Cornell law professor, Obama eligibility, William A. Jacobson, Evidence must be reviewed, Birth certificate, Natural born citizen Status

Cornell law professor, Obama eligibility, William A. Jacobson, Evidence must be reviewed, Birth certificate, Natural born citizen Status

“Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

I would like to thank William A. Jacobson, Associate Clinical Professor, Cornell Law School, for an excellent article on the Obama eligibility controversies and for allowing my comment on his blog.

“There is a bizarre intellectual dance taking place around the topic of Barack Obama’s birthplace. 

The world has been artificially divided into “Birthers” and “anti-Birthers” when in fact I suspect a large percentage or even majority of the population is neither and simply wants all the evidence released so that we can move beyond the issue.  For most people, who have had to show their own birth certificates at various points in their lives, the notion that a presidential candidate should release his or her birth certificate to prove qualification for office reflects neither pro- nor anti-Obama sentiment, but a “what’s the big deal?” attitude.

It also seems that the supposed intellectual poles have been reversed.

People who supposedly are irrational and driven by hatred demand to see the evidence.  People who supposedly are rational and driven by dispassionate intellect demand that the evidence not be seen.

Isn’t this the exact opposite of what should take place?  Or have the labels been misapplied?

We can push and probe as to George W. Bush’s military record even though most of the claims made clearly were crank and politically motivated (and based on forged documents).  We can lament that 35% of Democrats as of May 2007 still believed George W. Bush knew of the 9/11 attacks in advance, or that Truthers still claim 9/11 was an inside government job, even though we have had commissions and investigations which prove otherwise.

We can deal with accusations of John McCain’s alleged misconduct during imprisonment even though such suggestions were beyond the pale, and also questions as to whether McCain’s birth in the Panama Canal Zone disqualified him from the highest office in the land:

The Senate has unanimously declared John McCain a natural-born citizen, eligible to be president of the United States….”

“Why isn’t everyone who believes the “Birthers” to be driven by hatred and racism, and motivated by politics, doing what Obama’s family friend and the new Democratic Governor of Hawaii wants to do, rebut and rebuke with the best evidence?

I think a large part of this is the fear of being labeled a “Birther,” which is the functional equivalent of being called a “racist” by the mainstream media and by organizations such as Media Matters, Think Progress and their progeny.  As I have pointed out before, you don’t need to doubt Obama’s birthplace or eligibility to be labeled a “Birther”; just ask Scott Brown.

We have reached the point that merely expressing normal political and legal inquisitiveness will result in a charge of Birtherism or racism because it now involves Barack Obama, even though similar questions as to John McCain’s eligibility for office were raised in the 2008 election cycle.

I repeat, whiter-than-white John McCain had his eligibility questioned because of his birthplace, so how is it necessarily racist that the same thing takes place as to Barack Obama?  The racist charge is just a way of shutting down the conversation, a convenient excuse for epistemic closure.

As I’ve posted before, I think the circumstantial evidence supports the view that Obama was born in Hawaii, and there is no credible evidence otherwise.  But to reach this conclusion, the one thing neither I nor anyone else can honestly say is that all the evidence has been reviewed.

And personally, I’d love for the records to be released and show that Obama was born in Hawaii, so as to put this politically losing issue behind us.  I’d much rather focus politically on Obama’s destruction of the health care system and bankrupting of the country, than be drawn into the birthplace dance.

But I also have pointed out that Obama’s strategy of concealing the records and dismissing the “Birthers” as cranks is not working in the longer term.  While the charge of Birtherism can be used by Democrats to shape the political landscape, polling shows that there is a substantial segment of the population which doubts Obama’s legitimacy. ”

Read more:

“But to reach this conclusion, the one thing neither I nor anyone else can honestly say is that all the evidence has been reviewed.”

Correct, Mr. Jacobson.

There were some really interesting comments placed under the article. I urge you to read them. Not the least of them was one from Captain Pamela Barnett.

“Barnieca said…

I appreciate that it seems that you are trying to be honest…. SCOTUS rulings prove that obama is not a natural born citizen because he had a foreign father that was NEVER a U.S. citizen. I see a lot of supposedly smart liberal educators ignore this fact. I am suing obama and it did NOT ever stem from hate. I fight for truth and justice under our Constitution. The only question of Natural born centers around where a child was born.. Parent citizenship has always been required to be of TWO citizen parents. If Obama was born in HI as he claims but has not proven, he would only be a NATIVE born citizen as he says on his own campaign website. Native and Natural Born are not equal. Native is Jus solis, but ignores the jus sanquenis aspect to make him Natural Born. There is also a difference between being Born a citizen and natural born.

