Obama State of the Union Address, January 27, 2010, Jobs, New Jobless Claims, Obama lies, Campaign promises vs reality, New jobs bill, Insanity, Fantasy, Reality

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”…Albert Einstein


From the State of the Union speech, January 27, 2010, Fox News reports.

“Renewing Promise of ‘Change,’ Obama Tries to Reset Agenda”
“The road to restoring public confidence in Washington and in his ability to lead it starts Thursday in Tampa, where Obama will hold a town hall meeting and discuss federal investment in mass transit. The visit comes as the president vows to make the economy and jobs creation his top focus in 2010, while continuing to press ahead with his ambitious agenda on everything ranging from health care reform to education to immigration reform.”

“But the centerpiece of Obama’s address was jobs creation. The president called on Congress to pass a new jobs bill right away, telling the Senate to pass something similar to the bill passed by the House last year as its “first order of business.”

“People are out of work. They’re hurting. They need our help. And I want a jobs bill on my desk without delay,” Obama said.”
“Obama said the “devastation” of the economic crisis remains, but also defended his approach so far, saying his administration acted “immediately and aggressively” to stave off a “second depression.”

The president emphasized that conditions would be worse if his administration and Congress had not approved the stimulus package last February. He said the package has saved 2 million jobs.”

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From Fox News, January 28, 2010.
“New Jobless Claims Drop Less Than Expected”

“WASHINGTON — The number of newly laid-off workers claiming unemployment benefits fell less than expected last week, fresh evidence the job market remains a weak spot in the economic recovery.

The Labor Department said Thursday that first-time jobless claims dropped by 8,000 to a seasonally adjusted 470,000. Analysts had expected a steeper drop to 450,000, according to Thomson Reuters.

The four week average, which smooths out volatility, rose for the second straight week to 456,250. The average had fallen for 19 straight weeks before starting to rise. That decline had given some analysts hope the economy would soon generate net job gains.

Two weeks ago, claims surged by 34,000 due to administrative backlogs left over from the holidays in the state agencies that process the claims, a Labor Department analyst said. Those delays may still be affecting the data, the analyst said.

That means the current figures could be artificially inflated. At the same time, it would also mean that the steep drop in claims in late December and early January was also exaggerated by the backlogs.”

“But the so-called continuing claims do not include millions of people who have used up the regular 26 weeks of benefits typically provided by states, and are receiving extended benefits for up to 73 additional weeks, paid for by the federal government.”
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50 responses to “Obama State of the Union Address, January 27, 2010, Jobs, New Jobless Claims, Obama lies, Campaign promises vs reality, New jobs bill, Insanity, Fantasy, Reality

  1. Linda from NY

    CW: Thanks for the update!

    I don’t know about you, but it was difficult reading [and listening in capsules] about all that drivel he spewed last night.

    Does he really believe the American people are THAT stupid?

    Question: How can you relate to people who are hurting when you only speak in terms of yourself? How many times did he use “I”, “me”, and “my?” Too many!

    Happy Day…Linda

    PS Looking forward to Larry’s report and your response…Thanks for all you do!

  2. >Does he really believe the American people are THAT stupid?
    My guess is yes, they elected him….

  3. Sorry, Barky, but once the ‘public confidence’ is shot it’s difficult, if not impossible, to restore it, bar a purge of the entire Congress and YOU and your minions.

    Nice try. Too late. You’re already a failure, in addition to being a usurper.

  4. There’s a new search engine in town!

    This one doesn’t collect and store your private date and search inquiries like Google.


  5. Interesting timing with State of the Union Lies – Hillary says no to another 4 years….as if there would be another 4 years.

    Snipped from:

    WASHINGTON : US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she would not serve a full eight years if President Barack Obama wins another term, hoping eventually to retire to writing and teaching.

    “Clinton, who has spent two decades in the national spotlight and narrowly lost her own bid to be president in 2008, said she enjoyed her job as the top US diplomat but found it physically grueling.”

    Asked by talk-show host Tavis Smiley if she would serve eight years, she replied: “No, I really can’t.” …

    “Clinton repeated that she would not run again for president, saying she wanted a private life after a career in which she has served as first lady and a US senator.”…

    AND…as if anyone hasn’t figured out her agenda isn’t much different than “O”.

