Doug Hoffman, Acorn voter fraud, Democrats and unions tampered with votes, New York 23rd Congressional District, Nancy Pelosi, Votes not certified

It does not take a rocket scientist to question the validity of the vote counts and procedural handling of the New York 23rd Congressional District race between Doug Hoffman and Bill Owens. Nancy Pelosi conveniently certified Owens as the winner and then Owens voted for the House version of the Health Care Bill.

Now Hoffman is accusing ACORN, the Democrats and unions of tampering with the vote counts.

“Hoffman: ACORN, unions, Dems tampered with NY-23 election”

“With his prospect of winning the 23rd Congressional District race now almost zero, Conservative Party candidate Douglas L. Hoffman suggested Wednesday in a letter that “ACORN, the unions and the Democratic Party” “tampered” with results to deny him victory.

Mr. Hoffman provided no evidence to support his claims, but asked fellow conservatives to send donations his way to “ensure every vote is counted.”

Jerry O. Eaton, Jefferson County Republican elections commissioner, called Mr. Hoffman’s assertion “absolutely false.”

“No one has touched those ballots or has access to those ballots except board of elections staff – and in a bipartisan manner,” he said.

Mr. Hoffman trails Rep. William L. Owens, D-Plattsburgh, by 2,832 votes after 42.6 percent of absentee ballots districtwide were reported Wednesday. Officials are expected to count the 4,262 ballots remaining by Monday.

Mr. Hoffman told conservatives he was “forced to concede” on election night after learning he trailed by 5,335 votes and that he “barely won” his “stronghold in Oswego County.”

Oswego County did not have full results on election night because of what William W. Scriber, a Democratic elections commissioner there, called a “perfect storm” of problems. He said the elections board had assigned staffers to take results for specific districts, but the phone system redirected poll workers’ calls to the wrong people.

Mr. Scriber said the board decided to close its public reporting system early – with nine districts still unreported – as a safeguard.”

“Mr. Hoffman lead Oswego County by 500 votes when elections officials stopped taking results. When elections officials recanvassed the machine vote, the candidate’s lead was upgraded to 1,748.

Mr. Hoffman said the “phone system foul-up” and “inspectors who read numbers incorrectly when phoning in results” “sounds like a tactic right from the ACORN playbook.””

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  1. Patriot Dreamer

    Greg Goss mentioned this in the previous thread, but Senator Jim DeMint (R, S.C.) will be on Glenn Beck’s radio show at 11 a.m. You can listen online at:


    Perhaps this is why…..his poll numbers which by the way are at the limit of the worst on Rasmussen.

  3. Patriot Dreamer

    venice, here’s another article about it:

    “I’m not losing weight, says Obama as he hits back at claims stress is causing him to shed the pounds”

    Read more:


    And AT puts the crowning touch to the reasons for Obama’ furrowed brow.

  5. c.n.d.e. ville II // November 19, 2009 at 1:26 am

    Hi, c.n.d.e. ville II,

    A reply to your post from two threads ago!

    Yes, thanks-bunny is still on the mend but has a way to go; new treatment plan on Friday. He is feeling better and eating.

    Apparently, the anti-cannon boneheads have gotten a cannonball right up the old wazoo:


    God Bless the U.S.S. Constitution and her crew. Fire away!!!!!

    I never did any investigations regarding terrorist ‘fronts’ but worked with people who did. There were certain methods used to check money laundering activities; the most popular were ‘charities,’ but I’m sure a variety of businesses were also under the scope. I can say that organizations/businesses were suspect when there was a lot of cash flow coming in and going out…

    ACORN is a *huge* money laundering ‘organization’ fron what I understand. Sorry, but can’t quite sources.

    Reid’s behavior is certainly suspect-closed door meetings, meetings with those he know will oppose the Death Bill. I wonder how much money and how many threats are being levied?

    Thank you, c.n.d.e. ville II-it was a thankless job, but there are so many behind the scenes who still do it every day. As soon as this current resident (Barky’s buddy) leaves the state’s corner office, I hope to get back into it.

