Senate Health Care Bill, Democrat Party politics, Party first, 2008 DNC Convention Rules, Why Democrats push unwanted bill

I constantly hear people on TV and around me ask why Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democrat controlled Congress keep pushing a bad Health Care Bill that most Americans are against. Many Americans believe that for modern day Democrat politicians it is party and party politics first and the hell with the country. Below are some exerpts from the 2008 Democratic National Convention party rules.

“As Adopted by the Democratic National Committee, February 2, 2007”

Citizen Wells:  This helps explain the convoluted, excessive size of the proposed Health Care Bill. A small portion of the calculation is presented.


The distribution of votes, delegates and alternates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention shall be in
accordance with the following:”

“A. The number of Convention votes for delegates to the Convention shall be as set forth in the
compilation included in this resolution and determined as provided in paragraphs B, C, D, E, F,
G, H1, and I.

B. A base of 3,000 delegate votes is distributed among the 50 states and the District of Columbia
according to a formula giving equal weight to the sum of the vote for the Democratic candidates
in the three (3) most recent presidential elections and to population by electoral vote. The formula
is expressed mathematically as follows:”

Citizen Wells: “faithful to the interests, welfare and success of the Democratic Party of the United States”

“C. It is presumed that the delegates to the Democratic National Convention, when certified
pursuant to the Call, are bona fide Democrats who are faithful to the interests, welfare and
success of the Democratic Party of the United States, who subscribe to the substance, intent and
principles of the Charter and the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States, and who
will participate in the Convention in good faith. Therefore, no additional assurances shall be
required of delegates to the Democratic National Convention in the absence of a credentials
contest or challenge.”
Citizen Wells: Priorities. The DNC is beholden to unions.
“1. Contractors: The DNCC shall as a policy seek to engage the services of unionized
firms, including those owned by minorities, women and people with disabilities.”

Citizen Wells: Presidential qualifications. The only thing that matters is allegiance to the party.


The term “presidential candidate” herein shall mean any person who, as determined by the National
Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, has accrued delegates in the nominating process and
plans to seek the nomination, has established substantial support for his or her nomination as the
Democratic candidate for the Office of the President of the United States, is a bona fide Democrat whose
record of public service, accomplishment, public writings and/or public statements affirmatively
demonstrates that he or she is faithful to the interests, welfare and success of the Democratic Party of the
United States, and will participate in the Convention in good faith.”

Citizen Wells

This is presented not to praise the Republicans or other political parties. It is also recognized that rules are necessary for any organized group. However, it is clear that the 2008 DNC rules are convoluted, overly complicated and designed as self serving for the preservation of the Democrat Party. The only qualification for the presidency that they address is allegiance to the party. And saddest of all, there is no mention of looking out for the best interest of the United States and citizens.

This should help you understand what is going on in the senate and White House. It is all about the Democrat Party.

44 responses to “Senate Health Care Bill, Democrat Party politics, Party first, 2008 DNC Convention Rules, Why Democrats push unwanted bill

  1. It’s a power grab and even Orin Hacth said it the other day somewhere. If they get 30 million people health care, or more people beholding to the gov’t , they will have majority base of about 60%. Right now they have about 44%…

  2. I need someone from the Denver area to help me out…

  3. UH-OH!!!

    Welcome to the Democrat Party’s civil war

    Social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, the GOP leadership, Sarah Palin’s heartland supporters, conservative think-tank intellectuals, D.C. and Manhattan conservatives, Big Business and small-business conservatives, Joe the Plumber conservatives, and every stripe and flavor of conservative in between are all united against the Democrats’ proposed government takeover of health care. All.

    It’s the Left, not the Right, cracking up. It’s the party donkey, not the elephant, now in a rabies-crazed frenzy. Funny, though, how internecine rancor on the Right always puts conservatism in its last, final, permanent death throes (again and again), but internecine warfare on the Left is merely a matter of healthy, principled disagreement.

  4. Patriot Dreamer

    Lord Monckton knocked out by Danish police:

    “Is the European police state going global?
    From The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in Copenhagen”

  5. Patriot Dreamer

    “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother,” Obama told Congressman DeFazio (Dem., Oregon) during a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus, according to members afterward.
    Are BO & pals keeping an “enemies list” (remember Nixon)?

  6. Bank of Amigos announces new CEO:

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ The Bank of America Board of Directors today elected Brian T. Moynihan as chief executive officer and president of the company. He will assume the office and join the Board of Directors following the retirement of Kenneth D. Lewis on December 31, 2009.

