Obama threats, Top Chinese diplomat holds strategic talks in Russia, Obama threatens to intervene if chemical weapons used

” We must stop Saddam from ever again jeopardizing the
stability and security of his neighbors with weapons of mass
destruction.”  “The chemical weapons Saddam has used and the biological weapons we know he has tested pay no attention to borders and nationalities.”   …Madeleine Albright, February 1, 1998

“If diplomacy runs out, we have reserved the right to use
force and if we do so it will be substantial.” … Madeleine Albright, February 1, 1998

On U.S. military involvement in Iraq:
“given Democracy a bad name,”
“U.S. credibility [in the region] could not be lower.”…Madeleine Albright, January 18, 2007

From Reuters August 21, 2012.

“UPDATE 4-Russia warns West on Syria after Obama threats”

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the West on Tuesday against unilateral action on Syria a day after President Barack Obama said U.S. forces could intervene if his Syrian counterpart deployed chemical weapons against rebels trying to topple him.

Lavrov met China’s top diplomat and a Syrian government delegation in what appeared to be a push to keep diplomacy going at a time when fewer Western and Arab governments believe that a U.N.-backed peace plan can end the violence.

Russia and China have opposed military intervention in Syria throughout 17 months of bloodshed and have vetoed three U.N. Security Council resolutions backed by Western and Arab states that would have raised pressure on Damascus to stop bloodshed.

Lavrov spoke at a meeting with China’s State Councillor Dai Bingguo a day after Obama, asked by reporters whether he might deploy forces in Syria under certain conditions, said: “A red line for us is (if) we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilised.”

Lavrov said at the meeting with Dai that Russia and China base their diplomatic cooperation on “the need to strictly adhere to the norms of international law and the principles contained in the U.N. Charter and not to allow their violation”.

“I think this is the only correct path in today’s conditions,” Lavrov told Dai, who also met President Vladimir Putin and his top security adviser, Nikolai Patrushev, on Monday for consultations that went unannounced by the Kremlin.

Lavrov’s remarks also underscored Moscow’s wish to keep international efforts to end Syria’s crisis within the United Nations, where Russia and China wield clout as two of the five permanent Security Council members with veto power.

Frustrated by the vetoes and by the refusal of Russia and China to join calls for Assad to leave power, the United States and other Western and Arab countries are seeking other ways to exert influence on the situation in Syria.


Obama said on Monday he had refrained “at this point” from ordering military engagement in Syria. But when asked whether he might deploy forces, for example to secure Syrian chemical and biological weapons, he said his view could change.

Russia has also expressed concern about Syria’s chemical arsenal, saying it had told Damascus that even the threat to use it was unacceptable.

But Lavrov said on Monday that the Security Council alone could authorise the use of external force against Syria, warning against imposing “democracy by bombs”.

Western officials say that Russia’s vetoes have abetted the Syrian violence by encouraging Assad to pursue an offensive with his Russian-supplied armed forces to crush the popular revolt.

To help counter Assad’s superior firepower, Western powers are giving non-lethal equipment to rebels and Saudi Arabia and Qatar are believed to have funded arms shipments to them. The West has also increased sanctions against Assad’s government.

After the talks with Dai, Lavrov met a Syrian government delegation led by Qadri Jamil, deputy premier for economic affairs, who was in Moscow for the second time this month.

Lavrov said national reconciliation was still viable and the only way to stop bloodshed in Syria regardless of opponents of Damascus domestically and abroad.

“If everyone whom the destiny of Syria and its people depend upon realise their responsibility, there are chances for reconciliation,” Lavrov said. “The chances are far from 100 percent, but they do exist.”

He said a halt to fighting was the way to implement an agreement reached by world powers in June on the need to establish a transitional government.


Russia and the West have differed over what the agreement reached in Geneva meant for Assad, with Lavrov saying it did not imply he should step down and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying it sent a clear message that he must quit.

Jamil told Lavrov that the Syrian government wants national reconciliation and all sides must make compromises but that “external interference … is hindering efforts for Syrians themselves to resolve the problem,” Interfax reported.

Later, he denied foreign military intervention in Syria would be possible because it would lead to a conflict beyond the country’s borders – a possible allusion to Syria’s sectarian divisions having parallels in neighbouring states.

“Direct military intervention in Syria is impossible because whoever thinks about it … is heading towards a confrontation wider than Syria’s borders,” he said. He said Obama’s threat was for media consumption.

Russian leaders have said they are determined to avoid a repeat of what occurred in 2011 in Libya, when Moscow let NATO military operations go ahead by abstaining from Security Council resolution that authorised air operations.

Russian officials then accused the United States and its allies of overstepping their mandate and using it to help rebels overthrow longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi. Putin, prime minister then but now back in official charge of foreign policy, likened the U.N. resolution to “medieval calls for crusades”.

Russia denies that it is propping up Assad and says it would accept his exit in a political transition decided by the Syrian people, but that his departure must not be a precondition and he must not be pushed out by external forces.

China has issued similar warnings to the West.”