    Have a great day!

  6. Here’s a quick review. First Obama says “he won’t quit”, then he says he won’t run in 2012.

  7. CW:

    Thank you for posting this update on the situation in NY-23. As a New Yorker, I applaud your attention to this special election debacle.

    I am glad Doug Hoffman has finally found his “voice” in this matter. There is no doubt in my mind the Dems were more than motivated to commit election fraud in a predominantly Republican district for the Health Care vote.

    *Sigh* The fight goes on! Looks like there will be many of these “contests” in the future. The Dems will stop at nothing to hold onto power!

    Happy Day…Linda

  8. So Doug will not get justice or what?
    I think sara ought to go to Egypt and visit the enslaved Christians.This would be a huge symbolic statement since we just took another hit and she is undergoing Christian persecution by the LEFTIST EVIL MEDIA.
    Pamela Geller could cover the story.

  9. Patriot Dreamer

    “Reid Introduces Senate Health Bill That Mandates Federally Subsidized Abortion”

  10. venice,

    I think the attention on pp’s is a sympathy ploy considering his approval rating is consistently tanking.

    I also think this is just another diversion…away from what, I am not certain.

    IMHO, we need to keep our collective eyes on what is important; he is not.

    Happy Day…Linda

  11. Patriot Dreamer

    “In May, Obama Said He’d Use Military Commissions to Try Terrorists ‘Who Violate the Laws of War’ and to Protect Intelligence Sources and Trial Participants”

  12. Patriot Dreamer:

    Which one of us here is surprised?

    The Health Care Control Panel lives on…*Sigh*

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. DeMint did not sound optimistic but really hopes the people will rise up somehow to stop it.

    I wonder if there is a way to avoid ever enacting this via declaring the USA insolvent.

  14. Obama looks like the wreck of the Hesperus due to the weight of all the lies he is carrying, all the deals he made with various devils when he sold his soul to a bidder.
    The picture of Dorian Gray-with Obama it is not going to his pictures it’s going on his own face.

  15. CW: or anyone…

    Questions: Can Doug Hoffman prove ACORN, UNION, and Democratic Party fraud? And if so, how?

    The article above said he offered no evidence. Could it be he is compiling evidence that will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead?

    Just wondering…Linda

    The ar

  16. Linda from NYT,

    One must keep alert, but in this case numbers don’t lie. Not only do they not lie, but the MSM is making a point of repeating the numbers often.
    Obama’s career was finished before it started. That doesn’t mean that what ails the country is not looming large and needs emergency care.

    So yes, stay on target bc what is a mess remains a mess , with or without Obama. Remember he’s just the puppet.

  17. Patriot Dreamer

    Rationing in the UK:

    “Liver cancer drug ‘too expensive'”

  18. If this health/death care bill passes, can it be repealed after 1/11 when a new congress takes over?

  19. Michelle:

    It is my experience the more a person absorbs evil, the more evil they look and become.

    Considering his past drug use, the devil token he carries in his pocket, and his undeserved success in the last election, there is no doubt in my mind he has sold his soul. The proof is beginning to show on his face IMHO.

    Happy Day…Linda

  20. Patriot Dreamer-Our church bulletin (Roman Catholic) had a shocking statistic-abortion a 2 billion dollar a year industry. This is what I found on the web. This could explain Pelosi, Reid compulsions.
    Planned Parenthood’s income break-down for 2006-2007 fiscal year
    PP clinic income: $356.9 million
    PP Government grants and contracts: $336.7 million
    Total profit: $114.8 million
    Total income: $1.02 billion

  21. For those of you who are sending Christmas cards to the WH, here’s another idea that might interest you…[received in e-mail today]

    Wanna have fun this CHRISTMAS?

    It is time to get out your CHRISTMAS cards list! Yes, you read this right….. CHRISTMAS cards.

    This is coming early (really early) so that you can get ready to include an important address to your list.

    Read on…….Fun with the ACLU……

    Wanna have some fun this CHRISTMAS?

