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I received the following from an attorney I have been in touch with
on the internet. The attorney’s name will be withheld for the

“I want this summary to go out to legislators before tomorrow.  Can
you please post this on your blog?

I added a blurb about Annenberg.  I was putting together the comments
from the Wall of Shame on Citizen Wells and found that several
legislators have relied on FactCheck to make their decisions for them. 
So, I explained in this summary, FactCheck is BO’s former employer!”

Here is an updated complaint:



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  1. If this has been filed in a US District court, thus becoming a public record, why blank out that information? That only leads to suspicion.

  2. citizenwells

    This is a draft.
    This blog is not about nit picking other people’s efforts.
    I commend any attorney that cares enough about this country to spend their
    time Pro Bono.

  3. CW Sorry I wasn’t nit picking. There just have been so many stories that didn’t make the cut that I was just trying to point out that people might be suspicious when the origin is not released. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  4. citizenwells

    No problem.
    Not pointed at you.
    I just wanted to make a point.
    The Obama thugs want us to bicker and self implode.

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  6. zachjonesishome

    I put your post up. Take Care, Zach

  7. No self implosion, please! What would we do without you to defend the Constitution? A nice summary as always. I see Berg has a date this Friday- any thoughts?

  8. citizenwells

    Thanks Zach.
    Zach has been a great help to me and others all year.
    He has also provided some great articles.

  9. citizenwells

    As surrealistic and bizarre as this 2008 election year has been, it is hard
    to apply logic, reason and responsibility anymore to anticipate an outcome.
    However, I used to cut down fairly large trees on a small farm I owned many
    years ago. When cutting some trees, I would get to a point where it was
    inconceivable they would still be standing. The point being, you would never know
    which chip would be the final blow.
    This is true of many things in life and just like the ant and the rubber tree plant,
    perseverance pays off.

  10. So much for the stuttering response, “I/we had no contact with the Governor’s office”… Nice to know the non-existent “office of the president-elect” has been printed, tho.


  11. Not_Even_A_Peep

    I believe the BC he posted states he was born on the Island of Oahu, not the Island of Maui – His mom and dad were married on the Island of Maui

  12. Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2008


  13. BerlinBerlin

    off topic (or not?)

    To all supporters of Israel. The PRC Palestinian Rights Committee will protest against Israel at the Capitol in Albany Tuesday Jan.6 at 4 PM on the State St. side. We need to get as many people as we can and counter demonstrate for Israel! We have to show the public and media that these supporters of Hamas terror are wrong!

    Chazak v’ematz l’israel, strength and courage for Israel!

    UPDATE: Join the pro-Israel rallies that are taking place this week in chronological order:

    New York
    Date: Monday, January 5, 2009
    Time: 1:30 pm
    Location: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (across from U.N.)
    Street: 1st – 2nd Avenue @ 47th Street

    *Date: Monday, January 5, 2009
    Time: 5:30 pm
    Location: Hebrew Educational Alliance
    Street: 3600 South Ivanhoe, Denver

    New York
    Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009
    Time: 12:30 pm
    Location: Across from Israeli Consulate in New York
    Street: E 42nd Street @ 2nd Avenue

    Los Angeles
    **Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009
    Time: 4:30 pm
    Location: In front of the Israeli Consulate in L.A.
    Street: La Jolla & Wilshire

    Los Angeles
    Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2009
    Time: 12 pm – 2:00 pm
    Location: Federal Building in Westwood L.A.
    Street: Veteran and Wilshire

    StandWithUs, Bnei Akiva and the ILC in cooperation with the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, and Jewish Day Schools across Los Angeles, invite you to STAND IN SUPPORT OF ISRAEL’s RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF AGAINST HAMAS

    Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009
    Time: 7:30 pm
    Location: Congregation Mishkan Tefilah
    Street: 300 Hammond Pond Parkway, Chestnut Hill

    Pacific Northwest
    Seattle and Portland are planning rallies this week to take place in the near future.
    If you are interested in helping plan or attend a rally in Seattle, please contact seattle@standwithus.com.
    If you are interested in helping plan or attend a rally in Portland, please contact portland@standwithus.com

