Health care control, not reform, Obama far left support, Trial attorneys, Socialist, Communists, Political contributions, Redistribution of wealth, Control American public and votes

On October 13, 2009, the Citizen Wells blog explained what the Obama plan for Health Care Reform is all about.



All you need to know about health care reform


What is the current attempt by Obama and liberal Democrats at health care reform all about?

  • Appeasing their far left core support.
  • More control over the American people to get votes.
  • Payback to trial lawyers and other big supporters (refer to contribution table above).
  • Achieving the goals of far left, socialist, communists who are controlling the party with the goal of redistribution of wealth..

All you need to know about Health care Reform

Ultimately what this boils down to is control. Control of the American public to get votes and retain and build power.

An article from Doug Patton, dated Pctober 21, 2009 addresses the control aspect.

“Health Care Bill Is About Control, Not Health Care”

“What do these momentous documents have in common with each other? They all contain fewer pages than the bloated Senate health care bill, S. 1796, which totals a ridiculous 1,502 pages.

In other words, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the father of modern Communism, three of history’s most prolific Russian writers and even God Almighty Himself didn’t need as many words to get their entire message across as the self-important blowhards in Congress trying to express themselves on one single issue: health care.
But let’s be honest. What’s going on in Washington right now is not really about health care; it is about control. The Senate leaders, in conjunction with the White House, are doing the same thing they did with the stimulus bill, the omnibus bill, the budget bill and the cap and trade bill. Thousands of pages of rules, regulations, restrictions and, most of all, astronomical spending. They believe that if they so overwhelm the American people with mind-numbing legalese, we will simply take their word for it that this poison pill isn’t going to hurt us.”

“President Barack Obama and the domineering Democrat leadership in Congress never talk about freedom. They whine about “fairness” and “security,” but the word “liberty” is not in their vocabulary. The Founders would have considered the current “reform” going on in Congress as nothing short of criminal. They would rebel against this tyranny as surely as they revolted against the despotism of King George.
One thing on which we can depend: this process will not improve the bill. If this piece of statism passes, the federal government will eventually tell us what we can or cannot eat or drink, how much exercise we must do to stay fit, what we can and cannot smoke (pot yes, tobacco no), whether or not we can have guns in our homes (they’re dangerous, you know, and therefore affect our health care costs) and how many children we can have.
And they will do it all in the name of “health care reform.””

Read more:


199 responses to “Health care control, not reform, Obama far left support, Trial attorneys, Socialist, Communists, Political contributions, Redistribution of wealth, Control American public and votes

  1. Do they have us GOING BACKWARDS?

    Be careful very careful about being vaccinated for the Mexican Pig Flu: Maybe they want us ALL walking backwards.

  2. Green (Energy, Jobs, etc) is the New RED as in COMMUNISTS but the PINK SLIPS REVOLUTION will put a STOP (red means Stop) to all of. It’s a race will we get a tipping point soon? I think we are very close.

    Keep waking people up to the Reality. Keep spreading the TRUTH and keep promoting this blog and others. It is amazaing how many people are finding out the truth even though there is a Huge Effort by the Slave Press and the Erosionist Communists to keep it hushed up.


    The Democratic base continues to erode. Strong approval hits a new low at 26.

  4. The South // October 22, 2009 at 1:39 am

    The Judicial system is “BROKEN”!

    It doesn’t matter what lawsuit is brought forth, no one is willing to honor it.

    They won’t enforce the law.

    They won’t touch it with a 10′ pole


    South….I think it’s working just fine…just like they want it to.

    I think it’s MUCH bigger than this and the web is wide. I know you know this. Doesn’t make the let down any easier.

    His ratings will continue to tank, as will the dollar, our freedoms, etc…and then most likely they’ll be a false flag attack OR something else will happen. And then they’ll….WAVE THE AMERICAN FLAG in front of the people. We’ll rally around the flag, and the president, as good God fearing folks always do. It worked with Bush.

    In fact it worked so well he was able to greatly/swiftly advance THE elite’s plans for bringing in the NWO. It was right there in front of us. All that was left was handing off the baton to “O” and…in 7 months time here we are – tetering on the brink of the death of America.

    Now, I hope people will start to look at the timeline of events, as they have unfolded, and put 2 and 2 together. I realize, though, as much as our rights and freedoms have been and continue to be usurped & our country is destroyed, some people still can’t wrap their heads around the fact their government would ever engage in this kind of behavior on U.S. soil. I know I didn’t want to believe it, either. Venice wrote something to this effect yesterday – the basic psychological nature of it all.

    All one has to do is look at the despicable acts of violence our government instigates toward innocent people around the globe to advance their cause…the soil matters not to them.

    Sound a little Joneasean? Nope. Sound like business as usual for the government. You betcha.

  5. SPEAKING of Polls and Racism and the fictional Erosionist Lieberal talkign point that Conservatives/Repubs are out of touch racists and on the road to suicide.

    Go to this poll:

    Now click on the tabs above to show Dems, Independents, Repubs. Now look at the relation between the Poll and the Repubs and Ind…see something? They all move in the same direction almost everytime. Now look at the Dems poll (top) it goes in the opposite direction.
    Now do you see what I see? Repubs and Inds are in control of where the poll goes and almost in agreement. Dems are NOT in control and losing thsi BATTLE. They are the ones committing suicide and destroying America as a Freedom Loving Republic.

    Now dems say that they have great numbers and drive everything BUT looking at this poll they are alwasy going in the WRONG direction and have almost no effect on the poll.

    NOW for racism:
    If you look at the poll sometimes we agree with BO and other times we don’t BUT we always move in teh opposite direction of the Dems, if it was RACISM we would NEVER agree with BO and the Repub poll would ONLY go down.

    DON’T BELIEVE THE OBAMALIARS and their Rules for Radicals.

    Keep opening people’s eyes and give them an opportunity to see what we see.

    We need a 24 hr ONLINE subscriber based Conservative News Channel that people can hear all day long. All the conservatives can have a segment and news every 15 minutes. We need this so we can cancel all the Slave Press. Even FOX which is middle of the line needs to go. It is them in the middle and everyone else LEFT and we need Balance to serve us citizens on the RIGHT who are Traditionalist Constitutionalist Patriotic Citizens.
    These days it is pretty easy to start this. Who will step up? People need to collaborate on this.
    WND? RedState? Newsmax? Rush? Glenn? Newsbusters? WHO?

  6. Here is something interesting information:
    From Commenter :

    Roids from Hon. Hi

    I was born in 1956 at Kapiolani Hospital. My birth certificate also shows that Dr. S. Horio was the G.P. and Attending Physician who delivered me. It was also signed by the hospital administrator.

    My Birth Registration Card issued by the “Territory of Hawaii Dept of Health” was signed by G. Bennett, Registrar General two years after my birth on Dec. 1, 1958.

    This registration card states my place of birth and identifies the Vol.& Cert. number in the public records at the time, “This certifies that the above is a true copy of facts recorded on the certificate of birth on file in the bureau of Health Statistics. Territory of Hawaii Department of Health.”

