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I have known for several weeks that Larry Sinclair was running for a congressional seat in Florida District 24. I also knew as soon as Sinclair told me that he was serious. Larry has taken care of the necessary filing requirements and is now trying to get on the ballot by getting enough petitions signed or raising enough money.

Good for Larry Sinclair.

Everything that Larry Sinclair has told me that he was setting out to do, he accomplished. He wrote his book, “Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair, Cocaine,  Sex, Lies & Murder?” and published it against overwhelming odds and countless attacks from the far left Obama camp.

When you go to the Larry Sinclair for Congress site a video begins playing. In the video Larry explains why he decided to run and what he will do if elected.

To get on the ballot, Larry Sinclair must raise sufficient funds or get enough petition signers. To sign the petition one must live in Florida District 24. Also, each petition online allows only one voter to sign. Help Larry Sinclair raise funds to get on the ballot and cover the expenses of running for Congress.

If you go to the FEC website you will find an entry for Larry Sinclair under the 2010 election for Florida District 24. Larry is running as an Independent.


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A new page has been setup on the Citizen Wells blog for Larry Sinclair for Congress. 

Larry Sinclair for Congress

Florida District 24


Donate to the Larry Sinclair Campaign

From the Larry Sinclair For Congress website:

About Larry Sinclair and why he decided to run for office:

“I decided to enter the race for U.S. Congressman from Florida’s 24th Congressional District after Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL24), a multi-millionaire said “my schedule does not permit me to hold Townhalls with voters….” but the very next week Mrs. Kosmas had time to spend the day with donors paying $1000-to-$10,000 to her re-election coffers. In addition to Suzanne Kosmas’ inability to lead, I have become determined to get involved after seeing first hand the efforts of Barack Obama and his administration to destroy anyone who dares speak the truth.
I have criminal convictions between 1981 thru 1986 for “Theft” based on writing bad checks; “Forgery” for signing former Youth Counselors names to checks, and “Unauthorized use of a Financial Transaction Device” from using a credit card number by phone to pay a hotel stay in 1986.  I do not hide from my past and I have always admitted to my wrong doings.  Now there are people who have and will continue to misrepresent and distort my past, but that will not deter me from running for the U.S. Congressional Seat in Florida District 24.
It is time that the people are represented by the people and not individuals who have made millions from Public Office.
Suzanne Kosmas is a career politician who has stated she does not support term limits. In fact Rep. Kosmas ran for her current office because she was forced out of the Florida House by Term Limits.”

What I stand for:
1. I am a life long openly gay male who believes marriage is and should always be, between one man an one woman. I support “Domestic Partner” laws like the one established in California with one exception: Domestic Partners should be required to file dissolutions and be subject to community property splits when dissolving said partnerships.
2. I believe the recent Federal Hate Crimes Bill signed into law by Barack Obama is unnecessary and contradictory to the fair treatment of ALL Americans.
3. I believe the current Health Care Reform Bill’s will destroy the medical care in America and will result in many more Americans being denied necessary medical care.
4. I believe the bailouts and stimulus MUST stop and STOP NOW.
5. I believe that America must stop being divided into groups.  We must stop referring to Americans as African-American, Mexican-American, Asian-American, etc… and start referring to Americans as AMERICANS.
7. I believe the people should be represented by the people and not the multimillionaires that currently control the halls of Congress.
8. I know Barack Obama is a liar and a fraud, and I will not be bullied by the Obama administration or Nancy Pelosi.  I will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and hold her accountable for the residents of Florida’s 24th Congressional District.
9. I believe we MUST SUPPORT our men and women in uniform regardless of our personal views on whether we should be in Iraq & Afghanistan.  My personal views on Afghanistan is that we should look for a way to SAFELY get our troops out. President Obama has used Afghanistan for political plays for too long and it needs to stop now.
10. I believe LIFE begins at conception.  If elected, I will introduce legislation to make an unborn fetus protected as a living person.
11. I believe in and will vigorously defend the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.
Citizen Wells remarks, November 14, 2009
I have known Larry Sinclair for almost two years. He has always been open and honest with me. He deeply cares about this country and has risked his life and been thrown in jail for what he believes in. Larry Sinclair, unlike so many in public offfice today, has been open about his past. Sinclair has no ties to big business and is not in this for the money.
I have no reservations about supporting Larry Sinclair for Congress.
With Larry, what you see is what you get.
Larry Sinclair will support and defend the US Constitution.
Citizen Wells
A little birdie tells me that the Globe magazine may cover this announcement soon.

24 responses to “Larry Sinclair for Congress, Florida Congressional District 24, Larry Sinclair Independent Candidate, US Constitution, 2010 elections

  1. Go Larry!!

    The Fix Was In (White House decided months ago to move KSM to New York)

  2. ALERT – Manning has been visited by the Secret Service.

  3. I hope Dr. Manning told them to get rid of that long-legged mack daddy.

  4. Can they arrest us all at the same time?
    WE NEED TO STEP UP ASAP,….. all at the same time. Revolution is on it’s way.

  5. EPA workers critical of Obama’s cap and trade program are told by EPA to remove the video they posted, as private citizens, and to basically just shut up. Wow, this is serious, serious stuff. Some very serious muzzling and censorship going on here. My God, what have we come to? If you disagree with the One you risk censorship or loss of employment? Geez, how sad for our country. Video report is at link below.