  14. I posted and trust this is legit, this is a matter of public record why are the names being with held makes no sense. I just cannot believe with all these lawsuits, at high level courts, why this is not the grumble across the country, yes our media is propaganda 101, still there should be a way to get people to notice that this is real and there is a problem with this man, maybe I am not a Rocket Scientist, but I get it, truly our elections on a national scale are a joke and not accurate. I am more than angry I live in a country were 39% or more eligible voters decide to sit out, this is what is wrong with our country nobody is involved. A smidgen of what goes on in this country happened in most other country’s people would be in the streets. Sadly this is the dumbing done of the United States of America, the idiots in this country believe it is a majority rule system that this is Democracy. I am tired of asking people please read the Constitution. I am tired of explaining the Electoral College exct…

  15. I am convinced that if truckloads of evidence were to be openly and clearly produced for ALL to see that is wouldn’t stop this coronation that is being played out. Even if the MSM were to suddenly grow those missing male parts and publish all that has come out on the internet about BO the majority of those who cast a vote for this charlatan wouldn’t accept it or acknowledge it in any way. They would still say they *love the man* – He is making HISTORY. Those kind of people are too ignorant to know how to use indoor plumbing.

    I have said numerous times that I believe BO is a demonic creation. He is too smooth – too much is totally unknown about this being and is sealed from investigative eyes worldwide. Satan has long tried to be accepted as the Messiah and he will use whatever he can to bamboozle humankind. BO is the perfect puppet at the perfect time, historically. A normal human being has a paper trail especially in the last 100 years and to date no one has been able to so completely seal all records about their life, worldwide, as has BO. That is part of my reasoning that he is a demonic creation.

    God, The Creator, has allowed a spirit of DELUSION to cover this earth. Only a few shall discern the truth. – Granny

  16. BerlinBerlin

    from Katie’s link at 4:33

    “As we discussed, I would appreciate any advice you can provide to me and my team on the biggest roadblocks to states in moving forward in ‘getting ready to go’ projects started quickly.”

    What does that mean?

  17. BerlinBerlin,

    I wonder what those same people who march for Gaza would do if their next door neighbor was lobbing 20 grenades a day over the fence at them and the police did nothing about it?

  18. Will Fitzgerald give tapes to Impeachment committee (Blago IL)
    see link for court dates this week!


    Wow, its gonna be a busy week!!!

  19. In response to Kim’s post: I don’t think it’s fair or logical to simply state that because Obama is “too smooth” that there is something “demonic” or supernatural about him. He’s just a man. I think getting into superstitious and magical thinking about Obama clouds legitimate arguments or concerns about his presidency. I think we should stick to the facts and logic as not to taint rational discourse. I my opinion steering clear of ideas such as Obama being backed by Satan, Obama being the Anti-Christ, Obama being in league with the dark side are fodder for the MSM to discredit anyone who opposes Obama as being crazies and lunatics. In conclusion, as I stated before we should stick to logic and rational discourse.

  20. Riddlemethis

    A note about the birth certificate–it lists the Father’s Race as African. Come on people, Africa is a continent, NOT A RACE. So I guess the people of Egypt, or Egyptians as they are commonly known, would be considered African (and African-Americans) too, because the last time I checked (which was this morning as I taught geography), Egypt is on the African continent. Let’s take Libya, Morocco too–are they African-Americans or not. I think those countries sit in the same continent–AFRICA. The Father’s race would be listed as Negro or black in 1961. Anyone who is of color on this blog–what does your birth certificate say–I’d be curious–and if anyone who was born in Hawaii at the same time as Obama, please, order your birth certificate so we can see the father’s race as it should be.

  21. Which Will It Be? Riots or Revolution

    Ever since Sotoero aka Obama stole the delegates from Hillary Clinton, I have felt very uncomfortable about the state of affairs for America. Something is wrong. I sense strange and bizarre energy. Something terrible is going to happen to America, I would think. I just can’t put my finger on it. Everything I ever thought was good and wholesome is being rejected. Everything I thought was horrible and disgraceful about human behavior was either being ignored or admired. The best within mankind was being traded for the worst in society. MSM was telling the public that a pile of shit was a pile of gold. Or, or, or maybe it was my imagination. Whatever I seemed to be seeing or feeling was totally upside down and inside out. Then a chill would run up my spine. I have such AN awful fear and I cannot find or see anything to fear. If these weird thoughts and feeling don’t soon diminish, I may have to question my sanity.

