Christopher Kelly dead, September 12, 2009, Ties to Blagojevich and Rezko, Obama, Chicago Suntimes, Kelly plead guilty to kickback scheme, Kelly dead of overdose of aspirin, federal corruption investigation, Cook County Medical Examiner

Christopher Kelly, who recently plead guilty to kickback schemes, with strong ties to Rod Blagojevich, Tony Rezko and
ultimately back to Barack Obama, is dead. From the Chicago SunTimes, September 12, 2009.

“Key Blagojevich adviser Christopher Kelly dead”

“Christopher Kelly, a key figure in the federal corruption investigation of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, is dead, sources said.

Christopher Kelly, 51, of Burr Ridge, was once the master of Blagojevich’s lucrative campaign fund and the “go-to” guy in the ex-governor’s administration.”

“Kelly was found at 7:01 a.m. by his family, according to a report given to the Cook County Medical Examiner. He was pronounced dead at 10:46 a.m., sources said. Kelly died of an apparent “aspirin overdose,” a law enforcement source said.

Just days ago, after pleading guilty to being involved in an illegal kickback scheme involving O’Hare Airport and his company, BCI Commercial Roofing, Inc., Kelly said he was under pressure from federal prosecutors to cooperate in their corruption probe of Blagojevich.”

Read more:,christopher-kelly-blagojevich-dead-091209.article

PLanning board votes rigged for Mercy Hospital scheme

“Although the application was rejected the first time, Mercy moved for reconsideration and won approval at the April 21, 2004 meeting. Beck testified that after the meeting, he and Levine drove to Rezko’s office to tell him the plan was approved and Rezko was there with Christopher Kelly.”…Kelly’s role in Chicago corruption

From the Blagojevich, Kelly, Monk, Cellini and Harris indictment

defendants herein, together with Alonzo Monk, William F. Cellini, Sr., John
Harris, Robert Blagojevich, Antoin Rezko, and Stuart Levine, being persons
employed by and associated with an enterprise, namely the Blagojevich
Enterprise, which enterprise engaged in, and the activities of which affected,
interstate commerce, did conspire and agree, with each other and others known
and unknown to the Grand Jury, to conduct and participate, directly and
indirectly, in the conduct of the affairs of the Blagojevich Enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity, as that term is defined in Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1961(1) and (5), consisting of:
multiple acts indictable under the following provisions offederal law:
i. Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1341, 1343, and 1346 (mail fraud and wire fraud);
ii. Title 18, United States Code, Section 1951(a) (extortion,attempted extortion, and conspiracy to commit extortion); and
multiple acts involving bribery chargeable under the followingprovisions of Illinois law:

720 ILCS 5/33-1(c) and (d).”
It was further part of the conspiracy that defendants ROD BLAGOJEVICH and KELLY, along with Monk, Cellini, Robert Blagojevich, Harris, Rezko, and Levine, and others, used and attempted to use the powers of the Office of the Governor and of certain state boards and commissions subject to the influence of the Office of the Governor, to take and cause governmental actions, including: appointments to boards and commissions; the awarding of state business, grants, and investment fund allocations; the enactment of legislation and executive orders; and the appointment of a United States Senator; in exchange for financial benefits for themselves and others, including campaign contributions for ROD BLAGOJEVICH, money for themselves, and employment for ROD BLAGOJEVICH and his wife.
It was further part of the conspiracy that defendant ROD BLAGOJEVICH permitted defendant KELLY and Rezko to exercise substantial influence over certain activities of the Office of the Governor, as well as state boards and commissions with members appointed by the Governor, with the knowledge that KELLY and Rezko would use this influence to enrich themselves and their associates. In return, KELLY and Rezko provided benefits to ROD BLAGOJEVICH by (a) generating millions of dollars in contributions to Friends of Blagojevich, and (b) providing financial benefits directly to ROD BLAGOJEVICH and his family members.”

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  1. Aspirin Overdose? Very fishy…

    Oops, did I say fishy??!!!!


    Key Blagojevich player is dead, ex-governor says

    Key Blagojevich player dead; fundraiser arrested in 12/08. Feds allege he was trying to sell/trade Obama senate seat.


    Ousted Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s former chief fundraiser dies, days before prison term began

  4. “aspirin overdose”

    But they forgot to mention the aspirins were found in his thoat along with the 500 dose container.

  5. Just so everyone knows O’Hare was annexed by Cook County. It physically is in DuPage County. O’Hare is near Bensenville, Illinois where I grew up. ORD stands for orchard, from what I understand it used to be an apple orchard. I think McDonnell Douglas started a factory (airplanes) due to World War 2. I think it must have been very small then, it is huge now.
    The Bensenville farmers could have bought or annexed but they said no. All the tax revenue goes to Cook Country, hence the usual graft, corruption, mafia hits suicides????. This is the first I ever heard of an aspirin overdose, but until the Cook County Medical Examiner rules no one will know for sure. I’m sorry for his family/ this part is not a joke, it is really sickening, but up there O’Hare is well-known as a mafia burying ground. They commit a murder and put in one of the cars, the victim is discovered later.
    It was renamed for a great hero and patriot Lt. Commander Butch O’Hare (fighter pilot WW2)

  6. I was right 2 million yeah. You go patriots and ABC reported, it is about time.
    ABC News reported reports 2 million people Patriots at Tea Party protest rally march in Washington, DC 9-12-2009 – September 12 09 Glenn Beck 9-12 … – Related videos

  7. Even FOX has been playing down the numbers and the march all day, what’s with that?.

  8. Army D.A.V. Why do they do tell stupid lies like that?
    The numbers would be so easy to prove, by checking against other big marches with the numbers reported at that time.

