Blagojevich appeal delayed waiting on transcripts, Court clerk 5 1/2 month leave of absence, Delays help Obama, Transcripts of Blagojevich wiretaps hurt Obama

Blagojevich appeal delayed waiting on transcripts, Court clerk 5 1/2 month leave of absence, Delays help Obama, Transcripts of Blagojevich wiretaps hurt Obama

“this guy is more Tony’d up than I am. …. they got the Chicago media to f…ing make me wear Rezko more. To f…ing dilute it from him.…Rod Blagojevich wiretap November 12, 2008
“BLAGOJEVICH: You know, Axelrod and Obama’s people, you know, clearly turned, you know, got the Chicago media to make Rezko all about me. And hardly about…

HARRIS: Yeah, in other words, they focus their,they focus their attention on you. They couldn’t make it go away so the bes-, next best strategy is deflect it.


HARRIS: This is somewhere where it, it’ll satisfy the, the hunger of the beast, being the media.

BLAGOJEVICH: Right, right.

HARRIS: Yeah, it makes sense. It’s not a stretch. If I’m, if I’m his message advisor, media advisor or whatever, operative, yeah I’m gonna try to feed the beast by giving ‘em something else to eat on.”…Rod Blagojevich wiretap November 12, 2008
“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich wiretap November 7, 2008

You have read it here at Citizen Wells for some time. The delays in prosecuting Rod Blagojevich were designed to protect Obama. You also read here that the appeal process for Blagojevich would drag on past the election. We now have more proof.

From Fox News August 6, 2012.

“Blagojevich appeal delayed due to undone transcripts: EXCLUSIVE”

“Before he went to prison, Rod Blagojevich expressed confidence that his conviction would be overturned on appeal.

But so far, no appellate briefs have been filed and no arguments have been heard.

Several sources told FOX Chicago News that Rod Blagojevich is upset and disappointed at the lack of progress on his appeal.

When former Illinois governor George Ryan was sentenced, his lawyers were in court just five months later, arguing his case.

It’s been almost eight months since Blagojevich was sentenced on Dec. 7, 2011. His attorneys discussed how they’d appeal six days after that.

“Well there’s a tremendous amount of work to do now, we need to read through all the transcripts,” defense attorney Lauren Kaeseberg said. “There’s two trials, there’s a significant amount of work.”

But FOX Chicago News learned that since then, that first key step toward an appeal – getting the 16,000 pages of transcripts – has not yet been accomplished.

“They have to file briefs. The briefs have to be based on alleged errors that occurred in the course of the trial,” Kent College of Law professor Richard Kling said. “Those errors, if they occurred, are reflected in the transcript.”

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals recently warned Kaeseberg that she could face monetary or disciplinary sanctions if she didn’t explain why the transcripts weren’t done yet.

Kaeseberg responded by producing these emails she had sent to Judge James Zagel’s court reporter, asking for the transcripts.

Finally, about two weeks ago, the court reporter filed her own motion asking for more time, saying she had taken a leave of absence for five and half months and has been swamped with work since her return.

She has now promised to have the transcripts done by late September, with any appellate review not likely for months after then.

“They wont’ decide what errors occurred based on what lawyers said,” Kling said. “They want the real McCoy’s, the transcripts, in front of them.”

The two attorneys handling the Blagojevich appeal, Lauren Kaeseberg and Leonard Goodman, both declined to comment on the delay.

FOX Chicago did phone and email the court reporter handling the transcripts, she didn’t get back to the station. It does sound like she’s pretty busy right now.”

There is a reason that I keep presenting this video containing the audio of Rod Blagojevich wiretaps from November 2008. Blagojevich repeatedly speaks of Obama’s Rezko problem and that Obama has more connections to Rezko than he. Blagojevich also accurately states that the Chicago media has focused their attention on him instead of Obama.

Here are exerpts from the actual transcripts. The full transcripts can be read at the links below.

DATE: 11/05/2008
TIME: 8:58 A.M.
ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line incoming call.
BLAGOJEVICH: Rod Blagojevich
HARRIS: John Harris

HARRIS You know, if I were him, um, you know, a top cabinet post, I don’t, I wouldn’t  consider it. I wouldn’t do it if I were him.

BLAGOJEVICH I agree with you.

HARRIS To be honest with you.

BLAGOJEVICH Because of Rezko.