I swore an oath to defend the Constitution and so did LTC Terrence Lakin who sits in Fort Leavenworth for demanding this issue be resolved before he would deploy again. safeguardourconstitution dot com
you can also see my new website unlawfulpresident dot com for videos that support my belief obama is not NBC.
CPT Pamela Barnett

December 29, 2010 12:27 PM”

My Comment.
 “citizenwells said…

Why has Obama, for over 2 years, employed numerous private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?
That is the question.
With all due respect, there is no credible circumstantial evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii. As a matter of fact, the efforts expended in keeping the records hidden and covering up put suspicion on where he was born.

December 29, 2010 1:53 PM”

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  1. CW………………………….
    To date there has been NO MEANINGFUL answer to the question that you ask……..Why has Soetoro spent over a million dollars to HIDE HIS PERSONAL PAPERS? He is allegedly a college grad,and a Harvard Law School grad. This said it would seem that he would be intelligent enough to see the LOGIC in producing a VALID CERTIFICATE …OLB bearing the date of Aug 4 1961. In so doing he would make ALL of the SUSPICION,and rhetoric go away,and in all probability he would strengthen his base at least 10 fold. Yet he choses to continue the game of HIDE AND SEEK. The obvious answer is that he CANNOT produce a LONG form BC because he DOESN’T yet have one. He only has the CERTIFICATION,which was issued after Madlyn opted to register him . So why did Soetoro send a letter to Kapiolani Hospital and literally TELL THEM that he was born there when this was researched months prior,and the hospital is ON RECORD of saying that there are no existing records of his birth at Kapiolani. Nor are there any records which show Soetoro was born at ANY of the Hawaii Hospitals or clinics. Further the Soetoro GOON squad has stated that he was born in TWO of the Hawaii hospitals. Neat trick! So which is it Soetoro? Why does the letter (which bears your signature) say that you was born at Kapiolani,but SADLY Kapiolani DOES NOT AGREE with you. Again they have stated that you were not born there. Oh well all of the doctors and record keepers are CRAZY……..yeah that must be it . They are all CRAZY. To date you have acted totally illogically,and spent well over a million just to keep your alleged birth certificate fro the scrutiny of us Americans. You sir can rest assured that if our positions were reversed and I was being asked to produce my long form BC HELL would freeze over before I would spend over a MILLION dollars to HIDE IT. I would spend the $20.00 for a certified copy of it and hand it to my press secretary and TELL HIM to post it where ALL Americans can see it. Your math is awful Mr. Soetoro. Twenty dollars is indeed less than one million, but what do I know I guess I am crazy too.


    Hawaii’s Leftist Governor Seeks Birther Revival

    by Andrew Walden

    Governor Abercrombie was part of the same early 1960s University of Hawaii Marxist student clique as Obama’s parents, Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham. As he likes to say, “I was here when that baby was born.” Abercrombie’s wife, UH Prof. Nancie Caraway, was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America National Feminist Commission in the mid-1980s. Caraway’s 1991 book, Segregated Sisterhood, is dedicated to Abercrombie and to former Communist Party member Bettina Aptheker, among others. Abercrombie denies ever having been a member of the DSA, but several editions of the DSA organ, the Democratic Left, describe Abercrombie as a “DSAer Democrat.” Former Abercrombie aide George “Skip” Roberts is the long-time DSA representative to the Socialist International. In Congress, Abercrombie was for 20 years an ineffectual backbench member of the DSA-allied Congressional Progressive Caucus. For much of his career, he co-chaired the House Gym Committee. Now he is the Governor of Hawaii.

  3. oldsalt79 – AND DON’T FORGET – WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL THIS OBFUSCATION? Here are numbers to scare the hell out of you.

    Population of Japan – 127 million
    Population of U.S.A. – 307 million
    Number of lawyers in Japan – 23 119
    Number of lawyers in the USA – 1,143,358

  4. PS – I am keeping my eyes and ears on Harball with Little Chrissey Matthews. Since he mentioned the eligibility issue and Gov. AberCRUMMY of Hawaii, he has not made one peep. He got the Horsehead in the Bed treatment.

  5. This is not to scare the living daylights out of American guys, but it could be a very good motivator to defund and obliterate that horror called Obamacare.
    “I’d much rather focus politically on Obama’s destruction of the health care system ”
    A man in Sweden had his penis amputated, because the Swedish nationalized healthcare system wouldn’t allow him to schedule a medical appointment when he needed one.
    They made him wait five months.
    During that time, his condition worsened to the point WHERE HE HAD TO HAVE HIS PENIS AMPUTATED…because nationalized healthcare is so backwards, corrupted, and lackluster that a man had to wait five months before he could see a doctor.
    Unless you want something irreplacable of your own amputated in the future, you might want to think about how you can put pressure on the Cocktail Party GOP establishment to do everything it can to defund and repeal Obamacare in the years ahead.