  9. Signs of the beginning of the end for the Marxist takeover , is when his leftists become disillusioned and become the regimes worst enemies…………

    And without control of the health records yet it’s curtains for Kenyan Madman……………Failed coup d’état

    Former Leftist Activist, Turned FBI Informant, Pulls Back the Curtain On ACORN.

  10. Michelle

    It’s not lies it’s just playing down the facts , wink wink.

    It’s probably has something do with the thugs all dressed in black uniforms standing right behind the cameras.

  11. Where is everybody?.

  12. Army D.A.V. ,

    Excellent article. Domestic terrorism tied directly to ACORN. LOL!

    Let’s see if the FBI goes for the jugular. After all there has to be some financial connection to the PRIME USURPER from ACORN. It has to be there.

  13. “aspirin overdose”

    But they forgot to mention the aspirins were found in his thoat along with the 500 dose container.

    Strange things happen to White House officials’ friends/co-workers–one young lady friend of one former first lady was found with two bullet holes through her head when she committed suidice—imagine that.

  14. JeffM

    That’s a good site , its turning out to be a real thorn in the Kenyan’s side.

  15. jeanniejo,


    Sorry, just had to say it.

  16. In the tank for Obama Yahoo has not one peep about the tea parties. Not one. MSN amazingly has one story. ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC have not covered them at all as far as I can tell. CNN has given very slight coverage.

    Wow, amazingly sad state of affair with the MSM. Just completely sad and pathetic.

  17. Ok, I guess ABC did report on it. My bad.

  18. Gianni–as I posted previously, NBC evening news tonight headlined the evening news LEADING with the 9/12 protests. They really under”estimated” the crowd size. But, they did show a black woman at the podium with mike in hand rallying the crowd saying something like “I am so tired of this” or was it “I’m not going to take this anymore”?

  19. Michelle,

    Did you happen to catch Huckabee this evening.
    He interviewed Blago & Patty (Blago’s wife).
    H. was very pointed in his ques. and the
    Senate seat and discussion with Rahm E. before hand, etc. Blago held nothing back. He would
    happily have Obama and Michelle called to testify regarding Rezko dealings they have had, etc. Blago talked on and on. It was great.
    He also mentioned Durbin and Reid.

  20. Carlyle // September 12, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    in re: CFP “The fact that TWO DNC Certifications exist, both signed, dated and notarized by the same individuals on the same day, means that a very real conspiracy to commit election fraud was under way, and since it took until six months after the election to uncover it, the conspiracy was indeed successful,” Williams wrote.

    I don’t know where I first knew this (perhaps it was jbjd?) but I knew about it well prior to the election. I remember it being one of my major frustrations as to why no one (USSC, etc.) would hear this case. There has been AMPLE evidence of major fraud since way before the election. I hold the MSM as most criminally negligent in not reporting any of this.
    brought this post over from other thread–
    important info. imho.

  21. Hey all! That was weird (my 9:30). I tried to embed their story on 9/12 and got the above. I actually DID NOT write that post.

  22. Glenn Beck is on Fox right now doing the tea parties again.

  23. Army D.A.V. // September 12, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Here, Army, here! Cleaning the guinea pigs…be back shortly…

  24. OK, try this–it’s the first one up:

  25. maddie-just a little pressure and they will rat each other out so fast it will make your head swim. Just like the mob boys at trial. I can’t wait to see what Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Obama do to one another. Treason is death penalty right?

  26. twe // September 12, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    OK, twe…you’re forgiven!

  27. Symptoms of acute overdose may include:

    Upset stomach and stomach pain
    Vomiting — may cause an ulcer or irritation of the stomach known as gastritis
    Symptoms of chronic overdose may include:

    Slight fever
    Rapid heart beat
    Uncontrollable rapid breathing
    Large overdoses may also cause:

    Ringing in the ears
    Tempoary deafness
    more on second post

  28. aspirin overdose cont.

    Taking more than 150mg/kg of aspirin can have serious and even deadly results if untreated. For a small adult, that’s roughly equal to taking 20 tablets containing 325mg aspirin. Much lower levels can affect children.

    If treatment is delayed or the overdose is large enough, symptoms will continue to get worse. Breathing becomes extremely fast or may stop. Seizures, high fevers, or death may occur.

    How well you do depends greatly on how much aspirin your body has absorbed — and how much is flowing through your blood. If you take a large amount of aspirin but come quickly to the emergency room, treatments may help keep your blood levels of aspirin very low. If you do not get to the emergency room fast enough, the level of aspirin in your blood can become dangerously high.

    Medline Plus Encyclopedia

  29. Fox said thousands and thousands—-
    if we add up all the thousands we’ll get what
    they were really saying—-2 MILLION!!!!!!!

    WOW WOW WOW —What a great day for


    Key Figure in Blagojevich Corruption Probe Found Dead

    Christopher Kelly, 51, a key Blagojevich adviser was found dead at his home.

  31. SueK–I am shocked at how spooky it was…that I didn’t write that post that turned out to be an ad for NBC. It must have been set up in their embed instructions. I am hoping that if we get lots of folks to click on the network stories, they will see that there is lots of interest out there on this subject.

  32. Another reason not to lie/fudge numbers: Everyone of the Americans that were able to attend has family, friends and co-workers. They know where these people went. They will be looking for news as well.
    Quit lying government/media-it just makes you look more incompetent/corrupt if that is possible. You are at as low as you can possibly go, are you going for the center of the Earth-keep digging I’m sure your will get there.