HARRIS Because of Rezko and just because that’s not how I’m gonna build my team. It’s like the mayor, when we, whenever we filled, you know, top positions in city government?

DATE: 11/06/2008
TIME: 12:13 P.M.
ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line outgoing call.
SESSION: 345 and 347
BLAGOJEVICH: Rod Blagojevich
P. BLAGOJEVICH: Patti Blagojevich

BLAGOJEVICH If you were the president of the United States and you can get your choice for senator who you really want. She really wants it. She’s on his ass, okay.


BLAGOJEVICH And you got a governor who makes the choice and he wants to be DHS. Okay,the Cabinet, he’d do it, but you don’t want all that ’cause of corru-, Rezko and all that shit.


BLAGOJEVICH Yeah, that’s good. In other words, we’re predicating this on, Michelle Obama, he’s more hen pecked than me.

BLAGOJEVICH He wants to get out of Chicago politics. Okay. That’s their way of saying Rezko. HARRIS (Laughs)

BLAGOJEVICH Know what I’m sayin’?

DATE: 11/7/08
TIME: 11:06 A.M.
ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line incoming call.
BLAGOJEVICH: Rod Blagojevich
SCOFIELD: Doug Scofield
P. BLAGOJEVICH Patti Blagojevich

BLAGOJEVICH: Hey. Hey. So, they want to get out of Chicago politics is a euphemism for, they want to get away from Rezko.

SCOFIELD: Oh yeah, I, yeah, I agree with that.


SCOFIELD: Yeah, I agree with that.

BLAGOJEVICH: Yeah, I’m gonna tell you something…

SCOFIELD: I mean I think it’s true, generally they don’t want to make any deals at all of any kind. But, yeah, no that’s, yeah, it’s Rezko. Yeah, I think that’s right.


BLAGOJEVICH: Yeah, wants out of Chicago politics? Rezko, yeah.

SCOFIELD: Yeah, I agree.

DATE: 11/07/2008TIME: 4:11 P.M. ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line incoming call.SESSION: 403, 405, 406 and 408 Speakers:BLAGOJEVICH: Rod BlagojevichYANG: Fred YangHARRIS: John Harris STEWART: Mary Stewart

BLAGOJEVICH So he thought it through, you know, and he’s a little con-, concerned with, you know, well, maybe not right away and I say, “well, look, because, because of the Rezko stuff, Tom? Is that what you think?” And, well, he didn’t want directly say it so I talked about the Rezko stuff.


BLAGOJEVICH That Barack would quote unquote, he wants to get away from Illinois politics. To me that’s a euphemism for Rezko.

YANG Right.


YANG Well, and, and also, governor, he went with Rahm as chief of staff.


YANG That’s another Illinois guy.

BLAGOJEVICH Correct. So Illinois politics to me is, and Axelrod, is more Rezko.


BLAGOJEVICH … Now, you know I’m under, you know, what I believe is disgusting federal investigations, with them out to get me and I, I’ve been nothin’ but fuckin’ tryin’ to be very honest in my administration. You know made some misjudgements, but compared to even Obama, you know, I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.

DATE: 11/12/2008
TIME: 10:44 A.M.
ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line incoming call.
BLAGOJEVICH: Rod Blagojevich
HARRIS: John Harris

BLAGOJEVICH I just talked to Balanoff.

HARRIS Yeah. You called him?



BLAGOJEVICH It’s clear he got the message back from them they want no part of me. You know the Rezko thing and…

HARRIS Right, right.

BLAGOJEVICH I thin-, you know, it’s really, I get that I’m a big boy and I can handle that, but it’s really fucking galling, this guy is more Tony’d up than I am. And it’s almost like they fucking conspi-, made a concerted effort and they got the Chicago media to fucking make me wear Rezko more. To fucking dilute it from him.

DATE: 11/12/2008
TIME: 12:36 P.M.
ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line incoming call.
BLAGOJEVICH: Rod Blagojevich
HARRIS: John Harris

BLAGOJEVICH I mean think about that. I mean they, they want me here in Illinois. That’s a faraway Illinois problem from my old life.

HARRIS Mm-hmm.

BLAGOJEVICH The governor’s got that problem with Rezko, boom. But if I’m in the Senate it’s not just mine anymore, it’s his too. Isn’t it? If the Rezko thing got worse?

HARRIS Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm. Well we’ve always thought that.

