Steven Lee Craig, Obama lawsuit, June 22, 2009, Motion Declaratory Judgement, Natural born citizen

From Steven Lee Craig:

“These are the operative filings to the merits, there are othe Docs of process.

These Docs are pending at the 10th Circ 09-6082 and are part of the Petition for Writ of Certiorari at Scotus 08-10817”


Steven Lee Craig

1309 Hisel Rd.

Del City, Oklahoma   73115



The United States of America

C/o U.S. Attorney

Washington, D.C.  





)   Case No. Civ-09-0343-F



Declaratory Judgment



MOVANT HEREIN ASSERTS that the grievance of the Complaint is given rise by virtue of ‘exclusion and omission’ of definition and meaning of a term of consequence found within a Constitutional phrase by Act’s, Bill’s, Resolution’s, Proclamation’s or Judgement’s of the United States of America.


The fact’s being indisputable.




MOVANT HEREIN ASSERTS that any ‘controversy’ as to the meaning of the subject phrase “Natural Born Citizen” is contrived, incomprehensible and frivolous.


MOVANT HEREIN ASSERTS that with and by the process of ‘distilling’ all forms of ‘Naturalization’, arising from any and all Act’s promulgated regarding Naturalization or from any and all Litigated Cases of same, the ‘natural born’ form of Citizenship is all that remains, naturally so; a person born within the jurisdiction of the United States of America of two (2) American Citizen parents who are without further Citizenship alienation and/or allegiance.


    THEREFORE MOVANT seeks Declaratory Judgment under the Rules.


By leave of the Court I do pray it be so Ordered.





Pro Se, In Forma Pauperis



Steven Lee Craig

1309 Hisel Rd.

Del City, Oklahoma  73115

(405) 670-1784



256 responses to “Steven Lee Craig, Obama lawsuit, June 22, 2009, Motion Declaratory Judgement, Natural born citizen

  1. decentAmerican

    Well, God bless Mr. Craig for taking a stand and placing himself under scrutiny. I have lost faith in the system though…. how many cases have been thrown out by our corrupt courts now….like 30? I know we can’t give up, but it’s hard to have faith when evil runs deep.

    My hope is now for some unknown hero who will find the magical documents that will show the world, without doubt, that the Usurper has defrauded us all….. there is no way the press can ignore that when it happens.

    And what about Mr. Walpin….. he is the one who has the best chance to file a case where he was fired under illegal authority by the Usurper…I wish he would call Orly or Donofrio or Berg, but I know Walpin probably wouldn’t want that media bashing. But at least it would give much needed attention to it.

    God will grant us a hero, soon. Evil can not reign for too long.

  2. This case will fail along with the others. As mentioned prior, SCROTUS will never allow the case to proceed. And any cases in the lower courts that would deem Soetoro to be ineligible would be overturned upon appeal.

    We have to recognize who we’re dealing with here. There is really only one solution that the tyrannical usurping government we are dealing with here is giving us:


    I didn’t say it was a good option, just that it is the only option. They’ve removed our ability for redress. We have no “standing” (that invented notion which doesn’t exist in the Constitution). They’re preventing a free press (unless they are thinking “free press” means free to ignore the demands for answers by the people). They’ve become fascist in their control over manufacturing and banking against the will of the people.

    It’s coming people. War is upon us. There really is no other alternative at this point.

  3. goodtimepolitics

    The same thing thats happening in Iran could come to past here before America can get rid of Obama! Freedom of speech is about all we have going for us and we’re losing it slowly!
    I see ACORN has now changed its name!

  4. Paulette Metoyer

    Why can’t a television presentation be made on this issue ? Or if that is too expensive, newspaper advertisements?


  6. ms. helga,

    Great articles … thank you.

    Can someone bring a post from the last thread over? The one from
    The South @ 11:51 6-22-09.

    Very interesting post / atricle about Orly’s court case on July 13th.

  7. Paulette Metoyer,

    A presentation could be made. But no one would air it. Look how difficult it’s been for World Net Daily to just get a few billboard signs put up.

    We have no free press. Those days are long gone.

  8. Here ya go Val!


    Val // June 23, 2009 at 9:51 am

    ms. helga,

    Great articles … thank you.

    Can someone bring a post from the last thread over? The one from
    The South @ 11:51 6-22-09.

    Very interesting post / atricle about Orly’s court case on July 13th.

    The South // June 22, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    It looks like Orly may finally have her day in court.

    Let’s pray this goes through!

  9. our forfathers warned us of the evil hiding behind the curtain

  10. Is there a lawyer onboard here? Do you think Orly has boxed in the Kenyan?

  11. decentAmerican

    Regarding the Iran election protests:…

    This Iranian protest issue and why the Usurper is hush about it…. it seems so blatantly obvious to me, but am I the only one who sees this? I think they all agree that the Iranian election results are fraudulent and that Akmandinajad winning is illegitimate, but the Usurper knows that he can not say anything about that, because he is fully aware that Iran will strike back and say….”well, the US election is a fraud as well, given that YOUR President refuses to show his eligibility!”

    Come on now, there is no doubt that the world is aware of the uproar from the American people, it’s all over the internet, and no doubt that they have been muttering this behind closed doors… is their trump card, and the Usurper knows it. Because he is a fraud, and refuses to prove his eligibility, he has now made the wonderful United States complete unable to rise up and speak for liberty and freedom.

    And we have allowed him to do that.

    Of course the Iranian results are a fraud. What surprises me most is that I did not know that ACORN had offices in Iran?

  12. The SCOTUS conference on the Writ of Certiorari to the 10th Circuit is June 25th.

    I remain optimistic that Faith in the Rule of Law is the only real alternative.

    Although my claim is divorced from the ‘Os’ eligibility issue it can not be denied that the Justices and Judges see it as a bedfellow.

    My hope, and I hope yours and others, is that denial to hear this case on the merits is to deny the existence of ANY Natural Born Citizens.

    That SHOULD be objectionable to a LARGE majority of Americans.

    My initial filing requested the Certification of a Class Action, the Class being ‘Natural Born Citizens’.

    Doing this on my own, I found the hurdles and legal knowledge to have a Class Certified was beyond my abilities while the point of the case was taking all my attention.

    I will renew that Motion should I get any favorable treatment from SCOTUS and / or the 10th Circ.

    Patriot Faith and Prayers appreciated.


  13. Poorly worded sentence, should read as;

    My hope, and I hope yours and others, is that denial to hear this case on the merits is to deny the existence of ANY Natural Born Citizens and That WHOULD be objectionable to a LARGE majority of Americans.

  14. Thank you sl craig, It certainly will prove interesting.

  15. BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!

    Carl Swensson is on the Chalice show right now. He says they have a “game changer” and it will be announced within the next hour.

    Listen to the show, and wait for Carl to come back and tell the BIG news. Cross your fingers Patriots!

  16. The South – I am sitting here on pins and needles!

    I just watched the Press Conference. When the usurper said “because I am the President” I was waiting for someone to say “Prove it”

  17. The South – What happened? Did they get bombed? I am getting nothing from their radio now.

  18. ms. helga @ 2:01

    LOL! We can only wish that there would be a journalist out there that would have the b@lls to ask the question!

    That would have been awesome!

  19. ms. h: me too, sort of: the blog radio opens, but security warns of “error on page” so I don’t go there…maybe someone can post a comment about the content, and/or any significant progress…btw: so tired of hearing called “breaking news”…when is it not? duh.

  20. Lurker,

    Hello friend. Thank you for bringing that post over.

    It’s been a very rough week! Hospital, etc… ( not me )

    I will try to update asap.

    Thank you for all the info. It came in handy for sure!!!

    Thanks again!

  21. Carl came on the show, and said they were waiting for a specific go ahead to release the info from Mac i believe.

    They are in Georgia, in a courthouse, or a sheriffs office?

    Chalice had to honor a prior arrangement, and is waiting for Carls phone call. I think someone else in manning the radio/blog station while she’s away.

    Stay tuned folks, this is supposed to be good!

  22. Reading the blog entries it looks something like a Plains Radio incident to me.

  23. If i was a betting man, i’d bet they have a court order from a Judge to subpoena the birth certificate, and college/passport records.

    If that’s it, this could be the beginning of the END for Obama.

  24. all I can do is check back here every once in awhile to see who’s on top of the “breaking news” re: the Patriot Heart Network, Carl Swennson story…thanks y’all.

  25. I’m not quit sure that all of you get the point of the case I am pursueing.

    It is important that you understand that the ‘Os’ Birth Certificate will PROVE ABSOLUTLY NOTHING until there is a ‘Legal Definition of Natural Born Citizen’

    If you do not understand that please ask the question, ‘Who IS a natural born citizen?’

  26. Jacqlyn Smith


    slcraig // June 23, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    I’m not quit sure that all of you get the point of the case I am pursueing.

    It is important that you understand that the ‘Os’ Birth Certificate will PROVE ABSOLUTLY NOTHING until there is a ‘Legal Definition of Natural Born Citizen’

    If you do not understand that please ask the question, ‘Who IS a natural born citizen?’

    slcraig—-you don’t know… could show he wasn’t even born in Hawaii and an illegal alien…besides not being natural born!!

  27. slcraig,

    I’ve been saying this for months. You are absolutely correct and here’s why (I posted this elsewhere)…

    Let’s start by recapping a few items we know about the Constitution:

    1. All Amendments supersede prior amendments and the original Constitution itself.
    2. There are strict, distinct legal terms within the Constitution.
    3. The Constitution is the Supreme law of the land and supersedes any statute or law passed by Congress or states.

    That being said, let’s first look at the issue of birth. There are only two places in the entire Constitution that discusses “birth” and that is Article II (Natural Born Citizen) and Amendment XIV. Here is what Article II says about birth:

    No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President

    And here is what Amendment XIV says about birth:

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    Recall what we said about item 1 mentioned above. Since amendments supersede prior statute, we must use the newest amendments to satisfy legal statute first. The real question is can proof of birth really be used to qualify someone for President? Let’s find out.

    Any proof of birth on its own merit will clearly satisfy Amendment XIV first. This means that a birth certificate proves that anyone born in the United States is a citizen(s) of the United States. Recall item 2 mentioned above. Where else in the U.S. Constitution is the phrase “citizen(s) of the United States” mentioned? There are 4 places:

    1. Amendment XIV
    2. Article I for the requirement for being a Senator
    3. Article I for the requirement for being a Representative
    4. Article II for the requirement for President at the time of the adoption of the Constitution ONLY!

    We know for a fact that the requirements for senators and representatives are less strict than that for President. We also know that there is a distinction between “Natural Born Citizen” and “Citizen of the United States” because of the grandfather clause in Article II. Therefore “Citizen of the United States” is not enough to satisfy the “Natural Born Citizen” clause in Article II.

    But can a birth certificate be used to ensure a President is qualified at all? Can it even be used in conjunction with other paperwork to prove someone is a Natural Born Citizen? Let’s look at another distinct point of logic within Amendment XIV:

    All persons born OR naturalized in the United States…

    This clause right here ensures that proof of birth can not and should not be used as proof of eligibility because it would allow foreigners to become President!

    The “Or naturalized” clause means that anyone who satisfies Amendment XIV criteria on its own would be eligible and this is clearly false as “Natural Born Citizen” has the word “born” in it.

    That being said, there is only one other place we can go to prove Natural Born Citizenship and that’s to look at the citizenship of the parents at the time of birth. And we know that Soetoro is going to have a difficult, if not impossible time proving his parents were citizens of the United States on August 4, 1961. Even if his mother was a citizen on this date, naturalization law would have prevented her from transferring citizenship to Soetoro, an illegitimate child (bigamy was illegal in 1961). No proof has been provided and history will clearly prove Soetoro is not only ineligible, he’s a foreigner.

  28. slg: are you then stating the wording of the Constitution is cloudy on the issue…and not clearly articulated…or that the SCOTUS takes (too much) liberty applying the definition therein? the reading of your case is wordy, and a bit difficult for us non-legalese-types…but I think I get your drift…would be easier if it was put into the form of a simple check list, like any other legal form you fill out…”check the appropriate box”, etc.

  29. Yes, there is that, but you still miss the point.

    ‘Legally’, being without a ‘Legal Definition of Natural Born Citizen’ how can you say he is not eligible as an Illegal Alien.

    He was born! His Mother was a citizen! What else do you want?

  30. Re-do,

    The wording of the Constitution is quite clear. The born in “Natural Born Citizen” does not mean born on U.S. soil. It’s different criteria at birth, one that does not rely on naturalization or birth on U.S. soil.

    Otherwise Amendment XIV would not have been written the way it was. The only ambiguity around the requirement of Natural Born Citizen is:

    Does NBC status require one or both parents to be citizens of the United States at birth?

    In the case of Dunham, we have 2 issues:

    1. We don’t know if she was a citizen in August 1961.
    2. We know Soeotoro was a child born out of wedlock, which means Dunham could not have transferred citizenship based on the laws at the time of his birth

    Item 2 is the most obvious. Dunham was in a bigamous marriage, one that was and still is illegal.

  31. How about the Truth. the truth … that he was born in Kenya by mistake. The fact that he misled the Ameircan public into thinking he was born in Hawaii, when he was merely registered in Honolulu. How about the Truth.

  32. I understand that you, as I, have a understanding as to what we think the term ‘natural born citizen’ means.

    The point I am trying to make CLEAR is that neither Congress, the Executive or SCOTUS has EVER accepted or declared what the ‘LEAGAL DEFINITION’ is.