  33. maddie

    Symptoms of acute overdose may include:


    Forgot one in this case,,, lacking imagination by the police that they couldn’t come up with a better story.

  34. Thanks again to the greatest generation:

  35. Michelle,
    It used to be “death” for treason. We better
    research though, not sure that is the
    always the verdict now(unfortunately). Let’s do
    some searching.

  36. twe // September 12, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Agreed, twe…we know you wouldn’t do anything like that :).

    I think you’re right…an attempt to embed gives you something like that. Are we really surprised by that online rag?

    BTW, I’m clicking on everything tonight! Wish I could’ve been there today. Patriot Dreamer has already reported and I’m waiting for Peter Francisco and Greg.

  37. Glenn Beck keeps saying in the next 4
    weeks things will be happening. Any ideas
    exactly what Glenn has in mind?

  38. Hi everyone:

    Very rainy day here and when we got home from Bible study around 6:30 or so, I saw the massive numbers on WND and Drudge on the Tea Party. Isn’t that something?

  39. maddie // September 12, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    Hey Maddie,

    Wasn’t Glenn supposed to reveal ‘the big news’ today?

    Wonder what he’s got.

  40. I’m still amazed at the influence CARL ROVE
    had on “helping” Donna Brazile get obama
    the nomination. Thank you Mr. Rove—with
    friends like you, who needs enemies!!!!!

    Down with Rove—the last straw with him.
    Pushing obama for nominee—ought to be
    treason against the Republican Party.

    But, then I guess he’s not the first—look
    at what COLIN POWELL did! Powell endorsed
    obama OVER McCain! Does Powell still
    claim to be a Republican??? Don’t believe him.

  41. SueK–as far as the three MSM networks (other than Fox), NBC has been ahead of the curve about giving more time and fairer coverage than ABC and CBS. This week, they had two stories during the week on various things which I previous posted that were pertinent to us, though they are a long way from the Fox coverage. I suppose what happened with the embed instructions is that they don’t want their videos all over the net without controlling them (sort of a copyright thing, I guess). I also tried to get the embeds from ABC and CBS. CBS had a video (see above) I could link to. ABC had a video announcing the event but nothing covering the event that I could link to.

    We should click on these links to show interest. It will show them that people are concerned.

  42. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    CW and folks,

    is it true that the found the bottle in his throat?

    How can you ingest 500 aspirin voluntarily?

    Was this the guy who turned state evidence on Blago?

  43. CNN–good post 10:10. Thank you.

  44. Huckabee just said that obama seems to
    lack knowledge about his Executive Branch
    of government. bo is still in campaign mode.

  45. CNN,
    Yes, he was.

    Do you think he was “visited” by
    a few of Chicago’s best?

  46. Civis Naturaliter Natus // September 12, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    CNN! It appears that it’s true….DISCOVERY WILL BEGIN!

    I’m holding my breath. Thanks for the link!

    Must read,patriots in DC asked policeman about the crowd and he said biggest he’s seen in 20 years!!!!
    Thank you all!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

  48. CNN–10:09…Also great post.

  49. twe // September 12, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    twe, I don’t watch any of them, so I’ll take your word for it. I suppose that scant coverage is better than no coverage at all.

    I hate to say this, but other than the fine folks here at CW, I don’t trust too many these days. But you’re right-I’ll click; you never know what’ll be in that link!

  50. The Donna Brazile – Karl Rove Connection

  51. SueK–thanks

    GBAmerica–thanks for your post, too.

  52. twe // September 12, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    No problem, twe.

    I’m still gloating because I found that outhouse picture first, but you get the credit for the majority of really good ones which cause me to look like a 1 year old without a bib….

  53. CNN–thanks for the link—–looking good

    New Hampshire State Representative, Lawrence M. Rappaport payed a visit to Mr. William Gardner, the NH Secretary of State, on Thursday, Sept. 10th.

    His stunning request: an investigation of Barack Hussein Obama’s presence on the NH 2008 Ballot.

    Gardner’s stunning response: an investigation will commence.

    I interviewed Mr. Rappaport by email, and asked him, on what basis did he make his complaint; he responded, “The basis for all of this is possible fraud. I don’t know what penalties will be assessed if fraud is proven.”

  54. I hate Karl Rove now—we can thank him
    for promoting obama to his present position

  55. The aspirin bottle in his throat? There are better ways to commit suicide…at least shoot yourself and go out with some dignity.

    This one doesn’t pass the smell test.

  56. Read comments!!!This is just the beginning!!

  57. SueK—You are right, Beck was going to reveal
    more news today. He did say something about
    a big program Monday night. So maybe

  58. CNN


    The Court encourages the parties to begin discovery before the Scheduling Conference.


    It is arguable that the original hospital birth certificate is absolutely essential to demonstrate that dismissal is not appropriate in this case;

    I am reading this correctly…….?

  59. I do hope hope to post a blog and some cell phone pictures, my camera broke…:(, tomorrow. We are really beat. Walked for about 10 miles all together, that takes a toll on a pair of a mid fifties people.

    All I can say folks is that it felt better than we could have imagined. This was huge. The comradeship, I hate to use that word, was inspiring. We always feel like little fish is a huge sea. Today we were the sea. In between chants and songs of tear jerking patriotism we taled to anyone who was near. Everyone we talked to was just like us, just like us. Ordinary people who are simply fed up. The best part of this “movement” is that we now know how big it is and the need to feed it is ever increasing.

    We will be doing this next year so make plans if you didn’t make this one, next one will be bigger. in the mean time we keep keeping on.

  60. If NH ‘s SOS finds Election Fraud occurred
    it should be interesting to see if NH brings
    forth a national issue to the other 49 states
    to investigate.

