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The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”
…. Louis D. Brandeis

“The (American) press, which is mostly controlled by vested
interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.”
…. Albert Einstein

“Not every item of news should be published: rather must
those who control news policies endeavor to make every item
of news serve a certain purpose.”
…. Joseph Goebbels

“Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially not insofar
as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent.”
…. Adolf Hitler

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.
Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that
polluted vehicle.”
…. Thomas Jefferson

“The past is whatever the records and the memories agree upon.
And since the party is in full control of all records, and in
equally full control of the minds of it’s members, it follows
that the past is whatever the party chooses to make it. Six
means eighteen, two plus two equals five, war is peace,
freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”
…. George Orwell

“When you pick up your morning or evening newspaper and think
you are reading the news of the world, what you are reading
is a propaganda which has been selected, revised, and doctored
by some power which has a financial interest in you.”
…. Upton Sinclair

George Orwell watched from a close distance as the totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany spun their web of deception and gained ultimate control over all dissent. Orwell’s experience is evident in his novel, “1984.” I began writing about the analogies between the Obama camp and “1984” and Nazi Germany early in 2008. By now, anyone paying attention should be aware of the realities of the totalitarian, mind control agenda of the Obama Administration.
Yesterday, October 19, 2009, on the Citizen Wells blog we reported on Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, who admires Chairman Mao and who was caught on a video admitting to their control of the press.
“We just put that out there and made them write what Plouffe had said as opposed to Plouffe doing an interview with a reporter. So it was very much we controlled it as opposed to the press controlled it,”

Anita Dunn, Fox News, control of press

Sean Hannity: Obama Administration Is “Scared” of Fox News


I spoke to Larry Sinclair this morning about David Axelrod and the other Obama thugs trying to silence Fox News, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Larry and I agree that even if people do not believe his story (now they are more likely with Axelrod and the Obama camp revealing their true motives) that the even bigger story was the Obama  camp trying to silence and discredit Larry Sinclair and anyone questioning Obama as well as internet scrubbing, which has intensified.
From a Citizen Wells article dated July 2, 2008 on Larry Sinclair, David Axelrod and the failure of the MSM to cover Obama.

Fox News has since become serious about reporting the news about Obama
“The mainstream media has failed to do their job and will be held accountable. Aside from a few notable exceptions such as ABC News during the PA debate, Tim Russert and the Chicago Tribune, Barack Obama has been given a free ride by the press. The Democrat Party, David Axelrod and major monetary players in this country and the Middle East have flexed their political muscles to censor the truth about Obama. Phony news organizations like CNN were never expected to report the truth. Fox News has become an entertainment network and has been a disappointment.”

David Axelrod smears Larry Sinclair

From Larry Sinclair’s book, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder”

“In fact, at 12:48 A.M. on February 25, 2008 (the day before Barland’s review was even conducted), I received a telephone tip from xxx-xxx-2796 and xxx-xxx-0872, advising me that the polygraph was rigged and was arranged by Dan Parisi and Obama Campaign advisor David Axelrod. The man giving me the tip stated that, “Axelrod and the Obama Campaign had agreed to pay Dan Parisi of Whitehouse.com , $ 750,000 to arrange a rigged polygraph.”

As stated above, many people, if paying attention, should have been concerned about the extreme measures taken by the Obama camp to silence or discredit anyone challenging Obama.

Now, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Greta Sustern and others, perhaps you will be more willing to revist Larry Sinclair’s allegations since now Axelrod is smearing you.


Larry Sinclair update.

Larry has access to his new internet TV show and the website is more interactive.



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  1. For those interested – VIP interview.

    Pastor Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones show right now telling about his recent phone conversation with a former oil CEO. What’s coming – timeline

    click on the “on demand” above the photo.

  2. Bob….could you elaborate on where you got that interesting information? I thought Daniels was mum?

  3. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2366726/posts
    Doomed Democratic dynasties of Biden and Reid?
    Telegraph Blogs (U.K.) ^ | October 20, 2009 | Toby Harnden
    Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 1:19:40 PM by Schnucki
    It’s way too early to start predicting the results of next year’s mid-term elections. But Democrats are already quaking in their boots. Remember all those breathless predictions of the Democratic party being in power for a zillion years? We’re not hearing those now.
    True, the Republican party isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite political brand right now but GOP tails are up because the Barack Obama stardust has already disappeared and those Democrats who were wondering a few months ago whether the new prez was a Ronald Reagan or a Jimmy Carter are reluctantly conceding that it looks like the latter.
    Among the most vulnerable Democratic seats are ones with Reid and Biden on them. Well, in the case of the latter that’s not quite true – Joe Biden vacated it when he became vice-prez and the Democratic governor put in a place-holder to keep the seat warm for the veep’s son Beau Biden, state Attorney General and recently returned home from Iraq.
    A poll last week gave Congressman Michael Castle a narrow lead over Biden the Younger, who has yet to declare his run for the seat he father occupied for a mere 36 years. Delaware has been solidly Democratic in recent years but Castle is a former governor with a proven record of winning statewide battles.
    Even more worried is Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader. With more than a year until election day he’s already trailing in the polls behind two out of eight prospective and relatively unknown GOP opponents. And he’s begun advertising – a sure sign he feels very vulnerable. Here’s his self-homage pitch to Nevadans, whose state he visits just twice a month:

  4. Linda from NY

    Just Me: Thanks for the link; am listening now!

    This is frightening! I have suspected all along that churches throughout the spectrum have been infiltrated with “troublemakers.”

