Glenn Beck insults, Is Beck paying attention?, Beck still insulting birthers?, March 2, 2010

Glenn Beck insults, Is Beck paying attention?

Due to my recent schedule, I have not caught all of Glenn Beck’s comments recently. I must listen to him at least some to report on him. I thought that I heard him refer to 9/11 truthers yesterday and not insult birthers. Is Glenn Beck backing off of insulting some concerned Americans?

By the way, I am still waiting on a call from Glenn Beck.


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  1. I called my local radio station which is an affiliate of FOX Radio and informed them that I was boycotting them and their advertisers as long as Beck was on the air.

  2. Good Morning CitizenWells

  3. Good morning all,

    As Yo pointed out yesterday, there is a great article in the form of an open letter to Good Ol’ Glenn, showing through polling that the number of eligibility people is quite high. Well written, too:

    As always, thank you Wells (and all here) for standing up for the truth.

  4. For those of you who might have missed this from oilforimmigration:
    « EU Federal Economic Government Proposal Mirrors Nazi Plan For Fourth Reich // Head of ‘Climategate’ research unit admits he hid data – because it was ’standard practice’ »
    Where the Sovereign States Stand – By Prophet
    Posted on March 2nd, 2010 by David-Crockett
    It is imperative for everyone now to take a stand for God and Country. Another group has arisen to the challenge calling up all Americans to stand up for their sovereign republics (what the corporation now calls states) for the de jure Grand Jury. All 50 states have initiated juror signatures and all but 7 have completed their tasks in less than a month. This is an amazing task and tells us that Americans are truly waking up and want their republic back. To learn more go to

    If you’re in the states that are lacking jury signatures, please sign up on the website or email to do your due diligence. You can also sign up for an alternate juror.

    Listen to the show with Sam Kennedy on
    on Sunday nights from 7:00 pm central time.

    I have truly met some of the most brave and courageous freedom loving Americans from all walks of life such as Doctors, Police Officers, Firefighter Captains, bankers, realtors and so on in my republic who have signed the grand jury pool. What an amazing experience getting to know these people. Thank you God and Country for this wonderful revelation.

  5. Morning Larry. I too liked that article. Have a great day!

  6. Jacqlyn Smith


    By Janet Adamy

    Rep. Bart Stupak doesn’t plan to vote for Congress’s latest health overhaul package – and abortion isn’t the only reason why!

  7. The important thing to remember… is, the law is only as good as the people who are hired or elected to enforce it. The fact that someone has wronged you civilly or criminally only matters if they (authority) follows the same rules you do. If you can’t get it into a court room in front of a jury of your peers, your as screwed as if the law never existed. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies can just ignore you. This is the true law that everyone needs to understand. This is what is being played out now on the American stage. Worse to come also. When these things happen as they are, then a decision has to be made by the citizenry of this nation. It’s not an easy one to make as you will all see.

    h/t depp

  8. Jacqlyn Smith

    Attacks on Congressman Deal, who demanded Obama’s vital records

    Posted on | March 2, 2010

    Rep. Deal Resigns

    Reply |George Miller
    show details 4:56 PM (12 hours ago)

    Deal is also running for governor and had missed a lot of votes in DC, something Obama and McCain had also done. Is it a coincidence that the House Ethics Committee was threatening an investigation of the guy who initiated a bill to require that Presidential candidates prove their eligibility???

  9. You heard correctly, CW. His blackboard illustration did not include the “birthers” this time. Perhaps the huge outcry against his mocking has finally had an affect on him – and his ratings have been lowered as a result.

    I haven’t listened to his radio show in over two weeks, so I’m not sure whether or not he is still bashing birthers in that venue.

    What I would like to know is why, exactly, he discontinued including birther mocking with the 9/11 truthers bashing? Was it because of the backlash from the viewers and bloggers or was it because Fox News management told him to stop? Even negative coverage of the “birther” controversy gets it out into the open which makes more and more people aware of the arguments going back and forth. Every single day, my Histats indicate that people are coming to my blog after doing a search about “Obama’s birth certificate.”

    Americans are not relying on the news shows anymore. They are researching extremely important issues via blogs, website, and forums – like your excellent blog here, CW!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK! All the commenters are having a very positive and informative affect on this highly important issue! It will NOT go away! Americans want answers!


  10. Listen to Podcast of DeMind, Inhofe and Gen Patreus interviews on Lou Dobbs.

    Great interviews.;jsessionid=38E63CA346C4EC9CD5FDEBB260272276

    Listen to some good callers also.

  11. Replace Glennedict Arnold
    with Lou Dobbs even though Dobbs sold out on illegals invasion he still brings up important issues.

  12. Christinewjc // March 2, 2010 at 9:59 am (edit)

    You heard correctly, CW. His blackboard illustration did not include the “birthers” this time. Perhaps the huge outcry against his mocking has finally had an affect on him – and his ratings have been lowered as a result

    That’s excellent!