    Send the ACLU a CHRISTMAS card this year. As they are working so very hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS part of this holiday, we should all send them a nice CHRISTIAN card to brighten up their dark, sad, little world.

    Make sure it says “Merry CHRISTMAS” on it.

    Here’s the address; just don’t be rude or crude…(That’s not the Christian way, you know!)
    125 Broad Street
    18th Floor
    New York, NY 10004

    Two tons of CHRISTMAS cards would freeze their operations because they wouldn’t know if any were regular mail containing contributions. So spend 43 cents and tell the ACLU to leave CHRISTMAS alone.

    Also tell them that there is no such thing as a “Holiday Tree”. . . . It’s a CHRISTMAS Tree even in the fields!

    We really need to communicate with the ACLU!

    They really DESERVE us!

  22. Sue K: This one’s for you!

    Soldiers Given Onions, Garlic to Fight H1N1 Flu,2933,575689,00.html?test=latestnews

  23. Patriot Dreamer

    Don, theoretically, yes, it can be repealed. However, as long as BO is POTUS, he holds the power to veto legislation. And it takes a 2/3 majority vote in both houses of Congress to override a presidential veto. Republicans have a chance at retaking the House in 2010, but it’s almost numerically impossible for them to retake the Senate next year. And even if they do somehow manage to retake both houses, they will likely not have the 2/3 majority that they need to repeal it.

    It is much better if we can stop this bill now, before it ever gets enacted, because it is so difficult to repeal entitlement programs.

  24. Linda from NY-Now that most of the country is alert to voter fraud ACORN it behooves everyone to pay attention. I was new to Florida when the Bush/Gore 2000 election took place, I lost track of the recounts. Mr. Hoffman should demand a recount if it is within the law if his people see “dicey” information, they already have a few indicators of some things not on the up and up.

  25. Patriot Dreamer

    Michelle // November 19, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Michelle, I’m not surprised.

  26. Sue K:

    Sorry…no letters to Santa for you this year!

    Ho Ho No: Postal Service Drops Santa Letters Program,2933,575686,00.html?test=latestnews

  27. Linda from NY // November 19, 2009 at 11:45 am

    G’Day, Linda,

    There *is* something to be said for this!

    If you eat enogh stuff with garlic/onions, no one will come within 6 feet of you (the preferred distance to avoid bugs), and you won’t get sick!

    Romance? As my ex-fiance from Brooklyn used to say: ‘fuggetaboutit!’

    We can stop this thing dead in its tracks.

    Thanks for the giggle :).

  28. Linda from NY // November 19, 2009 at 11:50 am

    Sad, Linda, just sad.

    Usually, the pets write and the request is always food….

    I’ll see if I can hit up my local Post office and grab a letter or two with a request I can fill. Bar that, the Salvation Army has a program whereby you pick a child’s request and buy that gift. You never know who that child is, nor does he/she know who you are (I always sign the card ‘Love, Santa’ when I include it with my gift).

    There *will* be ways to work around this, with just a little effort!

  29. What more of a reason do you need to become or remain a Republican?

    Democrats & Unaffiliateds More Likely To Be Unemployed Than Republicans

  30. HEADS UP!!

    REVEREND MANNING will be on Alex Jones’ show TODAY at 11:30 Central this a.m.

    or listen via your cell phone:
    512-646-5000 or 712-338-8300

  31. Idiot! We are running a HUGE deficit in NY; we don’t need this!

    Obama Paints a Fresh Bull’s-Eye on New York City(Many will cancel travel plans there next year)

  32. Two high ranking Obama officials quietly
    resigned last week, along with a Dept.
    of Health official in Hawaii, connected
    to Obama’s records.

    See article at Orly Taitz’ blog, time for
    Citizen Wells crew of investigators to
    piece this puzzle together….

    Rev. Manning on Alex Jones’ radio
    show today, check it out!

