Obama thugs history revealed in Michele Thomas Bettina Viviano interview, Obama stole 1996 Alice Palmer election and 2008 DNC primaries caucuses

Obama thugs history revealed in Michele Thomas Bettina Viviano interview, Obama stole 1996 Alice Palmer election and 2008 DNC primaries caucuses
“Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially not insofar
as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent.”
Adolf Hitler

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”…Abraham Lincoln

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″

From WND, World Net Daily, April 8, 2012.

Activist claims ‘thug tactics’ used to launch career also employed in 2008”

“Alice Palmer, the avowed communist who helped launch Barack Obama’s career, continues to haunt Obama even today.

In 2008, Palmer showed up at the Democratic National Convention in Denver as a Hillary Clinton supporter, still resentful toward Obama for knocking her and three other candidates off the ballot for an Illinois state Senate seat some 13 years earlier by challenging voter signatures.

“The Democratic primary, what I witnessed, was one of the most appalling, disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Hollywood-based digital photographer Michele Thomas told WND in a joint interview with Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano.

Thomas began as a volunteer for the 2008 Clinton campaign then launched a petition drive when she learned the Democratic National Committee was not going to allow delegates to cast their votes for Clinton at the convention.

“I just felt like the entire process was being eviscerated and rules were being changed all along to ensure that no matter what, Barack Obama was the nominee,” Thomas said.

“And I felt compelled to take a stand to have the process in which we decide who our candidates are that we vote for be upheld,” she said. “And that the peoples’ votes are held up from the ballot box to the convention where the delegates bring those votes forward.”

Thomas said she received death threats as she gathered the 300 signed and notarized petitions required by Democratic National Convention rules to prompt a count of votes for Hillary Clinton on the first ballot.

Knowing how Obama had defeated Palmer in his first election campaign in 1996, Thomas required the delegates who signed the petition to notarize their signatures on two copies. One copy was sent to a Post Office box and the other brought to the convention in Denver.

Thomas said she did it “so there was no way the DNC or the Obama campaign, his lawyers, could knock my signatures off this petition.”

Thomas took three months off work to conduct the petition drive, foregoing considerable income.

She explained why she did it and why she is speaking out about it now.

“I’m a little scared right now, there’s no doubt about it,” she admitted, “but at some point in your life, if you are fortunate enough, you are faced with the decision of doing something bigger than yourself.”

As WND reported, the charges of Thomas, Viviano and others connected to the 2008 campaign are now being investigated by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, which is probing Obama’s eligibility for Arizona’s 2012 ballot.

‘Bare-knuckle’ politics

In 1995, Obama saw his opening to run for elected office when Palmer decided to give up her state Senate seat and run for Congress in a special election.

In 1986, as editor of the Black Press Review, Palmer was the only African-American to cover the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Moscow.

She went out of her way to make Obama her handpicked successor.

To get Obama’s state Senate race off to a good start, Palmer arranged a function to be held for a few influential liberals in the district at the Hyde Park home of Weather Underground founders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

It’s not likely Palmer would have selected Obama to be her successor in the Illinois Legislature or have introduced him to the Hyde Park political community at the Ayers-Dohrn home unless she saw an affinity between Ayers and Dorhn’s radical SDS Weather Underground history and her own history of openly professed communism and Obama.

After Palmer stepped aside for Obama to take her seat, she suffered an unexpected electoral defeat in the November 1995 Democratic Party primary. She came in a distant third, behind Jesse Jackson and Emil Jones Jr., a power-wielder who would become Obama’s mentor after Obama was elected to fill Palmer’s seat.

After losing the special congressional election, Palmer reversed her decision and decided she wanted her Illinois Senate seat back.

Palmer supporters asked Obama to step aside, but he refused and decided to challenge Palmer’s eligibility for the ballot using what the Chicago Tribune described as the “bare-knuckle arts of Chicago electoral politics.”

Obama hired a fellow Harvard Law School alumnus to challenge the legitimacy of the signatures Palmer received on petitions to qualify for the ballot.

Once he set on the strategy, Obama kept challenging petitions, until he succeeded in getting all four of his Democratic primary rivals forced off the ballot, enabling him to run unchallenged.