    We can bang our heads against the wall all we want, but there is no legal definition NOW.

    The ONLY person in the Country that can claim to be Congressionally Recognized as a Natural Born Citizen today is Senator John McCain by virtue of H.S. 511. But that being a ‘sense of the House’ without Legal Authority, even that is questionable.

  33. No definition?
    Try SJR110-511 on for size:
    Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a `natural born Citizen’ of the United States;
    Whereas the term `natural born Citizen’, as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;
    Whereas there is no evidence of the intention of the Framers or any Congress to limit the constitutional rights of children born to Americans serving in the military nor to prevent those children from serving as their country’s President;
    Whereas such limitations would be inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the `natural born Citizen’ clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress’s own statute defining the term `natural born Citizen’;
    Whereas the well-being of all citizens of the United States is preserved and enhanced by the men and women who are assigned to serve our country outside of our national borders;
    Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and
    Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

  34. slcraig,

    That is 100% true. There is no legal definition for NBC, something SCROTUS needs to do. It is their duty to do so when called upon. I doubt they will though. They’ve been batting zero lately on these types of cases.

    Here’s what we do know. We know what “Natural Born Citizen” does not mean based on simple legal reasoning. We know that:

    1. Someone simply born in the United States is not a Natural Born Citizen
    2. Someone naturalized in the United States is not a Natural Born Citizen

    Using this we know 100% that showing a birth certificate does not satisfy Article II requirements for POTUS. Therefore it can not and should not be used by SCROTUS to define what a Natural Born Citizen is based on Article II requirements.

  35. Georgetown , yes, I just addressed that.

    A House Resolution has NO binding effect nor Legal Authority.

    I was and am pleased that the House expressed in it’s Sense of the House Statement a recognizable premeation concerning specific circumstances, but I am still concerned that without a Legal Definition, they could do the same for the ‘O’ whatever his specific circumstances turn out to be.

  36. The point is that they “had” to have had a “working definition” in order to declare, unanimously that JSM was a NBC. So I agree that if TOTUS would have been truthful they could have done the same for him

  37. Sure, anyone with any intellectual honest knows that the Framers relied on Emmrich Vattel’s definition as expressed in his book, The Laws of Nations’, however, the CONSPIRACY has been afoot for some time to discredit that definition by a number of different means.

    I have found no less than four Grad Student and Professors dissertations claiming that ‘EVERY PERSON, NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE BORN, ARE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.

    For now, it is up to the courts to hear my case and ‘Interpret the Consitution’, or refuse.

    Both are answers, aren’t they?

  38. slcraig..does it matter if NBC hasn’t been defined?…it will have proved that he allowed a digital forgery of the COLB and that is enough for impeachment proceedings to begin

  39. Your last paragraph is my greatest fear, that when forced, the ‘O’ produces a BC that the Courts use to Define the Term Natural Born Citizen.

    The old cart and horse chicken and egg dilemma.

  40. Have you seen the extensive analysis of JSM by Congress? There is also a brief statement on BO

    Historical practice confirms that birth on
    soil that is under the sovereignty of the
    United States, but not within a State, satisfies
    the Natural Born Citizen Clause.

    And Senator Barack
    Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4,
    1961—not long after its admission to the
    Union on August 21, 1959. We find it inconceivable
    that Senator Obama would have
    been ineligible for the Presidency had he
    been born two years earlier.

  41. truthbetold11

    How come arnold shwarswhatever said he can’t run for president? Georgetown do you know?

  42. I don’t believe McCain was born on a militery base. IIRC, he was born in a civilian hospital I think “Colon” was the name… no pun intended.

  43. Looks like the Senate relied on these cases:
    (birth abroad and birth within to citizen parents)
    Chairman, Committee on the Judiciary, U.S.

    sources all confirm that the phrase ‘‘natural
    born’’ includes both birth abroad to parents
    who were citizens, and birth within a nation’s
    territory and allegiance. Thus, regardless
    of the sovereign status of the Panama
    Canal Zone at the time of Senator McCain’s
    birth, he is a ‘‘natural born’’ citizen because
    he was born to parents who were U.S. citizens.
    Congress, Marsh v. Chambers, 463 U.S. 783,
    790–91 (1983); and to the common law at the
    time of the Founding. United States v. Wong
    Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649, 655 (1898)

  44. I see where Bobby Jindal is planning a run for president. I don’t believe he is eligible, either, as his parents were not naturalized at the time of his birth. Just sayin’.

  45. Army D.A.V.


    There is no Birth Certificate, just the COLB.

    Without the Birth Certificate there is no way to prove citizenship or parentage.

    There are no immigration records from Indonesia, he’s an illegal immigrate . If he has immigration papers fine , then he’s a naturalized citizen guilty of felony fraud .

    Need to expose the usurper as not having a US birth certificate.

    If he is exposed as a usurper at this late date the US would fall into collapse, riots , chaos , Marshall law.

    Either way we lose, should have hit the streets right after the rigged elections.

  46. slcraig:

    “I have found no less than four Grad Student and Professors dissertations claiming that ‘EVERY PERSON, NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE BORN, ARE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.”

    I’m sorry but it doesn’t make sense. Why would the Framers state the obvious then? Why would they specify that you need to be a natural born citizen to be eligible, if EVERYBODY is a natural born citizen?

    It would be the same than stating that in order to be qualified, you need to be born. Those students and professors aren’t that smart if you want my opinion.

  47. Georgetown………

    If you will read closely you will notice that when it comes to being born within the US it does NOT mention the necessity of a parent at all let alone ‘two citizen parents’.

    I understand that a reasonable person understands the intent, but Law is NOT reasonable, I have learned.

    My point is, as clear as it seems, that ‘Exclusion and Omission’ opens the door to a ‘Case and Controversy’.

    Any Legal Definition needs to be Definitive and without debatable ‘exclusions and omissions’.

  48. Of course truth… He was foreign born, they’d have the change the Constiution… which they have tried to do on several occasions… and I believe the 110th Congress would have done so for BO.

  49. zeeshopper……….

    We understand that, but we are not the one’s that are mandated to interpret the Constitution.

    The Communist/Socialist have been using OUR Constitution against us for years, and this is just one more example where they have found a weakness and exploited it.

  50. You said;
    Georgetown // June 23, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Of course truth… He was foreign born, they’d have the change the Constiution… which they have tried to do on several occasions… and I believe the 110th Congress would have done so for BO.

    But no, since there is no definition now, they can make it anything WE THE PEOPLE allow them to make it and no Amendment or Legislation is needed, just the SCOTUS to say, this is what it is.

  51. just a thought…what the term NBC meant to the ones who wrote it into the original founding document(s) seems to be the most relevant ‘hunt’…what was their initial intent?..I’ve read many sites that have already addressed that question in depth…but getting the present-day SCOTUS to align their interpretations with the thinking of guys who were penning those words with their lives at stake…well, that’s a whole ‘nuther ball game, seems to me. Maybe if their rendering held consequences for their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors…the result would be more in line, say, with…a Patrick Henry rendition, eh?

  52. Any news yet South?I’m praying!!!!

  53. slcraig,…
    I see you point, but he word “both” is all inclusive:

    It says “both birth abroad to parents
    who were citizens, and birth within a nation’s
    territory and allegiance.”

    In other words birth abroad to parents who are citizens, and birth within to parents who are citizens.

  54. Re-do ………….

    I struggled with that before filing, but the way I see it……… is better to know your enemies and where they are than to think you have allies where they are not.

    I was dismissed without hearing in my local district court, then made my Appeal to the 10th Circuit and promptly Petitioned SCOTUS under Rule 11 in the HOPE that at least 4 Justices are as concerned as WE are.

    If there are not 4 Justices that are willing to hear the Justice Departments response or to lend their Judicial ear to the question, well, then that is an answer too.

    To me, that will mean that the LAST Pillar of the Republic has fallen.

  55. Remember this: The original vault copy of the BC is the BASIS for which the natural-born citizen arguments take shape. If soetoro provides an “original copy”, I say let’s take a trip to Hawaii and compare to the vault original, and let forensics experts look at his ‘copy’. If he shows it that will provide mother’s name, FATHER’S NAME, location of birth, doctor, etc.

    The only disaster I see is if it does prove he was born in HI, and BOTH parents are US Citizens……having said that IF this was the case, do you all not think he would have coughed it up by now??

    I think the cap is about to be pulled off the cespool and we will soon be sampling a taste of life after the obama express comes flying off the rails.

    Not a pretty picture or thought. Hang on, this will be a rough ride.

  56. Georgetown…….

    I do not see that in the HR511, which page and paragraph did you see that………..

  57. CA Patriot said:

    “The only disaster I see is if it does prove he was born in HI, and BOTH parents are US Citizens……having said that IF this was the case, do you all not think he would have coughed it up by now??”


    This would be the perfect scenario. He would be guilty of mutliple counts of fraud and forgery, enough to put him away for 20+ years.

    States take forged birth certificates very seriously.

  58. This is the Senate hearing leading up to SJR 110-511:


    3rd Column, paragragh 2
    (click link)

  59. ARMY DAV……………………….

    “Should have hit the streets”. HI FRIEND; Just thought I would jump in to reiterate that I too said this,but such an action here would have been an action of futility. We would have been immediately arrested, or possibly gunned down where we stood. The Iranian young people have begun to pay the price as well. They will be forced into the control of the government,which at this point appears to be an illegal government, very similar to our beliefs regarding our own POTUS. At present, and probably in the future(2010 and 2012) our ONLY option will be at the ballot box. The trick will be in keeping ACORN out of the election process. I have a gut feeling that they were secretly involved with the IRANIAN elections well. Erroneous ,and otherwise conflicting counts of registered voters has already surfaced which by themselves scream TILT. If something reeks of a dead fish, it is probable that somewhere in close proximity there IS a dead fish.

  60. Georgetown………
    I’m sure you see what I see…..I am not an English Professor, but it is disputable whether both means two separate circumstances with the same specifics or not.

    Birth in one instances this way and birth in that instance another way?

    These sources all confirm that the phrase ‘‘natural born’’ includes both birth abroad to parents who were citizens, and birth within a nation’s territory and allegiance.

  61. Has anybody found out what the big news is that allegedly was forth coming from blogtalkradio? If you find out will you post it?

  62. Dr. Orly Taitz, the lead attorney on the Alan Keyes / Obama Birth Certificate Issue, will be in St. Louis. MO and Columbia MO in early July to speak with Reps, Senators, and Citizens about getting into action on this all-important matter.

    Please contact Sarah at 314-973-9862 for more information or if you would like to attend.


    Dr. Orly Taitz, the lead attorney on the Alan Keyes / Obama Birth Certificate Issue, will be in ST CHARLES. MO and JEFFERSON CITY, MO in early July to speak with Reps, Senators, and Citizens about getting into action on this all-important matter.

    Please contact Sarah at 314-973-9862 for more information or if yo would like to attend.

  64. Robert —

    On McCain you are exactly right. Congress knows, because of Congressional Hearings held in 1936, that Colon Hospital, where McCain was born, was not on the Canal Zone. Also, McCain’s birth certificate shows that his parents also resided in Colon, which was always part of the Republic of Panama.

    At the time, Coco Solo had its own Post Office — so, if the parents had been assigned to base housing, their address would have been listed as “Coco Solo, Canal Zone” and McCain’s “birth certificate” would have been recorded by the Panama Canal Zone Health Department — but it was NOT, because he was born in Panama.

    Georgetown —

    The Senate Hearing laid down a smokesceen, and the McCain Campaign probably perjured itself in Federal District Court.

    The National Archives contain no record that McCain’s mother registered McCain’s birth with the U.S. Consul in Panama, using a form required at the time for American Citizens residing in the Canal Zone, if they wanted their U.S. Citizenship acknowledged by the U.S. State Department.

    It seems like McCain’s mother did not do a lot of things you and I are required to do — like apply for a Marriage License in Baja California, if you want to get married there. The Mexican Government has no record of any McCain Wedding in Tijuana, despite claims by the McCain Campaign that his parents eloped and were married at Caesar’s in Tijuana.

    So what?

    All of this is the primary reason why the Republican Party refuses categorically to question Obama’s eligibility. Why? Because McCain was no more qualified than Obama.

  65. JEFFM……………………………….

    It would seem to me that if Soetoro is PROVEN to be the USURPER that most of us believe he is his sentence would also reflect penalties for the overall damage that he has done to the US while PRETENDING to be the POTUS, in ADDITION to his ELECTION FRAUD, and other crimes against the people of the US. It is also possible that other discoveries will include a fraudulent Senator also perpetrated crimes against the US. I would expect him to receive multiple sentences that would take him nearly to the next century.

  66. Yes I do see, I’ll have to search Title 8 of the US Code:
    I do know that the Senate or Professor Tribe
    misrepresented the wong kim Ark case..the Court declared Ark a “citizen” not ‘natural’born
    in fact the dicta presents a clear distinction between NBC and citizens.

    Title 8

  67. Bob ……………

    I hold a bit of a different view on that. If you read Joseph Story’s Commentaries he expressly covers Ambassadors and Military serving abroad.

    “The true sense of residence in the constitution is fixed domicil, or being out of the United States, and settled abroad for the purpose of general inhabitancy, animo manendi, and not for a mere temporary and fugitive purpose, in transitu.”