    This idea that “Separation of Church and State” was in the Constitution is bunk!

    Homeland Security is attacking the churches as well…scary stuff!

  5. Jacqlyn Smith

    Move over from previous post…..

    Great analysis found at…


    Attacking Freedom of the Press – A Slow Ride to Socialism?
    2009 October 20

    by Karen Northon

    RANKING members of the Obama Administration have publicly denounced and derided what they see as a major threat to their agenda – FOX News. This ongoing battle between the White House and a cable news outlet is just the latest example of the many dangerous obsessions of Obama’s White House: dangerously skewed priorities, image-obsessed leadership that expresses an ever-growing need for control, and the petty, undignified truth behind their campaign rhetoric of hope and change.

    “When one makes a Revolution, one cannot mark time; one must always go forward – or go back. He who now talks about the ‘freedom of the press’ goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards Socialism.”

    – Vladimir Lenin, Communist Leader of the Soviet Union (1870-1924)

    The White House’s anti-democratic, anti-free press effort to bring down a major news outlet – a move that most pundits agree is a public relations disaster in the making – is being led by (of all people) White House Communications Director Anita Dunn. As a former public relations executive myself, I’m astounded Dunn has made it this far in her career making decisions this idiotic. There was Rahm Emanuel –

    And David Axelrod –

    And let us not forget Chairman Mao loving Anita Dunn herself –

    A columnist with the Baltimore Sun sums up the fracas well –

    Where are their priorities?

    I will take the press critics in the West Wing like Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod seriously when they condemn MSNBC for the same sins and worse than Fox.

    And I will take this administration more seriously when it starts doing the real work of governing instead of worrying primarily about its image and trying to silence anyone who would be critical of it.

    – David Zurawik, Z on TV

    Although a select few in Norway may see Obama’s rhetoric – mere words, carefully crafted by well-paid speech writers – as worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize (did his speech writers get to share in this Nobel Prize?), I liken it more to a highly successfully advertising campaign worthy of a Clio or an Addy® Award – an attempt to sell Americans a shell of an ideal.

    Buyers’ Remorse

    All too often, products fail to live up to their hype – as do politicians. President Obama has failed to deliver in any meaningful way, shape or form resembling his advertising campaign of Hope and Change.

    The White House’s petty, strong-arm tactics with FOX News are hardly evidence of the new era of bi-partisan American politics repeatedly promised by Candidate Obama. On the contrary, this White House vendetta serves as further indisputable evidence of an administration that is perfectly content to further divide our nation by catering to the sentiments and musings of one segment of our society while openly and brazenly dismissing another.

    Cenk Uygur, host of a low-rated satellite radio show, advertised in his analysis on the Huffington Post the reason why folks just aren’t listening to his show. In his editorial, Uygur declares himself an authority on media bias, labeling various news outlets/shows as either opinion, partisan or straight news.

    Either he refuses to acknowledge, or simply cannot conceive that a subjective concept such as media bias is largely in the eyes/ears of the audience. It certainly cannot be credibly determined by a member of its own ranks.

    But that screaming moment of hubris aside, his greatest affront was not in his lengthy, narrow diatribe on the horrors of biased media, but rather, his anti-democratic perceptions of the relationship between a government and the news media – stated upfront in his headline, “Why the White House is 100% Right to Challenge Fox News.”

    A Threat to Democracy

    The fact that White House leaders like Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and Anita Dunn have focused such caustic vitriol on, and had threatened to cut off, a prominent news media outlet is a threat to democracy – not to be taken lightly be any American on the left or right.

    In any free society, the power of the press is evident in its ability to influence national opinion and priorities, serve as watchdog over governments, and spark open, healthy debate over public policy. For this reason, government coups throughout history have always made government control over the news media an immediate priority. It’s a sudden and dramatic take-over supplanting legitimate news with endless propaganda.

    But a sudden and forceful takeover isn’t the only way to gain control of a free press. It can be accomplished slowly, and insidiously; so slowly that many of us may choose to dismiss the warning signs – the proof – preferring to interpret the shift in media control as no more than a reflection of a shift in public opinion. That is a dangerous misinterpretation.

    In a democracy such as ours, it is the role of the news media to gauge the legitimacy of a government. It is NOT the role of a democratic government to assess the legitimacy of the news media. When the government assumes such a role, our democracy has been turned on its head, and our government is no longer accountable to the people.

  6. Linda, you’re welcome.

    You have missed several VIP bullet points.

    This pastor was the chaplain to the elite on the Alaska pipeline years ago. He was befriended by one of the CEO’s of an unnamed oil company. Stays in touch with him on a reg. basis. Evidently he is gravely ill and is giving Lindsey “death bed” confessions.

    The podcasts would be worth the listen. When the broadcast is over. Go back to the link I posted and look for the link that says either podcasts or mp3.

  7. Linda from NY

    Just Me: Wow! Thanks for the additional info. Will listen to the podcasts for sure…

  8. Jacqlyn Smith

    you can read the rest of the story at….


    White House Urges Other Networks to Disregard Fox News

    Senior Obama administration officials took to the airwaves Sunday to accuse Fox News of pushing a particular point of view and not being a real news network.

  9. Jacqlyn Smith

    More great information at…..


    The Red, White and Blue Scare

    You have heard of the “red scare”? Well today we are living through the red, white and blue scare. Do you remember the loud cries of McCarthyism? Well, the people that were crying the loudest were the communists. Communists are very clever, cunning and deceptive. This entire global Marxist revolution and assault against capitalism is totally under the radar. The average schmuck has no clue what is about to hit him.