    To view the multimedia assets associated with this release, please click:

    Anyone know anything about this “new leader”? Why the “Change”?

  7. Patriot Dreamer

    Report: Democratic districts received nearly twice the amount of stimulus funds as GOP districts

    A new analysis of the $157 billion distributed by the American Reinvestment and Recovery act, popularly known as the stimulus bill, shows that the funds were distributed without regard for what states were most in need of jobs.

    “You would think that if the stimulus money was actually spent to create jobs, there would be more stimulus money spent in high unemployment states,” said Veronique de Rugy, a scholar at the Mercatus Center who produced the analysis. “But we don’t find any correlation.”

  8. If the new Bank of Amigos CEO is the same guy that I found he donated only once and it was to Palin/McCAmnesty:
    According to

    CHARLESTON, SC 29403
    primary 09/07/08

  9. OOPS that must be wrong guy middle initial is S instead of T.

  10. OOPS on the OOPS there is no intial and BoA is headquarters in SC so it may well be the same person.

  11. For your listening pleasure…The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Happy Day…Linda

  12. These senators and congress people, who are threatened by bo, no matter what their party is, shouldn’t let him get away with all his threats. They should impeach him and force him to step down. These people, if they play their cards right, have over bo’s head the fact that bo is not NBC. They could use the bc issue against him and counter blackmail him. The senators cave in too easily to this bully thug usurper bo.

  13. It’s par for the course among these people Citizen Wells, I can’t call them liberals, they are authoritarians, I can’t call them socialists as that would be an insult to the many honourable socialists of the past. Managerialists is as good a term as any as they offer government by control freakery.

    In the UK General Election next spring the Conservatives will need to win an additional 130 seats to hold even the slenderest of majorities after Labour (fellow travellers of Obamaism) cynically and undemocratically redrew the constituency boundaries to their own benefit.

    It is a testament to the mess Labour have made of governing the nation that the CFonservatives look like doing it comfortable with Labour in danger of finishing third to the Liberal Democrats, until 1997 a fringe party with around 20 seats in the house.

    <a href="

  14. Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // December 18, 2009 at 9:58 am
    Brian T. Moynihan
    President, Global Banking and Wealth Management
    Bank of America Corporation
    Charlotte , NC
    Sector: FINANCIAL / Money Center Banks
    Officer since April 2004

    49 Years Old
    Brian T. Moynihan, age 49, President, Global Banking and Wealth Management. Mr. Moynihan was named to his present position in January 2009. From December 2008 to January 2009, he served as General Counsel. From October 2007 to December 2008, he served as President, Global Corporate and Investment Banking. From April 2004 to October 2007, he served as President, Global Wealth and Investment Management. Previously he held the following positions at FleetBoston Financial Corporation: from 1999 to April 2004, he served as Executive Vice President, with responsibility for Brokerage and Wealth Management from 2000 and Regional Commercial Financial Services and Investment Management from May 2003. He first became an officer of the Corporation in 2004. He also serves as President, Global Banking and Wealth Management and a director of Bank of America, N.A., FIA Card Services, N.A. and Countrywide Bank, FSB and as Chief Executive Officer of Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.



  16. Islamic mosque built at 9/11 Ground Zero

    Barack Husssein Obama Visits Ground Zero

  17. Too early to tell.

    If it is the same person as the Donor to McCain above and no donations to anyone else maybe he is not a political corrupter yet….unless he donated thru corporate

  18. Sorry my post above was in response to Ms Helga on Bank of Amigos CEO

  19. Benaiah // December 18, 2009 at 10:57 am

    Islamic mosque built at 9/11 Ground Zero
    Obama tosses roses at Ground Zero –


  21. What a GENIUS speech by Obutt in Copendraggin’

    It is better to choose the future over the past WOW what a wordsmith…he is astral.

    It is a sad day for USA when in a “world” gathering a two bit Communist Dictator from a Latin American Country gets a better applause then a two bit usurping, identity stealing Communist pretending to be president of our great country…… how far the mighty have fallen.

    America can you suffer thru another 3 yrs of what the Erosionist Lieberal bastards have given us the last 3 yrs that they had a MAJORITY?

    I say HELL NO, HELL NO!!

  22. CW – I find the rules outlined by the DNC regarding Presidential qualifications unsettling. Where is the eligibility language? Do you by chance have the RNCs platform? If so, it would be an interesting exercise to learn if they had eligibility language.