  68. JeffM —

    The BORN in the phrase “Natural Born Citizen” in fact DOES mean “BORN in the USA.”

    Vattel’s French original reads as follows —

    (‘les [citoyens] naturels [this covers the jus sanguinis] ou indigenes [this covers the jus solis)’].

    A ‘natural born Citizen,’ therefore, is a citizen BOTH by ‘blood’ and ‘soil.’

    The Courts do NOT need to define this phrase — it has already by well-defined in all of the documents that are antecedents to the U.S. Constitution, and also by subsequent Supreme Court Decisions, most notably by Noah H. Swayne’s in his Circuit Court decision in 1866, U.S. v Rhodes, upholding the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which was published simultaneously with the 14th Amendment.

    Unfortunately, it is very, very hard to find a copy of this decision on the Internet. Most copies of that decision have since been taken down — but it was brilliant, and followed the much of thinking of Abraham Lincoln’s Attorney General, Edward Bates, who also wrote extensively on the subject of ‘natural-born Citizen,’ at the request of Abraham Lincoln, in order to instruct Federal Officers in the field how to deal lawfully with freed slaves.

  69. Georgetown…………..

    Not to mention that the Wong case was wrongly decided in contravention to the Coolie Trade Treaty with China that expressly forbade their Citizens expatriating.

    Thousands of Chinese suffered badly for their relitives being given citizenship here.

  70. CA PATRIOT…………………………..

    I’m with you! Who in their right mind would spend nearly a million dollars to hide something that ddn’t need to be hidden.? Particularly if it would bear legitimacy to his eligibility.

  71. Bob…..

    Well I am happy to find someone who would hold to the Strict Interpretation.

    In the 18th Century you would be hard pressed to find a woman who would take a ‘world cruise’ knowing she would give birth before making it home. Those days are gone. It would also be a harsh penalty to military families stationed abroad and living off base during two or three year tours to deny their children the ‘birth right’ of Natural Born Citizen’.

    My way of viewing it would be , ‘if the Soil, jus soli, is in the Heart of the Parents, then the Soil, Jus Soli, flows with the Blood, Jus Sanguinis, into their children.

    Please, if you have a copy of or link to the referrences you mentioned , please email me…

  72. SLCRAIG………………………..

    I have a question. What if Lindle , and Fukino are overidden, and then it is discovered that there is no long form COLB. It would seem to me that this would lend a great deal of credibility to the alleged Kenyan birth certificate. Several people are already on record of having made sworn statements regarding the existence of such a document which was originallyfound by Jerome Corsi,during a fact finding trip to Kenya. He was even detained by Kenyan authorities for a time.

  73. Slcraig —

    Unfortunately — the U.S. State Department has a different view, and it DOES have rules published for all situations such as babies born at sea, in transit, in air space, etc. etc.

    All of these children are considered by the U.S. government to be “naturalized Citizens,” as opposed to ‘natural born Citizens,’ including children born to military personnel on U.S. bases abroad.

    The reason, Congress has no jurisdiction abroad, one of the 3 key requirements of the 14th Amendment.

  74. One of my side projects is to work on a Claim against the republic of Kenya for their ‘Interference and Obstruction’ to our 2008 National election in that they ‘Sealed Records of Obama SR and Jr.’……………

  75. Bob..

    Yea, I know and am incensed that they would dis-allow serving Military but accept the children of illegal aliens and foreign nationals.

    The insidious incrementilism of destroying ‘Americanism’ is disheartening.

    I can only hope that this present will lead to a more informed future.

  76. Well, i’m not sure what’ s going on with Carl Swensson, and Mac?

    He was on Chalices show earlier, and said he couldn’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but would get back to her as soon as he could.

    I would stay on top of Chalices radio show here

    Also, keep checking Carls site for updates here

    And if you don’t hear anything from those, tune into Plains Radio tonight, because Carl is going to be a guest on Eds show at 8:00 PM CST

    This is plains forum, and the radio player will be at the top of the page.

    Hope this helps ease the pain…lol

  77. In the recent Whitehouse “GIBBS Bull session” Gibbs was asked about Soetoro’s birth certificate,and he made the statement that it was put online for all 400,000 doubters to see. He then added “we put it there”. It was later PROVEN to be a forgery. So it would seem that Gibbs has PUBLICLY admitted to having been part of a conspiracy to defraud, and otherwise mislead American voters. It is a felonius act, and actionable. Since this is ALL on tape he could be arrested forthwith, and prosecution would be almost a slam dunk, SO IT WOULD SEEM!

  78. I heard that Jerome Corsi mailed several copies of the alleged Kenyan birth certificate to several people in the US, one of whom was Phil Berg. Could this be the reason why his 2nd case was sealed by the court? If that has occurred I am wondering what they threatened Berg with. He has been extremely quiet since, other than his argument with Orly.

  79. Army D.A.V.

    Two indisputable facts………..

    Barrie Soetoro aka Barack Obama is not qualified to hold any federal position or any form of law enforcement or serve in the military in any capacity , including custodial or maintenance positions , postal service.

    John McCain is a natural born citizen……..and qualified to hold any office in the federal and state government..

  80. Hi Old Salt,

    Hope the bug is giving you a break, for a change.

    I came in the middle of this whole thing but remember hearing about Corsi; I became interested when the Kenyan ‘officials’ gave him a hard time and he left there with more questions than he originally had.

    Call it women’s intuition, but I think Berg has a bombshell in his sealed case; I’ve always thought that. This is the reason that he has been mute regarding the issue. But, WHEN will we know?

    Now, I feel as though the evidence has to be *somewhere* and I feel that it’s multiple evidence. The nagging question is: Why is it being held back? Perhaps people know the repercussions of releasing the info; perhaps (and this is likely) threats are being made…we know people have died under mysterious circumstances when they get too close. I do think there’s a lot of $$$ circulating to keep this hush hush, as well.

    As you always say, I wonder who will have the tennis balls to finally put the evidence out there?

    I must say that I’ve never in my years seen a coverup of these proportions and once ‘he’s’ gone, hope to never see it again.

    Still waiting to read what Swensson’s breaking news was. Not a peep thus far.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest…I grow more frustrated by the day, as I think we all do.

  81. Jacqlyn Smith

    Hi Old Salt,

    Hope the bug is giving you a break, for a change.

    I came in the middle of this whole thing but remember hearing about Corsi; I became interested when the Kenyan ‘officials’ gave him a hard time and he left there with more questions than he originally had.

    Call it women’s intuition, but I think Berg has a bombshell in his sealed case; I’ve always thought that. This is the reason that he has been mute regarding the issue. But, WHEN will we know?

    Now, I feel as though the evidence has to be *somewhere* and I feel that it’s multiple evidence. The nagging question is: Why is it being held back? Perhaps people know the repercussions of releasing the info; perhaps (and this is likely) threats are being made…we know people have died under mysterious circumstances when they get too close. I do think there’s a lot of $$$ circulating to keep this hush hush, as well.

    As you always say, I wonder who will have the tennis balls to finally put the evidence out there?

    I must say that I’ve never in my years seen a coverup of these proportions and once ‘he’s’ gone, hope to never see it again.

    Still waiting to read what Swensson’s breaking news was. Not a peep thus far.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest…I grow more frustrated by the day, as I think we all do.

    Sue K….I thought Berg’s sealed case already came to light and it was dismissed too….can’t remember why and what was sealed….it wasn’t too important I guess if I forgot already!!!

  82. Army D.A.V.

    Old Salt

    “Should have hit the streets”. HI FRIEND; Just thought I would jump in to reiterate that I too said this,but such an action here would have been an action of futility. We would have been immediately arrested, or possibly gunned down where we stood.

    Yes, maybe , not sure about the gunned down part , futile ?, not sure .

    The reason it didn’t happen is my fault and every other baby boomer that looked the other way and let the commies and radicals of the 60’s open indoctrination centers ” State Colleges ” and corrupt our youth with socialism and hate for America.

    The only hope we have now is for the States to rein in the Federal governments march to communism ,dictatorship.

  83. Yes,Berg’s case was dismissed and was about fraud,not the nbc or bc issues.Carl is to be on blogtalk at 8 pm central,so maybe that’s why the post over at Bigfoot’s forum was removed on the “breaking news” or he will be on at some time but Ed is never interested in sharing news but using it as a sensationalist ploy to get donations and elevate the importance of that false promises network. — From Chalice- Carl Swensson states “The release of the information I have been waiting to release was to come out today. Mack and I were told this morning it would be released, but it has not come out yet. There has been no contact with the group involved, so we do not know the reason. We don’t know if anyone involved has been detained, but we will let you know as soon as we get the information and it will be out for all to see.”

    Carl will be on Our Constitution, with Gerry Donaldson to at 9pm EDT to discuss unfolding events.


  84. slg & Bob: thank you for your interesting, informative, articulate, comments & dialog…
    beats “Jaywalking” by a country mile…and then some…heehee. either of you think Dr. Taitz is on the right track…and/or has a snowball’s chance?

  85. typo…SLCraig…is who I meant…oops…

  86. Jacqlyn Smith


    During the election, then Senator Obama published a statement at his website which said that his birth status was “governed” by the British Nationality Act of 1948. Can you please tell the American people how a natural born citizen of the United States can be governed – at birth – by British law?
    The above question is from Leo Denofrio’s site>>>this is what you ask!!

  87. Mommae posted at Bigfoot.I think she is right as the people at Plains are bizarre.— MommaE

    Jun 23, 2009 – 6:45PM QuoteReply Re: Carl Swensson’s Website

    Carl full of crap!! Here’s what he post on my blog,

    First, let me say this is no joke. Second, if you think I’ll be giving them a Birth Certificate or any of the other documents you’d be wrong. Third, it won’t necessarily force him out of office by This is being portrayed in other blogs as something it is not and those who have speculated are a little on the crazy side and have no idea what we intend to do. What we will not do is incite, or attempt any Citizens arrest. That much I can say. The rest will unfold as it is supposed too. I’m sorry to have to be so cryptic but peoples lives are on the line here.
    All I can ask is that you be patient.., something I’m having a little problem doing as I was told this morning that we’d be able to disclose this at 1:00 PM EST today. That has come and gone and still no word and this has me concerned for these peoples well being. As soon as I get the O.K. to release the story, I will.

    He wasn’t talking about my site, so he can only be talking about this site,
    State: OK

  88. Yes Jacqlyn,Leo is right.I’ve had a problem with WND so obsessed with Berg and the BC,which everyone by now should know that is a smokescreen.And that billboard on the BC instead of the nbc or even Barry’s name.WND is almost like the MSM,but does have good articles.Once they get big,they lose focus for whatever reason.

  89. Lee — normally I side with Leo — but this time, I really don’t.

    I agree with WND’s “where’s the birth certificate campaign.” Why?

    1. It has already been stipulated by the Obama Campaign that his father was a British subject at the time of his birth.

    2. However, the EXACT location of his birth has never disclosed, and that would be on a birth certificate.

    3. A birth certificate, if joined with divorce decree that we already have, will also prove that Obama, Sr. was a “polygamist” at the time of his birth, and therefore, that was in this country illegally, and that he was not an “immigrant” as the Obama Campaign portrayed him up to and through the election.

    The WND campaign helps more than it harms the cause.

  90. ARMY D.A.V. —

    I wish that McCain deserved the honor that you seem willing to bestow on him.

    However, Ive spent months researching McCain’s history, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve discovered that simply does NOT add up.

    I once was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — but no longer.

    McCain is a man who has put himself ahead his Country and his Party more than once at key times during his lifetime — despite what his Campaign would like us to believe.

    He is very much his mother’s son, and not the hero that both his father and his grandfather were.

    His mom likes to tell a good story — and so does he. But they are fiction, plain and simple.

    The instincts that caused many conservatives to have doubts about McCain, and which caused them to simply stay home during this election, have proved to be very well-founded.

    The USA dodged a bullet when he lost. But at the same time, I am unhappy he caused his Party to lose, because he ran a disaster of a campaign.

  91. Sorry,but it is setting everyone up for a big fall.Be careful what you wish for.The BC will be trotted out one of these days,and the people that understand the real issue of NBC status will be trounced by the MSM.Bringing it up at that point will be pointless.The several months of Berg’s “This is the biggest hoax,show me the BC and I will go away” is all that will be remembered and parroted in the press.

  92. From Chalice— 7:41pm

    Listeners Alert: Carl is fine! (No clue where the rumor otherwise came out from….

    The audio from this afternoon’s show does not provide any updates. You will hear the latest tonight at 9pm EDT

  93. Bigfoot Hale’s forum is on lockdown,so hopefully Carl will not go on his network,and just appear on Patriot’sHeartNetwork.Everyone gets wise to Ed’s games sooner or later.—

  94. Other than ancestral genealogy there is no Obama documentation to be found. Where is the transparency he promised? What is he hiding? And who on this earth has the power and wherewithal to hide or destroy all of these documents?

    In the event that Scotus, like Congress, abandons their Constitutional responsibility, we need to look into high crimes and misdemeanors Barack Obama may have committed. Our great nation, as we know it, will be totally destroyed if he remains in office until 2012. He is running this country like a bull in a China shop and he’s likely to make some serious mistakes if he hasn’t already.