    We are witnessing an attack on our basic right to speak our minds. It is open season on anyone that is patriotic or ANTI-COMMUNIST. They are seen as the enemy, they are immediately discriminated against and it is considered acceptable by the PC police.

    So far we have seen:

    * Michael Savage banned by an entire country and not a peep from the State Dept.
    * Rush blocked from owning an NFL team, but it is fine for that demented Marxist Keith Olbermann to work on NBC Sunday night football
    * FOX News attacked by the White House, because they dare to challenge this dictatorship as the other networks enable and collaborate with the liberal fascists
    * Glenn Beck’s advertisers targeted for calling Obama a racist due to his past statements about white people.
    * Obama has mentioned Sean Hannity by name on several occasions
    * O’Reilly is a stooge for the new Marxist regime and he should just move over to CNN at this point. Beck should take that time slot from Bill O’, he does not have the guts to speak the truth any longer.

    Since when was Al Sharpton appointed as the free speech police? He is a “useful idiot” for Soros, but they will dump him when the time is right. I can’t wait to see Al’s fat face when that day comes.

    I also suspect that Soros will betray Obama, because starting the revolution is more important than anything else. People are just pawns to wealthy elitists like Soros and he will stop at nothing in his quest for ABSOLUTE POWER. How will he betray him? I have theories…lets leave it at that.

  10. For all our soldiers who died in Wars to fight against Communism-Korea, Viet Nam, who will speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

  11. Did anyone put out the Amber Alert for Barry Soetoro?

  12. Anita is one gutsy little girl, along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    Andrea Shea King
    At 4p ET this afternoon, Anita MonCrief will announce in a Breitbart hosted conference call details of a counterclaim and motion to dismiss in the Project Vote case she filed yesterday in the US District Court for the District of Columbia.
    “The conference call is about the legal defense fund fightforanita.com but I am sure there will be questions about the suit. We want the world to know that I am not going to be silenced,” Anita said.
    Anita is the former ACORN employee who is blowing the whistle on the organization that has many criminal suits against it. Yes that ACORN – the one Glenn Beck exposed on his afternoon TV program. The one I’ve written about on this site more than a dozen times in posts about Anita’s brave involvement in helping expose this corrupt organization.
    Anita Moncrief has been on our radio program several times to talk about what she knows about ACORN, the SEIU, and the implications /connections they have to Barack Obama.
    Later this evening, Anita will again join us on my radio program with all the details. What she knows, the lawsuit, the blowback from the Left, and the support she’s gotten from seekers of the truth.
    Join us. We get started at 9 p ET. Here’s the link to listen in:
    Feel free to forward this post to Clark Hoyt, public editor at the New York Times so that he can be sure his new nameless editor — the one who’s monitoring “opinion media and bubbling controversies” — is aware of the breaking news happening tonight on The Andrea Shea King Show with Anita MonCrief.
    If you’d like to be sure the NYT’s “opinion and bubbling controversy editor” gets this, feel free to email him or her at public@nytimes.com, attention: Harpo Marx.


  13. http://hillbuzz.org/ It is such a simple equation in American politics. It’s always the economy stupid and Americans really, really hate to be lied to-any attempt at propaganda puts all Americans in a state of deep anger.
    Here’s a surprise find in the Sun Times, of all places. It’s about the media and White House excuses wearing thin…and the fact that many Kool-Aid drinkers are waking up to the fact that MSNBC and CNN have clear corporate directives to push Dr. Utopia’s agenda and paint anyone who criticizes him as RAAACISTS! It also notes that we’re now nine months into the Golden Age of Hope, Change, and Unicorns. It is not acceptable to blame George W. Bush for anything anymore. The Lightbringer has had nine full months to work his magic…and things have only gotten worse in our economy, despite one trillion dollars wasted on Democrats’ pet pork barrel projects.
    The White House’s attack on Fox in recent days sure feels like it’s going to blow up not only in Dr. Utopia’s face, but will greatly damage MSNBC and CNN too. We don’t know WHAT’S going to happen, but have a gut feeling one of the following won’t exist as a network in the next five years: NBC, MSNBC, or CNN. Fox will continue to thrive, with higher ratings than ever. When the Wall Street Journal is beating USA Today in sales, there’s something up. Americans don’t like propaganda machines.
    Americans remember who were the loudest and strongest backers of Dr. Utopia.
    Americans know who wept with joy on Election Night when Dr. Utopia was declared the next president.
    That was the likes of Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and the rest of the White House communications team. Uh, the “unbiased and objective media”.
    Does it feel to you that a lot of this is going to really hit like a tsunami by this time next year?
    We have a feeling next year’s Halloween costumes are going to be really, really political…just in time for the 2010 midterms. Not so much this year, as people will be Lady GaGa or Michael Jackson or characters from Glee and other fun shows…but next year, man alive, it’s going to be tense across the US, and we think that’s going to manifest in October of 2010 unlike anything we’ve seen before.

  14. I always believed Larry Sinclair and thought he was treated badly.Up until Obama ran for president any one with the information that Larry had would have been all over the news.I don’t know why every thing changed when Obama came on the scene.I know longer trust the news media or the government.Larry deserves to have his story told.It is truly sad and a crime what this man and his enablers have done to our beautiful country.I pray every night that he will be found out and removed from office.I don’t want any one harmed just want justice to be served and the law breakers to be dealt with.Our country is teetering on the brink and we have to bring it back.

