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“we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”          Signers of  The Declaration of Independence

The quote above, the bottom line quote from the American Revolution, is not casual conversation. Our founding fathers risked everything to provide a haven of free speech and a Constitution that protects our rights and our safety. So anytime I hear of someone attacking the US Constitution or disregarding it, I become annoyed.

Melanie Springer Mock, an associate professor in the department of writing and literature at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, obviously needs to take some more history classes. And how appropriate that her last name is mock (elitist comments) and she is in the department of writing and literature (creative writing, fiction).

Ms. Mock obviously has no respect for the rule of Law, US Constitution or fellow Americans that do respect the Constitution. Here are some exerpts from an article published on on July, 27, 2009:

“Time for a change — to the Constitution

by Melanie Springer Mock, guest opinion

Monday July 27, 2009, 8:30 AM

The drumbeat of discontent from the so-called “birthers” has started again. Nearly six months after President Barack Obama was inaugurated, fringe members of the conservative party are finding public platforms to argue that Obama has no right to the presidency because he does not have a valid U.S. birth certificate.

Never mind the bigoted undertones of these claims, the unspoken assertion that because Obama does not look like “us,” he is not American.

Such rumors take on an even more sinister hue when birthers rant that Obama is trying to cheat “us” — that he really was born in Kenya, and that his mother doctored the birth certificate or, more egregiously, secreted Obama to Hawaii from Kenya only days after his birth, then secured a U.S. birth certificate for her foreign-born son.

Although these claims are, at best, ludicrous, they should also compel us to consider why the Constitution bans foreign-born U.S. citizens from presidential office — and to amend the Constitution so that questions about birth certificates and origins of birth no longer matter. In doing so, U.S. citizens, like my two sons, might be eligible for the country’s highest office.

My sons seem fit for a political life. Both are gregarious and charismatic, diplomatic, eager to shake hands with strangers and to kiss babies. OK, so they are only 7, but they have the temperaments of budding politicians. But they cannot become president without a constitutional amendment opening the office to foreign-born U.S. citizens.”

Read more:

Ms. Mock could be the poster child for left wing liberal Obots:

She believes that:

  • She is wiser than our founding fathers.
  • Obama has produced a birth certificate.
  • Anyone questioning Obama is a bigot, “birther”, ranter, fringe member.
  • Joe the Plumber is infamous.
  • Her 7 year old foreign born sons have “temperaments of budding politicians.”
  • “But they cannot become president without a constitutional amendment opening the office to foreign-born U.S. citizens.”

The US Constitution rules.
It is the law of the land.

Even if we become so presumptious as to believe we are wiser than our founding fathers, the law was clear when Obama was running for office. The POTUS must be a natural born citizen.


Thanks to commenter Greg Goss.

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  1. Does anyone here use “Skype”?

    Just wondering.

  2. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    I am sorry, Mommie Mock, the Mocketts don’t deserve to be president, even if your over-inflated ego thinks so.

    See a shrink, gal, you got some Freudian issues !

  3. Jacqlyn Smith

    Change the Constitution my A$$….this woman needs to move somewhere else and find out how our Constitution protects our freedoms and liberties…..she won’t find that anywhere else!!

  4. magna carta

    I sure hope everyone nails this!
    To me it seems that this has a cerebral way of admitting that we have a “PRESIDENT INELIGIBLE” in the WH.Do you agree?

  5. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I agree: you don’t call for a constitutional amendment to allow foreigners, to end the debate about Obama, UNLESS YOU BELIEVE he is a foreigner…! lol !

  6. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    On other news

    Politico thinks the birther issue is a headache for the GOP in the August recess.

    Evidently Politico does not read orly’s blog, where the Minority House leader and the Chairmain of the RNC have signed on as FRIENDS of Orly at her Facebook page.

    My friends, Cook and Orly have done a shock and awe attack in GA last week: they caused O’s popularity to plummet and broke the wall of silence in the Media. Public opinion is squarely now behind us and the Lie-berals (PF I love that!) are running scared.

    The GOP realizes that Orly is the best next thing to Palin, and I believe they will now get on board and use this issue as their primary armament in Congress…

  7. Can someone get that to Glen Beck? You know who he gets when someone “talks” about changing the Constitution !!

    She may have done us a huge favor!!

  8. CW,

    Thank you for posting that. I was as mad as hell while I was reading that.

  9. Change WHAT?
    OVER MY DEAD BODY. Erosionist LIE-berals get your dirty rotten stinking hands off of OUR BELOVED CONSTITUTION.

  10. If we don’t get the usurper out soon, he will make the Constitution moot. As it stands now neither Obama, Eric Holder, Axelrod, or the rest of the Chicaqgo gang have any respect for the Constiution. They simply ride buckshot over it, do as they please and dare the rest of America to stop them.

    When–I said when–and not if– we throw the bums out, and begin restore America with dignity and respect for the Constitution, we are going to insist no law, bill, or policy is ever presented for consideration and vote that has not first been checked and cleared to be within the laws of the Constitution. If it isn’t constitutional it doesn’t get presented for vote.

    Look at the last one LOL. I think that could be stated better:
    Number of times a legal challenge to John McCain’s status as a “natural-born citizen” has received a full court hearing and a written ruling: 1 of 1. Number of times for Barack Obama: 0 of 100.

    From American Thinker read whole article here:

    The number of pages in Obama’s stimulus package: 1,071. Number of pages in Obama’s health care plan: 1,018. Number of pages in the “Cap and Trade” legislation: 1,500. Number of pages in the US Constitution: about eight. Number of these pages read by the average US Congressperson: your guess.

    The number of prime-time news conferences given by President Bush in eight years: 4. Number given by President Obama in six months: 4.

    President Obama’s overall approval rating on his first day in office (Jan. 21): 65%. His most recent approval rating (July 24): 49%.

    Number of times a legal challenge to John McCain’s status as a “natural-born citizen” has received a full court hearing and a written ruling: one. Number of times for Barack Obama: zero.

    Randall Hoven can be contacted at or via his web site,

  12. It makes absolutely no sense to think only one parent had to be an American citizen to be a Natural Born Citizen. Especially when that citizen HATED America, and ran away to another Country. Nothing will change the facts of what I learned in school pertaining to a Natural Born Citizen. If he is an actual citizen in the first case is also being questioned. If he is he is a generation to soon to hold the office.

  13. Yes, Magna Carta, I agree.

    Yes, USA Patriots–Shout

    Yes, Civis

    Yes, Val

    Everyone is making great points to this article.

    Let’s get it over to Beck and Hannity, AND

  14. Get it to the FOX guys and get it in front of our ‘sol called’ conservatives.

    Where’s Sarah today ???
    Can you link something like this to a Tweeter account? I have no idea, so just asking?

  15. Beck really pushes

    ” The Constitution Of The United States”

    Where’s the guy who does the Thomas Payne Youtubes? Get this to him too!

  16. The Thomas Payne guy would rip this apart!

  17. John Feeny said:

    “Does anyone here use “Skype”?

    Just wondering.”

    You bet. Perhaps we should create a Skype group. CW would have to coordinate for security reasons. And we also have to make sure we’re not saying anything we don’t want ears in the walls to know.

  18. Is this a MOCK Article? Is it a MOCK Debate on the Consitution?

    I think this lady is taking her name too seriously:

    <b by Melanie Springer Mock, guest opinion

  19. Oh, and we can forget about the Constitution being changed.

    Just take a look at when the last Amendment was created. Ratification? Yeah, right. With all the BC and sovereignty bills going around it would take a tsunami to take out half the states so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting 35 votes to ratify something this drastic.

    They can cry all they want. War will happen sooner than an Amendment to Article II, that’s for sure.

  20. As Orly suggests – Go to your Townhall meetings prepared with your questions, documents and might as well take your BC with you too. And don’t forget the video recorder to post on Youtube. Apparently after the Delaware episode they are trying to decide how to duck the BC questions at Townhall meetings. They want to change the subject. Be prepared!

    The Reps are heading home for the August breaks – get ready for them!

  21. I’ve been trying to post a scathing rebuttal of that article but it wont let me…..flooded?

  22. We know Soetoro ain’t POTUS. But what about the rest of Congrass?

    We should be demanding proof of eligibility from them TOO. Make them ALL adhere to the Constitution. Anyone saying Soetoro is eligible, ask them why? Say things like “What are you hiding? Are you also ineligibile???”

    Make their lives miserable. Keep at it folks.

  23. Revolutionary –

    How do I write to Orly?