  13. Linda from NY


    Smart people…it is an awesome article!

    I hope and pray your last article is spread far and wide; you did a great job of tying it all together!

    What you have written is important for all to understand and take heed.

    Thank you for all your hard work…it is paying off!

    Happy Day…Linda

  14. Linda from NY

    SueK: This one’s for you!

    NASA: Quake Shifted Earth’s Axis, Shortened Day

    AOL News ^ | March 1, 2010 | David Knowles

  15. Linda from NY

    Beck under fire from fellow hosts for fueling 3rd party

    WND ^ | 3/2/10 | Kathy Shaidle

  16. Thank you Linda from NY! The CFP article is linked to at other places like contentUSAToday and AllVoices.

  17. Linda from NY

    A little Comic Relief…

    Today’s Toons 3/2/10

    GOP Briefing Room ^ | March 2, 2010 | pookie18

  18. This is the response I got from Glenn Beck.

    Thanks so much for the email. Due to the volume of mail this may be the only response you see.

    While I do not always see it in a timely fashion I do try to read all of my mail. However, I average over 4000 letters a day and there is no way I can respond to most letters.

    I am glad you are watching/listening and even though you may not see a response, I want you to know that I am listening as well.


    Glenn Beck

  19. bob strauss

    That’s Glenn Beck’s automated answer.

  20. Linda from NY

    For use later tonight…

    Texas Primary Election Results Thread

    tx. sos ^ | 3/2/10 | me

  21. Linda – Do you know what time polls close in Texas?

  22. Linda from NY

    Glenn Beck Takes on the Leviathan

    True North Radio Website ^ | March 2 2010 | Self

  23. Hello fellow patriots, woke this morning with snow on the ground!! 2nd time this year and the last snow we had was in 1996, it is so much fun…As we all know our great nation is in big Trouble probably the most intense since the civil war, there is no stimulus that can stimulate enough the health care, cash for clunkers, climategate are all flat-out failures…Only the Power of the Living God will bring us through..So just hold on my Lord will show up and He will take you through again!! God bless you all!!

  24. Linda from NY

    Forbes: Democrat states giving new meaning to red white and blue as they steadily disintegrate

    The Collins Report ^ | March 2, 2010 | Kevin “Coach” Collins

  25. Linda from NY

    How’s that government control working for you?

    GM Recalling 1.3 Million Vehicles Over the Same Steering Problems as the Corolla

    Car Dealer Review ^ | 3/2/2010 | Car Dealer Review

  26. zach……………………………………..-
    In my own way of thinking I believe that it is probable that Beck doesn’t read any of the email directed at him. Further if any of it is read at all his staff would probably be doing it. That too is very doubtful. The greater portion of their time is used in putting together the show. I am sure that substantial followup of facts, legal ,and otherwise is really time consuming, but must be done for proper show content. My best guess would be that each day there is probably a huge box of unread emails that are removed from the particular office that they arrive in, and hauled to the incinerator. I came to this belief long ago, after like you reading the never ending AUTOMATED responses.

  27. I expect Glenn Beck to do more than just stop bashing those who question Obama’s eligibility. I expect him to begin covering this issue. If Beck paints himself as a defender of the Constitution, then he needs to start acting like one. I believe Beck knows he cannot honestly cover this issue because once he does, people will see what a serious issue this is and they will wonder why Beck has ignored it for so long.

  28. George Soros is now unhappy with obama and the job he is doing. Could this be the beginning of the end for obama and his administration. Just maybe they will cut him loose.

  29. Linda from NY

    Prairie: More info for you and your boys!

    A Blizzard Of Lies From Al Gore

    Invesgtors Business Daily ^ | March 2, 2010 | Investors Business Daily

  30. Linda from NY

    Jacqlyn/Peter: This one’s for you!


    Gary P.
    Published 03/02/2010 – 6:33 a.m. CST

  31. There have been some prophecies for 2010 that are interesting…Amos 3;7 ‘Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets’…it has been prophecied that a 3rd party will be birthed this year..just recently I heard of an earthquake that will happen in the U.S. a hugh one…Also that Israel will bomb Iran, they are being forced….Pray for the peace of Jer’USA’lem..

  32. Linda from NY

    Cover-Up Alleged Following Botched Police Raid(TN) ^ | 23 February, 2010 | Nancy Amons

    BTW CW, what have you heard about Leo Haffey’s plight? Please advise…Thanks!

  33. If Deal has really stepped down then it also means that the letter he allegedly sent to Obama wherein he demanded proof of his eligibility is null and void as well. I can’t help wondering what incentive Deal was offerred to step down.

  34. Oldsale78: Not an incentive. In my estimation, was either blackmail or direct threats. This sounds strangely like the Lou Dobbs disappearance……………………….