    Time passed and I began to search, research, and search the internet some more. I began to leave CNN and Fox news on six to ten hours a day. My husband began complaining he only saw the back of my head and he was sick of news, news, and news. The crazy feelings persisted. Something’s wrong. Something awful is going to happen to America. The “something” that bothered me was invisible. I couldn’t see or touch it. It was only an imaginary feeling of dull dark dread. If I just continue researching maybe I will find what is bothering me, I reasoned. The more I researched, the greater my fears grew without being able to identify them. Why, Why, Why I have been asking. Am I losing my mind. (Then I remembered. A person has to have a mind to lose one. So I found a little comfort in that thought for five seconds.)

    Gradually a pattern began to come forward. I would discover the most outrageous, unbelievable frightful facts about Sotoero. These facts were so horrible, I had to be certain in my own mind they were true and NOT the lies of malicious people who didn’t like Sotoero. Consequently, I spent hours cross checking the information, its source, and reliability of the person giving the information. Then I would cross reference that information against other and so on, on, on. When I became certain in my mind the negative information was indeed true, I would think MSM had a journalistic responsibility to report such facts to the publics. Then I would watch the many MSM news channels for hours and days waiting for those vital facts about a presidential candidate—a man applying for the leader of the nation and the free world job—to be broadcast to the public. Not a word did I hear. The closest I saw MSM come to revealing any where near to the negative facts that were growing faster the beer hops, was Sean Hannity of Hanity and Colms. Then, I, not as thoroughly checked news papers. Like the TV channels, negative facts about Barry were conspicuously missing. More chills ran up my spine. I continued to feel stronger something awful is going to happen to America

    The second media phenomena I noticed about MSM reporting about Obama was the way it would demean, humiliate, distort, or abuse journalism in any way possible when it came to Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber and other items that placed Obama in a negative light. The more I watched MSM create their gossamer web of lies, the more confidence I lost in MSM. The more chills went up my spine. Something is wrong I would again hear myself saying. Something awful is going to happen in this world became like and unwanted mantra.

    More and more questions were being asked on the inter net about Sotoero’s citizenship. More and more factual information came forward that proved Obama is not eligible to be President. The MSM silence grew louder. The silly COLB Sotoero published on his web site proved to be a forgery. A FORGERY! A FORGERY! Oh my God. A man running for the US Presidency publishes a PUNY LITTLE DOCUMENT AS PROOF OF HIS PLACE OF BIRTH WHICH TURNS OUT TO BE A FORGERY AND NOT ONE WORD ABOUT IT IS HEARD ON MSM! Now I KNOW something is wrong with the status of America. Now I am certain I am not losing my mind. Something awful is going to happen to America. Another chill of fear runs up my spine. This time it is mixed with a little depression.

    On August 21, 2008 I met Philip Berg via America’s Right published by Jeff Schreiber. Wow. A law suit against Sotoero has been filed in the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT regarding “standing” regarding the right to sue to demand BARRY SOTOERO BRING FORWARD HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND PROVE HE ELIGIBLE TO PRESIDENT UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION. Finally the highest and most sacred court in the land is aware that there is a candidate running for president who may not qualify. The Supreme Court are the upholders, protectors, and guardians of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION—THE GREATEST AND MOST SACRED DOCUMENT EVERY CREATED BY MAN. What a thrilling joyful moment in my very disturbed life. A rainbow of hope flooded my heart! At last MSM will report the story. Sotoero will either prove he is eligible or step down. No way will this silver plated turd win the presidency now, I joyfully pondered. Finally the fraud will be revealed. American is saved.

    I hurried to the television to wait for the news to be broadcast. It was the kind of story good journalists live to tell. It was the kind of story that would change the minds of the voters from one candidate to another. It was the kind of story that could change history. Oh, I wished I were a professional journalist. Would I ever have pleasure writing that one! If this wasn’t one of the best headline news stories of the 2008 election at that point of time, then what was? I waited, and waited and waited. I saw Paris Hilton talking back to McCain in a stupid u tube video?

    The silence grew so loud, it was painful. I suffered extreme pain of disappointment, confusion, the return of fear and the nagging mantra something is wrong. Something awful is going to happen to America. This can’t be happening—not here. This is the land of free speech. This is America where people from other countries hope to live in freedom. Freedom is what our young men and women are risking their lives for on foreign soil. What will they think when they return home and discover there is no longer any freedom in America?