  24. cnn @ 1:53: mockers have apparently even omitted “Duh!” from their vocabulary…so, even if they had a “duh!”-moment…it would still be the ol’ ‘deer-in-the-headlights’…
    others might call it ‘inebriated on the Kool-Aid’…er…obamalade…whatever…
    maddie @ 2:31: yeh…and then what? it’s already been made clear that these fellas are every bit as much ‘on-the-take’ as the rest of them.

    Only now, even so; it might be a more hopeful trade to send Lou to FOX for those two…you already know the limitations of what they’ll engage in…or NOT engage…and maybe, just maybe: Lou will actually SEE THE LIGHT?!…

    Anywho…I don’t think you’d be worse off with that trade. At least it would be worth watching, even if only a day or two. So I’ll resurrect my former chant:
    “Lou For Two!!”

  25. The Media knows they lie. They even admit it. Just check out this amazing quote I just posted to my blog by the former Chief of Staff of the NY Times. If this does not wake up the nay sayers I don’t know what will.


    I e-mailed Melanie Mock; I’m going to past my letter. But the best part is that she already responded to me! Get this:

    Ms. Mock –
    Have you any idea how desperate you sound? I realize that one of your life’s ambitions is most likely to feel good and noble about yourself, in that you’re much more educated and enlightened than the rabble, and that you are one of the few who truly knows what’s best for us, but immediately resorting to charges of RACISM? Don’t you think it’s time to grow up and stop slamming your rattle on the floor when you’re seemingly not getting your way?

    Okay, so I’m one of the ‘fringe lunatics’, right? Hmm, I’m glad you clued me in on that. I guess the fact that I currently hold two degrees, am an English teacher/Assistant Principal at one of the most prestigious Catholic, all-boys’, college-prep schools in New England, have been blessed with a beautiful family, and have written a book must really place me with the dregs of society, right? Geez, I’d better start working harder….I’d no idea I’m so far from being an elitist.

    You see, Ms. Mock, I’m representative of the people who simply want the man currently occupying the Oval Office to prove that he’s eligible according to the United States’ Constitution. That’s it. As one of “We the People”, I think I’m well within my natural rights.
    You call the accusation ‘ludicrous’; I’m curious – have you seen the long form of the document? I can only assume so, since you seem so forthright and so condescending in the tone of your remarks. I’ve two questions for you, Ms. Mock, and they’re simple ones – so get out your crayons:

    1) Why has the man currently occupying the Oval Office spent millions in legal fees ensuring that all of the official documents from his life, including the birth certificate, have been shielded from the public’s knowledge?

    2) Why did the White House rescind Major Cook’s deployment orders to Afghanistan when he challenged them, on the grounds that he does not, at this time, acknowledge the official authority of the Commander-in-Chief?

    I’m just curious. That’s all. After all, I’m a right-of-center thinker, so I’m stupid. So pleez splain.

    I don’t think that I’ll ever get a response from you, because quite frankly, a liberal is usually the first one to leave the room when the fight starts. I’ll make sure that I post this letter on my blog, so that anyone who reads it knows the degree of contempt that I have for you.

    John J. Feeny

    Sorry, Mr. Feeny, I think you have me wrong on several accounts:

    1) I’d love to have a dialogue with you about this issue.

    2) I’m not really a liberal. Check out where I teach, at one of the most conservative Christian universities in Oregon.

    3) I don’t consider myself well educated. I actually have an inferiority complex about my education. I hope my kids get a better education than I did, but giving public funding for education in my state, that’s not probable.

    4) I don’t know Obama personally, so couldn’t tell you why he’s spent so much money on his legal defense.

    5) Congrats on the book. Publishing something is a real boon. Wish I could do the same.

    If you want to have a real dialogue, let’s do.


    Melanie Springer Mock
    Associate Professor
    Department of Writing and Literature
    George Fox University
    Newberg, OR 97132

  27. Just came across this and it brightened my day.
    We need more of this we need a NETWORK that is not afraid to do what the LIEBERALS do.
    We need to set up that Conservative Network online as I mentioned before with Paid $25-50 per yrs for Members only 24/7 Conservative News.

  28. boggartblog

    I thought the idea of democracy was thatthe law is supreme and applies to all, not that you can get the law changed retrospectively if it happens to be inconvenient.

  29. From WND – December 03, 2008
    ‘Natural-born’ requirement called ‘stupidest provision’

    “An associate lawyer in a Chicago-based firm whose partner served on finance committee for a then-Sen. Barack Obama has advocated for the elimination of the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural-born” citizen, calling the requirement “stupid” and asserting it discriminates, is outdated and undemocratic.

    The paper was written in 2006 by Sarah Herlihy, just two years after Obama had won a landslide election in Illinois to the U.S. Senate.”

  30. John Freeny

    Great letter. I still want to know why this non-liberal pulled the most elementary of libtard plays out by using the race card.

  31. JF @ 3:11: liked your letter very much…and do I dare say, “woah! wait a second!…have you actually stumbled across someone who will LISTEN to reason?!” Could it be that easy?!
    Come on, don’t tease me now…
    Dear Ms. Mock(er?): Dare you be enlightened? There are ‘facts’, Ma’am…records, documents (not fake ones)…listings of multiple SSNs even!?, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera….

    You might….might…be down for an “aha” moment, should you REALLY avail yourself to engage Mr. Feeny et al in some civil, rational, conference and dialog about what is at stake…and the importance…to you and yours, too, mind you…of defending the Constitution: as is the part of THE OATH that many have sworn to defend…only they seem to have just been kidding ‘about all that!’
    Good luck and God speed to you John!

  32. sandy @ 3:24: from what I’ve ever read or heard, and I don’t like to lump all together’; but ‘generally speaking’ the northwest is somewhat infamously known for the leaning of its politics, where left is really left; and right is just a little bit right of that.
    (no offense to any lovers of the real Constitution who might be settled among them…but then, you must already be aware of your surroundings).

  33. John Feeny, Thank you for taking the time to write her. Although I am not sure the crayon comment was necessary, but she did respond and dialog is always helpful. Keep it up and us informed.

  34. CW – I sent 2 posts at about 3PM and I saw they were in moderation. Since they were my only originals, can you e-mail them back to me?
    ms. helga

  35. bob strauss

    Now, that we see, what happens, in America, when a non- natural born citizen, usurps the presidency, it will be a cold day in hell, when an amendment, to the Constitution, is ratified, that changes article 2 to include any other than natural born Americans. It also clarifies, the reason, why it was put, into the Constitution, in the first place.

  36. :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t:

    Lots of comments:

  37. :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t:

    ‘Fictional Nonsense’: WH Spokesman Ridicules Birth Certificate Issue as ‘Made Up’

    Also at:

  38. Wonder why Gibbs never said “Natural born citizen”? Just a … Citizen

  39. Made up? Fictional nonsense? Well them, time to anti up to the bar and prove it. We’re not little 5th graders where our parents answer with “because I said so.” Not gonna cut it Gibbs.

    We Constitutionalists have them in quicksand. The more they writhe, the faster they sink.

  40. :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t:


    Obfuscation to stretch the vagueness as far as possible, no doubt.

    The Judge in Cook v Simtech dismissed as ” at its core, is but another attempt to embroil a United States District Court in an ongoing controversy of whether President Barack Obama is a native- born citizen of the United States of America and thus qualified to be President under the United States Constitution.”

  41. Val said:

    “Wonder why Gibbs never said “Natural born citizen”? Just a … Citizen”

    Because that’s exactly what he is. Once he says “natural born” then he’s accountable as well, and he certainly in a bind. That’s why he’s squirming like the rodent he is.

  42. Sheesh, my grammar is putrid today.

    So here’s the question as to why everyone in Washington is denying this for so long. The answer is very simple:

    No one can be held accountable for fraud, theft, or any other crime based on legislature passed after January 20, 2009 because all illegal legislature that would make them accountable is immediately declared illegal because a usurper is signing it into law!

    It’s a guaranteed “get-out-of-jail free” card. At least in courts that are also getting bennies from illegal legislature. Pretty slick I might add. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.

  43. :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t:

    JeffM // July 27, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Just don’t try this at home.

  44. Jacqlyn Smith


    Val // July 27, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    Wonder why Gibbs never said “Natural born citizen”? Just a … Citizen

    Why??? Because we are a “nation of cowards” with him and Holder leading the way!!!! A-HOLE is too good for these idiots!!

  45. Just out…
    If you haven’t seen this, check out this video “Birthers on the Hill”

  46. I don’t understand why this issue isn’t front page. They are so obvious it’s crazy!

    It is obvious that they are all dodging the NBC issue, or the NBC WORD!