  6. Michelle, looks like that government owes the guy an implant!

  7. Georgetown @ 6:07 pm |
    I can’t imagine the pain that poor person must have been in, also what may have been a $100.00 cure now turns into a life and death proposition for what. That is not health care it is down right stupidity. Who would want to copy a system like that?

  8. ‘Maybe I’m the only one in country that could look you right in eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born”…

    How existential of him!!

  9. When will the American people realize that it doesn’t make a ‘tinkers damn” where Obama was born!

    He admits in public that his father was an African…I repeat AFRICAN…not American…

    A “natural-born” citizen is someone with BOTH parents being American.

    Obama IS NOT, and NEVER CAN, or NEVER WILL be a “natural-born” citizen of the United States of America.

    End of discussion.

  10. so while I’m in full support to get the records released, because I’m sure there is a crime or three to be found in the evidence…

    I’m left wondering if we couldn’t get more traction if we could just focus (at least on one front) on the simplest of the charges: Naturalized vs. Natural Born Citizenship.

    Obama’s own speeches acknowledge his father’s foreign citizenship.
    And we seem to have plenty of reference material on what a Natural Born Citizen is. And thusly that Obama is not.

    If we could just break the ice with a positive outcome, then we can open the floodgates into the fraudulent activities of a candidate (and party) illegally soliciting funds for a known ineligable candidate…. for a start …

  11. Michelle | December 29, 2010 at 6:03 pm |

    That would have really “PI$$ed me OFF”

  12. What’s he hiding?


  13. oldsalt79 | December 29, 2010 at 4:23 pm |
    “……Yet he choses to continue the game of HIDE AND SEEK. The obvious answer is that he CANNOT produce a LONG form BC because he DOESN’T yet have one. He only has the CERTIFICATION,which was issued after Madlyn opted to register him.”
    Yes, Oldsalt, that is what I believe, too. One of three things is true:
    1) There IS NO long-form birth certificate. Period. You have amply made the case for that, I believe. In which case there is no official record of the hospital, doctor, or even proof of parentage. The COLBS were manufactured after the fact, in the way you describe.

    2) There MAY be a long-form birth certificate somewhere, but it is incriminating – such as in disagreement with what we have been told by Obama, as to his parentage, birthplace, etc. That could be why he is hiding it, IF it exists.

    3) Obama is using this entire uncertainty for his own nefarious purposes to keep everyone focused on eligibility, so that he can effect the “change” he promised to turn this country into a socialist/communist state. While we are watching the one hand (eligibility) he is concentrating on the other hand that is pulling the socialistic “trick.”

    Having said all of that, I agree with many about the need to concentrate on the NBC issue; however, there are some words of caution. First of all, the definition of NBC is clear in my own mind – I agree with Apuzzo, who feels that Vattel’s Law of Nations is the authority.

    HOWEVER, there are many good, conservative constitutional legal minds who DO NOT ascribe to Vattel’s definition necessarily. There is no definition given directly in the Constitution and the Supreme Court has never given an exact interpretation, to my understanding. That may be why Justice Thomas said that they were avoiding the issue.

    Also, if we are going to concentrate on the NBC issue solely, then we are basing our efforts on Obama’s word that Obama, Sr. IS his father. Of course, that is what Obama has said; however, until we see the true birth certificate, if there is one, we just can’t be certain that Sr. IS truly his birth father. For all we know, he just MIGHT have TWO citizen parents.

    In conclusion, I personally feel that we should continue to concentrate on what Gov. Abercrombie has opened up. We should enter the door that he has opened and clamor for MORE to prove Hawaii as Obama’s birthplace.
    If Abercrombie can’t put up, then he should shut up.

  14. On the campaign trail this is what Obama had to say about executive power:
    “The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States.” (March 31, 2008)


    Just days before Christmas, as you were focused on giving to others, Obama
and his power hungry administration were TAKING…taking freedom and
control away from the American people.

    Land Control – Through Secretarial Order, Dept,. of Interior has given the government control of millions of acres of land, because Congress didn’t pass America’s Great Outdoors Act.
    Internet Control – FCC took over Internet content.
    Climate Control – EPA is punishing states and industry through carbon and greenhouse gas regulations, because Obama couldn’t get it through Congress.
    These are just some of his executive mandates, bypassing Congress.