Viviano described Obama’s strategy in defeating Palmer in 1995 as a betrayal.

“Alice Palmer was his mentor who had asked Bill Ayers to throw that coming-out party for Obama,” she explained.

Thomas said she met Palmer in person at the 2008 convention in Denver.

“I actually had my petitions in my backpack,” Thomas remembered. “I walked right up to her and I said, ‘Alice Palmer, you have no idea how you have affected my life and what I’ve just done.’”

Thomas explained to Palmer how she designed her petition to make sure Obama could not get lawyers to disqualify her signatures.

“I had every single one of these petitions notarized because I know what happened to you,” Thomas told Palmer upon meeting her in Denver. “I have them in my backpack right now. Do you want to see them?”

Palmer said yes.

“She started going through them, and she got tears in her eyes when she saw that they were notarized,” Thomas recalled. “She said, ‘Oh my God, This is what I should have done, this is what I should have done.”

Thomas told Palmer that the only reason she got her signatures individually notarized was to prevent the Democratic National Committee or the Obama campaign from throwing out her signatures to disqualify the petition.

“This was all because of what [Obama] did to all of his challengers,” Viviano stressed. “It just was outrageous to disqualify these people that way. This is how moral and ethical our so-called president is. His own mentor, who went out of her way to support him in his career – he turned around with a knife and put it in her back and had her challenged off the ballot in a way that was so amoral and unethical, and she became a Hillary supporter.”

Thomas remembered that Palmer pulled her aside at the Denver presidential nominating convention and told Thomas that she wanted to tell her a story.

Palmer explained to Thomas that after Obama’s lawyers disqualified her signatures in 1996, she spent the next few months walking door-to-door making sure her signatures were valid.

“She said every single one of them was correct, and they should have not been knocked off,” Thomas said.

Thomas recalled that Palmer wanted to have dinner with her that night. But the person who introduced her to Palmer later called and said that the dinner was off because Palmer had been threatened.

Viviano shared Thomas’ outrage.

“America doesn’t do scared like that,” she insisted. “This is a First Amendment country, freedom of speech and now, all of a sudden, there are people cowering in the corner that are afraid to tell the truth about things.

“This is like living under Chavez or Castro,” she said. “It’s ridiculous.””

Watch the interview:


28 responses to “Obama thugs history revealed in Michele Thomas Bettina Viviano interview, Obama stole 1996 Alice Palmer election and 2008 DNC primaries caucuses

  1. President Obama’s ballot eligibility problem is about to blow wide open. When it does, you will need to understand how to explain to your public officials that while they might (genuinely) believe he has released a bona fide copy of his long form birth certificate evidencing he was born in HI; and the HI DoH confirmed, it’s real; neither claim is true. On the contrary, this was all part of a well orchestrated political ad campaign, carried out in full compliance with applicable state and federal law.

  2. I need your help.

    I was banned some time ago from posting on freerepublic, after I wrote an article comparing Barack Obama and Allen West. But this means, their considerable readership will miss out on these ‘talking points’ I have spelled out with respect to Mr. Obama’s ‘birth-certificate-cum-political-ad’ campaign. Please, share excerpts from this series of articles with freerepublic and any other sites whose readers could benefit from the work.

    By next week, you will know why understanding this ‘document’ sleight of hand is so important at this time.

    Thank you.

  3. citizenwells

    Thanks for your commentary on the Orwellian word smithing by the Obama camp.

  4. Whistleblower

    In the Koschman case then, and McMahon accusations now: What did the feds know, and when did they know it?


  5. CW, you are so welcome. I could not believe how cleverly they pulled this off, from ‘flying’ to HI to get the ‘documents’ (so as to avoid any charges they had committed mail fraud?); to only holding but not distributing the birth certificate which (purportedly) contained the HI state seal (so as to avoid charges they had tampered with official identification documents?). I didn’t look at this in 2011, because I ‘knew’ the whole thing was a campaign ad. But I needed to examine this 2011 launch now, in anticipation of the publication of results of a project I have been working on under the radar. Because when the fruits of that work are revealed, the only barrier remaining to ‘outing’ that no documentary evidence available in the public record establishes Mr. Obama is even a citizen; is that bogus long-form image he released on April 27, 2011, and the so-called statements from HI officials certifying it was real.