  15. Isn’t this ironic?
    CAPITAL CULTURE: Obamas big on White House gigs
    By NANCY BENAC (AP) – 14 hours ago
    WASHINGTON — Michelle and Barack Obama sat one table over from J. Lo and Marc Anthony, and all four of them were rocking in their seats as Sheila E. shook the house — well, really the tent.
    The latest installment of the White House music series was too big for the East Room, so a high-wattage assortment of Latin musicians sent pulsating, can’t-help-but-bob-along rhythms tumbling out of a giant tent on the mansion’s South Lawn.
    As it happens, music of all sorts — rock, jazz, country, classical — has been busting out of the White House all year long.
    Presidents have long used the White House as a platform to showcase the best of music and the arts: (Chester Arthur) staged the first formal East Room concert in the late 1800s.
    Read more here:

  16. Patriot Dreamer

    “Big Government Productions Presents Next Chapter in ACORN Sting”

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government will hold a press conference featuring James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, the two daring young journalists who, posing as a “pimp” and “prostitute,” exposed massive corruption within ACORN’s offices throughout the country. The Press Conference will be held at the National Press Club of Washington, DC on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 9:30 a.m.

    for the rest of the article:

  17. **** Leo Haffey update ****

    I received a message from Haffey’s wife.
    It appears Leo will get out of jail on Friday.
    She said that the judge was nice. (Judge Eisenstein was on docket)

  18. Patriot Dreamer

    CW, thanks for the update. It’s a shame it’s taken this long for him to get out of jail.

  19. Linda from NY

    marmar: O is a shark. Do you think she is using this opportunity to discredit Palin?

  20. SapphireSunday

    ACORN involved in stolen election:


    Breitbart will reveal a new ACORN video at a press conference tomorrow.

  21. SapphireSunday

    Larry Sinclair can explain to everyone why Joe Biden is the VP. Obama owes a lot to Biden’s son.

  22. CW,

    That’s extraordinary news. Will you be giving us an update on the events leading to him leaving jail?

  23. Linda from NY

    CW: Hooray! Praise God! [sorry for those who do not believe] Our prayers have been answered!

    Does he have a lawyer yet? Any idea if he plans on filing a Writ of Habeas Corpus or has he already filed one? Did they have to post bond or was he released on his own recognizance?

  24. Linda from NY – she’s a shark alright. stopped watching her show, my goodness, five, six years ago. Got tired of her trying to fix everybody.

    Hopefully, Sarah is being paid well. Her appearance will bring hefty ratings to o’s bottom line.

  25. CW – great news about Leo. You’ve been a good friend and supporter. Let’s hope he remains safe once home and that his neighbors leave the family alone.

  26. Linda from NY // October 20, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    marmar: O is a shark. Do you think she is using this opportunity to discredit Palin?
    I can’t stand O. I used to watch her faithfully until I found out that she worshiped O’Hitler. I will never watch her show again and I don’t know what she will do to Sarah. So many Palin supporters will watch O that day. I think Sarah will do just fine no matter what O has up her sleeve.

  27. Linda from NY

    Indian PM warns of imminent militant attack


  28. The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
    It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
    the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
    suppress the news is a breach of trust.”
    …. Louis D. Brandeis

    (‘Nuff said)

  29. Here is an interesting video in regard to the type of weapons that are most likely being used now against the American people and the people throughout the world.

    The video is in 3 parts and you can link to the other 2 parts from the video below.

  30. Linda from NY

    marmar/d2i: I rarely watched O because I could not stand her condescending attitude. When she came out with that nonsense about pp being “the one,” that was enough to justify my lack of interest completely.

    Surely O’s ratings are going down, and she probably needs Palin to improve her bottom line. However, I do not trust O to be fair to Palin so I hope and pray Sarah prepares herself well and stands firm against her rude and obnoxious interviewer.

  31. The past is whatever the records and the memories agree upon.
    And since the party is in full control of all records, and in equally full control of the minds of it’s members, it follows that the past is whatever the party chooses to make it. Six
    means eighteen, two plus two equals five, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”
    …. George Orwell

    ~~~The Post & Email reported 5 days ago, how Google has scrubbed it’s Newspaper Archive to cover for Obama’s diverse claims of origin: Google’s Archive shows that Obama’s birth story has changed.~~~

    Today, the corporation is reinventing and rearranging History for Obama

  32. I hear ya Linda!

  33. ditto on what marmar said.

  34. Patriot Dreamer

    I hope Palin will be appearing on O’s show LIVE. No chance for “creative” editing that way, if you know what I mean.

  35. Linda from NY

    JJ: Not if we can help it! We will preserve it if we have to bury it in lock boxes under the old oak tree! [i.e., in the oak orchard] lol

  36. Here is an interesting video in regard to the type of silent weapons that are most likely being used against the American people and people throughout the world.

  37. Great news on Leo.

    Found at FR: Sec. 2215 pg 39-40 of Healthcare Bill- they are trying to find someone who tweets on Palin’s page to get it to her.

    Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 1:57:19 PM by Grumpybutt

    ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—There is appropriated to

    16 the Secretary, out of any moneys in the Treasury

    17 not otherwise appropriated, $5,000,000,000 to pay

    18 claims against (and administrative costs of) the high

    19 risk pool in excess of the premiums collected from el

    20 igible individuals enrolled in the high risk pool. Such

    21 funds shall be available without fiscal year limita

    22 tion.

    23 ‘‘(2) INSUFFICIENT FUNDS.—If the Secretary

    24 estimates for any fiscal year that the aggregate

    25 amounts available for payment of expenses of the

    page 40

    O:\FRA\FRA09275.xml [file 1 of 7] S.L.C.