    My birth was not printed in the local newspaper.

    If I was asked for a legitimate reason to provide my original documents to the public, I have it here in my hands. Where’s Obama’s?

  7. **** AOL users here ****

    Do me a favor.
    This story:

    “New Poll Shows
    A Dramatic Shift
    It’s a First Since President Obama
    Took Office: What Numbers Reveal”

    Click on this and tell me what you see.

  8. CW,

    Can you offer a link, or are you referring to PWRH poll?

  9. I got this for a while & now it is back up.

    HTTP Status 404 – /news_portal/article/obamas-poll-numbers-take-a-hit/730460

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    message /news_portal/article/obamas-poll-numbers-take-a-hit/730460
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    Apache Tomcat/5.5.25

  10. AOL Poll

    “New Poll Shows
    A Dramatic Shift
    It’s a First Since President Obama
    Took Office: What Numbers Reveal

    How do you feel about Barack Obama’s performance as president?
    Disapprove 76%
    Approve 24%

    Total Votes: 367,008

    Which of these issues do you think is having the biggest impact on Obama’s poll numbers?
    Health care 51%
    Economy 42%
    Afghanistan 6%
    Iraq 1%
    Total Votes: 353,275”

  11. Patriot Dreamer

    Talk show host Ed Schultz says this about ObamaCare:

    “I will admit there’s one Republican telling the truth, and that’s Orrin Hatch, and that is, this IS the first step toward single-payer. I admit that.”

  12. Patriot Dreamer

    Can someone provide a link to the poll? I can’t find it.

  13. just wondering

    Regarding the possibility of a lawsuit actually working. Maybe we really need to go backwards, and start with finding a state AG that fits the bill, or a small town judge as suggested before, and figure out what law in that state we could proceed under. I am sure you can tell i am not a lawyer…but I am an interested party to this mass crime.


  15. “Obama’s Poll Numbers Take a Hit”

    Take the poll…

    azgo got the poll results…thanks.

  16. Patriot Dreamer

    azgo and Linda,

    OK, got it. Thanks!

  17. Battle Over Census Becoming Fight Over Illegal Immigration

    Is this connected to the Health Care Bill, too?

  18. Deal on Medicare payments boosts House health bill

  19. Key Senators May Rebuff Obama on Health Care

    Some info here about Senators in trouble with respect to 2010 Election!

  20. Everyone go to this AOL Poll and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE…keep spreading the Truth.

    The poll I presented was a Fox Poll I believe there was a link there UP the page.

    Just analyzing and showing what it truly said.

    Take a look and see if you don’t the same conslusion…..Dems don;t affect the poll it usually moves opposite of what their does. This is some proof that they are full of Lieberal Communist Erosionist Alinsky CRAP.

    The Party out of touch is the Dems and RINOS.

  21. OT…but of interest.

    NM investment officer resigns amid federal probe

    Follow the money…

  22. Patriot Dreamer

    Palin-haters to release a look-alike attack book on Nov. 17.

    Will buyers be duped into buying the wrong book?

  23. Someone has already uploaded the new documentary “Fall of The Republic.”

    A lot of important points are made in only the first 10 min of it respective to the movement here on CW electing new representatives.

  24. Patriot Dreamer

    Dede Scozzafava (Republican) makes a big mistake by holding a press conference in front of opponent Doug Hoffman’s (Conservative Party of New York) HQ:


  26. Forgive me if this has already been posted:

    Obama’s exact plan for ratifying Copenhagen w/o Senate approval
    by DefendUSx October 21, 2009 17:29
    Open letter to Mr. Beck from a blogger about some recent research

    Mr. Beck,

    I won’t waste your time.. But I’ve been doing exhaustive research on EXACTLY how Obama plans to bypass the constitutional requirement to get the Copenhagen (also knows as “Kyoto II”) treaty ratified by the senate. This is worth your 20 seconds….

    Here’s what I’ve come up with:

    A former Clinton State Department official named Nigel Purvis laid out the extremely detailed blue-print for passing climate-treaties without Senate approval in a paper he wrote entitled “Paving the Way for U.S. Climate Leadership: The Case for Executive Agreements and Climate Protection Authority.” written in April 2008. That document is attached to this email, and can also be downloaded directly from [link to] — It is worth noting that Mr. Purvis is now an Obama aid.

    The paper written by Mr. Purvis explores “whether some international agreements are inherently treaties under the Constitution, or whether the President and Congress have discretion to treat an international agreement as a congressional-executive agreement instead of a treaty.” The author concludes, “The United States should classify new international treaties to protect the Earth’s climate system as executive agreements rather than treaties,” executive agreements being “complete and equally valid substitutes for virtually all treaties.” He assures us that “the courts would be highly likely to uphold the agreement,”

    Please see the attached document / research done by Christopher C. Horner. This gentleman is an attorney in Washington, DC and has represented scientists and Members of the U.S. House and Senate on matters of environmental policy in the federal courts including the Supreme Court. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s done extensive research on this strategy. His commentary on this blue-print is available here: [link to]

    PLEASE take a few minutes to look this over. There can be NO question that Obama has a very specific plan on how to proceed.

  27. Patriot Dreamer

    AOL Hot Seat Poll:

    Should the official web site promote Obama’s healthcare agenda?

  28. CW,

    If you’re asking for an interpretation of this poll, I can offer my opinion and say the following (I agree with PRWH on several fronts):

    1. Indep. and Repubs react in tandem to political events, that is the same.

    2. Esp. from the period May to present, Dems largely move in opp. direction to Indep. and Repubs.

    3. Repubs. show slightly greater shift downward than Indep.

    4. Dems show mild increase in support till May, then show mild decline (relative to other 2 groups and then stabilize).

    5. Indep. are the most reactive (greater swings). However they are largely responsible for the mean average, which is in decline.

    That’s because Repubs show the greatest decline, Dems show stability, so Indep. are averaging the two and then adding further decline from the period Feb. to Oct.

  29. Patriot Dreamer-re: the 2 Sarah books-the quick version Nightmare v/s Life. They could not make them more identical if they tried hard. Somewhat like Nancy Pelosi certifications (2) to the states. I know what they are trying to do, but this group is not at all classy-real barbarians. I do want to read Sarah’s book, I was trying so hard in the last election cycle to hear her, but Obama the nudge kept popping up and getting in the way-so obnoxious. I think that is part of the reason his numbers are tanking, other than his nit-wit message, people are sick of seeing him.

  30. Patriot Dreamer

    “Video: [Senator] Lamar Alexander advises Obama to stop being Nixon”

  31. From MommaE blog radio:


    My guest tonight will be Phil Berg on my return to Sentinel Radio Presents MommaE Radio Rebels! There are some people out there stating that Phil Berg is working for, or with Obama/Team Obama and that is an ABSOLUTE LIE, and so FAR from the TRUTH that it is laughable!! Phil Berg is NOT, has NOT and will NEVER be working for Obama. Phil will talk about his cases, what is happening, what his next steps will be and debunk all of the misinformation that is being spread about him and his fight to uphold and PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION. While some may not like that he follows the Court’s procedures and laws and does not attack them when he disagrees with a Ruling or Order form the Court, that in NO way gives anyone the right to demean him, or the work that he is doing.