    I guess they do think we are children. They sure try to treat us that why.

    More emails for Lou Dobbs!!

  47. This is just insane. It is insane. All the way around, it is insane.

    Calling us racist will not make it go away

    Saying it is made up fiction will not make it go away

    Calling us fringe will not make it go away

    Calling us a headache for the Republican party will not make it go away

    Telling us nothing would satisfy us will not make it go away..

    Declaring Obama to be a citizen will not make it go away

    Telling us Hillary would have used this information will not make it go away

    These things just insult us to a higher point of inspiration.

    PRODUCE THE RECORDS….release the hospital and vital statistics department to display relevant documents…….



  48. Greg –
    Thanks for the compliment, and I’ll admit – the ‘crayon’ remark was probably a bit off base.

    It just felt real good.

  49. #

    Folks – I have discovered the code word for “We Love Obama”. When I reveal this word you will immediately realize that By God ms. helga is right. After watching the TV and listening to the radio these many years it finally struck me like a bolt of lightening. After I reveal this word start listening and watching and I guarantee you will agree with me in no time. The only danger is that it may cause a syndrome.
    I will reveal the syndrome and word on the next post.

    me. helga // July 27, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Part 2










    ms. helga


  50. “The paper was written in 2006 by Sarah Herlihy, just two years after Obama had won a landslide election in Illinois to the U.S. Senate.””

    Landslide election win after he knocked out his competition with blackmail and had an out of state last minute candidate come in and fill the void Alan Keyes. Winning a landslide in that situtation is easy

  51. That’s a shame that they dismissed Cook’s law suit. How could they dismiss something that is so criminal like the usurper causing him to lose his job just because he questioned his eligibility, which he has every right to do.

    I went to the local federal bldg and they require photo ID to go in. They are so protective in these small federal bldgs, but they allow a usurper to usurp the powers of the presidency, don’t look into any of his papers, BC anything and depend on his false documents on the internet. I complained about the healthcare stuff that I found on hillarnme and the guy called it nonsense. It’s not nonsense. I am tired of these people calling our grievances nonsense.

  52. Gibbs Splurges his Verbal Diarrhea on Behalf of BHO when asked about BIRTH CERTIFICATE -(7/27/09)

  53. Army D.A.V.

    Beck and a guest just agreed , Soetoro and wife are Marxists , racist, bigots , and they don’t like white people.

    If you missed this one catch the re-run………..

  54. I bet you the lawsuit will be appealed. Orly never gives up.

    BUT she needs to file an action with the Labor Board for firing without cause and firing a Military while ON MILITAYR LEAVE.

  55. Teaching Opportunity Go over to the Huff n Puff Yotube Video in Youtube and COMMENT this is a teaching moment. I am there

  56. You guys might want to read the following article from JB williams – THIS IS GREAT!!

  57. We need to get someone with a Camera chase liberals around and ask question like Did Obama/Soetoro really release his Birth Certicate ? Or was it just a JPG with No Signature. Did Mathews show a BC or was it just a copy printout of a JPG with no signature.
    Can you tell me what is the diff between Citizen and Natural Born Citizen? if you were hiring somebody to work in your office and they showed you a pic of their documents online would u accept that? Can soldiers, Secret Service, etc., when applying for the military or a job just use a laptop with a JPG of their documents like Obama did? Has ANY DOCUMENTS EXPERT checked out teh Validity of Obama’s Documents?

  58. Jacqlyn Smith

    Does anyone have Gibbs address!!

  59. PF @ 5:49:: see if you can get the folks over at TMZ to do that…they are experts at just that very thing! Hey you guys at TMZ…wanna see your ratings surpass “American Idol” and “Survivor”?! Here’s your golden opportunity…take full advantage of it while free enterprise and free speech still grant you pretty full access!!

  60. TMZ: you may need to come up with a catchy name for this particular segment…none come to mind right off the bat…but there are plenty of sharp, witty minds here that would probably gladly help you out!!
    Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?!

  61. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Look, Cook-s the Case was dismissed in FL on a technicality, dismissed without prejudice, that is, Orly can refile tomorrow. In FL there needs to be a separate page attatched to the filing which summarizes the complaint. The FL lawyer working with Orly to make the filing in FL forgot that< its his fault not Orlys…as always Obots are spinning this…like the Pharasees of Old, straining gnats, swallowing Camels…

  62. cnn @ 6:15: re the ‘illegal’ firing…(I’m not a legal guy, obviously)…are you familiar with the Alliance Defense Fund? Previously I’d sent you a ‘bunch of initials’…then followed up with the actual names. I don’t know if they’d get involved with this…I’m only asking due to the word “Defense” in their name…or at least maybe they could refer someone?

  63. magna carta

    The Politico coverage of stupid Gibbs made me laugh. Gibbs is shown with a serious face…header reads Gibbs Takes on the Birthers.I don’t know..made me feel kinda fierce.

  64. Rev War Hero,

  65. Hi John,

    Good letter-I thought the crayon remark was the perfect touch!

    Rumor has it that Sgt. Crowley has consented to meet with Barky and Skippy for a beer at the WH, although I don’t think Skippy drinks beeah-personally, I think he’s more of a wine snob.

    The MockWoman seems to wanna have a nice sit-down with you. How about you do it in D.C. with Skippy, Barky and the good Sgt? I think there’ll be enough beer and good conversation to make it a real party.

    What say you?

  66. I don’t think Gibbs can run a Hot Dog stand.

  67. SueK @6:36: ha…’Barky & Skippy’?…what happened to ‘Buh-wee & Spanky’?!…you’re gettin’ me all corn-fused here, Girl.
    ‘heh, heh’…but not quite LOL…okay…

  68. Not sure if it’s true or not, but i seen a post on plains that said Oreilly is going to cover the Lou Dobbs birth certificate frenzy on his show tonight?

    I’m sure Oreilly will cover for Obama, but we’ll seeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  69. I remember the “Our Gang” episode when a few of them were hiding out in a chicken coop…I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was Buh-wee looking for Spanky and Alfalfa…
    Buh-wee walks up to the coop and says, “Spanky?…anybody in there?”
    From the coop comes the reply,
    “Nuh-unh…aint nobody in here but us chickens!”…Maybe it’s just me, but somehow this seems awfully appropriate…(chuckle).

  70. John,

    Just read the Canada Free Press article….it’s more than terrific!

    Also just e-mailed Judi McLeod and thanked her for the site and for telling the truth!

  71. John and SueK – DITTO!

    Please make sure you read the JB Williams article and spread it around!!

    Thank you for posting it – made my day!

  72. Sue –
    I might consent to it merely for entertainment purposes, because judging by the five points to her response, it doesn’t seem as though she’s ever been spoken to in a responsible manner by an adult before, let alone one with the courage of convictions. How long you think she’s last in an intellectual firefight?

  73. The dismissal of Cook’s lawsuit only RECONFIRMS my belief that the entire Federal Court System is corrupted,and otherwise in bed with Soetoro. The dismissal does not even say anything as the suit relates to FEDERAL LABOR LAW. They have clearly refused to FOLLOW ESTABLISHED FEDERAL LAW as it applies to FEDERAL CONTRACTORS. In addition the dismissal also tells me that the CEO of Simtech is SQUARELY in bed with prople within DOD. It is a DIRTY RAT”S nest, and is in dire need of being CLEANED OUT.

  74. Just got anothe note from JB Williams – he’s got a broadcast starting @ 8:00, at this address:

  75. This will be the first time in history where the Internet is going to de-throne a usurping clown from office.

    I can hardly wait. Tick tock, tick tock.


    third line from bottom

  77. ROLMAO !!! time for change???
    they know they are wrong if they are asking for a change!!


    you change it FIRST

    freaking far left lib mo rons……

    what a bunch of looney bins.
    wiggy biskets

  78. Da verg,

    When is Leo D. going to get back in the fight ?

  79. magna carta

    O’Reilly will MOCK this guaranteeeeed!

  80. What can we say………MMMMSSSS. MOCK is another NARCICISST. She FANCIES herself as GOD. She is in all probability another person like PELOSI, BOXAR, FEINSTEIN,……..ALL live in their own little fantasy worlds.

