Kerchner V Obama, Congress, Lawsuit, Update, July 27, 2009, Washington Times National Weekly, Charles Kerchner update

Just in from Charles Kerchner, the plaintiff in the Kerchner V Obama lawsuit, July 27, 2009:

“The below linked full page advertorial is running today in the Washington Times National Weekly edition on page 9.  This is the second week in a row with the British Born additional key point about Obama … one more of his many flaws in his exact citizenship status, i.e., that:

“Obama when born in 1961 was a British Subject”

And of course, as a British Subject at birth, Obama is not eligible to be President and the Commander-in-Chief of our military forces since he is not, and never can be, a “natural born citizen” of the USA as is required under Article II of our Constitution, per the intent of the founders of our nation and framers and legal scholars of our Constitution such as Franklin, Jay, and Washington, and per legal constitutional standards.

If you can, please give some coverage of this new key point in this newer version of the advertorials I have been running, i.e., that Obama was born a British Subject when born in 1961 no matter where he was born. His father was a British Subject and thus under the British Nationality Act of 1948 Obama was a British Subject at birth too.

While we who have been fighting this battle may clearly know and understand that point, most in America do not, nor do they understand the importance of that point as to natural born citizenship status under Article II of our Constitution, to constitutional standards.

Also if you can, please point out that if your readers wish to see more of this type of advertising in a national newspaper on the issue of Obama’s citizenship flaws, that they can now help the cause and contribute to funding the advertorials at:  I thank all the patriots who have contributed to-date to make this latest advertorial insertion possible. With help, more will be done.  Thank you.


Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
CDR USNR Retired
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress”

As noted by Charles Kerchner:

“If you can, please give some coverage of this new key point in this newer version of the advertorials I have been running, i.e., that Obama was born a British Subject when born in 1961 no matter where he was born. His father was a British Subject and thus under the British Nationality Act of 1948 Obama was a British Subject at birth too.”

25 responses to “Kerchner V Obama, Congress, Lawsuit, Update, July 27, 2009, Washington Times National Weekly, Charles Kerchner update

  1. Here here….as they say in UK!

  2. My response to UK telegraph piece:

    Dear Mr. Doyle,
    There are many Americans engaged on this issue and we find ourselves daily fending off falsehoods in the press and media.It needs to be clarified that the “natural born citizen” requirement for the executive branch has been read and studied over for many months in the patriot blogger community.We believe that this term having only been mentioned in our Constitution once in ( article II section I,clause v) is not the same as ‘citizen’ as elaborated in amendment 14.This term was exclusive to the office of president so as to ensure loyalty and allegiance to the newly founded republic. The Framers sought to create a “firewall” if you will, by requiring TWO GENERATIONS OF LOYALTY. This is why a “natural born citizen” requires BOTH PARENTS be citizens at the time of birth on US SOIL. So in mathematical format it would be: 2 blood + 1 soil = “Natural Born Citizen.
    You can read Vattel’s Law of Nations a handy reference at the time if the founding of the USA and other Supreme Court rulings which did not sully this exclusivity in their rulings. I will suggest you check out the archives at the Obama File website or Leo Donofrio’s blog Natural Born Citizen. Also, Marrio Apuzzo Esq. has done a fine job of writing on this topic at his site and is due for a court hearing on his case in August (
    I hope you will take a closer look at the legal theory we are concerned with by reading and digging a little harder. There were two cases that got to conference at the Supreme Court based on this legal approach but were shied away from due to the honeymoon period of the Obama presidency.They simply opted out.

    Now, the birth certificate wild goose chase illustrates that we have a “president” that is far from being transparent.We do not know where he was born.He may be a citizen but not NBC as elaborated in the first paragraph.All and I mean ALL documents which will permit “we the people” to ascertain his personal narrative are being kept under seal. The letter from the hospital is bogged down in inconsistancy and lies. Two hospitals were claimed as his place of birth. The Obama File covers every single detail of this web of lies. Go there and see the evidence. Websites have been scrubbed.Wikipedia changed its story on his birth hospital and on and on.
    No member of the press or media has researched this issue to any great depth.The attorneys who have filed the cases are rarely invited onto mainstream platforms. Most people can see Obama is either lying or hiding something or is not eligible.Even if he was born in the White House,we believe he is not eligible based on the original intent interpretation of the Constitution. If the Framers merely wished for a “citizen” they would not have written “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” in this clause.

    I hope this will help you understand this issue in a more meaningful way.

  3. I’ll be donating to this. There’s also an excellent article at the top of America’s Right today as to what we’re really looking at in terms of health care deform.