BLAGOJEVICH And, and from a legal stand point on the substance of, you know, did, did you do something wrong or didn’t do something wrong it doesn’t change that. But in terms of the, the people who are trying to chase all that down and does it change any dynamic if you’re there verses being left back here.


BLAGOJEVICH But don’t forget uh, Obama’s gonna have uh, you know, do something about that. And is Obama more or less likely to wanna contain that if I’m out there with him. I mean I’ve got this theory that even Knapp says could be possible and Balanoff. You know, Axelrod and Obama’s people, you know, clearly turned, you know, got the Chicago media to make Rezko all about me. And hardly about…

HARRIS Yeah, in other words, they focus their,they focus their attention on you. They couldn’t make it go away so the bes-, next best strategy is deflect it.


HARRIS This is somewhere where it, it’ll satisfy the, the hunger of the beast, being the media.

BLAGOJEVICH Right, right.

HARRIS Yeah, it makes sense. It’s not a stretch. If I’m, if I’m his message advisor, media advisor or whatever, operative, yeah I’m gonna try to feed the beast by giving ‘em something else to eat on.

BLAGOJEVICH So, if I wanna be safe from Rezko, am I a little bit safer over there with him.

DATE: 11/13/2008
TIME: 12:35 P.M.
ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line incoming call.
BLAGOJEVICH: Rod Blagojevich
SCOFIELD: Doug Scofield

BLAGOJEVICH He wants to keep Rezko a million miles away, you know what I’m saying?

SCOFIELD Yeah, ah, clearly.


SCOFIELD Yeah. There’s no question about that.


69 responses to “Blagojevich appeal delayed waiting on transcripts, Court clerk 5 1/2 month leave of absence, Delays help Obama, Transcripts of Blagojevich wiretaps hurt Obama

  1. John Bolton would be a better VP choice than Petraeus if Romney is looking for foreign policy experience in a running mate.

  2. Rush now beginning to talk about Wayne Root…how he heard about him, etc. and now the Blaze story! Didn’t know Obama, etc….”I’ll share that with you when we come back”…commercial now!

  3. Rush in now on the Wayne Root thing.

    Lets see how far he will go with this. Not far enough, I am sure.

  4. Tina | August 7, 2012 at 12:48 pm |

    John Bolton would be a better VP choice than Petraeus if Romney is looking for foreign policy experience in a running mate.


    100% agree with you…

  5. But,

    Best to wait until we know whom is actually is being selected. We will know soon.

  6. Well, after the break….nothing on that topic with Rush….so far.

    Anyway…. Breitbart reporter said, “Barry Soetoro was an Indonesian citizen”

    Today on the Glenn Back radio show, Joe Pags (WOAI AM, San Antonio) was the fill-in host. Root told Pags, on the air, that he recently got a 4 am call from a Brietbart reporter who said that he was doing research in Jakarta, Indonesia. The reporter told Root that he has, in hand, has proof that Barry Soetoro was an Indonesian citizen.
    It seemed to me that the Glenn Beck Program Director promptly shut down that line of conversation.

    However, that should not happen today at 5 PM central time when Joe Pags Show will feature another interview with Wayne Allyn Root on his own local program. (click on Listen Live |> button)

  7. What gets me, CW, is everyone in politics must know by now about Chicago and Illinois corruption and its connection to Obama. But he gets a free ride. (Rahm Emanuel is now the city’s mayor!)

    How do we explain this?

    There are so many anomalies: Pro-Muslim, pro-Iran, radical Leftist ties, Chicago corruption, hidden records, forged birth certificate, Social Security number from a state he never lived in, unaccounted for overseas money that came into his campaign–this just to begin with. Then as President, violation of the War Powers act, executive orders that go beyond his authority, refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, granting amnesty to illigal aliens, etc.

    How did this happen to our country? How did this guy fly in under the radar to capture the Presidency? How is it that Congress does nothing? Given the fact that he managed to capture the Presidency, why has he not been impeached and removed from office?

    Even Conservative Talk Radio never gets to the heart of the matter. The most outspoken like Savage and Levin, stay away from the really hot topic. Only someone like LTC Lakin had the strength to make a real stand–a lone Lieutenant Colonel in the Army.

    And then there is the website and various blogs that are trying, but what, really, can be done? Obama needs to be impeached and removed from office. It is not enough just to vote him out. He has broken the law and is unworthy of the office. He should not have been elected in the first place. There is so much denial in our fellow citizens. None of us really wants to see how bad it really is. I’m sure I’m overlooking something, too. I get this gut feeling, it is much worse than I can see.