  33. Dang!

    Geithner rejects lawmaker request he resign

  34. Patriot Dreamer

    “Sen. Reid’s Government-Run Health Plan Requires a Monthly Abortion Fee”

  35. If you are interested…just the top brass, though.

    FT HOOD HEARING – Listen Live

  36. CW: We need to get names!

    Ten Republicans Vote to Allow Obama’s Appellate Court Nomination of Former ACORN

  37. Patriot Dreamer

    Here’s a great way to discourage hiring:

    “Fla. unemployment tax on businesses to skyrocket”

  38. Linda NY

    Geithner resign?

    There’s enough evidence to arrest and convict Geithner in a court of law of massive crimes.

    Why isn’t anyone in Congress pursuing criminal charges?

  39. oops…sorry…they are listed

    However, this does make one take pause…no?

  40. Just Me:

    We cannot find a lawyer willing to take on the criminal element in our government.

    *Sigh* *Sigh* * Sigh*

    HAHD, anyway…Linda

  41. Hahahaha!

    A view of Obama from across the pond (a dangerous wanker)

  42. WE THE PEOPLE ARE COMING! From an email from Mr. Bob Schulz:

    Continental Congress 2009: Bold Plan of Resistance Emerging

    Stark Instructions to State and Federal Officials Coming Forth

    Delegates Plan Potent Acts of Civic Resistance

    After a week of intense committee deliberations, sometimes extending well into the early morning hours, the first formal resolutions of Continental Congress 2009 have begun to emerge. On Tuesday, the Congress adopted resolutions aimed to ending the federal income tax fraud and terminating all state and federal firearms regulations as de facto violations of the plain language of the Second Amendment.

    As each of these first resolutions was adopted by the Assembly, they were loudly and spontaneously celebrated by the assembled Delegates, with jubilant energy and great emotion at the emergence of these first acts of nationally organized resistance to emerge from the Congress.

    If these initial resolutions are any indication, the Congress clearly has set its collective intent to adopting a volume of provocative and far-reaching “Remedial Instructions” and “Civic Actions” to restore the Constitution, and which effects will soon reverberate from sea-to-shining-sea.

    The Income Tax Instruction to the United States Congress adopted by the Continental Congress cites several essential facts in U.S. law, including irrefutable documentation establishing that the 16th Amendment is void, ab initio, due to its failure to be properly ratified, and that any direct, un-apportioned tax on the labor of any American is wholly unconstitutional. The resolution cites the U.S. Supreme Court holding that labor (and the fruits thereof) are, “.the most sacred and inviolable” property of the citizens of the nation. (Citing Butcher’s Union Co. v. Crescent City Co., 111 U.S. 746, 757)

    The tax resolution also calls for Congress to execute the immediate cessation of the (unlawful) imposition of the practice of withholding of earnings from the paychecks of American citizens and for the Congress to immediately release and restore all citizens wrongfully imprisoned as a result of the “unconstitutional application of the income tax” (laws).

    The Civic Actions recommended by the Congress for the People to end the Income Tax fraud include for the People to contact their local sheriff and demand cooperation with the citizenry to provide protection from (unlawful) federal and state tax enforcement actions (including fraudulent, non-judicial “administrative” IRS liens and levys), that citizens prepare to replace or otherwise recall or impeach any sheriff who refuses to protect their local citizens from “.rogue federal agents acting under color of law,” and for citizens to prepare themselves to withhold their monies as a means to secure Redress.

    As to the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the resolution of the Continental Congress declares that all regulations, state and federal, which are repugnant to the express language of the Second Amendment are “.null and void – including but not limited to, illegal and unconstitutional restrictions on open and/or concealed carry.”

    The arms resolution calls for the citizenry to coordinate with their local county Sheriff in establishing a Constitutional Militia, inherently separate from the state National Guard. Such militia would be a constitutional defense force, “comprising all citizenry capable of bearing arms and under proper authority, in defense of themselves and the states.”

    Official copies of these resolutions and others will be released shortly for public inspection and distribution. Committee and sub-committee work on “Remedial Instructions” for state and federal officials will by decree, end at midnight Wednesday (Nov. 18).