  35. Sorry: OldSALT78!

  36. KIM…………………………………………………..
    While the “Eyes of Texas”will undoubtedly be upon the voters of Texas, the eyes of those of us who do not reside in Texas will be UPON MEDINA………THEREAFTER, and EVEN MORE INTENSELY SHOULD SHE WIN THE RACE. WE WILL WATCH HER JUST AS CLOSELY AS WE ARE NOW WATCHING BROWN. MS. MEDINA DON’T TURN AGAINST YOUR CONSTITUENTS!

  37. Is Glenn Beck backing off of insulting some concerned Americans?
    And stepping forward to insult others??

  38. Re: ” Kim // March 1, 2010 at 1:37 am

    1. Abolish the Federal Reserve System and return control over America’s money supply to Congress. In the almost 100 years since the privately owned (mostly foreign global bankers such as the Rothschilds) Federal Reserve System was established we have seen a series of booms and depressions/recessions and the erosion of our purchasing power due to the fraudulent fraction reserve banking system. We feel it is long since time to end this massive ripoff of the American taxpayer.

    2. Criminal trials of those really behind the 9/11 attacks on America including those officials who had prior knowledge and did nothing. We no longer believe in the official conspiracy theory of some 6′6? Arab sitting in a cave in Afghanistan causing the events of 9/11, including causing the entire US Air Force to stand down and violating the basic Laws of Physics.

    3. Immediate end to the Iraqi War and to the Afghanistan War; full public investigations into war profiteering in both wars.

    4. No further wars without a formal Declaration of War by Congress.

    5. End all paid and professional lobbying of Congress and the Executive branch of government.

    6. Federal financing of federal election campaigns with no Political Action Committees, no spending on elections by any corporation or organization, no donations to political candidates in federal elections exceeding $1,000 per person.

    7. No use of computer voting or vote counting in federal elections. all voting to be on paper ballots, with voters using indelible ink on a thumb after voting, all vote counting to be done in public at each voting place, with results publicly posted at each voting place immediately after counting.

    8. No foreign lobbying of Congress and the Executive Branch of government including AIPAC.

    9. Tariffs on foreign manufactured goods entering America and an abolishment of all tax breaks for off-shoring manufacturing and other corporate activities.

    10. Trust busting of the major banks and Wall Street firms and growing monopolies and concentrations of corporate ownership.

    11. Trust busting of the concentration of news media ownership.

    12. Criminal charges for those responsible for the economic crisis and economic restitution under RICO laws.

    13. Criminal charges for those responsible for torture and other violations of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution, no wiretapping without just cause and a specific individual court order, no viewing of phone/cell phone/Internet records without just cause and a specific court order.

    14. No corporate or bank salary or bonus (or combination thereof) over $1 million per year.

    15. A full return to Constitutional Law, including no signing statements, no Executive Orders, no federal usurping of state or private rights under the Constitution.

    16. A end to the Patriot Act and all its provisions, an end to the full body scanning at airports.

    17. No dual nationals in the Executive branch of government (such as the current White House Chief of Staff).

    18. Full disclosure of Obama’s birth certificate and the nation of the passport used by him to travel to when in school

    19. Obliterate the “Admiralty Courts” and return to 100% civil courts

    20. Eliminate the UCC (Uniform Code of Commerce) with regards to non-commercial “persons”

    21. Eliminate the US Code as it is the actual document that makes 60 million actions (mostly innocent, victim-less crimes) criminal

    22. A new legal document succinctly stating that the government and it’s publicly registered corporations are subservient to human being citizens, not the reverse….

    h/t greengeko”

    # # # #

    Kim, this is an excellent list. Can you please tell me the source where you found this, and can you please cite the author(s) with the properly cited references?

    I would like to follow up with this and share this with others, and the above information is very much desired, if you can please help, and please advise.

    Thank you!

  39. CA Patriot…………………………………..

    I used the word “INCENTIVE” as sort of a cliche. In this case it translates roughly to REASON.

  40. If SOROS is so damn unhappy with Soetoro why don’t he just telephone Hawaii and order the Hawaii Board of Health to provide a CERTIFIED COPY OF the CERTIFICATE of LIVE BIRTH of Soetoro so that the American people can see the truth. I am sure that his power and money could override anything that Soetoro’s lawyers devised, or any XOs that Soetoro put in place. If he wants to ressurrect the Democratic party from extinction after 2012 he needs to act very soon. Come on Georgie boy, go get him,……sic him…..
    tear him a new anus.

  41. To me Beck is just another “stuffed shirt”who likes to BLOW. Frankly I don’t give a damn what Glenn Beck believes or says. I do my OWN thinking, and if this bothers Beck then he can take a long walk on a a short pier. Right or wrong I am the person who decides what I think or say, and I will continue to do this whether he likes it or not.

  42. LM @ 6:15 am Thank you for the update re: (40) states in various stages of progress. I thought that was a very good idea when it came up sometime last year. Glad to see how far along many states are in this process. What state would want to be the only one without sovereignty? None that I can think of. This will restore some balance of power v/s the extremely intrusive federal government.
    The video about Obama the Candy Man was a hoot.

