Jesus Diaz persecution, US Justice Department corruption?, Distortion of Constitution, Where are USDOJ records?, Where is House Judiciary Committee?

Jesus Diaz persecution, US Justice Department corruption?, Distortion of Constitution, Where are USDOJ records?, Where is House Judiciary Committee?

From The Blaze October 27, 2011.

“‘Treasonous in Its Actions on the Border’: Beck‘s Passionate Interview
With Imprisoned Border Agent’s Wife”
“Imprissoned border agent Jesus Diaz.

As the Blaze recently reported, Jesus Diaz, a former U.S. border
agent, is serving a two-year prison sentence after being accused of
using excessive force in handcuffing a juvenile drug smuggler back in
2008. Diaz’s detention, which has come under fire from many who
believe that he isn’t guilty of the violence charges waged against
him, has become a hot-button issue.

This morning, Glenn Beck interviewed Diaz’s wife, Diana, on his radio
show to get the entire story, and by the end he was visibly

But before delving into the video of their exchange, let’s review some
brief background information on the case.

Diaz, who is now imprisoned and separated from his wife and six
children, was found guilty of inflicting pain on a known 16-year-old
Mexican drug smuggler in an effort to obtain more information about
where marijuana was being hidden. Authorities also claim that the
former agent kicked the teen and dropped him face-first on the ground.

But these accounts and the charges associated with them have come
under fire (GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has said she
would work toward Diaz’s release). The Examiner has more about the
confusion surrounding the case:

According to the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, the
government’s case is based on false testimony that is contradicted by
the facts. This includes the charge that Agent Diaz was physically
abusive to the then minor “MBE” as noted by court documents and
transcripts that Diaz allegedly put his knee on his back and pulled
back on his handcuffs.
“However, given the time of day during the incident, October 16, 2008
at about 2 a.m. and lack of lighting it would be impossible to have
actually seen much if anything. The agent who stood next to Mr. Diaz,
Marco Ramos testified that he did not see anything that was claimed to
have taken place,” Andy Ramirez, president of LEOAC explained.

A web site has been setup to advocate for Diaz’s release.

In the beginning of his discussion with Diana, Beck said, “I’m sorry
for what this government is doing to you…your family and your
husband.” Diana went on to explain what seems like a tragic story of
justice gone awry.

The Mexican government had apparently filed a complaint following the
incident, which the U.S. government then acted on. In the end, the
16-year-old avoided detention and was apparently sent back to his
homeland. Even more bizarrely, Diana claims that the young man was
brought back to America to testify (with immunity) against her

From Free Agent Diaz.

“To summarize, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton and his minions used an
extremely weak charge, claiming Agent Diaz violated the civil rights
of an illegal alien doper under the color of law. Sutton and his
successor under the Obama Administration then put the full weight of
the Justice Department behind this prosecution, solely to give the
Mexican Government a Border Patrol Agent’s scalp. Law enforcement
officers commonly pull on a perps or suspects handcuffs. If this is
the new standard for a 10 year prison sentence, then all departments
either need to be questioned by the DOJ about this, or they need to
support Agent Diaz’ appeal and his family’s quest for justice.”

From the Gateway Pundit April 21, 2011.

“In what appears to be yet another case of the Mexican Government
orchestrating a fake crime against one of their drug smuggling
criminals hauling dope into the U.S., Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz,
a 7-year Border Patrol veteran, was convicted in Federal Court on
February 24 of one count of excessive force (under color of law) and 5
counts of lying to Internal Affairs.  He is facing a maximum of 35
years in prison when he is sentenced in November.  Meanwhile, he’s
been in jail since the verdict nearly two months ago.  He’s in
solitary confinement 23 hours per day for his safety. So far, the
judge has refused to allow bond while Diaz awaits sentencing.”
“Diaz was tried in September 2010, but the case ended in a mistrial.
The DOJ tried the case again in February 2011 and this time they got
their conviction, even though federal agent witnesses admitted they
had lied to a grand jury.  The judge did not allow the fact that they
had committed perjury into the second trial.”

Jesus Diaz Indictment press release:

“U.S. Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Western District of Texas
John E. Murphy, U.S. Attorney

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Daryl Fields, Public Information Officer On the web: (210) 384-7440

November 20, 2009


United States Attorney John E. Murphy announced that 31-year–old U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz, Jr., stands charged by federal grand jury indictment with deprivation of rights under color of law.
The indictment, returned this week by a federal grand jury sitting in Del Rio, alleges that on October 16, 2008, Diaz assaulted a 15 year old depriving him of his constitutional right to be free from the use of unreasonable force by one acting under color of law.
Upon conviction, Diaz faces up to ten years in federal prison and a maximum $250,000 fine.
An indictment is merely a charge and should not be considered as evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
This case was investigated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Office of Internal Affairs and the Office of Professional Responsibility. Assistant United States Attorney Kelly Blackburn is prosecuting the matter for the Government.”