    I look forward to seeing you all there! Link, time and call in number for the show is below.

    Call In # (646) 727-2652

    7:30 PM Pacific Time

    8:30 PM Mountain Time

    9:30 PM Central Time

    10:30 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all. Please join us in the Chat room!


  32. Larry Sinclair’s new chat room is up;

  33. Patriot Dreamer

    “7 Months After Stimulus 49 of 50 States Have Lost Jobs:
    America Now Over 6 Million Jobs Shy of Administration’s Projections”
    from Congressman Dave Camp (Rep.), House Ways & Means Committee

  34. FALL OF THE REPUBLIC – new documentary

    I hope EVERYONE here will watch the new documentary (link above). Broken up into short segments – I think 14 in all. I embedded only the first segment @11:31.

    Very educational. It’s essentially the big picture.

  35. Cw…I really liked JB Williams last piece about highjacking the R party in the same way the commies highjacked the D party. I think all conservative/indie groups based on Constitutional rule should ban together with the mobilized tea party movement…get everyone to committ to 100.00 per member and purge the R party.They can then rename it something else.Since we are low on time this idea could work. Farah seems good at rallying large amounts of folks to participate he might head off this effort.Get a form set up and donations rolling in then sit down and do business with the R party….It needs a makeover.

    A little help from the angels.
    William Congreve (1670–1729)
    QUOTATION: Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast,
    To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.

  37. Patriot Dreamer,

    Thanks for the vid.

    When is Lamar “the not so Great” Alexander going to man up and be a true statesman by abiding by his oath to uphold the Constitution instead of playing the political advise nonsense to a usurping clown???

  38. MC.
    We are not giving the Repub carte blanche.
    They had better listen!

  39. Patriot Dreamer

    JeffM, probably never. Just like the rest of them.

  40. Cw…
    I got the impression that this warchest idea would move out the treasonists R’s. That’s what I had in mind.People like Bachmann would be keepers…Graham would need to be outed.If there are 4 million people sending out pink slips then multiply 4 million x 100.00…that would mean you could reshape the party significantly. I like this idea because its something we could move on. A section of it is strictly financial another is like the KGB section rooting out RINOs who backstab. Maybe we could also get level-headed libs onboard during this delicate time…like Dr. Kate or Texas D types who have been fighting the coup. After this shaky period is over these folks could be purging out the commies out of the D party….Just thinking.

  41. Patriot Dreamer

    “Obamacare Line (1): What a phone call for health care may sound like in the near future”

  42. Patriot Dreamer

    “Obamacare Line (2): What a phone call for health care may sound like in the near future”

  43. Just Me – you are right – the Fall of the Republic is a must see. I’m thinking we may want to consider organizing house parties across the country to show this series. Talk about educating the voter and empowering them to take action, this series I’m confident would do it. What do y’all think?

  44. PD,

    This is kind of care is only useful if you’re a bionic entity. Maybe that’s where humanity is going, but then we wouldn’t call it humanity any more.

  45. Patriot Dreamer

    “‘Expert Panels’ Won’t Improve Health Care”

  46. OldSalt77–
    Just got a packet of info. Will e-mail
    you shortly with comments. Maddie.

  47. d2i,

    That’ s a good idea. This would be very good for those that do not have access to the net. But I wouldn’t stop there, there will have to be many forms of distribution.

    The net is still useful, so a mode of organizing it on the net is efficient. Wonder if Drudge would carry it.

  48. Linda from NY

    Spc. Flores couldn’t make it to Fiesta Latina

    Too busy to make a decision?

  49. I think the pink slip campaign is a good one. Just signed up.They are getting a deluge of boxes….

  50. venice – maybe Brietbart????

  51. Can you watch the Fall of the Republic on Prisonplanet?

  52. d21,

    Good one.


    We are a Christian nation, just the fraud and the administration in the White House isn’t.


    As the Mexicans (illegal), gays, blacks, single mothers, and unions are finding out more each day.

  54. This is just too funny! Mike Flynn of BG writes “Once upon a time, ‘Republican’ Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava was the front-runner in the special election to replace actual Republican Rep. John McHugh. That was then, the video below is now:

    So Daily Kos and Minority Whip Cantor gave $$$ to this no starter! HHHhhhmmmm. Makes one think, eh?

  55. Patriot Dreamer

    d2i @1:31 pm , don’t you love the signs behind her? Big mistake holding her press conference in front of her opponent’s HQ!


    This may be the most encouraging piece on health care legislation — public pressure on Dems affecting their vote.

  57. d2i, Venice,

    It’s powerful on many levels, isn’t it? This is what I was trying to say yesterday in my post. I didn’t think we’d really definitively defined the disease. That was until I saw this film last night.

    Politicians will just speak to our “listening” if we don’t know what the real issue is, and we will fall prey to the same agenda again. Many newbies will just use what is wrong with this administration as talking points – create jobs (that’s always a good one), cut taxes, help with your mortgage, lower gas prices…plus all the new ones.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what would either of you define as the definitive disease? I have typed a list a mile long, then when I look at it I see they’re just symptoms.

    It’s like complaining about your spouse leaving the cap off the toothpaste, toilet seat up/down (as the case may be 😉 the lights on, watching too much football or desperate housewives…Those are all symptoms of a core problem. A bigger issue. That’s what I have been trying to figure out and was hoping to encourage others to do. I don’t pretend to have the answers…I’m searching, too. I just want to think about it beyond these talking points. Make sense?

    BTW, this movie is not copyrighted, so many copies can be made and distributed at will.

  58. Kim,

    you need a membership (it’s cheap) to watch it on Prison Planet. You can order one from them, though. Then make a bazillion copies and pass ’em out.

  59. Who on earth is running this woman’s campaign? They should be fired!

    This two-minute clip should be used in all Candidate 101 workshops to demonstrate poorly arranged press events. Can you pick out the problems???

    Clue: never, ever, as a candidate hold your press conference in front of your opponent’s office.

    Clue: never hold a press event on a busy street.

    Clue: make sure you get plenty of rest…puffy eyes are bad for the camera.

    Clue: never wear pink; especially when you stand in front of your opponents office whose placards are strong red, white and blue colors!

  60. >From the website of the Communist Party, USA
    (prior to the election)

    Needs to be repeated………..

    “The Communist Party USA views the 2008 elections as a tremendous opportunity to defeat the policies of the right-wing Republicans and to move our country in a new progressive direction.

    The record turnout in the Democratic Presidential primary races shows that millions of voters, including millions of new voters, are using this election to bring about real change. We wholeheartedly agree with them.”


    From the website of the Communist Party, USA
    (after the election)

    A Landslide Mandate For Change

    Congratulations on an extraordinary history making election!

    We can think back with pride to decades of hard work toward our strategic goal of a big enough, broad enough and united enough labor and all-people’s movement that could overcome the ultra-right blockage to all progress. That all people’s movement has come to life, it is dynamic and it has the potential to keep growing.