  43. Prognosis 2012 Toward a New Social Order

    “If the folks who are running things actually cared about sustainability, they’d be investing in efficient mass transit, and they’d be shifting agriculture from petroleum-intensive, water-intensive methods to sustainable methods. Instead they are mandating biofuels and selling us electric cars, which are no more sustainable or carbon-efficient than standard cars. Indeed, the real purpose behind biofuels is genocide. With food prices linked to energy prices, and agriculture land being converted from food production to fuel production, the result can only be a massive increase in third-world starvation. Depopulation has long been a stated goal in elite circles, and the Rockefeller dynasty has frequently been involved in eugenics projects of various kinds.

    The War on Terrorism’ – preparing the way for the transition

    The so-called War on Terrorism has two parts. The first part is a pretext for arbitrary abuse of citizen’s rights, whenever Homeland Security claims the action is necessary for security reasons. The second part is a pretext for US military aggression anywhere in the world, whenever the White House claims that Al Qaeda is active there.

    I emphasized the word ‘claims’ above, because the terrorism pretext is being used to justify arbitrary powers, both domestically and globally. No hard evidence need be presented to Congress, the UN, or anyone else, before some nation is invaded, someone is kidnapped and tortured as a ‘terrorist suspect’, or some new invasive security measure is implemented. When powers are arbitrary, then we are no longer living under the rule of law, neither domestically nor internationally. We are living under the rule of men, as you would expect in a dictatorship, or in an old-fashioned kingdom or empire.

    It seems to me inevitable, given the many signals, that martial law will be part of the transition process, allegedly to deal with the problems of economic collapse. Perhaps a collapse in the food-supply chain, due to a collapse in the energy-supply chain. The US emergency responses in New Orleans and again in Haiti give us more signals, actual test trials, of what kind of ‘emergency response’ we can expect.

    First and foremost comes the security of the occupation forces. Those suffering in the emergency are treated more like insurgents than victims in need of help. In the case of Haiti, the US response can only be described as an intentional genocide project. When people are pinned under rubble in an earthquake, the first 48 hours, and 72 hours, are absolutely critical points, as regards survival rates. When the US military systematically blocked incoming aid for those critical hours, turning back doctors and emergency teams, they sealed the fate of many thousands who could have been saved.”

    snipped from:

  44. I am hoping that the people of the US will be so fed up with Soetoro, and his goons, by 2012 that they will vot the entire Democratic Party out of office. It is obvious that we are stuck with Soetoro until 2012. We need at least ONE state to require a certified copy of a candidate’s birth certificate to be placed upon the ballot in that state. If even one state requires this he is finished. We need to encourage a state like TEXAS, or California to require this. If Medina wins in Texas we need to write to her and let her know how we feel about an illegal president. Also we need to try to induce prosecution of people like GIBBS,JARRETT, and AXELROD, PELOSI,REID, DODD LEAHY DURBIN, ETC, being complicit in treason.

  45. States Stand For Constitutional Sovereignty Status Update Brief 27Feb10!! 40 Plus States Active!!

  46. You decide

    What Happened to ‘Jobs Must Be Our No. 1 Focus’?

  47. Linda from NY // March 2, 2010 at 10:45 am

    Hi Linda and thanks…I read about it this morning.

    Interesting, but somehow I don’t think it’ll interfere with dinnah…

    It was an amazing Geological event, though; just sorry for all the devastation and loss of life it caused.

  48. Patriot Dreamer

    Kim // March 2, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Hi Kim, “sustainability” is frequently a code word for communism by way of the environmental movement. And communism on a world-wide scale is what the New World Order is really all about.

  49. If Beck is so certain that Obama is a natural Born Citizen, and it is so easily verifiable, then verify it.

    There should be no negative consequence in verifying Obama’s “truthful” claims….

    Unless, of course, Obama is lying.

    Right, Glenn?

  50. Linda from NY -SueK @ 12:52 pm
    Linda when I saw your humor break I immediately thought of twe, I sure hope he is ok.

  51. Linda from NY // March 2, 2010 at 11:19 am

    How’s that government control working for you?

    GM Recalling 1.3 Million Vehicles Over the Same Steering Problems as the Corolla

    Car Dealer Review ^ | 3/2/2010 | Car Dealer Review
    Is it possible that Toyota and GM were sabotaged by employees with ‘certain’ agendas??

  52. Anybody in Texas who can give any updates on how it’s going? Sure hope you elect Medina as your candidate!!

  53. Patriot Dreamer @ 1:11 pm
    “One gets the feeling that when all is said and done, the Obama administration is going to make Nixon look like an amateur”
    Obama is a trillion times worse that Nixon ever attempted to be-it was the lies and the cover-ups that did Nixon in. In this Obama abysmal mess, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.
    I hope every lie and liar are revealed, it is sickening enough already.