  4. Greg Goss,
    Rip Constitution and mail to the Political Pigs:

    Great idea but if you are going to do that you will need to urinate and defeccate on it first before mailing it otherwise they won’t recognize what they, the Political Pigs have done to it.

  5. zachjonesishome

    magna carta

    Nice Post – Zach

  6. This is what I have been waiting for. This will be repeated over and over again….

  7. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Magna Carta,

    Your argument is relativistic: We patriots believe this is what the NBC clause means?

    By such an argument you just conceded defeat, because you put the dispute in the realm of opinions of opponents, rather you should have said

    Our duties as citizens of the United States obliges us to regard as constitutionally valid and binding what Scotus had determined regarding the NBC issue, as quoted in Kerchner’s filings…see Mario Apuzzo’s blog for more info.

    Accordingly, Barrack Hussein Obama has no legal grounds to hold the office of POTUS, and must forthwith vacate the White House!

  8. Jacqlyn Smith


    Greg Goss // July 27, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    This is what I have been waiting for. This will be repeated over and over again….**********

    Greg—-This person needs to move to another country if she doesn’t like our Constitution as written…..what a MORON….I guess she doesn’t realize the Constitution was written the way it was for our own protection!! Another LIBERTARD!!

  9. She is a professor! We will see alot of these elitist voicing this same message..

  10. GG @ 12:55: Seems even if all that ‘change the Constitution’ talk were to happen…that still would change or cover the tracks of the narcisstic lies and dancing. Just can’t ‘splain ’em away any more…no matter what form ‘change’ takes. Oh…and then there’s still the multiple SSN thing…what chess-move will be needed to make that go away?

  11. magna carta

    Thanks for the feedback Civis.I was focused on explaining the legal theory in hopes of getting his attention. I did not really want to advocate as much as clarify and hopefully inspire the the journalist’s curiosity.I was hoping to clarify the two battle fronts in this issue.
    Maybe you can dash something off to him elaborating more fully the SCOTUS aspect and its implications.I feel that the SCOTUS is dodging this and that it does not have to mean defeat but rather that we are right.Time will tell if they are forced to take this on.
    Thanks again.Zach & civis

  12. Kerchner is right on BUT there is a further point to be made.

    BO was born British then converted to Kenyan with daddy in 1963 . Was Kenyan til age 21 had to reaffirm his Kenyan citizenship as an adult but when he failed to it he again REVERTED back to being Governed by the same ACT that governed his Birth, that is the law. When you turn 21 you don’t UNILATERALLY pick and choose what country you want to be a Citizen of, you have to follow existing law at the time of the event.

    CONCLUSION Obama was British at birth, was Kenyan til 21, reverted back British at age 21 as far as we know he Continues being British or possibly Indonesian by mom’s marriage to Soetoro which is the name he used in his teens and probably beyond. In the event he rejected his Inodensian Citizenship if it ever existed he REVERTS back to being governed by Kenyan or British Citizenship.

    It really doesn’t matter where he was born even if he was born in the Lap of Lady Liberty, because of his daddy’s Foreign National status, he can NEVER be a Natural born and attain the Presidency. It takes a very special kind of citizen to be qualified to be President it is a more strict Eligibility than just a Senator.

    This is going buy Obama’s OWN ADMISSION and follwoing those facts to logical conclusion.
    As far as we know Today he is still a British Subject Governed By the Queen of England.
    He was NEVER NATUAL BORN and NEVER ELIGIBLE for the Presidency. We can’t have a President that is governed by a FOREIGN LEADER tha is the CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS beside NEVER having been a Natural Born Citizen which is the First and Most Important Constitutional Eligibility Requirement.

    We have an FOREIGN USURPER who used FRAUD & FORGERY to STEAL the Presidency.

    His Senator Post also has to be Fully Investiagted and Adjudicated, he may not even have been a naturalized citizen when he become a senator or even when he got elected in 1996 in Chicago representing the Communist Party (Chicago New Party).

    In the Country of the Birth of Freedo and Free Press we have instead the Obama Bedmate Media who by not being ethical allowed this FRAUD to eb Perpetrated on America and it’s Constitution.

    We DEMAND an Investigation and JUSTICE.

  13. re-do: “still WOULDN’T change or cover…”
    sorry…makes a big difference, doesn’t it?

  14. What’s the trick involved with getting the likes of Huckabee or Coulter to actually visit this site, or others, and read-up on some of the ‘evidence’ posted?

