Larry Sinclair book,, Copyright infringement, disgusting websites, GoDaddy allows illegal activities, Vicious attacks on Sinclair and others, a website hosting service, has allowed disgusting websites to continue vicious attacks against Larry Sinclair and many others. They are now allowing copyright infringement of Larry Sinclair’s new book, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?”. Larry Sinclair has corresponded with GoDaddy on numerous occassions and informed them of the illegal activity. has no excuse for taking no action.

Is the management of so entrenched with, so in bed with the Obama camp that they ignore the laws of this country. If they are, that makes sense. It is consistent with the policies and attitudes of Barack Obama., please respond with what actions you intend to take. If you do not do the responsible thing and obey the law, the public will respond accordingly. I have had multiple GoDaddy accounts before. I will not have another.

Are there any attorneys in Arizona that would like to help Sinclair with this matter?

You are watching the Obama camp act out their Nazi and Orwellian strategies.

This can happen to you. 

Fellow bloggers and citizens, help me get this story out.


37 responses to “Larry Sinclair book,, Copyright infringement, disgusting websites, GoDaddy allows illegal activities, Vicious attacks on Sinclair and others

  1. Godaddy is the provider of the Punked BC guy…

  2. excellent article….

    Re-do….are you saying that you don’t approve of what I have to say?

  3. Jacqlyn Smith

    I can’t get into Mario’s site…anyone else having problems???

  4. No prob for me JS

  5. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I think Sinclair should get a copywrite lawyer with expertise, usually a letter threating action and demanding identity of those they register who are violating copyright laws wil do the trick, as Godaddy gest too little revenue from a single customer to make it worth there while to defend him. However Goddady is only a resgistry: go after the company that hosts the sites. Us to find which are the name servers, and then go go with the IP numbers of the name servers to find out which company actually is responsible for publishing the violating material. They usually will react quickly to see copyright laws are enforced. That should work…

  6. zachjonesishome

    CNN and CitizenWells – thank you both for all that you are doing. Zach

  7. The nice thing about the article Oil for immigration posted about the Fake Kenyan BC was that they posted the original photos of the Docs at 2048×1536 resolution which shows all the detail and the extent that the forger went to. Had those been posted originally then we would have debunked it sooner. Still they’ll make a good case against him when the time comes. I’m sure the Secret Service is checking all of this out right now. After all you don’t forge any document regarding the President without it getting noticed by the guys with the sunglasses. Of course the article is nonsense. There’s evidence that shows that All those images were taken by the same camera and not digitally created. I wont say why because it can be used as evidence against the Forger but I’m sure that anyone who knows what he’s doing has already spotted the flaw.

    I don’t look at the Kenyan BC as an embarrassment. It actually helps it two ways. Orly can use it as evidence of the amount of Fraud and Forgery going on and the need for Obama to prove himself and it shows that the Obots can’t just throw anything out there without it being torn apart and heavily investigated. They should be more nervous now than ever and I’m proud of everyone’s efforts to prove or disprove the BC’s.

    Still curious as to why Lead Technologies pops up on both the Newest photos of the Forgery and the Bomford BC though. That’s interesting.

  8. citizenwells


  9. citizenwells

    GoDaddy is not just a registry.
    You can also contract with them for web hosting, regardless of
    where the physical hosting is located.

  10. Civis Naturaliter Natus // August 7, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    GoDaddy does HOSTING, it is probably tehir biggest money maker.

    We can all contact GoDaddy and ask for action or we will transfer our business to more Responsible Law Abiding Companies:

    CONTACT for NoDaddy:

    (480) 505-8877 24×7 Technical Support & Sales
    (480) 505-8855 24×7 Billing Support

  11. Jacqlyn Smith

    I am unable to access Mario or Lame Cherry….I keep getting the same message from Google…this is what it says…..

    We’re sorry…

    … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.
    See Google Help for more information.

  12. Fernley Girl

    Don’t threaten, just do. I pulled my godaddy accounts last year. Hit Parsons in the pocket.

  13. Fernley Girl

    Jacqlyn Smith,
    I’m using FireFox. No problems with either site.

  14. No, I can’t get into Lame Cherry either, and I get the same stupid Google message. I haven’t tried Mario yet.

  15. I am using FireFox as well JS. But with your email list it is possible you may have a bug. Time for a SpyBot scan or someo ther mailware scanner

  16. Jacqlyn Smith

    Fern—I have FireFox also…still unable to get those two sites….others are okay!