  54. Patriot Dreamer

    Head of ‘Climategate’ research unit admits sending ‘pretty awful emails’ to hide data

  55. I beg Each & Every Glorious and Free Texan TO GET OUT TO VOTE!!


    I am praying for you Debra Medina to GOD The FOREVER LIVING ALMIGHTY CREATOR, In LORD JESUS CHRIST’S HOLY NAME, for people to be greatly motivated with great drive and persistence in their hearts and souls to be making paths to get out and to vote for you to win, Debra Medina!!

  56. Why is the doctor’s bill tucked into the jobs bill? If they want a bill on jobs, it should be on jobs?

  57. Don in California

    oldsalt78 // March 2, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    To me Beck is just another “stuffed shirt”who likes to BLOW. Frankly I don’t give a damn what Glenn Beck believes or says. I do my OWN thinking, and if this bothers Beck then he can take a long walk on a a short pier. Right or wrong I am the person who decides what I think or say, and I will continue to do this whether he likes it or not.
    And you can add the President, Congress and the Supreme Court. I am a FREE AMERICAN and I will think for myself. They will NOT tell me what or how to think!!!!!!

  58. Has Judge Napolitano ever given his opinion in public on the Obama eligibility issue? He would be the one to hear because that is his forte–the Constitution. I’ve never heard him say anything about this on tv. Maybe on radio?

  59. Linda from NY // March 2, 2010 at 11:42 am

    BTW CW, what have you heard about Leo Haffey’s plight? Please advise…Thanks!

    The judge…..oh boy!!!

    Dumas Loses Fight to Limit Evidence for Ethics Trial
    Still, her attorneys have even balked at answering basic evidentiary requests, such as one to “produce any documents identifying you as a judge.”

    “So is that a burden to answer that?” Ash asked Cantrell.

    “It is a burden to answer it, yes,” the lawyer responded. (especially if there is no document identifying her as judge??)

  60. 1. Abolish the Federal Reserve System and return control over America’s money supply to Congress.

    I’ll repeat:
    is this the same congress who failed ‘Budgeting 101’??

    Hell no, congress does not need control of any money supply..

  61. Somebody in NYC should put a packet together of all the evidence, court cases, and questions about Obama’s eligibility/Constitutional requirements and hand deliver it to him. Make an appointment to see him and make sure he gets it all then ask him to please take the time to look at the information with an open mind. Would be interesting to see if he would actually read it and reply. Or would he be a jerk and tell the messenger to get lost. Sort of think his staff needs to be by-passed.

  62. This is good news-the Dems should be scared for many reasons. Hope that we can scare them even more.
    Politico: Former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. said Tuesday that Democrats are “scared” heading into this fall’s election and that he decided not to run for the Senate from New York because he feared his party would lose the seat after a tough primary. “The fall is going to be a tough, tough fall for whatever Democrat emerges,” Ford said during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” his first since announcing Monday night that he is not running. “It would have been a tough brutal fight.”

  63. TruthSeeker

    My Mom was Texan,

    Which makes ME eligible to vote for Medina,

    Oh all right, I’m not Texan,

    I just WISH I was…

  64. To understand the path we are on, someone here suggested “Crashing toward a New World Order Social Order 2012” and it explains the full picture of the ‘elitist committee’ and their design to cause a global economic meltdown and then use carbon credits for currency…explains a lot and easily explained.

    Thanks to the poster for the article.

    Alex Jones today had a guest touching on this very economic meltdown for global domination.

  65. The Tea Party people are getting more and more creative. Are you guys a trend? with the billboards.

  66. This is 22 seconds of Pelosi not sounding totally insane, just her normal insane.

  67. bob strauss

    Oldsalt78, Oklahoma may be your State, I believe they recently passed an eligibility law to demand only an NBC.

    Check out this video at the 38 minute mark.

  68. CJ,
    I have heard Judge Napolitano talk about it a handful of times, each time he laughed and insulted the “birther’s”
    When Obama brought it up at the prayer breakfast a few weeks ago the Judge said something like “why is he opening up that can of worm’s.” He thinks it’s a silly distraction.

  69. Linda from NY

    JJ // March 2, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Hey JJ! That’s a thought…does seem odd both companies are experiencing the same problems.

    JJ // March 2, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    That’s great news about the judge! However, what is happening to Leo and his case? Is he still being silent about what he knows? Every time I read something about TN, I think of poor Leo and what he had to endure.

    Thanks for the update and thoughts…

    Happy Day…Linda

  70. Someone sent this to me:

    Please look at this video and read the attaching informative article as I did.

    I tell you factually, Barry Soetoro/Obama is doing to America what Bernie Madoff did. BOTH of them are 100% Career Serial Criminals!!

    Please Americans do NOT be afraid whatsoever to stand up for truth and righteousness like this dear man, Harry Markopolos did in America.

    America does NOT have 10 years to wait to REMOVE the 100% SERIOUSLY INSANE & 100$ DELUSIONALLY INSANE Career Serial Criminal Barry Soetoro/
    Barack Hussein Obama II, out of office in handcuffs!!