  6. jacqlynsmith

    Keep up the great work jbjd…..I will distribute anything for you that will bring about TRUTH! Thanks 🙂

  7. I didn’t know that any HI officials certified as “real” what Obama displayed via computer only. The only statement made by any HI official was a description of their own alleged document, witnessed as being half typed and half written which was no match for what Obama displayed to answer the specific questions made about its very existence. In attempting to help Obama by backing the fact that something was actually in their records by this rather specific description would seem to instead help DISqualify what he presented as real to the public. There’s been no effort to attempt to get said retired official nor current officials to explain the obvious discrepancies between the two. Duh!


    To understand this enigma we call Obama, one must understand the pieces of the puzzle that makes up the enigma.

    This can best be done by tracing a time line of happenings surrounding this shadow of a man. Once the shadow is brought out into the light, an understanding of the enigma is then brought forward for all to see.

    Here is a time line of Obama, and his closest associates, and their where abouts from 1981 until the usurper was selected and groomed for the office of president of the United States.

    This time line is an accurate listing of Obama’s locations and activities. The comments that accompany the time line are my own…they could or could not be accurate, but to me, what I have said makes sense…..especially in light of the fact this enigma has not published one single piece of verifiable evidence about his existence.
    1981-1983…..Obama says he was enrolled at Columbia University, New York City…however NO student or facility member remembers him being there. NO yearbook photo is available to prove his attendance. NO grade cards available.

    1981….While still at Columbia, Obama visits Pakistan for 3 weeks…where did he get the money for this trip…what passport did he use since the US refused entry to that country on a US passport…

    1982…FBI official Ed O’Malley testified to Congress that the Soviet Intelligence Service, KGB, clandestinely transferred large sums of funds into the CPUSA on behalf of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

    1982-83…sometime in this time frame Obama, as a FOREIGN student, met Tom and Mary Ayers, his benefactors in Chjicago, They were the mother and father of Bill Ayers of the radical violent UNDERGROUND WEATHERMEN fame…..

    1982…CHICAGO was a hotbed of activities of the Communist Party CPUSA., Black Panther activity, and the Muslim Nation.

    1984-1985….Obama worked for BIC ( Business International Corporation) in New York City for 1 year, then with Public Interest Research Group. Both groups are highly suspect of international political shady dealings.

    1985…. Moved to Chicago and went to work as a “community organizer”. It was as such that he hooked up with ALICE PALMER, noted leader in the American Communist Party of Chicago.

    1986… ALICE PALMER attend the 27th Communist Congress in Moscow from Feb 25-Mar 6, 1986. Could Palmer, at this time, have alerted the Russians that she was mentoring a very promising political candidate called Obama who had the makings of a good communist…did the communist wheels start to turn for Obama at this time…

    1988…mid-year Obama tours Europe for 3 weeks…where would a “lowly community organizer” working with ALICE PALMER get that the money for such an adventure….did Obama met his handler there…OBAMA’s name listed as a member of the “New Party” a communist affiliate in Chicago.

    1988….late in the year, Obama entered Harvard University. Must have known someone with money and influence…was his benefactors Russian or Arab.

    1990…worked an apprenticeship at the law offices of Sidney Austin in Chicago…same place Mechelle Robinson worked.

    1992….graduated from Harvard law school with a “magna cum laude” (highest honors), yet later as president didn’t know there were only 50 states in the United States…editor of Harvard law review without ever publishing a paper…..first time in the history of the review.

    1992…TOM FIFE American businessman worked in Russia and attended several Russian events…at one event, a Russian lady loudly proclaimed “America would soon have a black president and his name would be Barack”…how would that woman have known that if she had not been a KGB agent on the inside.

    2005… Senator Obama and Senator Luger were detanied at a Russian airport for over five hours over a security breech…what could that security breech have been about something concerning Obama’s passport.

    From 1992 on, it has been all been programmed and scripted. All the I’s have been dotted, and the t’s have been crossed. The real records of Barack Hussain Obama’s existence have been scrubbed squeeky clean to conform to the program…

    I have no proof, nor does anyone else, of his real idenity. But I do know one thing, the man called Barack Hussain Obama isn’t who he says he is.