    1 high risk pool will be less than the amount of the

    2 expenses, the Secretary shall make such adjustments

    3 as are necessary to eliminate such deficit, including

    4 reducing benefits, increasing premiums, or estab

    5 lishing waiting lists.

  38. A word about fake Obama BSs – and yet another one. This is different than the wone we talked about yesterday.

    The number of fake Obama BCs is another reason to get this settled. I can see a judge saying to himself; “No one has actually seen a real birth document that has been authenticated by a certified forensic document examiner. We need a definitive answer.”


  39. Linda from NY

    Patriot Dreamer: Good point. Wonder what can be done to prevent that. Wonder, too, if Palin knows that is a possibility and if her contract stipulates something to protect her from that happening. Hope she was wise enough to take precautions.

    Don’t trust them LIEberals!

  40. MarMar,

    Include me in that one too. Can’t stand “O”. She thinks she is the experts of experts. Barf!

    I hope that Sara will be well prepared for that show. “O” will try to make Sara look foolish.

    I believe Sara’s skin has thickened over the months and she hand handle it. I still don’t trust “O”.

  41. Senior Obama administration officials took to the airwaves Sunday to accuse Fox News of pushing a particular point of view and not being a real news network.

    (In opposed to being a real news network like ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN??)

  42. Jacqlyn Smith


    Linda from NY // October 20, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    marmar/d2i: I rarely watched O because I could not stand her condescending attitude. When she came out with that nonsense about pp being “the one,” that was enough to justify my lack of interest completely.

    Surely O’s ratings are going down, and she probably needs Palin to improve her bottom line. However, I do not trust O to be fair to Palin so I hope and pray Sarah prepares herself well and stands firm against her rude and obnoxious interviewer.
    I like Sarah….but I won’t be watching this….there is no way O’s ratings are going up…this is all phoney baloney and I wouldn’t be buying any of her BS!!!

  43. Jacqlyn,

    So does this mean … you won’t be watching Michelle O on Leno??

    …. yea, didn’t think so! Me neither!

  44. Linda from NY

    Upstate Warrier: Frightening! Disturbing! Alarming! Wonder what Alex Jones has to say about this possibility…anyone know?

    Thanks for sharing! We need to be informed.

  45. Jacqlyn Smith

    Found at Orly’s site….pass this on Patriots!!! 🙂

    Do any owners of Chrysler and GM dealerships want to hold this mafia financially and criminally accountable under RICO and Political Corruption statutes. call me 949-683-5411

  46. Jacqlyn Smith


    Val // October 20, 2009 at 3:30 pm


    So does this mean … you won’t be watching Michelle O on Leno??

    …. yea, didn’t think so! Me neither!

    The only other programs I watch beside FOX news is Dancing with the Stars(ABC) and American Idol when it begins….but it is on Fox!

  47. Great news about Leo! I’ll bet he’s sick of sitting in that cage.

    Now he can defend himself 🙂

  48. Linda from NY

    Rush Limbaugh Says “Obama is Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Ron Bloom, ACORN” – Video 10/20/09


  49. Your welcome Linda. There are 2 other parts to the video that you can link to from the video I posted.

    Alex Jones knows about these things.

  50. That’s excellent news regarding Leo! I’ll bet he’s happy to get out of there.

  51. Jacqlyn Smith


    Jacqlyn Smith // October 20, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    JeffM // October 20, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Let’s discuss the real way to get the attention of the federal government regarding the illegality of the 2008 primaries, shall we?

    I’ve been following jbjd’s complaints for some time. She has the right idea, but it’s incredibly inefficient and has some inadequacies. Let’s trim things up a little and get this ball rolling in the right direction.


    Ok Jeff…this makes sense…..what do we file and where can we get the complaint….are you saying we can use jbjd’s…..that’s if she approves it and gets the credit??? Please clarify! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. Jacqlyn Smith

    New post at Apuzzo’s site…..


    Tuesday, October 20, 2009
    When It Comes to Obama the Media Continues to Fail the American People
    In my essay at this blog entitled, Congress and the Media Have Placed America at Risk of Being Attacked from Within, I argued how the Congress and our media have failed to adequately protect the integrity of the 2008 presidential election and consequently to protect our nation and Constitution by putting us at risk of being attacked from within.

    I explained that given conflicting evidence about where Obama was born, many in the public have wanted to make sure that Obama was born in Hawaii and constitutionally eligible for the Office of President.

    I also explained that Obama has asserted privacy rights to block any efforts by the public to view his Hawaii birth records and other background documents.

    I explained that the media has failed us miserably in not asserting its powers to confirm whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii.

    I also explained how in the past, the media has not hesitated to assert its rights to uncover the truth on matters it deemed important and I asked why has it not done the same when it comes to confirming where Obama was born.

    Well, here is another example of the media getting in the fight when it wants to uncover information that it believes is important to the public.

    With the general election two weeks away, six major television networks are asking a federal judge to enjoin New Jersey from enforcing a broad ban on exit polling and other expressive activity within 100 feet of polling places.

    The plaintiffs, ABC, the Associated Press, CNN, CBS, Fox News and NBC, in American Broadcasting Companies Inc. et al. v. Wells , 2:09-cv-5275, are asking U.S. District Judge Peter Sheridan for a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction, arguing that restrictions on exit polling activities have been struck down on First Amendment grounds in the 12 federal courts that have heard similar challenges.