    Each president recites the following oath, in accordance with
    Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution:
    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    OK all you legal experts who post here, what actions has Obama perpetrated that can be considered in violation of the U. S. Constitution? Give documentation, please.
    Off the top of my head, he attempted to move the U.S. Census Bureau out of the Dept. of Commerce into the White House. Is that against the Constitution? He is firing Inspector General Walpin for dubious reasons. Any high crime there? What about closing down successful car dealers with no just cause? What about being “punch drunk” during an interview?…………We have to have a “Plan B”.

  95. Jonah;

    There are a number of Constitutional violations.

    The problem is they all emanate from the Executive and Congressional ‘Political’ offices that the Judicial Branch can not pursue on it’s own, even if it had the desire to do so.

    Elections have consequences!

    Short of my case growing legs there is no basis to continue challenging the ‘Os’ eligibility.

    The focus will have to shift to the 2010 mid term elections and attempting to bring ACORN down as an arm of the Communist Party.

  96. No Person except a Natural Born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,

    Simple, any definition of a citizen disquals one as POTUS sinced the adoption!!

  97. Rocknee………..

    Cute…….but not sufficient……….

  98. Hi Jacqlyn and Lee,

    Thanks for the info…I’ve been out of the loop with health issues so I wasn’t able to follow anything closely.

    Appreciate your replies!

  99. slcraig,

    Framers were all Brits and they naturalized themselves to be POTUS in the infant years of the country. If they wanted any other nationality to be POTUS, Article ll would have been diferent.

    Leo Donofrio has nailed the issue and has since day one.

  100. slcraig,

    barry soetoro and his lawyer thugs will used the XIV amendment to justify his eligibility when and if this gets in a court of law.

  101. Rocknee……………

    You are exactly right, Leo’s research and inspiration is what I have been running on.

    He does not have much faith that my case will be heard on the merits of the question.

    My hope rests on the Continueous Harm that the ‘O’ has been doing will wake the Courts up and allow my straw to be the one that breaks it open for all America to see.

  102. Sue,there was no “breaking news”.But Carl did go on both shows to set the record straight.Mainly with all the rhetoric coming from Plains in the past week.He put Ed in his place in a nice way.His interview on Patriot’s Heart Network was much better.He does expect some breaking news but it has nothing to do with any passport or BC,and it might not be released until the 29th.Too much false hope comes out of Plains and the few members there that come here stoke up the rumors.

  103. I keep posting and it vanishes..this is a test..

  104. Rocknee………..

    Ok, don’t know what was happening, something I did I’m sure…………You are right about Leo, he is the one that inspired me into action, his excellent research and focus, it is what has kept me going.

    As for the 14th Amendment definition, as Leo pointed out, it should be ruled as inadmissable under Marbury V Madison……….we just got to get that far.

    The Solicitor General filed a Waiver of response, subject to a request from SCOTUS, in my case.

    We’ll see what the Orders say after the 25th, (probably won’t be posted before the 29th. We’ll see.

  105. Listening to Carl, he sure sounds “nervous” for a lack of better terms. He seems to be very excited, and his voice is very shaky.

    Sounds like he knows something, but cannot let the cat out of the bag yet (probably because it will get someone killed)

    The story broke as a post on plains, and then disappeared in a matter of seconds. I copied the link in the post before it disappeared and posted it here.

    Let there be no mistake!

    This was NOT a rumor, it was posted by Chalice on plains forum, and then disappeared. She was told by Carl that they had some breaking news, and she was passing it on. Turns out he could not release the statement today, but it was NOT a rumor, nor was it someone from here (ie: ME) posting rumors or false hope.

    Be careful and do your homework, before you make statements like this…

    “Too much false hope comes out of Plains and the few members there that come here stoke up the rumors.”

  106. truthbetold11

    georgetown thanks to response saying they would have to change the constitution for gov arnold to be president. you answered perfectly why bho status needs to be difined because when milllion of people want the answer correctly it should raise some flags.

  107. slcraig,

    MN Rep Michele Bachmann AND OH Rep John Boehner are raising a ruckus about ACORN and the census.(HR2715)

    Sen. Tom Coburn calls for vetting candidates’ eligibility,(HR1503) along with four co sponsors, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va.; Rep. John R. Carter, R-Texas, Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas and Rep. Randy Neugebauer.

    Are there any other courageous Congressmen/women willing to put their lives and careers on the line?
    We must show them support. They may be the only hope we have if the courts continue in failing to uphold Constitution.

  108. All of this causes me to think that any hope real, or unreal might be the only tonic that keeps many of our bloggers inspired. So it would seem that some hope is better than NONE AT ALL! I see it sort of like breathing; bad breath is better than NO BREATH AT ALL.

  109. Bob

    I’m not a fan of McCain , he has finally disgraced himself to the world but he is without a doubt a NBC.

    I rest my case……

  110. Orly says: Important
    I want everybody, who has sent letters, dossiers, who has sent faxes, e-mails, who called the department of Justice, Eric Holder and didn’t get a response, to send me hand written letters or typed notarized letters, i would like to bring it to court as evidence.

  111. RJS // June 23, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    slcraig..does it matter if NBC hasn’t been defined?…it will have proved that he allowed a digital forgery of the COLB and that is enough for impeachment proceedings to begin


  112. truthbetold11

    obama to throw out first pitch at all star game. i think i will throw up and hold up not a natural born citizen signs. get ready to with those signs

  113. Congress initiates impeachment, ain’t going to happen.

    The hope rests with the Courts hearing the question and ruling on the definition.

    You see, that is where ALL the other cases failed.

    The ‘0’ could be proven to be a ‘Space Alien’, but wiThout a definition of NBC he can not be said to be not eligible under the Constitution. (That’s a little out there, but on the margines it is correct.)

    But once there is a Legal Definition a number of doors will open to cause him to be compelled to prove his status.

  114. South,I know.I heard Carl and read the posts at both locations.The rumors are the ones that have Carl concerned which do eminate from Plains and get repeated here as fact.Maybe not this particular one about the breaking news,but the rest of the junk surrounding it,which was heard on Plains last week.And if you listened to Carl you know he was referring to Ed and Plains being the rumor mill,but didn’t want to sidetrack issues.Go ahead and defend that place if you must,but you are wasting your time here.The point is that there was to be breaking news,but not the news Ed hinted at and always fuels until a brushfire takes place.Then deletes comments and plays like he knew the truth all along.For proof–here’s one of his posts— “Now I have the entire picture. I am willing to bet that I know what you have, but you will have to wait till Tuesday night when I have Carl on to see what it is. If it is what I think it is , then it is more powerful that the H-bomb and Obama will resign.” Ed Hale– Jun 21, 2009 – 4:46PM Never did Carl say the information would force Barry out on the 4th or at any date.Or that he would resign.He has always said that they are going to DC to bring this information to light.

  115. The point is that Ed Hale always causes more problems than the dreaded onots he fears.And the cultish defense of him is no better.And when he hypes “breaking news” and doesn’t deliver it is always someone elses fault.In this case,gee it is Carl’s fault.Wrong.Carl never hyped anything.He did say he had breaking news and would release it today.And then when it didn’t come throough,he did not do what Ed does and lie,but went on showws to explain and also straighten out matters which were clearly in reference to the Plains Radio show last week,and the forum.But you know as well as I do that posts get deleted when they are damning or false at Plains,No apologies,just thrown down the memory hole and then Ed puts a new twist on it over the air.Wake Up!

  116. And this golden gem from a month ago—According to Bigfoot Hale they have the proof and it is spread to 30-40 people.And get this,it will be put on a secret webpage with a password.Just like the Divorce parers.And Ed “I’ll tell ya whut” Hale says this wil all be over by next Wednesday.LOL!!! Even if that cement-head had any evidence,he doesn’t understand that the legal process doesn’t work that quickly.

  117. lee,

    I know what you’re saying about Ed. I’m not taking up for him at all.

    I’m not an Ed Hale worshiper by any

    I thought you were talking about ME spreading rumors, and that’s why i replied. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that is was for real, and was not just a rumor.

    I know very well that Carl never “over-hyped” anything at all.He told us what it was, and what it was not. Nothing more, and nothing less.
    Thanks for the clarification. Lets all hope that Carl and Mack get some traction with their Presentments.

    Have a goodnight all!

  118. Sorry the South not you.You always try your best to relay good information.And I still tune into Bigfoot to catch his lies.Chalice leaves her posts stand.,And adds updates.Not so with Ed.He twists the truth after burying it.

  119. I agree.We all need to hope this comes to something.As much as I repsect Leo,the system is shot and QW by an AG is out.He is now working on the “Interested Party” with QW that doesn’t require an AG.But the GJ’s are good proactive measures,and Bigfoot Ed has demeaned those in between changing his mind when the guests are on.

  120. Army D.A.V.:
    I disagree, McCain has never been a natural born citizen and that’s why McCaskill passed SR511 with Obama trying to define McCain as one, they knew he was not born on a military base because it wasn’t built until he was 5 years old. THAT is why the Democrats wanted him, equal liability/culpability mutual blackmail, or fake-Republican McCain was just a patsy plant installed so they could install the illegal usurper Obama. McCain never really did fight for position in light of Obama’s terror ties, illegalities, etc.

  121. bbo boo.You are correct.Not only is McCain not an NBC but he threw the race as was obviously planned.Putting that old duffer in there was a joke.

  122. BO ex-roommate spills some beans.

    Also, nice article on barry and his friend in this months Globe

  123. McCain just told the world that Obama was doing a good job as POTUS. McCain has always been a Democrat so it was to be expected.

  124. These bills need your support. Share this with everyone you know.

    Bill # H.R.2715
    ‘To prohibit the Department of Housing and Urban Development from providing any assistance to any organization that has been indicted for a violation under Federal or State law relating to an election for Federal or State office. ‘

    Original Sponsor:
    Michele Bachmann (R-MN 6th)
    Cosponsor Total: 44
    (last sponsor added 06/10/2009)
    44 Republicans

    About This Legislation:
    To prohibit the Department of Housing and Urban Development from providing any assistance to any organization that has been indicted for a violation under Federal or State law relating to an election for Federal or State office.


    Bill # H.R.1503
    To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee”s statement of organization a copy of the candidate”s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution. ‘

    Original Sponsor:
    Bill Posey (R-FL 15th)
    Cosponsor Total: 6
    (last sponsor added 06/17/2009)
    6 Republicans

    About This Legislation:
    Amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the Office of President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution.

  125. slcraig,

    We have had our hopes up so many times that a court would decide that Obama’s records should be made public. The disappointment bears heavily on our hearts and minds. That’s why I suggest we need a “Plan B”.

    I do hope and pray that your lawsuit opens the flood gates.

  126. Hello All,

    I posted this to another category yesterday and now here. Very interesting.

    This was sent to me after it was posted on the open Gov. website by Mountain publius goat.
    Obama the manchurian candidate from Wash Times

  127. Army D. A. V. —

    You are quite mistaken — in fact,mistaken so much that McCain actually falls in the category of children born to American citizens overseas who were considered ‘ALIENS’ by the U.S. Government for more than 50 years of our history, from 1803 to 1855!

    The law of the U.S. until 1855 was very clear — ‘born here you’re in, born there you’re out!’ There was only one exception — for the children of Ambassadors, because an embassy was considered U.S. soil.

    It was only after 1855 that children born overseas to American citizens to become citizens themselves ‘automatically,’ and then only as ‘naturalized Citizens.’

    That is why the 14th Amendment reads: — ‘All persons born or naturalized ‘in the United States,’ and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.’ Notice that key phrase ‘in the United States!’

    Being born on Manzanillo Island in the Republic of Panama is NOT ‘in the United States.’

    In fact, McCain’s parents never filed the necessary papers for McCain’s birth to be recorded anywhere. The only copy of his borth certificate available to the general public was notarized in 1942 by a Canal Zone Notary Public acknowledging that McCain was born overseas, but his attorneys told a Federal judge otherwise in the lawsuit which challenged his eligibility — in other words, they lied under oath!

    Not a good way to start a Presidential campaign, is it? And, they accepted multi-millions in Federal campaign matching funds based upon this fraud.

    I almost have agree 100% with the sentiment expressed above, that the Republican Party threw this Election to Obama, and that is why they want to make those of us who now know the truth look like a collection of ‘nutjobs.’

    Simply put, the two parties are in cahoots!

  128. Amendment XIV was NEVER ratified, so how can Obama qualify himself under this and why has this not been addressed?

  129. amy1……….

    I’m aware of the controversy regarding the 16th Amendment, but I have not heard of any questions of the 14th Amendments Ratification.

  130. lee // June 23, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Lee, thanks very much for the info. Will try to keep up with this!

  131. OK Sl, Maybe I have it wrong

  132. OOOOPS! I bad.. just checked. It was ratified in 1868

  133. amy1………….A lot of people think that the ‘O’ will use the 14th Amendment as evidence of his NBC Status, but I doubt it very much.

    The Amendment say’s; all persons born……………….are ‘citizens’. The ‘)’ and his team understand that Art II Sec I Cls V ‘requires’ a distinction between an NBC and a ‘citizen’. The 14th “does not say so and the words do not require it”, therefore no assertion of NBC is made in the 14th and nothing in the words require it.

  134. amy1 —

    My great uncle was a full-blooded Cherokee born in North Carolina — he did not become an American citizen until 1924, and only after he fought for the United States during World War I.

    That is significant for those who believe that the 14th Amendment offered blanket citizenship to the ‘native-born’ on American soil — it did NOT.