  6. He seems like a good candidate. I don’t approve of his lifestyle, but that is between him and God. His love of country and following the Constitution are the main concerns.

  7. Gianni,

    REPOST: I posted this earlier – it’s an action item concerning the illegal use of the EPA to work around Congress on the hotly debated climate change scheme.


    Looks like “O” plans to use the EPA to rewrite the 1970 Clean Air Act as a work around to the stalled cap and trade scheme, while Congress continues its heated debate over the proper role of the federal government in regulating greenhouse gases. He’s counting on this work around to give him that piece of paper he so desperately needs for the meeting in Copenhagen next month. We must stop him.

    “The Obama Administration is pursuing perhaps its biggest power grab yet. Climate Czar Carol Browner is trying to have the EPA regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the 1970 Clean Air Act, a sweeping global warming regulatory agenda without a vote of Congress.
    Their biggest problem is the law. The 1970 Clean Air Act clearly does not allow them to regulate the way they want. If the EPA insists on shoehorning greenhouse gas regulation into the 1970 Clean Air Act, the result will be regulation of millions of businesses, warehouses, and even schools. Instead, they want to create new rules pretending the law says something it doesn’t.”


  8. palin was great today on rush. This is what we need to hear more of real facts

  9. Cookie update:

    “… The reason why people are getting the cookie in their computer is because of the flash video you have embedded in the following blog post: …

    You have taken this video from http://www.whitehousedotgov and embedded it in your blog post. Since it is a flash video, Macromedia Flash Player creates a cookie in a folder named after the website, in this case http://www.whitehousedotgov. … The cookie is created merely because you have embedded a video from their website.”

    Pamela Geller: “I have removed the White House video.”

  10. ‘Pink slips’ to Congress surge past 5 million

    Members say message is coming through

    The “pink slips” being sent to members of Congress, warning them to abandon Washington’s “charge-it-and-spend-it” programs, new energy taxes under “cap-and-trade” and nationalized health care have surged past five million, but supporters of the program say they need to keep coming.

    She said it’s clear the message – delivered through a stack of “pink slips” now standing approximately five feet high in congressional offices – is getting through

  11. Thanks, Gordo. I still delete it if it shows up. I don’t want the stinking thing on there.

  12. This is waaaaaaaaay off topic but while searching for a video on FOX News, I came across this video. It is horrible!

    Warning: Graphic Video

  13. CW: SO disappointed to read that you’ve taken this ‘wrong turn’, in my opinion. A very sad day,

  14. Just Me,

    Thank you for reposting the link for Freedom The speaker at the Continental Convention was Michael Shaw – you’ll find his name on the website. He mentioned the website but I couldn’t hear it on the web stream, so I appreciate you filling in the blank.

    After hearing him speak, I HEAR a lot of things differently now. It is astounding how so much has been done quietly, under the radar, and how its tentacles are in every facet of our lives.

  15. Oops! I did it myself. Continental CONGRESS – not convention.

    BIG difference!

  16. I know that there are many kind people on this web-site. I thought they should be aware of these ACORN style “charities”. CBS reported on Obama’s dwindling polls numbers don’t faint.

  17. When Barky’s goons start harassing men of the cloth, it’s time to take off the gloves.

    If the SS thinks they have a pushover in Dr. Manning, man, they’ve got another thing coming!

    Boom Shaka Laka, Dr. Manning-give ’em hell, and I DO mean hell!

  18. Re-do.
    I have contacted and followed many in Congress over the past several years.
    None, I repeat none, has risked as much as Sinclair or done as much as Sinclair to
    uphold the US Constitution and attempt to hold Obama accountable.
    Sinclair has risked his life, his assets and gone to jail for his convictions.
    If you have a card to trump that, I would like to see it.

  19. Harry Reid Keeping Senate Legislation Under Lock and Key

    According to Senator Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid is keeping the health care reform bill hidden from the other 99 Senators, even as the debate on the passage of the bill approaches.

    Action – Urge the Senate to Include the Stupak Amendment

  20. LM:

    Not trying to be disagreeable…but, it seems the Stupak Amendment was used as a disposable “pawn” in the House.

    Many congresspersons said that they would not vote for this Health Care bill if it funded abortions…so, Reid and Pelosi took the abortion funding out and they passed it with all the OTHER monostrocities still intact.

    I believe we should not let them use this as a “scape goat” again. We need to tell them to vote ALL of it.


  21. LM // November 17, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Harry Reid Keeping Senate Legislation Under Lock and Key

    According to Senator Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid is keeping the health care reform bill hidden from the other 99 Senators, even as the debate on the passage of the bill approaches.


    Could it be because one Senator vowed to read every page on the Senate floor???

  22. Larry:

    It takes a lot of courage to put oneself “right out there” and stand up for what one believes.

    Through all you have experienced over the last year [and longer], you have grown exponentially. Had others suffered the indignity and harassment you endured, they would have cowered or retreated into nothingness. And yet, the harder they hit you, the firmer you stood to give witness to the truth.

    At every turn, they tried to discourage you, silence you, and even incarcerate you. Still, you carried on with courage and dignity. You were threatened, belittled, and ridiculed because you wanted to educate others of the “enemy within.”

    I commend you, Dear Sir, for your fortitude and courage, and pray for your success in your latest endeavor to serve your fellow man, woman, and child in the United States Congress.

    May God bless and keep you safe…Linda

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