    The suit, filed on October 16, 2009, in Newark, New Jersey, seeks to block a September 30, 2009, New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that surprised the litigants on both sides. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey had appealed the attorney general’s denial of a request to hand out voters’ rights cards at the polls. But none of the parties sought to ban exit polling within 100 feet, which the state has permitted since 1988.

    The media plaintiffs say the ban serves no legitimate government interest that would justify infringement of their First Amendment rights. While conceding that courts have recognized the states’ interest in prohibiting activities that interfere with the electoral process, they argue in their brief that there is no evidence that polling voters who have cast their ballots borders on intimidation or fraud.

    The plaintiffs also maintain that prohibiting exit polling within 100 feet is not a narrowly tailored approach. The state defendants “already have all the authority they need to address any potential disruption at the polls. Applying a blanket restriction to plaintiffs’ non-disruptive exit polling activities, however, is unnecessary and unconstitutionally overbroad,” their brief said.

    The plaintiffs also argue they will suffer irreparable harm if injunctive relief is not granted. They cite the potential loss of valuable voter information in the election.

    As we can see, the media will not hesitate to take on the big boys when it comes to fighting for what it perceives to be its First Amendment rights. But when it comes to Obama, who blocked all efforts by the public to learn about who he really is by wanting to review his birth, education, work, and travel documents, why did the media believe that Obama’s privacy rights should trump its First Amendment rights to express itself by satisfying its journalistic obligations to provide critical information of national security importance to our political institutions and the voting public? If the media could not make a successful First Amendment claim, why did it not even file any Freedom of Information Actions with all public entities possessing any of Obama’s records and arguing that any right to privacy should fail given the critical national security interest it sought to protect?

    Needles to say, the President of the United States, in both his civil and military capacities, has immense powers over not only our nation but over the world. Again I ask, why has and why does the media take on these other legal fights, not affecting national security, but did not do anything of real substance to uncover the real evidence needed to assist our political institutions and the American public to find out who Obama really is?

    Does not the media see the potential “irreparable harm” to our nation should Obama not be eligible to hold the Office of President? Why does the media mock and suppress the efforts of those who want our courts to confirm whether Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President, like not reporting on a pending case against Obama until the Court dismisses it on some threshold or procedural ground and not the merits and then telling the world that the case was frivolous? Is the media afraid of what may be uncovered?

    The only “evidence” of his being born in Hawaii that Obama released to the public was a computer-imaged Certification of Live Birth posted on his web site and not a paper long-form, hospital-generated Birth Certificate. Now there are so many alleged and questionable birth certificates of Obama’s birth floating around the internet which show him to have been born in Kenya. Who knows how many more will come in the future. Clearly, such activity is a distraction for our nation and only takes away from the respect that the Office of President so much deserves. It is time for the media to step up to the plate and assist our nation to bring the issue of Obama’s place of birth to a close.

    Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
    185 Gatzmer Avenue
    Jamesburg, New Jersey 08831
    October 20, 2009

  53. Linda NY,

    HAARP – is in Alaska. I’ve read and researched it last year. Bought a DVD produced on it, too. Very interesting. As with anything that is “out of the norm” you try to discuss it with people and they think you’re crazy not the gov’t is the crazy.

    I believe there’s a video on HAARP on the website http://www.thebigagenda.com Can’t remember exactly.

    The original inventor’s idea for useage was somewhat different than the application the gov’t uses it for. Big surprise!

    It’s actually quite fascinating – the fact that something such as this even exists.

  54. Jacqlyn Smith

    Fox news is reporting that they are being denied access to Gitmo……officials at Gitmo say it comes from the White House…..I haven’t found a link for this yet but this is not acceptable!

  55. What is the opinion of the Birth Certificate posted at the steadydrip? It likes real to me.

  56. Jacqlyn,

    Every time they ratchet up their boycott, they advertise their totalitarian regime. I say all power to them. As it is, with Axelrod and Emanuel dissing Fox, the Obama’s approval ratings have gone down. The Chicago thugs, are making a name for themselves.

  57. Linda from NY

    Just Me: I agree. I think when the original idea was formed in someone’s mind, the intent, as you say, “was somewhat different than the application the government uses for it.”

    When we developed the information highway, our intent was purely to enhance communication. Look what other uses they have devised from that initial premise…porn, logging sights one uses, a place to enhance and/or repeat the lies the media presents, and on and on.

    There is good and bad in every invention. We have to make sure it is used for the good of society and not for its control or demise IMHO.

    Science fiction has long been “fascinating” to those with imagination and creativity, and look at the horrid films they created…all geared to frighten…some too close to reality.

    Walt Disney created “Future World,” and his spaceship designs have been copied by NASA; a positive result.

    Should we be surprised by this latest development or not. After all, we have been able to create all kinds of weapons/ways of killing our fellow brothers, haven’t we?

    Sad state of affairs when the only way to “control” us is to make robots out of us!

  58. Linda from NY

    venice: IMHO, I think they made a “dumb” move by so openly “showing their hand.” They came right out and showed us all of their cards!

    Hopefully, people recognized what they were so gleefully celebrating to their own demise.

    I ask you…is this something you advertise? Is this something of which you can be proud?

  59. @ Upstate Warrior:

    What an utterly frightening video. I don’t even know what to say. Thanks for posting it, I’m going to send it to some friends now.

  60. Val // October 20, 2009 at 3:25 pm


    Include me in that one too. Can’t stand “O”. She thinks she is the experts of experts. Barf!

    I hope that Sara will be well prepared for that show. “O” will try to make Sara look foolish.