  15. Just a little news information: I kept my Dem registration due to I live in FL and I’m too paranoid to have problems-2000 vote fiasco, FL voters denied votes in 08-anyway received a call from the Democrat Party looking for donations-I told the person I am now Tea Party-her suggestion $100.00 my response I wouldn’t give them a penny. Their selling points have to keep Dems in Congress-me NO. The most productive Congress, my response most loyal Americans look at that Congress as a horror story. I told her I did not like Pelosi’s you have to vote on the bill before you see it-in my opinion that had to be the dumbest remark ever made by a person pretending to represent WE THE PEOPLE. I told her that under Obama/minions this has got to be the most corrupt, inept group of misfits since the Three Stooges dined alone and I cannot support in anyway a party that acts like this. I would call them a criminal organization at best, much like those Mafia hood-lums from Chicago, we Chicagoans are familiar with their corruption-it permeates everything it touches.
    Until the Democrat Party purges itself of all criminal and insane parts of the party it is not worth the powder to bl@w it to he%%, which he%% would not want them anyway too corrupt even for he%%.
    Interesting information from her: most Dems are not contributing and it sounds like the Dems are reaming the phone solicitors a new one when they call looking for a donation. The DNC anointed THE ONE along with Pelosi and Reid well they are stuck with this Yutz with his delusions of being the Messiah. I told her I hope the Tea Party replaces the Democrat Party-they don’t know after being worked over by Obots they are a piece of cake. I think most Dems would be shocked at what the Obots have been pulling off since summer of 08. A loyal American first-party second.

  16. OMG The Won is classic, he fits every criteria and then some.
    Cabby – AZ @ 8:03 pm |
    “BARACK OBAMA LIED” Cabby-I don’t think he told the truth ever in his entire life, I believe he is incapable.
    •They lie about even the smallest things. For example, saying “I brushed my teeth today,” when they didn’t.
    •They add exaggerations to every sentence.
    •They change their story all the time.
    •They act very defensively when you question their statements.
    •They believe what they say is true, when everyone else knows it isn’t.
    An alternate ‘checklist’:
    •Lies when it is very easy to tell the truth.
    •Lies to get sympathy, to look better, to save their butt, etc.
    •Fools people at first but once they get to know him, no one believes anything they ever say.
    •May have a personality disorder.
    •Extremely manipulative.
    •Has been caught in lies repeatedly.
    •Never fesses up to the lies.
    •Is a legend in their own mind.
    1. Exaggerates things that are ridiculous.
    2. One-upping. Whatever you do, this person can do it better. You will never top them in their own mind, because they have a concerted need to be better than everyone else. This also applies to being right. If you try to confront an individual like this, no matter how lovingly and well-intentioned you might be – this will probably not be effective. It’s threatening their fantasy of themselves, so they would rather argue with you and bring out the sharp knives than admit that there’s anything wrong with them.
    3. They “construct” a reality around themselves. They don’t value the truth, especially if they don’t see it as hurting anyone. If you call them on a lie and they are backed into a corner, they will act very defensively and say ugly things (most likely but depends on personality), but they may eventually start to act like, “Well, what’s the difference? You’re making a big deal out of nothing!” (again, to refocus the conversation to your wrongdoing instead of theirs).
    4. Because these people don’t value honesty, a lot of times they will not value loyalty. So watch what you tell them. They will not only tell others, but they will embellish to make you look worse. Their loyalty is fleeting, and because they are insecure people, they will find solace in confiding to whomever is in their favor at the moment.
    5. They may be somewhat of a hypochondriac. This can come in especially useful when caught in a lie, for example, they can claim that they have been sick, or that there’s some mysteriously “illness” that has them all stressed out. It’s another excuse tool for their behavior.
    6. Obviously, they will contradict what they say. This will become very clear over time. They usually aren’t smart enough to keep track of so many lies (who would be?).

  17. Michelle 8:55 PM

    What a good description of a pathological liar! It really fits, doesn’t it? I agree that he has lied so much that he is incapable of even discerning the truth, let alone tell it. Thanks for sharing. Also, kudos to you on your verbal exchange with the Dem. That is interesting that she admitted that contributions are low.

  18. Uhm, is the White House seal on the ‘Kapi’olani letter’ a fake, too?

    I would love to hear what you guys think. I have a contact form up on my site for feedback on this one. Ugh. Please let me know–I only found this tonight.







  20. Re Chris Matthews “getting the horse’s head” so to speak in his bed after saying why doesn’t Obummer just show his B.C. That remark had Lou Dobbs having his house in S.F. shot into, while his wife was present, and got Lou Dobbs fired.

  21. omigod.

  22. the seal on the WH letter.

    it was actually published in a fundraising booklet, wasn’t it?

    like I said, ^^ omigosh.

    The Case of all the Bogus Seals – remember the one he pulled out on the campaign?…his muslamic pepsi seal invented to replace our traditional USA symbols, like our Flag. a red, white and UN blue cartoon.
    He makes crap up as he goes along.

    like he wrote that Kid’s book, Of Me I Sing… bullpuckies. When did he write that book? Where’s the diary, meetings, manuscript and when did he write it? Did he work on the illustrations as well? What were his expeditures?
    Gimme a break. bogus potus/ author

  23. it was worthy of ‘omigod,’ IMO, Papoose. Can you believe this chit? So you see it, too?

    “Of Me I Sing”….HILARIOUS.