  6. If anyone wants to take a look at the best pundit post I’ve seen yet, then I invite you to click on this link – for a good theatrical writer, these comments are a good beginning for writing the tragic comedy that is upon us.

    Warning: for those who believed th 7700 words and 92 “I’s” uttered last night, then I don’t recommend you click on the link BUT for those who saw through the sheer nonsense of last night, this post is for you! Enjoy!


  7. Linda from NY

    JustMe // January 28, 2010 at 9:47 am

    I read on No Quarter, I believe, that her body language did not match her words with respect to her future plans.

    I am not an expert in body language but lately, it has been revealing through videos that match the expressions with the words.

    Thanks for sharing…Linda

  8. CW, great post!!

  9. Patriot Dreamer

    The South // January 28, 2010 at 9:43 am

    The South, good morning!

    Based on that link, it looks like if you want to visit a website but keep your privacy, then you go do your search through startpage.com, and then if a link comes up that you are interested in, you just click on “proxy”. Then, when you visit the link, you are using startpage as your proxy, and the web page you are visiting has no personal information on you, your IP, or your location.

    Thanks for that link!

  10. Just read ‘Democrats trying to cause rift between Tea Party conservatives and moderates–CBN News the Brody file–one of the questions on the Dems list is, “Do you believe Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen”?

  11. d2i // January 28, 2010 at 10:01 am

    Thanks d2i, but I’ll pass on this one. The Fraud in the WH is one too many for me.

    Thanks for sharing the other link, though.

    Happy Day…Linda

  12. from a friend; Gun control in Georgia= Hitting what you aim at…….

  13. Obamafile posted these facts about last night’s speech. Rove got the number of “I’s” wrong but the File didn’t –

    Obama Refers To Himself 114 Times

    Examiner.com says that any speech from Obama is guaranteed to include numerous references to himself, blaming George Bush, and creating straw men. Wednesday night’s State of the Union was no different.

    Here is the numbers breakdown of Obama’s first State of the Union:

    114 — The staggering number of times Obama referred to himself. He said “I” 96 times, and used “my” or “me” 18 times. For example: “When I ran for president, I promised I wouldn’t just do what was popular, I would do what was necessary.” Barack Obama’s favorite person is still Barack Obama.

    86 — The number of times Obama was interrupted by applause, almost always by his fellow Democrats.

    70 — The number of minutes the speech took.

    13 — Stories of people that may or may not exist, in an attempt to personalize his speech. — Examples: “The window manufacturer in Philadelphia”, “the struggling small business owner who wrote to me”, and “the eight year old boy in Louisiana.”

    10 — Times Obama blamed his own failures on George W. Bush. Instead of owning up to his own failures, Obama must constantly try to remind people that the problems were there before he got into office. Example: “That’s what we did for eight years.”

    4 — Attacks on Wall Street or bankers, the nouveau-bourgeoisie. There is always a bogeyman that the Obamunists must blame for the country’s woes. Along with George Bush, the current evil entity is Wall Street.

    4 — Arguments with straw men. Obama loves to debate with people who do not have a forum. He is able to get his point across and we are not allowed to hear from the other side. Examples: “Those that disagree” and “some on the right.”

    1 — Moderation from his ultra-liberal agenda. He actually showed a willingness toward more opening America’s vast, untapped oil resources. “It means making tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development.” Unfortunately, this was the only example of Obama “moving to the center.” Despite the Brown-out in Massachusetts, Obama has not learned the lesson that America rejects his leftist policies.

    0 — New ideas. It was the same old agenda from Obama. He wants health care reform, another stimulus, cap and trade. He remains tone deaf to the U.S. electorate.

    0 — Changes in ObamaCare. He repeatedly praised the plan and said it must be passed. The main fault he found in it was that he “didn’t explain it more clearly.” Obama said he would listen to new ideas, but the ideas of tort reform and allowing insurance purchases across state lines are not new. He refused to listen to them before.