    The DNC leadership obviously ignored Article II in its entirety and relied on their past history to hoodwink the SoS who then placed Obama’s name, an ineligible candidate, on the general ballot. How did or what did the Chair of the DNC Convention, Pelousy, use to affirm Obama’s eligibility? jbjd has stated this over and again, and you just provided more material to demonstrate that the DNC did not have eligibility language in their 2008 platform.

    I need to go find the Republican info and do a comparison and contrast.

  23. CW – I mean this as a compliment. We should call ourselves the “BUCKSHOTS”. We are all firing everything we got and in all directions and praying that we are going to put this USURPER down. GOD BLESS YOU ALL


    I might move to Switzerland. I own a Swiss K31 rifle. Every citizen is a soldier and is issued a weapon. They are multi-cultural, but have WOKEN UP to the Islamist movement.

    You know what? I think Obama is more than a NWO plant. How about that? Maybe he is connected to the Islamist plan. There, I said it.

    They published a document in the 80s on how they would attempt to overtake nations.


    Obama has a cross covered at his speech, yet visits a mosque in NYC Ground Zero!

    He speaks in Arabic when out of the USA during speeches, within Muslim religious context!

    He says “my Muslim faith” during a TV interview, only to be “corrected” by the interviewer “You mean Christian…”

    We have a Fort Hood Massacre with waning interest from the White House on any investigation. Another “man-made incident” I suppose?…

    Well guess what? I smell a rat.



    Sen. Jane Cunningham Files Legislation Protecting Missourians’ Right to Choose Own Health Care Options Proposed Legislation Adds Missouri to Growing Number of States Seeking Protection from Federal Health Care Mandates

    JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, Sen. Jim Lembke, R-St. Louis, and Representatives Tim Jones, R-Eureka, and Brian Nieves, R-Washington, have announced legislation designed to protect health care freedom of choice for Missourians. Senator Cunningham earlier this month pre-filed a proposed state constitutional amendment that would protect Missourians from federal health care mandates and guarantee they can choose their own health care and insurance options. Senator Cunningham’s proposed Senate Joint Resolution 25, co-sponsored by Sen.
    Lembke, and similar legislation to be filed by Rep. Tim Jones (House Joint Resolution 57) would also protect small business owners from fines for declining to participate in government health care mandates. “We want to let Missouri voters decide with a constitutional amendment whether or not selection of doctors and participation in an insurance plan should remain a personal decision without interference from the federal government,”
    Sen. Cunningham said. The proposed legislation would add Missouri to a list of dozens of states calling for legislation or state constitutional amendments to guard citizens against attempts to socialize health care through the “public option” health care mandate currently under consideration by Congress. Arizona already has such a measure on its 2010 ballot. The measure is co-sponsored by over half of the Missouri Senate and over 70 members in the Missouri House.

    For further information about Senator Jane Cunningham and her legislation, you may visit her Senate website at or contact her Chief of Staff, Kit Crancer, at (573) 751-1186.

  26. riggler // December 18, 2009 at 11:21 am
    I think Somerset Mauham once desribed Switzerland as “A sunny place for shady characters”. All the corrupt monies of the world are hidden there, That is why it is so armed. SECRET BANK ACCOUNTS.

  27. Please sign this petition to stop the prosecution of the 3 Navy Seals.

  28. hello and Merry Christmas to everyone, I have checked in from time to time to catch up on issues. This is a very busy season for me…spoke to congressman Nathan Deal’s office this morning to see if he had sent the letter regarding O, the letter has not been sent and they are still working on signatures……..I told her to please tell him not to wimp out, we are waiting….770-535-2592…God bless

  29. The Presidents qualifications are alot like Climate Change-it is because they say so. They dont need proof-

  30. Congressman: Why is Obama stifling Hasan investigation?

    A member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is wondering why President Obama apparently is suppressing information assembled by an investigation into the Nov. 5 attack at Fort Hood by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist who reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar,” or “Allah is greatest,” while killing more than a dozen soldiers and civilians.

    Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., expressed his concern in a recent commentary, saying, “There has been a troubling refusal by Obama officials to acknowledge that the shooting likely was an act of homegrown terrorism.”

    Barack Hasan Obama, Commander in Sheik

  31. Regarding Deal, I asked a Guy who works in a States Rep. office to get in touch with Deal over this matter.

  32. We are getting drowned down here in South Florida but the weatherman said it is supposed to go up the East Coast and New Jersey etc. is going to get a big snow, if anyone needs anything better get it now. The storm has caused a lot of flooding down here, its a pretty big storm.