    Yes, many people are not wanting to listen to the TRUTH, and many people including the USA Main-Stream Media want to and are trying to sweep the TRUTH UNDER A RUG about Soetoro/Obama, but we have to USE Constant Outspoken Broadcasted Information & Evidence to Our Great & Free Nation Sovereign AMericans Citizens to catch and bring Millions & Millions of the souls of men, women and children to understand what is going on, and what is happening in this world, and to get on the same page, and remove the criminals from our midst, and to love and obey GOD in constant outspoken love, peace, trust, obedience, virtues, and sweet purity and holiness!

  71. Linda from NY

    SueK // March 2, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Glad to hear you are on top of things. Am still distressed about the Haiti situation; pp’s obvious lack of compassion, our military being told to stand down, the visits from stupid opportunists; just the whole nine yards.

    Am still hoping something good will come out of it just the same.

    How are you? Any progress on your research? How are the “kidlets?” Getting along better?

    Have your heard from twe or Maddie? Have been thinking and praying for both of them…

    Happy Day…Linda

  72. Sen. Bunning and the unemployment benefits debate revisited

    Question: Where do we draw the line? Laid-off workers can collect up to 79 weeks of unemployment in half the states. Democrats want to extend the benefits another 13 weeks:

    Treasury Secretary Geithner told Stephanopoulos the administration is open to such proposals. Well, hell, why not extend the benefits indefinitely?

    (My friend said her son-in-law in California had been drawing unemployment for 3 years!!!!
    California–the other Washington)

  73. Kim, Thanks for the video of Medina. I hope she wins, but the powers have stacked the deck. I bet the diabold voting machines have already been tampered with.

  74. Linda from NY

    Michelle // March 2, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Hope you enjoyed the cartoons…I miss twe and hope all is going well with him. His situation with mom is so difficult…

    Have you heard anything about Maddie? Last I heard her parents were in peril.

    Hope you are doing well…sure could use some of that warm FL sunshine, but cannot complain because we have sunshine here for the first time in weeks…and temps are moderating, too. However, the last storm dumped 16″ of snow on us so we are hoping for a slow melt to avoid flooding.

    Happy Day…Linda

  75. Linda from NY @ 2:51 pm
    Hi Linda-I miss both twe and Maddie, they must have some real big issues to contend with. We had a heavy rain (expected) today but sun is peeking out. Linda I pray all of you have a slow melt, if not and heavy spring rains-not good-check your Old Farmers Almanac. I read somewhere that the whole US is out of drought situation, evidently first time in a long time.
    I’m so happy we all went Tea Party, I can’t believe they are not making fun of us anymore. What cracks me up is us throw away Democrats, they trying to talk nice to us NOW? Too bad, so sad, too late, too insulting not only of us Dems but the entire nation. Are they so stupid they can’t figure out it is there beyond rotten policies? Going to vote Republican with most other Dems. Obama can keep his 10-20 per cent hard-cores-creepy bunch aren’t they.

  76. Linda from NY // March 2, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Hi Linda(r),

    Popping on for a minute-busy day.

    I’m distressed about a lot of things; some we can’t do anything about, but others, we can! I feel that good things are around the corner and that they’re all gonna implode soon; they can’t keep building the deception forever.

    Doing OK. Lyme tests are negative, but I’m pursuing that until I get a 100% negative! Hope you’re feeling a bit better?

    Kidlets aren’t getting along very well; it may be time for separate ‘floor time.’

    Nothing from twe or Maddie; I will try another e-mail to Maddie.

    Thought this was a good piece on ‘civil disobedience’ as far as the census is concerned. I like the letter (near the end of the piece) to be tucked into the envelope before sending it.

    What do ya think?

  77. Linda from NY @ 2:59 pm
    Part of the problem is Obama is anti-Constitution and anti-people so naturally Tea Party groups would tend to protest for the Constitution.
    Looking at Neo-Nazi’s makes me sick. They used to do demonstrations in Chicago-the Lincolnwood, Skokie areas to terrorize folks. Chicago always let them march-First Amendment, but plenty of police to keep the regular folks from attacking the Neo-Nazis’. From what I understand many in prison are Neo-Nazi’s who are as power crazy and nutty as Hitler and his SS-a very dangerous group. They hate everybody today’s demon is the government-tomorrow it could be any other group. One awful thought Neo-Nazis’ v/s Islamic terrorists I wonder how that would come out?

  78. Just got back from the polls where I voted for Medina! I always get an adrenalin rush for a few minutes after casting my vote. . . But everyone here is saying Perry will be the “slam-dunk” winner. The best to realistically hope for is a run-off if Perry doesn’t get 50%.

  79. Bankroller, GOod for you, you voted for a candidate that if elected will get everyday and see how she can help YOU and not the corporations.