    The election of Barack Obama and a strengthened Congress creates new conditions in our country. There is now the possibility to shift gears and move forward. This new day requires us to further develop our tactics in order to continue to deepen and broaden labor and people’s unity.

    There are thousands of experiences that we all have had in these momentous days, some large, some small, all of which express the enormity of change in thinking and readiness for involvement that is underway and that steels us for the battles ahead.

    The tears of joy we all shared as crowds gathered to watch the election results here and throughout the world dramatize the new moment we are in.

  61. From the Communist Party USA (check link below)

    July 1, 2009…

    Change is Here, Change is Coming

    Sam Webb, National Chair, Communist Party, USA:

    Let me begin with a simple observation: If the last 30 years were an era of reaction, then the coming decade could turn into an era of reform, even radical reform. Six months into the Obama presidency, I would say without hesitation that the landscape, atmosphere, conversation, and agenda have strikingly changed compared to the previous eight years.

    In this legislative session, we can envision winning a Medicare-like public option and then going further in the years ahead.

    We can visualize passing tough regulatory reforms on the financial industry, which brought the economy to ruin.

    We can imagine the troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan while U.S. representatives participate in a regional process that brings peace and stability to the entire region.

    In the current political climate, the expansion of union rights becomes a real possibility.

    Much the same can be said about winning a second stimulus bill, and we sure need one, given the still-rising rate, and likely long term persistence, of unemployment.

    Isn’t it possible in the Obama era to create millions of green jobs in manufacturing and other sectors of the economy in tandem with an attack on global warming?

    Can’t we envision taking new strides in the long journey for racial and gender equality in this new era, marked at its beginning by the election of the first African American to the presidency?

    And isn’t the overhaul of the criminal justice and prison system – a system steeped in racism – no longer pie-in-the sky, but something that can be done in the foreseeable future?

    All these things are within reach now!

  62. Kim,

    I should add, you can download it from PrisonPlanet if you have a membership. It also gives you the ability to download and/or watch any number of movies on his sight. I find it worth the money. No, I’m not paid to say this.

  63. He invited Bayh to the White House last week for a chat about health care and the deficit. In an interview that led to good publicity back home, Bayh told Indiana reporters that the president “was asking for my leadership on both of those issues.”
    We country girls call that “sucking up’…..
    Get a grip Bayh, you’re being used.

  64. #

    d2i // October 22, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Who on earth is running this woman’s campaign? They should be fired!

    This two-minute clip should be used in all Candidate 101 workshops to demonstrate poorly arranged press events. Can you pick out the problems???

    Clue: never, ever, as a candidate hold your press conference in front of your opponent’s office.

    Clue: never hold a press event on a busy street.

    Clue: make sure you get plenty of rest…puffy eyes are bad for the camera.

    Clue: never wear pink; especially when you stand in front of your opponents office whose placards are strong red, white and blue colors!
    She could also use a consultation from a foundation’s (bra) expert. Just atrocious.

  65. venice // October 22, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    This may be the most encouraging piece on health care legislation — public pressure on Dems affecting their vote.

    There’s a comment in here I want to emphasize:

    On a very few occasions, Simpson said, then-President George H.W. Bush asked him to cast a vote likely to cause him political problems back home. That was perhaps three times in 18 years, said Simpson, who held a GOP leadership post. “I swallowed hard and went over the cliff,” he said.

    That right there shows the REAL REASON why CONgrass is in hot water. They’re doing what their “leader” is telling them to do instead of representing the people back home. Are these non-respresentatives this stupid to let their dirty laundry out in the wind? No Homer Simpson, you don’t do what the “president” or your party asks you to do. You do what your STATE YOU REPRESENT asks you to do. That’s why you are there.

    People of Wyoming, if you vote for this idiot in the next election he’s up for, you deserve to have your voting privileges revoked!

  66. JustMe 1:38 pm,

    Important but complex question to answer because it can be addressed from so many angles. See if I can give a response that could be useful and respond when I can.

  67. Linda from NY

    President George W. Bush Awarded by Canadian Pro-Life Group for Abortion Fight

  68. DABIG,

    Soetoro was and still is a CPA member. They backed him in his first senatorial race, have funded him in every election he’s run in, and he’s been a prominent speaker at their events numerous times in the past.

    That’s why they’re so jazzed about this entire fiasco they’re in.

  69. Venice,

    yes it is…but a critical one for sure. I truly appreciate your time and commitment.

    I’ll check back later today.

    Even knowing all this information, there’s still such a feeling of impotence. As I said, the web is wide, roots are deep, and this has been going on for decades.

    d2i, great idea…I’ll be back later.

  70. OldSalt77–

    Check your personal e-mail. Message sent
    to you.

  71. Nancy Peacock

    Larry’s new page is

  72. Linda from NY

    U.S. Dollar Crash Is Not Going To Happen


  73. Just Me – great question. What would I define as the definitive disease? Addiction coupled with Narcissism within the Good Old Boy’s Club of the Elite.

    Let me explain. Addiction is a disease which has many symptoms and enablers who allow the ill to believe in unrealistic or utopian fantasy’s. Many addicts believe they have powers greater than God’s. The first step in Bill’s book is “admit powerlessness over your disease” and the second step “accepting a power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity.”

    For the elite Good Old Boys Club, power and money are only symptoms of their addiction. Chances are these so called leaders are raging alcoholics OR their parents were. Some people who display symptoms of an addiction never had to take a first drink. You may ask, how could they be an addict then?

    Well, it’s called adopting para alcoholic tendencies. When you are a child of an alcoholic, you learn via their behavior how to avoid problem solving, how to avoid conflict, how to placate your feelings and so much more. You in essence adopt your parents alcoholic behaviors b/c that was what you were taught.

    It’s only when you reach a certain place in your life that you come to realize some of your behaviors are not getting you what you want and/or need. Therefore, most seek out counseling of some sort to identify the behaviors and take action to change them. This is very very hard work, but it is done everyday.

    So, my hunch is the GOBC are a bunch of drunks who believe they are all powerful and God like.

    I’ll bet you never saw this answer coming, did you? LOL.

    I’m deadly serious though.

  74. just wondering

    try running your program with ss#1 and the last four digits 8765…In some of my research I came accross that number and sould be curios to learn if it attached to someone born in CT IN 1890

  75. Linda from NY

    Grayson opponent to file ethics complaint against healthcare website

  76. This ought to give everyone lots of
    “comfort.” On 105 special person records
    the name of bo, bho, and even including one with
    the designator “lawyer” has come back
    with 8 records labeled “possible HIGH RISK.”
    Now, isn’t that “special”?
    Guess We the People kind of already had a
    hunch, now, didn’t we?

    “Flags” on the people search include:
    1. arrests, 2. bankruptcies, 3. criminal records, 4. evictions, 5. licenses professional, & 6. warrants.

  77. just wondering,

    Saw you were here. Have more info.
    Do you want to run one?