  81. I just posted this over at TRSOL as I think it bears repeating here:


    Thank you . You just confirmed the confusion that you and your peers are emitting (as to how a dual citizen can be a Natural Born Citizen), and you have answered your own confusion, and that is:

    1. Dual citizens are also required to obey the laws of both countries.
    2. Dual citizens must show allegiance to both countries, hence the word citizen, which is derived from the Latin word civis, meaning inhabitant.
    3. It’s impossible to be the leader of one nation while having to follow the laws of another nation under its conscript of authority, unless that nation rules the other nation by colonization or other similar doctrine. One could try, but the authority would be communitive in nature. By law, the U.K. currently controls the Executive Branch as their citizen to whom has to answer to the Royal Crown is currently administrating the United States.
    4. Dual citizens are foreigners in both nations. For example, in the U.S. Soetoro would be a U.S. citizen and a British foreign national. In the U.K., Soetoro would be a British citizen and a U.S. foreign national.

    As such, that’s exactly what Natural Born Citizen means: being born to a nation to which you owe no other foreign allegiance to at birth. Otherwise you will be a supreme authority and a minion at the same time, something Soetoro is currently exhibiting.

    So, there you have it, the U.S. is now a Colony of the U.K. once again, and no shots were fired.

  82. O’Really? O’Reilly can be counted on for that?
    Would surprise me. Isn’t it getting “too close to the ‘you-know-what’ issue”?

  83. Eagle: I’m gittin’ jaded-er n jaded-er by the moment here, Dude…or Dudette…
    whatever ye be…it’s frustratin’ the begeebers outta me.

  84. Oreily to talk about the outcry to fire Lou Dobbs for bringing up the Birther issue–

  85. Jacqlyn Smith

    O’Reilly is on and he is going to cover the Lou Dobbs outcry!!!

  86. O’Reilly just played a tape of SOS Clinton
    talking tough to countries going for nuclear

    O’Reilly said that Clinton’s talk was LEADERSHIP. He then said that was what
    Obama needs to do.

    I interpretted that remark to mean O’Reilly
    thinks Clinton would have made a much strong President than the Usurper.

  87. O’Reilly is doing WHAT??????????????

  88. Jacqlyn Smith

    O’reilly is spreading the lie…..start pounding him with email everyone >>>>>NOW!!!

  89. Enough is enough——

    Cohen, the answer if SHOW THE RECORDS—
    IDIOT MAN!!!!!!!!!!


  91. not “if” should be IS….

    I am so angry I can’t think straight…

  92. Write to CNN —in support of Lou Dobbs.




  94. John—Absolutely. Me, too, let’s show
    them how LOW their ratings can go!!!!!!!

  95. Why do you folks continue to make it painful for yourselves? Don’t stop watching Fox, stop watching the boob tube altogether.

    You’ll feel like you have just had a giant brain tumor removed, I kid you not.

  96. O’Reilly–The Fox who’s guarding the spin-house. Great title for several posts across the web don’t you think?

  97. Jacqlyn Smith

    Here’s my email to Mr. O…just fired it off….start pounding him just like Dobbs people!!!


    You are now in the same boat as the other Media morons…..cover the birth certificate story correctly and while you’re at it….show us truth seekers the documents you say you have for over a year now that prove the FRAUD in our White House is a “natural born” citizen…..My bet is you can’t or won’t… is you and others like you who are misleading the public…..Lou Dobbs is actually…. for once….. correct…..WAKE UP!!!! Please read the information below and then report correctly…..SHAME ON YOU….you pretend to “look out for the people”…HYPOCRITE!!!!!

    Have attorney Apuzzo on your television show…here’s his website

    and find out what the real problem here is….Obama has lost the trust of America…with good reason…..he has concealed every document that tells who he is!!! Be a Patriot as you claim to be and find out the truth…we need a voice in the media… not dessert us!!!!

    Jackie Smith


    P.S. Why do you suppose they are trying to squelch this story and also trying to shut down Mr. Apuzzo’s website….it is because they are afraid of the truth….I never thought I would see the day that O’Reilly bought into the LIE and backed down from the truth!!!!


    Citizen at Birth (CAB) does NOT equal Natural Born Citizen (NBC)

    While a natural born citizen is obviously a citizen at birth, not all citizens at birth are natural born citizens. The two legal terms of art are not identical and are not equal.

    There is absolutely nothing in that U.S. Statute, USC Title 8 Section 1401, that grants “natural born citizenship” to anyone. The legal term of art “natural born citizen” is not even mentioned in that law. USC Title 8 Section 1401 only determines by law who is a “citizen” or a “national” of the U.S. at birth, i.e., a basic “citizen at birth”. The Section 1401 law is a naturalization law which grants citizenship by law, not by nature. The legal term of art “citizen at birth” is not the same legally as the legal term of art “natural born citizen”. Simply note that in one case we are talking about who is at least an ordinary, basic “citizen” at birth with no adjectives in front of the word citizen, and in the other case we have two very important adjectives placed in front of the word citizen by the framers of the Constitution, i.e., “natural born” citizen. That specific type of citizenship and “legal term of art” was codified by Vattel in his legal treatise “The Law of Nations”, published in 1758, in which he said that … a natural born citizen is a person born in the country to parents who are both citizens of the country. And this group or class of citizens are the most populous group of any nation.

    Most citizens of the USA are natural born citizens. Most citizens of the USA were born in the USA to two parents who were citizens of the USA. And that is the pool of citizens that must be chosen from for the singular most powerful office in our nation, the President and Commander-in-Chief of our military. Simple citizenship at birth by being born in the USA without regard to the citizenship status of both your parents … or by naturalization and swearing an oath to this country and renouncing all allegiances foreign kings, princes, and potentates later as an adult, is adequate for the offices of Senator, Representative, or a Governor of a state. But it is not sufficient to be the President under Article II, to Constitutional standards. Article II requires that the person to be eligible to be President must be a “natural born citizen”. And that means that person must be born in the USA … AND … both his parents must be citizens of the USA.

    Natural born citizenship status in a nation is granted by the facts of nature of your birth. No law or statute is necessary to grant it. The nations can make any law they wish to make a person a citizen at birth or later. But natural born citizenship can only be conveyed by nature by the facts at birth of the child. If you are born in the country of two citizen parents you are “naturally” … a “natural born citizen” … a citizen too … but a specific kind of citizen who is eligible to be the President and Commander-in-Chief of our military since the child when born has sole allegiance to this country and there is no claim on him/her by a foreign country or power as to their citizenship at birth by that country too. Natural born citizens have unity of citizenship at birth. A natural born citizen is NOT a dual citizen at birth. A natural born citizen has no divided loyalty issues by his birth since the child was born in the country to two citizens of the country.

    See this chart showing the five types of citizenship mentioned in the U.S Constitution:

    And natural born citizens are not rare in the USA. The natural born citizens are by far the most populous group in the nation. And it from this group, under Article II of our Constitution, we are to choose our President and Commander-in-Chief, the group with sole allegiance at birth to the USA and only the USA, not someone who has foreign and/or dual citizenship and divided loyalties at and by birth.

    Obama’s father was not a citizen of the USA, nor was he an immigrant to the USA, nor was he even a permanent resident of the USA. Obama when born in 1961 was a British Subject via his British Subject father, per the British Nationality Act of 1948 which governed the status of children born to British Subjects. Obama thus was born with dual citizenship and allegiances and a foreign claim on his allegiance. Obama is not a natural born citizen of the USA and he is not eligible to be the President under Article II of our U.S. Constitution. He is a


    Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
    CDR USNR Retired
    Lead Plaintiff
    Kerchner et al vs Obama & Congress et al

  98. Fernley Girl

    Leo Donofrio warned last year that the birth certificate issue was not important, but the natural born issue was. Now Dobbs and others are discussing the birth certificate but not talking about Obama’s Kenyan father or his dual citizenship. This news coverage, I think, is an attempt to kill the to REAL issue of the “natural born” clause.

  99. Fernley Girl,

    You are absolutely correct! But it is quite humorous watching them squirm like this.

  100. The Canadian Free Press Article is great!

  101. I say we boycott the MSM’s altogether…drive their f***ing rating right into the ground. Then they’ll start to squirm. Here’s a copy of the letter that I just sent to O’Reilly:

    Mr. O’Reilly –

    I realize that I sent you an e-mail a few nights ago, and I feel terrible that I now have to send this one, because of all people – a man who purports to be all about “lookin’ out for the folks”, as you put it – I felt that you’d be the one man who’d never be afraid to report what millions of people in this nation know to be the truth, in that Mr. Obama is a fraud.

    You’ve lost me, Mr. O’Reilly, but I’m sure that that doesn’t concern you. Here are two simple questions that I’d like you to answer, and I’m sure you have solid answers:

    1)Why has Barack Obama spent millions in legal fees trying to prevent public disclosure of any of his personal records, including the birth certificate?