    Berg had filed his law suit. Many more similar law suits were filed. MSM never mentioned them. The campaign proceeded. The election was held. The people voted. Obama it seems won. Not one word on MSM was mentioned about the question of Obama’s eligibility to be President. The law suits against Obama piled up in the state courts and the US Supreme Court. To date the only response from the courts has been to dismiss most of the cases on technicalities and give the public more of the great silence we have painfully learned to expect. More and more information came forward that began to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Barry Sotoero FAILS TO BE ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT.

    We The People Foundation published two full pages in the Chicago Tribune regarding this very important issue. It politely asked Obama to produce his legal birth certificate and prove he is eligible. It is a matter of National SECURITY. Once again all the public received was THE GREAT SILENCE. We The People Foundation advised every voter in the Electoral College to insist Obama produce his documents and prove he is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN BEFORE THEY VOTE FOR HIM. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL MAKE EACH VOTER GUILTY OF TREASON. Still the public hasn’t heard one word from the allegedly great orator’s mouth. Nor have we heard one word about the fact Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen from MSM. The Electoral College voted for Obama any way. The public again got the great silence.

    The legal experts, historical sages, experts of all kinds and investigators have informed the world that if Obama insists upon taking the oath and being inaugurated, he will be installed as a USURPER! They have in no mistakable terms informed all those who participate in permitting Obama to take the oath of Presidency, they partners in many, many felony crimes among being treason, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, betrayal and misuse of public trust and a whole lot more. IN less than 15 days America will have A USURPER IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

    Thousands of letters from concerned citizens have been sent to the nine holy guardians of the Supreme Court, to the voters of the electoral college, to Senators and Congressman, to the DOJ, pleading, begging, informing and asking that either Barry Sotoero Produce his documents, step down or be prevented from taking the oath this January 20, 2009. To date every one mentioned above has chosen to ignore this most important issue, do as they please, to hell with the public, and remain in GREAT SILENCE.

    Now I know what the awful thing I couldn’t understand is happening to America. It is no longer invisible. The pattern that could only be revealed by time is clear. Now I know, the America in which I was born and lived all my life will never be the same again. Now when chills run up my spine, sorrow fills my heart, tears flow from my eyes, anger rages within, and the sense of loss of America traumatizes me beyond description.

    usa patriots-shout.blogspot.com

  22. I am so sorry. I was at work today and it suddenly dawned on me, the lawsuit should be filed on Wednesday but Congress votes tomorrow. Several legislators posted on this site on the “Wall of Shame” commented that, they believed BO is a NBC because he posted his ‘birth certificate’; or because ‘FactCheck’ said he is a citizen. I thought that, for those of you whose elected representatives contributed to that Wall; and the others who have expressed similar inane excuses for not vetting BO as to Constitutional eligibility, this summary perhaps could provide a cogent explanation to debunk these excuses.

    It seems in my haste I only confused things. Sorry.

  23. BerlinBerlin

    This is a typical propaganda effort, grassroots? Ja, sure!
    This is a global organized effort to make people believe the poor palestinians are the victims.
    AtlasShrugs has a lot about this!
    They are showing off with babies and women to get the sympathy of those indifferent lefties who don’t get what the problem is.
    Now Israel is the aggressor?
    They left Gaza.
    Those Gaza demos are an organized effort to misslead the public.

  24. The following letter went out today to about 100 members of the House and Senate. I encourage all who are so inclined to write a letter and send it off before these morons review the Electoral College vote.

    January 5, 2009

    Senator :

    This week you will be asked to perform your constitutional duty to review, and either accept or reject the vote of the Electoral College. I will remind you that you have sworn to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States. You will be held accountable by the electorate if it is found you have reneged on your responsibilities.

    No one knows, other than the man himself, if Barack Obama is a ‘natural born citizen’ as required by the Constitution to become president. The courts have, to date, been too timid to ascertain the truth.