    This one is “deceased” 485-40-5154

  78. Patriot Dreamer

    maddie, what does “possible HIGH RISK” mean? High risk for what?

  79. “U.S. Dollar Crash Is Not Going To Happen”

    News flash. The dollar already has crashed as evidenced by attempts to prop it up with trillions of dollars of debt no one will be able to repay.

    By financial definition it’s called insolvency, something countries with worthless currencies are all too familiar with.

  80. Linda from NY

    Sean Hannity Show,”Let Freedom Ring!”,M-F,3PM-6PM,October 22,2009

  81. Maddie,
    Dumb question, what is 105 special person records? And can you run the name Soetoro and Dunham?

  82. Gerald Celente is on live on Alex Jones right now. or

  83. Linda from NY

    Great New Ad Shows Just Who Will Pay for ObamaCare – The Next Generation – Video

  84. You Decide

    Should the government be allowed to dictate to a private employer how much it can pay its employees?

  85. Patriot Dreamer

    “Moody’s Warns US To Slash Debt Or Risk AAA Rating”

  86. There seems no trace of Barry being at Columbia, is it possible he went to nearby Barnard College? His sister Maya is an alumni of Barnard.

  87. You Decide

    What Do You Make of Obama’s Response to his Administration’s Attacks on Fox News?

  88. Linda from NY

    Polls: Chavez’s popularity slips in Venezuela

  89. Patriot Dreamer

    Geitner says “U.S. must live within its means”
    No kidding! When is Washington going to start?!

  90. Patriot Dreamer // October 22, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    d2i @1:31 pm , don’t you love the signs behind her? Big mistake holding her press conference in front of her opponent’s HQ!
    That has to be photoshopped….nobody is that ‘STUPID’!!!

  91. Everyone vote!

    AOL Poll
    Current numbers, slight change since this morning!

    How do you feel about Barack Obama’s performance as president?
    Disapprove 74%
    Approve 26%
    Total Votes: 592,314

    Pass it on!|main|dl1|link2|

  92. G’day All,

    The comments are good:

    Barky is indeed a legend in his own mind…

  93. Linda from NY

    Figures. Pornographic Anti-Christian Harvard Art Show Funded By Obama’s Safe Schools Czar

  94. Video: Obama: Democrats think for themselves, Republicans do what they’re told

    Obama: Sometimes Democrats can be their own worst enemies. Democrats are an opinionated bunch. You know the other side, they just kind of do what they’re told. Democrats, ya’ll thinkin’ for yourselves. I like that in you, but it’s time for us to make sure that we finish the job here, we are this close and we’ve got to be unified.

  95. JeffM,

    You’re right! Now that I think of it, weren’t there pictures of him in the “line-up” from the 80’s floating around on the web before the election?
    Just another case of “in-your-face” that was ignored/pooh poohed by both parties and msm.

  96. Here’s a thought for those of you who may want to run for office – Congress – OR for those that want to be certain who you get behind supports the Constitutional Platform (still needs to be defined – CW you may want to do a post just on this to collect posters thoughts and suggestions).

    First thing most candidates must do is build name recognition. Who are you and what do you stand for?

    Second is money. You need money to pay staff, poll, run ads, send ads, etc.

    One way to at least start building name recognition now, is to show the “Fall of the Republic” at Community Centers, Churches, Lodges, Temples, etc. Map out your district and identify said places. When people arrive to see the movie, recruit some volunteers to sign-in folks as they arrive. You may also want to have folks wear name tags (first names only) so as to keep the print large so you can see their names.

    Do a brief introduction of yourself to the audience, tell them a bit about the movie and let them know there will be time for a Q & A after the film.

    During the Q & A, you want to be sure to serve as a facilitator b/c you want these constituents to know that you are listening to them and interested in learning from them. You serve as the quiet leader. During the wrap-up or when you feel it’s appropriate, let these folks know that you are thinking about challenging XXX in the upcoming election. Feel them out.

    Let them know you’ll be following up with them if you decide too. And if you decide to, you’ll have the call sheets of real voters in your district to begin to build your base.

    This activity could actually become part of the CWs Brigade PAC or Platform. Whichever or whatever direction he decides to go. Think of it as a tool in the election toolbox.

  97. Linda from NY

    National Review: Palin to endorse Doug Hoffman in NY-23 Race?

    Hope so…

  98. Linda from NY


    NPR Blames Republicans For ACORN’s Bad Image

  99. DABIG,

    Mosey on over to NewZeal. It’s clear as day back in the 90’s:

    The files on the right hand side shows the proverbial who’s-who of marxist, socialist, and communist ties to Soetoro.


    Dr. Orly Taitz speaks with the Post & Email


    Interview should be posted within 60 minutes, of the time this comment was published.

  101. just wondering,

    Ran your suggestion with 8765 with the rest the same—came up with nothing.

    If you want try running a new “deceased” SSN posted @ 2:08 and see if you come up with “Lucy” (not Chuck Brown’s) but LB. Let me know.

  102. DUH-The people have been telling the government this for years, lately they have been SCREAMING at town hall meetings, 9/12 March, faxes, e-mails to all reps. Executive and Legislative. The Democrats in my mind are the most guilty, sorry to say the Republicans could put up a much bigger fight now.
    The Obamas him with the big mouth, could set a good example he acts like money is for burning, most of the trips he takes are totally unnecessary-Michelle is even worse. Obama the crook that he is should practice what he preaches.
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States must live within its means once its economy recovers if it is to preserve global confidence in the U.S. dollar’s status, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Friday.

  103. Linda from NY

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Americans Shifting Away From Belief in Global Warming Hoax

  104. d2i said:

    Here’s a thought for those of you who may want to run for office – Congress

    There are 5 simple rules to running for office to win a CONgrassional seat:

    1. Always tell the public what they want to hear
    2. If you are offered a bribe, take it
    3. Do what your party tells you to do because they pay your bills, campaign, and slush funds
    4. The U.S. Constitution is a tool to get you what you want regardless of what the framers intended
    5. Smear your opponents because they’re going to smear you

    Excel on these and you’ll win for sure.

  105. LM // October 22, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    Video: Obama: Democrats think for themselves, Republicans do what they’re told

    Obama: Sometimes Democrats can be their own worst enemies. Democrats are an opinionated bunch. You know the other side, they just kind of do what they’re told. Democrats, ya’ll thinkin’ for yourselves. I like that in you, but it’s time for us to make sure that we finish the job here, we are this close and we’ve got to be unified

    So let me see if I get this straight – O says R’s are controlled whereas D’s are not, but then goes onto to state “…it is time for us to make sure that we finish the job here, …we’ve got to be unified.” I guess in 0’s world his words aren’t at all controlling. Yep. The D’s are definitely not being controlled by 0. What a fool.

  106. JJ – I don’t think it was photoshopped. I think she’s truly that clueless. What does this tell you? If this woman can run, be taken serious and raise $$$, then why can’t you or anyone else who posts on this board?

