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I am not going to address the lies being told by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama about covering more Americans and reducing costs with government run health care. Unless you are a far left, socialist wacko, your good common sense will help you realize the liberal Democrats are lying. Instead I offer a video, that corroborates a body of evidence that proves that government run health care is bad for the citizens and will destroy our health care system. I can assure you from my recent dealings with the Social Security Administration that we do not want the government involved.

“The Difference Between Canada and the U.S. Health Care Systems”

“Sally C. Pipes understands Canadian health care. As the former Assistant Director of the free-market Fraser Institute, she lived under Canada’s national health care system.

Today Pipes is president of the Pacific Research Institute and author of the new book, The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care. She spoke at the Cato Institute July 15, 2009.”

Here is a link to the latest Senate Health Care Bill.
We must try to stop this criminal attempt by the liberal Democrats to ruin our health care.
However, “Let not your hearts be troubled”, we are changing Congress in 2010.
Sharpen your pencils and update your score cards.

35 responses to “Senate Health Care Bill, Government health care, Canadian health care, Cost reduction, Waiting lists, Deferred screening, Cato Institute, Sally C Pipes, Stop this bill

  1. I saw Reid’s S^&T-Eating grin…what are we gonna do???
    What happened to the three dems? He got their support or what?
    Is it time for the truckers blockade yet?

  2. We are voting out Reid next year, for starters.

  3. Just got a response from Senator Russell of OK’s office…state-level. They had written legislation to somehow blunt the Hate Crimes bill. Here’s the reply:

    The components are pretty simple:

    Oklahoma courts would bar the admission of any evidence not directly
    related to planning or commission of a crime when dealing with issues
    related to speech, assembly and belief.

    State Law Enforcement and DAs would not share evidence or personnel on
    cases that were involuntarily taken over by the federal government.
    While no effort would be made to prohibit the federal authority, neither
    can the federal officials compel the state to share evidence or
    personnel on cases that they usurp.

    That is pretty much it. Thanks for the encouraging words. They are rare.

  4. We moved our manufacturing from Mass to Ontario CA back in 2001. I personally knew two people that have died from Cancer because they could not get treatment in time. I have one worker that is almost in a wheel chair with back pain…he waits 6-8 months for doctors appointment. We have given to collections many times for people wishing to get treatment here in the states to help save their lives…I could go on and on.

    There is not one government in this world that has one program that works for anything!

  5. Harry Reid makes me want to Hurl! His eyes tell the type of person he is -Deceitful! Start rasing Hell!

    Also, how in the world can a web site ( cost 18 million dollars?????
    More importantly who is in charge of this website? I wnat to know the person in charge, does anyone know? Is Joe biden in charge? I know he was suppose to oversee the stimulus money. Can anyone answer these ????

    2010 will be here and paybacks and JUSTICE will be done.

    God Bless America

  7. Video: 9/11 Victim To Holder: We Are Heartsick Of Theatrics That Will Take Place At KSM Trial

    US Attorney General Eric Holder confronted by Alice Hoagland (9-11 family member) on his decision to bring terrorists to the U.S. for trial. Eric Holder tells her “trust me” at the end.

  8. Patriot Dreamer

    Toby Toons:

    “Chocolate rations are on the rise”

  9. God is calling up his soldiers one by one.


    This government is handing out stimulus money to Districts that don’t even exit!!!! And we are to trust them with healthcare??? Are we STupid or what? I am so frustrated this AM!
    Where’s Weezer when I need her? HA!

  11. CW,

    I agree Reid needs to go. Sooner the better.

    But I am also fearful the left will cause a chain of events that will not allow elections next Fall. They have the power, they can do what they want, and they know that if November arrives they will lose that power big time. False flag attack? Martial Law? Suspension of The Constitution and individual rights??

    My take is they are bent on keeping it at all costs. Watch and see the Dems begin to implode as the elections loom on the distant horizon. When the power base starts to disolve, soetoro Reid and Pelosi will swing into action.

  12. Regarding this disgusting trial to be held in NYC, people in my community are furious. We had several victims here, including my pharmacist’s husband. I’m posting a link here to her (Jennifer Sands) website. She has written 3 books about how faith has gotten her through it all. I’m also posting a link to a 9/11 memorial we have here that a local artist made. It is called ‘Angel in Anguish’. It is very moving to see. It has the names of victims from our town on it. You can click on it to enlarge.