  8. John in Illinois

    Still waiting on Limbaugh myself, he likes to tease people and then throw it out right at the end of the show. There is a local radio station that has a free chatroom in Burlington Ia, I’ve been preaching the same stuff Root has said for over 3 yrs now. All I get is ridicule there. Can’t wait till the truth comes out.
    Funny thing is they will all take credit for Obama’s history when its been known since 2007. Why have they not asked Sheriff Joe for an interview? He has proven the BC is a fraud.

  9. White House disses Drudge Report: ‘Be mindful of your sources’

    Unless the guy’s blind obedience career has kept him out of the bigger loop, he’s gotta know “a lot”. Not only from his former military position but via all of his briefings with CIA….no longer a question of Obama’s history and prep with the group? Obama is trying to “keep this possible enemy closer”. But Petraeus, whether or not chosen for continuing high level position, has to decide to protect the country and the military….or play it safe along with all the rest of the higher echelon, and protect his career. I would think he would be better used in any possible Repub. govt. position as a behind the scene info gatherer. He’s not one made for the outwardly political game.

    Rush…now reading the Wayne Root article!!

  10. John in Illinois

    1:09 finally Rush speaks

  11. Rush talking about Root now

  12. Philo-Publius

    Rush is talking about the Wayne Root article now.

  13. John in Illinois

    Wouldn’t this be great if NBC CBS ABC CNN MSNBC carried this Root story????

  14. John in Illinois

    Rush gets a late “atta boy” award

  15. I’d say, if anyone, with permission of the higher ups of course, would get Root on for good interview it would be Hannity.

  16. Philo-Publius

    I don’t agree that once a challenge is made they will back off the release of Romney’s tax returns. The media will continue to run with the story and dismiss the college records as “birther” nonsense. Obama and his media lapdogs will then have the tax returns to use against Romney, keep the distraction away from the economy and his failed policies while Romney will have “nada”. The release of Obama’s school records is never going to happen unless someone on our side steals them.

  17. The following was posted on the prior thread at 8:08 am:

    Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell It To The People by DR. Alan Sabrosky
    And the Wages of Betrayal Are….
    The above article is one of the most rabid, vehement spouting of anti-Israel hate speech I’ve ever read. It sickens and saddens me and others who are repulsed by such a diatribe. I’m am surprised and shocked that anyone would post it on this blog.

  18. Obama cannot be impeached; he is not legally POTUS. He can be arrested–by whom, ????

  19. citizenwells

    Dean M.
    I understand your frustration.
    Patience & perseverance is the key.
    Look at the millions of Americans who now know more about Obama & his past.
    The truth will emerge sooner or later.

  20. This is a marathon; not a sprint.

  21. cabbyaz: Anti-semitism is totally irrational. And self-hating Jews are among the most rabid anti-semites. Alan Sabrosky is such a one. He is a fame freak and is trying to draw attention to himself. He claims Israelis were behind 9/11–that Mossad caused it. It is total craziness, but since so much craziness has actually happened in the world, he gets mileage of False-Evidence-Appearing-Real–FEAR. Fear, in one form or another, is behind anti-semitism.

  22. Thank you, CW, for your perserverence. You are right. We have to believe the truth will emerge sooner or later.

  23. Philo-Publius | August 7, 2012 at 2:19 pm |
    The release of Obama’s school records is never going to happen unless someone on our side steals them.
    Look what happened when atty Gary Kreep while representing Keyes, attempted to supoena Obama’s entrance forms to Occidental. The school authorities got real nervous because they were legally bound to respond and went to their attys who were connected to the “on call” Obama attys who responded with threats to the “little atty” of punishment with all permitted $$ sanctions available. So he backed down or get ruined! So, yeah, somebody would have to “steal” the records but since they’re locked up tighter than a tick or completely destroyed for posterity by school authorities on orders from “above” the threat would have to come from some brave law enforcement or judge…..ha! Hopefully Breitbart has something other than hearsay from Indonesia…probably just copied that form that was the only one that got out there before the scrubbing process got to it:

  24. Dean M. | August 7, 2012 at 2:04 pm |
    And then there is the website and various blogs that are trying, but what, really, can be done? Obama needs to be impeached and removed from office. It is not enough just to vote him out. He has broken the law and is unworthy of the office. He should not have been elected in the first place. There is so much denial in our fellow citizens. None of us really wants to see how bad it really is. I’m sure I’m overlooking something, too. I get this gut feeling, it is much worse than I can see.
    I share your frustration. I fear for my country.