15 responses to “Russia warns West on Syria after Obama threats, Top Chinese diplomat holds strategic talks in Russia, Obama threatens to intervene if chemical weapons used

  1. Dean M.,
    There are any number of triggers that Obama could use to stay in power after the election, even if he loses. That is one aspect I never really thought about. If he loses, then there may be race riots. If he wins, there could eventually be civil conflict. What if he loses but is instrumental in invoking a crisis and “needs” to stay in power during such a critical time? Would Congress intervene? I doubt it – After all in the interest of national security…….
    Imho, DHS (aka Obama) sees a need for massive ammo, because such turmoil is expected under any scenario. (DHS has bought enough rounds for nearly 5 hits upon each man, woman and child in the U.S.)

  2. EVERYONE needs to watch this…….This is why Ron Paul must be our NEXT President…..he is the only one representing US!!!!

    Kidnapped Marine’s Mom blows off MSM for AVTM exclusive

  3. Private Investigator Susan Daniels Debunks Obot Myth That Zip Code Clerical Error Caused Obama To Be Issued A Connecticut Social Security Number

    What about the zip code? People have only one way to try to attack my investigation regarding Barack Obama’s fraudulent Connecticut (CT) social security number. They try to say that the zip code on Obama’s application was changed as the result of a typo, which explains how he was assigned a number that was reserved exclusively for residents of CT. They are wrong.

  4. Cabby – AZ

    I think if anything bad is planned, it would come along the lines of postponing the election due to a national crisis. Syria might play into this. I personally believe Obama supports Assad and the Russians. He is playing a game. He is first and foremost supporting Shia Islam and secondly, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Sunni. So in Syria there is a dichotomy. The Sunni Muslim Brotherhood versus the Shiite Assad.

    When it was the Muslim Brotherhood against Mubarak or Gadhaffi, Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood. They did the bidding of Iran in overthrowing the leaders which cooperated with the West. But Assad is a Shiite and in alliance with Iran. The Sunni majority in Syria do not want a Shiite ruler any longer. So Iran has sent troops to bolster Assad’s forces. And Assad is threatening to use chemical weapons against the Sunni forces opposing his regime.

    So what is Obama to do? Secretly he supports Assad, who is also friends with Russian and China as well as Iran. But he has also supported the “Arab Spring,” which means the Muslim Brotherhood. For Western humanitarian reasons he must condemn Assad’s threat to use chemical weapons or he will fall out of favor with his Liberal base and Europe. (He is already out of favor with Conservatives and many Independents.)

    It looks like a difficult situation for Obama. He might try to use it to his political advantage to prolong his stay in office under the guise of being in the interest of “national security.” Just how he might try to do that, I’m sure I don’t know.

  5. I wonder what the Navy Seals think of our usurper’s citizenship problem, and lack of eligibility to be CINC?

    The Seals looked angry about the secrets being released by the usurper. I sure wouldn’t want the Seals mad at me.

  6. OldSalt….I wish you peace and solitude in whatever comes your way. I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your service to our country and for your very enlightening posts here at CW.

    This place has been lonely without you….Last week I was having a melancholy moment that I just couldn’t shake…Perhaps I was just missing your vibrant dialogue.
    Please try and check in from time to time and know that your family here will keep you in our hearts.

  7. “Prove we are not a country of idiots”.

  8. I feel safe and secure now!

    Federal Auditor: 2,527 DHS Employees and Co-Conspirators Convicted of Crimes
    By Edwin Mora
    August 20, 2012
    There have been 2,527 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees and co-conspirators convicted of corruption and other criminal misconduct since 2004, according to a federal auditor.

  9. Why does this country tolerate influence from foreigners like Soros, who’s efforts are aimed at disrupting American institutions? It’s none of his business.

    Soros-funded Marxists to “Occupy the RNC”

  10. OLDSALT,
    Just read your post from yesterday. Thanks for all your contributions and life lessons. You will be sorely missed. Peace be with you brother.

  11. I will miss you OLDSALT! You always gave us so much good information.

  12. More delegates unbound for the taking… see you in Tampa in the Constitutional section..aka Congressman/Dr. Ron Paul!!
    With the Republican National Convention beginning in Tampa within the next few days, it is time now for all

  13. Interested Bystander


    Give it a break, would ya?

    Mitt Romney will be the nominee, and you’ll STILL be touting about RP.

    It’s useless, give up already, or at least keep your comments to yourself, all your comments do here is waste space.

    Good Morning ALL,

    Especially oldsalt, whom I miss very much.

  14. citizenwells

    Good morning IB, et al.

  15. From time to time I read elsewhere that some patriots feel that the military is going to step in and do something about zero. It is obvious that they are in the tank with him.

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin E. Dempsey, scolded veterans over anti-obama documentary

    Here is what he said, “Anti-Obama comments are not useful”

    “And one of the things that marks us as a profession in a democracy, in our form of democracy, that’s most important is that we remain apolitical.” “That’s how we maintain our bond and trust with the American people” the general said.

    What did Obama say?
    Obama said he doesn’t pay much attention to the attacks. “I don’t take these folks too seriously,” the president said. “One of their members is a birther who denies I was born here, despite evidence to the contrary. You’ve got another who was a tea party candidate in a recent election. This kind of stuff springs up before election time.”
    Several of my points:
    The top spokesman for the Pentagon doesn’t even know that we are not a democracy, but a constitutional republic.

    These are veterans, not active-duty military, and they have a perfect right to exercise their First Amendment privilege.

    Why isn’t Dempsey deeply concerned over the leaking of vital, secret information which could cause loss of lives?

    Obama…….well, his dismissive remarks are close to being treasonous, imho.

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