  61. SueK // September 12, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    The aspirin bottle in his throat? There are better ways to commit suicide…at least shoot yourself and go out with some dignity


    Sue , I was just making a sarcastic joke ………

  62. maddie // September 12, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    Geeze, Maddie…I hope he’s not backing down! Maybe today wasn’t the appropriate time? He promised a game-changer; we’ll have to tune in on Monday.

    Blue Dog Dems on healthcare just in.

  64. C-SPAN has the video up of the rally. 2 hours 50 minutes of coverage here:

  65. NH is always the first state in the election process, people will look to them for answers

  66. Army D.A.V. // September 12, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Awww, Army, don’t do that to me! I’ve been popping back and forth tonight and you *know* I trust all CWers with my life.

    Wonder what the *real* story is; we may never know.

  67. SueK

    Sorry……….forgive me………

  68. Greg Goss: Even though you are probably exhausted from the events of this historic day, you still found it in your heart to check in and give those of us who were left behind a peek at what you experienced…Thank you…have a good rest!


  69. truthbetold11 // September 12, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    Hi TBT11,

    I’m *very* proud of our neighbors to the north!

  70. Greg—
    Thanks for taking time tonight to sign up and
    update us. We look forward to your posts
    after you get some rest. You must be exhausted
    with all the walking–10 miles—but, you did
    it for America. You are a Patriot. Thank you.

  71. Somebody help me out here…………

    If the judge ordered discovery to start and have everything ready on the 5th , would that mean barry’s so called lawyers would have to produce his long form BC in court on the 5th?.

  72. SueK—
    Are you o.k.? What did the bad Army do?

    Take care and stay away from Ag (get it?).
    I remember a little chemistry.
    Best, Maddie.

    Night all. It’s been a great day:)
    And we must keep on going ……

  73. Thanks, Greg, and I’ll bet you’re beat, but I’m sure it’s nothing that a Margarita and 20 hours of sleep won’t cure.

    Exciting things happening in the Granite State today!

  74. Army DAV go to riseupforamerica site.

    Army heres another site that I use.

  76. this could be a very interesting 2 weeks. look for obama shennigans soon

  77. maddie // September 12, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    I’m fine, Maddie! Army pulled my leg and I didn’t know enough to pull it back!

    The only Ag that’ll see me from now on is in jewelry…



    Army D.A.V. // September 12, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    “aspirin overdose”

    But they forgot to mention the aspirins were found in his thoat along with the 500 dose container.

  78. I can’t wait till everyone in the country comes together on the most important issue of all of this.

    We need to eliminate the Federal Reserve Banks, and abolish their collection agency the IRS.

    We don’t need to vote for “anyone” who is not willing to tackle this issue.

    We don’t need to ask for less taxes, we need to demand “NO MORE INCOME TAXES”!

    The Federal Reserve Bankers have enslaved this country under an income tax.

    This country ran without an income tax from 1776-1913 when Woodrow Wilson chickened out under pressure and at gun point, to allow the Federal Reserve Banks to take over our currency, and impose an income tax upon the citizens.

    Not one red cent of the money you pay in income taxes goes towards…

    1. Defense
    2. Highways
    3. Education
    4. Infrastructure
    5. Public Housing

    The money you pay the IRS (The Federal Reserve Banks Collection Agency) goes directly to the bankers as “interest” payments for printing fiat money that’s backed by nothing.

    The only money that goes towards Defense, Education, Highways, etc.

    Is the money you pay at the checkout counter (tax per/dollar)

    America:Freedom to Fascism

  79. The government attorneys LIED IN COURT are they crazy, now they are in a heap of TROUBLE. They now have to rat out whoever told them to do that.
    Turner declared: “The Government attorneys lied to Judge Land in court (in Columbus, GA) on Friday when they told the judge that the Flight Surgeon, Capt. Rhodes (who is the plaintiff refusing to obey orders for deployment until they can be proved to be ‘lawful orders’) , just failed to show in Court, when they knew that she was ordered to remain on base back in Kansas.”

  80. Thanks GG–looking forward to your complete report.

    SueK/Army DAV–how do we know it was aspirin?

    Maybe it was some other white powder in the form of aspirin…that white powder sure is popular in some circles.

  81. I am so in AWE of the patriots!! Those able to go to DC and those that continue to push the envelope for accountablity of the snakes that are our so called reps. Just think! They are not going to avoid the American Tsunami forever! GOD BLESS US ALL!

  82. This was absolute outright theft. I hope whoever did this to him is prosected to the fullest extent of the law. Horrible.
    One of the first speakers, at the Rally, was a car dealer who told the crowd how he’d been forced out of his business by the government. He said the dealership would now be given to someone else. His anger was palpable. Can this be America?

  83. Does discovery mean she gets the supenas? (sp)
    for college, ssr. medical, etc…

  84. GB

    If that’s the case , it’s game over for the Kenyan Madman on the 5th , cause the boy doesn’t have a Hawaii birth certificate , at least under the name Obama.

  85. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I don’t know…

    Lawyers here?

  86. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Army DAV

    Yes! you are reading it as I read it, correctly I hope!

  87. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Greg Goss,

    I envy you: you were part of American History today!

    Write up something, it will be a historic document one day!

  88. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    You mean he was found with a bottle in his throat?

    As fundraiser, I imagine he had intimate knowledge of money transfers between Blago an Obo

  89. Everyone must see this video before its taken down!!!!!Pass it to everyone,email it!!!!
    Simply AWESOME!!!!!

  90. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    The pictures from DC are historic.