  107. SueK-as I registered Democrat let me respond to Obama. You are not a Democrat, YOU LIE, you are a communist, socialist, a crook. I never voted for you, nor will I ever. I hope you are “this close” to jail along with all your corrupt buddies from the cesspool of corruption. We Democrats do think for ourselves, we think you are an idiot and the Republicans have much better ideas and they care about our Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE.

  108. JeffM – ROFLMAO!!! Too funny. I needed that.

  109. just wondering

    I don’t have software but I saw that Scarolina had old software on yesterdays blogs…I figured that old software was less likely to have been scrubbed. From what I understand know one has been able to locate ss#1’s original owner as seen on the the affidavit…I wish I could remember where I had seen the CT # with these other four last numbers, bit it is hard to keep track. Your deceased number does not originate in CT…
    If someone can track down the name of the CT#, i would be happy to do some legwork as that is where I am.

  110. just wondering

    Excuse my horrendous spelling 🙂 I never check before i hit submit

  111. Linda from NY

    Your tax dollars at work!

    Well-Heeled Abuse Shelter Implicated in NYC Housing Scam

  112. Patriot Dreamer:

    The search criteria given in the Standard People Search that was used to get these records includes the following “Flags”

    1. arrests, 2. bankruptcies, 3. criminal records, 4. evictions, 5. licenses professional, & 6. warrants

    “Possible High Risk”— can mean that there is some thing/s in that person’s background “behaviors” or
    “records” that lists or flags them as a “risk”

    These records were sent to me by the P.I.

  113. Linda from NY

    The Human Methylome: What Do These Patterns Mean? (high state of living cell’s design “astonishing”)

    Maybe, it won’t be that easy to make us into robots…

  114. Patriot Dreamer

    “US health care tab would grow under overhaul”

    WASHINGTON – The nation’s medical costs will keep spiraling upward even faster than they are now under Democratic legislation pending in the House, a report from government economic experts concluded Wednesday.

    for the rest of the article:

  115. Linda from NY:NPR Blames Republicans For ACORN’s Bad Image
    OMG Linda, This is a corruption story pure and simple. Wait until they get to South Side of Chicago, where Obama and Jarrett took it to the MAX, ACORN, SEIU, and VOTER FRAUD. Just coming from Chicago I’m trying to figure out how it works. The term “the poor” who wouldn’t want to help them, I thinking of babies not starving to death. That is used as the magic word to get funding. My questions for Obama and Jarrett what is their cut for going to Washington as Senator or whatever capacity-99 per cent? “The poor” for their needs get 1 per cent? if that much. The Republicans did not do this, the Democrats did and all the screaming in the world is not going to shut this story down, since the cat’s out of that bag and all Americans are interested in this due to: Corruption, total waste of the taxpayers money, requiring taxpayers to support immoral and amoral lifestyles. This is top- White House to bottom crime. Every reporter in the country should be on this story, it is way bigger than Watergate.

  116. Patriot Dreamer

    maddie @2:50 pm

    maddie, thanks!

  117. just wondering,
    Thank you for the note. You are correct, no one yet has been able to track down the name for SS#1. It is frustrating.
    I will, you can bet, take you up on your offer, though, as soon as we crack this one.
    Yes, I am happy that SCarolina is working on her discs. As you say, hers shouldn’t have been scrubbed.
    Here I’m sitting looking at 105 records and multiple SS#s from all over the country and with the name we all know on them.

  118. On Orly’s site with the heading about the Dunhams there is a sentence that says Stanley Ann spelled her last name ‘Sutoro instead of Soetoro’ in some real estate transactions. Thanks to everyone doing research you are doing a fine job

  119. just wondering // October 22, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    I put in that # and it said No matches were found.

  120. just wondering // October 22, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    sorry I hit enter before finished. I tried that # with CT and nothing came up so I did another search just using the # and it still said no matches.

  121. Linda from NY

    American Patriot Network- Must See TV TONIGHT! (7pm Eastern)

    American Patriot Network ^ | 9/22/09 | n/a

  122. Linda from NY-these scams are so old already. The Welfare Queens in Chicago were very innovative too. The made the mistake of becoming so obvious, they are now in jail where they belong, but I’m sure others are “working it” even as we speak.

  123. Prairie // October 22, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    Dumb question, what is 105 special person records? And can you run the name Soetoro and Dunham
    Hi Prairie,
    There are no dumb questions in our goal to restore the Constitution and Country. You are a Patriot, period!
    I received the Oh Private Investigator’s packet today. It contains 105 records (background records under the name/s you know who).
    The search tool that the P. I. uses is called
    “Standard People Search” She put in the name, ran it and 105 records resulted. Reports can be ordered for specific items (arrests, bakruptcies, criminal records, etc.). Addresses associated with this name are literally all over the country. There are multiple SS#s as well.
    As to whether the S and D names can be run, the answer is yes. I don’t have access to this search tool, however, there are many other background, people search databases out there–they usually cost a fee depending on what you order. Hope this helps answer your question.

  124. Prairie // October 22, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    There seems no trace of Barry being at Columbia, is it possible he went to nearby Barnard College? His sister Maya is an alumni of Barnard.
    I think Prairie, he attended Columbia College, he just didn’t ‘attend’ Columbia College.

    Get it??

  125. Good, Michelle-you need to tell the Barkster that in person!

  126. SCarolina—
    Try running this one….

    This one is “deceased” 485-40-5154
    origin is Iowa

    Thanks, Maddie
    Let me know if you come up with an LB
    (initials for the name). I want whatever you can get, ESPECIALLY if you get SS payout info.

  127. Prairie–
    I think the “girly mon” went to Barnard
    disguised as his sister.

    o.k, sorry, I need a break. Going out to pull
    some weeds–weather here is good. Be back later.

  128. maddie-didn’t Orly and Ohio PI get this information from Lexis/Nexis
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation, search
    “Nexis” redirects here. For similar words, see Nexus.
    LexisNexis (often called “Lexis” or “Nexis” by customers), a division of Reed Elsevier, offers a widely used, searchable, and identically named archive of content from newspapers, magazines, legal documents and other printed sources. LexisNexis describes itself as the “world’s largest collection of public records”
    and they tried many different spellings since Obama in all his configurations it is an odd name, Soetoro, Dunham-I still think there are more names they used out there-Michelle O’s too.

  129. “VeriChip Corporation and RECEPTORS LLC to Unveil Development Details of Virus Triage Detection System for the H1N1 Virus and In Vivo Glucose-Sensing RFID Microchip at Grand Hyatt in New York on October 22”

  130. LOL JJ @ 3:12 , you are funny!

  131. Linda from NY

    “Congressman Mike Pence defends Conservative Talk Radio and TV, blasts MSM on House Floor”

  132. maddie // October 22, 2009 at 3:14 pm – found LB, do you want me to copy the info on here or send it to your email

  133. d2i // October 22, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    JJ – I don’t think it was photoshopped. I think she’s truly that clueless. What does this tell you? If this woman can run, be taken serious and raise $$$, then why can’t you or anyone else who posts on this board?