    I believe Sara’s skin has thickened over the months and she hand handle it. I still don’t trust “O”.
    Linda…I too think Sarah’s skin has thickened. All that she has been through I’m sure has made her one tough cookie! I think Sarah should turn the tables on O and ask her some serious questions about the usurper.

  61. Linda from NY

    marmar: Oh, wouldn’t that be nice! You funny!

    You could be right. Sarah could have grown a thicker skin, but I think she has too much class to purposely embarrass O. Unless…of course O embarrasses herself…

    Jacqlyn: I think you might miss a good show if you do not watch. When O’s ratings tank after the show, you can feel better. lol

  62. Val
    The problem we have in attempting to shoot down the phoney baloney is that we must have the alleged certificate to examine. For now it is a case that we are going to have to examine such things as TYPE STYLE, THE USE OF CHARACTERS, or anything else that could have been photoshopped from another form. It would take special court action to force them to turn over the actual document. It would require a court action to bring in forensic experts. You can be sure that Soetoro’s GOON squad will never permit such a test of material because they know that it would FAIL forensic tests. Yes if I could get my hands on it I could tell you what type of paper it is ,and where it was made, and when. Any good testing lab can also do this. Sadly until we can actually get possession of the alleged BC there is little that we can do to prove that it is a phoney. With a court order the whole picture changes. All that I am saying is that forensic examination will reveal a phoney EVERY time where PAPER is concerned. Also in very careful examination you must also look for partially cropped letters. This will indicate that they were not fully illuminated,or were partially covered when the photoshop was done. Such partial letter cropping in,and of itself screams that the form WAS copied from another source. Look for slightly arched lines;this again indicates photo shoping with a lens having poor linearity. Look for fuzzy edges on type matter. Look for streaks across the type matter, or from top to bottom. Look for lightness at one end,and dark type at the other end. Look for varying type size. Look for varying type STYLES. Look for varying type spacing. look for INTERMIXED type styles. Look for irrational language,and/or incorrect spelling. Look for misuse of words.
    All of this CAN, and should be done. also look for misused, misdated, or misplaced seals, or official logos that appear to be incorrect. Compare everything closely to another of the same form that is known to be valid. Where, and when colors are involved look closely for same color hue, and light placesl. Watch borders closely. Borders that do not match are a strong possible forgery. Borders that are too long, or too short, have gaps or overlap each other, are also suspect. Keep in mind that when the forms are originally printed they will be very close to perfect. Anybody who tries to photoshop a form usually leaves glaring mistakes behind, because he is either in a hurry or stupid, or both.

  63. Linda,

    The only thing about WaPo’s article is that they are still trying to salvage Obama’s image, letting his rats feed on the public, while maintaining his image pure.

    “..that’s part of how democracy works..”, only the foolish will now fall for that manipulation.

  64. The terrorizing of Larry Sinclair was the “pilot run” for all the thug antics, that Axelrod & gang, would eventually, perfect.

  65. Jacqlyn Smith


    Linda from NY // October 20, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Jacqlyn: I think you might miss a good show if you do not watch. When O’s ratings tank after the show, you can feel better. lol

    I thought of that too…but she disgusts me too much…..she thinks she is GOD and I only worship one GOD and it’s not her…..Sarah will do fine without me watching!

  66. mrje,

    Nice to see you again. How right you are.

  67. venice- ” it distracts attention from the Obama administration’s substantive message” which is that he is ineligible?

  68. Jacqlyn Smith // October 20, 2009 at 3:46 pm,

    I’m not sure. I have to figure out when Biden stopped taking money from the Campaign funds.

  69. Linda from NY

    venice: hahahahaha!

    Odd, pp cannot even remember what he said when he said something non-partisan and conciliatory.

    “On “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace replayed a quote from an Obama interview: “I don’t always get my most favorable coverage on Fox, but I think that’s part of how democracy is supposed to work. You know, we’re not supposed to all be in lock step here.”

  70. JustMe,

    Listening to Alex Jones. I am not hearing an interview with CEO. Any suggestions.

  71. Linda from NY // October 20, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    JJ: Not if we can help it! We will preserve it if we have to bury it in lock boxes under the old oak tree! [i.e., in the oak orchard] lol
    (what is so funny(the he-he kind) is the aka Obama regime can go in and scrub all the wording they care to on GOOGLE and other search engines, but they can’t go in to the libraries, the papers files, the microfish and destroy, distort, or erase those without paying big, big bucks and even then who’s to say the originals aren’t saved somewhere, some place, somehow??

    Makes my day.

  72. Patriot Dreamer

    “Washington Post/ABC poll uses skewed sample to show public-option support”


  73. PD,

    I just glaze right over those stats. It’s so predictable, when his ratings start to tank, the fudge factor starts to roll in. They’ve been doing that for at least 20 months.

  74. Linda from NY

    Patriot Dreamer: If they don’t tweak the numbers, how else are they going to get the results they want and need? We the People are not amused!

  75. Jeff M…I will read your case soon but for now I really believe we all and all bloggers united against tyranny/corruption need to form the basis of a legal action and do it ASAP without sitting around watching the other cases. It needs to be something at the state level regarding elections.

  76. Linda from NY


    Oink: News from the federal pork investigation (New info on Murtha)


  77. Linda from NY

    Gee…that Soros guy really gets around!

    Progressive Lamentations


  78. Maddie………………………….
    I was out most of the day,but I looked closely at the SS death list that DAV sent me when I arrived home. I scrolled through all of the numbers having the 042-68 prefix. There was several that had the correct prefix but unfortunately none of the numbers had the correct last four digits. However I still believe that to absolutely verify if the Obama number is his only, we need to somehow search the SS active files to see if the number shows up anywhere between 1955, and 1979. If it does then someone was receiving benefits against the number using the prefix numbers 042-68-xxxx.