    The truth, however, must prevail, whatever that truth may be. Was Mr. Obama born in Kenya, or Hawaii, to a British National? His website indicated that he was. If so, he was a British National himself at birth. His purported COLB is apparently a fraud, according to at least three experts. Was Mr. Obama a citizen of Indonesia? If he never rejected that citizenship, and never affirmed his allegiance to the United States, HE STILL IS. It is entirely possible. Only a valid birth certificate, passports, and records of naturalization will provide the answers; they are available, yet we still do not have the truth. More is required of someone seeking a driver’s license. America must have the truth. This could tear our nation apart, one way or another. This will not go away, if Obama should slip now through your fingers, due to inaction on your part, it will continue until the truth is known, at great peril to this country. There are now websites springing up for members of our armed forces who refuse to obey the orders of an usurper. You must recognize that as a nation we are treading on very dangerous ground.

    At least one U.S. senator has indicated he feels the Constitution was trumped by the election. If this sort of logic is allowed to prevail we might someday arrive at the point where we will decide Congress was without merit, and could be done away with. Believe me, many of us feel that way already. If Obama becomes president without your further review, a precedent will forever have been set for tearing up the inconvenient, bothersome portions of our Constitution whenever it suits the whim of the powerful.

    Had Mr. Obama’s true identity not been kept from the American Public, by Nancy Pelosi (whose signature verifying Obama as a valid candidate is all over the internet, for which she must be held responsible), the Democratic Party, and our shamefully complicit media, which fraudulently parades itself as independent, this carpetbagger would never have been nominated as his party’s standard bearer.

    I pray for this nation that Obama will be found to be a legitimate presidential candidate, but I am not holding my breath. The heartbreak and disruption his deceit will cause are incalculable. The truth is more important, and so are our laws. Rather than provide legitimate documents he spends millions to obfuscate and deny America the truth. What does that tell you? Where is the transparency? The honesty? This is the CHANGE we HOPED for? It is up to you and your fellow representatives to ascertain the truth before this man should be sworn in as president.

    The nation is watching you. Take up the mantle of the Framers and those true patriots, our Founding Fathers, and do the job you were sent to Washington to do. Demand a thorough investigation and verification of Obama’s citizenship, until that happens, I urge you to reject the Electoral College results.

    Yours very truly,

    Cc: Republican members of the Senate
    Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee
    Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Steny Hoyer, John Linder

  25. BerlinBerlin

    the comment was @leeballzz
    That’s why we have to show support for Israel!
    And join the protest.

  26. citizenwells

    You have nothing to be sorry for.

  27. citizenwells

    Congress will count the votes on January 8, 2009. The date was changed
    for the 2008 Election.

  28. As I’ve said this before:

    If you have to ask a presidential candidate for proof of citizenship more than once, he’s not qualified.

    The truth is self-evident.

  29. Katie // January 5, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    So much for the stuttering response, “I/we had no contact with the Governor’s office”… Nice to know the non-existent “office of the president-elect” has been printed, tho.




    Thanks for the the the link. lol We all know that Oblowhard is a pathetic liar and a professional excuse-master, and will somehow manage to weasel his way out of the truth behind those letters and get away with it just like everything else he has gotten away with. imao



    I want to know too.

    What is a “ready to go” project? Anybody? I’ll try to do some digging too.

    Inquiring minds want to know!


    Citizen Wells,

    You have one hot site here. Keep up the good work. You are a true American Patriot! I also appreciate all those who contribute here.

  30. BerlinBerlin,

    The worst part is the headlines: 600 Palestinians killed in Gaza.

    Then buried in the article, 500 militants and 100 civilians.

    Lazy people will see the headline and think Israel killed 600 civilians. Of course the 100 civilians killed is a travesty, but how about some honest reporting and putting in the headlines 500 militants and 100 civilians killed?

  31. Therese Daniels, I felt the same foreboding ever since the bailout was proposed, the people spoke out against it, but no one listened.

    Donald, I was quoting a post from the federal observer and I will stand by it because this is what happens when the United States goes against God.

    John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral, religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Benjamin Franklin: “Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.”

    Looks like we’ve got tyrants…

  32. “Ready to go” projects.


    More Obots!

  33. Lurker – thanks for the links. “Ready to go” is more like “READY TO THROW” UP!!!!

  34. BerlinBerlin


    from the first link:
    ” in a public-works program whose scale has been unseen since construction of the interstate highway system in the 1950s.”

    This is how Germany got the Autobahn.

    wikipedia:”Upon assuming power in January 1933, Adolf Hitler enthusiastically embraced an ambitious autobahn construction project.”

  35. “THEY” are totally ignoring us. “WE” have too much knowledge.