    For instance, it did not make CITIZENS of ‘Indians not taxed,’ or ‘indigenous peoples,’ even after they left their reservation, left behind their native-American heritage, dressed in American clothing, and lived and worked in a U.S. city as big as Omaha. They were NOT, and NEVER could be, CITIZENS of the United States, before the “Civil Rights Act of 1924,” adopted almost 60 years later.

    There is more forgotten than remembered about our history in this current debate over the Presidential Qualification clause.

  135. Bob’s last post seems to confirm what I had concluded and been suspicious of from different pieces I’d read…that McCain could not have passed the NBC test either. While all are wrestling with how to expose BHO…the same could just as easily applied to Mr. Democrat-In-Disguise…and who then would be waging this battle? I was one who found Gov. Huckabee to be the one who best articulated the conservative voice I identified with…and hoped he would team up with the business-smarts of Romney. Obviously that didn’t happen…but, like Bob’s comment “in cahoots” makes me think that undoing a McCain thing might have been just as difficult as this usurper-thing…save for his age; and the probability that he wouldn’t have done as much damage via spending…but who really knows? For all his heroism, which is certainly honorable and I mean no disrespect; but he seems to be just as timid as the press is accusing BHO of being in his response to what’s going down in Iran…what do y’all think about Bob’s “in cahoots” statement? And where does that lead us next?

  136. I agree the two parties are in cahoots. Furthermore they both, Obomba and McInsane have german roots and or ties. As the Bush regime does.

  137. Yeh…”in cahoots”…or, maybe…and I think this could apply to even most of the talking heads in media (even the conservative ones) they are more interested in guarding their personal ‘celebrity & status’ that really speaking out the hard, cold facts. As robust as some of the commentary gets, they all still seem to dodge addressing the very points and particulars that these blog-sites dive into. So, maybe it’s not so much about their being of the same political camp…but just out of self-preservation…fear, even? It’s not like they don’t have the platform…they do.

  138. fix typo….should read
    “more interested in guarding their personal celebrity and status THAN speaking out the hard, cold facts….”

  139. LEE………………………………….

    Hi Guy; I disagree with you regarding Mr.Farah. I believe that he is an intelligent, honest ,and focused person.In his business,you are usually found out quickly, whether you repeat BALONEY, or dig up truthful facts. WND is one of the oldest entities in the business. By the way Jerome Corsi is also associated with WND. I believe that Mr.Farah is an honest man, and is operating WND in the same plain.
    My view point is in no way meant to be offensive. We all have our viewpoints. That is one of the great things about our country……… we can think what we want,and express it too. NOT TRUE IN IRAN, or with DEMOCRATS.


  141. UNDATED—The editor of the popular Web site, World Net Daily, Joseph Farah, is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can prove they were resent at the birth of President Barack Obama.

    KTBB news anchor Garth Maier, asks East Texans if they think there is a lack of proof that the President was born in Hawaii.

    pass on

  142. REDO…………………….

    You make some excellent points. I do however disagree somewhat on your viewpoint regarding Huckabee, and Romney.I considered both of them …in depth. While I like Huckabee better of the two, I was really aprehensive about Romney. Being a CEO of a large corporation is all well and good but managing the United States doesn’t strike me as being the same thing as managing a corporation. As it turned out I believe that I was right about him because given the nature of what allegedly caused the heavy drawdown of the IMF MONEYMARKETS it is doubtful that Romney would have even had a clue where to start in correcting it. It still remains a serious situation. I believe that the US Government has yet to even identify who was behind the RUN on the IMF.
    I also doubt that Huckabee would have been up to this problem either. Both are great, good, and kind people, but when INSURANCE companies play the FINANCIAL DERIVATIVE CONTRACTS GAME (AIG) YOU NEED TO HAVE REALLY FINANCIALLY TALENTED PEOPLE IN OFFICE. I READ IN A FINANCIAL MARKETS PUBLICATION THAT GEORGE SOROS LOST NEARLY A BILLION DOLLARS IN THE FIRST FEW MINUTES OF THE ERROSION. THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THAT THE WORLD BILLIONAIRES ARE THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF MOST OF OUR UNEXPLAINED FINANCIAL DOWNTURNS, AND ELECTION IRREGULARITIES. The amount of the drawdown allegedly was only in billions in the early stages, but it had the potential of going into the TRILLIONS. When the US Government realised this they shut down everything. At least the FED had enough intelligence to do that. I wonder if ROMNEY,or Huckabee would have had sense enough to shut it all down before the US was totally wiped out.
    In reality there was no really qualified candidates, in either party. ALL had serious shortcomings, but I believe that had none of the financial problem occurred Huckabee would have uktimately been my choice as well had he been nominated.

  143. Hiw about instead of “Where’s the Birth Certificate” The Question should be “Who is Barry Soetoro?” That should get folks curious. Have the signs up at the ball game. Print it on the T Shirt. Post fliers in stores near you. Keep up the fight. God Bless America !!!

  144. Salt: I suppose my hopes for a Huckabee-type is that he’d be more Reagan-like, in that where he lacked in his own expertise, he would have the wisdom and skill of surrounding himself with those who do/did…the mark of a good leader, IMHO: he doesn’t have to wear all the hats…but he’s got to know how to assemble a diversified team, and then let those most able in their respective fields have the authority and freedom to do what they’re good at. I tend to think Gov. Mike may possess that quality. Certainly BHO is clueless in that regard.

  145. citizenwells

    From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to tell you that this afternoon’s show is on!! We will be discussing the news and events surrounding Obama and what is happening in our Country.

    All kinds of good things to talk about and it will be 60 minutes of hot topics updates and fun. It should be a HOT rocking show as well as interesting.

    Please post this on your Web Site, Blogs or any Blogs you are associated with or have access to and send to everyone in your address book.

    Link, schedule, call in number and times for the Show is below!

    Call In # 347-237-4870

    12:00 NOON Pacific Time

    1:00 PM Mountain Time

    2:00 PM Central Time

    3:00 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all there. There are 3 ways to listen to the show they are as follows:

    1. When you get to the Show page if the show doesn’t immediately start playing for you, you can click on the radio on the right, minimize the page and listen while doing something else.

    2. You can enter the chat as a Guest and read what is being said while listening.

    3. You can register/log-in and chat while listening.

    The choice is yours.

    I hope to see you all there.

    MommaE and Matt

  146. While work was slow last fall, I took advantage of an opportunity to take a real estate course. One of the text books contained some of the history on the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act…the whole thing about where and why certain areas were just too high-risk business for lenders; y’all have probably already heard of all that. It looked to me to be the fulrum, the turning point, that led to all the financial meltdown. Seems like all the other branches stemmed from that main tree, as it were.

  147. typo….”fulcrum”…dang….

  148. oldsalt77………..I am of the belief that the World Financial Meltdown was DIRECTLY connected to the prospect of the ‘O’ winning the 2008 Election.

    A Socialist whose goal is to tear down Capitalism was a RISK that the Capital markets were not going to sit by with their money tied up and wait to see what would happen.

    The fact that GWBush pushed 700 billion off the table the ‘O’ was about to inherit was a brilliant move. It has caused all of the STIMULUS Programs of the ‘O’ to put of the majority of funding until after the 2010 elections.

    There will be NO significant improvement in the economy under a Socialist/Anti-Capitalist POTUS………on the margines and certain groups, maybe, but decline will be persistent until he is GONE………………

  149. Jacqlyn Smith

    Is anyone else getting these indict Bush e-mails from the LIBERALS asking for a donation and organizing protests next week??? I am tired of it…..I sent back…indict the FRAUD in the White House NOW!!!!

  150. Wake-up patriots!!

    Get that fog out the
    “God given Common sense-Brain and do








    New age “Science of non-disbutable “KICK ASS : do obligations!:
    1) MASSIVE STREET DEMONSTRATIONS REPEATED EVERY MONDAY MORNING TO BLOCK BRIDGES AND TRAFFIC IN ALL MAJOR CITIES. But most importantily get permits and more importantly get IMMUNITY, BY UP TO 3 MILLION PATRIOTS, LEGALLY in court changing our names to “Barrack Hussian Obama”



    B). ( BUTT-KICK)!!!. & (BOYCOTT). MEDIA



    Call. General Electric. (Cnbc, msnbc, diSney/ ABC ET AL) tell them that 150 millioN Americans are NOW GOING TO BOY COTT AND SUE THEM FOR FRAUD!





    Realize that the enemies of this country are “RACIST / SOCIALIST”
    WHOM SEEK TO USE OUR OWN LAWS / LIBERTY AGAINST US CITIZENS , TO PLAY WITH THEIR OWN MENTAL ORGIES OF “HITLER ELITE-ISMS”. Pretend- servents- of- public: should be replaced with a $10 software program: do we need these liars anymore?

    Get off you asses and
    IF WE 150 million patriots send only. :


    Of our salaries to Apuzzo, Taitz. Trusted lawyers






    Put Sorros (et al) on his own socialist welfare, and take all their Estates to repay te. U S treasury which they Pilferaged!!!!!

  151. magna carta

    Oh well…Guess I will adjust the Palin /Sanford ticket to PALIN/BACHMANN 2012′.

  152. John Conners on a Columbus radio station today announced that Occidental College
    had released Obama’s transcript that was
    subpoened — is this correct? I have not
    heard or seen this in the news anywhere.

    Conners went on to say Obama’s transcript
    was under the name Barry Soetoro who was
    registered as a foreign student, received a
    Fulbright scholarship—- all the remarks that
    have been rumored previously.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  153. Radio announcer name correction from above:

    Bob Connors, on 610 WTVN

  154. I am neither encouraging nor would I like to see war, but a strange thought has occurred to me. If America does have a revolution and wins, at least we won’t have to write another Constitution because the one we have is already the one for which we are fighting and defending.

    I pray every day for the wonderful and brave patriots who may have to take a stand and literally fight for their lives in a revolution against this tyranny. I pray that some judges will develop enough you know what to take us out legally without the necessity of risking innocent worthy lives. I pray that the military will simply back a judicial order to arrest the two of them and we live under an ad hoc government until we can have once again real honest elections to create a new and more America loving government.

  155. Usapatriots-shout…………….Ditto’s

  156. SLCRAIG……………………………..What you stated has long been in the back of my mind as well. I have thought of it as a “WILD” card, but nonetheless a very real possibility. Although I have a small problem as to how it was done, I otherwise concurr. If it was foreign entities(plural) I question the time frame. It was far to quick. Because of varying time zones it seems as though it would have occurred over a longer time span. This leads me to think that the drawdown was the product of multiple entities being consolidated into one drawdown of multiple accounts simultaneously. An amount of money (550 billion) in a little over two hours. It had to be the work of a highly trained team, perhaps at various geographical points, but superbly coordinated. There has been very little said by the MSM regarding if the people responsible are being tracked down. It would seem that tracking them electronically would have been a piece of cake. I question if they are being tracked AT ALL. This tends to lend credence to what you said, and in reality Soetoreo doesn’t want any form of investigation., which tends to cause the compass needle to point directly at him.

  157. Maddie,
    I have heard Bob Connors and find him a reputable host. I did not hear his show this morning, so I cannot comment.
    I do have to say that I heard this information a couple of weeks ago from another source, and never heard another word about it.
    I looked up the radio stations web site and then went to Bobs page. Nothing was said there. I looked for comments on the site but did not see anything.
    It would be great news if it is true!
    I have always said that if we could get Occidental College records released, many, many facts about our ursurper pres would be revealed. Hopefully enough to bring him down.
    BTW: Go Bucks

  158. oldsalt77…………..Yes, that particular set of transactions were indeed well co-ordinated. The ‘club’ holding those ends of Credit Default Swaps’ was a very small club that were able to oarticipate exactly because they knew they were in a position to ‘pull out’ at a moments notice leaving the ‘downstream’ exposed.

    But in understanding the Capital Market certainly you understand that they still NEED to put that money back to work.

    But how can they assess any investment in US ‘products’ in a climate where the rules are subject to change on the whim of a Socialist-Anti-Capitalist with the complicity of a Social Democracy Agenda driven Congress?

  159. The Black, (African-American), investment in the ‘O’ will produce about the same dividends that their investment into the ‘O J’, (Simpson) provided for them.

  160. Maddie, I have been debunking that viral hoax for two weeks. It looks like Bob Connors got burnt, too. I finally had to prepare a form letter to combat this. I got tired of replying with that and just started ignoring it. I am about to wear out my delete button.

  161. SLCRAIG……………………………….
    Many months back, I don’t remember the exact date……. Soetore was in a Senate meeting that was televised, and when he finished a statement regarding “GREEN” energy he made a quick statement that appeared to be directed at someone off screen, and he said” When I get this going someone will make a lot of money”, a black person sitting nearby immediately got up and ran over to the mike that Obama had been using and really scrambled to turn it off. I had the feeling that what was said was not supposed to be said in earshot of the mike. Now a fast forward…………… Recently in a green report that I read it stated that the US Government was awerding several contracts in the geothermal power generation sector to develope and construct additional Geothermal capacity in our Western states. This brings to mind companies like ORMAT who makes the equipment, and US GEOTHERMAL who generates the power. I later was able to nail down the fact that it was indeed US Geothermal who was chosen to build a 5 megawatt power plant. They have 2 others operating now around the Boise, Idaho area. that are both about 2.5 megawatt. This could be a sleeper stock, but I would be very careful. HTM is the symbol for US Geothermal. Goldman Sachs owns 243,000 shares of it.

