Congressional Research Memo, Jack Maskell, April 2009, Constitutional qualifications for presidency, Congressional offices

Congressional Research Memo, Jack Maskell, April 2009, Constitutional qualifications for presidency, Congressional offices

I read the memo below earlier. I have mulled it over and will further analyze the Orwellian “attorney speak” . Without further analysis some things are perfectly clear.

  • Obama is not a natural born citizen by the most consistent definitions, corroborated by the vetting of John McCain and the reference to both of his parents being US Citizens.
  • No documented birth certificate of any kind has been presented by Obama or the Obama camp.
  • Inconsistent COLB’s were posted on various websites and not authenticated.
  • There is no concrete evidence of any sort that Obama was born in Hawaii.
  • Obama has employed private and government attorneys for over two years to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records.

From We the People of the United States November 7, 2010.

“This was the spin that the Members of Congress were given to keep the American electorate at bay and confused in the debate about Obama’s eligibility issues.  All the while, Congress did nothing to investigate the matter in a congressional hearing like they did for similar concerns about John McCain.
We have obtained a copy of the talking points memorandum put out by a lawyer for the Congressional Research Service to the Members of Congress back in April 2009 as to what to tell their constituents when they write to the Members of Congress and ask questions about Obama’s eligibility.
Now we know why all the answers coming back to constituents sounded like they were written by the same person and were full of the same obfuscations and half truths and non-truths.
This copy was obtained via the diligent and persistent efforts of a patriot going by the pen name of “Tom Deacon” who obtained it from a Senator’s office.    Now we know the talking points the DC insiders and politicians have been groomed with to feed to their constituents who have been asking questions about the eligibility issues.”

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Thanks to GORDO

38 responses to “Congressional Research Memo, Jack Maskell, April 2009, Constitutional qualifications for presidency, Congressional offices

  1. Thanks CW and Mario,

    Another self serving document to misinform anyone who doesn’t know any better. It takes a dark mind to write this kind of memo and totally avoid the mention of Vattel. Reading this 14 page monstrosity of Obama talking points just infuriates me.

    These talking points are a large part, of the overall fraud, to deceive the American people about Obama’s eligibility. I wonder if Glenn Beck and Bill O Reilly were privileged enough to get a copy of this secret document? It would certainly explain a few things.

  2. The same garbage came as a reply from Bush’s White House. I inquired when was it amended to allow dual citizenship for a CIC.

  3. Fourteen pages,

    Thousands of words,

    Just to justify installing an obviously illegal, lying b#####d into the highest office in the land.

    This is outrageous.

    And, CW, your short, simple bullet point rebuttal remains dead on target.

  4. TruthSeeker @ 5:07 pm |
    “This is outrageous.
    And, CW, your short, simple bullet point rebuttal remains dead on
    so let’s see if I have this straight-concerned American citizens (NBC and naturalized) wrote and questioned various entities and received either no answer or an insulting answer regarding an illegal alien? so much for national security, and the security of our country and so much more.
    Speaking of a loyal American-I wonder and hope that Larry Sinclair is ok wherever he is.

  5. Please read this and pass it on.. It says so much about how our military feels. It is heartbreaking. How do we get it into the hands of the press? and others who are not “friends” because our “friends” get it.
    Why I quit… Desert Storm vet explains decision to leave Air Force after 22 years

  6. The Obama Administration Bows Before The UN Human Rights Star Chamber

  7. Slowly but surely with good and honest detective work like Gordo’s the whole stinking mess will be brought down.

  8. Sometimes you just have to take a little break from people and a bad government.

    Are you dreaming, Puppy?

  9. Fitzpatrick names Monroe County, TN Grand Jury Members 3 Share 0diggs

  10. I think one of the primary lessons that should have been learned by Watergate is do not prolong the agony and drag it out, fix what is broken immediately and move on. This Obamagate not only did not better with time as the opposition hoped, it has become huge and grows worse by the day. One illegal alien Obama is more important than 300 million American citizens? I don’t think so.
    Now that the Obama-socialist-democrat-dominated House and Senate has had a log thrown in its tracks, and is in disarray, it is an opportune moment to review and regroup in ferreting out the strategies to remove Obama based on his lack of eligibility. Having lost his first layer of protection, and potentially his NWO backing, Obama’s eligibility shield has cracks that can only get larger, if we widen them effectively.

  11. Michelle, thanks for the Dr Kate link, I hope she’s right and the supreme court acts.

  12. Zero is simply in the “Perfect Storm” of his disasterous reign.

    Shouldn’t be much longer.

  13. Russian activist disappears after exposing vaccination plans for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

    Christie: Tea Party A ‘Net Positive’ but Delaware A Missed Opportunity

  15. LM,
    Thank you for the information. I passed it on.

  16. Jason De'beau

    “Shouldn’t be much longer”

    Yep, any day now they’ll remove BO from our white house. Any day now. Any day now.

  17. Communist Party covers up support for Obama
    Radical group previously mapped out strategy for president’s 1st term in office

  18. Communists: GOP takeover ‘capitalist coup’
    Claims Republicans used ‘racist’ messages, will probe Obama’s birth certificate

  19. jbjd wanted this item spread around. This law is supposed to refute what is written in the Obama talking points about Obama being NBC.