    I am stunned, amazed, inspired, and rejoice for my country…it is a great day for American liberty!

  91. Any lawyers ,para legals , magistrates , court clerks , law students on line ?.

  92. GBAmerica // September 12, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    Thanks for posting, GBAmerica….FANTASTIC!

  93. GB,

    Thank you! That was awesome. Will be sending that far and wide!

  94. GBAmerica-Thank you save that, perfect-I really liked the way they took Obama Messiah and Saint pictures and weaved them together as a giant put down. The creativity and patriotism of my fellow Americans. Aren’t we blessed as a country to have such patriotic people?
    maddie-SueK-in a way I think maddie and I were lucky to be Hillary supporters to see our entire democracy thrown to the wolves. This was the first wake-up call, by the time people were actually getting on to it, thank God they documented it with videos and depositions etc. This is going to be used as back up evidence in all the court cases coming up. It will show the pervasive corruption Obama, DNC-don’t know about Rove (he was just helping those idiots in the DNC commit suicide-somewhat gets rid of those pain in the butt democrats for awhile-if that is his Republican point of view) Acorn corruption. We would not have known all of this had they not attacked Orly so many times. Phil Berg as a citizen of the United States you have “no standing” what the heck kind of garbage is that? As I think about it if Phil Berg did have standing Obama would not have even gotten on the ticket.
    Actually they were so corrupt every time they attacked someone-journalists, the lawyers, etc. everyone dug in more since the criminal element somewhat pointed the way. This last election cycle was a travesty for both parties. Historic the only thing they did get correct. It was our first usurpation.
    Now during this long hard fight, we now know where most of the corruption is located. Let WE THE PEOPLES broom sweep away all the corruption and we can begin anew.
    It would have helped our country if in both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court-if one and only one would have kept their solemn oaths to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. I cannot imagine why they did not.

  95. Everyone needs to pass this video along to your Representatives, and demand they get involved, or get out!

    Americawe’ve been had!

  96. #

    maddie // September 12, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    I’m still amazed at the influence CARL ROVE
    had on “helping” Donna Brazile get obama
    the nomination. Thank you Mr. Rove—with
    friends like you, who needs enemies!!!!!

    Down with Rove—the last straw with him.
    Pushing obama for nominee—ought to be
    treason against the Republican Party.

    But, then I guess he’s not the first—look
    at what COLIN POWELL did! Powell endorsed
    obama OVER McCain! Does Powell still
    claim to be a Republican??? Don’t believe him.

    Powell is the typical left of center Repub….not a conservative….voted for the FRAUD because he is BLACK…no other reason possible!!! AS far as ROVE….I have never heard him say a kind thing about the FRAUD…..must of been early on in the primaries because he can’t stand the man now!!!

  97. A great day for patriots and our country. Good night. I think our country and Constitution will be restored very soon. In God we Trust.

  98. Michelle said:

    “It would have helped our country if in both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court-if one and only one would have kept their solemn oaths to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. I cannot imagine why they did not.”

    I can. And it will soon be apparent once the Patriots of this nation kick out everyone involved in this “global new world order” hijacking of this nation’s government. It’s starting people:

    1. Numerous lawsuits gaining traction
    2. ACORN fraud indictments and fraud exposed at a national level
    3. YOU LIE!
    4. Pure resistance to the Deathcare plan
    5. Audit of the Federal Reserve
    6. The largest successful protest in 20+ years!
    7. Investigation by New Hampshire SoS
    8. Sovereignty bills and resolutions passed by numerous states
    9. Czars losing jobs
    10. The Oath Keepers gaining numbers daily
    11. Record firearm sales
    12. Town halls gone afoul

    The Perfect Storm is approaching and fast. If the government is smart they will relinquish their control peacefully. Somehow I don’t think they will go quietly, so anticipate war nonetheless.

  99. Acorn basically saying the attacks from FOX news is basically a racist thing. Oh here we go again!
    Just posted:

  100. Eight of the twelve were mentioned by speakers today at Ky tea party..just average Americans, not profesional speakers… who want their country back.

    1. Numerous lawsuits gaining traction
    2. ACORN fraud indictments and fraud exposed at a national level
    3. YOU LIE!
    4. Pure resistance to the Deathcare plan
    5. Audit of the Federal Reserve
    8. Sovereignty bills and resolutions passed by numerous states
    9. Czars
    11. Record firearm sales

    I also noticed that 75% were over 50’s.
    I also noticed that not one speaker failed to mention religion or God.
    We will win this country back…
    God give us what we need…not what we deserve.

  101. I moved this over from the previous post on here…..make sure you get this info to everyone you know……it is kind of like the Joe Wilson thing…..the criminals once again are being defended by those who are suppose to be watching out for us….Go Figure!!! This woman needs to be fired!!!

    bho boo // September 12, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    The State’s Attorney for Baltimore City Patricia Jessamy, an Obama supporter who worked on the Maryland For Obama Steering Committee…
    wants to file charges of wire tapping fraud against the young couple who ran the sting operation on ACORN.

    This Obamabot monster woman’s name needs to go viral. She is working for Obama to squash out dissent. She needs to GO.

  102. Another great video from 9/12 March……….God Bless the USA

  103. Jacqlyn Smith // September 13, 2009 at 12:40 am

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for the vids…I wish I were there on Saturday!

    Ya know, people like Jessamy, Barky, Sharpton, Wright and their merry band of morons have set race relations back to pre-1950 levels. Shame, isn’t it?

    I notice that the people calling others ‘racist’ are themselves the biggest racists of them all.