I tried to obtain more information on this case yesterday. Here is what I know thus far, aside from articles on the web.

A. From the press release: “Diaz assaulted a 15 year old depriving him of his constitutional right to be free from the use of unreasonable force by one acting under color of law.”

  1. Illegals aliens do not have constitutional rights.
  2. The Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242, states: “This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law,
    statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or cause
    to be subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or
    penalties, than those prescribed for punishment of citizens on account
    of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race.”    Alien refers to a person visiting from another country legally or legally here on some kind of visa. This is not intended to protect someone in violation of the law.

B. Aside from the press release, I could find no other reference to the Jesus Diaz prosecution. Contrast this to the  Compean and Ramos Prosecution.

C. Something smells about this. We know the USDOJ cannot be trusted, especially under the control of Obama and Holder.

When I learn more, I will share it.

29 responses to “Jesus Diaz persecution, US Justice Department corruption?, Distortion of Constitution, Where are USDOJ records?, Where is House Judiciary Committee?

  1. Judging from the Diaz story the DOJand the EXECUTIVE barnch already believe that they ARE GOD. It has been obvious for a long time that there is a need to scoop the SLIME out of the DOJ as well as the WH.

  2. BARNCH= Branch Sorry

  3. ” depriving him of his constitutional right to be free from the use of unreasonable force by one acting under color of law.”
    Which Constitution, the Mexcian?

  4. Mexican

  5. The alleged leaders in the DOJ, including the top dog are ALL friends of the Acorn,and Black Panther scum. It is time that we figured this out,and take some sort of action to first get rid of Holder,then his next in command, and so on right down through the entire agency. When career lawyers quit the agency because of the policies of the alleged department leaders it would seem that SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG within the agency.

  6. Lets take the Federal Judges off the Soetoro payroll. Lets create a NEW DOJ who have the authority of WE THE PEOPLE to “CLEAN HOUSE” at the SICK, and IMPAIRED DOJ. Then we authorise the new DOJ to CLEAN HOUSE at the FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION. We need to put a SIZE 12 on the rear end of 123 Federal judges,and on the rear ends of ALL of the officials of the FEC.

  7. “The apple doesn’t fall from from the tree”…..

    This BS started under Johnny Sutton’s term as US District Attorney for the Western District of Texas…..

    Sutton was Bush’s hatchet man who was sucessful in sending Border Agents Ramos and Compean to federal prison on charges of shooting an armed illegal Mexican alien in the back while fleeing the scene attempting to smuggle a large amount of narcotics into the US. These agents both had long distinguished careers with the Border Patrol, but were sentenced to 12 and 12 years respectively to facilitate a complaint of the Mexican government.

    They were granted a pardons from prison after serving over 2 years.

    Sutton left the service of the US District Attorney’s office in 2009…He now works for the law firm of Ashcroft, Sutton, Radcliff in Austin Texas. Every one should remember the name of Ashcroft (Bush’s dirty Atty General).

    The current incident which involves this 15 year old illegal drug smuggler occurred in 2008….that’s almost 4 years ago…..look at the time of day it happened…in the dark of night. All witnesses say they didn’t witness what this agent is accused of.

    The Mexican government made a complaint. The American government answered that complaint by accepting the word of a 15 year old boy, (after 4 years elapsed), in the US illegally, with a load of drugs. The boy was released and sent back to Mexico. This is nothing but the North American Union in action.

    Something smells to high heaven on this case. Just like the Ramos/Campean case. It smells of JOHNNY SUTTON…. The facilitator.

    Perhaps JOHNNY SUTTON is the person who should be going to jail.

  8. Then comes Congress. We need to empower a NEW DOJ to indict any and ALL of Congresspeople who have KNOWINGLY supported the ILLEGAL Soetoro dictatorship. Indictments should go right up to and include the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE if necessary.
    Then we act to RID ourselves of the alleged CZARS of this and that,along with money squandering agencies like the EPA. In short we have a lot of work to do to repair our Republic.

  9. RMINNC……………..
    Not to be contradictory,but I think that going to the top is the right idea. Sutton probably would be a good place to START the DOJ general housecleaning. We need to let a few of the alleged OFFICIALS walk around DC with a SIZE 12 IMPRINT UPON their rearends to serve as an example of future policy by WE THE PEOPLE.