  24. It was published in fund-raising booklet in a redesigned truncated format as I recall.

    I was digging into the Neil Abercrombie aspect of the letter when I noticed this.

    He’s so fakey fake fake.

    What has Congress stuck us with?? He’s a criminal.

  25. wow

    what was bogus first? the letter. or the seal.

    That letter was/ is a testimonial to the hospital of his birth. Did it get there in an envelope? who has the original?

  26. Good questions, Papoose. Why can’t we ever get answers.

  27. Why any ‘newsperson’ would believe at this point that somehow ‘birthers’ just don’t know how good Obama is for America is beyond me.

    Criminals. Seal-forging criminals.

  28. Geez, and until we get more answers, WND is on notice. Let’s hope that Kapi’olani is the culprit, not WND.

    BTW, the lighting based on the full view of the letter is coming from the left. There should no shadows on the left of the seal’s features if it’s raised. The raised features would be highlighted from that direction. Instead there are shadows.

    It’s pretty clear it is not raised.

  29. I hope the Forged Long Form Birth Certificate that Ambercrombie is better than the crappy Forged Selective Service Form that they made for Obama 09-09-2008. I hear that they found an Old 1960 Hawaiian Birth Certificate Printer in Excellent condition on E-Bay Last Week. Just in time for the Announcement of the imminent Release of Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate. What a Find

  30. Lets not forget the Interview with Obama from the Newsletter of Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu Hawaii that states that Obama was born in Their Fine Facility. Tugs at your Brain Cells doesn’t it?

  31. jbjd’s new post:


  32. Happy Holidays to All!
    I have not been able to be here in a while – and how great to find misstickly posting again!

    Regarding the seal being examined, to my untrained eye and on my monitor, it appears that the darkest shadows are on the bottom of things, especially below the eagle’s spread legs. Would that mean the the light was coming from the top, or at least the top left?

    Not sure what this means as yet, just giving my input.

    How great that the new Governor of Hawaii has stirred the hornets nest of the eligibility issue!

  33. With so much information floating around these days it is getting hard for me to keep track of it all. So I may be wrong or simply confused but here goes.

    I remember reading last month that every member of Congress received a copy of Obama’s long form birth certificate complete with the baby foot print and seal on it from Mombasa, Kenya. It was sent via certified mail with a demand for a signature receipt. If it is true that a new born baby’s footprint will be identical to the adult’s, then wouldn’t it be great if Congress (cowards that they are) would simply ask for Obama’s footprint to be compared to the one on the Kenyan birth certificate?

    I also heard that there is a team working to create a new long form birth certificate for Obama from Hawaii. If such a document should suddenly come forward I wonder if it would be complete with an Obama baby foot print.

    It may come to pass that in the heat of his enthusiasm to please the usurper, Abercrummy will have in fact, done we challenger’s a great favor. If Abercrummy had simply remained silent–there would have been no media coverage–which we patriots have desperately needed. Do you get the feeling this is starting to snowball out of control for the great pretender?


    The wolves have surrounded Barry and they can almost taste the blood. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are not going to be able to put this lying fraud back together again.

  34. If you would like more background on Gov. Neil Abercrombi, go to this site and scroll down to the comment by Miki Booth, who used to live in Hawaii and was well acquainted with Abercrombi’s life and ways. It is worth reading, because she is a very reliable patriot. He is just about everything we imagine and more:

  35. RE: “As I’ve posted before, I think the circumstantial evidence supports the view that Obama was born in Hawaii, and there is no credible evidence otherwise. But to reach this conclusion, the one thing neither I nor anyone else can honestly say is that all the evidence has been reviewed. ”

    Would you please list such circumstantial evidence and list the circumstantial evidence on the contrary. Then objetively compare the two sides. Thanks.

  36. misstickly | December 29, 2010 at 9:21 pm | Uhm, is the White House seal on the ‘Kapi’olani letter’ a fake, too?


    The wide shot doesn’t appear to have been taken with a camera flash for several reasons. There is a light source generating a highlight on the left side of the image being more pronounced on the table due to the sheen of the polyurethane finish on the surface of the wood, however it does not cover the entire length of the document from which I would conclude it is a more focused light source and not dispersed as widely as a camera flash. I also see a higher amount of contrast at the bottom of the document as opposed to what I would expect if a camera flash were used. Further I would note that if a camera flash had been used at that distance, you would expect much less shadows to be exhibited on the document if any. Since the document is on a table the photographer would have had to have been leaning over it from above, that is why the camera would have had to have been in such close proximity to the subject of the image. It doesn’t appear to be a copystand, those typically have more uniform lighting and a black matte finish surface.
    For me the shadows of the stars in the seal don’t appear to be displaced enough to the left to contradict what I would expect to be cast from what appears to be the primary light source.
    Therefore, with regard to the shadow orientation; consider the possibility of a multiple light source scenario.