  13. Patriot Dreamer

    CA Patriot // November 19, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Don’t forget amnesty for illegal aliens and voting rights for convicted felons. That is part of their plan to keep power.


    Are you sitting down?

    440 Congressional District THAT DO NOT EXIST received 6.4 BILLION $$$$ in stinulus funds.

    I am going to be SICK!

  15. Patriot Dreamer

    What We Know About the Senate Health Care Plan
    by Erick Erickson

    There is still much to learn about the Senate health care plan, but we know a few things already.

    The Senate bill does not have a price tag. The Democrats are touting a cost of $849 billion, but that number is a fabrication.

    From Please click here for the rest of the post.Roll Call we learn that “one Senate Democratic leadership staffer acknowledged that the cost estimate did not even represent an official preliminary score from the CBO but was a representation of “preliminary feedback” that Reid has gotten from the nonpartisan Congressional agency.”

    In other words, we do not know how much it will actually cost.

    We also know that the Senate has severely weakened the pro-life language of the legislation. It comes no where close to the Stupak amendment language.

    We also know that the legislation purports to cut the deficit. How? By massive and painful tax increases, including raising the payroll tax on medicare.

    Finally, we know that now some Democrats are leaning against a vote on the “motion to proceed.” Any Senator who votes for the motion to proceed is, in effect, voting for the legislation. Harry Reid needs all sixty of the Democrats.

  16. Patriot Dreamer

    Senator DeMint: Americans Won’t Be Fooled by Democrat Shell Game, a Vote to Proceed is a Vote for a Government Takeover of Health Care

    November 17, 2009 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, made the following statement:

    “Let’s be clear: Any senator who votes to proceed to this bill is voting for a government takeover of health care. Senators who hide behind procedure and claim they just want to allow for debate are not being honest, they are trying to deceive their voters while helping to pass this terrible bill that will make health care more expensive.

    “Earlier today, Democrat leaders told reporters that the Senate may vote to proceed to a shell bill, not related to health care reform, in an effort to grant the President’s wish for a government takeover of our nation’s health care by Christmas. These outrageous shell games won’t fool Americans. Voters will remember who stands up for their freedom and who stands with the special interests who want to ram through this takeover.”

    “President Obama and Democrats have now put forward at least four different versions of their government takeover, and Harry Reid has been secretly working behind closed doors on the fifth act of this fiasco. But despite the nuances, every Democrat bill puts Washington in control of health care, slashes Medicare coverage for seniors, raises premiums for families, raises taxes, places bureaucrats between patients and doctors, punishes young adults who choose not to buy coverage, and opens the door to government rationing of care.

    “Americans have loudly and repeatedly rejected the President’s government takeover of health care. It’s time to for the Senate to listen, stop the shell games, and start over with real solutions that will provide every American the opportunity to afford, own and keep a health care plan that best meets their needs.”

  17. I heard DiMint is going to on Glenn Becks show in the 11th hour…

  18. We are in Jeopardy……………………


    The creation and re-founding of the Second Republic”, a new constitution .


    What is Government run Health care..

  19. DenisetheMenace

    AHHAHHHHHHHHH – Jim DeMint on Glenn Beck now.

    So, what to do…….. Jim DeMint “the people need to stop this now”……… WTF – what does he think we have been doing, we have been screaming, writing, protesting, going to townhalls, calling, faxing, leaving jobsfamilies to travel across the country to protest……… we are at a point where it is up to our elected officials. We can continue to call etc.. but if this vote to bring the bill to the floor for “debate” happens Sat., what exactly, Sen. DeMint, are WE supposed to do.
    Elections have consequences.

    Sorry for the run on sentence. It is more of a vent.

  20. DenisetheMenace

    They’re calling into radio and TV spots trying to convince everyone they are representing the people but they’re really just campaigning .

  21. Nancy,

    I know this must be a difficult time for you and many people in your community. Completely understandable. However, consider a different point of view.

    Did you see my post about 2-3 threads ago? I recently heard Judge Napolitano and former Asst Sec’y of Treasury, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, speak of the positive side to the trails being held in the public arena.

    Both believe this is the way to go and feel in this public forum the REAL truth will be allowed to come out, and Bush/Cheney will be completely exposed. Roberts & The Judge said this may be the only, and certainly the first, thing they agree with “O” on.

    I have a feeling this may possibly be a “back door” approach to the CIA investigation that “O” had wanted.

    Remember Italy recently convicted several members of the CIA (in absentia) for kidnapping/torture crimes.