    0 — Lessons learned from the failure of Porkulus. Yesterday, we found out the $787 billion dollar plan actually cost $862 billion. It failed miserably on its promise to keep unemployment below 8 percent. Now, Obama wants a new “jobs plan”.

    0 — Focus on national security. There was no discussion of Guantanamo Bay, terrorist detainees being tried on U.S. soil, or the Flight 253 terror attempt.

  14. DAR MOM – saw your announcement downstairs about the Hampton Roads Tea Party meeting. I’m here in Richmond and have joined in these efforts. I am aware that all of the TPs in VA now have a council of some sort so as to share information back and forth. Please get your info to the leadership in Richmond. I’m certain folks here would join y’all in your efforts.

  15. It is time for all Patriots to join forces and bring TREASON CHARGES against Obama and Congress for enacting laws outside our CONSTITUTION. This is far more important than the birth certificate. Somehow, I feel we may now have an ally on the Supreme Court in Judge ALITO!

  16. Most welcome Linda in NY – the blogs are buzzzing this morning….lots of good and constructive energy.

  17. Boehner: That Buzzsaw Was The American People Saying, Stop.

  18. Video: Democrat Congressman on No-Show Cabinet Official: ‘Where the Hell is Secretary Napolitano?’


  19. d2i,

    good morning…sounds like you’re buzzing, too, with constructive energy.

    BTW, now it seems everything is getting returned.

  20. Video: Does Gibbs answer question about KSM trial in NYC?

    Gibbs tries to dodge questions about the KSM and Christmas Day Bomber terror trials. Finally he says, no, Obama will not transfer terrorists to military courts.

  21. Video: ‘It Stinks to High Heaven’: MA Democrat Rips Secretary Geithner

  22. Jonah from the last thread……………

    thanks for the federal taxes info…..

    If the tax rate of 2009 wasn’t altered, then in my and my co-workers’ situations–no children, husbands employed–we all will be required to return the extra $24 not taken each week……

    In other words………the ‘INDIAN GIVER’ strikes again…….what an azzhole!!!!

    I’m okay, but one girl starting crying because the money she had saved for her PAST DUE prop. taxes would have to be used in April….

  23. Defiant Obama states “I DON’T QUIT”


    “DON’T ASK DON’T TELL!” Wait a minute he NOW want’s “ASK and TELL” Sorry, I’m all mixed up???

  24. LM // January 28, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Morning, LM,

    Nope, Sis Janet didn’t show, but she was at the SOTU last night. From what I saw, she fell asleep. Dealing with all these terrorist bad guys must have made her very tie-tie.

    Maybe she should follow Barky’s lead and take a nice, long vacation and just let that red phone ring at 3:00AM?


  25. Interesting comment this morning on Wayne Madsen’s site on the recent Supreme Court reversal of McCain/Feingold

    snipped from:

    Obama criticizes Supeme Court for unlimited campaign funding ruling. Sammy “the Snake” Alito shakes his head and says “not true.” Obama says U.S. elections now open to funding by foreign corporations.

    The right-wing is supporting Alito and is citing 2 U.S.C. Section 441e which prohibits foreign corporations from “making any contribution or donation to any committee of any political party.”

    But what about all those dual U.S.-Israeli, U.S.-Indian, and U.S.-Turkish nationals who have vested interests in foreign corporations? Obama has a valid point. He can always ask a loophole expert, Rahm Emanuel, a dual national, about this legal work-around.

  26. Fascinating – Beck interviews Ron Paul about the symbolic coup at CIA – http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/196/35490/

    Prairie, JustMe, JB, Eagle and venice, all of this ties back to Story’s work. Second sources are stepping up. The WWII comment by Beck and Paul and CIA also ties into the geneology work Don Nicoloff has done. Go back and read the three stooges. Pieces are starting to fall together.

  27. Since Barky called out the SCOTUS last night (which was completely out of line) does anyone think that SCOTUS may just start to hear eligibility cases, now?

    Has Barky pis*ed them off sufficiently?

  28. The South // January 28, 2010 at 9:43 am

    There’s a new search engine in town!

    This one doesn’t collect and store your private date and search inquiries like Google.