  79. JustMe // October 20, 2009 at 3:54 pm


  80. CW Will you make my email available to both Maddie ans Army DAV, .preciate it- thanx

  81. Patriot Dreamer

    from ReasonTV:

    “Budget Deficits for Dummies”

  82. Linda from NY

    Dodd Named As Pol Who Put Protection For Bonuses In Recovery Act


  83. On 28 October I am going to undergo cataract surgery. and will without a doubt not be in any frame of mind to participate in rhe blog for a day or two. Then soon after I am having the other eye done. Ill have new headlights how about that.

  84. Jacqlyn Smith

    Just for you twe and SueK….LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  85. OldSalt,

    You’ll have the eyes of a young child! In case you’re worried, don’t. It’s very quick and painless.

  86. Linda from NY

    Broader Implications of NY-23


    Could this be true in other match-ups?

  87. Margie // October 20, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    What is the opinion of the Birth Certificate posted at the steadydrip? It likes real to me.

    Does anyone know where this one came from?
    It does not have a certificate number, so perhaps it is an application for one?


    The Obama File thinks it is fake:

  88. Linda from NY

    Behar just cannot help herself!

    Behar: Palin ‘Wants to Be the Next Paris Hilton’; Reagan, Bush Were ‘Mental Midgets’


  89. Linda from NY

    Well…it’s official!

    Obama and Mao meet in a T-shirt- video

  90. maddie and everyone,

    This may be a new development:


    “Anti-islamic Dutch lawmaker speaking at US college”

  91. JJ,,

    have to find a funny video for you I saw a few days ago on Chemtrails. You’ll love it. Actually it’s applicable to anything, be it birther, truther, new world order…

    Give me a few minutes to fine it.

  92. Venice,

    It was an interview with was the pastor/chaplain (Lindsey Williams) for the alaska pipeline crew years back. He was befriended by the elite involved in that endeavor. He has kept in touch on a reg. basis with a former CEO of an unamed oil company. He talked to him recently. Was giving his “death bed” confession so to speak.

    Should be in the 1st or 2nd podcast of todays show.

  93. JustMe,

    See post 4:29 pm.

  94. Ladyhawke..thanks for reply. I still think in looks real. I never knew how difficult it is for people to speak the truth.

  95. Linda from NY

    venice: Podcast #1019094 has one of Lindsey’s William’s interview with Alex.

  96. Margie,

    I am trying to figure out where it was first posted.

    Can you read the name of the middle signature?
    I think it is Morton Blaine Emerson. I can tell on that line that the bottom box is checked, but I cannot make out what that box says.

  97. JJ,

    this one’s for you….

  98. Venice

    Lindsey Williams is 30 minutes in on the 1st and probably continues to the 2nd one. Also an excellent interview with David Ray Griffin immediately follows Lindsey Williams.

    [audio src="http://podcast.gcnlive.com/podcast//alex/1020091.mp3" /]

    [audio src="http://podcast.gcnlive.com/podcast//alex/1020092.mp3" /]

    Venice just change the last digit before the “dot mp3” for the other two remaining podcasts (4 total) So, it would be 1020093 and 1020094. Does that make sense?

  99. JustMe, Linda,

    Thank you. I’m listening now.

  100. Venice,

    the one Linda gave you is from yesterday. Same bullet points, but today’s interview is a little more coherent.

    See my post @ 5:54 for links to today.

  101. Linda,

    Linda from NY // October 20, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Did the FBI or Obama Send A Message to Israel?

    did they need a message? Funny article. Thanks.

  102. Ladyhawke.. that is what it looks like. I shall keep investigating.

  103. Linda from NY

    Just Me: Thanks. I went to yesterday’s podcast per you because I listened to the last one today I had not heard this one before.

    Other article: They did not put the SOS in the sand!

  104. JustMe,

    Thanks, but I’m getting the gist from yesterday tape. Later I will listen.

    I strongly recommend others listen, because it is consistent with critical info that many are posting on this blog. I could highlight a few things, but perhaps in this case first hand info would be the best.

    Once again, JustMe thanks.

  105. Venice, agree.. better to hear it firsthand. Although, you do have an incredible talent for summarizing. It’s your call, obviously.

    The podcast today with the interview of David Ray Griffin is equally good. He was on today immediately following Lindsey. Probably #3.

    Did you see the earlier post on the other thread I addressed to you – Tarpley’s viedo taped interview with Russia Today? If you didn’t I’ll be happy to post it again.

  106. Video: Arlen Specter chased by men in “Survivaballs”

    Yes Men Chase Sen. Arlen Specter

  107. VIDEO: Obama’s manufacturing ‘czar’ – Ron Bloom

    “The free market is nonsense, and power comes from the barrel of a gun.”

    This guy trashes the free market and then agrees with Mao Zedong the Murderer. And its all about Power.

  108. VIDEO: Andrea Mitchell: “I wouldn’t characterize George Soros that way.”

    In what way would you characterize him, Andrea?!

    10/19/09 Andrea Mitchell defends George Soros

  109. If you’re feeling all alone, there’s a

    ************NEW POST******************

  110. venice


    Always lurking.

  111. Pingback: Obama 1984 Orwellian articles at Citizen Wells, George Orwell predictor of Obama camp Thought Police Revisionist History and Two Minute Hate | Citizen WElls

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