    I pray that God will rid us of the pestilence that is destroying our nation.
    In Jesus’ name. Amen

  25. citizenwells

    I carry many sports injuries with me. Still paying for them.
    However, one of the lessons gained from participation was perseverance.
    Summer football practice, wrestling, track.
    There were many times when pushing on seemed almost impossible, yet I did.
    Such is life.

  26. I think the gut feeling that things may be worse has something to do with a string of convenient deaths: Bill Gwaltney, Madelyn Dunham, Donald Young, Quarles Harris, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Cormier, members of Seal Team 6 and even, perhaps, Osama Bin Laden. (Bin Laden may have known Obama from Pakistan if Obama was working for the CIA at that time. Could he therefore compromise Obama in some manner–maybe knowing Obama is Shiite, connected with the Iranian Revolution? Speculation, but who knows?)

    The film being made, WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED, by Bettina Viviano, documents all kinds of death threats.

  27. Dean M. | August 7, 2012 at 2:48 pm |

    Not placing blame anywhere. Leave that to someone else. But there are over 1700 architects and engineers on record seeking an honest investigation into the truth of 911.

    Never, in the history of metal frame buildings, has one ever collapsed as a result of fire, until 911.

    One would have to be completely out of their mind to think that building # 7, which only had small fires at the time, could implode into its own footprint, without lots of help.

    Guess I am a birth-er and a truth-er, and a Jeckyll-er, and a NWO-er, and a ….

  28. Jonah, I pray, too. C.S. Lewis once said, “I pray as though everything depended on God, and I work as though everything depended on me.”

  29. Apparently Trump went on CNBC’s Squawk Box and said the same thing….Romney should ask for O’s records he’s spent “$4,000,000” on hiding them….like college applicant forms, college records, etc. He’s making the rounds countering the Obama/Reid talking points.

  30. Dean M…………
    I think you are in all probability much closer to the truth than you even suspect. Yes there is a great deal of speculation where Soetoro is concerned,but there are some hard facts now existing as well. Have you looked closely at the alleged BC that was posted on the WH website which was specially hand delivered? First of all how it was delivered doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, but all you need to do is look at the boxs which says “father’s name,” then the box which says “fathers nationality.” This document was touted as being the real Soetoro BC by everybody at the WH including Soetoro himself yet nobody seems to realise that in posting the BC the person who done the posting actually forever incriminated Soetoro. This could be used as PRIMARY evidence in court that he is not eligible to hold the office of POTUS. He himself has clearly shown everybody that he is holding the office ILLEGALLY, and I also believe that the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS was FULLY aware of these facts. To me John Roberts has committed TREASON against America and should be prosecuted.

  31. Ray, you might check out

    I think the so-called “truther” conspiracy theory has been completely denunked. I, myself, never believed it. I watched it on TV as it happened. It looked totally real to me, caused by those huge planes hitting the towers and the unimaginable damage that would cause.

    I talked with a pilot afterwards, who told me all those Arabs had to do was learn how to punch in the exact coordinates into the planes’ navagational systems. The planes would then fly themselves right on target into the towers.

  32. Dean M, I agree with you in that it will not be enough to just vote him out. It must be proven that he is a fraud and his intentions to change our great nation must be made known to all. He and his ilk must be held accountable to us and to the world. Otherwise, this sickening, fawning media will create a legacy of greatness forever. That final “vetting” will NEVER come.

    This uninformed electorate of “virtual” sel- indulging individuals needs to be awakened from their stupor and smacked in the face with a dose of reality. Otherwise, history could very well repeat itself!

  33. Ray………
    Are you aware that steel weakens dramatically as it heats up? Wether it stands in a column load or bears a sheer load, when it heats up it gets like spaghetti. I have looked at many buildings which were gutted by fire. One in particular stands out in my mind. This fire occurred at an A&P Supermarket here in Fort Wayne. The heat was so intense that the steel roof trusses simply bowed an finally gave way. If you were to see such a distorted mess I think you might re think your notion that steel will not distort in fire. As for the twin towers,both aircraft had full loads of of jet fuel on board, when they were steered into the twin towers. While the impact forces probably would not have been sufficient to bring down either building the resultand CONCENTRATED fire and HEAT is the primary reason why the buildings collapsed. Jet fuel by design gives off huge levels of heat per pound. This is because the jet engine utilises the expansion of the heat to drive an aircraft. Yes there would have been enought heat concentrated inside of both towers to substantially weaken them to the point that the steel could no longer support the structural weight of the building above the impact point. Once the collaps began nothing on earth could have stopped it.