    2. PAPER
    I concur completely that the paper in the images in the WND article appear to be of different weight, texture and color.

    3. TEXT
    I found another anomaly you might want to corroborate. Using your cropped & enlarged close-up image (created by you) from the WND full view photo which I will refer to here for this analogy as IMAGE A:
    (not the shadow enhanced one you created)
    I compared that to the close-up image from WND which I will refer to as IMAGE B:
    and the text does not appear to be the same.
    Using Photoshop, I placed IMAGE A on a base layer at 600 dpi maintaining the original image dimensions of 633 pixW x 600 pixH. Then I placed a layer of the color blue for contrast at full saturation 255,255,255 directly above it fully opaque using the overlay filter. Then I placed IMAGE B into a new layer directly above that. I inverted COLOR of IMAGE B and set the opacity of the layer to 52% allowing for a high contrast comparison of both images simultaneously. From there I did a skew and perspective transform of IMAGE B so that the text were exactly aligned. The result reveals text of differing weight. However, IMAGE A also clearly exhibits the letter H (which appears 3 times in the top row of letters) to generate a differential in weight from each side of the letter in different ways. The right side of the letter H in the word THE is broader than on the left. The left side of the letter H in the word HOUSE is broader than on the right. This can’t be explained away by a curvature in the paper because the rest of the text would follow or conform to this same displacement. Regardless of the origin of the differential to the weight of the font for the same character in multiple instances on the same row on the same page; it DOES NOT MATCH the font in IMAGE A.

    I will be glad to provide you a copy of my Photoshop file with the discrete layers if you are interested.

    In summary, I agree that the images are not from the same document. I sent you a message in the contact form on your blog in case you would like to discuss further.


  37. Good Morning! Excellent post CW.

  38. Cabby – AZ | December 30, 2010 at 3:56 am |

    Regarding the Mikki Booth comment

    “Obama can do anything he wants because the CIA, Unions and Organized Crime has his back. And now he’s got Neil Abercrombie, socialist, dope-smoking ex-hippie and agitator for Hawaii’s governor courtesy of the aforementioned thugs and and manufactured narrative.”

    Like I always ask – “It is not who works for the CIA ,but WHO DOESN’T?

    CW – KEEP THE ABERCRUMMY STORY ROLLING. Have you noticed how it has been completely shut down?

  39. Good morning Zach, et al.

  40. Wednesday 10:12AMEST – CW -Where is your new post? It disappeared.

  41. Cabby AZ……………….
    We are at a real legal bend in the road…………either we ARE GOING TO ALLOW “anybody” to run for POTUS without ANY qualifications,or prerequisites whatsoever, or we are going to IMPOSE even STRICTER requirements than ever to qualify a POTUS candidate. I personally am solidly on the side of the latter. What sort of MORON could be elected to our highesty office if we did not impose certain qualifications upon HIM/HER. If we didn’t the WORST SCUM on earth could become our NEXT POTUS. The criminals,and drug heads would like nothing better. The DEVIATES would have a CONTINUOUS HOLIDAY. Our country would sink into a stinking morass of slime.
    If we are to continue the NBC requirement then it DOES need to be DEFINED BY the SCOTUS. Yet if they refuse then who is left? It is WE THE PEOPLE. If we are to determine who is ELIGIBLE TO BE our POTUS then BY GOD it needs to be done EVERYTIME with EVERY POTUS. It SCREAMS for ENFORCEMENT.

  42. Numb Nuts Neil, needs to go to Kenya if he wants to release AKA Obama’s Birth Certificate. According to the Kenyan Parliament he is a native of their Country.

  43. CW…I am being, and have been for the past few days, directed to the previous days posts like the others. Your current post is not showing and I was just there a few moments ago. Just an fyi.

  44. CW -WHERE IS YOUR DEC. 30th POST? It keeps disappearing? Are you being sabotaged?

  45. Does anyone else notice that the Dec. 30th post disappeared?

  46. I just read that Michelle Evita Obama purchased a chalet in Spain while she was on that piggylish lavish trip in Spain while America is being robbed of its real estate, treasury, and freedom. (Not verified–it was mentioned in the post of another blogger.)

    Could it be that they are making plans to escape to Spain when the ca ca hits the fan? The wolves are circling closer.

  47. I agree Ms. Helga… This has been happening for at least two days now, maybe a little longer.

  48. Thanx Paxson – I thought I was going nuts. Maybe that was the plan!!. Let’s see if anyone else notices this. Are you old enough to remember what CIA meant in the 50’s when Gary Powers got shot down. Caught-Inthe-Act.

  49. I am having no problem getting there from a Google, Bing, Dogpile search to CW
    & then to Dec 30 article.
    I used Internet Explorer & Mozilla.