  162. Robert, How do you know it was a hoax. I may be late to the party but just because the info came out on April fools day is not reason to dismiss. What is the other debunking info. Has anyone else looked into this.

  163. The Yellowstone Caldera has the ability to provide energy from Canada to South America, Atlantic to Pacific and probaly enough to bridge Alaska into Siberia.

    Aside from the raw ‘themal’ and ‘hydro thermal’ capacity there is an enormous amount of various useful gases that can be explioted.

    It is ridiculus, to me, to fear the various types of Volcano Systems, they are there to be tamed and exploited.

  164. georgie, it is a simple matter to check these things out. I think I gave instructions in this thread as how to do it. I checked it out. That dog won’t hunt. You can take my word for it…. or not.

  165. Robert, I guess I have gotten a little cynical lately. I have trusted and been burned. Don’t want good info to go unlooked at because someone dismissed it. I will do some diggin. If it was an April fools joke. So not funny. Wow, cynical and no humor what a prize I am turning into.

  166. LDacar & Robert—
    Yes, Connors has always been what I would call
    a responsible radio host. Both my husband and I
    heard him say this on his show this morning.
    We were so happy to hear it, but when I came
    to CW I saw nothing posted and didn’t hear
    a word anyway else. Now I back to being
    I am going to call WTVN tomorrow am and
    ask more about this. Why would Connors
    put it on ? He doesn’t appear to be the
    “hoax” kind of reporter.

  167. OLDSALT
    perhaps the withdraw of money was acorn who has offices all over the world , could be that the money the gov gave was used to crash the market

  168. When I look at the street scenes in Iran I
    think of America in the not too distant future
    as we “take back” our government from the

  169. Okay everyone, lets try this again. Chalice has an announcement on here blogtalk radio site.

    She says the BIG news that was supposed to be released yesterday, will be released tonight. Exactly 28 minutes from now.

  170. Yep.Thanks South.I’m tuning in.

  171. The South,when you read Leo’s post today look at comment referring to response from WND……..

  172. Oh no…did Connors fall for that stupid April fools article about the Occidental release? Because it sure sounds like he did

  173. Sandy & All—
    I just e-mailed Connors and requested further
    information about the Occidental Soetoro
    transcript release he reported on this morning.
    I want to know his source of what he said.

    I believed this as he has been a credible
    radio reporter for years. I want to get to the
    bottom of it. Will let you know what I find out.

  174. The South,
    Will you please post what the announcement
    from BlogTalk Radio is later? Thanks.

  175. It wasn’t really anything new.The option of Miltary persons that have been court-martialed can stand up to the Military Tribunal and ask what authority they have due to Barry’s not proving his NBC status was known and written about last year shortly after the electoral vote count.Edwin,Leo,Devvy,and many lawyers and writers touched on that option being viable outside the road Orly took.There was some information pertaining to Fitzpatrick being slandered in an article and how that could be used to bring this further news coverage.There is possible big news in that there is a potential courtmartialed serviceman that has been given the information and might include Walter’s criminal complaint in his defense,but the name and confirmation of that was not given.If that guy decides to do it,then that will be breaking news.The rest just dealt with what we all know or should know and that is about foreign troops on our soil and a wholly corrup government that is out of control and not concerned with redressing of our grievances and the inevitable civil unrest and revolution that will take place soooner or later.If I missed any breaking news,then
    The South can fill in the blanks.But I didn’t hear anything new other than a possible active military man that is under court martial that has the information and is contemplating using it.

  176. Jacqlyn Smith

    Is the Blog Talk Radio still going on or did they make their announcement??? Please let us know the news when you hear it!! Thanks

  177. lee,

    I seen that. WND has dropped the ball on the NBC issue.

  178. lee,

    You’re description above was spot on!

    The big news, is that they (Carl, Fitzpatrick, etc.) are now getting this info to servicemen/women who are currently being court martialed.

    They have one Marine so far that is supposed to bring forth Fitzpatricks criminal charge against Obama as part of his defense.

    This really is BIG news people. There are literally thousands of military personnel who are currently under courtmartial.

    This is their “ticket out” of the court martials. This is going to spread like grass fire through the military.

    Jim: Hey Bob, i know you’re fixing to go to trial for your court martial, and might go to Levingworth for 12 years.

    Bob: Yeah, this really sucks! I wish i had a way out of this mess. I just want to get on with my life.

    Jim: Did you hear about Corporal Jimmy J’s (made up name) courtmartial and defense?

    Bob: No, i didn’t hear…what happened?

    Jim: Jimmy included Lt.Comdr. Walter Fitzpatricks criminal charge against the usurper Obama as part of his defense. He says Obama is an foreign born domestic enemy, and he has hidden all his bc/college/passport records from the public, and there’s VERY HIGH probability that he is right.

    Bob: Where can i get my hands on that criminal complaint to include it in my defense? This may be my ticket out of here!!!!

    Now do you folks understand how BIG this news is? It really could be the beginning of the perfect storm that brings Barry tumbling down 🙂

  179. jac: the simple version: a Marine facing court-martial (for refusing to obey an ‘illegal’ order?) may be able to use as part of his defense items that would require POTUS to prove that he is who he says he is.

  180. Basically, they’re saying that Obama is a foreign born domestic enemy, and is not “legally” the POTUS, and has absolutely no authority to hand down this court martial against anyone who is currently being court martialed.

    This could cause hundreds if not thousands of guilty/not guilty military personnel to be subject to release, if Obama does not prove his eligibility.

    They can’t let all the court martialed personnel walk, just so Obama doesn’t have to prove his eligibility.

    See the pressure this puts on the system 🙂

  181. The South,

    I did get to listen to BlogTalk tonight. I agree
    with you & Lee. I hope the marine they talked
    about uses the info in his court martial trial.
    As you say, couldn’t you see this tactic
    steam roll along with every court marital
    case moving in this direction. We couldn’t
    be that lucky, could we?!

  182. Where are the facts that there are thousands awaiting court matial who has refused to obey the “illegal’s” orders?

  183. The South,

    But, they can’t just court martial ALL of them
    that use the POTUS’ illegal alien challenge,
    can they ?—- JUST to continue this shame of a
    treasonous usurper in the White House?

  184. Any idea of HOW MANY court martials are
    waiting to be tried?

  185. I don’t think it makes any difference “how many?”. It will only take ONE. Should Obama frop the charges, he will admit his ineligibility.

  186. time for comic relief: somewhere in Kenya they’re blaming this all on the Bushmen…

  187. No one has to refuse any of his orders. Court martials are handed down the chain of command starting with the President.

    So anyone facing a court martial right now for any reason at all, can file this criminal complaint, saying they want to know of “what authority” does Obama have to continue with the court martial?

    He has no authority because he’s a foreign born domestic enemy 🙂

    For these military men/women to file a criminal charge right back at Obama, he will have to defend himself in court to prove he is even a citizen or a NBC for that matter.

    So, you see….Obama can’t and won’t push forward existing court martials or court martials coming down the pike, because he will have several counter suits filed against him.

    It doesn’t matter how many. We just need one 🙂

  188. Promises of “transparency” ignored in quest to find Obama’s birth place

    I remember the story of a little league team a few years back that was disqualified during the Little League World Series. Apparently, the team was disqualified because one of its key players was older than he claimed to be. The tournament ruled the player and his team ineligible. In hindsight, it’s too bad that the league’s baseball officials didn’t carefully verify the player’s long form birth certificate prior to the start of play. All the grief from this episode could have been avoided.

    Over the last year, various lawyers, (starting with PA. attorney Philip Berg), have filed dozens of briefs to try to discover exactly where Barack Hussein Obama was born. Hundreds of thousands of United States citizens have signed petitions and would also like to know. They, like myself, would like to identify where Barack Hussein Obama was born, in what city and in what hospital.




  189. STATE’s SOVEREIGNTY STATUS (As of 24 Jun 09)

  190. “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    Just read this again and notice if Barry is still a legal resident of Indonesian, he fails to meet two of three requirements to be President of the US.


  191. Nancy Pelosi Schedules Household Energy Tax Vote this Week!

    Please vote NO on H.R. 2454 in committee this week!

    please pass on to family and friends too.

  192. Does it matter or how does it change the picture on eligibility IF Obama’s father was not the man he claims? For example, what IF Obama’s father was Frank Marshall Davis?

  193. That makes him a liar and a fraud and subject to criminal charges of misrepresentaion of identity, as well as a communist SOB…………….

  194. Tina,
    If his father is Malcolm X, all shit is gonna hit the fan. It would completely blow his cover of a german sleeper agent.

  195. How did WND “drop the ball’?and what was the comment saying about it? Just curious. Thanks

  196. LM, thanks for the info. I emailed my rep. about voting no on cap and trade, and he e-mailed back that he is voting “no”!!!! Please everyone e-mail and call before vote on Friday. Our energy prices will skyrocket!!

  197. it’s the Bushmens’ fault, I tell you…it’s the Bushmens’…oughta be on National Geographic!

  198. Poll – Should Congress hold hearings on Obama’s firing of inspector general?

  199. Decent American

    It seemed to me Obama was remaining silent because he is in support of Achmadinijad–who, may very well have the documents We the People are seeking. Obama is being blackmailed by the creep. That is why he doesn’t speak up on behalf of freedom!

  200. South,I figured you read the article.I meant the email from Farah saying the NBC issue was crap.But then later another person contacted him and he was not as rude.I don’t see them doing an about face.And the hopeisn’t in media coverage anyhow.It is with someone standing up in court accuse of some crime or fired by the Usurper,and saying point blank:”By what authority does this court have to charge me of anything?”That’s why Walter has never been arrested because they know it’s all over at that point in time.Kangaroo courts or not,once a case is in the limelight the soldout judge will either grant discovery or face a disgruntled nation with clenched fists and grinding teeth.That’s coming either way from my research into the NWO.Their motto is Ordo Ab Chao and this was planned long ago.The chaos has begin across the globe and the teapot is whistling in America slowly but surely and the Globalists keep passing more and more draconian laws to push the masses to revolt.REX84,Operation Garden Plot,and more were gearing up the Camps for this time.July 11th-Sept.11th is the timeframe telegraphed for this to explode.Barry made it very clear on his 100th day in office that he is “remaking America.” While honoring himself at a dinner commemorating his 100th day in office, Obama said the following words: “I would like to talk about what my administration plans to achieve in the next 100 days. During the second 100 days, we will design, build and open a library dedicated to my first 100 days. I believe that my next 100 days will be so successful, that I will complete them in 72 days – and on the 73rd day I will rest.” (4) The inference of deity here is obvious, but why the 73rd day? The 100th day of Obama was April 29th, 2009. Seventy-two days added to that brings us to July 10th, 2009. Obama intends to rest from his creative labors on Saturday, July 11th. Saturday is the seventh day of the week, but in addition to that, we must consider the date itself as 07/11/09. Since zeros must be disregarded and since satanists and witches use backward masking, we find that if we look at Obama’s 73rd day backwards it is 9-11-7. The number seven indicates sanctity and completion, and we all know the significance of 9-11. Biden promised us a “generated crisis” inless than six months.Henry and Zbig keep preaching war and the NWO and manyother signs,including the manmade hybrid flu virus[WHO is at phase 6],and economic meltdown,indicate that the Illuminati is going for broke this year.

  201. The footnote 4 came from– CNN News Service, May 9, 2009, Washington, D.C.
    We are also seeing the rising Kings of the East preparing for WW3 as was planned in 1871[all three world wars were planned back then].So,don’t be distracted by whether Barry is being blackmailed or not.The leaders of the world are all controlled and sold out to Satan and the Bloodline elitists playing this deadly chess game with our lives.

  202. And yes,the Black Friday post and the videos posted here in comments section the past few articles are deadly accurate.Some of us do see the bigger picture,and know the eligibility lawsuits are dead on arrival.But do hold out hope with the GJ’s or QW with an interested party.Still,this nation is long overdue for judgment.King Tut aka Nimrod aka Barry soetoro was chosen to lead us back into bondage.A reversal of Moses.He’s an Antichrist type,if not thee Antichrist,and also a Pharaoh prototype.Scary stuff.Take it or leave it.Byt please people,get your spiritual house in order.

  203. Leo is working on another QW legal brief,this time with regards to QW using interested parties via Newman.Some of us have encouraged him behind the scenes.He too knows it’s all over for this once great nation,but is fighting to the end.He’s backed out at times because of the government intimidation and the ordeal with SCTUS.But he and Mario are the best lawyers out there in the spotlight so to speak.Berg and Taitz are,to put it mildly,incompetent.Yes,they’ve been up against the same obstacles as all of us.But Berg going on and on about the BC is suspicious,always has been.And Taitz asks for help,but has refused it when offered,saying she disagrees with this or that person’s legal analysis.The other cases were good attempts,but it is too late for them to be heard on merits,like it or not.Mario’s case looks solid,but will get tossed eventually.