  34. Last post, “debunked.” Sometimes it pays to proof read what we write.

    oldsalt79–I think you are right to refer to the man as Soetoro. We really don’t know how he came by the name Obama. The birth certificate is doctored or forged. So we don’t know if the Obama from Kenya was his true father. If he was given that name at birth, it was later changed to Barry Soetoro. We have documentation showing his name as Barry Soetoro, but we have no document showing a name change to Obama.

    In California you can change your name through “common usage” If you start using another name consistently as your only identity, then it legally becomes your name. It is like common law marriage that is legal in some states like Texas, for example. But not all states have this allowance. In some states you have to legally and formally change your name. I don’t know how it works in Hawaii. And we don’t know when the man started using “Barack Obama” as his name instead of “Barry Soetoro.”

    Lolo Soetoro was his true step-father. He had the strongest influence on Barry during his early formative years. Barry was listed as Indonesian and a Muslim on the early school records that are available.

  35. Dean M. | August 7, 2012 at 3:43 pm |
    So right you are!

  36. John in Illinois

    Hannity has Root on radio right now

  37. Honor First………
    There is about 90 days remaining for any impeachment action to occur, if at all. I have come to the conclusion that there will be no impeachment action taken against Soetoro. This is a very sad testimony as to the state of our countries inhabitants. Americans have become so supportive of anything which is looked upon as C-O-O-L, by our SNOT NOSED OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS. This even includes destroying the Constitution,and replacing everything with a Marxist Socialist form of government. The CHILD PRODIGYS think Socialism is really C-O-O-L. I see a constricted mentality within our so called college grads. Especially when they think everything is C-O-O-L. Even a phoney president. This tells me that the quality of our SNOT NOSED WORDSMITHS, may not be what America needs. In the final analysis there will be only one teacher. Unfortunately that teacher will not arrive until AFTER THE FACT. The graduates of todays colleges NEVER SAW ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WERE WILLING TO LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES TO ESCAPE FROM EAST GERMANY. Why in hell do these morons not understand that there was a reason why the east german people wanted out. It is called Marxist Socialism.

  38. John in Illinois

    Hannity wants Root to go by “facts”, hmmmmmmmmmm sheriff Joe has the FACTS !

  39. oldsalt79–Good point on the heat and metal. Many years ago I worked as a carman apprentice for Southern Pacific Railroad. We repaired bent and damaged metal safety bars and ladders at my station. We would use heating torches to heat the metal. They would become very pliable when hot enough. With a little tapping we with a sledge hammer we could bend the metal back to its original molded shape. But if you hit too hard, you could break it or bend or knock it too far.

    I assumed the same principle applied to the steel girding in the two buildings that collapsed. The heat would be tremendous. It never occured to me to think otherwise watching on TV. The “truther” idea that later started seemed to come from the far Left and from the Muslim world–the Bush haters and the Jew haters. But some on the Right were taken in by this as well.

  40. Orly Taitz pursues Cold Case Posse Chief Investigator Mike Zullo Indiana Subpoena, offers to pay expenses.

    My instincts tell me that Orly should not interfere with the overall plan of Sheriff Arpaio/Zullo and posse. In order to possibly focus attention on herself she could blow the good work they’ve done by throwing everything but the kitchen sink in a hearing that would associate their meticulous work with her somewhat botched and not well planned court cases. And if she gives the court/judge any reason for dismissing her challenge, again, that will get connected to the Arpaio work. And it will also get mentioned as some kind of judgement against Arpaio’s evidence if it ever got to a Congressional hearing.

  41. HonorFirst–Not too long ago I posted at this webiste a copy of a letter I was sending to Obama that he should resign or he should be impeached. I sent copies to Senators Feinstein and Boxer and Congressman McKlintock of my district. There are a few blogsites calling for Obama’s impeachiment and one Congressman, North Carolina Representative Walter Jones (Republican) on March 7, 2012, introduced HCR 7, calling for Obama’s impeachment for violating the War Powers Act.