    2)When Major Stefan Cook refused to report for his deployment to Afghanistan, based upon his belief that Barack Obama is not the legitimate Commander-in-Chief, why was he not court-martialed? Or disciplined in any fashion? Instead, why did the DOD rescind the order? I find that very curious.

    In fact, here’s a clip that you might find interesting:

    You claim to be a supporter of getting”the bad guys” as well as a supporter of our soldiers. Well, I don’t see any of that on display in your reporting on the citizenship issue. Someone else is pulling your strings, Mr. O’Reilly, which I find very unfortunate.

    I also feel bad because I’ll have to explain at some point to my son why I don’t watch your show anymore. He thinks that you’re a pretty good guy, and in the bigger picture, you probably are. When you start reporting the truth, however, I’ll tune back in.

    By the way….I assume that you’ve actually seen the long form of the birth certificate? I assume so, since you seem so confident and dismissive of the millions of average Americans who are fighting for their country.

    Fascism? I’d say so.

    Best of Luck,

    John Feeny

  102. bob strauss

    I emailed O rielly, before he was done talking. The stupid bastard is an idiot. I told him Obama’s father was never a citizen, and Obama is not a natural born citizen!

  103. JeffM @ 8:28; “Amen! Brother!”…that’s why I responded “O’Really?!”…not surprised at all, sadly; they all be either ‘willingly ignorant’ or ‘on-the-take’; or both. No excuses.

  104. Does anyone have the general email address for British Parliament? I want to let them know they can come in and claim control over the U.S. as their colony whenever they see fit.

  105. Does it seem odd to anyone else that an Obama ex ( other than Larry of course) hasn’t been identified?
    Did he ever have another relationship with a woman other than Michelle?

  106. sandy,

    If he did, he/she is probably in Lake Superior with concrete dancing shoes.

  107. zachjonesishome

    Just checking in. Hawaii official is now saying Obama is Natural Born Citizen:

    n an attempt to quash persistent rumors that President Obama was not born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961, Hawai’i’s health director reiterated this afternoon that she has personally seen Obama’s birth certificate in the Health Department’s archives.

    “I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawai’i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai’i State Department of Health verifying Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai’i and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago….”

  108. Fernley Girl

    O’Reilly doesn’t like to admit to his own wrong-doings. He won’t seriously discuss the natural born issue unless the courts accept a case or Congress investigates….O’Reilly is a PINHEAD.

  109. Jeff…..I am wiping merlot off my puter thanks to you!! ROFLOL

  110. Dr. Fukino is checking in, huh? Sounds like someone in Washington might have had her arm twisted behind her back….

  111. Jacqlyn Smith

    Folks….O’Reilly just made a claim that Fox News got the birth certificate from Hawaii over a year ago….Let’s get this out in the public….demand to see it….show it to Orly, Apuzzo, Kreep, Keyes….everyone…..we need to see it…..He said it on national television….if we can get a hold of that and prove him wrong that will blast the media right out of the water!!!

  112. John Feeny…EXCELLENT letter. Thank you so much.

    I watched O’Reilly tonight for the last time. He is a Journalistic Coward who is a bully.

    Lou Dobbs has more journalistic integrity that O’Reilly could ever hope for.

  113. Not watching O’Reilly. Wouldn’t give him the courtesy.

    Just heard from Judi McLeod from Canada Free Press-she absolutely gets it and is on our side.

    If your so inclined, please send her an e-mail thanking her for keeping these issues alive and telling the *truth!*


    John, I think you could pulverize MockWoman with one paragraph. She’s never been in any kind of intellectual firefight and was probably pulling half-truths from disreputable sources for that article. What remains to be seen is exactly what she believes.

    I think you could set her straight! Want to take on this ‘assignment’ over summer vacation??

  114. OK then, someone should ask Dr. Fukino who granted permission for her to look at Soetoro’s files and where the court order is granting this permission.

    Otherwise someone’s in a whole heap of trouble.

  115. zachjonesishome

    They sure are hung up on the Obama is citizen if born in Hawaii. He is still not a Natural Born Citizen. And what does Fukino know about a citizen vs natural born citizen?

  116. Easy Lawsuit guys. With Fukino. I bet Leo could think of how her attestation somehow denies other citizens “standing”.

    I bet.

  117. Thanks, Pat…but I think Jacqlyn is correct…a DEMAND must be put forward for the American people to see this BC….can Orly file a freedom of information act, since the Fox Network claims to have access to it?

  118. Sue –

    Bring it on. My Irish is up.

  119. zachjonesishome said:

    “And what does Fukino know about a citizen vs natural born citizen?”

    Nothing, apparently. Perhaps she’s next in line for SCROTUS.

  120. Jacqlyn Smith

    I’m emailing Orly and Apuzzo now….I am also going on facebook as I am Orly’s friend and putting this information out there!! I’m not buying Fukino’s claim….I bet she doesn’t even know what “natural born” means!!!

  121. JF @ 8:48: (actually asking you about your letter to Ms. Mock first)…from the reply from her you posted, it looked as though you may have actually found someone willing to hear ‘the other side’…for real? Are you literally making plans, even an appointment, to meet with her and present some of the ‘stuff’?! That would be ‘totally awesome, Dude!’ as they say out here.

    Re ‘O’Really?!’: will he even respond to your message? Certainly Ms. Mock seems to have responded respectfully to your credentials…and hope or chance “bill-will”?

    Ya kinda got me cliff-hangin’…
    I gotta sign-off for the evening…there were already 101 posts when I started this one…dang!
    So: see y’all on the flip-side…or new thread, if there be some ‘late breaking’ (yeh, like it’s breaking my brain!)…’night all.

  122. I read the Link on Fukino. Makes the Eligibility question even more curious. If the VAULT BC shows Bambi as NBC, why is he so reluctant to release the BC ???????????

  123. There you have it, the Department of Health is now officially the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Orly, Apuzzo, and Berg, start filing paperwork on your suits over there first thing in the morning.

  124. bob strauss

    The g*d damn birth certificate doesn’t make Obama a natural born citizen if his father was Barak Sr from Kenya. How do we know Fukino even knows the meaning of the term natural born citizen.

  125. bob strauss,

    Apparently everything. Everyone, file your cases over there.

  126. I have always thought that O’Reilly is VERY insecure. Have you noticed that when someone else Anchors his show that O’Reilly always has a segment where he is showing footage of himself as the Anchor? Seems he needs to remind the Viewers that, even though someone else is in his seat, that he, O’Reilly still owns the show.

    I have not been this mad in a long time.

  127. Sorry: couldn’t go just yet…y’all convinced me;
    definitely neet to ‘up the ante’…it’s no more just a ‘2-fer’…O’Really just punched a hole in any salary cap there may have been…it won’t rhyme nicely, but the new chant is now about a 4-fer (at least):
    “CNN gets O’NotReally, Shep, Coulter, and Hannity for one Lou to FOX…”
    …heck, how can they pass that up?!

  128. Jacqlyn…..sent you a friend request on facebook…..HA found you!!

  129. Maybe I’ll send them both Col. Pappas’ letter, although I’m sure O’Reilly won’t even glance at it.

  130. Hey…I’m on Facebook, too, guys..hit me up!

  131. Spread far and wide:

    Leo has some new stuff up now, and pretty soon the excellent historical information is coming out that some friends have been working on for a while now.

  132. Looks like there’s 6 military/ex-military that have now filed criminal Treason charges against Obama!

  133. John….I may have just hit you….check and see

  134. truthbetold11

    The lies are rampart. Tell enough of them and people believe them. millions of obots would never believe he’s not legal. even if he said so, they would say he was forced to say it by right wingers, The liars in office believe their own lies.

  135. New slogan: “FOX: ‘flatulent and bogus'”…
    okay…now I’m really gone…

  136. bob strauss

    It seems like all the news people revived the issue of Obama’s eligibility just long enough to run the subject into the dirt. No serious look at the facts, just another run around, and dismissal, by Dobbs, O’reilly, Coulter, Klein, Huckelbee, and all the others. These people make me sick. What is wrong with these people, why do they turn their back on the Constitution.

  137. truthbetold11

    You think the airport in denver underground is going to be a noah’s ark of sorts, it seems like it could support thousands in underground in case of bio attack or nuclear attack, doing some research it sure seems like a place for a future crisis

  138. JeffM // July 27, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Hi Jeff,

    I just posted a nice comment in the Honolulu Advertiser’s comments section. I was nice and even said ‘aloha.’