  50. No I wasn’t Ms. Helga. But the current post is definitely not being linked to. You can go to it by clicking through “recent comments”. Again, this has been happening for a few days now. I’ve seen that other people are having the same issue.

  51. You are right CW. You can find it through the search engines. It is only on “my favorites” that I am having an issue. This is a new phenomena and has never happened before. Oh well.

  52. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution and so did LTC Terrence Lakin who sits in Fort Leavenworth for demanding this issue be resolved before he would deploy again.

    – CPT Pamela Barnett

    Every member of Congress swore a similar oath to support and defend the Constitution.

    Section 3 of the 20th Amendment reads as follows:

    If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

    How is Congress supposed to know when to “provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified”?

    The answer is that it is implicit that Congress must first determine whether or not the President elect and Vice President elect qualify, under the qualifications listed in Article II Section 1.

    Every member of Congress failed to do so.

    Yes, the Senate debated and voted on whether or not John McCain was eligible. But not one Senator nor Representative debated nor voted on whether or not Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama was eligible.

    The state of Hawaii sent two certificates under seal to the United States Congress, and the Congress inspected them. But Hawaii never sent, and the Congress never inspected, the third certificate…

    Hawaii Sent Two Certificates to Congress, Won’t Send the Third

  53. MEGYN KELLY is a lawyer. Enough said. CW – Still getting dual postings.

  54. ATTENTION – If you get this post when you google up Citizen Wells you will get the newest post by going up to “recent comments” and click on the “Robert Bauer” comments. Somebody is messing with “Citizen Wells”.

  55. Comments From:

    “Miki Booth says:
    December 29, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    More on Abercrumbie – I knew him when he was the socialist hippie agitator smoking pakalolo and lobbying for a nudist beach and other ridiculous causes on the Big Island of HI. I believe he is one of the main conspirators plotting BO/BS’s made up history along with Ayers.

    Dear Editor,

    Obama can do anything he wants because the CIA, Unions and Organized Crime has his back. And now he’s got Neil Abercrombie, socialist, dope-smoking ex-hippie and agitator for Hawaii’s governor courtesy of the aforementioned thugs and and manufactured narrative. It doesn’t hurt that the majority of Hawaii’s populace is comprised of mindless democrat morons that vote as they are told. I saw this train wreck coming but was powerless to slow it down or stop it. When Abercrombie gave up his House seat to return to Hawaii to campaign for Governor I knew Obama would do whatever it took for Abercrombie to win. When Charles Dijou was elected to serve out the remainder of the term I know they were as shocked as anyone and the doubling down commenced.

    Neil Abercrombie came out early in support of Obama. He claims he had a personal relationship with Obama, Sr. at the University of Hawaii but he’s the only person that puts Sr. together with Stanley Anne Dunham as husband and wife. I think this is manufactured nonesense and the reason I say so is because I know who Abercrombie is and who he is not. He’s a dyed in the wool socialist even though he made a big deal of denying any such thing and has been instrumental in Obama’s rise to the top. Just like the CIA covering up and/or manufacturing Obama’s historic documents, Abercrombie has provided a narrative for Obama’s parentage and early history. You will remember he tried to sneak language into a resolution celebrating the anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood affirming Hawaii as Obama’s birthplace. Representative Michelle Bachman blocked the measure on the floor of the House.
    With Abercrombie as governor it will be assured that Obama’s made up Hawaii story will be documented as fact and anything contrary to their narrative for him will be gone forever.

    Underneath the beauty that is Hawaii runs a frightening thread of political corruption, organized crime, union thuggery, terroristic threatening and murder tied neatly with a bow called the democratic party. Colleen Hanabusa wasn’t just waiting in the wings to take Abercrombie’s seat away from Dijou, she was groomed for the win and had the nod from Larry Mehau, protection services crime boss.

    I remember in the ’80’s Big Island Hawaii’s Kona Coast, Abercrombie hung out with the doper misfits commiserating about the social injustice of the have’s over the have nots. I used to wonder what became of the anti-war, free-love hippies of the 70’s until I moved to the Big Island from Oahu and discovered they were growing their pakalolo and living in communes on the southern slopes of Mauna Loa. Abercrombie and the free-love set would organize and protest the new resorts and hotels by picketing and being nuisances. The handful of protesters were a source of embarrassment to working people like me. When agriculture died in Hawaii and tourism became the largest industry most people worked at visitor related businesses and services. Every imaginable union including SEIU has a presence in Hawaii and flash forward 30 years, Abercrombie gets elected by the very workers of the businesses he was protesting in his dope- smoking, staph infected, hippie days.