  42. John in Illinois

    Hannity just said Allan Root will be on “Hannity” show tonight.
    Hannity is still playing “CYA” by saying “I was never a birther……”
    This Obama scam is starting to unravel

  43. John in Illinois

    Alan Root suggested to Trump that he ought to put out a $1,000,000
    reward for any admission records to Occidental Columbia or Harvard.
    Root thinks somebody will take it up . If I remember right, during the primaries or shortly after the nomination ,there were a couple of people in Davenport Ia that were checking on something in Obama’s past records and they were immediately arrested? Never heard from that again?

  44. Below is the latest email I received from BIX this morning……JUST WAITING FOR THE CRASH……

    One of the most read articles at is the following:

    The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!

    It is my favorite as well because when the new $100 Bill was announced and revealed to the public it had all the markings of what I’d been saying for years – That there are people within the US Government and Federal Reserve working to return us to a true Gold Standard. It was always the plan. The signs on the Bill are UNMISTAKABLE even down to the words about abolishing our current government.

    It also supported the entire Road to Roota Theory as to how it all came about, who is doing it and where we are going.

    It was a MAJOR hit on the timeline…BUT IT’S NOT OVER!

    The $100 Bill was pulled back from release to give the Good Guys time to educate the population to the evils of fiat money and allow for a peaceful transition through the election of Ron Paul as President (yes – it will happen!).

    So the new $100’s lie in wait in some warehouse guarded by the Good Guys in the US Government. They wait for the crash of the global monetary system. They wait for the people to rise up against the banksters. They wait for a smooth and peaceful transfer of leadership in the US.


    Transition 2012 and the Tree of Liberty

    Events happening daily cannot be dismissed as coincidence because there are just too many happening to the “Biggest Players”.

    Now is the time and it is happening as we speak.

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir


  46. “Trump to Obama on CNBC; Release The Records YOU’RE Spending Millions to Hide”

    “Trump Now Taking Aim at Obama’s Collegiate Background”
    By Jeff Cox @

    “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney should release more of his tax returns only after President Barack Obama makes public his college transcripts, real estate magnate Donald Trump said on CNBC.”

    [video at link]

  47. Observer…………
    As distasteful as it is for me to criticise Orly Taitz, I tend to believe that until our federal court system is brought back to honesty she will never be successful in ANY court. Had our courts still been honest then she wouldn’t have needed to file one civil suit after another, because Berg would have been successful on the first go around. While I think that Orly might need a lot more experience, she probably would have done ok in an honest court room. We no longer have a honest, or fair court system in the US. Most of our court system now consists of KANGAROO courts.

  48. CW…….Please release all my posts…..especially the one to CABBY! Why do you continue to stop the TRUTH from being known???

  49. Oldsalt, If those “snot nosed, overeducated” child prodigies ever learned their 8th grade history, I guess we could suggest to them to just look at 2 countries. Maybe they could learn something about communism/freedom.

    Korea (north and south) and Germany (east and west). Two very telling stories!

  50. How about asking Obama why he and his wife lost their law licenses? You only lose your law license if you did something pretty bad.

  51. oldsalt79 | August 7, 2012 at 4:45 pm |
    Yes, I’ve given great credit for all that Orly has done and agree about the sold out judges. I think that that is one of the reasons Arpaio is afraid to use the courts since if they dismissed with prejudice he’s stuck. I do think though, with this understanding, there could have been some more experienced assistance given to Orly by those who offered but they not only got no cooperation but then afterwards they were pretty much defamed. I mean it’s not like there weren’t other prepared and brave persons also doing the same but didn’t get the attention because they didn’t seek it. There was a lot of mis-communication but after a while people of good will just gave up. Again, I think in this particular history with the brave and organized Arpaio and posse, they should be respected to continue without interference in order to perhaps use their discoveries for a more personal motivation.

  52. Just a reminder:

    today at 5 PM central time when Joe Pags Show will feature another interview with Wayne Allyn Root on his own local program. (click on Listen Live |> button)

    I’m a little late and have just heard a loooong ad so far.

  53. Condi, Christie, Rubio, Jindal, Portman, Ryan, Pawlenty and Petraeus. The media is dropping a lot of names for VP. Wonder what the real scoop is?