    They don’t get it.

  139. Sandy –
    Just don’t do it too hard. I’m fragile.

  140. JeffM // July 27, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    OK then, someone should ask Dr. Fukino who granted permission for her to look at Soetoro’s files and where the court order is granting this permission.

    Otherwise someone’s in a whole heap of trouble.
    Absolutely !

  141. truthbetold11

    Billy O whats your deal? You know he’s not legal and you use your show on this. Please we all know Glenn Beck is in your rear view mirror and closing in fast

  142. John,

    My boss has your last name and I’ve seen that ‘Irish up’ business. It’s a thing to fear :). Remember that the art of being Irish is the ability to tell someone to go to hell, and have them look forward to the trip…

    I believe your adversary is in Oregon, so if y’all wanna chat, I’m in for halfsies on the plane ticket, OK?

  143. Jacqlyn Smith

    My email to O’Reilly is still in moderation….wait til you see it….I called him a HYPOCRITE!!!!

  144. Jacqlyn Smith


    sandy // July 27, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Jacqlyn…..sent you a friend request on facebook…..HA found you!!

    Ok Sandy…I will get it and make you a friend!!

  145. bob strauss // July 27, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    Hi Bob,

    I hate to have to answer your question with a negative, but it is what it is. They turn their backs on the Constitution because we’ve *allowed* them to do it.

    We have an apathetic population who will vote for ot listen to anyone who sounds good and tells them what they want to hear, regardless of character or ulterior motives.

    We have degraded into a population who craves entertainment, and not much else. Just look at some of the issues that pull in ratings. Scandals? Sure, bring ’em on-that means ratings. There’s no journalistic or political integrity (if it was ever there in the first place) anymore rather, what will keep us amused. The Constitution be damned-it’s just not entertaining but challenge it or ignore it, well, that’ll get them some ratings, won’t it?

    I dislike the term ‘ the dumbing down of America’ but feel I must use it…just look around you and see what’s happening.

    Sad, isn’t it? People will do to you what you allow them to do, and that certainly seems to be the case these days. I cry for America.

  146. Jacqlyn Smith

    John Feeny…which one are you on facebook???

  147. You see people, this is what happens when we wait on everyone else to solve our problems for us. This is going nowhere fast and the Constitutionalists know who’s right and so do the rest of the people in this country. They will not tell you this because they are in denial. They think this is all a dream because the truth will absolutely devastate their bubble they live in.

    I’m afraid we are getting closer and closer to that toll of the bells. Get prepared. Arm yourselves, and trust absolutely no one.

    If this works in the favor of Constitutionality, excellent. But our concerns are getting more and more grave and we can clearly see where this is heading.

  148. Oreilly won’t cover the eligibility issue, because Murdock has a leash around his ba**s.

    Remember, the Saudi Prince owns voting shares in FOX.

  149. Jacqlyn….hook up with him through me

  150. bob strauss

    What about everything else Obama has kept secret, college records, passport, etc.. Aren’t any of those so called news people interested in why all of his records remain sealed. Damn those so called news people are worthless, propagandists.

  151. Jacqlyn –
    I’m the one with a picture of my book on my profile.

  152. The South,

    I doubt that is the issue. The real issue is if the press actually does their job, the rug will be lifted and 100’s of mounds of dirt will be found across the board.

    We know it’s bad, but not only is it bad, it’s beyond comprehension. Exposing Soetoro exposes the entire system:

    1. Voter fraud
    2. MSM election corruption
    3. Slave labor in key states, such as Florida, California, and Hawaii
    4. Massive corruption in immigration and illegal immigrants
    5. Foreign power and influence over the government
    6. etc, etc.

    Here we have a corrupt politician who exposes all the dirty underwear of the government. Picture the downwind affects of this. It could very well destroy the federal government. That’s a good thing, but you can see why it’s the most taboo discussion…ever.

  153. Sue K –
    I’ve got the plane fare. It’ll be money well spent.
    I just want it televised.

  154. Hey Jacqlyn? Is Greg on your wall the Greg from here?

    Great pics by the way!

  155. bob strauss

    Sue K, dumb ed down, doesn’t seem to describe, how far we have sunk, in intelligence, and integrity, in regard to politics in this country. It has evolved into criminal activity.

  156. bob strauss // July 27, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    No, they are not interested. They are too busy trying to prevent themselves from having information leaked by the administration.

    Blackmail is a simple and effective tool at keeping minions at bay.

  157. JeffM,

    I agree!

  158. Dear Citizen Wells,

    Would you be kind enough to post my link on your main page? I have posted yours on mine. If not, it is no big deal. I am dedicated though to bringing this birth issue to the forefront.

  159. Dr.Manning on Alex Jones 7-27-09 part 1

  160. Choosing Obama Over America

    House Dem Putting GOPers On The Spot By Introducing Measure Describing Hawaii As Obama’s Birthplace

  161. Nice website Dave!

  162. Part 2

  163. JeffM, sad, isn’t it? I’m sure blackmail, and threats, have a lot to do with it. That is why, the entire batch, of politicians , in DC ,need to be ejected, and replaced, with all new people, who are beholding, to their constituents. Also, we need people, without skeletons, in their closets.

  164. truthbetold11

    This is a hot hot topic and most politicians are scared to touch it. i played in a golf tourney today and at the dinner i just happen to sit with a state rep a house minority leader, well being in a blue state mass he kind of whispered the small majority of being a republican, Well i got his card and let him know i do my homework before voting on people. He will get nice long hard talk from mem soon enough.

  165. HI ALL — long time no see…

    Anyway, we’re GOING TO GET SCREWED. Methinks Fukino came out saying she’s seen the BC, because they finally made the forgery. I bet it will be ‘released’ sometime soon.

    I also think that the BC they create will name the father as a US citizen (Davis?) as to quash the NBC issue, and also to give them a reason (embarassment) as to why this was not released earlier)…

    I HOPE I AM WRONG, but I feel that by this time there will be no challenge to the veracity of the document as there is no one left ot invesitgate that has not been bought out…

  166. truthbetold11 // July 27, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    TBT11, you speak for me, too. Go for it!

  167. goodtimepolitics

    When did a president become a judge between a citizen and a police officer? Obama showed his racist side did he not!

  168. What i want to know is, where in the hell is F.B.I Director, Robert Mueller ?

    Where is the damn law enforcement, that is sworn under oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution against all threats , both foreign and domestic ?

    He is certainly named as a defendant in one of the law suit’s, but not even a peep.

    When was the last time his name was mentioned ? Is he sleeping on the job ?

  169. Richard

    Who is in charge of the FBI now , INTEL Czar?.

    CIA , Spy Czar ?.

  170. Filing Announcement: Defendants have filed their reply to Atty Apuzzo’s opposition to the defendants’ motion to dismiss (MTD).

    Read it here!

  171. Jacqlyn, I also heard O’Reilly tell us that they requested the birth certificate from Hawaii, and they received it. What an out and out lie!! I never watch him anymore since he gives me the creeps always having to have something sexual on his show. I happened to see he was going to talk about Lou and the birthers, so I had to see how he was going to shoot himself in the foot! My mouth dropped open when he said he had received the birth certificate…….such lies…. he must think we are idiots……O’Reilly acted STUPIDLY……

  172. sandy // July 27, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    Does it seem odd to anyone else that an Obama ex ( other than Larry of course) hasn’t been identified?
    Did he ever have another relationship with a woman other than Michelle?

    putting on my Gossip columnist cap here, SUPPOSEDLY Barry was dating a white gal before he met michelle. (SueK think of Skippy, his wife and the Harvard scene)- michelle’s dad had some political clout, so Barky switched sides and pursued michelle. There’s more…… Michelle was dating a guy named David Upchurch. Whispers have it that Upchurch is the kids father. We can’t post pics here, but if you saw his pic next to the 2 kids you would say “OH my God!”. Baster babies? then think of Larry Sinclair’s claims……

    Reese, reporting from the Land of Lincoln!!!

    (I know that with this post I have probably lost all credibility with future posts… I blame it on the Cabernet Sauvignon…) 🙂

  173. I gave up on Billy O a long time ago. All he ever says is … me, me, me! He’ll ask ” what did you think about how I asked that question?” What did you think about how I …blah, blah, blah!

    And Yes, Glen is closing in! I think Billy O is getting a little nervous. I didn’t see the show tonight.

  174. Joseph Farah,has a birthday surprise ready for Obama next week.

    He is asking people to flood the White House with personalized letters to Obama demanding the birth certificate and other pertinent documents which he will overnight deliver to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in time for Obama’s birthday next Tuesday.