    Starting tomorrow (Thursday) , the Congress begins two and a half days of intense deliberations, turning their sole attention to debating and adopting a comprehensive set of potent “Civic Actions” every American can implement, en masse, to effect a peaceful restoration of Constitutional Order.

    These lawful, (non-violent) civic actions, (fully lawful and protected by the Right to enforce the First Amendment Right to Petition), will be designed to significantly affect the functioning of both state and federal institutions which have been complicit in enabling or otherwise aiding or allowing the destruction of the Constitution and/or the Fundamental Rights of the People.

    On Saturday afternoon, the agenda plans for the Delegates set to move to adopt the full package consisting of First Amendment Petitions for Redress of Grievances, “Remedial Instructions” to be served upon state and federal officials, and the slate of “Civic Actions” designed for everyday Americans to implement to resist the tyrants and engage in the battle to restore Liberty.

    The final package generated by the Congress will be formally known as the “Articles of Association” and signed (Saturday afternoon) by the Delegates of Continental Congress 2009. Means are currently being developed for citizens everywhere across America to likewise sign the Articles of Association and join the battle to hold our government accountable to the Law.

    The current intent for the Articles of Association is that when “x” million (tbd) Americans publicly commit to personally embrace and execute at least some portion of the (peaceful) plan of Civic resistance, the plan of “Civic Actions” will be fully activated and its full effects soon manifest against our errant institutions of government. More details will be announced following the conclusion of the CC2009 assembly on November 21.

    Donations Still Needed — Please!

    The WTP Foundation has significant costs it must still cover in connection with hosting and producing the Continental Congress 2009 event, including the cost of the professionally produced webcast enabling thousands to witness the full proceedings of this historic event at no cost.

    Please consider a fully tax-deductible donation to the 501(c)3 WTP Foundation or to receive the beautiful .999 pure silver CC2009 commemorative medallion. Again, we offer many, many thanks for your support that has made this event possible thus far.

    We urge everyone to please consider making a of any amount and support this critical initiative to restore our Founding Principles and protect the Light of Liberty.

  43. Michelle: This one’s for you!

    County out $14K for toilet paper injury (Tax dollars at work)

  44. Food for Thought…

    Serve, Don’t Dictate: Long-Time Conservative D.C. Insiders Need To Go

  45. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says on CSPAN2 that the health care bill actually starts in 2014, and that if you take the ten years from when the costs actually start it will cost 2.4 trillion dollars instead of 849billion.

  46. Hmmm…birds of a feather?

    A Tale of Two Community Organizers

  47. JustMe // November 19, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Hi JustMe,

    Dr. Manning is fantastic on Alex Jones! ‘I will NOT relent!’

  48. Patriot Dreamer

    Hazado // November 19, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    The taxes will start right away as soon as the legislation is passed, but the benefits won’t go into effect until 2013 – conveniently after the next Presidential election. It’s a trick, because over a 10-year period, there will be 10 years of taxes, but only 6 or 7 years of benefits.

    Plus, these government social entitlement programs almost always cost more than their initial cost projections. When Medicare was created in 1966, it cost $3 billion and was estimated to cost $12 billion by 1990 (adjusted for inflation). But in 1990 Medicare actually cost $107 billion. The government estimates were off by a factor of 9.

  49. Linda from NY
    “Three-quarters of American voters – 74 percent – like President Barack Obama as a person, but only 47 percent like most of his policies” this part of the statistic makes no sense to me-to me the person and the policies are one and the same. My example someone is holding you up-whether the criminal is smiling or frowning the effect is the same-you got robbed.
    Pastor Manning is so cool, I know when he was younger he was arrested for his crimes, and spent time in jail so perhaps that is a good thing, he has no fear of it. When our Monsignor retired he joined a prison ministry, Pastor Manning is proof that prison ministries can be very effective. I worked for a boss who hired ex-convicts and I can attest when those guys turned their lives around they became model citizens, I’m glad I was exposed to that. Great guys, spoiled my girlfriend and I, really helped us a lot at work.