  80. Fox news has been talking all day about the Texas Republican Primary, but they only mention Rick Perry and Kay and an unnamed tea party candidate, LOL!! They are scared shitless of Debra Medina.

  81. one day closer to seeing obama’s vital records

  82. Linda from NY

    SueK // March 2, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Bummer on the testing…have you found a competent Lyme Specialist yet? Are you getting a questionable result to the testing? Is that why you are going to continue testing?

    Suggestion for “kidlets.” Take a small blanket, let one sleep on it and then, move it to the other pen and let the other sleep on it. They will smell each other and be comfortable with the fact that another is there who is like them. There is no set time for integration; they have their own clocks. Patience is a Virtue, and a Virtue is a Grace. Put ’em both together, and you get a Happy Face!

    I am doing better; still have trouble sleeping [and thinking], but coming along; have 9 weeks to go.
    As my MD says, baby steps; cannot rush healing. Certainly, not ready to run track…lol

    Great article…cover letter is a good idea, but wonder if it draws unnecessary attention to you. Do not trust any government entities anymore.

    Happy Afternoon…Linda

  83. Linda from NY

    Michelle // March 2, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Agree…there are all kinds of groups that are not, let me say, attractive.

    However, lumping them all together doesn’t help, either. That appears to be what Homeland Security is doing.

    I am happy, however, Pelosi and others are worried about the effect the Tea Party Movement will have on their future aspirations.

    Happy Afternoon…Linda

  84. UpstateWarrior @ 3:46 pm
    St Michael the Archangel please protect Pastor Manning as he prepares for his trial/battle and protect him from the forces of evil wherever they may be.
    Saint Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
    and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
    by the Divine Power of God –
    cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
    who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

  85. Linda from NY @ 3:50 pm
    If Homeland security is trying to lump the groups together this is how it would work in Chicago. The Neo-Nazis v/s the WW2 vets or their children who battled them across Europe. If the US and her allies did not win that war we would not even be having this discussion. How can they be so stupid? I think the terrorists (difficult word in their vocabulary) has them mentally confused. How many attacks are they responsible for already? 5 and counting? What did they think Fort Hood was-an invitation to dance? I guess this makes them 9/11 deniers. They have taken stupid to the point of scary.

  86. Second Amendment-,0,3193015.story
    Justices signal they’re ready to make gun ownership a national right
    A high court majority reviewing a handgun ban in Chicago indicates that it sees the right to ‘bear arms’ as national in scope, and can be used to strike down some state and local gun regulations.

  87. Hi Upstate Warrior,

    Thanks for the Rev. Manning piece…this man continues to inspire.

    I’m unsure as to exactly what this ‘trial’ is; is it a formal trial, or a mock trial where he’s presenting his evidence? I’ve missed a few things along the way, here.

    Any wisdom? Thanks in advance :).

  88. Kim,
    Good list. I have a few disagreements.. but a great improvement over where we are today.
    In addition, we must remove administrative/executive law that comes to us to executive branch agencies… like EPA. If the EPA wants to create a regulation, they should draft a law an submit it to Congress. This administrative regulation strikes me as unconstitutional.

  89. Hey Linda(r),

    Not looking for a Lyme specialist until I test completely. All results have been negative, but my local hospital didn’t send the sample where I *told* them to send it; it should’ve gone to CA, but went to UT, instead. I’ll be calling the lab in CA tomorrow.

    The kidlets are an issue; Lucy is now doing the aggressive poking and Mitzi is stressed out-she’s hiding. I can’t have this. Their pens are side-by-side and all is fine when they’re in there; it’s when they’re loose that the trouble starts. Under the couch seems to be the problem as far as territory is concerned; out in the open isn’t an issue.

    Ya, you can’t hurry the healing with the bod-it’ll heal when it’s ready, but it’s a pain (literally) in the meantime.

    I did like that article, but may just fill out the number in my household, and send it back. the rest of my info is none of their business.

    Back later!

  90. The U.S. Code spells out the law; regulations spell out how the agencies carry out the law. (The Code authorizes the agency to promulgate these regulations.) Regulations inconsistent with the law they regulate, are unlawful and must be stricken. So, assuming regulations are consistent with the law; if you don’t like the regulations, the appropriate remedy is to get your legislators to change the law.

  91. Thanks Chris@2:25. Sorry to hear that about Napolitano. He should be on this with lots of back up info due to his knowledge of the Constitution. Wonder why he’s not on board with it.

    Re my post at 1:34- I was referring to sending a packet of facts hand delivered to Beck. Sounds like I meant Obama. Yikes gots to watch my sentence formation. Sorry.

  92. jbjd,
    Thanks for the clarification.
    I’d still like to peel it back so that the regulations must be voted upon by Congress… I know this would be tedious, but if the process were tedious, perhaps we wouldn’t have so many regulations!
    When an agency like the EPA can declare carbon dioxide a toxic substance, then we have clearly given too much authority to people who are not directly accountable.