  134. Linda from NY

    On the road again…

  135. Texas Instruments makes RFID chips, business is good, they are hiring 1000 at their Texas plant. Fox News was reporting this as a good thing, I have mixed feelings…

  136. Linda from NY-this concerns charitable giving–
    I think most people want to help those in the most need, not some racket where the poor are used as a pawn.
    Administrative Expenses: This measure reflects what percent of its total budget a charity spends on overhead, administrative staff and associated costs, and organizational meetings. Dividing a charity’s administrative expenses by its total functional expenses yields this percentage.

  137. Linda from NY

    Michelle: This one’s for you…

    Beohner Blasts Obama and Democrats for “Chicago Style Politics”

  138. JustMe // October 22, 2009 at 1:57 pm


    yes it is…but a critical one for sure. I truly appreciate your time and commitment.

    I’ll check back later today.

    Even knowing all this information, there’s still such a feeling of impotence. As I said, the web is wide, roots are deep, and this has been going on for decades.

    d2i, great idea…I’ll be back later

    I’ll try to frame my response in terms of yours;

    “there’s such a feeling of impotence”

    I ask why?

    Most would say, well its so obvious, the dollar is falling, the government is taking control, our liberties are being taken away etc.

    Well all of this is true, but they haven’t succeeded yet. That’s what Obama means when he says he’s “just started”.

    In every human relationship, whether between 2 people, between countries, between several organizational levels, power exists on both sides.
    But it comes in different forms and this is what everyone needs to know, needs to really know.

    Have you ever witnessed how an entire family can be held ransom by a crying infant in the middle of the night? The infant commands the greatest hold on the “grown-ups”.

    There is a vicious battle for dominance right now, worldwide, within and between states and now in America between the oligarchs and the people. The distribution of power appears to be reaching a near critcal threshold, but it can always be rebalanced. Always.

    Think of it this way: power can only be gauged in relation to something. The oligarchs can only have it , if a willing empire acquiesces. A man who beats his wife, can only beat her if she stays, or if she leaves and doesn’t protect herself.

    There is a ton that Americans can do to resist this oppressive force, but they have to first see that their collective resistance will have enormous consequences. That’s where it begins.

    Remember power exists on both sides, only in different forms. The people have to first be informed (that’s why Obama was chosen, to lull the populace in a deep sleep), and they have to know that everything they do, does make a difference. It doesn’t matter if some battles are lost, you turn a page and try again and in a different way. That’s where things are at.

  139. Linda from NY

    “Full Text: Dick Cheney Rips Obama in Speech to Center for Security Policy”

  140. Linda from NY-Thank you you’re special. At least someone recognizes it for what it is. Hello–“Chicago Style Politics” they call it Alinsky-I call it Capone. Sick, isn’t it that some take pride in this? Never in a million years did I think that the people we thought were whack jobs when you got off the train in Chicago, would be running this country. We suburbanites just thought they were run of the mill crazy people. They used to panhandle a lot, guess they figured out a way into bigger bucks.

  141. Linda from NY // October 22, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Your tax dollars at work!

    Well-Heeled Abuse Shelter Implicated in NYC Housing Scam
    41 people in 4 states charged in mortgage fraud

    Thirty-one people were arrested in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. They were among 41 people charged with engaging in mortgage fraud scams that defrauded lenders out of more than $64 million in home mortgage loans.

    64 MILLION??? 64 MILLION?? 64 MILLION???


  142. Linda from NY
    “We cannot hope to win a war by talking down our country and those who do its hardest work – the men and women of our military and intelligence services.”
    I would add and not deliberately putting their lives in danger.

  143. JJNEW YORK –” A mortgage fraud crackdown announced Thursday resulted in the arrests of dozens of people, including six lawyers, seven loan officers and three mortgage brokers in four states” I find this part particularly offensive, because they had the knowledge that what they were doing was wrong and criminal. I think many more will be indicted.

  144. Kim // October 22, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    LOL JJ @ 3:12 , you are funny!

    I try!!

  145. Patriot Dreamer

    Greg Goss @3:43 pm

    Greg, what do you see? I don’t have a Facebook account, so I can’t access.

  146. Linda from NY

    Lawmakers say Senate health care bill could hit feds with new taxes (gold plated fed plans)

    Awww…don’t ya feel bad for these guys?

  147. Linda from NY-we need a nationwide SCAM alert website, so people could report these frauds anonymously, and save the taxpayers tons of dollars, I’m not even figuring in police time. Just for investigation purposes only not to aggravate someone the person may not like. We could all be Hannah and James. I still can’t believe anyone with eyes in their head could fall for the baby faced pimp and prostitute, but the part that really cracks me up the profits were for his political campaign. What does that tell you?

  148. Information I did not know.
    “Susan G. Komen affiliates donated $711,485 to Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country during April ’05 to March 2006,” she points out. “And the very fact that Susan G. Komen would give money to Planned Parenthood does not make any sense since Planned Parenthood is not only the largest abortion chain in America, but the connection between breast cancer and abortion is very clear.”

  149. Linda from NY

    Hey…here’s a novel idea!

    Needed: a Congress Czar

  150. Linda from NY-I think it is a great idea. It may be too big a job in the beginning, it’s like a scam a second being discovered in Washington. Man, I have heard of corruption, but this is ridiculous.

  151. PD, It is Obama’s facebook page. I didn’t know he had one, and he has his followers calling congress to get them to pass health care. There are thousands of comments, I got nauseous…

  152. Prairie-yet 82-85 per cent wanted to see the birth certificate???

  153. Linda from NY

    Prairie: 70 % believe he was? We need to do some serious “educating of the masses!”

    Oh yeah…it’s just a poll…forgot!

  154. Linda from NY

    Michelle: Really? Who told you that? Just wondering where you got that percentage…

    Sounds good to me, though…lol

    Just pulling your leg Michelle!

  155. Hi Michelle,
    I would guess Orly uses Lexis/Nexis –all the attorneys do. I know a few databases from the library science world. The material I rec’d didn’t have L/N anywhere on it as the database
    searched by the P.I. Not all databases are free and require a subscription or access via a library system.

  156. Patriot Dreamer

    Greg Goss // October 22, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    OK, thanks. Probably for the best that I can’t see!


  157. Linda from NY

    Oh no! Help Sue K!

    Sebelius calls for updated vaccine-making process,0,7785040.story

  158. Linda from NY


    Report: ACORN Asking Laid Off Workers to Defraud Government

  159. Venice,
    Have you ever witnessed how an entire family can be held ransom by a crying infant in the middle of the night? The infant commands the greatest hold on the “grown-ups”.
    For me, you couldn’t have used a better analogy. I had one of those infants! He’s now 27 yrs old. I like to say he was the baby from hell and the man from heaven. He truly was/is a blessing in my life on many fronts.
    I am and have been active on many fronts with this effort since last year. No matter how small it seems(ed), I firmly believe it all adds up. When the events are fed to us in small increments, as they always are – a headline here and there, a newscast here and there, a radio commentary here and there, and a blog post here and there – it becomes peaks and valleys on the graph of emotion and tolerance. That’s the mode of operandi they use on us. Then, I believe, we are blinded to the urgency as we become more and more desensitized.
    Thus, when you watch something like this documentary where it’s in your face in one sitting…there’s no denying. You start to look for ways on how to ramp it up, just like yourself and d2i did earlier. It also has one see it isn’t as simple as voting in “new blood.”
    I hope I didn’t put you on the spot. I sincerely appreciate your contribution and commentary. I hope others here on this site do as well.
    Back later.