  10. RMINNC…………………
    Time to get the 155s zeroed in to the East.

  11. Salt I would just settle for zeroing my 81mm. A 155 would make a hell of a mess don’t you think?

  12. Salt…..
    Napolean once said, “Artillery lends an aire of dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl”….
    Here he was speaking about the Infantry vs Artillery invlovement in a battle…

    Ole bony did like his big guns!.

  13. RMINNC………………………
    Yeah the 81mm might be a little more surgical,but you might want to know I was thinking and leaning more towards the M115 (8inch howitzer) when I decided that they might have a mobility problem. Although the 155 has essentially the same base as the M115. Another good thought is the use of some surveyed 90mm tank mounted artillery. Pershing tanks used the 90 mm. Countered the German 88.

  14. SALT………

    Your knowledge of the big guns is impressive….but being part of that “vulgar Brawl” crowd…….I would settle for 10,000 trusty Minutemen right now! That’s a good division size element.

  15. The OWS crowd want to send thousands of letters to the major banks to protest. Can we send thousands of letters to them to get off their butts and find a job, any job. There are tons of farm jobs going unfilled because people get unemployment and are too proud to work on a farm, but we have to pay them welfare. Why don’t we send letters to the people who smoke dope all day long and father kids and then abandon them so that we have to pay for them. I’m starting my letters now.

  16. The OWS kids are upset with their college debt. Well who took out the loans and studied stupid things like anthropology? If you go to school, study something that will get you a job like nursing or engineering.

  17. rminnc | October 28, 2011 at 11:37 am |
    “They were granted a pardons from prison after serving over 2 years.”
    Unfortunately they were not pardoned, just commuted.
    G.W. Bush can wear this shame the rest of his days. Along with the failure to pardon Scooter Libby.

  18. Pat…your right…sorry

  19. But when we put Bush alongside of Soetoro who would you pick if your life depended upon one of them?

  20. RMINNC…………………….
    A division isn’t going to be near enough to mount simultaneous housecleanings across the country. I would estimate that about 100 simultaneous coordinated housecleanings need to occur at once throughout the US,and each requiring a force of about 20,000 objective trained infantrymen. preferrably VETS. General Vallely may soon be able to field such a force, but he is a retired Air Force General,and the level of houscleaning that I have described could require several EXPERIENCED field commanders. This is for a couple of reasons one of which is to accurately guide the action,and the other is to attract active military personell into the action. As I stated in an earlier comment …If we cannot find any competent field commanders in America then perhaps it is time to import some from HONDURAS.

  21. SALT ….

    I think our retired military ranks are full of competent field commanders…they just haven’t come out into the light yet.

  22. The Hondurans may be Banty Roosters,but like fighting roosters when a little 100 proof alcohol is applied to the right spot they will fight like DEMONS………so to speak.

  23. ……….in addition I take my hat off to them because they KNEW WHAT TO DO……….and DID IT.

  24. ………and when they DID IT they made an example of what they meant which isn’t likely to be trifled with by anyone for a LONG time to come. I am not saying that somebody won’t try to overthrow their government,but rather I am waiting to see if the Venezuelan Banty Rooster decides to try something. I personally think that if he does he will have his head handed to him very quickly by the EXPERIENCED ROOSTERS.

  25. RMINNC………………
    Set a fluid perimeter. One that the enemy cannot find, without suffering huge personell losses. Such a perimeter comes from the intelligent use of devices such as the M18A. (Claymore) set in a line from behind which you can mount flank attacks on the enemy,while he is still tyring to figure out how many mines are present and where they are. (Diversionary tactic) which reduces enemy strength,and saturation.

  26. Then you bring in your 81 mm air mail express in concentration.

  27. Patton used this tactic continuously except he didn’t use m18As in a line he used tanks instead,but it worked for him as well. Krauts could’nt see it coming, they were too busy trying to figure out what was happening. You gotta be fast,at what you do best.

  28. BYE BYE ALL….enough shop need to get back to the topic.

  29. What in Gods’name is going on in our country? First it was Ramos and Compean, and now Diaz.. These cases are justifiable proof that the system is broken, and that our government is totally corrupt. Eric Holder should be indicted, charged, and imprisoned for his crimes against not only these agents, but Fast and Furious. As with Ramos and Compean, these dedicated men and their families are being destroyed by the process in the meantime. This is an attrocity that can not be buried or forgotten. It could be the time for taking our country back, and closinf that border by force, by the people. Always remember, the government is totally in control of the drug trafficing into this country. Any one that thinks differently, is sorrowfully mistaken, or stupid. You can’t FIX stupid!

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