  104. #

    SueK // September 13, 2009 at 1:22 am

    Jacqlyn Smith // September 13, 2009 at 12:40 am

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for the vids…I wish I were there on Saturday!

    Ya know, people like Jessamy, Barky, Sharpton, Wright and their merry band of morons have set race relations back to pre-1950 levels. Shame, isn’t it?

    I notice that the people calling others ‘racist’ are themselves the biggest racists of them all.

    Yes Sue….you are so-o-o-o right…..the real Americans who are black don’t see race though….my neighbors are black and some of the best folks you want to meet…..they are Christians and they did not vote for the FRAUD in our house……they could see the scam coming a mile away!!! I got the videos over at therightsideoflife and just thought they were great and something to share here….I’m glad you enjoyed them…..I did too!

  105. OFI posted a wonderful article regarding the 9/12 Tea Party, calling it the “Conservative Woodstock”:

    One thing to really take note: no trash once everyone left. Quite a contrast from the inauguration 9 months ago…

  106. Just for everyone’s information; do any of you know how large a 500 pill Aspirin container is? I have seen these containers close up while visiting a friend who is in a nursing home where my wife was employed until her retirement. I have to say thet the diameter is about 3″ across,and approximately 5 inches in length. It would be extremely difficult for anyone to place one of these containers in their throat. It would have had to been physically rammed down their throat. and I seriously doubt that the strongest person in the world could have sucessfully done such a deed. First of all in entering the throat it would have had to collapse inward in order to be forced down someones throat. It would take a great deal of force to actually accomplish. If the pills preceeded the container, it is more probable that some Chicago GOONS recieved an order to shut him up permanently, and to keep gunshots from being heard, the goons chose to strangle him with a large diameter plastic container. I believe that he was deliberately murdered. The Daly machine appears to still be alive and well. That is just one way they get even.
    Im betting that it was a couple of BLAGONEY’s GOONS.

  107. JeffM: Great Article and WONDERFUL PHOTOS!!!!! When everyone wakes up – you must see the great photos that are posted on the link that JeffM has provided. You will get a real sense of the mood and patriotism reflected at this historic event! God Bless the USA!

  108. Check out the turnout yesterday in Naples, FL:

    Post your vids up folks. This is incredible.

  109. Silver,

    Thanks. The real thanks goes out to all the wonderful patriots who make this country strong, just, and FREE!

  110. zachjonesishome

    Good Morning. Everyone take good care. I will be back online in a little over a month. Make it a Great Day! Just looking at the crowds in Washington, it would be hard to have anything but a great day!


  111. Zach.
    Have a safe trip.

  112. The evil usurper should get arrested. He has been in office for way too long. He is getting away with a lot of crimes and destroying our country. He is a kenyan-born terrorist.

  113. Maddie and Jacquelyn,
    These guys you mention are all CFR trash.Read about the aims of CFR.It is a front group for sovereignty EROSION.Tons of well-known politicians are in it as well as media big wheels.I do not vote for anyone associated with this group.
    I’m confused about the cases Orly has…over at Investigating Obama site its all curtain calls and crash-burn on the comments there…confused!

  114. GB……AWESOME video

  115. Zach: Thank you for all the interesting articles on your website…have a great vacation…we will surely miss you!

  116. CNN: Thank you for the link to the “discovery” issue. Any word on what has happened to Lucas Smith? Has he given a deposition? Is he in the Witness Protection Plan? Would his papers be part of “discovery?” Or is the “discovery” limited? Would appreciate anything you could find…thanks.

  117. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco



    We need to BOYCOTT Seeing & Commenting FOX News other than very few select programs like Glenn Beck & maybe Hannity.

    THERE PIGS are LYING to the American people with their coverage and I ahve had it with this Bedmate Media.

    Last night on Fox the Outdated Hippy Lieberal Heraldo Rivera said over and over “thousands” Marched in Washington. “thousands” Hey DRUNK MORON Lieberal Hippy I was there and I saw not “thousands” BUT 1000’s of “thousands”.

    ObamaLiar speaks in MN and they say 15,000 watched him NOW why aren’t citizens that traveled from all over this country given the same courtesy of an approximate count?
    Like 1.5 to 2 million AS ESTIMATED?
    So ObamaLair had 15,000, well in DC right outside his and CONgress’ home there was at least 100 times that many people. He would need to have another 99 more events to come close to equal the number of Patriot Citizens that were in DC.

    We Need to SHAME these people into being HONEST where is Joe Wilson when we need him. Someone get Joe Wilson to do a Video about this SHAME he will be out Truth Meter from Now on.

    FOX, CNN etc. in Joe Wilson’s words “YOU LIE!!!”


    Thanks JJ:
    See this pic and Plaster it Everywhere to SHAME THESE MORONS:

    CNN yesterday morning said that 30,000 were expected on DC. Prior to the vent they could estimate something that hadn’t happened yet but after it happened they couln’t? Well looks like they were wrong by at least 50 fold.

    These people need to be sued for Media Malpractice. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

    Greg Goss, thanks for your kindness and info.

  118. The Christopher Kelly death is being investigated as a ‘possible homicide or suicide. . .’ — Chicago Tribune.

    Here —

    The Cook County medical examiner’s office said Stroger Hospital officials told them that Kelly apparently died of an overintoxication of salicylate, a drug used in anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications such as aspirin.

    Authorities said Kelly was in his 2007 Cadillac Escalade in the parking lot of a lumber yard at 173rd Street and Cicero Avenue in Country Club Hills — a few miles from his Markham office — Friday night when he began vomiting. Sources said a girlfriend of Kelly’s drove him to nearby Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County. The Escalade remained there Saturday afternoon, guarded by police.