  17. Jacqlyn Smith

    WE have AVG should I run a scan…my husband usually takes care of this but he is at work.

  18. I am having no trouble with any sites…

  19. citizenwells

    ** New post **

  20. I have AVG and am scanning now. I don’t know why I can’t get into those places either.

  21. citizenwells

    Thanks Portuguese.

  22. We are BANKRUPT and we are buying new jets for the POLITICAL PIGS?

    They vilified auto and oil company Executives and now they are wasting more of our money?
    I say make them travel by horse and buggy.

    District of Criminals as if it wasn’t bad enough, it’s been Invaded by Chicago Corruption Cartel

  23. citizenwells

    I added the Glenn Beck interview of AARP official.

  24. Google has been doing that to us all day as well, message saying “Sorry, your computer or network is sending automated queries and for the safety of our customers….”

    Funny we do not send automated queries on our network

  25. i can’t get into Larry’s site!! Same message as Larry states above. What is going on?? I can get into drudge and other news sites ….BUT NOT LARRY – His site is my FAVORITE. Must be a computer brown coat sent in his site – for MIS INFORMATION…This is scaring me. What is happening to our country?

  26. : clap : : clap : Everyone Stand Up

    Larry Made an appearance.
    Good to see you Larry.

  27. Just a thought, maybe we should send an email on ‘anything fishy’ that Obama or any of his thugs do and swamp the new spy-line.

  28. I think I came up with a simple plan to resolve all the problems that are coming up with the Obama Healthcare Plan that everyone hates. Since we pay for the insurance for all members of our government via taxes, in a spirit of justice WE THE PEOPLE get the same plan. Anything else would be descriminatory, if you add all of us on that plan surely it would bring down the rates. Obama’s plan is so bad it reminds me of a used car salesman trying to sell the worst clunker, beater car at a higher price than a new car, and have the customer (citizen) fall for it. Sending congress out to sell this plan to the American people sure is getting results. I hope the members are finding out how little trust and respect WE THE PEOPLE have for this current abomination of an administration. I’m a Democrat and Republicans pay attention here, but these Democrats are so done, people see how really incompetent and corrupt they really are. Those town hall meetings really gave it away. Thank you patriots, it was so wonderful watching all of your civil rights violated. We shall overcome.

  29. I have always hated GoDaddy and their sexist commercials. All female business owners should boycott GoDaddy, in my opinion. The CEO over there is very arrogant as far as I am concerned.

  30. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same line with CW….I am only an occasional poster; he’s been running this blog daily for quite sometime, longer than I know…

  31. What Larry Sinclair doesn’t seem to understand is that there was no infringement on his copyright. There was an infringement on his UNDERSTANDING of what a copyright covers.

    Larry likes to make up the rules as he goes discarding logic that doesn’t support what he wants. The little copyright statement in the book saying that no part of it can be reproduced doesn’t supersede US copyright law.

    Copyrights are only applicable to a complete work, excerpts of the complete work for the purposes of commenting, criticism, and parody have been protected by courts as fair use.

    The 1961 Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the U.S. Copyright Law cites examples of activities that courts have regarded as fair use:

    “quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author’s observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied.

    You may not agree with our opinions or sense of humor but we have every right to express them.

    In comparison to Larry Sinclair’s totally unsubstantiated claims of murder, homosexuality, and drug use and constant criticism of Obama (widely propagandized by Wells and the like) don’t we have the same right to criticize?

    After all, this post is attempt to silence opinions that you don’t agree with. Isn’t that a little hypocritical Wells?

    Maybe Larry is rubbing off on you (no pun intended).

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  33. citizenwells

    Somewhere in the mix of copyright infringement, libel and slander
    you are legally accountable.
    At the very least your actions are reprehensible and clearly align you
    with the brown shirt, Orwellian thuggery of the Obama camp.

  34. Wells,

    You haven’t offered any detail regarding Sinclairs story, yet you posted an article the other day stating that you knew he was telling the truth.

    You seem to post a lot of very sketchy unverified content over here, Wells. Somewhere in the mix of copyright infringement, libel and slander
    you might be legally accountable too.

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