  20. New York House race declared too soon, nearly 3,500 votes found to be ‘misreported’

  21. Obama Remembers Mumbai: What About Fort Hood, Sir?

  22. Michelle | November 7, 2010 at 5:40 pm |
    Sometimes you just have to take a little break from people and a bad government.

    Are you dreaming, Puppy?
    Thanks, Michelle, for sharing that cute video! Being an animal lover and a sucker for puppies, I’ve already forwarded it to a friend.

  23. Cabby – AZ @7:57 pm |
    Wasn’t that the cutest thing, I wonder who that puppy was talking to in his
    puppy dreams, I didn’t realize at first that he was sitting in his father’s lap. So glad you liked it, I hope this puppy is known far and wide-maybe more people will adopt puppies and others.

  24. Out of exhaustion, i’m re-posting my comment from TRSOL.

    The memo is garbage. Let me prove it very, very, very quickly. This will be placed here so that there can be no misunderstanding for those whom seek to re-define, through case law, the Constitution.

    Here is the proof that this memo is legal garbage. NO WHERE, NOT A SINGLE TIME, DOES THIS MEMO MENTION VATTEL OR REFERENCE THE LAW OF NATIONS. This alone, is absolute proof it is a legal garbage. Since the law of Nations is mentioned in the body of the Constitution, is well known and understood by the founding fathers, is one of only two books NOT returned to the NYC public library by George Washington, there CAN BE NO DOUBT that is was read and understood at the time of the drafting of the Constitution. You just can’t have a real discussion about the Constitution and NBC without Vattel.

    That memo is nothing more that a political document to be passed out to ‘cover’ for the abuse of the Constitution by our government and Congress. Only idiots could be convinced that a King of any country (including England) could now be POTUS!!!! I wonder how much ‘stimulus’ money went to paying for such legal garbage?

  25. Citizen Wells,

    The blogger Strata-Sphere is finally learning about the Rezko trial. He has long way to go to understand how corrupt Obama’s background is with Rezko. You should send him some of your articles. He’s a good blogger that could get this important info to more people.

  26. Jacqlyn Smith

    This a great song…..very moving…..

    Born Again American….

  27. The New Congress should Fire Bernanke from the Federal Reserve and put Ron Paul in charge of it. He would Clean it out and fix it.

  28. “Odd Little Moment at the CEO Meeting”
    by Jake Tapper

    “There was an odd little moment with Spice Jet founder Bhupendra Kansagra when President Obama spoke to CEOs Saturday in Mumbai.

    MR. KANSAGRA: Thank you. Welcome, Mr. President, to India. As a fellow Kenyan, I’m very proud to see that you have made —

    THE PRESIDENT: Made something of myself. (Laughter.)

    MR. KANSAGRA: — India as the focus of your drive for exports out of the U.S.

    Obviously the president is not a Kenyan. One supposes Mr. Kansagra meant “of Kenyan ancestry” or something.”
    Obviously not a Kenyan ? Are you sure, Jake?

  29. Pete, I have been having a marathon argument (278) comments with the obots at TRSOL. I posted the memo about the talking points for constituents and I also posted a link provided by jbjd that shows the 1790 naturalization act that was used to declare Obama NBC was replaced in 1795.

  30. GORDO | November 7, 2010 at 10:46 pm |

    Hey GORDO,

    Thanks for the tip; I just posted a comment over there.

    BTW, I don’t think Jake’s sure of much these days…

  31. Pete, I left two comments at TRSOL in defense of your position regarding the usurper and his BS NBC status.

    This act Repeals act of 1790, that they used to say Obama is NBC.

    This memo uses the naturalization act of 1790 to say Obama is NBC even though it was repealed.

  32. News from Kenya

    President Obama’s Democratic Party has lost control of the House of Representatives to the Republican Party because voters are disillusioned with his ‘big’ promises. But the Republican ‘coup’ is not an endorsement of its policies rather a protest against Obama’s party’s perceived dalliance with the status quo. Consolation for Obama is his rivals did not get the majority gap to overrun his party. His biggest worry, however, is whether he will manage a second term, given that his soft belly was exposed by the Tea Party. It should serve as a reminder to Obama not every time is tea time as they say in the land of his father.


    The WTM, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009, generated £1,139 million of travel industry contracts last year.

    Also set to be revealed on Monday afternoon is the 2010 Global Trends
    Last year’s report correctly predicted a surge of interest in tourism in East Africa in particular, as a result of the so-called ‘Obama Effect’, following the inauguration of the new US President.

    The study anticipated a surge in interest in ‘roots tourism’ or visits from Africans living abroad, following the election of Barack Obama, the first US president with African heritage.

    Experts widely believe the ‘Obama Effect’ helped drive interest in the East African region and international tourist numbers increased by 5 per cent in 2009, bucking the downward trend in most other destinations

  33. Thank you Gordo for that link! do you mean to say bo is not American- he didn’t bother to correct anyone?? So he must be Kenyan… who knew??

  34. Note to Rep. Darrell Issa: Please investigate Obama’s fraudulent use of Social Security Number 042-68-4425 reserved for Connecticut applicants.

  35. Thank you so much Citizen Wells for headlining and referencing our blog
    ” We the People of the United States.” You and your readers are always welcome. We are fighting the same causes!

  36. Pingback: Kamala Harris eligible? Jonathan Turley says yes quotes flawed CRS report, Natural Born Citizen requirement, Citizen not enough, SCOTUS ruling required | Citizen WElls

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