    From the time line and comments I have put forward here, it is without doubt the Russians have had a great deal to do with his success and his scripting.

    If TOM FIFE was correct in what he said in 1992, and we have no reason to not believe otherwise,and from Obama’s recent “open mic” conversation with the Russian president reference a message he wished to be delivered too Putin, then I think we can safely say Obama is under the influence of the Russians, either as an active agent, or under blackmail.

    The above is only my way of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I am sure other people have other ways of looking at this enigma. But until the truth is exposed, my version is as good as anyone else’s.

    To me, what I have written it is logical and to my eyes, makes sense.

  9. jacqlynsmith | April 9, 2012 at 11:08 am |

    Keep up the great work jbjd…..I will distribute anything for you that will bring about TRUTH! Thanks
    You are so welcome.

    I suppose everyone knows by now, I hate being what I call ‘hyperbolic’ or ‘cryptic,’ that is, hinting that something great is about to occur, but not announcing what that is. However, we had to wait until all of the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed, before posting the results of this project, so as to ensure that no one else commandeered the work and, in so doing, gummed up the ‘works.’

    Our efforts have reaped rewards even I had not dared to imagine, and completely validated the work I have produced for the past few years.

  10. jbjd I hope your project is as good as you say it is and gets distributed to people who can make it ‘public’ knowledge for all the world to see. If you have irrefutable information to knock this guy off his pedestal and save America then I will shout it to everyone I can and then repeat it. Thanks for the hard work. Waiting impatiently for the release.

  11. JBJD,
    You rock, woman! Can’t wait to see what awaits…..
    I have forwarded everywhere I can.

  12. Katie | April 9, 2012 at 1:50 pm |

    You rock, woman! Can’t wait to see what awaits…..
    I have forwarded everywhere I can.
    Katie, put it this way. Some time back, on what is arguably one of the largest pro-Obama blogs, they donated several pages to dissecting my work. They concluded I had made a major error in legal reasoning. But they were looking at the wrong section of the law. In a subsequent article I posted on my blog; I pointed out the flaw.

    Well, until last week, my legal reasoning was only a theory, anyway; today, it is a fact. I cannot wait to see what they print about the work now!

    Even Obama supporters can be patriotic enough to support the truth.

  13. There is still one very large problem after all is said and done, that is the fact that the Federal Court system is still under the very tight control of Soetoro. No matter what he has allegedly perpetrated 5 or more years ago it will hold NO water. As I have stated repeatedly until we can find a judge who will be willing to go against Soetoro NO MATTER HOW HAIRY the encounter gets,little to nothing will result. Our so called Federal Judges are like ticks on a dog’s behind…….as long as Soetoro is their BOSS the Federal Courts are SEALED. Even if you have the SMOKING GUN. In other words the party is going to get rough, and undoubtedly there will be even more people of stature murdered. Breitbart was by no means the first,and in all probability he will not be the last. I am even doubtful that the SCOTUS will find the Obama care contrary to the Constitution. I am also wondering exactly what the DOJ had to reply with to the apellate court who asked for three pages from the DOJ.

  14. oldsalt79 | April 9, 2012 at 2:35 pm |
    Amen! All else is theory, wishful thinking, and self promotion!

  15. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC | April 9, 2012 at 11:45 am |

    “Obama is under the influence of the Russians, either as an active agent, or under blackmail.”


    The possibility of “blackmail” is one of the key reasons a presidential candidate had to be a Natural Born Citizen – Both parents citizens.

    Another fine mess you have got us into Stanley! And I don’t mean Laurel & Hardy.

  16. True Mr. Bill..

    .plus the fact that Obama has appointed over 60 “czars” with Marxist leanings reporting directly to him, bye passing congress on all legislation, plus his open ties to Van Jones, a well known communist, plus one of his chief advisors, Anita Dunn has stated one of her hero’s was a Chinese communist named Chairman Mao……

    With the mountain of evidence all pointing to Communism, you don’t have
    to be a rocket scientist to figure out Obama. has strong ties and leanings to the communist. manafesto

    He’s RED…inside and out. A well trained agent that has a mission to destroy America from within……and he has a lot of help in Congress and the judicial branch to help him do just that.