    Miki Booth Wyandotte, OK”

    * * * * * * * *
    “ledbythnose says:
    December 29, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    Just what I suspected Miki. Thanks for the heads up. Just one look at this POS pretty much told me exactly what you just confirmed.LOL. This massive cover up will not be thwarted by conventional means. These Scumbags are all up to their necks in it including MOST of Congress and the SCOTUS. They will not reveal his documents to the Public without a scenario I described in the comment above for obvious reasons.A fraud of this magnitude committed against the American People when brought to light will result in Prison time for many and worse for some others. I have little confidence that after Jan. 5Th the incoming Congress members will do anything to remove Soetoro from power. In the end it will be the American People who will rise up and demand Justice.If I were one of these Jackals right now I would be looking at a plan B FOR SHURE. We are very close to an end game here and the next few months will be of Historical significance. Godspeed and Happy New Year.”

    * * * * * * * *
    “Ann says:
    December 29, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Miki, it is great to see your comment. At times I feel as if everything we do is going to be a waste of time But then…….I think of the true American and we all feel the same way. We will fight to our death to take our country back. Evil will be defeated. We must demand to see all school transcripts, college transcripts, birth certificates and so on. As for the deceived in chief it does not matter wher he says he was born because he still would not be elligable for the office. HIS FATHER (if obummer sr. is his father) WAS A BRITISH SUBJECT end of story. Obummer sr. spelling was not a mistake like father like son. This whole mess could stop NOW if a congressman or senator demanded an investigation. AGJ should contact every new member and demand answers.”

    * * * * * * * *

  56. Talking about imposing qualifications on the person running for President, I have worked in Fed., State, City and County Departments during my working life. All demanded I sit and pass a written test for the position I applied for. I think all applicants running for the highest office in the land should have to submit to a written test and pass it, before even being deemed a candidate.

  57. The most crazy thing, beyond the “birther” issue, is we in the US elected a man with a Muslim name and background as President and Commander in Chief of our armed forces only 7 years after 911. That is what’s insane, regardless of where he was born.

    Hawaii is like a foreign country anyway. It is a “State” in name only. (I lived there 2 years and it is not the USA, except at the military bases, which is most of what Hawaii’s land mass is. Otherwise, it is like a foreign outpost with some Los Angeles culture spread about in Honolulu and the wealthier neigborhoods.) Pidgeon English is the main dialect outside all the non-European (except for Portuguese) ethnic groups.

    But getting back to my main point: Is the birther issue a point of concentration because of a climate “political correctness” that won’t allow us to question Obama’s non-American Muslim background and heritage?

    America is not a Muslim nation. And we are at war with Muslim Jihadism. Would we have elected a Japanese or German American as President after Pearl Harbor (speaking of Hawaii)? Can you imagine someone named Hayakawa Tomoko as US President during World War II? Imagine it, because we have Barack Hussein Obama now, who supported having a mosque at ground zero and is bleeding our troops multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  58. Steve Malzberg Interviews Jeff Kuhner – If The Truth Got Out About Obama There Would Be A Civil War

  59. @Papoose & misstickly

    RE: “That letter was/ is a testimonial to the hospital of his birth. Did it get there in an envelope? who has the original?……….Good questions, Papoose. Why can’t we ever get answers.”

    The hospital said that Abercrombie (at that time in Congress) hand delivered the letter (source: I think WND). Gibbs was asked, at a WH press conference, to confirm the authenticity of the ltr. Gibbs refused.

    The hospital should be sued for false advertizing. Abercrombie should be called as witness and asked under oath who gave him the letter.

  60. full disclosure…nothing less…questions answered…matter resolved…simple…full disclosure…over/done…full disclosure

  61. William A. McQuiddy

    I am putting the finishing touches on a book on the history of charters and the Constitution. The requirement for President is in Article II, Section 1. A citizen of the United States is eligible to serve as President, if, and only if, he or she was born before the Constitution was placed into force. After the last one died it required a person to be a natural-born citizen.

    The definition is provided in Emer de Vattel’s book published in 1758: Book one, pp. 212 (if memory serves), It was adopted into law by the Continental Congress in 1777, and reaffirmed again in 1779. Hence the requirement under Article 1, Section 8 for Congress to enforce the law of nations.

    The courts of the land do not have the authority to enforce the law of nations, only Congress does.. Federal courts have no standing. And that was changed by the 20th amendment to the Constitution first proposed after F..D. Roosevelt was nominated. It effectively removed the requirement from holding office for it gave the task of vetting the President-elect to the House of Representatives. between the time they meet until the 2oth of January when he ro she is sworn in. A simple majority can disqualify the President elect, but the coattails of the President should insure a majority of the House, who are not going to dump their candidate. After serving one term, it becomes a real problem if he or she is disqualified, and the documents signed into law are found to be illegal.

    The reason it was passed, in my opinion,was because F. D. R. was born in Canada, which disqualified him. They must be born in the country of citizen parents..

    Willi Mac

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