    A hospital spokesman said Kelly arrived at 11:15 p.m. and was treated and stabilized. But doctors determined he needed more care and transferred him to Stroger Hospital in Chicago, about 25 miles away.

    Kelly arrived at Stroger by private ambulance at 5:15 a.m., hospital spokesman Marcel Bright said. Kelly was treated for several hours but pronounced dead at 10:46 a.m., Bright said.

    Investigators were still at the empty Forest Lumber yard Saturday night as they looked for evidence. The remote spot, opposite insect-filled cornfields near Interstate Highways 57 and 80, was taped off as officers used flashlights to search on hands and knees.

    Country Club Hills Mayor Dwight Welch said detectives were looking for cigarette butts or anything else that might be traced to potential witnesses.

    Welch said authorities are investigating whether Kelly overdosed, possibly on over-the-counter medicines. The mayor also said Kelly vomited in the lumber yard’s parking lot.

    Oak Forest Hospital officials alerted authorities of Kelly’s whereabouts about 3 a.m., Welch said.

    “We are treating this as a death investigation — it’s a possible homicide or suicide, but it’s a high-profile case so we have a homicide level investigation,” Welch said.

  119. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco


    Did I mentione that I am a PISSED OFF PATRIOT TODAY?

    Media Malpractice….no wonder th ePolitical Pigs get away with murder….the Bedmate Media is their friend.

    I have said this before and will repeat it. We needd an Online Real Conservative Honest Media outler Online with Video 24 hr paid cheap subscription we would blwo away the 3,000,000 views that the top rated Lieberal Faux News gets.

    Someone with the means and know how please do this. It is the New Media. Most of us get news Online Anyway. I for one rarely turn on my Antena TV. We need to get this online up and running within the next 6 months. Maybe Newsmax, WND, NewswithViews, News Busted, Pajama Media, ect can do a joint Venture.

    Subscription Based maybe $25/year just so that Lieberals don’t get to watch for Free.

    Lets get this DONE, so that we don;t have to live with the SHAME of looking at this Embarrassment of the Bedmate Lying Media.

    Lets get it done.

  120. Silver // September 13, 2009 at 4:29 am

    JeffM: Great Article and WONDERFUL PHOTOS!!!!! When everyone wakes up – you must see the great photos that are posted on the link that JeffM has provided. You will get a real sense of the mood and patriotism reflected at this historic event! God Bless the USA!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This revolution of minds, this rebellion against debauchery by our congress, this fight for freedom………..
    I have said for almost a year now……….
    house by house, city by city, state by state…it begins with you.

  121. JeffM: What beautifully clear pictures of the Tea Party Protesters; they really look like hard-core radicals…lol…a great memory of an historic day! Thank You!

  122. More great videos of yesterday-

    I think we are going to see a beginning of the MSM to run to the other side of the ship. I think they are seeing now that the Emeror has no clothes and they don’t want to go down with him. This march was the torpedo.


  123. Portuguese.
    I understand and respect what you are saying.
    I don’t like Rivera either but let’s forget about debating the exact numbers
    in attendance. It is another diversion.
    The photos and videos speak for themselves.
    By the way, that series of clips that I assembled around 11:30 and quickly
    put on Youtube received well over 5,000 views in less than 24 hrs.

    Carpe Diem.
    We must seize the energy, the inertia, the emotion of the moment and
    channel it into voting out jackasses and voting in constitutional bound patriots.
    Statesmen not politicians.
    Let’s roll.

  124. oldsalt77: Good to see you back here posting. I agree with you…when they do the autopsy, though, do you think the cause of death will be an aspirin OD or some respiratory distress issue?

  125. This is how Cass Sunstein sees the (p)resident: (beverage warning!)

  126. JeffM 4:15am–awsome post

  127. Portuguese Rev War Hero Peter Fancisco // September 13, 2009 at 9:45am,…………….
    I hear ya. We watched GR last night too. HE IS A MORON. Someone even emailed him that he should leave FOX and go over to MSNBC. (actually we were saying the same thing when he mentioned the email) We know what GR stands for. HE IS A RACIST. He even said that JOES remark was racist. We turn the channel when he is on. HE IS SICKENING TO SAY THE LEAST.
    BUT, I DO LOVE FOXNEWS. Compared to the rest of the msm,…… NO COMPARISON.
    Thanks for your posts.

  128. hello NY from da-beach…
    something a bit ‘scary’ happened in my ‘hood last night…seriously:
    immediately after hearing lots of sirens, the first of 3 ‘black-outs’ happened shortly after 9pm in the building…when folks nervously came out their front doors, I heard one gentleman say, “this is big!”…I think others shared the same sense.
    Fortunately it seems it was something only in our building…and not the whole community.
    It was pretty spooky, I gotta admit.

  129. Anyone?…haven’t heard a peep from or about Lou Dobbs in sometime (I don’t have tv)…
    wussup widdat?


  131. Val @ 12:24: then they’ll have to pin the racist thing on Deneen Borelli too, won’t they?!

  132. At the end of the video it says originally aired July 2009. I don’t recall seeing that before ….

  133. ms. helga: Thanks for the link to all of those videos; so many people shared that the collection of videos is absolutely incredible. I watched the coverage on C-Span thanks to Re-do for about an hour and a half, and the many planned speakers presented their messages in short, concise, and to-the-point spots so all could participate. I was especially moved by the MD rally on 9/10, I think. They had to leave their practices to participate in this rally, and their speeches were passionately against the Health Care Bill. They were insulted by how they were portrayed to the public by the pp and wanted to set the record straight…wish I had a link to share with you, but do not know where I put it.