  160. Linda from NY-re: ACORN investigations I think they are getting closer to Obama and Jarrett. I’m sure they are in deep with these corruption scandals, in Chicago they will try to bury the evidence but I don’t think they can. When the ex-ACORN workers start to “talk” it could get interesting real fast. I think besides trying to defraud government they are trying to buy silence. Maybe someone should make them aware of the penalties, do they really think Obama is worth jail time? I don’t think so.

  161. Linda from NY

    Malkin Has 3 Questions For Obama
    Good ones, too

  162. SCarolina–
    Yes, I’d like to see your info to compare.

    To: Citizen Wells

    Please give SCarolina my e-mail addy so
    she can send her SS info to me. Thank you.

  163. Gerald Celente – Trends Forcaster podcast earlier today. Covers it all.

    [audio src="" /]


    [audio src="" /]

  164. Linda from NY

    Boy…this lady is getting hammered!

    It’s Time for Dede Scozzafava and Her False Police Report to Go

  165. d2i,

    you’re right, I am surprised at your answer. But..then again not really, if you could boil down what you say, would it be CONTROL? That’s my take away from your post. Very perceptive.

    I’ll be back later.

  166. Linda from NY

    W.H.: Pay czar decided on his own

  167. JustMe,

    Listening to Celente: “Alex Jones is heard worldwide” and leading “2nd American Revolution”.

    Jones is a threat for the oligarchs and he’s only one among many.
    These people are made of flesh and blood just like you and me.

  168. Linda from NY

    Breaking Obamas Health Care A Hoax!

    Please watch the video at the website noted!

  169. Linda from NY

    Will the real Barack Obama stand up…….to be impeached


    Christians believe God can calm the seas, and Greeks believed Zeus controlled the weather and showered down thunder and lightning in anger.
    Apparently, now Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas seems to think she too can control the winds and the rains by earmarking over a hundred million of your tax dollars to dubious research at universities in her state, even though the idea was long abandoned by government scientists.

    Senator Hutchison, recently named “Porker of the Month”, says she wants to earmark $125 million during this recession to, in her words, force “Mother Nature” to “alter her course.”

    As Al Gore and President Obama have failed in their quest to control the oceans, Senator Hutchison thinks she can finally get Mother Nature to listen to politicians. Good luck!

  171. This past Sunday, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel made unprecedented statements on the Sunday morning shows. They both echoed the same two talking points which were essentially:
    1. Fox News is not really a legitimate news source because it has a ‘point of view’ and
    2. We encourage all legitimate news networks to stop treating them as if they are legitimate.

    The ACORN press conference and new video have been news for over 24 hours, and as of now, the networks’ coverage is as follows:
    Fox News – ran a story within an hour of the press conference and duplicated coverage on their web page
    NBC – nothing
    MSNBC – nothing
    CNN – nothing
    AP ran a story late yesterday.
    CBS – has only re-run the AP story
    ABC – has only re-run the AP story

    I’m just wondering… do you think the networks got the White House’s message?

  172. Celente,

    “Second Revolution must NOT be hijacked by violence, because it gives the gov’t reason to enact martial law.”

  173. Maddie, while you were out pulling weeds, I kept searching for LB and found that the info my genealogy cd’s didn’t give me anymore info than what has already been found. I am trying some other sources that I used for family searches and I will let you know what I find.

  174. Celente,

    Recommends not buying anything corporate eg.Dunkin Doughnuts, and support community enterprise.
    He says to acquire provisions as much as possible.
    He suggest buying gold, they forecast 2000.
    This Christmas do not buy anything made in China.
    The elite have no idea of how people are reacting, the “2nd revolution”. They are totally disconnected to the average person.

    He keeps saying “the revolution has begun”.

    Forecasting a 3rd party by 2012, possibly but not necessarily “progressive libertarian”.
    Hope you don’t mind my record keeping.

  175. **** New Post ****

  176. Linda from NY

    venice: Excellent summary! Thanks for sharing! Have been listening as I read…

  177. Maddie…………………….
    I find myself a bit dissappointed with the news regarding the numbers. I had hoped that by doing a system search that we could determine if benefits have ever been paid out relating to the person born in 1890. It now seems that only SS paper records can now be used, and we cannot access such material. In addition we traversed a world war during the interim years and it is entirely possible that the person holding the card could have been a member of our US Merchant Marine during WW2. He/ she would have been 51 years of age in 1941, and ineligible to serve in any of our armed forces. He /she would have been rejected. Many of these people turned to the US Maritime Service as a way of contributing to the war effort. Nearly 35,000 lost their lives, and it is entirely plausible that this person might have been among them. People from the New Englsnd states share a common maritime heritage.Interestingly he/she would have been eligible to sign up for membership in the Social Security System at 46 years of age in 1936. While he/she might not have signed up right away they would have HAD to sign up in order to generate that number. Otherwise that number would NOT exist, anywhere in the system. Can you determine if Social Security numbers are sequential? Then perhaps we can look at one behind and one forward. If we can’t turn up anything soon maybe I should move back into the POE record search, which has been largely abandoned. I also discussed this with Steve Pidgeon. He advised me of some places to look, but before I could look I contracted the shingles. NOT REAL PLEASANT!

  178. OldSalt77,
    It is difficult and frustrating to get the info on
    that one SSN of 1890. A number of people here have tried and are still not getting a name. I know from talks with the P.I. that other parties want that name, too. Does Steve Pidgeon have any ideas where else to look?
    I do not know who is doing POE searches now.
    The Oh P.I. sent me a 4-page printout of the “Standard People Search,” and it just came today. There are 105 records for the target name. Info. provides locations throughout the US for the target, some of the SS#s used, some phone #s, origin of SS# used, DOB, and analysis of “risk.” There is a theory I said I’d work on that has to do with various locations that are included. Some people here will help me. I will send whatever we find to our favorite person in CA.
    Take care, good luck with the eye surgery and stay away from shingles! Best, Maddie.

  179. OldSalt77–

    Info on SS#s and how assigned….
    A Social Security Number (SSN) consists of nine digits, commonly written as three fields separated by hyphens: AAA-GG-SSSS. The first three-digit field is called the “area number”. The central, two-digit field is called the “group number”. The final, four-digit field is called the “serial number”.


    The group number is not related to geography but rather to the order in which SSNs are issued for a particular area
    In each region, all possible area numbers are assigned with each group number before using the next group number

    Serial numbers are assigned in chronological order within each area and group number as the applications are processed

  180. Patriot Dreamer

    “Obama’s Doctor Shortage:
    All of the president’s “fixes” will just create new problems”

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