  33. This is just one of those storms, very messy-Mid Atlantic states are going to get socked.
    Storms flood Fla., bear snow for mid-Atlantic
    By SUZETTE LABOY (AP) – 29 minutes ago
    MIAMI — Homes were flooded and drivers were stranded in parts of South Florida as a wet storm system headed north bearing heavy snow for the mid-Atlantic region, prompting winter storm warnings Friday from the Carolinas to New Jersey.
    The National Weather Service warned that snow, sometimes mixed with rain, would fall into Saturday on much of the Atlantic seaboard on the last shopping weekend before Christmas.
    Rain and low clouds were causing delays up to 30 minutes at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration said.
    Snow will range from several inches in much of the warning area to as much as 18 inches in parts of western and central Virginia. Travel will become difficult in heavy, wet snow and visibility will be poor in many areas as the storms begin later in the day, forecasters said.

  34. CW and everyone,

    This is part of jbjd’s election fraud complaint in the model letters of complaint and throughout her several posts.

    FOR THE 2008


    K. 1. Based on the right of the Democratic Party to freely assemble and to determine the
    criteria for its candidates, it is determined that all candidates for the Democratic
    nomination for President or Vice President shall:

    a. be registered to vote, and shall have been registered to vote in the last
    election for the office of President and Vice President; and

    b. have demonstrated a commitment to the goals and objectives of the
    Democratic Party as determined by the National Chair and will participate
    in the Convention in good faith.”

    The good part;

    “2. It is further determined that these requirements are in addition to the requirements
    set forth by the United States Constitution and any law of the United States.”

    All the actors of the DNC knew and know this and have and are choosing to ignore their own rules – this is part of why the election fraud complaint is so vivid and stands like a sore thumb.

    Shove the candidate through just like the stimulus package, the health care bill, etc. – nothing to slow down the Obama train, not Congress, not the Judicial, not even the DoJ of the executive branch – just us – who are being smashed like pennies on a train track.

    Send a ‘concerned citizen’ cover letter along with a ‘model letter of complaint’ to the states who have laws requiring the political party be responsible for the candidate to be qualified for the job, even if you don’t live in that state.

    Read her posts and ask her questions if need be, to get these letters on their way!!!

    We must organize!
    Nobody likes election fraud except the ones who commit the fraud!


    “It’s no secret that I oppose nearly everything Obama has proposed. But after the enervating ’90s and the tragic 2000s, the prospect of combative and clarifying 2010s, of sharply defined and radically opposed visions, is both politically and intellectually invigorating.”

  36. I go with none of Obama’s schemes will get done.
    Failures At Home Make Obama Powerless Abroad, And The Chinese Know It
    Joe Weisenthal|Dec. 18, 2009, 8:38 AM | 1,070 |33
    PrintTags: Climate Change, Politics
    Norman Spector at Canada’s Globe & Mail correctly sizes up Obama and Copenhagen from the Chinese perspective
    The Chinese, who’ve been negotiating for a heck of a lot longer than the United States has been on the map, are fully aware of President Barack Obama’s stunning political weakness at the end of his first year in office.
    They also understand, as does Canada, the inconvenient truth that Bill Clinton and Al Gore did not even attempt to have the Kyoto Protocol ratified by the U.S. Senate —
    and there’s no assurance this time either, as can be seen in the protracted debate over health care.
    And, as the chief banker of the United States, they will understand that the mega-billions Hillary Clinton put on the table yesterday were pure fluff, intended primarily to divide the Group of 77 in advance of the President’s arrival in Copenhagen.
    Copenhagen is shaping up to be another Olympic disaster for Obama. There’s a very good chance that he’ll come home with nothing, having exposed to other world leaders that his Nobel Prize, ultimately, isn’t good for much.
    One problem is that the US is broke, which is not his fault.
    But he’s also spread his political so thin, between healthcare, climate change, saving the economy, and reforming Wall Street, it would appear there’s a good chance none of it will get done.

  37. azgo and Everyone,

    There are only 2 (types) of complaints of election fraud I drafted, in those states that require the candidate whose name appears on the general eledction ballot must be eligible for the job: 1) states that require the party to explicitly write, the candidate has met the qualifications using language provided by statute (HI and SC); and 2) states that don’t (GA, MD, TX, and VA). But in each of these states, the charge of fraud is supported by the same evidence, that is, the party swore the candidate was eligible to get election officials to print his name on the ballot before determining he was qualified for the job.