  54. oldsalt79–I think your’re really onto something. Maybe the truth is about ready to bust loose. From now on I’m going to refer to the one holding the office of President as BARRY SOETORO. I think that is and was his legal name. The state law for name change was never observed where he resided when he began going by “Obama.” His use of “Obama” was never formally implimented.

    Is it not feasible that the reason for the withholding of all his records has to do with his name being “Barry Soetoro” and never properly changing his name?

    This might be what opens the whole can of worms for him. It reminds one of the Grimm’s fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin. Guess his name and you don’t have to give up your firstborn. RUMPELSTILTSKIN = BARRY SOETORO.

    And maybe he did use foreign student status to get aid in the US, since by the name of Barry Soetoro he was registered as an Indonesian citizen and Muslim when he went to school in Indonesia. Maybe this is all that needs unravel to force him to resign or be impeached.

    Part of a prayer we say in synagogue: “May the dominion of arrogance be utterly destroyed, speedily and in our days.” Maybe the whole thing is lot more simple than we’ve realized. May we just had to guess his real name, like in the Grimm’s fairy tale.

    What a weird ride this has been. But life is sometimes stranger than fiction.

  55. August 07, 2012

    “AFP Interviews Sheriff Arpaio’s Lead Investigator”
    By Pete Papaherakles

    “On August 1, AMERICAN FREE PRESS caught up with Zullo to discuss, among other things, what his group uncovered in its research on the birth certificate.

    AFP: You said that the investigation is still in progress and that the scientific part of the investigation is now over. What areas of the investigation are you conducting now?

    M.Z.: We are looking into the origin of the forged document. This document originated in a certain computer which sent it to the White House to be posted on their official website. This was done by a particular individual. We know what computer the document resided on 20 minutes before it was uploaded. We know the make and the model of this computer. We need to connect this information with that individual. The document also had to be approved by the White House before being released to the American people. There are only three reasons someone would produce a forged birth certificate. They either did not have one to start with, they wanted to remove existing information, or they wanted to add information. We feel in this case that it is a combination of all three. If the White House had a valid document to start with, why have they spent a million dollars in order to conceal it?

    AFP: What is your ultimate goal? When do expect the investigation to be complete?

    M.Z.: The investigation will continue as long as it takes to get to the bottom of this. …”

  56. Wayne Root is on now at above link.

  57. citizenwells

    *** New Post ***

    Highly relevant

  58. Dean M and OldSalt79,

    Thanks for the info and links. I would agree that anything was possible for buildings 1 & 2 after what they were hit with. However, that does not explain how WTC7, which was not hit, reacted in exactly the same manner.

    I honestly have not done enough research on this issue, so I should stick to my other conspiracies until such time as…. 🙂

  59. Ray…………
    I in no way am contradicting your viewpoints regarding the collapse of the building which was not struck by an aircraft. While i have stated what I think is a reasonable assessment of the progress of the attrition of both buildings 1 and 2, but I did not venture to explain what I think may have brought the adjacent building down. Have you ever watched a seismograph which in close proximity to a quarry operation which periodically uses heavy charges of dynamite, to break up and loosen limestone? In close proximity perhaps a mile or so you can watch the seismograph react to every explosion in the limestone belt. Most of the time the quarry operators are NOT ALLOWED to use extremely large charges if there is buildings or residences in close proximiity to the quarry. This is because if the explosions exceed a certain seismographic level masonry buildings,could suffer heavy damage,or even be brought down by an explosin in bed rock which generates a seismographic reading past 3.0 Now fast forward to the collapsed building which was within 1000 feet of the collapsing towers. Here are two buildings which each weigh far in excess of 70,000 tons each. When the collapse began extremely large portions of the buildings struck the ground between the adjacent building. these large chunks of concrete and steel combination could easily have weighed in excess of 500 tons each. When such a weight falling at a velocity of even 70 mph generates a shock wave in excess of a 9.5 seismographic reading, which is enough to bring down steel reinforced buildings. I personally believe that this is the primary reason why the adjacent building collapsed. Most buildings in the New York area which were built at the Trade Center were designed to withstand substantial earthquake action, but a quake generated by falling 500 ton,or even 1000 ton pieces of concrete generates a bedrock shock which probably far exceeded the maximum shock limitations of the building design. Since the collapse of the towers was enough to collapse a portion of the subway near the buildings it is reasonable to suspect the shock to the earth nearby the smaller building was also enough to collapse that buiding.

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