  17. NBC_Vic_Hern

    Time to turn it back on the Alinskiites and ridicule those
    with a bad case of brain lock.
    When they, and people like O’Really, talk of “so what”,
    and It is better to oppose Soetoro/Soros policies and
    “forget crank eligibility stuff”, just tell them that…….
    We realise that it is a tough subject for them to think through and understand, but if they do some research and stick to it,
    eventually it will sink in.
    After all, the TRUTH IS STILL OUT THERE, and of course we
    hope you will understand it sooner rather than much too late.

  18. RMinNC,
    It seems that you have done a good job PUTTING THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER. The remaining BIG question is, “What is it EXACTLY that has zipped the lips of all of Congress – even including the Tea Party ones elected in 2010? I have heard of several reasons, but somehow none really holds up completely.

  19. jbjd,
    As you know there have been times in the past that I have spoken out, perhaps, rather stridently in disagreement with some of your statements. However, I want to reassure you that in this latest endeavor that you are undertaking, I support fully your efforts and wish you Godspeed as you pursue this most recent project! May truth prevail.

  20. RMinNC | April 9, 2012 at 3:18 pm |
    He’s RED…inside and out. A well trained agent that has a mission to destroy America from within……and he has a lot of help in Congress and the judicial branch to help him do just that.
    Many of us suspected this from the beginning, but now that time has passed, our worst fears are being realized and confirmed. There has been much more damage done than any of us dares imagine, but thank God we are seeing a revitalization of efforts to expose this fraud. An informed electorate is to be forearmed. Hope we can beat the clock.

  21. jbjd, your post was up on FReep very soon after you published it. I subscribe to your blog and was just finishing reading it when I got a ping to it from another FReeper. Thnak you for your efforst and trust me it gets read.

  22. Here is a hard-hitting, short essay that I think reflects the feelings of most here:

    “Don’t bother me with eligibility” say Republicans, one after another!


  23. Greg Goss | April 9, 2012 at 4:04 pm |

    jbjd, your post was up on FReep very soon after you published it. I subscribe to your blog and was just finishing reading it when I got a ping to it from another FReeper. Thnak you for your efforst and trust me it gets read.
    Wow. Thank you for that information.

    And, you are welcome, too.

  24. @RMinNC: I hope you don’t mind, but I posted your timeline on Facebook for all to see, with credit to you and CW, along with a link to the Tom Fife interview!! Thanks so much for your enduring wisdom!!

  25. Thanks saskamare for the compliment….

    I hope you cleaned up my spelling and small errors before you posted it on Facebook….I usually check my work before I post on CW, but this one, I just wrote and researched, posted and let it fly…….sometimes, I do my best work that way.

    By the way, there is another article you will be interested in at the following website: Colonel6’s blog

    The name of the article is: KGB OPERATION BARACK OBAMA

    Very interesting and very informative. A must read. Along the same lines as what I wrote of.

  26. My dear friend Cabbyaz,

    You posted the following:
    cabbyaz | April 9, 2012 at 3:25 pm |

    It seems that you have done a good job PUTTING THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE TOGETHER. The remaining BIG question is, “What is it EXACTLY that has zipped the lips of all of Congress – even including the Tea Party ones elected in 2010? I have heard of several reasons, but somehow none really holds up completely


    Cabby, this is the piece of the puzzle that has not fallen in place yet…but Sheriff Joe and hundreds of thousands of dedicated citizens are working overtime on this….but the truth will prevail and the puzzle will be completed.

  27. CabbyAZ ref;3:25 PM
    PAGING Senator McCarthy, Paging Senator McCarthy……

  28. Madelyn Lee Dunham, Obama’s grandmother and “typical white woman” was the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii. She certainly weilded a checkbook sufficient to fund his trips abroad. The question of the passport, suggesting he travelled as a citizen of Indonesia, begs documentation to verify that, inasmuch as he was in his early 20’s, he should have formally reclaimed his US Citizenship. As for his Harvard matriculation, he was the purported “son” of a Harvard Economics Alumnus. The Senior Obama’s studies there granted a legacy typically honored by the admissions process of all Ivy League schools. Again, Toot’s substantial resources were hidden during the campaign and she died prior to the election.

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