    Kuala Lumpur recently held a conference revealing a plan considering pursuing Bush/Cheney for war crimes. The reason I mention these events is they are all connected. The tragic event on 9/11 was the catalyst for the kick off to the war on terror.

    Keep in mind the media is framing this for all of us as a negative. It may not be.

    Here’s a couple of links maybe of interest to you.

  22. HEADS UP!!

    REVEREND MANNING will be on Alex Jones’ show TODAY at 11:30 Central this a.m.

    or listen via your cell phone:
    512-646-5000 or 712-338-8300

  23. DenisetheMenace

    Pres. Obama owns stock in Baxter – bought in 2005 while a senator. This just before he voted to fund the avian flu vaccine……

  24. @ Just Me

    Are you SERIOUS? Do you actually believe that Bush/Cheney committed actual ‘war crimes’?

    But you are right about ONE thing – that is exactly what this NYC show trial is all about. A backdoor way to put the previous aministration on trial. It is just the logical follow on to Bush Derangement Syndrome.

  25. DenisetheMenace

    The above article was out of Infowars Ireland….so, I cannot verify.

  26. DenisetheMenace

    Woa… did you just hear Rush? He had a “conservative” print journalist on who had just been laid off (along with a recent brother) – and she was so spitting mad at Rush that he could not get a word in edgewise.
    The follow up will be interesting after the break.

  27. DenisetheMenace

    (along with a recent brother)

    Let me correct….
    (along with a recent lay off of her brother)

  28. November 19, 09

    Video: Tim Geithner, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) argue with each other

  29. Just got this email…not sure how.


    Hey….wanted to pass this along. Pass it on!!!

    A great new resource has been developed that contains an enormous library of videos.

    Over 1,000 videos are categorized by name, topic and dates. If you are looking for a specific current or past video about Islam � this is the place to start.

    It is the YouTube for anti-Jihadist! is a library database of the best video clips every complied on one website covering the most critical issue facing our world today � Radical Islam.

    The best part, the website is free, however, you must enter your email address to access the video library.


  30. Eagle Forum Urges an Unconditional NO Vote on the Cloture Motion to Proceed to the Anti-Life Senate Health Care Bill


    The lobbyists for the open border, the church, business consortium’s are deviously careful not to mention E-Verify, that discrepancies can be resolved at the Social Security agencies? Nor do they inform of the success rate of E-Verify, the fed immigration tool identifying illegal labor. These entities were nearly successful through the intervening Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), with support from majority speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to crush the computer verification program. Unfortunately, E-Verify may become obsolete if they pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, that will legitimize 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants? Plus it’s being kept in the dark, that millions more will pour across our undermanned border, or from across the world, once they get the word that AMNESTY is about to commence?

    We will be donating taxpayers dollars to support the poorest of families, with little or no education. Taxpayer will be paying for the old and sick person, mentally handicapped and those who need surgery who reaches American soil. It will be the–SAME– nightmare as the1986 immigration bill (IRCA) all over again, when 3 million materialized into 5.3 million and those working in agriculture disappeared, to enter the mainstream of US working class. Unless we put a stop to another BLANKET AMNESTY now–the impoverished, the criminals will keep coming–forever. Grade your policy makers at NUMBERSUSA? Read about Capitol corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH, ALIPAC, CAPSWEB, AMERICAN PATROL & THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. What can you do for AMERICA?

  32. citizenwells // November 19, 2009 at 9:37 am

    We are voting out Reid next year, for starters.
    CW, something is wrong here…….he doesn’t seem to care…….so it would say to me that his ‘pay off’ from ‘whatever’, and from ‘whoever’ is great enough to make this fight to the death for him.

  33. kidmon // November 19, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Are you sitting down?

    440 Congressional District THAT DO NOT EXIST received 6.4 BILLION $$$$ in stinulus funds.

    I am going to be SICK!
    I m so shocked……not at these fake districts, but the naive Americans; hey, the congress and officials from the highest administration to the smallest metro bureaus have been stealing for decades.

  34. JJ.
    I believe that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are mentally unstable.
    They are also power drunk.

  35. citizenwells // November 19, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    I believe that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are mentally unstable.
    They are also power drunk.
    Then call us crazy, because I think that about most of this Congress and find myself thinking ‘why not rid ourselves of Congress’, and heck put in mothers/homemakers/teachers,
    the greatest multi-taskers in the world.
    They have so many tasks and so much experience under their belts, they’d make ‘congressing’ look like child’s play!!!

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