  175. My letter to O’Reilly:

    Mr. O’Reilly,

    I have watched you for a year but no more. You caved on Obama’s citizenship issue. What is it, Mr. O’Reilly? Pressure from the powers to be at Fox? The insecurity of an old man who has a good thing and doesn’t want to jeopardize it? Join the government, you chose career over country.

    There are many of us, more every day. We gave Fox it’s ratings and we will take them away. At least Lou Dobbs brought the question, even if he accepted the lies that followed. We will back only those that seek the truth.

  176. Comment by bullwinkleomama:

    All my brothers and sisters each know the name of their doctor that delivered them back over 50 years ago. We also know the exact time, and hospital room number. We also have several dozens of photographs of the births and the day or two mother spent in the hospital along with a gift list. Then again, we were born in a brick and mortar hospital in the United States, not some third world garbage dump swamp.

  177. Reese // July 27, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Hi Reese,

    Oh, I’m glad that you posted your comment! Your credibility isn’t lost here, even if you are blaming the Cabarnet.

    I think of Skippy all the time because you really can’t escape it around here.

    I was talking to a colleague yesterday (I’m getting a copy of Larry’s book for her) and we were kicking around the parentage of the two girls. We agreed that if he is what he’s rumored to be, his fathering those girls is unlikely. You’re not the only one who thought that.

    It gets more sordid as time goes on, doesn’t it?

  178. I think all the media should get a copy of Lame Cherry’s birther spirit song sung by QUEEN. Go check it out.It’s hysterical!

  179. Army D.A.V.,

    Im not sure who is in charge now.

    What a freakin joke replacing Gen. Michael Hayden, a career intelligence officer, i doubt any with similar experience, with the likes of Leon Panetta.

    Everyting Obama does is wrong, and everyting that Biden say’s comes out wrong. Nice combination huh ?


    Gotta give Pamela Geller over at Atlas shrugs a hand, this woman goes full throttle upholding American values, and fighting extremist Islamic insurgency

  181. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I am not involved in Orly’s Filings, nor does she take advice from me. So I do not know about the Defense Fund you mention. Can’t imagine there is a more zealous group out there than the one Orly’s organized.


    Leo has said in the comments on his recent post at that he is willing to get back in the ring, but he needs

    1) A client in NJ
    2) A case with standing
    3) The cash to pay for it…

    So patriots, we need to find someone adversly affected by any law signed by Obama in NJ and who wants to sue. Any car dealers shut down in NJ?

    If you drive by a shut down car dealer in NJ, track down the owner and explain he can sue and become a National Hero…


    The Honolulu Advertiser story is laughable.

    Dr. Faking-Ho, has no constitutional authority to declare anyone a Natural Born Citizen. In fact his statement goes beyond his HI appointed duties in law, is false, and puts him liable to conspiracy of Fraud Charges. His refusal to answer questions about this recent statement shows he has nothing to back it up.

    Its amazing how many low and dasterdly deeds Obama gets his minions to do.

    We’ve long suspected that Dr. Faking-Ho was an Obama minion, this prove its without any doubt.

    I say flood the Republican Governor of Hawaii’s Office with phone calls and emails, and while your at it, contact the Lieutenant Gov. as well:


    The Honorable Linda Lingle
    Governor, State of Hawai`i
    Executive Chambers
    State Capitol
    Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813

    Phone: 808-586-0034
    Fax: 808-586-0006


    Office of the Lieutenant Governor
    State Capitol
    Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813

    Lieutenant Governor, State of Hawai`i

    Phone:(808) 586-0255
    Fax: (808) 586-0231

    Ask each:

    1) Does they want to take legal responsibility for the veracity of the recent statement by Dr. Fukino, that Obama Jr is a NBC?
    2) If so, does they realize that he had just publically dissented from the decisions of 7 Supreme Court Cases regarding what a NBC is? (see for a list of these cases)
    3) Does their oath to uphold the Constitution mean anything to them?
    4) Are they aware that only the Supreme Court has constitutional authority to interpret the Constitution?
    5) By their tacit silence, if they refuse to answer, do they know that they are complicit in the usurpation of the constitutional authority of the Supreme Court of the USA?
    6) What qualifications does Dr. Fukino have to make such a judgment?
    7) Respectually ask them to order Fukino to rescind such a qualification, otherwise a host of patriots around the country and in HI will being to sue their buts off, for fraud, conspiracy of fraud, treason, usurpation, etc etc..

  182. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    Heads up:

    I just posted a sugg. letter to HI Gov regarding the Dr. Faking-Ho statement on Barry being a NBC.

    Its in moderation but has all the contact info and links for patriots to use to react effectively…

  183. Video: Black Cambridge Police Offcer says she won’t vote for Obama again

    Kelly King of the Cambridge, MA Police Dept. says she supported Obama, but will not vote for him again after the President said Cambridge Police, and Sgt. Crowley in particular, “acted stupidly”.

  184. John Feeny and everyone,

    Been real busy answering questions and advising people how to file general election ballot fraud complaints with state A’sG, and get ACORN out of the census business based on the House report describing them as a criminal conspiracy (this is great report; it’s around 88 pages but it reads real fast)*; and why Cook had no standing in his latest court action dismissed today.

    JF, here’s what you wrote above in that letter to BO’R.

    When Major Stefan Cook refused to report for his deployment to Afghanistan, based upon his belief that Barack Obama is not the legitimate Commander-in-Chief, why was he not court-martialed? Or disciplined in any fashion? Instead, why did the DOD rescind the order? I find that very curious.

    The reason the DoD did not press charges against Cook is the same reason the Court ruled Cook had no standing to object to deployment, on any account. Under the U.S. Code, a person serving in the Individual Ready Reserve (“IRR”), like Cook, has the right both to request deployment and, after receiving orders to deploy, to rescind this request up to the scheduled day of deployment.

    *One of the troubling bits of information in this report concerns the IRS penalties on funds embezzled from not-for-profits, which can be up to 200% of the amount stolen. Radke stole around $1m. ACORN also got ‘stimulus’ money. Assuming this report ends up costing ACORN, where do you suppose they will find the money to pay these penalties for stealing money in the first place? If you familiarize yourself with the information in this report then, you can contact your legislators as informed voters and demand ACORN stops receiving public funding for their arguably criminal conspiracy.

  185. Frustrated in FL

    The following is my comment on Greta’s blog tonight after witnessing the presentation of Jimmy Kimmel’s “humor” at the end of her show:

    Greta, What a disappoint your “Last Call” segment was tonight. I hope other viewers, bloggers, and fans of yours are as upset and outraged as I am. You know how many many of us have been blogging about the FRAUD in the White House and about all the ThUGS who support him. Please don’t act like this is a humorous tidbit from the lunatic minority,when hundreds of thousands of us know HE is not constitutionally qualified to be occupying the White House.
    He won’t show transparency w/ ANY of his records: birth, school, college, medical, selective service and more.
    Even if his NEVER SEEN BC states he was born in Hawaii (must have been on a beach because no hospital claims his birth) his father was KENYAN and that means the USURPER is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Read the constitution and stop playing dumb about this. Obviously FOX NEWS has been sidelined by the boss and the Saudis who own you.
    I can no longer call your network FAIR AND BALANCED and it makes me sad, angy, and greatly disappointed after all these years of loyalty. You, Huckabee, and O’Reilly have just shattered my belief in all of you. If Lou Dobbs truy will investigate the TRUTH, more power to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A part of me has just died and I am so afraid my great nation will cease to exist!

  186. Jacqlyn Smith

    We have to organize on a city by city level and carry signs and chants in front of the elected officials offices during Aug. when they are out on recess…..Invite the media and make sure your voice is heard….WE want the FRAUD investigated who is occupying our White House….Also, Comnd. Walter Fitzpatrick says we should all file Treason charges against the FRAUD….Let’s do it people!!!

  187. O’Reilly’s nothing more than an opportunist. He’s still looking for that “big interview ” with Obama. That’s why he downplays the “birth certificate” issue. He has the nerve to talk about Lou Dobbs looking for ratings? At least Lou Dobbs has never stooped to presenting nonstop “T&A” like the leprechaun does.

  188. jbjd,

    Here is the problem I see with what you wrote.

    Major Cook NEVER recisdend his order he was ready willing and able to deploy he just wanted a calrification of a superiros legal authority.

    The order was REVOKED by the Military COOK never rescinded.