  50. Received this in an e-mail; it had beautiful pictures above each caption, but do not know how to send them…Please Pray for our Soldiers!

    1/2 boy 1/2 man

    If you read this, you WILL forward it on.
    You just won’t be able to stop yourself.

    The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy. Not yet dry behind
    the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father’s, but he has never collected unemployment either.

    He’s a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and a 155mm howitzer.

    He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field strip a rifle in 30 seconds and reassemble it in less time in the dark. He can recite to you the nomenclature of a machine gun or grenade launcher and use either one effectively if he must.

    He digs foxholes and latrines and can apply first aid like a professional.

    He can march until he is told to stop,
    or stop until he is told to march.

    He obeys orders instantly and without hesitation, but he is not without spirit or individual dignity. He is self-sufficient.

    He has two sets of fatigues: he washes one and wears the other. He keeps his canteens full and his feet dry.

    He sometimes forgets to brush his teeth, but never to clean his rifle.. He can cook his own meals, mend his own clothes, and fix his own hurts.

    If you’re thirsty, he’ll share his water with you; if you are hungry, his food. He’ll even split his ammunition with you in the midst of battle when you run low.

    He has learned to use his hands like weapons and weapons like they were his hands.

    He can save your life – or take it, because that is his job.

    He will often do twice the work of a civilian, draw half the pay, and still find ironic humor in it all.

    He has seen more suffering and death than he should have in his short lifetime.

    He has wept in public and in private, for friends who have fallen in combat and is unashamed.

    He feels every note of the National Anthem vibrate through his body while at rigid attention, while tempering the burning desire to ‘square-away ‘ those around him who haven’t bothered to stand, remove their hat, or even stop talking. In an odd twist, day in and day out, far from home, he defends their right to be disrespectful.

    Just as did his Father, Grandfather, and Great-grandfather, he is paying the price for our freedom. Beardless or not, he is not a boy. He is the American Fighting Man that has kept this country free for over 200 years.

    He has asked nothing in return, except
    our friendship and understanding.
    Remember him, always, for he has earned our respect and admiration with his blood.

    And now we even have women over there in danger, doing their part in this tradition of going to War when our nation calls us to do so..

    As you go to bed tonight, remember this shot. . .pix not available…

    A short lull, a little shade and a picture of loved ones in their helmets.

    Prayer wheel for our military…. please don’t break it Please send this on after a short prayer.

    Prayer Wheel

    ‘Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.

    Protect them as they protect us.
    Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen.’

    When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our ground troops in Afghanistan , sailors on ships, and airmen in the air, and for those in Iraq , Afghanistan and all foreign countries.

    There is nothing attached..
    This can be very powerful…

    Of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier, Sailor, Coastguardsman, Marine, or Airman, prayer is the very best one.

    I can’t break this one, sorry.
    Pass it on to everyone and pray.

  51. Venice,

    the poll numbers are unbelievable. Something’s gotta give.

  52. Our soldiers-some even younger.
    After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Murphy (then just 15 years old) tried to enlist in the military, but the services rejected him for being under age.[5] In June 1942, shortly after his 16th birthday his sister Corrine adjusted his birth date so he appeared to be 18 and legally allowed to enlist, and his war memoirs, To Hell and Back, maintained this misinformation, leading to later confusion and contradictory statements as to his year of birth, Murphy was accepted into the United States Army,[5] at Greenville,[7] after being turned down by the Marines and the paratroopers for being too short (5 feet 5.5 inches (166.4 cm))[2] and of slight build. He was also turned down by the Navy for being slight of build.[4][unreliable source?][5] He was sent to Camp Wolters, Texas, for basic training[1][7] and during a session of close order drill, passed out. His company commander tried to have him transferred to a cook and bakers’ school[6] because of his baby-faced youthfulness, but Murphy insisted on becoming a combat soldier. His wish was granted: after 13 weeks of basic training,[6] he was sent to Fort Meade, Maryland for advanced infantry training.[1][7]
    Audie Leon Murphy (June 20, 1926 (?) – May 28, 1971)[2] was a highly-decorated American soldier who served in the European Theater during World War II. He later became an actor, appearing in 44 American films,[2] and also found some success as a country music composer.
    In 27 months of combat action, Murphy became one of the most highly decorated United States soldiers of World War II.[2][3] He received the Medal of Honor, the U.S. military’s highest award for valor, along with 32 additional U.S. and foreign medals and citations,[2][4][3] including five from France and one from Belgium.