    I’ve been telling you posters for months about Ixquick Metasearch, but it takes WND to refer it for you to listen???


  29. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate authorizes the killing of U.S. Citizen abroad.

  30. JJ,

    Don’t be offended because some may have not noticed your previous posts.

    Maybe some of us just didn’t see it.

  31. d2i,

    could you please post the link for the 3 stooges story again.


  32. @ JJ, 11:02 am

    JJ // January 28, 2010 at 11:02 am

    The South // January 28, 2010 at 9:43 am

    There’s a new search engine in town!

    This one doesn’t collect and store your private date and search inquiries like Google.


    I’ve been telling you posters for months about Ixquick Metasearch, but it takes WND to refer it for you to listen???


    Ixquick is also connected with Startpage… I believe it’s the same company….. I’ve been using both for a few months now…….both appear to be very “clean”

  33. d2i,
    In addition to Ron Paul calling out CIA, Story updates that the plan to replace 0 with HC has been abandon, now today she announces a return to private life. Story updates about Homeland Security threat, now today where is Janet and last night SS visits Larry. The question is: who is making this happen, the good guys or the bad guys?

  34. d2i,

    okay, just read the transcript of Beck/Paul. Now what? I’m not sure I understand where you’re going with the interview and the other info.

    Help me out a bit here.

  35. Prairie // January 28, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Story’s update about HC makes sense to me. If pp goes down, she may be looking at problems as well even though she and her husband have been able to curtail challenges to their credibility quite well in the past IMHO.

    Do not think it is more than a coincidence Larry had a visit on this particular day and with Janet compromised in some way.

    Guess the answer to your question lies in what they hope to accomplish. Could there be a group of people who are gathering evidence while appearing to defend? It is difficult at present, IMHO, to ascertain who is on the side of righteousness.

    Alito was the only one missing from the “SCOTUS Meeting” that pp and Biden attended. Wonder if that had anything to do with his open descent last night.

    Thanks for sharing Story’s info…Linda

  36. Lame Cherry on Alito
    Linda, forgot about Alito being absent. Read this latest Lame Cherry entry: http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/

  37. **** New Post ****


    Larry Sinclair just contacted me.
    He states that there is a Secret Service car parked outside
    & that it will stay there until Obama leaves Tampa.
    He is asking all to contact Tampa area news outlets
    and ask why a secret service car is parked outside his house.

  38. The South & JJ

    I have set Smartpage as my default browser. Is that all I have to do?

    google stil shows on my providers homepage!

  39. kidmon,

    When you type in a search and it brings up the links page, you can click on “proxy” directly under that link to open it in a secure browser.


  40. Prairie // January 28, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Thanks for the link to Lame Cherry! LC is right on, as usual!

    Happy Day…Linda

    PS On to the new post…

  41. kidmon // January 28, 2010 at 11:56 am

    The South & JJ

    I have set Smartpage as my default browser. Is that all I have to do?

    google stil shows on my providers homepage!

    when transitioning, the question should have appeared ‘do you want to make this your homepage’………..all I can say without seeing the page.

  42. JJ


  43. JJ–don’t take it personally. I post a lot of stuff that no one comments on. Most don’t have time to check CW all day/night long. And, most don’t have time to “catch up” from what they’ve missed. And others, yet, see something, check it out but rarely comment on it. Some don’t check out anything. If you would like to have someone answer you, address them personally. If they don’t respond, they probably didn’t see your post. It’s nothing personal. Just the way things are. Everyone here has probably had the same experience you refer to.

  44. Guess what President Obama’s Administration did?



  45. It will be of little comfort but in the UK Obama’s political soul mates, the Labour Party cuurently in government are pulling the same statistics stunt. They are publicising the fact that unemplyment is falling because there were fewer new claimants than in the previous period.

    But fewer new claimants is not the same as fewer claimants so while the rate of increase is slowing the total is not falling.

    How stupid do these people think we are?

    The Jobless Economy

  46. Peter L.Griffiths

    The best form of job creation is a weekly $100 subsidy for employers for each employee working more than 16 hours during the week. This can be partly paid for by adding the bank bonuses on to the banks’ taxable profits.

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