    And as far as TYRANNY goes, our laws, God, and the Constitution was to protect THOSE WHO ARE WEAK and few… Only NOW, “those” appear to be US.

    The silent majority still exists and can be in trouble.

  36. BerlinBerlin

    Upon assuming power in January 1933, Adolf Hitler enthusiastically embraced an ambitious autobahn construction project

    Unfortunately that did not solve the economic problem and unemployment.
    Well, the rest is history.

  37. Donald,
    Q. Who said this?
    … a light will shine down from somewhere. It will light upon you. You will experience an epiphany. And you will say to yourself, “I have to vote for Barack. I have to do it.”

    God help us.

  38. There are many sites with this info and it is a buzz out here. Barack Obama is a lover of the Harry Potter (witchcraft-sorcery) book. There seems to be a connection here and I do not expect this presidency to stand. The devil is a liar and the father of lies. He will make big promises, but when people of God stand against him, he cannot deliver his promises.

    The massive bailout began in the one half billion dollar range and now could go to 1 trillion dollars. God is against debt. Barack Obama is not in control; nothing has changed. Groups of unions etc. are pushing the economic stimulus plan. There is no text, no details to the stimulus package, just a dollar amount. They are trying to push it through quickly and enslave us further.

    What is Obama supporting and does he even know? The House is ready to fast track that. That fits in with Harry Potter’s new movie, “Half-Blood Prince” where there is a spell or potion that makes people blindly infatuated. I wonder if that was one of the four Harry Potter (witchcraft-sorcery) books Senator Obama read to his young daughters. There certainly seems to be a spell out there; things do not make sense.

    God rejected King Saul from being king for going against His ways and after witchcraft; we will see how this works out. (The spell does get broken.)

  39. Joe has written a second laetter dealing with this issue:


  40. I sometimes feel as though I have to point out the incredible amount of “evidence” that deems PEBO ineligible but then I just look at his own website and the answer is there. No need to drag all the other “evidence” in for possible debate. One can not debate the evidence brought forth by the President Elect himself. Let him be the instrument of is own demise,as it should be.

    This is from FactCheck.org
    >>When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children:

    British Nationality Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5): Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.

    In other words, at the time of his birth, Barack Obama Jr. was both a U.S. citizen (by virtue of being born in Hawaii) and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (or the UKC) by virtue of being born to a father who was a citizen of the UKC. <<

    So under OUR constitution Barack Hussein Obama was not a “natural born citizen” (A person born of parents who are both US citizens) at time of birth. I would even argue, but not necessary, that he had no US citizenship because his mother would have had to 19 years old to tranfer citizenship to her son. But again that is moot.

    If you got to FactCheck.org and read the entire entry it is clear that PEBO thinks he has a valid argument as to his US citizenship and I am sure he will argue those points. But we need to stay on point with the simple fact that he was born to Kenyan citizen, end of story.

    I hope you see what I am trying to put forth here. Think of arguing with your spouse. If you both go off on tangents the main point is lost and so is the argument. People start to keep score on different points and think that the most point won wins. We only need to win ONE point and that is a clear winner.

    I read some of these letters we are sending to congress and even I get dizzy reading them.

    A sample would be:

    Dear Solon of my district or State.

    Mr. Obama has admitted that he was a British subject at time of his birth in Hawaii making him ineligible to become POTUS. Please act accordingly.


    I will be watching

  41. Jacqlyn Smith

    I hope some of you are listening to Plains Radio tonight. They have a Dr. David Hagen on who has a PHD and he is informing everyone of the Point of Order ….Petitition for redress that can come from not only a Senator or a Representative but also an ordinary citizen can present it to a Senator or Congressman to file on their behalf. WE CAN ALL DO THIS AND STOP OBAMA!!!! He says we can do it all up until March if it takes that long. He says the 20th Amendment in the Constitution gives us that right and everyone needs to visit this amendment. Also…go to his Website http://www.axtk.com to print out your very own copy of the Point of order paperwork. Do it now and get it to your Senator and Congressman before Thursday if possible. This is an unbelievable revelation and Obama will be required to show his documents because the burden of proof is now on him!!! Found out all of this on the Plains Radio Show tonight!

  42. In reading the latest Hall of Shame response I think one other sentence needs to be added to the letter above.

    This is not a matter for the courts nor was it a matter for the voters. It is a matter for Congress to verify the electoral votes and qualify the candidate under US Code.