  53. Interesting , The Opposition is keeping Score pf the lawsuits:

    Click to access BIRTHER%20CASE%20LIST.pdf

  54. Obama Coup Fails’: Online Gamers Overthrow Administration in ‘Virtual Revolt’

  55. Georgetown // November 19, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    Interesting , The Opposition is keeping Score pf the lawsuits:
    Notice, they all are dismissed. Nothing on the merits of the cases. No discovery, no evidence presented, no jury to hear anything. Just a judge saying that citizens don’t have a right to know the truth.

  56. Linda from NY // November 19, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    Received this in an e-mail; it had beautiful pictures above each caption, but do not know how to send them…Please Pray for our Soldiers!
    Thank you. I have seen this before and it brings tears to my eyes everytime I read it.

  57. ARMY D.A.V.-Interesting video-Obama gamed the system, so now he is being gamed.
    The laws of probability are also interesting, I think I trust Vegas odds makers more than our current government put together. Glad to see the players are educating themselves, I hope they save their information for later, I think unwittingly they have identified some problem areas that could use some investigation. Could save the taxpayers some money in the end.

  58. Army D.A.V.:

    Kewl! Thanks for posting the think for the online game. Great idea…exposes administration for what it is…against American interest.

    Happy Day…Linda

  59. Army D.A.V.

    I may have to learn how to play video games! I never got beyond Mario.

  60. If I were a reporter I would so want to interview Wes.
    Caucus and Primaries Primer: how do we best get this information together?
    Here’s a project we want to start around here that we hope will help whomever runs against Dr. Utopia in 2012 to defeat him. We want to gather up all of our caucus and primiary anecdotes, lessons learned, and retrospective analysis into a kind of virtual textbook on the 2008 campaign.
    These will be the things most of you never read before, if you weren’t on the ground in the primaries. The MSM never reported on any of it, because it all involved the underhanded, fraudulent, and sometimes violent things ACORN, the SEIU, the DNC, and others did in the name of Dr. Utopia to secure the Democrats’ nomination for him.
    We have a friend here in Chicago named Wes who is so obsessed with the Caucus Fraud that’s all he talks about, literally, to anyone who will listen…at the grocery store, on the train, you name it. Obsessed. But, it’s an emotional thing with him. All he wants to do is rant and rave and relive all those horrible caucus memories, where Utopia’s goons pushed and bullied old people and literally stole votes from Hillary Clinton right in front of Wes’ eyes.
    Our goal is to take a different approach from Wes. We want to find a way to put all of this Caucus information out there for people to be able to read so they know what they will have to go up against in a few years. Our belief is if they read all this now, it’s going to make it hard for David Axelrod and the White House to repeat these actions again in 2011-2012. They will want to run the same playbook they ran last time. All of you reading these words now have a chance to stop that from happening.

  61. Don, I agree. How sad all the cases have been dismissed. It is beyond time to storm the Supreme Court and DEMAND Justice for OUR Constitution.

  62. These people are doing an amazing job, we should all get behind them if we want to restore our government and restore the U.S. Constitution.

    Continental Congress 2009 in session now

  63. Eagle Forum Urges an Unconditional NO Vote on the Cloture Motion to Proceed to the Anti-Life Senate Health Care Bill

  64. November 19, 09

    Video: Tim Geithner, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) argue with each other

    Rep. Kevin Brady asked Tim Geithner to step down

  65. FINALLY…GENE SEQUENCES RELEASED by WHO on Ukraine Plague – Initial Findings

    snipped from:

    “The WHO has officially released the sequences taken from the test patients in Ukraine, and the findings have shown that the H1N1 swine flu VIRUS HAS MUTATED.” (emphasis mine)

    “However, the WHO is also saying that this is not a “large” mutation and that everyone should still run out and take the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. Meanwhile, over 1.5 million people in Ukraine have reported catching this flu and the death toll there continues to rise rapidly.”