  204. Here’s a SCOTUS classic.A Blast From The Past—- “You guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it is our turn.”
    — Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (in a conversation with Justice William Douglas about racial preferences), quoted by William O. Douglas, The Court Years, 1939-1975 (New York, Random House, 1980)….. And we wonder how Holder and Barry get away with their crimes.The race card was trotted out 2 months before “the nation of cowards” headed to the voting booths.And it has been used ever since.We all know it,but try to avoid the subject. And the racial unrest is another reason he was selected for the job.—– “Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”
    — Noel Ignatiev, (Washington Times, September 4, 2002)

    “The white race is the cancer of human history.”
    — The Late Susan Sontag

    “I don’t care about your idiot children.”
    — Willie Brown (Mayor of San Francisco, to a white parent complaining that affirmative action would penalize his children), quoted in The Social Contract (Summer 1998, p. 290)

    “It’s always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men.”
    — William Raspberry (black columnist), Dubiously Exclusive, (Washington Post, Nov. 24, 1995)

    “Q: What kind of world do you want to leave to your children?
    A: A world in which there aren’t any white people. . . .”
    — Leonard Jeffries (chairman of the

  205. Watched Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” last night on TCM. Very appropriate for the times.

  206. Two days ago, I predicted that Obama and Ahmadinejad would have a “public falling out”. Man, can I call ’em. This “falling out” is for YOUR benefit… no, I take that back… it is for Obama’s benefit. The ignorant will see this as Obama standing up to a dictator. The wise will see this as a well-scripted play. Obama’s approval ratings must be saved from a free-fall.

  207. citizenwells

    I was asked to post this:

    jbjd // June 22, 2009 at 8:34 pm
    The federal court cannot issue an advisory opinion. Seeking Declaratory Judgment is fine, under the Federal Declaratory Judgment Act – I used this in the Military Complaint I drafted several months ago now which many litigants have copied in part but not in whole – but it makes no sense to seek Declaratory Judgment of an opinion. The Military Complaint I drafted sought a Declaration on whether BO is a NBC under specific conditions presented in the record, in order to forestall a future liability that could accrue to Plaintiffs, which they articulated, because they are uncertain whether BO is a NBC.

    Air Force Brat // June 22, 2009 at 9:06 pm
    All hail the mighty jbjd, who ALONE has all answers and all knowledge!

    Air Force Brat // June 22, 2009 at 9:14 pm
    And after jbjd gets through parting the Red Sea and creating the world in six days, maybe the long-winded, run-on sentences will get a rest too.
    Sorry everyone, I’ve just had it with this pompous ass.

    Rocknee // June 22, 2009 at 10:24 pm
    Air Force Brat,
    Your energy would be better served if you take jbjd’s recommendation and run with it. Maybe it will work!!

    Air Force Brat // June 23, 2009 at 6:13 am
    Sorry Rocknee, I don’t regard jbjd as a god like some here do.

    jbjd // June 23, 2009 at 11:57 am
    Air Force Brat, when posters anticipate the latest legal maneuvering might be ‘the one that finally takes down BO’ but, having studied the applicable law, I know this won’t work, I have two choices. 1) I can remain silent, letting the inevitable disappointment take its course. 2) I can explain why this won’t work, providing enough information to educate the public about how the law does or does not work. The second option exposes me not only to the scrutiny of other legal practitioners who might find error in my argument but also to nasty comments from laypeople, aimed at me, personally, for…well, for whatever it is I am doing that triggers their outrage. I will always choose the second option. Because an informed educated public is tyranny’s worst enemy. And enduring name-calling is a small price to pay for doing what I think is right and required.
    For your information, in the months I have been posting, no legal practitioner has faulted any of my law-related work. But a couple of posters, like you, have attacked me personally. For the sake of argument, I grant all hypotheticals. So, Air Force Brat, I agree that I am a ‘pompous arrogant ass who thinks I am god.’ Okay, now that we got that out of the way…
    I am still working on drafting individual charges of election fraud to be filed with state A’sG. (This basically says, NP Certified BO is a NBC to get him on state general election ballots but, she could not have verified that status. The best evidence he produced he is a NBC is the COLB, which could have been issued for a foreign born baby. And no one from the DNC will tell us the basis for her Certification he is a NBC, anyway.)
    Is anyone here from HI?

    Re-do // June 23, 2009 at 8:58 pm
    bravo, jbjd…for ‘taking the high-road’…I’m admittedly a simple one who doesn’t know all this legalese stuff, so I appreciate it when those who do attempt to be clear and informative…so: thank you; IMHO jbjd may as well read “bulletproof”…comments that disagree need not be personal, and don’t accomplish anything.

    jbjd // June 24, 2009 at 8:42 pm
    Re-do, thank you very much. Too bad so few people are reading this exchange on the blog. I think I will ask cw to re-post upstairs.

  208. citizenwells

    To all commenting here:

    You do not have to agree with me or anyone else posting here.
    However, if you do not agree with something, attack the problem or item of contention,
    and not the person.
    The few exceptions that come here to cause problems and disrupt the civil exchange
    of ideas will be banned as usual.
    This is non negotiable.
    Citizen Wells

  209. Iran has Ahmadinejad

    Here we have : Ahmanineedajob
    ( Ah man I need a job ) !

  210. My case does not challenge the ‘0s’ eligibility, it challenges the ‘lack of definition of NBC’, therefore my motion for Declaratory Judgement is Appropriate and satisfies the ‘relief sought’ requirement of a Bona Fide Case and Controversy.

    Federal Declaratory Judgment Act

    TITLE 28 > PART VI > CHAPTER 151 >

    § 2201. Creation of remedy

    In a case of actual controversy within its jurisdiction,……………………..
    any court of the United States, upon the filing of an appropriate pleading, may declare the rights and other legal relations of any interested party seeking such declaration, whether or not further relief is or could be sought. Any such declaration shall have the force and effect of a final judgment or decree and shall be reviewable as such.

    § 2202. Further relief

    Further necessary or proper relief based on a declaratory judgment or decree may be granted, after reasonable notice and hearing, against any adverse party whose rights have been determined by such judgment.

    Rule 57. Declaratory Judgments
    These rules govern the procedure for obtaining a declaratory judgment under 28 U.S.C. § 2201. Rules 38 and 39 govern a demand for a jury trial. The existence of another adequate remedy does not preclude a declaratory judgment that is otherwise appropriate. The court may order a speedy hearing of a declaratory-judgment action.

  211. time to ’round up the usual suspects’, eh?

  212. As we close in on Soetoro/Obama he will become more and more desperate to hold his position of power. I actually look for a manufactured or real disaster which will allow him to declare martial law… and I am not into conspiracies.

    The question of his eligibility is now in the military court system, due to the fact a U.S. Marine is going to use it as part of his defense in a Court Martial case. The fireworks should begin in time for the Fourth of July.

  213. Robert;

    I agree, that when all the chips are on the table the ‘O’ will attempt to overturn the table. The armed wings of the democratic social agenda, The New Black Panthers and The Nation of Islam, will be in the forefront of his defense. So far he has held them back and out of the limelight, but when he starts to loose his grip on the reins of power he will pull out all the stops.

    Again, not to set my case up as the do all end all, the problem with challenging the ‘Os’ eligibility is that the definition, at this moment, is anything anyone thinks it is without the weight of legality behind it.

    It’s like handing a blind man a photograph of a man and asking him to describe the features of the man. The blind man can say positively that it is a photograph by the feel of the paper and the slight lingering smell of developing fluids, but he can not describe the features of the man without engaging in the process of elimination.

    NBC is the photograph, we’ve been the blind men, but now with our eye’s open it is up to us to define it.

  214. Lee–question—who is Walter?

  215. Robert—on your last post….

    I listened to BlogTalk Radio last night and
    heard about the US Marine and the court martial
    possible inclusion of defense (by what authority
    can obama do this, etc).
    Question: Is this definately decided now to
    include the “by what authority” as part of the
    I sure hope the answer is YES! Thanks.

  216. CW–thanks for providing us this forum.
    Freedom of speech is becoming more and more a
    precious commodity.
    This site is where I come for the truth about
    the issues surrounding the usurper.

    Thank you very much.

  217. I’m not Lee, Maddie: but here’s the first item on a Google link that should answer your question:

    this is for info only, not my endorsement for the site…looks kinda creepy to me…but you asked, and I haven’t yet seen anyone else reply; so here ya go…

  218. Go here! East Texas NBC affiliate.
    Listen to the newscaster and radio personalty talk about Mr. Obama’s eligibility!

    KTBB’s Question of the Day: Is There Enough Proof President Obama is a U.S. citizen?

    There were 13 comments last night.

    Rally the Republic !!!

  219. cw: saw that you responded to jbjd’s request for a re-post of some dialog…and it happened to include my comment to him, too…wow…and thank you on behalf of his request;
    you guys do read this stuff. I hope my few comic jabs aren’t misinterpreted as any disrespect…I just have a strange funny-bone that jumps out of place at times. To whom else it may concern or be of encouragement: in light of all the “darkness” that all this legal activity represents, I know many good folks…a lot of them devout in their relationship and honoring of a benevolent Heavenly Father…gather regularly for intercession for all that is going on; so don’t discount the unseen power of
    knee-ology…even against what looks like tremendous odds.

  220. SLCRAIG……………………..
    From the bottom of my heart I hope that every US service man who is being court martialed uses the UCMJ Art. 135 defensive argument against their prosecuters. All US servicemen HAVE THE RIGHT TO PURSUE relief as set down in Art.135. and if the prosecuters attempt to set this aside they themselves open the door for mistrial; ;(ie) failure to follow the constraints of the UCMJ. These rights are SPELLED OUT by the UCMJ. Nothing contained within it can be DENIED the DEFENDANT. If the CIC is so stupid that he attempts to prosecute these servicemen to begin with will clearly show his ignorance, but if he attempts to disallow any defensive use of Article 135 he will set himself up for a heavy FALL. I think that he FORGETS that he is the CIC of the Military, and as such Art.135 is applicable against him. All that is needed is ONE sucessful use, and there is then precedent. Again I am praying that the defendants are successful. Soetoro will then be REQUIRED TO SHOW PROOF OF HIS ALLEGED POSITION BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT OF HIS LEGAL VALIDITY, AND SUBSEQUENT RIGHT TO CONVENE A COURT MARTIAL AGAINST anyone. At this point I hasten to add thet it was HE who dropped all charges against the perpetrators of the bombing of the USS Cole which resulted in the death of 17 of our US Navy personell.

  221. Re-do— sending a “thank you” your way about
    answering my question earlier.

    I did not realize that the US Navy officer
    Fitzpatrick III was the same person referred to
    as “Walter” in the other posting.

    Thanks again. Maddie

  222. just a thought—- could any of the families of
    the deceased navy personnel killed in the Cole
    terrorist attack file a class action suit
    against obama using the same “by what authority” did he have the right to drop all
    charges against the perpetrators?

  223. Maddie; you’re welcome…hope it was helpful; I, too, appreciate when others make clear what is cloudy. I would like to hear from someone who thinks some of this court martial activity may actually produce some positive results…if there are any out there. I know: I did post awhile back that “due to the downturn in the economy (and now the whole energy-thing) the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off”…but there is another Light that remains, thankfully.

  224. It is the Right and DUTY for Congress and ALL other Americans to DEFY and Ignore his every Mandate, Proposals and so called Requests until he proves eligibility by coming clean with ALL DOCUMENTS. It is ILLEGAL to obey an UNLAWFUL ORDER ….

    from KTBB blog, posted link above

    If this is true, we all have the right to
    challenge ANYTHING obama “mandates”
    for the American citizenry, correct?

  225. oldsalt77…………..

    I agree with you that the defense has it’s legs, but ultimately a Judge will be forced to accept the argument of the prosecution that there is NO STANDARD upon which to question the ‘Os’ eligibility because there is NO DEFINITION of NBC.

    I am trying to force the debate that never occurred in the Constitutional Convention.

    The Framers unanimously understood and did not question the definition, meaning and/or intent and as a result, we are left with the task, 222 years after the fact. while in a political crisis with a dumbed down, godless, anything goes society.

  226. I hope that everybody is keeping on top of what is going on with regard to the healthcare fraud. You will want to know that there is now talk that anyone belonging to a LABOR UNION will be EXEMPT from ANY taxation of his/her benefits, but everyone who doesn’t belong to a union WILL be taxed, and in all probability at a rate of about 18%. This is where Soetoro intends to get the needed 1.3 trillion dollars that is allegedly needed to fund it. Taxation of benefits will be treaded as INCOME. This is one reason why I have eliminated my bank accounts, and pay cash for everything I buy. If you DON’T have it what can Soetoro do? Put you in jAIL,WHICH IS 3 HOTS, AND A COT, AND free HEALTH CARE. PROBABLY BETTER THAN YOU WILL GET ON THE OUTSIDE. HIDE YOUR MONEY AND LIVE OFF THE GOVERNMENT. DO WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO. RUN THE COST UP TILL HE## WON’T HAVE IT. DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO ADD COST.
    ………………………………………………………………….. Another little morsel of information is in regard to our upcoming census which obviously is going to be done by ACORN in spite of all the criminal charges still existing against them. In addition to this is the fact that they are asking questions of people being counted that are personal questions, like their telephone number, what they eat, etc. There is a law on the books which clearly states that ALL questions must be truthfully answered. Anyone who fails to answer ALL of the questions can be fined up to $5000.00 per offense. In reality we need to give the census ONLY how many people reside in the house. (US Constitution). There is a Minneasota legislator who has publically stated that she is only going to tell them what is Constitutionally required. Good for her.
    ………………………………………………………………….. Finally get ready for entertainment tax. If you go to a movie your tickets will reflect a 8.5% Federal Entertainment Tax. If you have Verizon FIOS, any movie you order will also reflect the same tax on your billing. In reality this added taxation amounts to the theft of your money which will be in turn GIVEN to people like the ILLEGALS, and their children. This is a major part of the reason why California is BANKRUPT. Everybody needs to write all of this down, so that you can revisit it before you vote again. Seniore are going to take a major SCREWING. MEDICARE is going to end when the new Health care is rolled out. We will be put on the Government healthcare plan whether we want it or not. This promises to be far worse than the Canadian system, and many diagnosis tests will be no longer allowed. A lot of money is going to be spent on preventative medicine which is all well and good, but what about seniors who have ONGOING alllictions which cannot be dealt with by “PREVENTATIVE medicine. Is the US government going to DEMAND preventative medicine rules be followed in caring for ACCIDENT victims?How INSANE can these people be. Here is someone with a crushed leg……. are the crazies coing to ask for a treadmill test to determine if the victim needs to spend more time excersising. It sure sounds like insanity to me.