  43. Did anyone see today whom he has appointed for assistant attorney general in charge of executive orders? Her last name is Johnsen and is an expert on Constitutional law. She teaches at Indiana University. I wonder what she would think about Obama going against the Constitution? CW, I bet she would talk to you.bkw

  44. Therese — that is quite a comment. I have tears in my eyes reading your post because I feel the same way. I have had a feeling of impending doom for awhile. Now that no one in the judicial system is listening — that feeling of impending doom has turned to dread. Our country will never be the same — and that I fear.

  45. Jacqlyn Smith

    Sorry everyone….in my previous post I said the 20th Amendment…it is actually the 10th. Please do what Dr. Hagen said to do. We have power as citizens in the Constitution and many are not aware. Check out his website at http://www.axtk.com and listen to what he says to do on the Plains Radio Show it is archived for Jan. 5th with Ed and Caren Show. Please act ASAP!!!

    We can boot out BO. We have the power!!!

  46. What about this blogger’s idea?

    Obama’s British Nationality Act 1948

    Do you think there is any merit to pursuing the case in the manner suggested?

  47. Anyone considering being a plaintiff in Orly’s military lawsuit needs to get independent legal advice first. Participation could have severe negative consequences to your military career.

    Don’t throw your career away.

  48. American.
    Your comment to seek legal advice is sound.
    However, most in the military take their oaths seriously.
    This is a problem. This problem may escalate to a crisis.
    Having knowledge that the POTUS is not eligible has potential
    for a disaster. Perhaps that was the goal.

  49. As a summary of prior discussion by Judah Benjamin, Texas Darlin and others:

    If a person pledged allegiance one time to a foreign country that person is not eligible to be Commander in Chief. The Constitution requires that a person never have pledged allegiance to a foreign country or potentate to qualify to be commander in chief.

    If a person in a foreign school gave the pledge of allegiance to that country’s flag then they are not eligible to be commander in chief. Obama was registered as a citizen of Indonesia in school and his teacher believed he was a citizen of Indonesia and told Obama he was a citizen of Indonesia. On that basis, Obama pledged allegiance to Indonesia in school. Even if they were all mistaken, that act of oath taking as an impressionable child makes Obama ineligible to be commander in chief of the US. There is no question that this took place.

    If a person is born in the US and raised in Russia to believe they are Russian until age 17, they can’t come back to the US resume from there and then later become commander in chief of the US military. The Constitution doesn’t want someone who when growing up thought of themselves as Russian to control our military. It doesn’t matter if it was a mistake. The Constitution doesn’t want someone who was told he was loyal to a foreign country to have control of our military, even if it was a mistake.

  50. The problem for any individual is that they have sworn an oath to obey their commander in chief. There is no exception for a personal belief that the commander in chief is ineligible. A sitting, inaugurated president will be presumptively eligible and that person’s opinion about eligibility, no matter how firmly held will be no defense.

    But don’t take my advice or anyone else’s from the Internet. Get independent legal advice. And make sure it is independent and someone knowledgeable in military law.

    This is a serious matter. I’d hate to see careers ruined because people are led to believe there are not consequences.

  51. American.
    The officer’s oath is only to the US Constitution.

  52. American // January 6, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    The problem for any individual is that they have sworn an oath to obey their commander in chief.



    Oblowhard is not the commander in chief.

  53. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2157797/posts?q=1&;page=1351

    This is from Free Republic chat. A very plausible theory of Stanley Ann being born in Vancouver BC at a home for unwed mothers. Is there any way to check this information out?

  54. Whoops, I meant Stanley Ann being a patient giving birth to BO.

  55. Non-response is an admission of guilt; pure and simple. If the people allow the inauguration to take place unopposed the U.S. is open to the future unthinkable destruction from within. Those of you who wish to participate in such treasonable activity punishable by death during wartime (yes! we are at war in Iraq!) need do nothing. Thge wheels are in motion! Only justice can stop that progress! Each individual must decide which band wagon to jump on; the one that plays sweet music in harmony with freedom or the one that sounds like the hell it was spawned in!

  56. Speaking of this lawsuit. Have you heard that Orly cannot find a single lawyer in Georgia willing to sign her pleadings? I’m just guessing, but there must be thousands of lawyers in Georgia. What’s up with that?

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