    Thanks for all you do to provide information to share with all of us here.

  134. Re-do @ 10:54,

    They’re on to you! LOL!

    ( I feel like that sometimes! )

  135. After watching the video that GBAmerica posted … I can’t wait to see a video like that about yesterdays protest. AWESOME!

  136. re: cry “racist”
    I have a question:
    If the DNC decided to install a black president, why didn’t they pick a Natural born American (black) like Lloyd Marcus- as opposed to an imported Arab/African like Obama?
    Is this racist, descriminatory or both?

  137. Val,

    Problem indeed:

    Perjury anyone? The U.S. Military has a lot of explaining to do.

  138. Val @ 10:58: to FOX claims: “you lie!”

  139. twe: Thanks for the link to the UK article. Why is it we have to “outside” of the USA to find out what is going on “inside” the USA? Could it be we are trying to hide something?

    Hey Re-do: How are ya? Thanks for sharing the C-Span coverage yesterday; glad to have your company while viewing.

  140. Re-do,


    Did y’all see all the posters yesterday: YOU LIE!

    I saw one: Liar, Liar, pants on fire!

  141. **NEW POST**

  142. JeffM @ 11:06: if they go with that, what sort of “punishment” is tied to “you lie!” in court?!

  143. JeffM: Thanks for the link. There it is “in black and white” what actually happened to prevent Rhodes from attending the hearing on Friday. I agree, those attorneys have some “splaining” to do. I understand Land is not amused.

  144. JeffM-It sure looked like perjury to me. Essentially Connie was held “captive”.

  145. Hey Linda: I can’t take any credit for that…but I’d say kudos to the folks at c-span for giving us the best seats in the house!!! Few got to observe the event with the visual and audio clarity we did! AND…we didn’t have to worry about trying to use a port-a-potty!! whew!…
    I’m just gld that the link worked for you and others; apparently, for some, it didn’t.
    And just another reminder…a re-do…they’re gonna re-broadcast the whole thing Monday evening at 8 (I’m guessing that’s east coast time) at c-span 2…might be good to tape it for posterity!
    Blessings to you today.

  146. Michelle – you commented earlier about a new wave of reporting – funny my husband and I were discussing this exact topic and I have felt for a while a re emergence of pure journalism would result out of the deception we have had crammed down our throats . I was a journalism major in college and’ All the Presidents Men’sparked my desire when I was 10 years old .You know this same inspiration is fired in the bellies of many young patriots now – and the march was spectacular !!! We must as CW says carpe diem – and not tire – this will be a very long hall – much damage has happened over a very long period of time – I would say the Civil War and its turmoil began the descent away from individual freedoms – the fear of another civil war erupting encouraged government power increases and slowly and methodically the erosion of our rights began – the south feared “States Rights ” would be marginalized and replaced with big government controls ( what is good for Arizona is not good for Maine and visa versa ) and this is what has happened – more and more bureaucracy has crept in until we have become soo glutoness and bloated with fraud – this is what must be targeted and exposed by truth seekers – expose the emperor has no close – expose the trail of where our income taxes go –
    we “know” but are we willing to fight the long fight – it is so fast so wide spread – we almost have to have a clean slate and start over with only the bare needs being met – and what does that mean when government is so massive ??!! We must begin with this kind of determination to return our nation to a republic / not a special interest – whoever shouts the loudest gets OUR MONEY – kind of oligarchy ! The first step seems to be cut off the funds !!!! then the adjustment is forced !
    Tax day looks like another good marching time !
    And Nov 4th !

  147. A good article at Lame Cherry’s blogspot posted 9-12-09 titled The Obamataker. It’s about O’s townhall in Minneapolis yesterday. A quote from it: “I have never seen any human do what Obama did in Minneapolis. It was disturbing.” Try to read if you can.

  148. Got it, i george, thanks!

  149. Re-do: Thanks for the reminder about Monday; I had to leave so I was not able to watch the coverage in its entirety. When did they begin dispersing? Do you know? I read this morning they left it “clean!” That was no easy task since, by last count, there had to be 2M there!

    Happy Day…Linda

  150. I read an article on WND this a.m. about the rally in D.C. The White House said they were unaware of the rally.

    P L E A S E…’s hard to miss a million plus people.

    At the very least, they had to beef up the security detail at The White House – planned in advance.

  151. JustMe–Gibbs was asked about it before hand and he pooh-poohed it. I think he said something like what group?

  152. JustMe: I agree, but WND has lost all credibility as a news source IMHO. It is difficult, for me anyway, to discern what is credible and what is not…how ’bout you? I like to read both sides of an issue, but there have been so many false leads and so much false reporting, it is mind-boggling, at times, to sort it all out. That is one reason why I come here; CW reports the facts, encourages us to think about those facts, and provides with a forum where we can share our own personal insight.

  153. Linda from NY @ 11:32: well, it was around 1:30pm PDT…so 4:30pm-ish…but I’m not sure when the first item went on…was it noon?

  154. Pingback: Blagojevich trial, Christopher Kelly, John Stroger, Orlando Jones, Dead men don’t talk or do they?, Obama and Blagojevich corruption cronies, Tony Rezko, Patti Rezko, Patti Blagojevich, Michelle Obama, Plenty of witnesses available « Citizen W

  155. Pingback: Blagojevich trial, Christopher Kelly, John Stroger, Orlando Jones, Dead men don’t talk or do they?, Obama and Blagojevich corruption cronies, Tony Rezko, Patti Rezko, Patti Blagojevich, Michelle Obama, Plenty of witnesses available « Citizen W

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