    “But the WHO says that we should not be concerned about an H1N1 mutation that causes that?”

    Meanwhile, reports are coming in of people dying with similar symptoms in a hospital in Bialystok in the northeast section of POLAND.”

    “Is this an indication that the mutant H1N1 flu virus has spread beyond the borders of Ukraine?”

    Other related links:

    Recombinomics Discussion Forum:

    Found this, too:
    Henry Niman, PhD on RenseRadio tonight to discuss this Ukraine sequence update. 7-10p.m. Pacific

  66. DenisetheMenace


    Oh crap.

    You might be an Obamaneck
    You have more history on a 4000 year old mummy’s birth certificate than your Obama.
    Your short form birth certificate reads “Made in China”.
    Your idea of healthy gardening is growing cabbage in a toxic dump.
    You have your wife wear sexy dresses to funerals as you want to show her off.
    You teach your kids to stutter because Obama’s genius is off the charts smart.
    Lots more at Lame Cherry’s web-site.

  68. Just Me:

    Bet the perpetrators of this new development are proud of themselves.

    This would not have happened unless it was planned…by the “powers that be” IMHO.

    Taxing us without a statute pales by comparison to this outbreak of inhumanity purposely thrust upon the unsuspecting masses.

    When the real “truth” surfaces, there will be much blame to go around. Right now, the “lies” have it, but not for long IMHO.

    Thanks for sharing!

  69. JustMe // November 19, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Hi JustMe,

    *Finally* they’ve released the sequence?

    Remember the low-flying aircraft spraying ‘something’ over Ukraine? Same thing is happening in Poland, with the same results.

    Mutation? Or a little help from whatever they’re spraying from those planes?

  70. Linda NY & DenisetheMenace,

    another website I have followed says the fact this was created in a lab and based on what is happening in the Ukraine considers it a deliberate act of war upon the population there.

    Add to that the fact the Ukraine was not locked down, people allowed to come and go knowing this would spread globally. He says this makes it an Act of War against the human race. Have to agree with him!

    Don’t you love how the WHO says it’s not a large mutation? WTH! A mutation is a mutation is a mutation. Obviously genetics of the person afflicted comes in to play. The fact that they haven’t done anything to stop it is more than bothersome.

    So…now we wait.

  71. Sue K,

    did you look at the “way to much information” forum I posted the link to? You probably will understand it. The average layman, like myself, have to skip over half of the info.

    I can’t believe they declared Martial Law and shut down blog sites in the Ukraine and yet they let the people come and go at will. Unbelievable.


    Want to have some fun this CHRISTMAS? Send the ACLU a CHRISTMAS CARD.

    The ACLU is working so very hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS part of this holiday, we should all send them a nice, CHRISTIAN card to brighten up their dark, sad, little world.

    Make sure it says “Merry Christmas” on it.

    Here’s the address, just don’t be rude or
    crude. (It’s not the Christian way, you know.)

    125 Broad Street
    18th Floor
    New York , NY 10004

    Two tons of Christmas cards would freeze their operations because they wouldn’t know if any were regular mail containing contributions. So spend 44 cents and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone.



  73. JustMe // November 19, 2009 at 3:41 pm


    I’ll look at the links tonight (I’m not a Virologist, either, but may be able to glean some info).

    It just gets curiouser and curiouser over there…

  74. *************NEW POST UP***************

  75. Linda, Love the idea of sending the ACLU Christmas cards…LOL. And as someone mentioned a few days ago…if you want to wish them happy holidays…happy holydays, which is really what holiday means, is a great way to go. Be ready tho, for “holiday” to be attacked also in the future…that’s the slippery slope the ACLU so loves…so while we’re making their heads spin, we need to stay strong in taking the country back at the same time!

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