  189. Breaking News out of the AP(july 28th):

    They report that Obama’s original certificate is REAL and his vital records are still on file. If this is the case, then this makes CNN’s Jim Klein to be a liar, as he said that the vitals were destroyed in 2001 when they switched to electronic. The AP and WND have now repudiated the claim.

    Check out my story with more info below if interested.

  190. PRWH, Cook constructively said, ‘I do not want to go.’ As I wrote several days ago now, serving a written pleading to the DoD that says, ‘I will not be a good soldier because I have doubts s to whether my CIC is a NBC,’ constitutes giving such notice. Think of it like a constructive eviction; your landlord provides no heat in the winter, refuses to fix the locks on the doors, and has not replaced the broken refrigerator, which is included in the lease. You move out and sue for damages for breach of lease. He argues, you moved out before the lease was up. You point out to the court, his conduct amounted to a constructive eviction. (Another problem with
    Cook’s pleading was the timing. His orders came through in the beginning of June; yet he waited until 1 (one) week before he was supposed to report in July to file the lawsuit. This could have been construed by the military as an indication that he was not sufficiently concerned for the overall needs of the mission, especially troop requirements and allocations, to be a wise gamble in the field. Again, in essence, he was signaling, I have changed my mind about going. Of course, they could have interpreted his actions as saying, ‘I never wanted to go; I just wanted to file a test case.’)

  191. I see your point but I disagree.

    Using the landlord analogy it would be more like.
    Cook is tenant and refuses to pay rent until the heat and locks are fixed, landlord moves ot evict for non pay’t, tenants defense was willing to pay if he fixed the lock and the heat, I have the money right here I’ll even put it on escrow or with teh court BUT until I am sure my door is secure and the heat working I can’t feel safe in the apartment and don’t think I should pay.

    I am ready to serve but don’t feel safe serving with affiramation that my leader is legit. Leader instea of proving he is legit, revokes his order even though that’s not what he was asking for

  192. The other stuff about test lawsuits is speculative, nobody knws what was on his mind. Maybe he struggled with it for awhile or he just had a awakening, vision. dream etc.

  193. Jacqlyn Smith

    Michele Bachmann saved the day once again….I say Palin/Bachman 2012….these two gals will without a doubt clean up the riff-raff in DC!!!!

    This afternoon, the House was moments away from approving a resolution to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the entry of Hawaii into the Union that contains language declaring that President Obama was born in the state. But at the very last second, Rep. Michele Bachmann [R, MN-6] swooped in and rescued the birthers from legislative defeat. Here’s the video from Think Progress…

    According to Sam Stein at the Huffington Post, the resolution, which is sponsored by Rep. Neil Abercrombie [D, HI-1] and co-sponsored by 8 Republicans, has been in the works since long before this current wave of birther conspiracy theories began picking up steam among conservatives. “Abercrombie is hoping to have it passed by the House before August recess because the real date of Hawaii statehood — August 21 — occurs while Congress is on break,” Stein reports.

  194. Jacqlyn Smith

    Thanks PRWH-Peter F.——

    How many of you are going to file a criminal complaint of treason against the FRAUD….Com Lt. Walter Fitzpatrick says everyone needs to….then we can all have the Secret Service at our doors!!!

  195. Jacqlyn Smith

    Now I see where they passed the resolution anyway….still doesn’t make the FRAUD a “natural born” citizen!!!

  196. Jacqlyn Smith

    WE need to boycott any products the government has a hand in like….GM and Chrysler vehicles….GE products…no mortgages from Freddie and Fannie….and anything else this corrupt government has a hand in!!

  197. The reason why Bill O’Reilly is giving passes to Obama is because Obama went on The O’Reilly Factor and was interviewed by O’Reilly. O’Reilly is an arrogant narcicist, imo.


    DO ME A FAVOR EVERYONE AND GOOGLE UP (“ABSOLUTELY” OVERUSED WORD) and then read my post from yesterday-


    Folks – I have discovered the code word for “We Love Obama”. When I reveal this word you will immediately realize that By God ms. helga is right. After watching the TV and listening to the radio these many years it finally struck me like a bolt of lightening. After I reveal this word start listening and watching and I guarantee you will agree with me in no time. The only danger is that it may cause a syndrome.
    I will reveal the syndrome and word on the next post.

    me. helga // July 27, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Part 2










    ms. helga



  199. Reese…I find it odd indeed that nobody can find a single girlfriend before Michelle to interview? NOT ONE?

    It’s not the cabernet…..

    Although the merlot made me think of it….lol

    I have googled the subject over coffee this morning and that hasn’t helped

  200. I see Minor v. Happersett as the slam dunk aside from the BC.
    MvH says if you’re jus soli jus sanguinus you’re NBC, but if you’re just a 14th amendment baby you can NOT EVER be NBC because the 14th came 6years before MvH and is excluded in the definition of NBC.
    So the more they forge shit to make BHO a 14th citizen, they just affirm he’s not NBC and ineligible per ArticleII s1.

    This is why all the emphasis is pushed about the BC, to deemphasize he’s notNBC and people are stupid and think any US citizen can be POTUS–well and they’re fostering that confusion.

  201. zachjonesishome

    Good Morning –

    jbjd // July 28, 2009 at 2:40 am

    Nice to see you back. I enjoy getting your perspective. Zach



  203. Not only the BC.Was adopted and became an INDONESIAN.FOREIGN STUDENT???
    Is this why he has spent about 1 million $$$
    to keep records sealed??
    Also what groups did he belong to in college?
    Also secret life??


  205. Everyone e-mail,call ,twitter,face book everywhere,get this TELL ALL book out there

    Great reviews Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair,
    Cocaine,Sex Lies AND Murder
    Purchase on line Barnes and Noble
    or on site ck book

  206. truthbetold

    his 1st exe order is all you need to know about him

  207. Another defense by Fukino and an actual Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth from 1961 at the
    bottom of the page.’s+original+birth+certificate+still+exists

  208. Well, there’s the confirmation the difference between a Certification of Live Birth and a Certificate of Live Birth… now about that release

  209. i have no idea when Leo is going to come back in. I think he was frustrated when the AG’s ignored thousands of people’s letters in his campaign that didn’t go anywhere except to get Taylor to lose his job. Then nothing happened because of that.

    More noise today as Hawaii Dr. once again mis states and lies about natural born definition, an obvious person of interest trying to protect their little empire of fraud and disinformation.

  210. A belated ‘good morning’ all: ya been busy…whew!…let’s see:
    Army D.A.V. @10:52: re ‘who’s in charge?’
    …couldn’t help but think of PF’s “twin” posts, and the song it brought to mind (chuckle):
    “Who’s the leader of the band that’s made for you and me? ‘M-I-C…K-E-Y…M…'”…go ahead, PF: finish the lyric…(okay seriously, now…)
    cnn @ 12:15 re Alliance Defense Fund: respectfully: a good friend and local busiman hosted quite a large gathering in his home…attended by some serious ‘leaders’ in the community. It was an evening that offered some of the ‘bigs’ at ADF to introduce themselves and educate (us) on their growing legal activity…across the nation…defending precious liberties. One point that stood out, was their reporting something like an “85%” success rate”…and that they have “some of the country’s best legal minds” in their corner. Their efforts and passion may not exceed that of Orly’s group…but I’m persuaded that they are her equal…of the same mindset…and devoutly dedicated to similar principles. I believe that if you were to make the effort to familiarize yourself with this team, you may be pleasantly surprised. I don’tknow how to follow up and refer or recommend one of their people in or near your area. If you take the time, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…IMHO.
    Seems in this hour we need all the allies we can muster. I’m sorry I can’t lean on you from a more legal or professional point of reference.
    I would even extend this appeal to any other participants here who may know of the folks over at ADF…maybe you can confirm with some info about the Alliance Defense Fund.

  211. SHOUT!: OMG! OMG! OMG! don’t even tell me; don’t you dare even confirm…no way, no how:
    Do not tell me that you are “little T” who drove a blue MGB and worked on 30th Street with John B; Dave M; Robert F; Armando, Rey, and Hiro!?
    Couldn’t be…could it?! If so, then it is true what they said on Seinfeld…”worlds collide!”
    ….Or…nah…wrong “T”….

  212. Barry Soetoro

    Unfortunatley, congress opened this door under the Bush adminstration when Ah-Nold was first elected Governor of Ca. They briefly talked about such a constitutional amendment back before every got mad at Ah-Nold. Now I see this liberal Mock won’t take her foot out of that door.

  213. Personally, Ms. Mock should be sent back to wherever she came from.bkw

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