    I realize you’ll probably have to catch ’em in a ‘down moment’…when they’re not too busy scheduling their next celebrity encounter, or ‘doing big lunch’ with their comrades…now that they can afford to wine and dine at the best establishments. So disappointed…that’s all I can think right now…so disappointed.

  15. In response to this lawsuit, the advertisement, and the efforts being made by Protect Our Liberty, I’ve sent the following message and made the following offer to Mr. Appuzzo:

    From: []
    Sent: 7/27/2009 1:19:15 PM
    To: []
    Mr. Appuzzo –
    My name is John Feeny. I’m one of the millions of people nation-wide that has been doing what
    he can to help to expose Mr. Obama for what he is. To that end, I’ve recently written and released a book, one that is available on Amazon. The title of the book is CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW…ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I’m not asking for an advertisement; I am, however,
    hopefully offering a way to bring in more funds for your legal efforts and to help the cause.

    On Amazon, my book sells for $20.99. Each time one sells, I make $7.35. If however, I buy them in bulk to sell them myself, I get them at approximately $6.00/book. If I were to order mass quantities of them and sell them for $21.00, that would leave me with a profit of roughly $15.00, a profit that I would be happy to split with PROTECT OUR LIBERTY, since I’d be making essentially the same commission anyway, and because I never set out to write the book to become a millionaire. I did it because I fear for the future of our country, and because I fear for my son’s future. Indeed, as the ideological pressure and outright fraud begins to boil in our country, my book is
    becoming more and more relevant.

    The obvious problem in co-ordinating something like this, should you be interested, would be in figuring out how many at a time to order, as well as how we would go about splitting the profits. I believe that on the website it indicated that you’re located in New Jersey; if this interests you, I’d be glad to order the copies and bring them to sell with you down there. I’d even stay and sign them for each person who comes to pick up a copy.

    This is not a half-cocked idea, Mr. Appuzzo. You can go onto Amazon yourself to see that I’m
    telling the truth, I’ve already been interviewed on talk radio in Providence, RI, I have a
    political blog that I keep ( – on which there’s an audio link to the interview), and I have a Facebook page that I started in order to network the book. Taking into account the realities of the situation, in that I’m just an average person and really have no platform for the book, it’s done reasonably well. I have a similar arrangement with my parish, in that our pastor takes orders for the book, I order them, and I split my profits with the church. It all comes out in the wash.

    I’m sincerely offering to lend myself to the cause. If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    John Feeny

  16. Army D.A.V.

    Re-do //

    I can assure you they all know the facts , they are being held in check by the foriegn and banker controlled media outlets.

  17. citizenwells

    ** New post **
    Thanks Greg.

  18. EYE POPPING INFO: Look at the last one LOL. I think that could be stated better: Number of times a legal challenge to John McCain’s status as a “natural-born citizen” has received a full court hearing and a written ruling: 1 of 1. Number of times for Barack Obama: 0 of 100.
    From American Thinks read whole article here:

    The number of pages in Obama’s stimulus package: 1,071. Number of pages in Obama’s health care plan: 1,018. Number of pages in the “Cap and Trade” legislation: 1,500. Number of pages in the US Constitution: about eight. Number of these pages read by the average US Congressperson: your guess.

    The number of prime-time news conferences given by President Bush in eight years: 4. Number given by President Obama in six months: 4.

    President Obama’s overall approval rating on his first day in office (Jan. 21): 65%. His most recent approval rating (July 24): 49%.

    Number of times a legal challenge to John McCain’s status as a “natural-born citizen” has received a full court hearing and a written ruling: one. Number of times for Barack Obama: zero.

    Randall Hoven can be contacted at or via his web site,

  19. John Feeny,

    You should make the same offer to thers including Orly.

  20. Army D.A.V. @ 1:28: yeh, dang it…so much for ‘fair and balanced’ controlled ‘news’…
    “Jus da fact$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, Ma’am….”

  21. Revolutionary –

    How do I e-mail her?

  22. Greg Goss said:

    “She is a professor! We will see alot of these elitist voicing this same message..”

    Agreed. But the louder they profess, the more people will realize that Soetoro is indeed ineligible. Why? Because they have to change the Constitution just to exempt anyone with a foreign parent, that’s why.

    Check Mate.


  23. Folks – I have discovered the code word for “We Love Obama”. When I reveal this word you will immediately realize that By God ms. helga is right. After watching the TV and listening to the radio these many years it finally struck me like a bolt of lightening. After I reveal this word start listening and watching and I guarantee you will agree with me in no time. The only danger is that it may cause a syndrome.
    I will reveal the syndrome and word on the next post.

  24. Part 2










    ms. helga


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