  93. Linda from NY, and everyone else

    Here’s a link about the rivalry between the U.S. and China. China is anticipating war within 10 to 20 years. It would appear not to be mutual – the Western world expects this much sooner.

  94. Prayer for Rev. Manning, The high favor of God would be on him and the angels of the Lord would encamp round about him for protection. No weapon formed against him shall prosper and every tongue that rises against him in judgement shall be condemned..Father, give him a brilliant mind and supernatural discernment to deal with this trial, send many people in agreement to support him during this time and Lord I do ask for a victory……In the Name of Jesus Amen

  95. Please have a look a Pastor Manning’s video plea for help posted above by UpstateWarrior. He’s not asking for money, rather for prayers. Let’s keep this courageous patriot in our prayers.

  96. Hi Upstate Warrior,

    Thanks for the Rev. Manning piece…this man continues to inspire.

    I’m unsure as to exactly what this ‘trial’ is; is it a formal trial, or a mock trial where he’s presenting his evidence? I’ve missed a few things along the way, here.

    Any wisdom? Thanks in advance


    Hi Sue, the trial is going to be held at Pastor Manning’s church on May 14 – May 19, 2010. In the link below Mr. Manning talks about the upcoming trial and what it is about.

  97. Linda from NY

    venice // March 2, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Looks like their national pride is a given due to their new prosperity; they are bound and determined to replace us as a global power.

    What makes you think that war is eminent before 10 or 20 years?

    Could this be why Taiwan is buying arms from us? Could it be, the US wants to align itself with Russia, India, and [?] against China? After all, wipe out China, and you wipe out the debt.

    What are your thoughts?

    Happy Night…Linda

  98. Linda from NY

    carmen // March 2, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Beautiful thoughts…powerful prayer! Thanks so much for your inspiring words.

    In Rev. Manning’s video, he describes the attack of the evil forces; he needs legions of angels to protect him.

    God Bless this brave and honorable man!

    Happy Night…Linda

    PS God Bless You, too!

  99. Hi Linda from NY,

    There appear to be several indicators that war with Iran is looming. For example, Netanyahu is continuing with Jerusalem settlements. Israel would not be doing this without a nod from the U.S., implicitly or explicitly.

    A war with Iran would automatically involve the U.S. Many are predicting that war with Iran could happen within the next 2 years. God help us.

    As to the major political players lining up for new world dominance or continued world dominance, I think your scenario is a pretty plausible one. However I think China is an unknown quantity and the world may be surprised by its resilience.

  100. Linda from NY

    venice // March 2, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    I think war with Iran is a possibility but somehow, I cannot justify it. If we withdraw from Iraq, Iran may find they are open fodder. Right now, the US presence is a deterrent but when we are gone, I believe Iran will make its move.

    With Russia and China supporting Iran, is not war with Iran futile? It does appear there is much posturing occurring in countries around the world, but the USA certainly does not need another war.

    China is setting itself up to be a world problem; do not think any country wants them in charge.

    What do your sources say? Any word from JM?


  101. Linda from NY,

    From what I understand it is difficult to know who are allies with China. Certainly the whole point from China’s perspective is to keep everybody guessing. They don’t reveal their cards. As you may have noted recently when international sanctions against Iran were called, China singularily remained silent on the matter.

    China’s most pressing needs are those of a population growing at exponential rates, despite its one child policy. They require resources, certainly more than money. But because of their relative lack of debt, they remain a large threat.

  102. Linda from NY

    venice // March 2, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Thanks…I see. However, Soros might just be peeved at pp because he did not listen. After all, he is into destruction so why should he care if pp made the wrong decision. Somehow, I cannot trust what this man says; his motives are rarely honorable. Black is white; up is down; you get the idea.

    Who knows what will happen in the future? In the USA, we are praying for a miracle…for pp to leave office before he does more damage to our flailing economy.

    I am sure you will agree…all of this is disconcerting and troubling…the tension is unbearable at times.

    However, right now God is the only power who can help us…In God We Trust!

    Happy Night…Linda

    PS Thanks for the link and info.

  103. ***NEW POST****

  104. Many of you are posting LOTS of stuff from Infowars ***sigh*** Really?

    Haven’t you noticed ALL of his stuff is “all conspiracy all the time”.

    You believe every Jones conspiracy cooked up…? mmmm mmmmm mmmmm

    He lost me on the 9/11 stuff where “witnesses” heard “exlosions” so he jumps to the conclusion “bombs” MUST have been planted by U.S. government!

    recommend: adding grain of salt to all infowars info

  105. Lisa, ditto!
    I wonder if AJ ever “investigated” what a fire extinguisher sounds like when they explode from, oh I dunno, extreme heat?
    I wonder how many fire extinguishers there were in the Twin Towers? Hmmmmmm.
    AJ is a nutjob, imo.
    Yeah, he brought light to the Bilderburgers and just where has that gotten us?
    The people that follow him and have the nerve to criticize GB fans are an interesting lot.

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