    See, one way of saying, BO is eligible is, to use explicit words required by statute. But the other way to say he is eligible is to say, he was “duly nominated” as the DNC candidate for POTUS. Because under DNC Services Corporation rules, the nominee for POTUS must be Constitutionally qualified for the job.

    Each complaint cites this evidence, along with a direct link to the Corporation’s rules.

    Given that the Corporation already breaks its own rules, why would anyone spend time analyzing newly proposed rules, anticipating better outcomes could be achieved by these wrongdoers?

    (And if we cannot compel our state officials – A’sG to investigate the probable violation of existing ballot laws, why enact more laws just as easily ignored by both the AG and the citizens of that state?)

    Thank you, azgo, for reminding people on this blog, the solution to this election fraud problem is out there. It’s been on my blog, for months.

  38. Patriot Dreamer

    from HillBuzz:

    What Chicago Democrats are planning to do to out Republicans Mark Kirk and Aaron Schock

    This Wednesday, we went to a big Christmas party here in Chicago — one of the ones we weren’t invited to last year — purposefully — because we worked for the McCain campaign and were thus branded “traitors” here in Boystown. So, we were punished, and cut off from the really good parties, where all the really interesting people go for the holidays. This year, because so many people realize what a mess the current administration is, suddenly people don’t mind so much that we were DeMcCrats for McCain and remain Democrats for Palin (though that last one does make smoke come out of most of their ears).

    Here are a few things we’re going to tell you in the hopes that some of you can get it to the right people and stop disasters from happening in the future. We are giving you clear and present warnings of what Democrats are going to do to bring down two Republicans in the future — one next year, and the other when he himself tries to run for the Senate. Both of these disasters can be avoided if these two men just came out of the closet.

    for the rest of the article:

  39. Patriot Dreamer


    Video: Mother kills newborn, can’t be charged with crime [under Virginia law, because the newborn is attached to its mother by the umbilical cord and is not considered a separate life]

  40. **** New Post ****

  41. CW, jbjd and all,

    We must organize!
    Nobody likes election fraud except the ones who commit the fraud!

    Here are some ideas:

    How can we get the attention of these state attorney generals and/or state officials to investigate their own state’s election laws?

    – Can we inspire a ‘now’ very large number of concerned and yet frustrated citizens from across the country to understand jbjd’s work and their own state laws to organize a substantial and informed group or groups of citizens to pursue, request, pressure and/or demand the state attorney generals to investigate?

    – Can the citizens of these individual states who maintain these laws, organize enough to expect, compel and/or demand the state attorney general to act on the complaints?

    – Can the citizens of other states organize enough to contribute by communicating with these state attorney generals of other states to recognize the complaint?

    – Can the citizens of other states organize enough to communicate with their own state attorney generals to recognize the complaints in these other states and urge them to join these other state attorney generals who maintain these laws?

    – Can other state officials (governors, legislators and secretary’s of state) of these individual states who maintain these laws, organize enough to expect, compel and/or demand the state attorney general to act on the complaints?

    – Can other state officials (governors, legislators and secretary’s of state) of other states organize enough to contribute by communicating with these state attorney generals of other states to recognize the complaint?

    – Can other state officials (governors, legislators and secretary’s of state) of other states organize enough to communicate with their own state attorney generals to recognize the complaints in these other states and urge them to join these other state attorney generals who maintain these laws?

    – Can the governors who are for example ” responsible for the faithful execution of the laws” (The Constitution of the State of Hawaii) initiate an inquiry by authorizing their state attorney general to investigate?

    – Can the secretary’s of state and/or the state board of elections initiate an inquiry by requesting their state attorney general to investigate?

    – Can a state resolution or memorial by other states recognizing and supporting the states who maintain election laws requiring the state party and/or the national party to be responsible to qualify the candidate for office to be placed on the ballot, be obtained?

    – Can the already organized groups such as the ‘tea party movement’ be informed of jbjd’s work and educate themselves of their own state laws to determine election fraud and if not, how can the people of these groups otherwise participate?

    – Can we use the internet to inform other web sites of these states with these election laws and other states of jbjd’s work as a massive campaign and as a goal to inform as many citizens of our country as possible prior to the Kerchner appeal
    which occurs in early January?

    Any ideas?


    “It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
    -Samuel Adams

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