  227. Maddie,yes I was referring to Walter Fitzpatrick.I tend to touch on multiple subjects at times.And try to condense things,as It’s hard to know how up-to-speed everyone is on all these issues.Just feel free to ask questions on any subject matter that you need elaboration on,and I’ll gladly go into greater detail.Take care.Things are moving at lightning speed these days.

  228. Anybody in-the-know wanna comment on the just-passed (so I heard) HB 1388? Who’s getting some new neighbors?

  229. sorry…the post about HB 1388 may be in error, having been a misrepresentation of something sent to me by some well-meaning soul…what was sent to me does not appear to be the same as what showed up on some Google links…
    that stated: still would like to hear what that’s about, too.

  230. Hi Redo,HB1388 aka S 277 [yes,alot of “aka” deals these slippery days of Barry Tut] is about forced servitude and slipped in has language allowing for revoking the right of peacful assembly,gun control,and land grabs.The Hate Crimes Bill is being fought now,but so many horrific bills are being made law since the Hitler Enabling Act aka PATRIOT ACT I and II that it is clear to see why Barry was selected in the final year of our Republic.While we are trying to oust the Usurper,all these other freedom-stripping bills are becoming laws.

  231. That’s okay Re-do.There’s enough in place by the Globalists to takeover the nation.Doen’t matter if it was passed or not.The big one to watch is the Hate Crimes Bill as free speech will be gone quickly if that is passed.

  232. Isn’t this the part in the movie where the new Sheriff of Rockridge rides in and asks for just 24 hours to come up with a plan?

  233. REDO……………….. I would rather hope it would be some of our early years”minutemen” who have seen, and heard enough, and popped up out of their graves to lend us a hand.

  234. SLCRAIG………………………….
    being left to teach a bunch of numbslulls about the Constitution, and hopefully this time they will stay awake in class. On the other hand they could show up so stoned out of their mind they won’t even understand english. or much care about the Constitution either. These are the numbskulls who voted for Soetoro. Sadly these are people who haven’t a a pot to pi## in or a window to throw it out of. These are the people who the rest of us will be supporting, and supplying with lots of free lunches,and free healthcare………at our own expense. We are going to get the hell taxed out of us.

  235. truthbetold11

    michael jackson has just passed today. And fox news, sheps show had someone compare him to BHO. please mike could sing and dance, but Bho can’t act and can’t dance

  236. I pray that we will still have the strength to put the officeholding supporters of Soetoro out of office in 2010, and enough of our population has awakened from their complacency to put Soetoro himself out of office in 2012. I fear that the 2012 election will be a carbon copy of the recent IRANIAN election, after which the United States will no longer exist, as we know it. Sadly a whole lot of weaklings ,and cowards will have sat idly by and let it happen. One person is trying very hard to make a difference, and we should be supporting him roundly. This is Mr Farah of WND. I am sending him monthly contributions. I can’t afford a whole lot right now, but I am sending him $50.00 each month. I believe in his work, and will personally continue to support him. If a thousand of us do likewise he will be able to lease the land and build his own signs. It will require a tithe of sorts. He will accept any amount, even $5.00. If 400,000 people were to pledge to a monthly, bi monthly, quarterly, or once a year contribution program he could do a lot more for our cause. He has a good mind, and the will to bring down the PRETENDER. He could be our leader. When combined with some of the excellent legal minds on the blog how could we lose. We need someone who is a radio amatuer who can trusted to serve as a clearing house for messages to and from. Most hams these days can offer secure channels, and packet radio forwarding systems. Again with secure channels. If we are ever to congeal as a meaningful entity there must be some form of communication that cannot be monitored. While we have alleged security on the internet there is growing tecnnology that will someday break into the alleged secure channels. With the amatuer radio systems that exist most have the capability to instantly change frequencies, and/or to go between the frequencies for added protection. It is a lot less likely that messages could be monitored by anyone,except the intended recipient.

  237. Good one Re-do.You know,we’ve got world leaders admitting they want to diarm us before the financial meltdown this year,all this New World Order talk in the open,and the masses talk about the elections of 2012 and Michael Jackson.Lol!Good grief,there isn’t going to be an election in 2012.Not if the masses think about future actions and celebrities instaed of the here and now.All of a sudden the CFR-controlled MSM doesn’t find Iran and N.Korea inmportant and are weeping and praising MJ.And unbelievably it works.The distractions keep going until the doors of the Fema Camps open and herd the sheeple into the pens with their Star magazines and ipods.I’m looking but I don’t hear any fifes of the Minutemen or the hoofbeats of the Duke’s horse.

  238. Some good news is that there were 705,000 letters and the switchboards in DC lit up in opposition to the Hate Crimes Bill.It didn’t matter with the two Stimulus Bills that bankrupted the nation,but hopefully it will stall it for awhile.

  239. Hmmm…how many accounts are there in the O.T. where confusion settled in among Israel’s enemies, such that they turned on themselves, and Israel didn’t have to engage in the fight? Then, consider what we’re watching going on in Iran…anyboday a just a little bit curious? Could just be a coinky-dink, right? Yeh; must be…the Almighty isn’t the same today as he was back then, right? I’d say it was sarcasm…but then I wouldn’t wanna Ms. Spellit.

  240. Quick note on the SCOTUS Conference date.

    I erroneously thought the Conference on my case, 08-10817, would be the 25th of June with reporting on the 29th.

    Because I did not ‘expressly waive’ a 10 day waiting period the Petition was distributed for the scheduled September 29th Conference.

    Since I have a 60 day delay before the conference I have decided to prepare a Supplemental Brief raising the ‘new information’ regarding Rep. Posey’s Bill requiring ‘vetting’ of a candidates ‘eligibility’ prior to elections.

    I also invite any groups or individuals so inclined to Petition for filing an AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF in support.

    isn’t that what’s stirring the new Carl’s Jr. ad controversy?…I think that’s what the young lady is wearing!!

  242. Re-do……..

    Too much TV for me…..I’m a hard core decrimanator………pop-culture is triple X to me……

  243. …and it’s Latin, to me…

  244. Re-Do, Maddie, & All,

    Logistics Monster is FAR from creepy–a FYI for all who want hard facts in detail–Logistics Monster is probably THE most brilliant researcher and reporter in the blosgosphere, also a plain speaker with a great sense of humor and an American Patriot the likes of which we haven’t seen since the days of our Framers and Founders. Her creativity may take some by surprise at first–her avenging angel is formidable indeed–but those who would presume to abrogate our Constitution and Bill of Rights deserve no less than an avenging angel with a very quick mind. I am proud to say I know her well and she is truly the sterling thread to sanity of which our Nation is so desperately in need.

    I welcome you all to visit on your way to! You won’t be sorry!

    Best in Patriotism,

    The Dame

  245. …I just meant that some of the graphics make it look kinda creepy, to me…but the little bit of text I did read is why I sent the link in response to Maddie’s original question about Walter.
    …some comments read as though it’s not possible to be serious and toss in some humor-jabs at the same time…
    …the whole eBay thing is wild, though…man, wouldn’t you think the seller just might need some gnarly bodyguards?!…best put on your faster pair of Nike’s, Dude!

  246. to be clear…by “some comments” I’m referring to posts on this site, not the logicmonster site…

  247. Re-do,

    thx for that! I think her intention is to use the graphics to illustrate the evil nature of the things we’re fighting! Kind of like totems to ward off the evil!

    Glad you like her content-I never miss a day at LM and check into it frequently throughout the day. She’s my Go-To girl for info hot off the pixels!


    Good news: Fewer and fewer Americans even watch main stream media, most know it’s useless propaganda, and, MOST HEARTENING OF ALL: ALMOST NO ONE WATCHED THAT RIDICULOUSLY PATHETIC, STATE RUN INFOMERCIAL FROM THE WH LAST WEEK!!!!!


  248. RE_POST

    Quick note on the SCOTUS Conference date.

    I erroneously thought the Conference on my case, 08-10817, would be the 25th of June with reporting on the 29th.

    Because I did not ‘expressly waive’ a 10 day waiting period the Petition was distributed for the scheduled September 29th Conference.

    Since I have a 60 day delay before the conference I have decided to prepare a Supplemental Brief raising the ‘new information’ regarding Rep. Posey’s Bill requiring ‘vetting’ of a candidates ‘eligibility’ prior to elections.

    I also invite any groups or individuals so inclined to Petition for filing an AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF in support.

  249. CW, et al: just felt I needed to get this off my chest: I’d been visiting this site for sometime only as a matter of getting a different perspective on “the news” out there. It wasn’t until just recently that I ventured to toss back my 2 cents…which is all I can afford these days.
    What I wish to convey is my appreciation for this forum and format, as my distain for TV and radio guys…even ones I agree with…is due to the lack of oral communication skills. This is not intended to be any personal attack, as I do not know these “gentlemen”…but it’s hugely disappointing to me their poor conversational skills are their own undoing, IMHO. I was going to name names, but that’s probably not constructive. They are the ones who cannot conduct an interview without interrupting the guest; or they result to trying to cut someone off, or shout them down…while the may have great insight, are able to pen best-selling books, and are enorously passionate about their patriotism and this country…they do more damage than good for their own cause by simply lacking self-control. If I had unlimited funds I would offer to pay their tuition to Charm School, or an Anger Management Course; perhaps some time-out with Tony Robbins….something! I wish someone who has the ears of these well-meaning folks would enlighten them on the merits of a soft-spoken reply…it can have amazing power. The truth doesn’t need a megaphone…the deceivers utilize that tool. All that stated to bring it back home to the point of this post: thank you CW: this format pretty much allows anyone to make their thoughts and ideas known without interruption; and anyone reading can take the time to consider and respond…hopefully with thoughtfulness and without malice. These last few weeks have been enriched, for me, by the depth of knowledge, integrity, and heart expressed by most of your “fans”. Bravo.
    God Bless America…PLEASE!…we need it…we need Him. Peace, y’all; have a nice weekend.

  250. I’m on page 13 of the Supplemental brief and will post the arguement pages when I finish.

    It would be cool to have many thousands of letters show up at;

    Clerk of the Court
    1 First Street, N. E.
    Washington, DC 20543-0001

    Re: Craig v. US 08-10817

    Re: Craig v. US 08-10817

    May it please the Court,

    I and my family are very dismayed in having learned our Constitutional Heritage of being ‘legally defined natural born citizens’ has been lost to history in spite of the fact the term as it exists in Article II Section I Clause V has never been Amended.

    It is clear from the historical records that the Framers relied on Emmrich Vattel’s definition as found in his work, The Laws of Nations, as the Framers were as aware of the natural world, the nature of men and the nature of politics as they were of the Beneficent Deity.

    Please look to the Framers of the Constitution for their original intent when framing your opinion as the continuation of our guaranteed Republic and the value of my children’s citizenship depends upon it.


    Or in your own words………….

  251. Is there no stopping this usurper? When the SCOTUS, high ranking politicians, federal judges, state and local authorities and EVEN the media refuse to hear any cases against this imposter, what recourse does America have? EVERYONE knows this man is a usurper – what can We The People do?


    Steven L Craig

    Natural Born Citizen Seeks Certification

    February 8, 2011 Oklahoma City, OK – A Response to Show A Cause Order in the US Court of Appeals 10th Circuit has been released to the public today as the paperwork makes its way to the 10th Circuit Court Clerk for filing. The legal definition of the Constitutional idiom “natural born Citizen” is the focus of the suit.

    The Appellant, an Oklahoma resident, has spent the last 2 ½ years requesting the Federal Government or the Courts to “certify” him as a natural born Citizen. He argues that if he, born of two American citizen parents on US soil, can not be determined to be natural born Citizen, then no one can be certified as such and therefore no one is eligible to run for the office of US President or Vice-President. Furthermore, he found that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Administration in the publication, “The Citizen’s Almanac” changed the wording for President/VP eligibility as a “native-born citizen” requirement. He contends that this usurpation of authority to “abridge, enlarge, and/or modify the Constitutional “idiom” of natural born Citizen (US Constitution Clause V, Section I, Article II) further dilutes the question of who is eligible to run for President. He has requested the Supreme Court as the Constitutional authority to resolve this issue by finally defining the “idiom”.

    When he was asked why he thought it was important to publicly release the current filings, he explained that it was an issue of both national security and for his own protection. “The public needs to know.”

    This “Response” is a must read for all those who follow or are engaged in politics in the US.
    To read the “Response” online, visit;

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